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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 21, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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setting two of the fires burning near sydney. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's monday, october 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 right now. >> yup. let's get a check on the traffic with liza battalones. >> we were expecting this, frank and michelle, on this fourth day of the bart strike. we're already looking at a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. folks are forced to hop into their cars and make that commute. those outside lanes that would be the cash-paying lanes are already back up from the 880 overcrossing. the lanes in the middle there fastrak lanes are still doing okay. so leave early if you can if you need to make this commute. just to remind folks that during the bart strike that they will be offering very limited shuttle service from nine stations. including el cerrito, west oakland, concord, walnut creek,
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lafayette, dublin-pleasanton, san leandro, hayward and the fremont stations. caltrain will be offering extra service. all their trains including the baby bullet train will be stopping off at the millbrae bart station where passengers can park for free. so far no delays reported for ac transit, the ferries or caltrain. that's a look at the monday commute. now to lawrence with the forecast. >> all right. we are starting out with thick fog around the bay area especially near the coastline into some of the north bay valleys, as well. visibility down to a half mile in santa rosa. out the door clouds over the bay bridge. a lot of folks trying to get to work this morning without bart but nonetheless you have clouds out there now. temperatures cool in spots. 40s and some 50s at this hour. i think by the afternoon though we are enjoying mostly sunny skies away from the coast. we have this blocking ridge in place so that's going to keep the jet stream well to the north so we are going to stay dry for now. i think plenty of sunshine latter part of the day. some 70s inside the bay. some 80s in the valleys but keeping you cool with patchy fog continuing along the coastline temperatures there
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only in the 50s. more on the weather coming up. back to you. >> thank you. there are no signs of new talks between bart and the unions representing its transit workers but both sides say they are still working toward ending the strike now in its fourth day t latest from kpix 5's mark kelly. >> reporter: three full days into the strike the unions unveil a new proposal of their own. it allows for new technology in the workplace but also protects workers from changes in work rules the unions say will lead to unsafe working conditions. seiu slowly 21 and atu local 1555 are backing this new proposal saying its goal is to end the strike and get both parties talking again. last week, talks on hot button issues like pay were moving forward. but both sides hit an impasse over proposed changes to work rules. >> i think we were really crushed when talks broke down
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and on thursday we really felt that the mediators were doing a fantastic job. they were bringing the two sides together. they were trying to put together a comprehensive package to look at wages and benefits and things that the unions were seeking in negotiations. plus some of the work rule changes, some of the efficiencies we were seeking into a comprehensive package. >> reporter: kpix 5 reached out to bart management about the union's new proposal. they told us they have received no such offer from the unions. >> that was mark kelly reporting. san francisco bay ferry on friday it carried more than 7100 passengers. that's about 2.5 times the system's usual passenger load. it expects even more passengers today between oakland, alameda, san francisco and vallejo. your bart strike survival guide is on our website at you will find all sorts of alternate commute plans and other tips.
