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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. wednesday, october 16th, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing right now at 6:00, today is the last day the united states government can borrow money to pay bills. lawmakers are struggling to come up with a plan to raise the debt ceiling. if they don't agree to something quick, the federal government will default. bart riders can ride to work today. there is no strike this morning. talks to get a new contract will happen a little later this morning. kpix 5's anne makovec is in walnut creek. bart riders i would imagine are getting fed up with this, right? >> reporter: so frustrating to not know how you're going to be able to get to work the next morning. and these decisions aren't made until very late at night and in this case it was about 10:00 last night that riders finally got the assurance that they were going to be able to ride bart this morning. in the meantime, negotiations resume this morning at 10 a.m. >> i wish it would come to
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resolution. >> reporter: because after deadline after deadline has come and gone that last resolution leaves the threat of a strike tomorrow hanging over commuters' heads. >> can they just tell us in the afternoon? i'd appreciate that. >> reporter: bart and its unions negotiated until after midnight last night emerging at around 10:00 to announce that trains would roll today. negotiators are working in small groups trying to pick apart a $57 million package which bart calls its last best and final offer. >> we are intimately involved in the negotiation process. we're devoting all our efforts and energies to an agreement, the parties to achieve an agreement, and i will not be taking any questions. >> reporter: that man, george cohen, is a federal mediator. he is known as an ace in the bargaining business. he was appointed by the president so we are hoping he is going to be able to help these parties get something done today. >> i understand bart's chief
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negotiator missed yesterday's session and that wasn't bad. >> reporter: thomas hock has been a real lightning rod of controversy throughout this process. the unions do not like him. he went on a preplanned trip to disneyland yesterday but he will be back at the table this morning. >> okay, anne makovec is live for us in walnut creek this morning. thank you. we'll keep you posted on the latest developments throughout the day and right here on kpix 5 and let's go right to liza. a lot of commuters are relieved this morning. >> absolutely. commuters and traffic reporters, as well. bart is offering a weekday schedule no delays for the first trains that left the yard at 4:00 this morning. ace train 3 is 10 minutes late, no delays for train 1. as we check the bay bridge commute the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. traffic is backed up. so expect the backups as you
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leigh oakland heading into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looking nice. no backups at the toll plaza. golden gate commute sub traffic is fine getting into san francisco. still no delays there. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." lawrence? >> all right. got some great weather coming our way, more sunshine all the way to the coastline. a little chilly though out the door in some spots. some of the north bay valleys dropping down to the low 40s this morning. still, high pressure overhead and the offshore winds continue to blow at least for today. that will keep your skies clear even out at the beaches. we'll see plenty of sunshine and those temperatures going to be warm everywhere you go but might want to grab a jacket heading out this morning in some spots. 47 in concord. 48 livermore. drops down to 39 degrees in santa rosa. so a little chilly to start in some spots but by the afternoon enjoying sunshine, 70s and 80s in the south bay. as you head into the east bay those numbers into the low 80s. inside the bay gorgeous all day
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long about 77 degrees in san francisco. 79 in oakland. you could see some 70s right at the coastline. that's a look at weather, back to you. new this morning, loud explosions woke up the dove court neighborhood in pleasant hill after a house caught fire. firefighters say it started in the garage at 1:30 a.m. when crews showed up the house and the cars in the driveway were consumed by flames. fire crews are still at the house. downed power lines made it difficult for crews to fight the fire but they kept it from spreading to other homes. the family inside got out safely. a san jose father is searching for his two teenaged daughters who have been missing more than two days. he says his daughters madeline and emily ages 16 and 13 were last seen about 7:30 sunday night at del mar high school. they were there for a church related event. he says his daughters have no history of running away or disappearing. he says he filed a missing persons report with police. the search is on for a woman who stole a car in san
