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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 19, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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continue tom this is kpix 5 news just a half hour ago, we got the word. the bart strike will continue tomorrow. >> christin ayers tells u about a new proposal the union say could end this strike, but christin, just how new is the proposal? there are some tweaks but not quite enough to get management to agree to get the trains running again. >> day one of the bart strike, and the union came out with a plan to end it. >> this plan would allow us to reach an agreement without going back to the bargaining table, and, therefore, it would allow us to end the strike immediately
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upon signing. >> the union offer to take the pay, pension, and healthcare issues that both sides agree on and send the sticking point the work rules to independent arbitrator to make a final decision, but in a hayesly-called news conference, bart management slapped the down. >> simply a repeat of the same unacceptable offer they made at the bargaining table yesterday. >> it is not the same thing. >> bart management want it is union to come back to the bargaining table. they say they're open to bringing an independent arbitrator to look at the entire package, but the union say that could drag the strike out for weeks. >> no surprise here, but the strike made a mess of the roads and bridges. the first spots were the ones you probably expect, the east bay this morning, and tonight on san francisco city streets leading to the bay bridge. people who didn't drive lined up
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for buses in some cases before dawn. if they didn't get on a bus by 8:00 a.m. this morning they were stuck. many were fed up. >> crazy. absolutely crazy. it's -- you know, but, i mean, we expected it. >> we saw many drivers at the bay bridge toll plaza making a mess of the fast track lanes. it looks like these are people who really normally don't drive on the bridge. they seem to be very confused about the fast track lanes and the system, and that caused even longer backups. of course, we'll bring you the latest bart information and updates right here and on on monday, an investigative board will hold a hearing to figure out what to do about ac transit. the workers were set to walk off the job until the governor stepped in and delayed the strike for seven days. governor brown has appointed a board to investigate the labor dispute. after the investigation, the governor will decide whether to issue a 60-day cooling off
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period similar to what he did during the bart negotiations. a two-year-old boy is in grave condition after getting shot during a shootout. it happened at 1:00 p.m. near 92nd and sunny side in east oakland. joe vazquez was the only one who spoke to the boy's grandmother and shows us the little boy was in a place that should have been safe. >> that's my grand baby. i see other people go through things like this, but i would never think it would happen to me. i just thank god that he spared his life. >> his grandmother says two-year-old deonte jackson was badly wound, shot in the ribs. the bullet went on through his liver and caused quite a bit of damage. the bullet came from a shootout between two groups of people two blocks away. >> everybody, you know, i'm not crying because he -- because he -- god saved his life.
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i'm crying because he's only two years old. >> little deonte was actually playing inside his gate in front of his home when the shots rang out. >> now, i'm safely -- i don't even want to be out here now because of the situation so i don't know what to do. keep it in his hands. that's all i can do right now. all this senseless shooting need to stop. they are shooting babies. >> this is our future, yaw isle. this is our future. you're trying to kill off the future? >> we thank everybody for their prayers. all prayers count. >> an oakland family in grief and disbelief just praying two-year-old deonte can pull through. in oakland, joe vazque sdeshgs kpix 5. >> so far no arrests have been made. two people were hurt after their van crashed into a furniture truck in san francisco. this happened near 15th and castro, caused a truck to flip
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over onto its side and spill everything out on to the road. at one point, it was blocking most of the street. the truck has now been towed away. an mune bus hit and killed a guy on a bicycle. the bus was making a right turn about 8:30 this morning. there were more than 30 passengers on the bus at the time. they told police conflicting stories about what happened and who may be to blame, the driver or the bicyclist. >> and we're gonna be conducting review of any video surveillance aboard the muni bus to see if it captured the incident, as well as i'll canvas the neighborhood for any video that might exist on -- on businesses. >> the bicyclist's name has not yet been released. a secondary port employee is in custody tonight for allegedly setting off those dry ice bombs at lax. this man, miguel angel was arrested a couple hours ago at the airport. he supervises the other suspect who was arrested earlier this week. one dry ice bomb exploded in an
