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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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with differing sides of the story. so far, no deal. no new talks scheduled as of late. and right now, we're hearing it's not about salary. it's about work rules. [ yelling ] reporter: all day, bart union workers carried picket signs saying they aren't going back to work until they have a contract agreement and blame bart management. >> they dug in their heels, they overreached. they asked for too many concessions. the workers couldn't agree to give up the eight-hour day. >> a apologize to you all for what you have to make this sacrifice today. >> reporter: at issue, work rules. specifically overtime and scheduling changes. >> management at this time does not have control he over its scheduling, over time, how we divvy up work, what the work hours look like if one job is more appropriate to work a 10- hour shift than eight hours. >> reporter: the unions say they were making progress on the wages and benefits until
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these work rules were dropped on them at the last minute. bart says not true. these rules were in writing as of april 1. >> this contract negotiation is a package deal. you can't take the money and run. the unions right now want the money. they want the raises. but they want to abond on everything that bart wants -- they want to abandon that everything that bart wants to provide better customer service. >> reporter: bart contends the work rules are worth tens of millions to pay for the package saying the company was $9 million over budget in overtime last year. they both said they would go to arbitration but when? how long does the public pay the price? this operator on strike without pay said there's no way managers can operate trains anytime soon safely. >> there was that talk and it was ridiculous because we're trained for 15 weeks. it's very skilled. >> reporter: and so bart managers won't be operating the
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trains. if you see trains on the tracks it's only for maintenance. liz, seiu, one of the unions, is holding a news conference with the latest information on this strike. and they have released information saying that bart management has the power to end this strike by agreeing to a document from their board of directors that was just submitted. if bart agrees to it this union says bart trains can run by 10 p.m. tonight but, of course, both sides have to agree and as bart said today it's a package deal. they can't take one part the salaries without having the work rules agreed upon. >> thank you, juliette goodrich. there was some hope that we would see a "friday light" commute today. but that is not the case. this is what the backup looked like approaching the bay bridge about a half hour ago absolute gridlock. liza battalones is in our traffic center right now with an update on how things are moving along. >> reporter: ken, we knew this would happen on this day 1 of the bart strike. we are looking at a bumper-to- bumper situation in san francisco. as we go to chopper pictures,
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shot just moments ago on san francisco city streets, as folks who were forced into their cars because of this bart strike are trying to find their way home, we do have delays along van ness, battery, first, beale, mission and all of those cars pointing towards the bay bridge. now, we'll go live to the bay bridge toll plaza where we have had a steady stream of traffic all day long no morning commute or afternoon commute, just an all-day commute right here at the toll plaza, especially those outside cash lanes are finding that the folks that are making the drive don't normally make the bay bridge commute so they don't have fastrak. they have been sitting in those backups all day long. right now that backup extending to the 880 overcrossing. san francisco freeways have been jammed. those delays started early around noon today is when we started to see that rush of traffic leaving san francisco and north 101's jammed up from beyond 280 approaching the bay bridge with about a 45-minute drive time being reported now leaving san francisco. and if you plan to head for the golden gate, do keep in mind, it looks good here but san
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francisco city streets getting to the golden gate are going to be jammed. it breaks loose on the bridge and then more of that slow stuff as you head northbound through marin county all the way into petaluma. so it's a mess of a commute out there. liz? >> thank you, liza. the commute frustrations started early. riders started lining up before 5 a.m. at walnut creek to snag a seat on one of bart's free bus shuttles into san francisco. the buses at nine east bay stations are first come, first served. by 8 a.m., some riders were let hanging. even the ones who did get to work said they are already missing bart. >> getting here this early and trying to do a different route even though you do get there, it's, you know, you're wondering how full the buses are going to be when you come back, you're going to be able to get them on time. >> there were ups and down but in the end i think it went well. >> 600 riders used the buses from walnut creek. bart plans to run limited bus service on the weekend.
