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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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member panel investigates the ongoing talks for the next week. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. we are following some breaking news right now. firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire at an apartment complex in redwood city. chopper 5 is over the fire now. these are live pictures. this is at the terrace apartments on woodside road in redwood city near union avenue. we have a crew on the way. we are going to bring you the latest as we learn more. >> good morning. thursday, october 17. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. bart trains are running today. there is still no contract agreement but unions promised to keep working today as the
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negotiations continue. those negotiations are happening right now. it's crisis averted this morning in washington, d.c. the government back to work now as lawmakers ended the government shutdown and avoided a debt ceiling crisis this week at least for now. just nine minutes before the midnight deadline, the deal to end the dual dilemmas arrived at the white house. president obama's signature moments later marked the official end of the government shutdown and raised the debt ceiling. last night on capitol hill, the deal passed easily out of the senate and then through the house largely with democratic support. the president praised congress for finally reaching an agreement. >> we'll begin re-opening our government immediately. and we can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the american people. >> reporter: the deal keeps the government funded through january 15th but a budget conference in congress now has to come up with a broader budget deal by december 13. it also raises the debt ceiling through february 7. as a system
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of income verifications for subsidies within president obama's healthcare bill to prevent fraud, the only change to obamacare and as part of the signed deal, federal workers will receive back pay for the time they were furloughed. many now are already looking ahead to the new deadline this deal has created for congress. >> we'll have a second chance between now and january to prove to the american people the republican party can govern and the congress can address the problems that face us all. >> well, the house vote was briefly interrupted by a bizarre outburst by the court stenographer. she began shouting out and had to be removed from the chamber. a new survey shows the budget stalemate and government shutdown have taken a toll on the tea party's popularity. the pew research poll conducted this morning found 49% of the public viewing the tea party unfavorably with 30% having a favorable view. in june the gap was smaller
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just 45-37%. three years ago, the poll showed more people had a favorable impression of the attempt. most national parks monuments and attractions close the by the shutdown are re- opening today. almost as soon as the debt deal came down people started lining up for alcatraz. a small crowd was waiting along the embarcadero to buy tickets for the rock late yesterday afternoon. >> we pulled over just to take a look at the pamphlets and a gentleman said, you know, i think we're going to be open. and then we saw the news vans, i said, something's going on. so here we are booking. >> alcatraz tours resume today and visitors centers and campgrounds re-open today at yosemite national park. roads, public areas and the rest of the park opened yesterday. well, bart's rolling and that's making liza's job probably a little bit easier. >> reporter: a little. it's getting busier now. we have good news for the bart system. the bottom line is that bart trains are running this morning. no strike for now as they
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continue negotiations. another big story this morning would be this breaking news. chopper 5 is over redwood city where there's currently a four- alarm apartment fire burning on woodside road. the 900 block of woodside road. so this is near union avenue. if you're from redwood city, you know exactly where this is. this is next to the safeway there. so avoid woodside road if you can. this is a heavily traveled road that gets folks between 101 and 280 in redwood city. again, no word on any injuries so far. just avoid the area. there are now traffic delays reported along very busy woodside road. in the rest of the commute if you plan to take local transit just know that the bart system is on time this morning. no big delays reported for them, caltrain or ace. the bay bridge commute backups at the toll plaza extending to the 880 overcrossing with the metering lights on. toward the livermore valley accident clearing westbound 580 at greenville. checking out your weather
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today, we have a lot of sunshine coming our way maybe slightly cooler than yesterday. but not by much. the sea breeze kicking in a little bit earlier in the afternoon will help to drop the temperatures out toward the coast. a weak system sliding through california overnight brought a few high clouds but those are sweeping out of town. the ridge of high pressure weakening a little and that will be enough to allow the sea breeze to kick in earlier in the day. out the doorstepping outside running in the 40s and the 50s. not quite as cold as it was yesterday but still cool in spots. as we head toward the afternoon we'll find plenty of sunshine though, 80s in the valleys, a lot of 70s inside the bay. out toward the beaches you will see that sea breeze so maybe a little bit cooler some upper 60s and some low 70s. still very nice. all right, that's the latest forecast. back to you. kpix 5's anne makove following the latest developments in the bart contract talks and we know the trains are running today, anne.
