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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 6:00. graduationbreaking news, bart trains are running. this is a live look at the san bruno bart station. it was a late-night deal that was made ending the strike. one person buying a ticket. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live at the lake merritt bart station in oakland and cate, we understand limited service resumed about 15 minutes ago? >> reporter: yes. and finally we get to say it, the strike is over and the trains are rolling. how long have we all been waiting to say that to the bay area commuters? and we did speak with a bart spokesman who said, yes, about 15 minutes ago the trains started rolling. unfortunately, there's going to be about a 30 to 45-minute delay so this will be another setback for commuters this morning but i did sneak with one rider who had a good attitude about it. he said better late than never. >> reporter: we were here when bart officials and its unions came out of these doors last night to give the announcement
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400,000 riders have been waiting for. it's over. >> i am here to announce that we have reached a at any timive agreement with bart -- a at any timive agreement with bart. >> reporter: they wouldn't disclose the details. it's still tentative and has to be approved by bart's board of directors and voted on by the unions. these are the final steps to what felt like a never-ending saga. >> we apologize to our riders for the hardship you have experienced these past few days. we're able to stand up for workers' rights, safety and the riders' safety. >> i will simply say that this offer is more than we wanted to pay but it is also a new path in terms of our partnership with our workers. >> reporter: so riders will say it again. bart trains will be up and running on a limited service this morning. bart still plans to run the charter buses until 8:00 a.m. bart says full service will be restored in time for the evening commute.
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we want to make note that those charter services or buses are also on limited service. we are hearing that's also not enough staffing to run those buses so if you are heading to one of the nine stations this morning that's another thing you can expect. but again, bart trains are up and running. they have been up and running for the past 15 minutes. so hopefully you can get to and from where you need to get to today. live in oakland, we'll be right back. >> a lot of commuters can breed a sigh of relief. any word why the trains were delayed this morning? >> reporter: this morning we get tweets from one of the unions, local 1555 as well as a notification from bart management that there weren't enough people to run the trains. you know that negotiations went until 10 p.m. and the people who run these trace were up in the early- morning hours and they just didn't have enough time tore weren't able to get ahold of these employees in time to get them over here to start running the trains at 4 a.m. but again the good news is they are back up and running but it is going to be on a limited service. >> thank you, cate caugiran. and bart trains may be
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rolling now but it's still only limited service as cate said with 30 to 45-minute delays. ferries are still a good option today. sf bay ferry will continue the schedule through the end of the day, 12 boats instead of the usual 8 running during the strike. orinda city councilman steve glazer started a petition last month to ban public transit strikes in the state. glazer has been collecting the signatures at bart stations. oregon and new york already ban public employees from striking and city law stops san francisco muni workers from striking. glazer will hold a news conference today about his campaign. and let's check in with liza battalones for a check on the morning commute. trains are running. >> trains ar running. there is a 45-minute systemwide delay on bart. we are hearing from some folks that there are still a handful of bart stations that are still closed. bart says they hope to have all the stations open within the next 10 minutes. but the good news is that
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trains are running once again. the bay bridge drive leaving oakland into san francisco, we have had two accidents this morning so it's been a mentioned bag for the morning commute. traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze with the metering lights on. an accident in the clearing stages along highway 24 approaching telegraph. you can see right here the traffic is sluggish now. all the headlights would be the westbound 24 commute. the accident at telegraph just been pushed off to the right- hand shoulder. a lot of fog out there this morning and a very thick fog settling in, very dense in parts of the bay area right now with some visibilities less than a quarter of a mile. outside right now, you can see the fog as we look toward the bay bridge, can't even see it there as we have plenty of cloud outside early on and very thick especially in the north bay valleys. be careful out the door. temperatures now in the 40s and the 50s. a cool start to the day. but we should see mild sunshine by the afternoon at least in some spots away from the coastline. average temperatures usually in
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the 60s and the 70s. we'll be below average in san francisco 63. 75 concord. 83 livermore. that's well above the average. 76 in san jose. back to you. >> thank you. developing right now at 6:00 a police officer killed a man armed with a pipe in union city. officers were reporting to a neighborhood disturbance on saturn way last night. police say the man was on parole for resisting an officer and threatened officers with the pipe. one officer opened fire. the man died at the hospital. ntsb investigators will return back to walnut creek today to reenact the deadly accident that and on the bart tracks over the weekend. two workers were killed on saturday. today investigators hope to learn whether the workers saw the train approaching. investigators say there was a warning that workers were on the tracks and they think the operator heard that warning. >> our preliminary information is gentlemen there was an
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announcement and yes, they were aware that there were people on the tracks. >> bart employee being trained because of the strike was operating the train that hit the two men. the trainee was at the controls but it was in automatic mode. developing news out of nevada where sparks middle school will be closed the rest of the week after a teacher was shot and killed yesterday. police say a 13-year-old student carried a semi- automatic handgun to the school and started shooting before classes began yesterday. he wounded two students and before he took his own life, he killed a math teacher michael landsberry after he tried to stop the student from shooting. >> he pointed to us and then said, you ruined my life. and now i'm going to ruin yours. landsberry was a 45-year-old military veteran. it's too early to say whether the 13-year-old student was targeting specific people.
