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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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are, but i can say that we are all working very tirelessly to try to bring this contract negotiation to a close as quickly as possible so we can get the trains running. reporter: talks aimed at ending the second four-day strike began in earnest after striking unions released a proposal offering to change some of the language in the proposed 470-page contract, language that bart management said kept the system from using new technologies, a sticking point that triggered last friday's walkout. the renewed talks also came a day after a bart train being used by managers struck and killed two workers inspecting tracks between walnut creek and pleasant hill. >> we're at a very delicate point in negotiations and we really want to make sure that all the focus is at the table. >> reporter: union leaders offered this analysis. >> because we're in the mediation process, we can't tell you the nature of those proposals or what they involve. we can tell you that there are only two proposals left for our unions that need to be resolved and we're hopeful and optimistic and if bart is
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saying they would like to it done by 6 p.m., we would as well. >> reporter: the question is still, will there be enough time to get the trains running for the commute if there is a deal? >> there's a lot that has to take place in that period of time. we have to power everything back up. we have to make sure there's money in our ticket vending machines. we have to do all the safety inspections that need to take place. so there's a great deal of work estimated at about 16 to 18 hours. >> reporter: bart has advice for those using shuttle buses. >> there will be buses tomorrow but it's not tremendously more when each bus only carries about 56 people. >> get there as early possibly if they absolutely need a seat on those buses. >> reporter: we understand one of the main sticking points is bart wanting some workers to work 4/10 which is common in a lot of other work, four days, 10 hours. the second has to do possibly with scheduling. but it has an hour to go before they hit that second deadline
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and we'll keep you posted if anything happens. allen? >> all right, phil. everybody is looking at their watches. keep us posted. we have just learned new details about the bart train accident that killed two workers over the weekend. ann notarangelo is at the pleasant hill bart station and she spoke to federal investigators just about 30 minutes ago. ann. >> reporter: and elizabeth, the lead investigator for the ntsb confirmed today that it was a trainee, someone who was learning how to operate trains, who was at the helm when that bart train crashed into two people who were working on the tracks on saturday. in all, there were six people on the train, two of those individuals were training. it was described as a maintenance and training run. and the train was in automatic mode. the computers were operating the train. but today, the investigators were able to interview the person who was at the controls at the time of the accident. >> we conducted extensive interviews with four employees
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today. these interviews were conducted to obtain information relative to dispatching, track inspection and operator training activities at the time of the accident. this activity took the entire day to complete. >> reporter: investigators were also able to examine the signal system and what they call mechanical, which is really described as the rolling equipment. they say this train was going about 60 to 70 miles an hour when it had that accident. the ntsb has also requested data from bart and they have already received and they are shipping up -- packing up video that will be sent to washington, d.c. it shows the inside of the cab. it does not show the tracks. reporter: the tracks were cleared today of everything including the memorial for christopher sheppard and larry daniels. a woman who lives nearby says a neighbor threw away the flowers and candles and she put it up and will make sure it stays up. >> absolutely. we have lost two individuals. and how many -- these two individuals, how many lives did they touch, as well? so there's a lot of loss there
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and you want to send a message to the families that we care. >> reporter: christopher sheppard was a senior track engineer who lived in hayward. the afscme union president says sheppard had been with bart two years and one year with the union. >> real personable. it's tough, a shock. >> reporter: his neighbors says he noticed shepard working longer hours during the strike. >> probably wouldn't have been out there if it wasn't for the strike. it gave him a chance to work on some of the lines and he called his wife and told her that he had to run out to check on something. >> reporter: lawrence daniels was a contractor killed, a website for a company he ran out of fair oaks says he had more than 30 years experience in construction maintenance of domestic and international rail systems. a friend at daniels' oakland home says his widow was in too much pain to talk. and the ntsb has not lost sight that two individuals were killed in this accident. they started the press conference expressing their