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negotiations have been going for about 20 hours. >> reporter: they have been going since 10:30 yesterday morning. i can only imagine the parties are delirious by this point. you mentioned the good news, frank. no strike today. bart trains-rolling all day long. we're not sure about tomorrow. the last official word we got was from the federal mediator who came out about 10:30 last night and here's what he had to say. >> mediator: continuing, the parties are totally engage, some progress has been made, and the parties have authorized me as they had on the two prior nights to advise that on their interests and for the good of the public interests, trains will be running for the day tomorrow. >> reporter: now, there is a gag order in place. he won't say exactly how much progress or how close they are to a deal. but we found out that trains were going to be running at 10:30 last night. that was a little better than 1
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a.m. which happened earlier this week. so hopefully we're not going to have another day where waiting until then to find out if people will have rides to work tomorrow. bart riders are frustrated. we'll hear about that in the next half hour and as soon as we hear from the parties in this case, we'll bring it to you live. right now, live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> stay with kpix 5 and for the latest updates on those bart negotiations. meanwhile, ac transit buses are also operating this morning. ac transit workers have threatened to strike. rank-and-file workers rejected two proposals that union leaders supported. governor brown stepped in yesterday and appointed a three- member panel to investigate the ongoing talks. if there is no agreement within the next week, the governor could issue a 60-day cooling- off period like he did with bart. >> obviously, we're very gratified to hear that, very relieved for our riders, particularly the 30,000 schoolchildren who tomorrow would have had to try to find some alternative form of transportation.
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>> hopefully it will give us time to sit down with the district and maybe be able to come up with a contract that members can live with. >> union members say the big issues include medical benefits and safety of drivers and passengers. an apparent bird strike forced an alaska airlines flight from san jose to hawaii to make an emergency landing in oakland. the pilots felt vibration in the end gin shortly after take- off from san jose. they believed the plane struck a bird. the feathered hazards are a growing concern at mineta international airport. >> one time my copilot had to hand the airplane to me because he couldn't see out his windshield because of the birds splattered all over his windshield. >> a biologist has been scaring the birds away and eliminating their food shores. he can now shoot the birds. justin teixeira a cal law school grad was taken to prison
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boot camp yesterday convicted of beheading an ex-thetic an exotic bird. uc-berkeley is increasing security after four armed robberies on or near campus in the past week. the latest was around 7:30 on tuesday morning. the student told police two men demanded his property and one showed him a handle of a gun in his pocket. so far police have not come up with any evidence to link any of those robberies. about a dozen east bay high school soccer players were robbed during a scrimmage that happened at lowell park in west oakland yesterday afternoon. two men started taking backpacks the players had left on the field and when the teenagers confronted one of the men, one of them showed a gun. the robbers got away with the backpacks without firing any shots. 6:09 now. wednesday is often referred to as "hump day" so when one school principal wanted to make it more of a memorable "hump day," he brought in a special guest. the wednesday these kids will never forget.
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>> so let's put the baby right up here. baby is crying. >> these hopeful young medical professionals are getting the lesson of a lifetime. the special hands-on hospital experience for teens. >> temperatures cooling down slightly around the bay area today. but we're already starting to look toward the weekend weather forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we're looking at a busy start for redwood city where woodside road has been shut down. this major thoroughfare closed now because of a fire currently burning and we're hearing from redwood city fire department that this is now upgraded to a five-alarm fire. we'll have details on this information on street closures still ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that breaking news in redwo city. kcbs radio's matt bigler is on the scene of a five-alarm apartment fire. ? let's go back to breaking news in redwood city. this apartment fire here.