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francisco with two young children inside. the car was stolen a little after 6:00 last night near 22nd and folsom streets. the car and the two kids were found about half hour later at a home on sweeney street. the children's ages 1 and 3 were not injured. police describe the suspect as a thin white woman with short curly brown hair. ac transit is trying to convince the governor to block a strike by workers. management for the transit agency hand-delivered a letter to governor brown asking for a cooling-off period. if the governor agrees, buses would keep rolling for the next couple of months. some commuters can't imagine the possibility of overlapping strikes by bart and ac transit workers. >> that would really be bad. it would hurt a lot of people, too. >> a lot of money would be lost for people who just can't get to work. >> bart and ac transit workers are facing similar issues. both want pay raises to make up for financial setbacks from their last contract. ac transit workers have warned
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they might go on strike at midnight tonight. happening today, senate leaders are optimistic about a last-minute deal to end the government's partial government shutdown. the treasury department says the u.s. will reach its debt limit tonight. cbs news' susan mcginnis reports from capitol hill that negotiations continue even though time is running out. >> reporter: senate republicans and democrats worked through the night on a bill to re-open the government and avoid a default. majority leader harry reid andmy not leader mitch mcconnell quickly resumed their efforts after talks in the house fell apart. >> we felt blindsided by the news from the house. but this isn't the first time. >> reporter: the house balked at the senate plan and proposed its own, again, adding provisions that limit the affordable care act. >> trying to find a way ford in a bipartisan way that would continue to provide fairness to the american people under obamacare. >> reporter: but tea party republicans weren't convinced and the house bill died before
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it was even brought up for a vote. conservative house members say their constituents agree the fight over the president's healthcare law is worth it. >> there's a higher principle here. >> reporter: as of tomorrow the government will no longer be able to borrow money to pay bills putting the country at risk of defaulting on its loans. >> this isn't what russia is doing to us. this isn't what china it doing to us. this is what the house of representatives is doing to us. >> reporter: the credit rating agentscy fitch has put the u.s. on warning for a down great of its aaa credit rating because of its threat o default, susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. coming up in the next half hour how thousands more bay area workers may be furloughed this week. a richmond police officer is suing the city claiming he has been the victim of racial discrimination and harassment. 43-year-old deedrick riley a black man filed the suit last
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week. he was fired in 2006 and 2009 and was reinstated both times. city college of san francisco is expected to get a new chancellor this morning. "the examiner" reports arthur tyler will get the job. the 63-year-old has helped run community colleges in sacramento, los angeles and compton and in houston, texas. before that, he was in the air force for 20 years. 20 more surveillance cameras could go up in fremont. city council members are considering a plan to install the cameras to help fight crime but no final decision has been made. some community members are worried about privacy but the big issue is where the cameras would be placed. the money would come from more than $160,000 in federal grants specifically earmarked for poor areas. >> restricted by the grant funding to put the cameras in these specific areas but it really doesn't have a correlation to the fact that we believe that more crime occurs in these areas. it's just about finding the specific locations within the
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areas that meet part of the bigger project. >> city officials are looking into alternate ways to fund the program that would not put restrictions on the cameras' locations. a baggage handler is under arrest in connection with dry ice explosions at l.a.x. this was the scene sunday night when one ice bomb exploded. two others were found. nobody was hurt. 28-year-old decarlo bennett was arrested. police thought it was a disgruntled employee since the guys were left in areas that require special clearance. new this morning, apple gets the go-ahead for its new headquarters in cupertino. they are allowing the building near interstate 280. the city council will have a news conference this morning to talk about the decision. hundreds of apple employees were at the meeting to show their support. 6:09. the supreme court ordered california to reduce its prison population. >> even the biggest celebrities have to abide by the rules, that's were madonna won't be
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going to the movies anytime soon. what she did when the lights dimmed. >> around the bay area, it's been so nice lately but could we be in for rain soon? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and bart trains are running this morning. but we do have delays on the altamont commuter express trai 3 is late. details coming up. ,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment
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filner... will be under hou arrest for three months. he pleaded guil san diego's ex-mayor bob filner will be under house arrest for three months now. he pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment for placing a woman in a head lock and two battery misdemeanor charges for kissing and groping two other women. filner will serving three years' probation under a plea