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developing now at 5:00 ntsb investigators back out in walnut creek this morning as they look into the deaths of two bart workers killed on the job over the weekend. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live with what investigators will be looking for this morning. >> reporter: a memorial grows here for the two victims in this weekend's crash. meanwhile take a look here as the investigation continues, workers are picketing outside the lake merritt bart station. federal investigators are back here in the bay area as you mentioned, frank, and yesterday agents walked through the tracks, sifted through evidence and eventually moved that train. the plan now for investigators is to interview anyone involved and to take a closer look at bart equipment. >> we took some measurements and wanted to get a good look at the lay of the land the accident area before we were going to move any equipment which is commonly done by us. >> reporter: meanwhile, a community mourns the loss of two men, a bart employee and a
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contractor. the two victims were inspecting a dip in the tracks saturday afternoon when they were hit by a train bart says was controlled by a computer. now, federal investigators will be here in the bay area over the next few days but this is a report that will take some time. ntsb officials say it could take any up to a year. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. larry daniels a contractor from oakland and christopher sheppard of hayward were the two men that were killed. sheppard was a bart supervisor and member of the afscme union. sheppard had extensive experience in the rail industry. he was a senior track engineer at bart and before that he worked for amtrak. his neighbor says sheppard has been working a lot more lately. >> probably wouldn't have been out there if it wasn't for the strike. you know? that gave him the chance to work on some of the lines. he called his wife and told her that he had to run out to check
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on something. >> sheppard lived with his wife at their hayward home. happening today, president obama will host a healthcare event at the white house featuring people who have been helped by the affordable care act. susan mcginnis tells us the focus will be on what he has to say about the glitches of the online rollout. >> reporter: president obama is expected to call problems with the government's affordable care act website inexcusable. >> the huge outpouring of interest shows how important it is that we get this right. there's no one more frustrate than the president at the difficulty in the website. >> reporter: republicans call it a fiasco. >> send air force one out to silicon valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them back to washington and fix this problem. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: and administration officials tell cbs news they are bringing in more help from tech experts inside and outside the government. they are writing new code to fix some of the glitches and they are expanding capacity to meet demand. more than 19 million people
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have visited the website since the launch october 1. >> the number one worry before we started was, are people going to be interested? will people sign up? and the answer to that is overwhelmingly yes. >> reporter: but opponents say who signs up is just as important as how many sign up. >> the fact is the sick people are signing up, the healthy aren't. and they are not going to because the deductibles are so high and the cost is going to be high. >> reporter: the white house says half a million people have filled out applications but won't say how many of them were able to enroll. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> a health committee will hold a hearing this week looking into the cost of the affordable care act rollout and who is to blame for the problems. some bay area news now on this monday. truckers are planning a work stormage this morning at the port of oakland. they are protesting what they call unsafe working conditions. an unfair labor practices. port truckers are independent contractors and can't form unions but they have organized a staged protest in the past.
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the port of oakland is the fifth biggiest container port in the united states. a state appointed panel is set to meet today with ac transit and unions representing its workers. the employees had planned to strike last week but governor brown stepped in and ordered a review of the labor dispute. employees have rejected two contracts recently over wage and pensions. ac transit primarily serves alameda and contra costa counties. new this morning hundreds of same-sex couples have been tying the knot in new jersey today. the unions became legal at midnight and after moments after the clock struck 12 the ceremonies began. the newark mayor newly elected new jersey senator cory booker officiated at newark city hall. some have been waiting for decades. >> it was important for us not to escape new jersey to be married. but to simply stay here and
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fight for the right that is due us. >> new jersey is the 14th state to allow it. governor christie tried to block the ceremonies while he appeals a court decision to allow same-sex marriage. state supreme court rejected that request and will hear the case in january. time now is 5:09. their get out of jail free cards were revoked. coming up, what police are learning about the plans by two inmates who mistakenly were released. >> and the added feature some on capitol hill are pushing to install a new -- to install in new vehicles. why they say it could save your life. >> it may be one of the most famous violins in history. why someone just paid a million dollars for it even though it can't play. >> thick fog is moved into the bay area this morning. will we clear things out today? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and with this bart strike in effect, we are seeing long delays already for the commute out of oakland into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza stacked up solid from beyond the 880