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president obama is vowing to make changes to streamline the affordable care act website. cbs reporter tara mergener tells us some republicans want to know what went wrong. reporter: >> reporter: house republicans get back to work today and want to know what went wrong with the government's website consumers use to shop for health insurance plans. >> they told us over and over they were going to be ready. >> reporter: congressman fred upton the chairman of the house energy and commerce committee will hold a hearing thursday to look into the glitches. monday he issued a statement saying, it is now time for all those responsible to explain what happened. a new cbs news survey shows 49% of those polled say the signup process is not going well. >> there's no excuse for the problems. >> reporter: president obama is promising fixes. >> we have people working overtime 24/7 to boost capacity and address the problems. >> reporter: among the changes is a new feature called see plans now, which shows the price of health insurance before you open an account.
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the white house says a half million people have applied. but the administration won't say how many of them have been able to enroll. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> republicans have filed a freedom of information act request to find out exactly how many people have been able to enroll. a bay area nonprofit is helping to digitally preserve some of the world's best known monuments, ruins and statues. an oakland-based group has already created digital copies of more than 100 sites and it plans 400 more using 3d scanners, radar and other technology. think that was a place in mexico. >> absolutely. tablet wars heating up today when apple showcases its newest designs in san francisco. mark kelly reports.
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>> reporter: the holiday season must be getting closer because we are starting to see all these latest gadgets come out. just in the next 24 hours, apple and microsoft are both going to unveil their newest tablets. so here's the sneak peek at what these tech giants could be cooking up. it's a tech rivalry that's not cooling down any time soon. microsoft versus apple. and if you believe the rumors, big changes are in the works for both. take apple. there's talk of a faster chip, thinner design, maybe even some rounded corners. a fingerprint scanner called touch id. >> apple hasn't changed the cover for two years. they came out with the ipad 2. we are expecting new colors. they are not going to get same distance that microsoft is adding things like a battery, keyboard or a track pad things that make it more of a laptop. >> reporter: on apple's heels,
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wednesday microsoft is set to unveil its surface 2 with a dedicated stand with optional attaching keyboard and track pad. it has a usb 3.0 slot and mini hdmi, plus a mini sd card slot. >> just pull it out during break and work on my paper you know. at the same time, too, i work so there's excel spreadsheet that i can use so an ipad you kind of don't have those options. >> reporter: still, in the tablet wars, apple is in the lead but the others are quickly gaining speed. >> reporter: so samsung's galaxy tablet and amazon's kindle are also some of those that really exploded on to the tech scene just in the last year and a half. and they have really given apple a run for its tablet money. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you, mark. but apple still sells the most tablets worldwide. >> right. samsung is on its heels at number 2. >> growing fast. 6:10 now. when it comes to grocery shopping, both men and women
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are walk up and down the aisles. the tactics food companies are trying to use to get male shoppers' attention in particular. >> it was a one-of-a-kind proposal in the area for kanye west. >> the fog is thick some visibilities less than a quarter mile. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and if you plan on heading for the bart system, trains are running very limited service but there are 45-minute systemwide delays. also, a new accident in oakland on the nimitz. i'll have details with traffic still ahead. ,,,,,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. san francisco for kanye wesd kim kardashian. kanye well, it was a romantic night complete with an orchestra right here in san francisco for kanye west and kim kardashian. >> kanye popped the big question at at&t park with friends and family looking on. he brought out a 15-carat