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agreement. and trending right now on twitter, dry ice is because of those dry ice bombs at l.a.x. bob filner, of course, that is trending, as well. also trending is apple. the tech giant sent out invites for a big october 22nd press event. see what happens there. amy poehler tina fey and hall of fame because the new inductees that have a shot will be announced. >> nirvana, linda ronstadt, kiss. >> that will be good. >> follow us on twitter #cbssf. and it's pay back now for the material girl who can't keep her hands off a blackberry. a movie theater chain banned madonna after she kept texting during the new york premier of twelve years a slave. when a fellow film-goer asked her to stop she allegedly snapped back, it's for business, in slaver. the movie house tweeted she
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will be allowed back in after she apologizes to movie fans. a singer with a home in san francisco is one of the new nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame. linda ronstadt joins peter gabriel, hall & oates and others nominated for the first time, surprised by that list, right? >> for the first time. >> a number of other nominees are up for possible induction b the winners will be announced in december. the light show on the western portion of the bay bridge will glow from dusk to dawn after daylight saving time ends next month. the extended hours are made possible by the nonprofit group illuminate the arts. the lights are out at 2 a.m. right now. $8million project runs through the year 2015 but there's a lot of chatter about making it permanent and why not? it looks great. transportation officials in san francisco have approved a plan restricting taxi medallions. those medallions are permits allowing cabs to operate in the city. san francisco's mta board
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members unanimously approved an amendment that only allows approved drives and cab companies to use the medallions. it postpones gate fee increases for six months. 6:16. the great news if you plan to catch bart this morning, they are offering full service no strike talks continue later on today. full service, no delay for bart, muni, caltrain and ace -- except ace train number 3 is late by 10 minutes. ace train 1 so far on time. highway 4 delays leaving antioch. backup westbound 4 slow from "a" street. but get into pittsburg traffic picks up and the 580/680 interchange going to be backed up for you this morning from beyond vasco. now, the bay bridge commute it is stacked up solid with the metering lights on. traffic is backed up from beyond the 880 overcrossing getting into the city. so expect some delays getting
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into the city. once you're in san francisco, all city freeways are moving at the speed limit including 280 and 101. san mateo bridge looking good. still no big delays approaching the pay gates. it's fine across the bridge heading into foster city. the golden gate commute is trouble-free. still no problems leaving southern marin heading into s south bay looks good, no major accidents for 101 and 280 in the silicon valley. north 101 just a little sluggish approaching mckee. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> should be another great day around the bay area weather- wise. lots of sunshine coming our way. high pressure continues to sit overhead. but this is probably the last day before we see some changes now as we have a weak system to the north. still, mostly sunny skies and chilly in spots in the bay area this morning out the door. some of the lows in the 30s in the north bay valleys.
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slight cooling tomorrow. offshore winds, calm in san jose and hayward now, east- northeasterly in berkeley at 4 miles per hour. still a light offshore wind. fire danger low for now, just beautiful weather toward the afternoon. plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. temperatures even at the beaches likely to move into the 70s and, well, it's going to be nice around much of the state, too. 80s into the central valley. about 76 into monterey bay. about 83 in outbreak outbreak and 78 in redding and sunny. around the bay today we'll see plenty of sunshine too. inside the bay, not a bad day to eat outside if you can. 79 oakland. 78 alameda. 78 richmond. 77 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we are going to see some changes maybe a few more clouds coming our way for tomorrow but really just some minor changes,
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warming up friday and saturday, no rain in sight through next week. >> i can wash my car. >> that would be a great idea. >> all right. >> thank you. >> especially your car. >> especially mine. i know. >> it's dirty. >> so personal. [ laughter ] well, the supreme court is taking up michigan's stance on affirmative action and it could change the face of the debate nationwide. justices heard arguments yesterday. last year a federal court ruled it unconstitutional the state's voter-approved ban on considering race in college admissions. five other states including california have a similar ban. in california, student opinions are mixed. a decision by the way on that affirmative action case is expected next year. and coming up, lebron james stole the show last night even though the heat didn't beat the wizards. the sweet shot in our play of the day. i'm dennis o'donnell. a sharks player had to go to the hospital last night and the cardinals have a power surge in los angeles.