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kcbs radio's matt bigler is on the scene of this five-alarm fire. matt. >> reporter: well, if you guys can probably see from the sky, there are flames shooting out of the top of this four-story apartment building on woodside. this is still an active fire scene. five alarms. this started as three alarms, went to four, now it's five alarms just because of the seriousness of this blaze and how quickly it spread. i talked to a couple of people who live inside the apparently building. one guy escaped from a fire truck ladder that had been extended to his third story balcony. fire crews have surrounded this building as much as they can. they have extended ladders to make sure that residents can get out. i have seen several people on stretchers but it does not appear that at least initially that there are any serious injuries. but it's too early to say if there have been any. smoke inhalation quite possibly, and at least two people with moderate injuries. again, this now five-alarm fire at the terrace apartment complex on woodside is still an
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active fire scene and fire crews in redwood city have shut down surrounding roads as a result. back to you guys. >> all right, matt. we will check in with you in just a bit with more information. as matt said, it's obviously causing a bit of a traffic problem too, right? >> woodside road is heavily traveled in redwood city that folks use to get between 101 and 280. back out live, chopper 5 showing us these pictures of the five-alarm apartment fire burning at terrace apartments. we do hear from the redwood city fire department that they have shut down westbound woodside road about a mile west of el camino. so this will affect traffic from woodside to 280. you will be forced to detour. woodside at the intersection of union avenue shut down. this is next to the safeway out there. so expect delays. and give yourself some extra time if you normally take woodside in redwood city. as we move on to the rest of the commute, bart trains are running. some good news for the morning
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commute. no delays for the bart system, ferries, caltrain or the altamont commuter express. and the bay bridge commute, the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from about the 880 overcrossing. so it's shaping up to be a busy commute out there. if you plan to make the drive towards the nimitz, that so far has been trouble-free with no major problems to report to you for either direction of 880. heading for the altamont pass, look at that, we have long delays. our sensors are picking up backups extending to the 205 interchange approaching the altamont. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence. we are checking into the weather outside. looks like some slight cooling expected today. a weak system just making its way east of the bay area overnight. brought a couple of high clouds to weaken the ridge of high pressure just enough we'll see more sea breeze toward the afternoon. you see those clouds sweeping by. that was it with that system moving on through. so just enough to help weaken the high pressure ridge so our temperatures going to come down a few degrees. still plenty of sunshine, and the beautiful autumn sun will continue through the next
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couple of days. we have been talking about that fire this morning in redwood city. right now winds are light only east-southeast about 2 miles per hour so the smoke is going to sit there for quite a while. so if you have any respiratory problems, consider staying inside. calm winds continuing around the bay area. more of a sea breeze in the afternoon should help filter out those skies just a little bit. slightly cooler temperatures are expected for today around the state. pleasant 72 into monterey bay. 80s in the central valley. 61 cloudy in eureka. around the bay temperatures in the 70s, 80s, possibly in the south bay. a little cooler coastside in the 60s, maybe a couple of low 70s. then east bay temperatures again back up into the low 80s. inside the bay the winds kicking in, in the afternoon. 75 degrees before the sea breeze in san francisco and 72 degrees in daly city. next couple of days warming up as high pressure builds back n looks like we'll see some cooler temperatures on the way and more clouds toward the middle of next week, guys. how about that?
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>> looks good, lawrence. all right. thank you. >> mm-hm. getting a leg up in this competitive job market is so important. even if it's five or 10 years down the road. a couple of high schools are part of kaiser's youth career day. we think that's pretty cool. reporter: you are looking at the future of the healthcare industry. fresh faces from oakland tech and life academy high getting a life-changing view of the business side of medicine. >> they really get the feel for what it's like to interact as a human being and as a health professional. to really help them along their journey to health. >> reporter: 150 teenagers were the guesting of kaiser's healthcare innovation center in san leandro, a medical simulator of sorts where the students witness everything from surgery to childbirth. >> okay. >> all right. so let's put the baby right over here. baby is crying. >> reporter: you're going to go home tonight and say, i delivered a baby! [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> reporter: how's that make you feel? >> i would like to do it when i
6:19 am
get older. >> reporter: is this helping you to reinforce those thoughts? >> yes. >> reporter: that's the whole idea. this is kaiser's first youth career day where the hope is to introduce a new generation to careers in healthcare, from doctors to administrative jobs, the medical works. and these students were enjoying every bit of it and taking notes. >> you have to have a lot of patience and care towards your patients. you have to know how to make a person feel comfortable and how to make them feel like nothing is wrong. >> reporter: are you more excited about becoming a nurse now that you were here? >> yes, a lot more excited. i can't wait. >> reporter: did anything scare you? >> uhm, not really. no. everything was just really fun and interesting today. >> i see a budding professional group. i'm excited for them and excited for us. >> nice when a field trip is