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overcrossing. i'll have details on this and give you a complete look at your drive into work in just a few minutes. erers who got ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now back in custody. today, investigators are stl trying to figure o
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two convicted murderers who got out of prison from florida with fake documents are back in custody. investigators are trying to figure out how they pulled out this jail break. cell phone video shows federal marshals moving in on joseph jenkins and charles walker on saturday. authorities believe the convicts paid thousands of dollars to get forged release papers. >> i can tell you that there will be more arrests, obviously we will be backtracking to those who helped carry out this fraud. >> police say jenkins and walker were waiting in a motel room for a ride that was going to take them out of florida. state corrections officers planned to meet with court clerks to discuss how to prevent other inmates from using fake papers to escape. freed inmates is trending right now. so is obamacare. the president will address website glitches with the rollout of his affordable care act. oarfish is the second sea serpent to wash ashore in california. and new jersey same-sex couples began marrying in the state
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last night. titanic is also trending. follow us on twitter. here's why titanic is trending. this violin sold for $1.7 million at an auction in england over the weekend. it's a very special instrument because it was played by musician wallace hartley on the titan radar. it was found strapped to his body days later after the boat went down. it was missing until about 7 years ago, when it was found in an attic. the violin has an engraving from his fiancee that helps identify it. i guess it doesn't play a note. >> what a piece of history. >> who -- i mean, who miss places a violin? >> i don't know. then they just rediscover it? >> oh, yeah. >> and make millions! we have some clouds around the bay area this morning just some patchy fog to start early on today but i think as we head toward the afternoon kind of a weather repeat. temperatures warming up nicely in most spots away from the coast. starting out with fog and
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drizzle and some 40s at the beaches. 50s in the valleys. fog thick in the north bay valleys. this afternoon sunshine and mild temperatures inside the bay. 80s in some of the valleys. and staying cool at the coastline. highs there only in the 50s. we have a blocking ridge of high pressure sitting overhead. that will send the jet stream well to the north for today. and probably for the next five to seven days maybe longer. that means no threat of rain in the forecast just yet. so a near weather repeat for today with some very mild temperatures around the bay area. headed around the state today should be nice as well some 80s into the central valley. 67 lake tahoe. 63 fog into monterey bay. temperatures around our bay in the 70s and 80s in the south bay. 50s coastal areas. a little cool out toward the beaches now. and then as you head inland you will see some 80s well ipse, some 70s toward vallejo and 78 degrees in the napa valley. san jose the bay we have 60s and a few 70s and toward daly city only 57 degrees with patchy fog. next couple of days, we will see a little sunshine after some morning low clouds and
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fog. then looks like temperatures start to cool down, a few more clouds coming our way as we head in toward next weekend. liza battalones has traffic. >> good morning. we are seeing long backups already at the bay bridge toll plaza on this fourth day of the bart strike. westbound traffic leaving oakland heading into san francisco. now, this is at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can expect those delays extending to the 880 overcrossing and just notice it's just the outside lanes that are slow this morning. those are the cash-paying lanes. a lot of folks don't normally make the bay bridge commute so they doesn't have fastrak accounts. they are sitting in backups again beyond the 880 over crossing. an accident on the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 at midspan blocking at least one lane of traffic and you can see it is starting to back up some of the traffic in the westbound direction. no delays so far at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. southbound traffic good across the golden gate bridge no big delays into the city yet.
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aside from the problems at the san mateo bridge, we are in good shape in terms of accidents. it's been very quiet for the silicon valley commute with no delays for 880 and 237. back to you. >> thank you. one of the most expensive public infrastructure projects in america is now under way in the central valley. engineering for the first segment of california's $68 billion high-speed rail system has begun near fresno. the voter-approved system will eventually span the state but not until at least 2029. california seems to be lagging when it comes to drawing up earthquake fault maps. the "los angeles times" reports only 23 maps have been drawn since 1991. by comparison, 534 maps were published in the first 20 years of the program which began in 1971. no maps were drawn between 2004 and 2011 because of budget cuts. state officials estimate there are about 300 maps still to draw.