6:20 am
could they seize control of the series? coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination at we might come out and feature your school on the show. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pre-season action. a big reverse let's check out your microclimate forecast. we take you into san jose today. plenty of sunshine coming your way. temperatures up in the low 80s just a beautiful day. mostly sunny. a little cooler for tomorrow. and watch out for this new accident which is just cropping up on the nimitz, south 880 at the 92 interchange. two-car accident blocking labors. i'll have details on this and more wednesday traffic for you still ahead. good morning, everybody. 25 years ago kurt gibson had a walkoff hoe run off dennis
6:24 am
eckersley in game one of the 1988 world series. dodgers were hoping for that ind koo of magic in game 4 in the nlcs against st. louis. hanley ramirez rips probably feels like kurt gibson's knees did way back then. baseball probably felt some pain after matt holliday clocked it. the first rome run of the series. 3--- the first homer of the series. 3-2 cardinals. puig would he celebrate again? no. cardinals win 4-2 on the double play. they are a win away from moving on. lights went out in detroit delayed game 3 between the tigers and sox. there was a power outage until mike napoli took justin verlander deep for the only run of the game. red sox take 2-1 lead in a series dominated by pitching. sharks defenseman dan boyle drilled into the glass by blues forward matt lapierre. he went to the hospital, he was
6:25 am
alert and moving. the sharks rally around the falle teammate. san jose won 6-2. they are a team that's 6-0-0 the only other team to match them the colorado avalanche. they are off to a great start. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, we have hoop action nba preseason big reverse jam from miami heat's lebron james. goes the other way, strolling and elevating, reverse -- got it heat beat washington 100-82 the play of the day. a newly released autopsy report says an american cup sailor drowned in the san francisco bay after suffering blunt head trauma. andrew "bart" simpson was on a run for sweden's racing team when the 72-foot cat rahman split in half in may. simpson was thrown from the
6:26 am
boat and drowned. 6:25. california's community college system may adopt a new plan. the change that could bring more degree options to junior colleges. >> reporter: bart trains are rolling this morning. but the threat of a strike remains. we'll give you the latest on the negotiations coming up next. ,,,, at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii!
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, i'm ryan takeo live in the newsroom. the government shutdown could furlough 7,000 bay area lab workers today. we'll tell you why some are worried two east bay labs could lose smart scientists for good.
6:30 am
>> hollywood in the bay, right? >> a movie with ties to the bay area hits the big screen. the message and the man behind the movie. . >> sunshine in the bay area, could we have rain? we'll talk about that coming up. >> bart is on time no delays. but we have problems for the altamont commuter express. i'll have details with traffic coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, halfway through the workweek, october 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. bart riders have another day to worry about a possible strike. trains are running and they are trying to agree on a new contract. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in walnut creek where bart riders have had enough. >> reporter: this is incredibly frustrating not knowing before you go to bed if you are going to be able to take the train to work in the morning. so as that uncertainty continues what we do know is that the negotiations will continue this morning at 10
6:31 am
a.m. >> i'm kind of getting used to it. >> reporter: another day another waiting game for people who depend on bart because while trains are running this morning, there's still' threat of a strike tomorrow. >> you have to way up at 3 in the morning to figure out whether bart is moving or not that day. that's kind of frustrating just not knowing whetherrer' going in or not or bart. >> reporter: bart and the unions negotiated until after midnight last night emerging around 10 p.m. to announce that trains would roll today. negotiators are working in small groups to pick apart a $57 million package which is bart's last, best and final offer. >> there's ways of moving one pot around, take one area and give it somewhere else and you can still stay within the financial framework. >> reporter: and there's a federal mediator appointed by the president in charge of these negotiations right now. he is known as the real ace in the business. so hopefully, he can get something done. back to you. >> anne, what happened to
6:32 am
bart's achieve negotiator yesterday? he wasn't there. >> reporter: no. thomas hock had a preplanned trip to disneyland. it turns out it was good because the unions don't like him. it was nice for them to have him out of the way. but we hear that he is going to be back at the table today. >> all right. we'll see what happens. anne makovec in walnut creek, thank you. a live look right now on capitol hill where lawmakers are trying to beat the clock and prevent a federal government shutdown default. tomorrow the u.s. will no longer be able to borrow money to pay bills unless lawmakers agree it a plan to raise that borrowing little. >> there are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. there have been no decisions about what exactly we will do. >> it's reckless irresponsible radical, no words are adequate to describe how out of the question what the republicans are trying to do here. >> the senate is set to reconvene later this morning with the house getting together within the next hour. senate leaders are optimistic