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sparkler and asked him to marry him. that sign sure helped him out. i think the ring helped him out. >> 15 carats? that we do it. >> she said yes and kanye rented out at&t park for kim's 33rd birthday. very romantic. >> renting out the park might do it. way to go, kanye. you are trending. also the nevada school shooting and the romacouple after a couple in greece charged with abducting a little girl. the gypsies. authorities are trying to figure out where she is from. cee lo green is accused of giving a woman drugs and apple is expected to showcase a new version of the ipad later this morning. and perhaps some other gadgets. you can follow us at twitter. go to cbssf. >> "wall street journal" says men ashopping for grocery just as much as women now so food companies are now targeting them with some macho packaging including larger portions and darke colors. you can find the packaging on
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products like on yogurt, hamburger helper and iced coffee. i think we need to change our diet. >> i don't know. reality shows are getting the axe in china. they are cracking down on how often broadcasters can show reality dating and talent shows including the chinese versions of shows like "survivor," "american idol" and the voice. the new rules require satellite channels to show a certain amount of news, economics, culture and science programs. 6:16. let's see how those bart trains are rolling now. take it away. >> they are rolling. they are running late. we have limited service now on bart. if you haven't heard the, the bart strike is indeed over. they have established service on all of the bart lines. but again, they are running 45 minutes late this morning. very limited service on bart. they hope to have full service restored by the evening commute. as we talked about the rest of the drive out there, a new accident in oakland northbound 880 at 980.
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this accident blocking three lanes of traffic. it's a big one so expect delays getting through there. we are already seeing backups for the northbound direction of the nimitz. now, caltrain did tell us that even though bart service has been restored, they will continue their enhanced service and they will also pick up passengers at the millbrae bart station as they have been for the last few days. caltrain still offering that extra service. they are reporting no delays. no problems either reported for the altamont commuter express. the bay bridge drive is going to be a slow one. we have had two accidents both of them at the toll plaza and traffic is backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing approaching the pay gates. the golden gate commute southbound traffic on 101 that's going to be fine. highway 24, you can see right here our caltrans cameras picking up some slow traffic. there was an earlier accident in the westbound direction at telegraph. that's just been cleared from lanes. the san mateo bridge has been trouble-free this morning. very foggy though for the golden gate. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. >> that thick fog also causing some delays at sfo of almost an
6:18 am
hour and a half on arriving flights. so a foggy start all around in many spots right now except in the far eastern interior valleys, we're seeing some clear starts for them. but looks like the clouds going to slowly break up throughout the morning hours and by about the middle of the morning and the afternoon should be very nice, sunshine for most, cool to mild outside, it will stay cool out toward the coastline, the fog likely to linger there a bit but still,er a' going to see some very chilly temperatures probably only 50s at the coast. minor changes for now but you can see this ridge of high pressure remaining in place but a couple of areas of low pressure undercutting that ridge eventually one moving through into southern california as we head in toward the latter part of the week likely to brings a few more clouds sand probably a cooler weekend. but right now, looks like plenty of fghts of almost an hour and a half. but by the afternoon we should clear things up. if you are traveling around the country, watch out for some showers into chicago. about 46 degrees. sunny in denver at 68. 75 degrees partly cloudy in houston. and 66 and partly cloudy in new york. i think around the bay today we'll see plenty of sunshine this afternoon.