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a u.s. senator wants all new cars to be built with rear view cameras. democrat chuck schumer says they could help prevent deadly accidents. >> backover crashes occur when loved ones, friends, neighbors, put their cars in reverse and accidentally strike the person behind the car because of a blind spot. >> the national highway traffic safety administration said last month it will add rear view video systems to a list of recommended features but safety groups say it's dragging its feet in meeting a congressional deadline. 5:18 right now. a marathoner on a mission. the story of strength and support how big a bay area mom for the race of her life. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, which is the last unbeaten team in the nfl? and jim harbaugh's latest tirade doesn't tell the true story. we will, though. coming up. what's cool about your
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school? you can email your nomination to us at and we may come out and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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checking out temperatures outside right now, clouds out there, numbers in the 40s and
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50s right now. should be warming up though. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and we have an accident now at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 at midspan. backups already at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have more on your monday drive in just a few minutes. today players with the golden state warriors will take part in a volunteer clean-up in san francisco. it gets under way at 1:00 this afternoon at mclaren park. the event is part of an nba cares day of service. the warriors begin their regular season a week from wednesday. good morning, everybody. the 49ers might not be the hottest team in the nfl, but they might be the best or pretty darn close to it. for the first six weeks of the season, 49er fans wondered, what happened to the 2012 version of colin kaepernick? he showed up yesterday. harbaugh, get a chill pill for this game! it's under control. 2nd quarter, here's the kaepernick of last year. the read option, touchdown 49ers. he had 69 yards rushing, more
5:23 am
than his previous three games combined. frank gore busts through for a one-yard touchdown. his third score of the season. the 49ers dominate, 31-17. that is their fourth straight victory. they dominate in tennessee. for 14 years peyton manning was the face of of the colts. last night he returned to indy for the first time as a visiting player. his replacement andrew luck threw for three touchdowns and ran for another. the colts win 39-33 handing denver its first loss of the season. meanwhile alex smith and the chiefs looking to stay undefeated versus the texans. alex doing a colin kaepernick impression, read option, touchdown. the chiefs win, 7-0 undefeated. san jose earthquakes need a win to make the play-offs. last chance for wondolowski. game ends in a tie against l.a. so the earthquakes are eliminated from making the play- offs. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day.
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we are going to take you back to football. watch the punt on the 19-yard line. avoid one defender there. backtrack a little bit. and then he is going to hit the freeway some 81 yards for the touchdown. tied with deion sanders for the all time nfl record of returns. the bears lost to the redskins in washington 45-41 in a big shootout. >> he just kept going. los gatos mom amy was among the runners at the women's nike marathon. we introduced you to her here on kpix 5 friday morning. she couldn't run the entire marathon because she is battling a rare form of cancer. she did run the last 4.2 miles of the race four for the rounds of chemo she had and two for the rounds she has left. >> each round of chemo is kind of like another mile marker. so in a sense, it's kind of training for the say thing.
5:25 am
>> she really is amazing. touche. it has been running in the marathon since 2005. she gets her strength from her family and friends. [ indiscernible ] of argentina won the half marathon in 1 hour 18 minutes and 22 seconds. emmy gordon of los angeles was the first marathoner to cross the finish line with 2 hours, 51 minutes and 44 seconds. 5:25. if you haven't booked your flight home for thanksgiving, prepare for sticker shock. >> and a soldier's headstone causes controversy in cincinnati. the grave marker's a giant slab designed to look like spongebob squarepants. >> bart and the unions are mourning the loss of two men who died after being hit by a bart train. we'll hear from a friend of one of the victims coming up.
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald bart is in the middle of a strike and an investigation into the deaths of two men to died working on the tracks. we spoke with a friend of one of the victims. >> reporter: i'm mark kelly live at walnut creek as the strike continues, a any proposal from the unions coming up. >> starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog. some areas will clear, we'll tell you where coming up. >> and with no bart service today, lots of folks are hopping in their cars making the commute across the bay bridge toll plaza but sitting in long delays first. traffic backed up from beyond the 880 overcrossing. delays started 30 minutes ago. the cash-paying lanes will be slow from the 880 overcrossing. if you have fastrak you're still in good shape.