6:33 am
lawmakers can hopefully reach a deal today. damage could already be done though to the nation's credit limit rating. the fitch credit rating agency warned yesterday it's reviewing the u.s. government aaa rating for a possible downgrade. ryan takeo joins us live in the newsroom now and ryan, the shutdown could furlough thousands for bay area workers as soon as today, right? >> frank, that's right. >> reporter: 7,000 workers at lawrence livermore and sandia would be furloughed. some may leave for the private sector. imagine your frustration if you didn't get paid. >> reporter: for worried workers like jerry lin, it's upsetting. >> we know eventually they will have to come to agreement. why wait until the last minute? >> reporter: lin is one of
6:34 am
7,000 workers who wonder if they will work the rest of the week. for some life is already tough. >> employees are having trouble buying groceries. >> reporter: you think these federally funded projects aren't complex? think again. researchers would leave all that behind. >> you're not allowed to work at home. >> reporter: frustrating? >> yeah. >> reporter: some say it will jump-start a brain drain meaning highly qualified scientists would leave for the private sector. >> going to lose younger people. they have already lost several. people just walking away. . >> eric swalwell says he wants back pay for workers. union reps say don't count on it. >> sounds like there is a plan to pay workers this week. tell us about that. >> reporter: employees will get paid early for new year's eve and president's day holidays to
6:35 am
cover tomorrow and friday. if the government shutdown lasts longer they can cash in vacation days or go without pay. >> okay. ryan takeo live for us in the newsroom, thank you. a surprise drug raid jolted neighbors out of bed in east bay. warrants were served in oakley, concord, antioch and pittsburg yesterday morning. the feds invited us along as they seized cocaine, meth and a computer. neighbors were stunned to see one of the suspects busted at a home on the same block as a daycare center. >> i'm glad they caught it. hopefully they can clean it out especially this close to a school. >> the fbi agents who worked on the raid are furloughed and won't be paid until the government is running again. from drug dealers to pastor a bay area man's journey is being relived on the big screen. i'm in love with a church girl screened last night in downtown san jose at the historic california theater. san jose native galley molina wrote and produced the film and
6:36 am
shot much of it in san jose. it's a semi autobiographical story about a drug dealer who finds love and god and goes on to become a church leader. >> we definitely felt so much love for the people in san jose so it means a lot to be back. >> big part of the dna of the movie is san jose. >> i'm in love with a church girl opens to nationwide release this friday. california junior colleges could be transformed into four- year schools. a 16-member panel with students and faculty will present the plan to the board of governors this year. if approved the schools would offer four-year degrees. the idea is being met with mixed reactions. >> definitely something that i would do. it would save time and money and stress. >> i could see that it would put added financial strain on a system that's kind of already in flux. >> several schools like san francisco city college have been struggling with budget and other issues. experts say those problems would need to be addressed
6:37 am
first. two florida girls ages 12 to 14 facing criminal charges. they are accused of bullying a classmate who later committed suicide. 12-year-old rebecca sedwick jumped to her death last month. investigators say as many as 15 classmates had relentlessly bullied her and stalked her online. victim's mother blames the school for not taking the threats seriously. >> if a kid comes to you and says i'm being bullied look into it more diligently. i mean, seriously. it do save a life. >> one of the alleged bullies admitted in a facebook post pulley sedwick. investigators say that post led to the arrests. yesterday the two suspects were charged as juveniles with third degree felony aggravated stalking and released to their parents. the plan to get ipads for every student in los angeles schools is hitting a glitch. it turns out some of the first students who got them quickly figured out the security codes and spent more time surfing the web than school work. now the superintendent wants the to slow down the ipad
6:38 am
deliveries. the school board talks about that this month. time for a carbon copy day i guess. if you liked yesterday, you're doing it again. >> anybody complaining here? >> i can always find something to complain about. >> come on. it's been spectacular last couple of days. a lot of sunshine around the bay area again today coming our way and boy, the weather is going to be nice to the coastline again. a great day to get out to the beach if you can although starting out a little chilly again. some of the temperatures in parts of the north bay valleys dropping back down into the 30s. so a mostly clear start to the day again. 47 concord. 48 livermore. 54 san francisco. 54 san jose. a chilly 39 degrees in santa rosa. by the afternoon, that beautiful sunshine all the way to the beaches temperatures again there in the mid-70s in spots. you will see 70s and 80s inside the bay and 80s inside the valleys. all right. let's check on your traffic report with liza battalones. >> good morning, everybody.