6:19 am
away from the coast. 76 degrees in san jose. 80 in morgan hill. 75 in sunnyvale. and 71 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures up in the 70s and also the low 80s. inside the bay it will be staying cool plan on highs there in the 60s especially in san francisco. low 60s and breezy. next couple of days no major changes then as we look toward the weekend, we may see a few more clouds, temperatures cooling down slightly but no rain in sight at least for now, guys. >> all right, not bad, lawrence, thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. it is 6:19. thousands showed up for the nike women's marathon sunday but not everyone was happy about it. when disgruntled neighbors called to complain, what happened? they got an unwelcome surprise. the big phone number mix-up that had people calling the wrong kind of hotline. and i'm dennis o'donnell. you might want to marry a san jose shark the way they're rolling right now. could a stanley cup proposal be in the works? we'll tell you coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school right here on our show. ,,
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we go to england for an a little cool to start if you are headed out the door but the big concern this morning is the dense fog. we're seeing some very thick fog along the peninsula and the bay and parts of the north bay right now. when will it clear up? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and we have this accident blocking two lanes of traffic on the nimitz just a terrible commute for oakland. this accident north 880 at 980 and another crash just happened close by at broadway involving a big rig. details on this and more on bart in just a few minutes. good morning, everybody. the sharks were scoring nearly five goals a game heading into motown last night but the red wings found a way to slow down the express. 24 saves for niemi, 24 for -- 27 for red wings goalie jimmy howard.
6:24 am
detroit's best scoring chance came late in the third. smith hit the post. the game was scoreless. a shootout. niemi pitches his third career shutout against detroit in the shootout couture findly finding the back of the net. they needed to answer to keep the game alive. niemi blocks the fake, saves the game. sharks win. 8-0-1. the 49ers touched down in london at 5 a.m. taking part in a community event with a soccer team. they play jacksonville on sunday. quarterback josh freeman making his vikings debut after being traded from tampa. giants looking for the first wick. -- first win of the year. manning to ruben, 24-yard touchdown and they win. the giants win a football game, 23-7. two weeks after losing. alcs, 68-year-old jim leyland is retiring after 22 seasons as as a big league manager the
6:25 am
last eight in detroit. jim leyland great job all these years, gone as manager of the detroit tigers. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day to england for an incredible soccer goal. the long pass, gives it a little chest bump and kicks it right into the goal. look at that baby. on a laser! the goal is our play of the day. people who live near union square in san franci a double surpris unday ing. first ther the nike thon with a start time o well, people who live near union square in san francisco got a double surprise on sunday morning. first there was a nike marathon with a start time of 6:30. and amplified music and announcements that began an hour earlier. then people who called the city's 311 line to complain got directed to a phone sex line instead of a nike hotline.
6:26 am
wrong number. oh, well. 6:25. we could see another set of workers walk off the job unless the governor steps in. the next step in the possible ac transit strike. >> reporter: and the strike is over, and bart trains are running but bart says expect some delays. we'll have details after the break. ,,,, i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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schools are closing.. resid >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald a hell of a lot of country apparently on fire. >> schools are closing, residents warned to get out, firefighters in australia have their work cut out for them right now. why the flames will get worse owners are not happy r. with one park's push to keep their pooches from roaming free but that may be about to change. the san francisco politician taking a stand for the dogs. >> thick fog over the bay area. major delays at sfo. we'll tell you all about it
6:30 am
coming up. >> and bart trains are rolling this morning, but they are experiencing up to 45-minute delays systemwide. i'll have another update on bart and a complete look at your drive into work in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 22. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we are following this breaking news this morning. trains are running after bart scrambled to get things going this morning but riders aren't gorping at the chance to get on -- aren't jumping at the chance to get on bart a pretty much empty san bruno bart station. here's cate caugiran live at the lake merritt station in oakland. bart might be back toby, but stations are looking like ghost towns right now. >> that's right. it appears the word is getting out slowly. we saw a big rush of commuters here at 4 a.m. when bart trains were originally supposed to roll out. so maybe some commuters have found alternate ways of getting to work this morning planning ahead.