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employee bathroom, the other one out on the tarmac. police suspect tvs all a prank. prosecutors will not file criminal charges against a firefighter who ran over and killed a survivor of the asiana crash at sfo. the san mateo country district attorney said the death of the 16-year-old student was a tragic accident. also tonight another big recall for toyota, and sharon chin says spiders may be to blame. sharon. >> ken, toyota is recalling almost 900,000 newer-model vehicle because the air bags or power steering may malfunction. the recall covers 2012 and 2013 camry sedan and hybrids and the venza crossover. toyota says in at least three cases, spider webs were found
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blocking the car's air-conditioning unit causing water to drip into the air bag control system. >> any air bag recall is something that consumers should be concerned about because that's a life-saving device. every consumer out there should take it in and get the recall repair done as soon as possible. >> toyota says it can't be for certain spiders are responsible, but spiders have been blamed for other recalls. whatever the reason, toyota says it has come up with a fix and will do it for free. tonight we found out that a woman who robbed a bank knew exactly what to do. why? well, she was the bank manager. our sister station in la tried to get an interview with aurora barrera. barrera allegedly stole half a million dollars last year from her bank of america branch claiming she was a hostage coarsed into taking the money because a bomb was strapped to
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her. turns out that bomb was fake. her exboyfriend and another man were waiting outside with the money. google hit a milestone today. a share of google stock passed the $1,000 mark for the first time thanks to a great earnings report. >> there was a lot of question as to whether mobile was going to be profitable, but turns out there's a lot of money so google is doing quite well and people are actually pleasantly surprised. >> nine years ago, shares were selg for $85. only a few other company's shares are worth this much. two convicted killers fooled the prison guards. that's just the beginning. you won't believe where they went after walking free. a former vice president revealed highway surgeons shielded his heart from a terrorist attack. well, thousands of square feet of floor. we'll take you inside the scariest place in the bay area.
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gasoline costs just 86 cents a gallon when we did this weather wise. find out what it is and when we find out what it is and when we might,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. now we've learned, it's bad enough that two murderers walked out of prison. now, we're learning a few days after their release, they voluntarily went back to jail, and theresa garcia reports authorities let them walk out the door a second time. >> just three days after
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escaping this florida prison with forged paperwork, joseph jenkens and charles walker walked right back into an orange county jail to register as felons. ironically, they were following florida law. corrections workers took these mug shots of the men and fingerprinted them, but once again jenkins and walker walked out free men. >> they showed up and signed documents at that time so we know that they were here in this area. >> jenkins and walker who were serving life sentences for murder were mistakenly released after prison officials were fooled by these fake documents bearing forged siths. the orange county sheriff's department is working to investigate who forged these documents. >> i'm not standing here to point the finger at any time. >> cbs news learned they received phony papers once
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before. jenkins was convicted for murdering crystal hugh's husband in 1998. she is terrified knowing her husband's killer is back on the street. the orange county sheriff says they received tips about jenkins' and walker's whereabouts and are hoping the public will help put these fugitives back in prison. >> florida corrections department says it will now verify all orders with judges before letting any inmates go. it sounds farfetched, but tonight a former vice president reveals he was worried terrorist would hijack his heart. dick chaney tells 60 minutes when he needed his defib ril later in place, his doctor ordered the manufacture to disable the wireless feature. he was worried a terrorist could send a message to the device telling it to shock chaney's
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heart and assassinate him. years later, showed just how it could be done to the vice president. >> what dead you think when you watched that? >> well, i was aware of the -- the danger, if you will, that existed, but i found it credible because i knew from the experience that we've had and ka psty for adjusting my own device, that it was an accurate portrayal of what was possible. >> chanay had a heart transplant 20 months ago. former governor arnold swarz neigher is denying a report he has his eye on the oval office. he tweeted, "appreciate all the comments but no plans to lobby to change the constitution." he was in new york this week for a movie premier. the new york post reported he has been pushing for a legal loophole that would allow him to run for president. he was born in aus ratria.