5:30 am
lanes are moving well through the toll plaza. an accident is reported on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 at midspan at least one lane of traffic shut down. and mass transit, caltrain is reporting no delays on the system. during the strike all the trains will be stopping at the millbrae bart station and picking up passengers there. park for free at any of the local bart stations. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. good morning. it's october 21. it's a monday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time 5:30. we are following developing news. ntsb investigators will be back out in walnut creek today after two bart workers were killed saturday hit by a train controlled by a computer. the ongoing strike will not impact the investigation. >> i'm aware that there's a strike going on and i don't know if that has any impact on
5:31 am
anything i'll be doing at this time. >> is there something that will be of interest to you? >> everything here is of interest to me. >> six people were on the train that struck the employees. no injuries there. the workers who were killed were reporting a dip in the tracks. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us live where striking workers are remembering their colleagues. cate. >> reporter: picketers are at the bart station with heavy hearts. a memorial for the two men killed in the past weekend's accident continues to grow. friends say christopher sheppard was only a couple of years from retiring. sheppard had an extensive resume' in the rail industry. he was a senior track engineer at bart. before that he worked for amtrak. we spoke with chris' friend jeff smith who said he noticed chris was working longer hours during the strike. >> he probably wouldn't have been out there if it wasn't for the strike. that gave him a chance to work
5:32 am
on some of the lines and he called his wife and told her that he had to run out to check on something. >> reporter: another memorial for shepherd and the other victim larry daniels is brewing at the site of the accident. bart says the two men were inspecting a dip in the rail near the walnut creek bart station when they were hit by a bart train. now, we know that federal investigators are expected to be here over the next few days. they say they plan to interview anyone involved in the incident and to take a closer look at bart's equipment. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> christopher sheppard lived with his wife at their home in hayward. bart leaders are holding an emergency board meeting today to deal with the weekend's deadly accident. of course the bart strike, as well. cbs 5 reporter mark kelly is live at walnut creek now as bart and the union go over a new proposal and riders once again gearing up with a commute with no bart trains. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as we head into this first full
5:33 am
week without bart, we have a new announcement from the unions. the unions tell us they have sent bart a brand-new proposal. but for many of these riders out here, that's just more talk. many lined up bright and early at 4 a.m. this morning just to catch a shuttle bus into san francisco. now, over the weekend some movement on negotiations. the unions are saying they will allow certain technology upgrades. but they hit an impasse with bart management over proposed changes to workplace rules. >> we're working now with a federal mediator. the mediator -- we both need to talk to him separately and let him know what we're willing to move on and then he will see, is there enough common ground here? could there be enough movement of the two sides for mediator talks to be successful, or are we still at impasse? >> reporter: so the first line of riders just formed and is just starting to board those first couple buses out this morning. the last bus here out of walnut
5:34 am
creek will leave at 8 a.m. live in walnut creek, mark kelly, kpix 5. commuters who normally use bart can catch rides on the shuttle buses this morning from 9 bart stations in alameda and contra costa counties. those buses only go to san francisco in the morning and then back to their original locations for the evening commute. got a lot of information available for you online to help you navigate the bart strike and get across the bay. go to and you will find all sorts of alternates and tips. not a lot of business at the port of oakland today. truckers are planning a work stoppage. they are protesting what they call unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices by the port management. port truckers are independent contractors and cannot form unions but they have organized to stage protests in the past. the port of oakland is the fifth busiest container port in the u.s. unions representing ac transit workers set to meet today with the transit agency and a state appointed panel.