6:31 am
we know there are about 45- minute delays on these bart trains. hopefully tomorrow will be business as usual because in fact the bart strike is over. now, bart and its two unions did come to a tentative agreement last night. it still has to be approved by bart's board of directors and the unions have to vote on it. neither the ounces nor bart manage -- neither the unions nor bart management gave us the details of the bargain. apparently lieutenant governor newsom who sat in on the discussions last night wasn't happy about how far the disagreements went. >> this is the last time this has to happen. everyone is fed up and no one wants to see this happen again. the people in the region don't deserve it and the folks behind me on both sides don't deserve this and if there are any lessons to be learned, that is we have to work together. >> reporter: bart is still running that charter bus service at nine different stations. those will go on until 8 a.m. but we're hearing that those
6:32 am
two are running on limited service. bart hopes to have full service restored in time for the evening commute. we know that the reason that these trains were setback a couple of hours is because the two sides didn't come to an agreement until 10:00 last night. so that really wasn't enough time to get these train operators notified. they are the ones who go to bed early because they come here early so they did make their best effort to get the word out but again, there are running bart on limited service this morning. cate caugiran, kpix 5. so it's a slow commute. here's liza with more on how things are going out there. take it away. >> it's been a busy commute for 880 rolling through oakland. we have had two major accidents both of them blocking multiple lanes. so this would be a good morning to take 580 instead of 880. again, an accident northbound 880 at 980 blocking two lanes and just beyond that at broadway, another accident blocking three lanes of the freeway. a combination of both of these things has traffic very slow heading through there. you can see some of the backups
6:33 am
towards the top half of your screen. northbound 880 right now backed up beyond fruitvale approaching the accident. if you plan to make the rest of the commute we have been talking about bart. yes, the strike is over. but we are looking at 45-minute systemwide delays and very limited service. they are only operating 25 trains at this hour versus the usual 45. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence. >> a lot of fog outside now. we are looking at delays at sfo on arriving flights of almost an hour and a half. outside thick clouds especially in the north bay valleys. we have a dense fog advisory and patchy dense fog around the bay area even drizzle at the coastline. temperatures starting out chilly this morning in the 40s and a couple of 50s. by the afternoon, though, looks like some mild sunshine into the south bay 70s, as high as 80 degrees in morgan hill. 76 in san jose. east bay temperatures running up into the 70s and even a few 80s but as you approach the coastline, a little more of a sea breeze a cool 63 in san
6:34 am
francisco. 69 degrees in oakland. but only 50s and patchy fog toward the coast. that's the latest. back to you. thank you, lawrence. new this morning, the labor department says u.s. employers added 148,000 jobs in the month of september. that means the economy added an average of 143,000 jobs a month during the summer compared to 182,000 in the spring. in a separate survey the unemployment rate fell a tenth of a point in september to 7.2%. that is a five-year low. in other headlines around the bay, we could find out tomorrow if the governor will order a 60-day cooling-off period to delay an ac transit strike. union workers have rejected the last two contract offers over wage an benefit issues. they took their case to a state panel yesterday. the panel will report to the governor. a 3.8-mile natural gas pipeline in san carlos will soon re-open after reduced pressure. line 147 was shut down october 7 after internal pg&e emails
6:35 am
raised concerns about its safety. now a puc judge says pg&e can reconnect it. hearings are scheduled for next month on whether the line will be allowed to operate at maximum pressure. 6:35 now. a mystery child found in a gypsy camp in greece has prompted appear emergency nationwide investigation to find out who little maria actually is. police in greece found this five or six-year-old girl known as maria last week during a drug raid. they believe she may have been kidnapped by the people who claim to be her adoptive parents. possibly to claim government benefits, or to beg for money on the streets. >> have a good commodity like this one trying to find better price because they will use the girl to beg in the streets. >> dna testing shows she is not biologically related to the couple who claims to be her parents. they are now being charged with child abduction. a top greek prosecutor ordered the emergency investigation
6:36 am
into birth certificates issued in the past six years. a san francisco supervisor is challenging the national park service plans to limit access for dogs at popular hangouts. scott weiner introduced a resolution opposing the plan by the golden gate national recreation area. dog owners claim the proposed limits at crissy field fort funston and ocean beach would lead to overcrowding at parks. >> the national park service is trying to treat an urban recreation area as some sort of pristine backwoods national park. and it is not. to try to treat this as if it were yosemite or the high sierras to me makes no sense. >> san francisco has a large dog population and in fact there are more dogs than children. going on right now in australia, firefighters are pouring in from across the country to relieve exhausted volunteers. hundreds are trying to protect
6:37 am
multiple communities in new south wales. the volunteers have been working 12-hour shifts with little sleep for more than 5 days. and a fire perimeter of nearly 1,000 miles is still burning. >> there's a hell of a lot of country currently on fire and there's a whole lot more that will be burnt out before we see a position where we can say we have these fires contained. >> making matters more difficult the forecast calls for hotter and drier conditions with wind gusts to more than 60 miles an hour. schools are being closed and residents are being warned to get out before it's too late. time now is 6:37. you may want to buy a lottery ticket. the changes to the mega millions to help you get lucky. i'm mark kelly live in san francisco. apple is set to unveil its new ipad later this morning. but a second tech giant isn't far behind. find out who next. >> and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. take a quick check of the early numbers on this tuesday.