6:39 am
bart trains are rolling this morning with no delays on the system. bart is on a normal weekday schedule but do keep in mind if you plan on catching the ace train they are running 10 minutes behind this morning. ace train number 3 was late leaving the stockton area. so better news for the nimitz. we had that earlier accident just pushed off to the side. southbound 880 approaching highway 92 you're going to see all this activity off to the right-hand shoulder with traffic delayed now from beyond the 238 interchange. and sky 3 just flew over the sunol grade and says traffic southbound 680 is moving at the speed limit with no delays to the silicon valley. the bay bridge commute is stacked up from into the macarthur maze with long delays getting into san francisco with those metering lights on. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." michelle? >> thank you. caltrans says it's on schedule to fix the broken bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. 32 of the 92 bolts snapped back in march and almost delayed the bridge's labor day opening
6:40 am
because of safety concerns. workers expect a $10 million permanent fix will be completed by december. open house will be held today to help determine where new bike share stations will be located in san francisco. the program began in august with 35 stations in the city. 158 more are planned. the open house is from 5:30 to 7:00 tonight at the san francisco lgbt center on market street. a rare sea beast is discovered off the coast of southern california. check out this carcass of an 18- foot-long oarfish. a southern california snorkeler came across it off catalina island. it resembles a serpent and can grow up to 56 feet long. 15 people held it up for the photo. finding a job in the bay area isn't as tough as it used to be. the job market increase putting our area at the top of the list. >> hershey's hasn't come out with a new candy in 30 years
6:41 am
but that's about to change. get ready to sink your teeth into a new chocolate treat. >> how about the market on this wednesday? opened up about 10 minutes ago. take a peek at the early numbers. we are out of the gates in a very good way. everything is up. we'll crunch the numbers with jason brooks right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you agree to export key gy technology to here we go. if you play nice with china, you might just get a panda. here's how it works. if you agree to export key energy technology to china, you get a panda. supply uranium for nuclear reactors you get a panda. the trade is so popular there's backup for countries clamoring for pandas now. the animals are on loan though for a fee. australia is thinking about
6:45 am
starting a similar program with kangaroos. allegedly. tech sector and silicon valley are leading the way as the bay area leads the state in job growth. the bay area council is out with its annual economic forecast. it expects a better-than-2.5% increase in local jobs next year and even better growth in 2015. in the last year, 42% of the new jobs in the bay area were all in santa clara county s. the state of california will pay $19 million more each year to finance amtrak service. a new agreement puts 19 states in compliance with the federal passenger rail investment act. it mandates each state pays 85% of amtrak's operating costs of its state routes. amtrak has 3 interstate routes that serve california. a chocolatier in concord is ready to hire its holiday employees quadrupling staff. instead of the usual paper resume', though, this company wants people to show why they are the sweetest candidates. so dunn chocolates is asking
6:46 am
applicants to submit two-minute video. >> dishwashers, delivery drivers, people in shipping, packaging, manufacturing, customer service, it's across the board. >> cool idea. some of the people will end up working there full time. >> sweet. on that same vein hershey's is launching its first new candy in 30 years. peanut butter cuts, the same ones made famous by reese's but hershey's is getting in on the game. they will debut lancaster in january. what cook 'em so long? >> i don't know. >> reese's are good. >> i'll try it. again, today, the standoff in washington is getting attention on wall street. >> here now to chat, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hopefully we'll get some sweet news from d.c. for a change. wall street hopeful there will be a deal reached on the debt ceiling which expires tomorrow. that deadline could force the u.s. into a potential default on its obligations.