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wal-mart is welcoming back an employee fired for helping a woman being attacked. he saw a man pinning a woman against her car. by the time oswald rushed over the help, the man had gotten into the car. the two men started wrestling and oswald came out with minor injure ris, but he was shocked when managers said they had to fire him. >> i never expected all of this. the least i expected was to not >> a job. i don't even know what to put on an application about all this. i'm always going to act the right way and do the right thing even after all of this. >> at first wal-mart said it fired oswald for violating the company's policy. now they say they realize oswald had good intentions and offered him his job back. a haunted house is open tonight to get you into the halloween spirit, but this isn't just any haunted housz. >> it's in san jose, and kiet do
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takes us inside. that makes it spooky enough as it is. but first, kiet will have to let everyone know, is it true this is your first time in a haunted house ever in your life? >> well, you know, not counting the one at disney land, but a haunted house like this, just not my cup of tea. never got around to it. not good for the soul. but if this is your thing, you really can't do much better than this in the bay area. >> before you enter, it might be a good idea to go to the restroom first. you seem pretty proud of yourself when you make somebody wet their pants. >> yeah. it's a good feeling. >> it is the world's largest haunted house. there are 30 volunteers hiding in an maze. there are no robots, no animatronics. founder oscar garcia is the first to admit it is not really
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the largest, but at 12,700 square feet, it's plenty big enough. >> you know, if somebody has an issue with the name then, you know, they have an issue with the name. at the end of the day, we're here to have fun. >> took the andre family plenty of scream-filled minutes to get through it. they were sweaty and praying by the end and glad it was over. >> i think we need to know that we're still alive, and this place does it. it had my heart going beating really fast so it was so intense. >> all right. these guys have been doing this off and on for the past 20 years. they are local so really this is kind of home grown fear. again, the place is called the world's largest haunted house. it's at the santa clara county fairgrounds. lines are pretty good right now, but they do tend to build up into the hundreds possibly even thousands of people coming leading up to halloween. >> kiet, you say this is your first experience with a haunted
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house. would you say basically you're an fraidy cat? >> you know, i -- it was -- i was glad it was over. i was glad it was over. it's just -- you know, it's just, like, that screaming and stress for that long, it takes a toll. >> kie,t look out behind you. look out behind you. oh, darnet. >> all right. these guys, they really do like scaring people. they don't make a ton of money. you know, i mean, they turn a little bit of a profit, but they really do it because they love it and get a high off of scaring people. it's sadistic. >> previews of halloween. kiet do in san jose. thank you >> all right. >> uong i would make it halfway through that thing. >> oh, come on. it's fun. the good haunted houses and they don't scare you. >> yeah. could be really haunted. >> you never know. >> 20 minutes of terror.
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kiet may never be the same. all right. outside friday night weengd time. i know you're wondering it's been so nice weather wise and you're stuck in the office. will it be that good on saturday and sunday? the answer is yes. the weather will be great to get outside both weekend days. beautiful video from earlier tonight. did you catch the full moon if you were out? great shot from earlier. look at that thing. full moon rose over the bay bridge. great night to see it because we don't have any cloud cover aside from low cloud cover along the coastline. i mentioned something a few minutes ago. what we haven't done since gasoline costs 86 cents. that was back in 1980. that's the last time we went 0 for october rain fall wise. we are on that pace right now. we have not seen a drop of rain fall aside from one tiny rain chance this time next week. we may do o for october again this year. sunrise tomorrow 7:22. lows in the 40s for you. san rafael 46. natural pa 46. redwood city, san jose you will wake up to 52 degreeings
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tomorrow. up to tahoe w. 20s tomorrow and sunday but afternoons will be nice for you. 64 tomorrow. 63 degrees coming up on sunday. all about this, this big ridge of high pressure not moving much, blocking any storm system from getting anywhere close to us. this low pressure air yoo to our north and east keep us cooler. temperatures dropping slowly but no rain dropping from the sky until next week when high pressure sliesd off to the east. that'll open up the door for that low pressure area to possibly move in. i'm keeping the rain chance out of our forecast for the next several days. we may see a few showers toward the end of next week. coastal fog, yes, we'll have that over the weekend. the weather will be mild. san jose tomorrow 79. livermore 82. oakland 75. 80. hayward 75. low 80s for pittsburgh, concord and pleasant hill. walnut creek, 82. little cooler in the city but still very pleasant with the high 68. petaluma your high tomorrow 78.