6:38 am
looks like a good day so far. everything is up. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks will talk about those numbers and much more right after the break. ,,
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it easier to win. "mega millions" has been overshadowed in recent mont. by those big p mega millions is and going a big makeover to make it easier to win. mega millions has been overshadowed in recent months by the big powerball jackpots. so changes were made all in an effort to increase mega millions jackpots and improve player chances of winning some of the smaller prizes. number of white ball choices increased to 75 while the number of mega ball choices has decreased down to 15. all the changes begin tonight. the government shutdown delayed the september employment report until this morning. >> yeah. it's out now and we have
6:42 am
details from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. certainly nothing to get excited about now that we finally have the september jobs report. the labor department reporting a gain of only 148,000 jobs. that was well below expectations. they revised past couple of months got an extra 9,000 out of that. unemployment rate you see at 7.2%, that was actually down from august at 7.3% but more of a reflection of more people giving up looking for work this all happening before the government shutdown so october certainly is going to be impacted by that. there's been a lack of confidence in business owners because of all the uncertainty in washington. that could impact job growth for the rest of the year. certainly over the past few months job growth has been weakening compared to what we saw over the prior year. lots of earnings news coming in for wall street today including netflix which came down after the close yesterday. and netflix continues to be a big star easily topping expectations. its profit came in at $1.1
6:43 am
billion. it added about 1.3 million new u.s. subscribers in the 3rd quarter. that doubled what it did in the prior quarter. it now has more subscribers than rival hbo and netflix stock is on a tear. apple today unveiling its newest ipads at the yerba buena center in san francisco at 10 a.m. and most expectations looking for an ipad mini with a high res retina display. dow up 38. nasdaq up 20. s&p higher by 6 points. netflix shares are up by 7%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. trains are rolling but the commute is still a bit of a mess, isn't it? >> it's a headache out there. it's pretty brutal to be honest. if you are heading for the bart system, 45-minute systemwide delays only offering half of the usual bart trains this morning. normally they run about 45 trains at this hour. they are offering 25 trains all other local transits in good shape. i want to talk about the bay
6:44 am
bridge commute. we have had a couple of accidents. traffic is backed up into the macarthur maze with the metering lights on. if you plan on making the 880 commute that's going to be a huge headache. we have had a couple of accidents. they are both still out there blocking multiple lanes. the accident northbound 880 at 980 still blocking three lanes of traffic. you can see traffic extremely slow for 880. take 580 instead and save yourself some time this morning. the golden gate commute is foggy out there but traffic is still moving south 101 looking good. no delays this morning for 580 heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge. so that would actually be a very good alternate to waiting in the backups over at the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge looking good. so far no accidents, no major delays at the pay gates. it is beginning to get sluggish now in that westbound direction across the bridge. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> wow, that fog is thick in some parts of the bay area this morning. we have delays at sfo of almost an hour and a half on arriving flights so if you are heading
6:45 am
out the door be very careful. some of the visibilities less than a quarter mile. looks like fog lifts throughout the middle of the morning and into the afternoon should see sunshine for most. it will be cool out toward the coastline but mild inside the bay and warm sunshine in the valleys and just some minor changes over the next few days. high pressure remains in place. there are a couple of lows that continue to undercut the ridge and eventually toward the weekend i think they will start to weaken that ridge enough that we'll likely see a few clouds and maybe cooler temperatures. but for now a lot of sunshine and some comfortable weather in toward the afternoon away from the beaches. temperatures will be the 80s into the central valley as high as 69 and sunny in lake tahoe and partly cloudy into monterey bay at 66. around our bay today it will be cool right out toward the coastline. highs there only in the 50s with some patchy fog. you will see some 60s and sites inside the bay and 80s in the valleys. next couple of days, looks like just some minor changes in the weather pattern. maybe a few more clouds a little cooler heading into the weekend. right now no rain in sight.