5:35 am
the workers have planned to strike last week until governor brown intervened and order a review of the labor dispute. contracts have been rejected over wage an pension issues. new details on the body found at san francisco general. a hospital orderly walked over a missing woman's body twice a week before she was found in a stairwell. he said he told a nurse he saw the unconscious woman and the nurse reported it to the sheriff's department. 57-year-old lynne spalding disappeared from her hospital room september 21 and was found dead more than two weeks later. it's not clear if she was alive when the orderly saw her or how the sheriff's department responded. 5:35. after a beautiful weekend, the song remains the same. >> just the way we like it although we are starting out with fog this morning and some of that dense fog showing up in the north bay valleys and the coastline even drizzle at the beaches. but i think all told we'll see a nice afternoon with high
5:36 am
pressure overhead sticking around for the next seven days. 48 degrees and fog in pacifica and drizzle. 46 in santa rosa with visibilities down to half mile there and 53 degrees in san jose. i think as we head throughout the day enjoying that sunshine in the south bay with 70s and low 80s. east bay plenty of sunshine this afternoon with many of those temperatures pushing into the low 80s as well like livermore at 83. 81 antioch. 83 pleasanton. and then inside the bay you will see the sea breeze temperatures going to be cooler plan on 63 degrees in san francisco and about 70 degrees but mostly sunny in oakland this afternoon. all right. time to check your "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> good morning, everybody. those delays continue over at the bay bridge toll plaza where around 5:00 this morning is when we started to see the first backups. expect delays from beyond the 880 overcrossing for the cash lanes. fastrak lanes are still in good shape leaving oakland heading into san francisco. there's an accident on the san mateo bridge in the clearing
5:37 am
stages westbound near midspan. during the strike bart will be offering limited shuttle service from nine stations including el cerrito, west oakland, concord, walnut creek, lafayette, dublin, san leandro, hayward and fremont. caltrain is reporting no delays on the system and they will be stopping all their trains including the baby bullet at the millbrae station picking up passengers there. the alameda harbor bay ferry will be picking up riders on the top of each hour. president obama is hosting a healthcare event at the white house. it will feature people who have been helped by the affordable care act and will also acknowledge there are problems with the government's website. the white house says half a million people have filled out applications online but isn't saying how many may have been able to enroll in an insurance plan. >> a huge outpouring of interest shows how important it is that we get this right.
5:38 am
there's no one more frustrated than the president at the difficulty in the website. >> the administration is bringing in more help from tech experts inside and outside the government. they are writing new code to fix some of the glitches and they are expanding capacity to meet demand. new this monday morning george washington university in d.c. is planning a curriculum that was inspired by malala yousefzai. the taliban shot her for supporting education for women. they are creating programs to accompany a book released by malala, a pilot curriculum is expected early next year. gas prices are on a downward trend but bay area drivers are still paying more at the pumps. national average dropped about two cents over the past two weeks at $3.36 a gallon. albuquerque the lowest prize in the country $3. , $3.03. if you haven't booked a flight home for thanksgiving it
5:39 am
could be costly. airfares are up about 7% from last year. the average price is about $415 roundtrip. >> i'm hoping to try to beat the rush because prices generally increase the closer into the holiday it is. >> it's light. i'm sorry to say it's a little late. if you have a specific budget you may not be able to fly. >> travel experts say it helps to be flexible such as traveling on thanksgiving day or coming back on saturday. another option is to use the travel agent who knows the system. >> or stay home. >> or stay home. 5:39 now. one of the nation's most popular lottery games has undergone a makeover. mega millions has been overshadowed in recent months by the big powerball jackpots so changes were made to increase mega millions jackpots and improve chances of winning some of the smaller prizes. the number of white ball choices is up to 75 and the number of mega ball choices is down to 15. changes begin with the current
5:40 am
game. the drawing is tomorrow night. stock futures are up this morning. and that could signal a positive day on the stock market. picking up where it left off friday. had a good day fright. with more on that let's check in with gigi stone at -- it's frank and michelle. good morning. >> reporter: san francisco, can you hear me? >> yes. we're here. good morning. >> gigi, are you with us? [ laughter ] >> reporter: frank and michelle? [ laughter ] is that who -- is that frank and michelle? >> i don't think gigi can hear us right now so we are going to check back in with her in just a bit. >> we will. we'll try to fix that and be back with gigi momentarily. well, coming up, buyer beware. experts warn against sharing breast milk sold commercially. >> the new gadget apple is about to unveil.
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da ... if it doesn't work the first time try again. i think we have gigi stone from can he hear us? >> i'm so relieved! i finally can, frank and michelle. thanks so much for having me. it's monday. we have an excuse. >> reporter: we have the futures suggesting another higher open today. stocks rose last week following news of stronger corporate
5:44 am
profits. friday the dow gained 28 points. the nasdaq went up 51. a major deal for at&t the country's largest phone company is leasing or selling the rights to nearly 10,000 of its wireless towers to a company called crown castle. the deal is worth nearly $5 billion. at&t says this won't impact its customers. help may be on the way for struggling homeowners. that's part of a huge settlement between the federal government and jpmorgan. sources say the bank has tentatively agreed to pay the justice department $13 billion to settle cases from the financial meltdown. $4billion would be earmarked for consumer relief. and lastly it's all about who your boss is. that's according to a new survey. the number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their managers. so bosses, be nice to us underlings. you never know what might happen. >> i like that advice. gigi stone,, have a great monday.