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condolences but tomorrow, it's back to work for them. they will be interviewing more bart employees. in pleasant hill, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. we hope you're at home watching us right now because the freeways and bridges are a mess! liza battalones is in the "kcbs traffic" center. >> reporter: liz, a frustrating situation for so many commuters who sat in one, two-hour delays this morning to get into the city, more delays now as san francisco roadways are in gridlock. city streets and gridlock towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. these are live pictures from chopper 5. it's a parking lot as signal lights cycle through. now, san francisco freeways are also extremely crowded north 101 backed up from beyond 280 on to east 80 getting towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. now, do keep in mind, these backups began around 2:00 this afternoon. and they will just continue to get longer. it would be a good time to
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delay your trip out of san francisco if you can. now, the bay bridge toll plaza is a beautiful thing at this hour. it is still wide open at the bay bridge pay gates leaving oakland heading into san francisco. the golden gate commute now leaving the city by way of 101, northbound traffic is going to be sluggish all the way across the span. but once you cross the bridge it picks up and another pocket of slow traffic approaches central san rafael. the peninsula getaway is slow south one one. our sensors picking up traffic down to 31 miles per hour. you will see brake lights on south 101 from the 380 interchange. it's going to stay heavy across the san mateo bridge. eastbound traffic on the san mateo bridge has been sluggish from about midspan. so that's a look at "kcbs traffic." >> thank you. as bart shuttle stops right now a lot of long lines and short fuses. been that way all day. this morning it was a classic case of hurry up and wait in walnut creek. a lot of commuters got up early. they got there early, tried to jump on a bus only to be turned
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away. >> the hardest part is that we knew that this was coming and here we are standing in a bart parking lot waiting for a bus that's not going to come. >> it's frustrating. i feel like they know how many people ride the bus. they know how many people ride bart. prepare for that. >> and we want to welcome andrea borvat to the kpix news team. how is it looking at the ferry terminal? >> reporter: well, allen, i wish i could say it was looking better. take a look behind me. you can see the line of people waiting for the ferry stretching to the embarcadero almost all the way to the bay bridge. reporter: instead of by bart, they commuted by bus, boat, bridge and strangers. >> i was waiting for the bus, then they pulled up and asked me if i wanted a ride to the city and they were very generous. >> reporter: four full days and two working days into the bart strike patience was wearing thin as lines and wait times
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stretched long. >> they don't get here until three and it is 12:10 waiting for your bus. >> reporter: for those unwilling to throw elbows and wait three hours for the possibility of the bus seat, there was this. casual carpooling in one city block from ashby to rockridge, they point to richmond. >> usually, usually ride the bart and then i got a ride from my girlfriend this morning. waited in traffic just from lake merritt. >> reporter: the line snaked along the embarcadero, held at the mercy of boats. >> i'd say extra travel time per day is 2 to 4 hours. it's unpredictable. >> reporter: now, this is really an all-day commute situation with the lines out here waxing and waning all day
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long. commuters hopeful they can perhaps get back soon. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> up-to-the-minute coverage on the strike at chaos before the bell. a middle school student opens fire on campus. >> there was pure fear in these children's eyes running everywhere. >> the teacher who died protecting other students. >> a plan to tighten the leash on man's best friend. a fight to let dogs roam free in popular bay area parks. >> there are the haves and have nots with sunshine this morning and warm temperatures. 80 in pittsburg but 54 in half moon bay? that was today's high. a live look outside vacaville, mount vaca looking good. we'll talk about how long that temperature spread will stay big coming up. a man never hits a woman. >> fan rivalry turns ugly as a man punches a woman at a football game.
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overcrowded prisons. federal judges today said a or needs more time new at 5:00, california is
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getting an extra month to fix its overcrowded prisons. federal judges today said a mediator needs more time to iron out an agreement on how the state will reduce the inmate population. the court order pushes the deadline back to the end of february. the governor's office is seeking a three-year delay. in other bay area headlines, we'll know as soon as wednesday whether ac transit will be banned from a strike for 60 days. governor brown will decide midweek whether to order a cooling-off period for the transit agency. ac transit had its first hearing about the labor dispute in front of the state-appointed panel today. they will report back their findings to the governor. employees have rejected two contracts in recent months mainly over wage and pension issues. dozens of truckers gathered at a port of oakland terminal to protest port management early this morning. they are mad about unfair labor practices and say working conditions are unsafe. this group grew to hundreds by midday and stopped commerce at two of the largest terminals.