6:46 am
all right. let's check out your schoolcast for today. this one for our lady star of the sea school in san francisco in the richmond district. morning bell is going to be cool and foggy to start about 48 degrees. 61 at lunch recess and staying cool in the afternoon, only about 62 degrees. if you would like us to do a forecast for your school, go to and nominate your school. all right. yeah, we are looking at some changes coming our way, guys, but just some minor fluctuations in the weather and looks like just some foggy conditions all around the bay area. how about that? >> that sounds good, lawrence. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> right? fog? i don't know. >> great stuff. >> we have no choice. >> yes. thank you. 6:46 now. happening today, here in san francisco apple is expected to unveil its new tablet later this morning and kpix 5 reporter mark kelly is in san francisco. mark, apple i guess the first to strike in the new tablet war. >> reporter: it absolutely is,
6:47 am
frank. and tomorrow microsoft is expected to unveil its tablet. let's see what we can expect. let's start with apple. there's talk of a faster chip with thinner design maybe even some rounded corners. and a fingerprint scanner called touch id. we have no idea what the cost of this new i pad could be. then with microsoft we have what's called the surface 2. we could be looking at a permanent stand for the tablet with an optional keyboard to attach as well as a usb 3.0 slot, mini hdmi and mini sd card slot all that for just $450. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you. so what's up apple's sleeve for today's big event? joins us with what we can expect. -- cnet editor-at-large brian cooley joins us with what we can expect. >> everybody is looking for something revolutionary and stunning. some things will be relatively revolutionary. so the new big ipad the full size ipad would become more
6:48 am
like the mini in terms of design. it would be thinner and have a different edge design. maybe it gets a fingerprint scanner like the iphone 5s did as it came out just, what, four weeks ago. so apple is coming on fast here with another announcement after they did the phones. so this is an expected reason to get better and faster, all er, type stuff, no big break. the ipad mini should be revised. it will get the retina display. it's apple's best display as good or better than your eyes can perceive. so that would be incremental. the apple logo you see it everywhere and sometimes even running windows on it. we'll look at incremental things here. what i want to see is something we didn't expect that's going to change the way we use these devices. not just the hardware devices.
6:49 am
that could be the wild card lingering here. the fingerprint scanner is cool but we haven't seen something break out that's used widely yet. it's still green and used basically by apple. the app developers who make all those apps we love are not allowed to access that fingerprint scanner yet so they haven't been able to really blow it up into new ways of living with our device. >> what about the watch? we heard all about the apple watch. >> i would love to say the watches are possible that television is a possible but so far the odds in the rumor mill is those are not coming today. apple has promised a flurry of announcements through early 2014. that's why these are coming fast now. but this one i have a feeling is going to be evolutionary in the tablet and laptop space. may not be a breakthrough day. >> is there a strategy to announce this before the holidays? >> of course! i wonder, huh? >> maybe a little. >> yeah. >> reporter: i noticed we have a lot of other announcements today. microsoft has their new generation 2 of their tablets and nokia announced something called the lumia 2520 a new competitor to the ipad running
6:50 am
windows instead of apple allies ios so there's still the battle here of which flavor am i going to run, android, apple or windows? windows is the dark horse. apple and android are in a tough battle depending how you measure it. >> kind of hohum this a little bit? >> a little bit. i want to be surprised. but the tech market is so even and good right now, it's getting much harder to do a breakthrough product. >> apple, listen, brian wants to be surprised. >> don' we all? >> find more of brian cooley's tech watch segments on thank you. and time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." and we do that with norah o'donnell. she joins us live in new york with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, frank and michelle. ahead, we are going to talk to republican senator marco rubio on his new plan to delay the signature piece of the president's healthcare law, the individual mandate. plus, we are going to talk it a scientist this morning who is behind a promising new hair growth study and ask if this is
6:51 am
the baldness breakthrough we have been waiting for. and dog man's best friend. we are going to take you inside a lab where for the first time one scientist is using mris to test the emotions behind those puppy dog eyes. we'll share with you what we learned. the news is back in the morning. so we'll see you at 7:00 >> thank you. 6:51 now. two men stripped of their boy scout leadership duties. why they claim pushing over an ancient rock in a state park was the right thing to do. >> and coming up on kpix 5, hundreds of thousands of commuters can breathe a sigh of relief the bart strike is over. trains are rolling. but there are some delays. we'll tell you what to expect on your tuesday morning commute. ,, the great american novel.