6:20 am
fun and informative. career day also included community college students as well from san francisco, san pablo, and sacramento. and it was such a hit, kaiser said we're going to keep doing it. they are going to do it again next year, as well. what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come out and feature your school on the show. it's "hump day" at st. luke's episcopal school in mobile, alabama so a camel came to campus to visit with students. this is homecoming week at the school and the headmaster wanted to make it special for students. the animal belongs to a camel breeder. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the tigers rev their horsepower in the motor city and what was will ferrell grabbing a microphone in the dodgers game? we'll tell you about that coming up. >> and we're following breaking news in redwood city. we're covering a five-alarm fire that spread very quickly through an apartment complex. we'll have the very latest when we come back. ,,,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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good morning, everybody. it was win or go home for the los angeles dodgers who faced elimination against the st. louis cardinals. maybe the dodgers just needed a little star power. >> at first base, number 23, adrian ay-ay-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay- ay, gonzalez! >> maybe adrian, he may want will ferrell to introduce him before every game! bottom of the 3rd, solo shot. dodgers lead 3-2. it was l.a.'s first home run of the series against st. louis. 5th inning carl crawford sends another souvenir to right. make it 4-2. fourth home run of the play-offs for crawford after hitting just 6 during the regular season. then in the 9th, gonzalez again.
6:25 am
the dodgers hit four solo home runs. a 6-2 lead, dodgers win 6-4 forcing a game 6 in st. louis friday night. jim leyland shook up his line-up card to spark the tigers offense and man did it work. detroit with a huge second inning. tigers score five in the inning and they tie the series at 2 beating the red sox 7-3. and as he was going home, jim leyland told the media, i'm not going to hang on to that line-up card for good luck. maybe i'll sell it in some bar on the way home. maybe he should use it in the next game. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day now from the pga grand slam of golf in bermuda. check out this tee shot from adam scott. the 17th hole, not quite the hole in one that golfers dream about but scott late we're tap in for a double eagle. look at that. ever so close. he set the course record for the round with a 7-under 64. play of the day, adam scott. and he won the tournament.
6:26 am
>> he was almost there. >> so close. 6:25. breaking news. firefighters are battling this five-alarm fire at an apartment complex in redwood city. chopper 5 is over the fire right now. these are live pictures and you can see the flames. apparently they spread quickly through this apartment building at the terrace apartments on woodside road in redwood city near union avenue. and we have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you an update as soon as we learn more. 6:26 right now. using disabled placards for a better parking spot. how the dmv is cracking down to make sure those who need the spots are getting them. >> reporter: negotiations are in their 20th straight hour here when it comes to the bart labor negotiations. the latest coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area cops bust an identy theft ring.. with some help from a maid.. the evidence led them and wait 'til you we're live in oakland where bay area homeowners can get free mortgage relief starting today. hear from one woman we spoke to trying to take save her house. >> bay area comes bust an identity theft ring with help from a maid. the evidence that led them to it and wait until you see the evidence. high pressure weakens looking at cooler temperatures around the bay area today. but what about some rain? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and bart trains are running this morning but we have a car fire burning on the bay bridge. and a fire which has shut down streets in redwood city. i'll have details with traffic still ahead. and to that fire in redwood city, you can see this live picture from chopper 5. huge flames from the apartment complex in the city.
6:31 am
chopper 5 is over it. this is at the terrace apartments on woodside road near union avenue. this five-alarm fire started about 5:30 this morning. firefighters have been going door to door making sure everyone is out. we do know that people were taken on gurneys but at this point we don't know how serious any injuries are if there are any injuries. we'll get a live report in just a moment. >> a few people rescued with ladders, too. very serious. good morning, a busy morning. thursday, october 17. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:31. bart trains are running right now as bart contract negotiators have been at the table for more than 20 straight hours. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is outside the marathon session with the latest developments. >> reporter: i can't believe they are still at it. they have been at it since about 10:30 yesterday morning. we saw some signs of movement here inside the caltrans building. so they are still alive in
6:32 am
there. the last official update came at 10:30 last night. that was when the federal immediater announced there wouldn't be a -- mediator announced there wouldn't be a strike today. as for tomorrow, no guarantees. it's been a week since the state-ordered cooling- off period ended and the piecemeal 24-hour strike aversions have only proven to frustrate commuters. with so many making alternate plans, bart ridership is down every day over the same period last year. >> bart's phones are ringing off the hook. our emails admission forms are flooding with concerned riders and concerned people from the bay area. >> reporter: a total of 7 strike deadlines have come and gone. there's a gag order on the status of negotiations. but even last evening signs of contention after bart spoke out about some of the union's current benefits. >> once again it speaks to the district bargaining in the press giving misinformation and mischaracterization and it's very disconcerting. we are trying to get a contract resolved. >> reporter: and the "trying" continues.