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hundreds are turning to ac transit. people were at the toth and broadway stop -- 20th and broadway stop in oakland this morning. the governor prevented an ac transit strike making a difference today. brian webb is live in san francisco, where the challenge now is getting home. brian. >> reporter: first and harrison always a bad spot so it's hard to tell how much worse it is today. you can say slow and steady about sums it up. we have heard a few horns honking from from us demonstrated drivers and some people were waving people in. you see a long stream of cars going all the way back into downtown. one driver said it took him about 30 minutes to get three or four blocks up to this point. so not good. and this is not the only rough patch around. check things out at that ac transit station just a few blocks down the road. >> go ahead, [ censored ] [ censored ] [ pause ] >> reporter: tempers flared early and often. long lines stretching out in two directions by 2 p.m. folks trying to get back home
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to the east bay tonight, many who would normally ride bart forced to catch a bus. most everyone there inconvenienced in one way or another, some a little more understanding about the union's cause than others. some say they have the right to fight for whatever they can get, others calling them crybabies. so back out here at first and harrison, the ramp on to i-80 east, slow and steady so far, no major problems but again, the night is still young. live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix 5. >> if not by ground, then by water. this is a look at the lines at the ferry building. about 45 minutes ago, as commuters gathered to catch their rides, the ferries have been very popular today. sf bay ferry says that it's seen more than double its average passenger load for the day. here's a live look at the lines right now at the ferry building. it's just lines of people going all the way down the embarcadero and everybody, we are told, is being fairly patient, although this is really a hassle for a lot of
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folks. it's friday afternoon. they want to get home. and those boats are packed to capacity. we'll get an update on the commute a little later in the show, and up-to-the-minute traffic conditions at along with our survival guide around the strike. developing news in san francisco. a huge mess near 15th and castro. a furniture truck and van crashed. the truck overturned and spilled its load. two people in the van were hurt. >> it's a cowardly act, some of these individuals have no concern for life period. >> a toddler becomes an innocent victim of oakland's street warfare. i never expected all of this and the least i expected was not to have a job. >> a woman screamed for help and a walmart worker rushed for help. the backlash after the company fired him. >> we had a return of fog and low clouds earlier today as evidenced by our sausalito time
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lapse showing the low cloud cover. what does that mean for the weekend? i have your answer in your forecast coming up. >> arnold in the oval office. how he plans to get there --
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afternoon. the boy was playing at 92nd sunnyside in east oakland.. couple blocks away from a influence at 5:00 a 2 -- new at 5:00 a 2-year-old child hit by a stray bullet at 92nd and sunny side in east oakland playing in the area near a shootout between lively groups. da lin is at a police substation close to the scene this afternoon. da. >> reporter: ken, police are shaken by the shooting, as well. they say a stray bullet traveled more than 2.5 blocks and hit that little boy while he was playing on the sidewalk and now they are looking for the folks who are involved in that shootout. a scooter and a toy lying on the sidewalk. this was where the 2-year-old boy was playing when gunfire broke out blocks away. a stray bullet hit the toddler in the upper body. >> it's a cowardly act.
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some of these individuals have no concern for life period. they don't care who is around, who is watching. >> reporter: police say two groups of people shot at each other near sunnyside street and 94th avenue around 1 p.m. a lot of people heard the shots, some even witness the shootout. >> it's just a bunch of cowards on the street. you know? and children are dying at the hands of just senselessness. it's just crazy. >> reporter: no motive and no descriptions of the suspects just a lot of shell casings left at the scene. neighbors were traumatized. >> this is senseless. >> reporter: the oakland police chief is out of town at a conference. the acting chief and other top commanders came out and expressed their concerns. they say they are heartbroken. neighbors say they will hold on to their kids and grandkids a bit tighter tonight. >> i'm going to sit down and pray that that little baby's all right. >> reporter: at last check the 2-year-old boy was in critical
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condition. police say they know a lot of those neighbors are scared but they say they need those witnesses to come forward. live in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. a repeat offender who dated a federal investigatedder is charged with her murder. prosecutors say randy alana was seen with sandra coke in oakland two days before she went missing last august. detectives later found her body dumped in vacaville. >> i hope that the family gets some resolution especially the daughter. my girlfriend and i are constantly whenever we see the house or the family it breaks our heart. >> alana has a long criminal history. he is classified as a high risk sex offender. he denies harming coke saying the two planned to get married. a woman attacked in a walmart parking lot. >> this is just intimidation, aggression, and bullying. >> an employee jumps in to help her out but instead of getting praised, his bosses give him
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the axe. >> plus, how fires are behind a massive new toyota recall. -- how spiders are behind a massive new toyota recall. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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the bus was on 11th street turning right on to bryant street when it hit the cycl n knapp is at the a muni bus struck and killed a cyclist on 11th turning right on to bryant when
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it hit the cyclist. don knapp is at the scene with what happened. >> reporter: this is a dangerous intersection five streets coming together under the central freeway. all kinds of traffic here challenging for cars to get across much less people on foot or on bikes. about 8:40 this morning a 27 bryant bus and bicycle collided in the middle of the intersection at 11th and bryant. >> we are going to be conducting a review of video surveillance aboard the bus to see if it captured the incident as well as canvass the neighborhood for any surveillance video that might exist at businesses. >> reporter: an officer says it's too soon to place blame. there are about three dozen passengers on the bus. some stayed behind to give statements. >> at this point we are getting conflicting reports so it's too early to say what happened for sure. but we'll continue to work with everybody involved to find out exactly what took place. >> reporter: the male drive a 10-year veteran is cooperating. as is standard procedure, he was to be given drug and
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alcohol tests and will not drive while the investigation continues. it's the fourth bicycle fatality this year all of them in soma, the south of market area. a mouth ago at sixth and folsom a person was killed when a truck making a right turn hit her bicycle. >> known deadly area. sad to be back here again talking a month later about yet another date on these streets. >> reporter: the san francisco bicycle coalition has been campaigning to improve bicycle- pedestrian safety seeking protective dedicated lanes for bicyclists and pedestrian crosswalks particularly near intersections s. >> there's a lot of traffic in that area in south of market. it's known for speeding, for the small bike lanes that do exist there as well as the many big dangerous gaps the -- especially near areas where there's on- and off-ramps at the freeway. >> reporter: the bicycle coalition says there was still another bicycle-truck accident today. serious but not fatal at 10th and folsom.