6:52 am
so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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6:55 am
are dead after a shooting aa nevada middle school. police say the 13-year old brought parents' semi- a five things to know at the :55. a gunman and teach remember dead after a shooting at a nevada middle school. police say the 13-year-old brought his parents' semi- automatic handgun to school on monday morning. the teacher 45-year-old michael landsberry approached the boy tried to get him to lower the weapon. landsberry was shot and killed in the chest. two other students were hurt before the gunman finally shot himself. president obama says problems with the website for the new healthcare law will be fixed and everyone who wants to get health insurance will be able to enroll. the white house says more than 19 million people have visited the website so far. many have experienced problems and delays.
6:56 am
republicans say the website fixes won't cure the problems with the affordable care act. hurricane raymond is almost stationary off the coast of mexico. the storm a category 3 hurricane is about 100 miles away from mexico in the pacific. although the storm is not expected to make landfall, there are concern the rain bands could trigger mud slide and flooding. two boy scout leaders who pushed over a rock have been stripped of their positions have been stripped of their positions. they said it was leaning and they were afraid it would fall on someone. it was there for hundreds of years and never moved. in a few years apple will unveil new ipads. they expect to showcase a new ipad mini with crisper retina display. supplies are expected to be limited because of production issues. and bart is slowing coming alive this morning. the strike is over. a deal has been struck. trains are running on limited
6:57 am
service right now. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at the lake merritt station and cate, it took bart a while to get trains moving. >> michelle, it's because bart and its unions couldn't get enough employees to staff or operate the trains so it set things back almost 2 hours but nonetheless trains are running so finally no more setting the hours ahead. riders can count on a ride to and from work now. we got the announcement last night. the strike is over. no one disclosed details. it's tentative and has to be approved by bart's board of directors and unions have to vote on it. trains are running on limited service. bart is still running charter buses for the next hour and they hope to have full service on bart restored in time for
6:58 am
the evening commute. but right now, riders should expect a delay of about 45 minutes. so it will take some time getting to where you need to go but hopefully this will be the last of your frustration that is until next contract negotiations. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. and bart trains are running but expect 30 to 45-minute systemwide delays on bart. they do hope to have full service in time for the evening commute. all other local transit is trouble-free. word of an accident involving a downed motorcycle on the bay bridge and the chp has issued an advisory. steer clear of the bay bridge for now. traffic is delayed from the foot of the maze. 880 is also just crawling at the nimitz, two big accidents. northbound 880 slow. you can see the delays there. it's currently backed up beyond broadway approaching the 980 interchange so certainly a busy commute but the good news is that bart trains once again are running. lawrence? >> a lot of fog out there,
6:59 am
too, this morning. and a thick fog. we are seeing delays at sfo of almost an hour and a half on arriving flights. this fog advisory continuing into the north bay can barely see the bay bridge in the distance. temperatures a cool start to the day, as well. a lot of 40s and a couple of 50s outside. by the afternoon, it's going to stay chilly out toward the coastline. patchy fog and highs there only in the 50s but you get to the valleys you will see some sunshine and some 80s. and some 60s and 70s around the bay. no major changes over the next couple day, maybe a little cooler toward the weekend. >> you said to start bringing a jacket? i did today. >> good. it's a little cool. >> it is. >> heater on in the car, too. >> yeah. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember, your next local update is 7:26. >> the bart stations are open. the trains are running. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers
7:00 am
in the west. it is tuesday, october 22nd, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." he survived kwar in afghanistan, but he gave his life at a nevada middle school. a teacher's heroic actions when a student opened . president obama says no one is madder than him about the health care headaches. florida senator marco rubio tells us why he wants to delay a key part of the obama care law. and closer to a cure for baldness? the scientists behind a potential breakthrough is here in studio 57. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i saw people running.


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