6:33 am
we hope they will be able to because the threat of the strike has been annoying now for months. we will let you know as soon as the parties emerge. keep you posted. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> be sure to stay with kpix 5 and for the latest updates on the bart negotiations. the governor has blocked the strike threatened against ac transit. union workers have threatened to walk off the job this morning. but yesterday, the governor appointed a three-member board to investigate the dispute. it's due to report back to him in a week. then the governor will decide whether to order a 60-day cooling-off period requested by management. after more than two weeks of closed offices and bickering lawmakers the federal government is open for business again. the senate and the house approved a plan in that 16-day shutdown and it was promptly signed by the president last night. but this is only a temporary fix. it will fund the government through mid-january and allow the government to borrow money through february the 7th.
6:34 am
>> there's a lot of work ahead of us. including the need to earn back the trust of the american people lost over the last few beaks. >> the budget deal also includes one change to obamacare. to avoid fraud, the government will verify the income of anyone applying for federal assistance to buy health insurance. and bay area parks and attractions affected by the shutdown are set to re-open today including the rosie the riveter national historical park in richard, muir woods in marin county and alcatraz in the bay. a cleaning lady is given credit for helping break up an identity theft ring in benicia. the suspects were believed to be operating out of two hotels. a worker at one of the hotels found stacks of stolen credit cards and equipment used to steal people's identities. >> from all the items that i observed, they appeared, you know, very sophisticated high- tech in the manner that they are trying to wash the checks.
6:35 am
and obviously, reissue them to fraudulent people. >> hotel management locked away the items and called police and when someone came and asked for the items, officers arrested three people. in about an hour, struggling homeowners are expected to line up in oakland to stop the foreclosure of their homes. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at the oakland marriott where a huge mortgage relief event kicks off today. cate. >> reporter: michelle, a few people have already started to show up to this event. we were told by organizers that one of the homeowners who attended this event was able to cut her mortgage almost in half and she is one of thousands of people that this event helps every year. and the help is much-needed. it's a time when many homeowners are under water with their monthly payments and bills. this event is designed to help them, help them avoid foreclosure and make their mortgages affordable. it's put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america, or naca, as part of the american dream event. >> it's embarrassing first of all to be in this situation. but to know there's some help out there it gives you hope.
6:36 am
>> reporter: it's put on by naca. this will be the first time the event is in oakland. we spoke with naca organizers this morning, who say the american dream event is a great one-stop shop for homeowners looking for help. >> you can come in here, you can learn how you're spending your money, how to better spend your money. meet with the decision-maker the banker who can say yes, i approve that lower mortgage on the spot. >> reporter: according to realtytrac there are more than 1700 homes in oakland and 1300 in san jose in some stage of foreclosure. this event is for those homeowners and ones who might be on that course. typically, homeowners save on average between 500 and $1,000 a month on their monthly payments. and the best part of this event, it's free. if you are interested in coming, now, this event will take place over the next five days. the doors will open at 8 a.m. and it will go to 6 p.m. so homeowners will be able to come here to the oakland
6:37 am
marriott citycenter. they will be able to sit face to face with their lenders and have that same-day solution. live in oakland, back to you in the studio. >> cate, we know this is a very popular event. any advice for people thinking about heading over there today? >> reporter: what i heard from organizers is they take walk- ins so you can come in at any time during those hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but the best thing to do is preregister on the website and that is so you can put in your documents and have all that ready by the time you meet here with a lender. >> okay. good advice. cate caugiran live in oakland, thank you. and we're following that breaking news down in redwood city. matt bigler is on the scene of that five-alarm apartment fire. he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: we have been watching this alarm going from 3 to 5 alarms. this is at the terrace apartment building here on woodside road in redwood city. it erupted this morning.