5:45 am
>> happy monday. thanks, gigi. 5:44. apple set to unveil another new product this week and some industry analysts say it's going to be a thinner and faster ipad with that fingerprint sensor. it could give a much-needed boost to ipad sales which fell 27% last quarter compared to a year ago. the ipad is apple's second biggest moneymaker right behind the iphone. time now 5:45. let's check the roads with liza battalones. how's it looking? >> it's slow out there. it's slow already at the bay bridge toll plaza with this day 4 of the bart strike long delays at the bay bridge pay gates extending into the macarthur maze in oakland even fastrak lanes are jammed up so expect a long wait leaving the east bay bound for san francisco. the earlier accident we had at the san mateo bridge has been cleared out. westbound traffic now doing okay at midspan. no problems as of yet approaching the san mateo bridge toll plaza. if you plan to make the busy altamont pass commute, there are delays slow from the 205
5:46 am
interchange approaching vasco. the golden gate commute has been trouble-free and still southbound traffic looking good if you want to use that commute to avoid the bay bridge delays. south 101 moving well between central san rafael and san francisco. silicon valley still holding steady. we have not had any major accidents for all of santa clara county and right here at the 880/237 interchange, you're moving at the speed limit. and remember, during the bart strike we will have enhanced service for most of the other transit providers. alameda harbor bay ferry will be running every hour during the peak hours and caltrain will be stopping all trains and the baby bullet at millbrae station and you can park for free at any bart stations. here's lawrence. >> you're done? >> i'll talk longer if you want me to. [ laughter ] >> better take over from here. patchy fog and drizzle at the coastline if you are stepping outside. so kind of a cool cloudy start to the day around much of the bay area. 40s and 50s now.
5:47 am
but by the afternoon we are going to see a lot of sunshine, some mild temperatures inside the bay and the 70s there. 80s showing up in the valleys. but if you are planning to head to the beach grab a light coat. it will be cool, patchy fog and the temperatures in the 50s. high pressure in control. looks like it's going to stick around. it's a blocking ridge that means it's very strong sending the jet stream well to the north of the bay area and the state. that means we'll keep high and dry for the next five to seven days at least. so today going to be another weather repeat with some mild temperatures into the afternoon after patchy morning fog. sfo a possible delay due to some low clouds and fog this morning. then by the afternoon, it should clear out nicely. around the u.s., you have some sunshine into chicago just a couple of passing clouds 46 degrees. 57 in denver. thunderstorms a possibility in houston. cool temperatures coastside. 70s inside the bay. 80s inland. we'll see a lot of sunshine in
5:48 am
the afternoon the next couple of days after some patchy morning fog then clouds and cooler temperatures coming our way. all right. time to check out your schoolcast for today. this one for easton elementary school in union city. starting out a little chilly there. 48 degrees. grab a jacket. lunch recess looking good. temperatures in the 60s and the final bell sunny mild 72 degrees. monday's are tough at school. >> it was rough to get motivated. >> but these kids in union city will do it! we have your schoolcast for you if you would like to put your school online here go to send in your nomination and we'll put it on the air. >> mondays are tough at school and work. in this morning's healthwatch on monday, widespread vaccination of teens
5:49 am
are helping prevent pertussis. there's a drop in the number of infants hospitalized with respiratory problems since then. researchers say babies usually get those infections from other family members. some new concerns are emerging about breast milk purchased online. researchers at nationwide children's hospital found more than 3/4 of breast milk samples bought on the web contain bacteria that can make babies sick because the milk may not be properly collected, stored or shipped to keep bacteria out. scientists have discovered a biological clock in human genes that could slow down the aging process. researchers say the internal clock accurately gauges the age of organs and tissues and hope this discovery will improve their understanding of what speeds up and slows down the aging process. time now is 5:49. these headstones at a cemetery in ohio are just as bizarre as the fight to get them removed.