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port truckers are expected to try and shut down the evening shift tonight, as well. dog owners getting a little official help tonight to take on uncle sam. supervisor scott weiner introduced a resolution today opposing a plan by the golden gate national recreation area. the national park service wants to restrict dog access at some popular hangouts such as crissy field, fort funston and ocean beach. dog owners say that will only lead to overcrowding in neighborhood parks. >> the national park service is trying to treat what is an urban recreation area as some sort of pristine back woods national park. and it is not. to try to treat it as if it were, you know, yosemite or the high sierra, to me, makes no sense. >> san francisco if you don't know has a pretty large dog population. in fact, more dogs than children in the city. >> i believe that. a little girl found living
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with gypsies. the mystery that sparked a global search for her parents. >> nobody is madder than me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should. >> the president says there's no excuse why obamacare should take a page from california's playbook. ,,
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officers say a 13-year-old student killed a teacher and shot 2 other students at a middle school in sparks, shy before classes started toda
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the student- outside of reno officers a 13-year-old student killed a teacher and shot two students at a middle school in sparks shortly before classes started today. the student suspect died but it's unclear whether he shot himself. >> as you can imagine, the best description is chaos. so it's too early to say whether he was targeting specific people or just going on a, you know, indiscriminate shooting spree. >> police say one of the shooting victims is out of surgery and the other is doing well. the students' names aren't being released but family members have identified the math teacher killed as 45-year- old michael landsberry. also in nevada, a guy tried to get his cover charge back from a vegas nightclub and he apparently wasn't happy with the music. he got into a fight with the manager and pulled a gun. that's when another club-goer tried to step in to help. police say the guy with the gunshot and killed the man who was trying to help. and this all happened at the dre's nightclub in the lower level of bally's.
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the suspect is in custody. well, the president is offering no excuses for the computer problems plaguing the federal insurance website. tech experts are being brought in to help resolve the site's problems. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains why "covered california" isn't having the same issues. >> the gold is 219 and the platinum -- >> reporter: this tattoo shop manager is searching insurance rates on "covered california." california's version of the federal healthcare exchange. >> really a gamble on which one you pick. >> reporter: and while she may not like everything she sees -- >> maximum out of pocket is no more than what i'm paying right now. >> reporter: -- at least "covered california's" website is, woulding. >> there's no sugar coating it. >> reporter: there's more than president obama can say about, the federal version of the website that is supposed to allow those outside of california to enroll in insurance under the affordable care act. >> the website has been too slow, people have been getting stuck during the application process. >> reporter: but today he promised it will get better and cited half a million americans
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who have been able to file applications for coverage in spite of the highly publicized computer glitches, although it appears many of those people signed up through state-run sites like "covered california." >> we have about 95,000 applications. >> reporter: according to those numbers from "covered california's" dana howard, nearly one-fifth of all the applications cited by the president have come from california. do you think it has something to do with how "covered california," the website, is functioning? >> well, i -- i can't, uhm, make a comparison about what's going on, uhm, with the federal government's site versus "covered california's" site but i can say that we believe that our is very navigable, it's very user-friendly. >> reporter: and that's due in part to the fact that "covered california" was designed by silicon valley tech giants accenture and oracle experts in this kind of thing. the canadian company cgi won the $88 million contract to create now some are urging the president to take a page out of california's book. >> send air force one out to
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silicon valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them bag to washington and fix this probable -- bring them back to washington and fix this problem. >> reporter: now, "covered california's" not been without cein conjunction with the d ac website. we would love to hear about your experience signing up on the healthcare exchange. send us an email. we'll hear about it for months to come. >> thank you, julie. police are ramping up their international search for the parents of a little girl found in a gypsy settlement. the girl, called maria, is thought to be 5 or 6 years old. she was found last week during a drug raid in greece. a couple has been charged with abducting her, but they maintain maria's mother gave them the child because she couldn't look after her. investigators say they have been flooded with tips from all over the world. a fight between fans of the new york jets and the new england patriots got very ugly. and some of you are going to find the video disturbing, i warn you. at the jets home stadium at
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yesterday's overtime thriller. the jets won. watch closely, fans start fighting. the man in the jets jersey clearly here punches that woman who is wearing a patriots gear hits her in the face. the jets say they are aware of the fight and the people were detained. >> people forget it's just a game. don't need to do in a. >> don't be that fan. outside here pretty fun. even if it's cool like today. we had the onshore flow kicking up a bit. yeah, it was a little foggy near the water and a temperature spread of 30 degrees. a time lapse from the past three hours look at the lack of visibility now in sausalito. you can see that moisture working through the golden gate from right to left. from this vantage point now we are seeing an increase in the onshore flow. it's foggy out there and we'll see more of that near the bay near the coast tonight. big temperature spread livermore currently 83, downtown san francisco a brisk