6:38 am
flames are shooting out of the top story apartments of the terrace apartment building spreading from the third floor rapidly this morning. there are multiple injuries. two people have been taken away on stretchers and we're probably talking about smoke inhalation and possibly some more serious injuries. joining us live is a person who came to the building because a friend lives on the first floor? >> yes. she and her husband got out okay. >> reporter: you talked to fire officials who explained their strategy for fighting this fire. what did they tell? >> i was concerned they weren't using water and i asked the firemen and they explained it to me that the fire is so fierce that they were fighting it from the inside out. that way, if they fought from the outside in, other apartments would get burned. so they are doing it from the inside out. and there's one last apartment on fire on the back left side.
6:39 am
>> reporter: okay. thanks for your time. it appears they are getting the upper hand but it's still five alarms and we don't have information on the seriousness of the injuries. matt harvey, kpix 5. >> we are getting new information. apparently, it is now gone to 6 alarms. redwood city fire tweeted out that a multiple casualty incident there. is there any confirmation on that at all? >> reporter: the only thing i can say about multiple casualties is what i have seen with my own eyes that there are lots of people on the sidewalks who are having difficulty breathing. they have been treated by paramedics. as i mentioned two people were taken away on stretchers. there's no official count on the number of injuries because they are probably still treating those people injured as a result of this fire. i think it's safe to say that there are a lot of people who will be hurt as a result of this fire. >> matt harvey live for us outside that redwood city fire, thank you. there are road closures because of the fire and you're also tracking another one? >> a pickup truck on fire at the bay bridge. but back out to redwood city
6:40 am
where we'll go live, chopper 5 is over the fire which has just been declared a six-alarm fire by the redwood city fire department. busy woodside road has been shut down in both directions. initially it was only closed westbound. we are hearing that they have shut down woodside road both ways approaching union avenue. now, expect major delays woodside road also as a major thoroughfare between 101 and 280. this will put more traffic on jefferson and farm hill boulevard as folks look for alternates towards 280 and 101. we'll keep a close eye on it. we have a tough commute. a pickup truck caught fire near the center anchorage. this is on the way to san francisco blocking the left- hand lane and behind that another car broke down so a combination of those two things, traffic is bumper to bumper just inching across the bay bridge. you can see the toll plaza there stacked up solid from the foot of the maze. but some good news is that bart trains are running this morning.
6:41 am
lawrence? >> all right. we have sunshine expected to come our way today. temperatures probably slightly cooler all around the bay area especially near the coastline the sea breeze going to kick in earlier. still we have a weak area of low pressure passes east of us. high clouds from overnight are clearing out. mostly sunny skies today with temperatures down a little bit. clear over san francisco. temperatures cool in spots but not as cold as yesterday. 49 degrees in concord. it is 49 in san jose and 54 degrees in san francisco. as we head toward the afternoon plenty of sunshine temperatures going to be down just a few degrees. 70s and low 80s in the south bay, east bay temperatures in the low 80s in most spots. then inside the bay we'll see the sea breeze kicking in earlier. about 75 degrees in san francisco. that's the latest forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you. the market just open. the early numbers are not good out of the gate despite good news in washington all down.
6:42 am
we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here now is kcbs radio's fi reporter jason brooks. let's lead with wall streets to the debt deal, quickly move o [ pause ] the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason br. let's lead with wall streets reax to the debt deal, then quickly move on the jobless claims, then ebay's earning which disappointed and it wd that its seeing weaker onli shopping in the 4th quarter, another signal of a this morning, wall street is getting back to work. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: lots of relief on wall street. we saw a big gain leading up to the debt deal.