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live in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. prosecutors won't fire criminal charges against a firefighter who ran over and killed a survivor of the asiana airlines crash at sfo. the d.a. said the death of the 16-year- old student from china in july was a tragic accident but didn't violate any criminal laws. the coroner ruled that the girl was still alive when she was hit. not clear how she ended up on the ground. back to our top story, it's slow going on the first night of the bart strike. let's get another update on the commute with liza battalones. liza. >> reporter: it's still a gridlock situation in san francisco liz. traffic is bumper to bumper with commuters in the city trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge. these are live pictures of battery street. traffic has been so slow that folks are just sitting there and the signal lights are cycling six, seven times taking people up to 45 minutes to get through san francisco's city streets on to the bridge. expect delays on first, beale, embarcadero, all of them pointed towards that lower deck. the bay bridge toll plaza has been backed up all day
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especially in those outside cash lanes. a lot of these people don't normally major the bay bridge commute so they don't have a fast track account. you can see the fastrak lanes in the middle just breezing through. and in san francisco, north 101 has been a logjam of traffic with delays extending to beyond silver avenue so you're looking at a one-hour drive time getting to the bridge. if you are on the freeway it's also another hour to cross the bridge and get into oakland. now, the san mateo bridge has been extremely crowded still eastbound traffic heavy from hillsdale boulevard in san mateo and that stays slow in stretches across the bridge. you can see it loosens up heading into hayward. so that's a look at the drive home on this day 1 of the bart strike. liz? >> thank you. house minority leader nancy pelosi sounded off on the strike. >> i hope they can come back to the table to have a fairest losing of this that's good for the workers and good for management and is about safety
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and about respect for the workers, as well. >> pelosi said she planned to meet with labor leaders while she is in town. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is shooting down rumors that he has his eye on the white house fo 2016. the "new york post" says he has been quietly lobbying for a legal loophole in the constitution that would allow him to run for president. he was born in austria and you have to be a naturally born citizen here to be president. he said in the past he would run if he could walmart welcoming back a michigan employee that it fired for helping a woman being attack. kristopher oswald was on a break when he saw a man pinning a woman in the car. the man had got to the car and took off. the two men started wrestling. oswald came out with minor injuries but he was shocked when managers said they had to
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fire him. >> i never expected all of this. and the at least i expected was to not have i job. i don't even know what to put on an application about all this. how do i say this? i'm always going to act the right way and do the right thing even after all of this. >> at first walmart said that it fired oswald for violating the company's policy against workplace violence. now they say they realize that oswald had good intentions and offered him back his job. he has yet to return the invitation. a lot of folks stuck in their cars, some waiting in lines. i guess the silver lining is it's friday and the weather is gorgeous. >> when everybody gets home at about 8:00 it's going to be a fantastic evening! another nice day out there although we had a change today. the onshore flow came back. you saw fog at the coastline sneaking through the golden gate on your drive to or from work. we are clear at the golden gate now but much chillier than we were about 24 hours ago. even with the clear skies temperatures running markedly cooler. live look from mount vaca. you can see mount diablo off in
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the distance there center part of your television screen. what number sticks out? concord, livermore, san jose? no. san francisco 59! you are by far the cool spot. we are in the mid-50s at the coast, as well. much cooler near the water thanks to a return to the onshore flow. 80s the past three days in oakland. not today. 10 degrees cooler for you officially 70 for a high. and 13 degrees cooler than earlier this week. with the onshore flow it keeps us milder at night because the air is humid. so upper 40s not lower 40s in the north bay. napa 46. san rafael 46. san francisco dropping down to 53 degrees overnight tonight. so we have this light onshore flow. no rainfall because the storm that's giving us the onshore flow is about 500 miles north and we'll see some rain at montana and idaho but not here. the light onshore flow will stick around. next week seven days from now i see a pattern shift but that billing ridge of high pressure begins to move to the east and moves away from us, opening an area of low pressure to get to