5:50 am
>> and what in the world is going on here? more than 20 people running around on fire and it's on purpose. they have a good reason. don't worry, they're okay. we'll explain coming up. aren't you sweet! censed phone-ups available 24/7. i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors.
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cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
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the fog is thick in spots out the door. drizzle at the coastline temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. more on your weather coming up. >> and the backups began early. it is crowded from the foot of the maze leaving oakland heading into san francisco. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" in a few minutes. okay, guys, thanks. a family who wanted to honor their loved ones with her favorite cartoon character is
5:53 am
now fighting the cemetery. 28-year-old army sergeant kim walker was found dead on valentine's. her boyfriend is arrested for the murder. walker's family bought two $13,000 spongebob sculptures as headstones for the grave in cincinnati. the statues were approved by the cemetery but once they arrived, they were taken down the next day. >> i feel like and we all feel like spongebob should stay there, you know, and that's where i mean because we bought the plots all six of them put the monuments there we did what we had to do and that's what we wanted. >> the cemetery says despite the fact they were approved by an employee, the statues were not appropriate. it's working with the walker family to replace the headstones at no extra cost. but the family still wants them up. >> what if you were buried next to them? you don't want that spectacle. >> the cemetery is a u.s. historic landmark. they said they need to follow
5:54 am
the guidelines. >> $13,000? >>apiece? and they weigh 7,000 pounds. a fake funeral at a cemetery in new mexico has people upset. hundreds came out for walter white's funeral in albuquerque. 's a fake character in the old show breaking bad which ended last month set in new mexico. some of the filming was done there, as well. the funeral raised money for a homeless foundation. >> i hope this happens every year. they should as a fundraiser. i think it would be a great idea. >> it feels like a slap in the face to see so many people gathered for a fictional character. >> people were offended by the fake funeral. there's a petition to get the headstone removed from from the
5:55 am
fictional character. 21 people set themselves on fire in cleveland, ohio to set a new record for the most people performing full body burns. that's right. they did it on purpose. participants wore multiple layers of gel second clothing to protect them from the -- gel-soaked clothing to protect them from the flames. how do you practice for that? >> i don't know. >> they raised money for charity. >> crazy. 5:55. something odd happened along southern california coastline where another very strange sea creature has been found. a second oarfish washed up dead again on friday this time in oceanside in san diego county. a group of third graders discovered the 14-foot-long snake like creature just days earlier an 18-foot oarfish found off catalina island. bart is in the middle of an investigation into the deaths of two men who died working on the tracks.
5:56 am
the big question, who was at the controls at the time of the crash? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
everybody at heart is affected by this and it's horribly sad, horribly sad. >> federal investigators arrive to look into the deadly bart accident as we learn more about the men who died. >> we'll be turning over every stone. >> and we could be inching closer to the end of the bart strike. unions say they have a new proposal but bart management says they haven't seen it yet. >> silicon valley loaded up with some smart people bring them back to washington and fix this problem. >> president obama is taking on the website issues that have plagued the online rollout of obamacare. >> dozens of wildfires are burning across australia. this morning, police arrested two boys for intentionally setting two of the fires burning near sydney. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
6:00 am
>> frank gore straight ahead! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's monday, october 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's 6:00. we are following several developing stories as you wake up. workers at the port of oakland are up early to protest. they are staging a work stoppage this morning to protest what they consider unsafe working conditions. >> reporter: i'm mark kelly live in walnut creek. it's early but we already have a line out here getting ready for the bart shuttle service into the city. coming up, we have the very latest that bart wants you to know before you head out the door about these buses. >> reporter: i'm cate caugiran live in oakland, picketers are back here at the lake merritt bart station mourning the loss of two employees killed over the weekend as they were working on a dip in the tracks. federal investigators will be back on


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