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54. in between we find oakland at 63. san jose at 67. with this onshore flow there is an additional risk i want to show you video of the beach near pescadero. we have sneaker waves which will be a problem. what is a sneaker wave? well, you get normal wave after normal wave after normal wave, and then a really big strong one that goes in farther than you were expecting, it sneaks in, hence the name. it's dangerous for anyone near the beach so watch out over the next 24 hours for the sneaker waves at any bay area beach. it will be chilly, too. chilly night tonight mid-40s in napa, san rafael. 47 fremont. 52 in oakland. low mountain view tonight 51 degrees. lots of clouds and fog hugging the coastline now pushing inland. that will be the trend for the next several days. rainfall no. big ridge of high pressure will keep the onshore flow going. so we'll have fog each morning for the next several. we'll have sunshine each afternoon for the next several. and that big temperature spread inland you will be warm near the water, you will not be
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warm. high pressure moves off to the east by about let's say thursday or friday. opening the door for something new to move in but all indications are an area of low pressure moving down from the gulf of alaska will not get close enough to us to give us any rainfall. so we'll see an increase in cloud cover but we won't see any rainfall. if we don't get rain from that we'll likely go 0 for october when it comes to rainfall not a drop of rain. so morning fog next couple of days including tomorrow. sunny afternoons except along the coastline and any of that rainfall likely going to stay out offshore to our west. livermore tomorrow another warm one 83. we'll have morning cloud cover in san jose but a nice afternoon 78 for you. san mateo 73. 81 for pittsburg. dublin 80. vallejo tomorrow 75. chilly in the city mid-60s. 75 for san rafael. and warmer you get up north mendocino county ukiah 84 degrees. we'll hold this through the next several days. cooling down a bit starting friday. but no rainfall. we'll be cloudier but not
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wetter. we're staying dry. >> okay, thank you, sir. pedal to the metal or feet to the pavement? i can walk faster than this! i'm mike sugerman and i'll show you how coming up. ,,
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i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years.
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at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. kpix-5's mike sugerman is ie i'm liza battalones and it's another long and miserable commute leaving san francisco. north 101 is crowded beyond 280 on to east 80 getting towards out lower deck of the bay bridge. in fact, san francisco streets are gridlocked again with all those commuters trying to find their way to the lower deck of the bay bridge. leaving san francisco 101 is going to be jam-packed from 380, that's south 101 commute is slow to 92 where we have had delays across the san mateo bridge from about the 101 interchange approaching the high-rise. that's a look at the stressful drive home, guys. >> all right, liza. thank you. kpix 5's mike sugerman is in the middle of the madness on battery street. >> mike, really are you able to
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walk faster than the traffic? >> reporter: we'll find that out. but i got to tell you, this is the city. san francisco, california, it is full to the gills anywhere around any freeway entrance to the bridge, to 101, this is battery street. it doesn't look like this normally. i am 1.3 miles away and they are going nowhere and not fast. i can walk faster than this. it's not even close. but we're going to show you at 6:00 exactly how. we have the kpix 5 mobile weather lab, racing me and i don't even think it's a con test. i mean, my gosh, look at this, i'm walking, walking -- forget it. it's so easy. this line has been here for, i don't know, 45 minutes just to get to the bridge. we hear it's about an hour. i can walk this in half that
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time. that's coming up at 6:00. >> grab coffee, a little dinner and still probably be -- >> my money is on you, mike. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> - >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. our john blackstone is at the scene of that shooting at the middle school. plus, david martin is going to tell us why american warships were given orders allegedly in ex-change for theater tickets and prostitutes. those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,
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after a bloody beginning to ar.. a bay are good evening. i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, after a bloody beginning to the year, a bay area city has seen practically zero murders recently. how police say they curb the violence by going against the grain. plus, why one california college is on a mission to try to get more men to attend. we'll have those stories and the very latest on the ongoing bart talks this hour that could maybe see those trains start running again tomorrow morning. that's coming up in 30 minutes, guys. >> we got our fingers crossed. thank you, ken. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on see you in 30 minutes.
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>> pelley: tonight, a shooting in a middle school. several are shot, a popular teacher ding others. john blackstone is on the scene. we've investigated the obamacare web sites. today the president says what he thinks. >> nobody's madder than me about the fact that the web site isn't working as well as it should. >> pelley: wyatt andrews on what isn't working. a naval officer and an n.c.i.s. agent have been arrested in a prostitution and bribery scandal. david martin reports. and speeding to a freeway near you. they call themselves stunters. what they're doing is illegal, but bill whitaker finds stunting is a growing phenomenon. >> reporter: what would make you stop? >> i believe really nothing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: gd


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