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the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. gofrments back to christin ayers. the bart strike is almost 24 hours old and, christin, still no end in sight? >> that's right. after a lot of back and forth today, we now know the strike will, in fact, continue tomorrow. the union put out today a slightly-tweaked offer for bart's consideration saying if bart managers actually signed it, that would end the strike tonight, but, of course, bart management got that. they slapped that offer down and urged the union to instead come back to the bargaining table to start a new round of talks. the bottom line is that at this point, there are no new talks scheduled. there was no progress today, and at this point, as you said, liz, there is no end in sight. reporting live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. i have good news for giants
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report is next on kpix 5 well, good news for dodgers fans or anybody probably -- i mean, excuse me, >> giants. >> giants fans. anyone who does not like the dodgers i should say. >> yes. and then there were three, soon to be two very shortly. giants fans can rest easy tonight knowing it's now 25 years and counting since the dodgers last made it to the world series thanks in part to a cardinals rookie the 22-year-old rookie pitched another post-season gem. 7 shut out innings, 2 hits and 5 strike outs. clayton kershaw, 2-0 in the bird
2:06 am
z third. it's ruled a walk, and kershaw, you can imagine, not happy. sofk, the neshgs batter, shane robinson, finds a hole on the right side of infield. the out filed puig comes up firing. kershaw gave up siven runs and lasted just 4 innings. 9th inning, end it if cardinals beat the dodgers 9-0 in advance to their fourth world series in ten years. rocko wince the nlcs mvp. he's the first rookie to do so since hernandez in 1997. >> you know, you guys hear from this kid for a long time. i guess a lot of talk goes back last year and whenever they were up three games to one and how they kind of let it slip away, but, you know, i kind of took it in my own hands to where, you know, i wasn't going to let that happen. >> what does it really matter?
2:07 am
making the playoffs or coming in last place? >> in case you missed it, the warriors skipped off that morning at 4:30 a.m.. that's our crew. entertaining the crowd. thompson also put on a show and went 5 and 6 beyond the arc. clay had game high 25 points. the warriors blew out the lakers in china 115-89. suspended five games today by the nhl for this hit from behind on dan boyle. there's no timetable right now for his return. it is time for your friday night top 5. strange start to tonight, bill kelly and scott vance engage in a standoff. demands both players clear the field. at least the dodgers had something to celebrate tonight. at no. 4, molina gets hit there, but, of course, he would stay in the game because he's tough. and no.
2:08 am
3, defenseman misses the body check and goes into the board. left on the stretcher but was alert and still able to move all of his limbs. at no. 2, midnight madness, top college prospect putting on a show. might be traveling. he'll be make ago lot of top fives in the near future. pretty sure of that. no. 1 friday night lights college football calvin pryor, iii, reaches out and gets it. he manages to keep his foot inbounds for interception, but wasn't enough as central florida upset louisville 38-35. >> dodgers all that money, that big payroll, got the pitching. >> the guys from the red sox and now the red sox 1st. >> you know, sometimes you can't buy it. >> the marlins certainly did, right? >> uh-huh. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow night. >> are you thinking sox? >> i'm thinking red sox. i think they need to take care
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of it tomorrow night. if they don't, i'm a little bit worried. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. >> should be,,,,,,,,,, [ yodeling plays ]
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