6:49 am
now there's a bit of pause. wall street can start for exampling on other things at least temporarily like the economy and corporate earnings. speaking of the economy, first- time jobless claims pulled back after a big gain the week before down 15,000 to 358,000. labor department says for the second straight week though california distorted the claims as it continues to work through a big backlog of claims from the system's upgrade in early september. ebay reported earnings that were up quite a bit. profit up 14% to about $690 million revenue gaining 15%. but the firm also warned that it saw softer ecommerce sales in the 3rd quarter. it has not seen any improvement in the current quarter which would be a big worry for merchants as we approach the christmas shopping season, a likely impact of weaker consumer confidence coming from the government shutdown and the overall d.c. budget battle. let's check the market now. after the big day yesterday, the dow gained 206 points. right now the blue chips down
6:50 am
92. nasdaq lower by 10 points. s&p down by 4. ebay falling by 4.5%. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. 6:50. traffic, you have a busy morning. >> certainly busy out there. we are getting more information on the six-alarm fire. this massive apartment fire burning in redwood city. it is affecting traffic in the area. we're hearing from kcbs sky 3 that smoke is blowing across 101 close by creating a visual hazard for 101 drivers and woodside road is shut down in both directions now approaching union. so expect delays there. virginia is a good alternate. expect heavier-than-usual traffic on jefferson and farmhill boulevard in redwood city as folks use that as alternates to the woodside road closure. we are going to move on to the bay bridge commute where the metering lights are on. we have had a mess there on the bridge. a truck fire, a car broke down,
6:51 am
both things still out there on the bridge in the westbound direction so traffic is crawling across the span. you can see right here at the toll plaza, it is bumper to bumper from the foot of the maze. the altamont pass has been slow this morning. westbound traffic still jammed up from beyond the 205 interchange slow through the livermore valley where the chp just cleared up that accident approaching vasco. highway 4 that's always slow and this morning you can see traffic is down to 9 miles per hour approaching "a" street. expect those delays to stay with you as you head through pittsburg into concord. mass transit-wise, first of all, south bay has been great. we haven't had any problems for the entire silicon valley. you can see that 101 is a little slow now in the northbound direction approaching 280. for bart riders, bart is running this morning. no strike. they do continue negotiations. no delays for the bart system, ferry, caltrain or the altamont commuter express. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. >> all right. change in the weather overnight. we have had a weak system slide through bringing with it a few
6:52 am
high clouds. nothing too major. i think temperatures may cool down a few degrees. otherwise, we have a whole lot of sunshine coming our way again. just east of the bay area, those clouds moving on out. but that means a lot of sunshine moving in and so we're going to see mostly sunny skies again today not quite as cold this morning and then beautiful autumn sunshine continuing today and over the next few days. slightly cooler as high pressure weakens slightly today and then that ridge going to start to build in as early as tomorrow and again temperatures likely to warm up. no delays at sfo. 77 degrees and sunny there. around the country, shouldn't be bad. looks like a lot of sunshine into houston today after several days of some stormy weather there. 77 degrees. 51 degrees slight chance of showers in denver. a chance of showers also in chicago at 56 degrees. rain likely if you are making your way toward new york. temperature-wise around the bay area, a little bit cooler. the sea breeze kicking in a little bit earlier today along the coastline. 60s and low 70s there. maybe as high as 75 degrees in san francisco and still some
6:53 am
80s showing up in the valleys. the next couple of days warming the temperatures up as we head in toward friday and the first part of the weekend. then we start to cool down. a few more clouds and cooler temperatures toward the middle of the week. time to check out the schoolcast. this one for alamo elementary school in san francisco. if you are heading out this morning, you might want to grab a light jacket. the temperatures in the upper 40s. by noon, how about this? we have some sunshine and numbers into the 60s. and then mid-70s when you get out of school. that's a very nice afternoon. all right. if you would like to nominate your school for a kpix 5 schoolcast, go to we'll give you your very, very own personalized forecast right here. >> i know. it's great. all right, lawrence. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, lawrence. 6:53 now. it is a classic street. oreos and milk. but can you stop at one? more than likely, can you have just 2, 3, 4? oreos before putting that tray down. we'll tell you why coming up. >> congress votes to end the government shutdown and raise
6:54 am
the debt ceiling. coming up, what happens next. ,,,, ,,,,
6:55 am
cocaine or morphine... at l in lab rats. rodents in the study that were given the oreos.. had five things to know at the 55. a new study find oreos are just as addictive as cocaine and morphine at least in lab rats. rats had more neurons activated in the brain pleasure center than drugs. just like humans they go not cream filling first. >> bart trains are running today. still no contract but the unions promised last night to keep working today as the negotiations continue. the talks are still going on right now in a marathon session that started about 21 hours ago. >> and newark, new jersey mayor cory booker defeated a tea party candidate last night in a special u.s. senate election. the democrat beat the republican steve lonegan by more than 10 points. the special election was necessary when long-time
6:56 am
senator frank lautenberg died in june. the united states government reopens today after congress approved a deal to end the shutdown and avoid default. more than 300,000 federal workers were furloughed during that shutdown. but they have been notified to go to work today. congress approved a bill authorizing back pay for the 16 days they were off the job. and let's go live once again to capitol hill where federal employees are heading back to work finally and barricades around washington memorials are coming down, as well. last night the president signed a plan to end the government shutdown and avert a debt ceiling crisis this week. the agreement funds the government for three months, raises the debt ceiling for four months and calls for immediate long-term budget talks. some breaking news. a six-alarm fire left a gaping hole in a large apartment complex in redwood city. some live pictures from chopper 5. this is at the terrace apartments on woodside road in redwood city near union avenue. chopper 5 over that fire.