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to us. the jury is out whether it will rain but it will be cooler and cloudier 7 days from now. it's funny we're talking about clouds 7 days from now. coastal fog, cooler, no rainfall through the middle of next week, likely even beyond that. livermore tomorrow cooler 82. san jose comfortable 79 still above average. palo alto 76. fremont 76. san mateo 76. still looking at low 80s for pittsburg, pleasant hill, san ramon, pleasanton tomorrow 82. upper 60s for the city. sausalito 69. san rafael 78. and we are looking at highs around 80 for mendocino county, lake county and northern sonoma county. extended forecast, we stay sunny through the middle of next week although you see that downward trend of temperature. this time next week it will be cloudy with a slight like 10% chance of rainfall. mobile weather roberta gonzales live tonight at the half moon bay pumpkin festival. >> reporter: yes, we are here
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in half moon bay. paul, it is cooling down very rapidly. currently 55 degrees. we just drove up in mobile5. look at the ribbons on this teepee here at farmer john's pumpkin patch. winds have been blowing out of the west at 10 and a look at the horizon there in the distance, the fog bank is now moving in. the winds are out of the west a good 10 miles per hour. it is cooling down and we are going to have your half moon bay pumpkin festival forecast for the entire weekend. but first, i want to introduce you to the man of the hour, this is farmer john. a farmer john pumpkin patch. how are you, sir? >> welcome. thank you very much. i'm great. >> reporter: thank you for having us here. first of all, tell me about your pumpkin patch. how long have you been here? >> we're the third generation here farming in half moon bay. and we bring special seeds from all over the world and we don't do entertainment. we just have nice pumpkins of 50 different varieties and we just like to grow good quality pumpkins for all of our friends in the bay area. >> reporter: this is so
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conducive for all the different kinds of seed types? >> the history of the coastside has a great history for growing pumpkins so we work hard, cover crop and make sure we do proper cultivation and so we try to grow nice stuff. >> reporter: i notice you do have a lot of great stuff. you have black and white pumpkins, orange pumpkins. what is the difference between the color of a pumpkin? >> well, pumpkins i tellle children when they visit our farm are like people. we come in all colors, sizes and shapes but on the inside we're all the same. we have a little heart and good strong genes in us. >> reporter: i love that. we have seen lots of schools visiting out here. so keep that in mind if you are a teacher and would like to bring the kids out here. and by the way, in you are coming out to the half moon bay pumpkin festival this weekend, the temperature in the 60s both days foggy start, sunny finish, and we hope to see you here. more information on the half moon bay pumpkin festival, visit us online at for farmer john and me, right here at half moon bay, kpix 5 news will continue.
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you want say right after this? >> right after this. we can't wait to watch it again.
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900-thousand newer-model vehicles because the airbag another big recall for toyota and spiders may to be blame. >> the carmaker is recalling nearly 900,000 newer model vehicles because the air bags or power steering may malfunction. the recall covers 2012 and 2013 camry sedans and hybrids. the full size avalon sedan and hybrid. and the venza crossover. toyota says in at least three cases, spiderwebs were found blocking the car's air- conditioning unit causing water to drip into the airbag control system. >> any airbag recall is something that consumers should be concerned about. because that's a life-saving device. in every consumer out there should take it in and get the recall and have it done as soon as possible. >> toyota can't say for certain spiders are responsible. spiders have been blamed for other recalls. whatever the problem is, toyota
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says it has come up with a fix and will do it for free. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gang known as the 'black guerilla family.' and breaking n new at 6:00 how the suspect charged in a high-profile bay area murder is tied to a gang known as the black guerrilla family. breaking news about the bart strike. the unions issued a six point plan say if bart management accepts this plan, the unions will end their strike by 10:00 tonight. we'll have details coming up in a half hour. >> thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pel , assassination by defibrillator. former vice president dick cheney tells "60 minutes" his surgeon shielded his heart implant from terrorist attack. he tells sanjay gupta his health was worse than we knew. >> did you worry about your physical health impacting your cognition? >> pelley: mark strassmann on how two killers got away from the cops twice. an f.b.i. warning today, laser attacks against u.s. airliners are increasing. elaine quijano reports. and steve hartman "on the road,." >> looking for coffee orders. >> reporter: with the seven-year coffee break. how dan dewey ordered an extra shot of kindness for strangers in need. >> that's all you need is just a smile. and i have a memory bank full of wonderful smiles.


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