6:47 am
the senate is working on a potential deal that could raise the debt ceiling extend the government's borrowing capabilities for at least a couple of months. the market moving higher off that today. very big day in regards to what happens there. lots of corporate earnings coming in including two from the silicon valley. yahoo and intel. yahoo's report was mixed. it did top off profit of $296 million. it continues to see problems though in display advertising, down 7% from a year earlier, 11% from the prior quarter. the company does benefit from its big investment in chinese e- commerce from ali baba which saw big revenue growth in the quarter. it's going public soon and yahoo will reason the benefits from that. intel the world's biggest chipmaker bet expectations on profit of $2.9 billion as well as revenue of $13.5 billion. but it's getting dinged by investors on lower guidance in the 4th quarter. let's check the markets and see how things are going. so far lots of hopes that we'll see a deal in d.c. the dow up
6:48 am
86 points. nasdaq is gaining 22. s&p up by 10. yahoo shares up 1.25%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time for a check of "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> good morning. great news for the bart system. they are running with no delays. full service this morning and they are on a regular weekday schedule. where we are having problems is with the altamont commuter express where they are experiencing a 10-minute delay on train 3. heading for the altamont if you plan to make the drive it's going to be long with west 580 backed up from beyond the 205 interchange. you're going to be hitting the brakes into pleasanton. so expect long delays there. earlier accident we had at the 880-92 interchange in hayward, that's been cleared up. south 880 is going to be slow for you from 238 approaching 92. you make that curve over to the san mateo bridge, this is what awaits you. it's still light traffic at the toll plaza but more folks are out there this morning making that westbound commute across
6:49 am
the bridge. and it has been jam-packed at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and traffic is longer than usual for the bay bridge. traffic stacked up into the macarthur maze. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. >> we have some great weather ahead if you are just heading out the door. temperatures chilly this morning but offshore winds are blowing so we are going to warming up in a hurry today and plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. out the door we go, mostly clear skies, you can see a couple clouds there trying to gather as there are some changes. by tomorrow we'll notice slight cooling. otherwise warm temperatures and the autumn sunshine continuing for today. offshore winds calm into san jose, east-northeasterly at 4 miles per hour into berkeley you get the idea more of a northerly component to the winds, clear skies this morning and throughout the day and those temperatures going to heat up. but high pressure beginning to weaken and buckle and you can see that in the atmosphere now. but that's only going to allow some cooler air to make its way into the bay area as early as
6:50 am
tomorrow. plan on flying today? no delays at sfo. should see sunshine all day long. 77 degrees. around the country, maybe a couple of trouble spots as you head in toward houston, showers and thunderstorms there about 76 degrees. mostly sunny in denver but a cool 53. mostly cloudy a slight chance of showers into chicago 55. and 66 degrees and mostly cloudy in new york. around the bay today, you will see these temperatures as high as the 70s along the beaches. you will find some 70s and 80s inside the valley. cooling down a little bit a few more clouds tomorrow. and then friday and saturday looks like we'll start to warm up a few more degrees with the return of the offshore wind and slowly cooling down towards the beginning of next week. time to check your schoolcast for today. we are going to lucerne elementary school in lucerne. where's that? clearlake. >> clearlake. >> that's right. very good, mr. mallicoat. you win that one. in the north bay. morning bell there, temperatures into the upper 30s.
6:51 am
by lunchtime, into the 70s. and as you head into the afternoon getting out of school should be a great day about 80 degrees. sunny and warm. if you would like to nominate your school for the kpix 5 schoolcast go to we would love to learn more about your city. >> we get a little geography lesson at the same time. >> there are a lot of cities we don't get to talk about often. >> i know. so keep submitting those applications. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." gayle king is in new york with the latest. >> reporter: michelle, we should include frank on one of our get-togethers. >> i get enough of her, gayle. really. you and i, let's do it. [ laughter ] we are one day away from a possible government debt default. nancy cortes is at the capital. major garrett is at the white house so that's covered. and we'll talk to a attempt
6:52 am
republican congressman -- to a tea party republican congress. we speak to a second undercover motorcycle officer where a driver was beaten. 200 countries are still holding tupperware parties. the ceo of the company explains how this company stays so successful. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. but here's an interesting fact he told us. i was talking to him in the green room before we went on the air and he says that there's a tupperware party every 1.4 seconds somewhere in the world. so frank and michelle, have at it. >> all right. >> that' what i said. >> thank you. time now 6:52. ac transit workers are threatening to strike. the last-ditch effort officials hope will stop a midnight walkout. >> reporter: a bart strike is averted. but only for now. the threat remains. coming up, the latest on the negotiations which continue this morning. the great american novel.