6:57 am
the six-alarm fire started about 5:30 this morning. firefighters have been going door to door to be sure everyone is out. >> at this point they feel that everyone has been evacuated. and we are hearing breaking news right now about injuries. we know that one is serious. one moderate. and two people have minor injuries at this point. but the fire has spread quickly through this apartment complex. we are going to keep an eye on this all day long. you can stay updated right here on kpix 5 and now for a look at traffic. remember woodside road is going to be shut down indefinitely because of the six-alarm fire shut down in both directions near union avenue. the bay bridge commute is a mess two fires on the bridge -- i'm sorry, one fire, we have had a pickup truck and a car that broke down. both of them on the bridge and traffic slow all the way across. you can see it's just barely moving there at the toll plaza backed up from the foot of the maze with the metering lights
6:58 am
on. the altamont pass slow going that westbound direction heavy from the 205 interchange to and through the livermore valley. good news bart trains are running this morning. lawrence? >> and we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. nice clear skies out over the bay right now. beautiful shot for you this morning. looks like the temperatures may be a little bit cooler into the afternoon. but not by much. not going to ruin your day. if you head to the beach today, plan on numbers though in the 60s, maybe some low 70s. the sea breeze likely to kick up earlier there. we are going to see some 70s, maybe low 80s around the bay. and then some 80s into the interior valleys. next couple of days though here we go. we are going to see a lot of sunshine maybe a little bit warmer into friday and saturday. then cooling down toward the middle of the next week with a few more clouds. >> we are going to our breaking news once again. that five-alarm fire burning down at redwood city. it's a four-story apartment complex and the number of people have been displaced. we are hearing of injuries too. cate caugiran is en route and joins us via telephone with some new information. cate. >> reporter: frank, we are
6:59 am
learning now that this fire has grown to a six-alarm fire and it's still burning out of control. we do have some shots from chopper 5 that you're taking a look right now. it's at the terrace apartments on the 00 block of wood -- 900 block of woodside road. no deaths have been reported. but there have been four injuries. one of them being a very serious injury. we're still trying to get the details of the extent of again those injuries from firefighters. we don't know when this fire will be contained. as you look at it, it's still burning pretty much out of control. the firefighters said when they first arrived on scene people were already evacuating because the alarms were going off so they are happy about that. we know that a lot of that fire is concentrated towards the back of the building. six units have been completely gutted. and the roof of the terrace apartments is gone. but again, we are en route to redwood city. we'll have the latest when we arrive. >> very good. we'll have the latest on that fire. the latest news and weather are always on
7:00 am
your next local update is 7:26. in the west. it is thursday, october 17, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a crisis averted while you were sleeping. the government standoff finally over. the winners, the loser, and what's next. cbs news breaks the story of a scandal involving the atf, the grenade used to kill police in mexico. did agents allow it to be smugglinged over the border. scientists uncover the immediate yore that blast add cross russia. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> this is hardly a day of happiness. >> weed


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