6:53 am
so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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today is the last day the ud states government can borrow money to pay its b five things to know at the :55. today is the last day the united states government can borrow money to pay its bills. a house bill aimed at avoiding the debt ceiling collapsed tuesday. majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell are working toward a compromise that would re-open and fund the government and increase the debt ceiling for a few months. the u.s. aaa bond rating could be downgraded unless there is a raising of the debt ceiling. the review lasts until the end of the month of march. so even if congress passes the proposal to end the standoff, lawmakers will need to pass another debt ceiling increase before it all can be approved. president obama presented
6:57 am
the medal of honor to former u.s. army captain william swenson at a ceremony at the white house yesterday. swenson was honored for his actions in a battle in 2009 in afghanistan. he is credited with risking his life to recover the bodies every fellow soldiers and bullets flew and dust blocked any clear vision of the situation. a suspect in the custody after -- in custody after attempting to carjack baseball great cal ripken's mother vi. she was able to activate the key alarm and he left. it happened in a bank parking lot in maryland. last year, vi ripken reported being kidnapped at gunpoint from her home. she returned unharmed 24 hours later. no one has been arrested in this recent case. the governor is considering a request to stop a strike at ac transit. management has asked the governor to issue a 60-day cooling-off period. it comes after ac transit workers announced they would walk off the job on thursday. i'm anne makovec live at the walnut creek bart station. bart riders are relieved that
6:58 am
trains are rolling this morning. but frustrated that the possibility of a strike remains. negotiations resume at 10 a.m. the assurance that there would not be a strike today came at 10 p.m. last night after another marathon negotiations section that ran until about 12:30 this morning talks overseen by a federal mediator. >> we are intimately involved in the negotiation process. we're devoting all our efforts and energy to achieve an agreement, the parties to achieve an agreement, and i will not be taking any questions. >> reporter: that man, george cohen, is appointed by the president to help strike a deal. right now the two sides are trying to work with a $57 million package which bart says is its last best and final offer. now, still a gag order over these negotiations. so we're not sure exactly where things stand. but, boy, i know a lot of people are hoping they will come up with some sort of deal today and we'll keep you posted
6:59 am
as they resume negotiations at 10 a.m. live in walnut creek, anne makovec, kpix 5. as we keep our focus on the bart system, they are on a normal weekday schedule this morning, no delays for bart, ferries, caltrain. altamont commuters express is 10 minutes late on train 3. the bay bridge has been jam-packed still slow from the foot of the maze as the metering lights are on, word of a new accident in san francisco, a six-car pile- up south 101 at hospital curve so expect delays. the south bay has been looking okay with just a minor delay for northbound 101 approaching mckee. guys? >> liza, clear start around the bay area this morning, all the way to the coastline, a little chilly in some spots in the north bay down into the 30s, but got some great sunshine coming our way. by the afternoon, 70s at the beaches. so see some 70s and 80s inside the bay and 80s in the valleys. tomorrow slightly cooler with a few high clouds. warming up on friday and saturday. >> just in time. >> very nice. >> i like it. all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning.
7:00 am
remember, your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado in the west. it is wednesday, october 16, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the united states on the brink, debt limit deadline hours away. can senate leaders break the gridlock with a last minute deal? >> only on "cbs this morning," a second undercover police officer says he rode with bikers seen beating an suv driver. he talks with our own john miller. >> dr. david agus on the test for breast cancer and how the competition could save lives. >> we begin with today's a opener.


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