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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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wait until you see the jaw-dropping damage next on kpix 5 news.
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joe vazquez shows us the lievable damage at this is kpix 5 news. hard at work while bart was on strike. >> joe shows us the unbelievable damage at one station. joe. >> liz, the trains are back to normal here at the glenn park bart station, and when you go inside here, everything looks fine, until you go down below and see a shocking site. the glenn park bart station looks like a child's art project except at this nonsensical scribbling was likely done by older kids, taggers who made a huge mess. >> i can't believe how busy they were. >> there is graffiti on every waushlgs every column beside the track above the tracks even above the third rail, a deadly high voltage part of the track that could kill you if you touch it, and officials say that could have happened because the
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electricity was on all weekend when the taggers likely entered the station through the tracks, took out their panth cans and brushes and did their damage. >> this station was always -- it's very well put together. today, looks like new york. >> much of this graffiti is actually up pretty high, as you can see, so officials are thinking the taggers might have brought their own stepladder. given the volume, they're also thinking this could have taken more than a day to accomplish. >> it's a shame. >> there are surveillance cameras, but probably won't do any good since they're set up to be monitored by personnel wh happened to be out on strike this weekend. glenn park is one of nine vandalism cases during the strike. in san francisco, joe vazquez kpix 5 >> bart trains are running mootly tonight finally. morning commute was pretty rough
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for a lot of people. well, let's ask christin ayers. the strike is over, so who got what? who won this thing? >> the details are just coming out and showing bart workers were the ones who really scored big. as far as pay, workers whether get with a 15.1% raise over four years, about 3-and-a-half percent more than bart was offering before the strike. employees will have to start contributing 4% to their pensions, but bart has agree today reimburse a portion of whatever they put in, and workers medical premium will go up $92 flat to 130 no matter how many people are on the plan so still quite a bargain there. what did bart get out of this? they won victories on work rules. they also got to kill an important rule that allowed workers to pull in large amounts of overtime. bart workers whether get safety
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updates. unions are expected to vote on this contract, ken, by next week. >> it seems like the workers, they wanted more money. all right. who doesn't. they had to give up some of those work rules to get it. did they -- you alluded to it. did they to management in this? >> i think they testify nitly did. the union got the most out of the entire deal. in the end, bart gave up a lot. they gave a big raise and huge healthcare deal. >> all right. good for oo few more years. christin ayers in the news room. thank you. one east bay politician has his way, we won't see a bart strike ever again. councilman steve glazer launched an online petition. he wants to put a measure on the state ballot to let voters decide whether transit strike should be outlawed. he says he already has the support of several east bay mayors. >> the commuters not being heard
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by our elected leaders. >> holding a super majority in the legislature. we should note he is running for the assembly. and over at ac transit, the govrper says he will seek a 60-day cooling-off period. ac transit workers were set to go on strike last thursday before the governor stepped in. the feds say two men killed by a bart train while work on the tracks this weekend were following proper procedures. ntsb nefrths have finished investigating the train involved. they need to calculate the speed. so far it doesn't appear there was anything wrong with the train. >> the inspection of the equipment also verified that the lights, horn and brakes were operable without any defects noted. >> now shths the train was being operated by a manager who was training during the strike. it could take six months to a year for the ntsb to finish its final investigation. a horrific crash in lodi
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tonight and tony lopez says police blame distracted driving. >> we're going on four-and-a-half hours after this crash and still police and fire are on scene. let me show you right now. they are covering up the victims right now as they take care of the investigation. here's whey can tell you, five fatalities including a young boy thrown from the vehicle, a pregnant woman and her unborn child, several others injured. according to witness this all began about 5:20 this afternoon when a man was driving reportedly on his cell phone in his suv going 80 to a hundred miles an hour down a residential street. tony lopez, back to you. >> tony, thank you. the san francisco city gardener accused of running over a woman in holli park was charged today with vehicular manslaughter and hit and run.
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58-year-old will be arraigned tomorrow. for the third time in less than 24 hours bay area law enforcement agency has shot a suspect. sonoma county sheriff's deputies killed a man this afternoon who appeared to be carrying a rifle and handgun. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. near morland and west robles avenue in santa rosa. the rifle was a replica and handgun was plastic. bay area crime victims are now taking matters into their own hands. as kiet do reports, police are finding them to be great partners. >> it was a huge red flag on craigs list, nearly $10,000 bike selling for cheap in san jose. interested? send a text. >> when you see a bike like that for the price that it was, you know that something is really really fishy for sure. >> the bay area bike community jumped into cyber action. a search on stolen bike
11:08 pm found a likely victim in san jose. san jose police set up a bye back sting at this gas station. >> offices saw what looked like a weapon getting tossed away so they moved in, arrested the suspects, and inside the trunk they found the thousand-dollar pair of jaevens and a gun that was stolen. carlos and rochelle are charged with possession of stolen property. they were glad to get help. >> a lot of it was if she had valuable information she was able to go ahead and impart. so in a sense she actually did some of the work for us. >> last week in santa cruz, a teacher found her own stolen car. in morganville, found this using fwoog l satellite pics. >> i might be an expert at facebook, but you might be an expert at twitter and the kops are exerts on the tools they have, but collectively, we are
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working together as one. >> call it crowd source crime fighting. in san jose kiet do. >> police say if you want to be your own sleuth, don't ever confront the suspects, just be a good wrngs collect as much info as possible. the white house is bringing in a fixer for the obama care web site. he was head for the budget office but is known for leading three businessmanagement businesses. the head of the department of health and human services says they've also turned to tech companies for help. >> we have hoped that they have their a team on the table, but i am talking to ceos and urging them to make sure that we have the talent that they have available. >> the web site designed by canadian company debuted october 1st. kathleen says delaying it was not an option. apple unveiled its latest toys today in san francisco. the high lights, the ipad air.
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this new gadget is thinner, lighter, 72 times faster than the original ie pad. we asked an expert at cnet what he thought about it. >> it's not a game changer by any means. it's still very much the same ie pad we saw before. >> the ipad air hits stored on november 1st. it's set you back about $499. facebook just did a 180. videos that show beheadings are banned wince again. facebook decided to start allowing users to post the clips, but a public outcry led to the company to reverse course, and it is now pulling the videos. facebook also says it is working on developing a warning system for graphic material. the chilling remark right before a 12-year-old shot his classmate and why his parents could be charged. just one bug bite can kill. the potentially deadly mosquito
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spreading like crazy across california. the bay area master mind behind the secret proposal everyone is talking about. over the past 119 days, it has rained in the bay area three times. that's it. three times. find out if we get any rain fall over the next seven days coming up.
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of where he got the gun. te ga parents of that 12-year-old boy who opened fire at his middle school could face charges because of where he got the gun. theresa garcia has more on that and the shooter's theer eerie last words. >> chaos and fear can be heard on emergency calls made during monday's shooting. >> a stuntd from middle school. can you please send police out here? there's a kid with a gun. >> officers were on the scene in three minutes. >> we're inside the cafeteria where the students have been headed so they're safe here. we're looking for the shooter now. >> about 700 students were starting the school day when a 12-year-old classmate opened fire. teachers scrambled to get students inside. >> i have a gun pointed at him so we're locked down. >> okay. so you're locked down? >> police say as many as 30 children witnessed the violence. >> i got a kid down that's been
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shot. >> copy. teacher down. >> teacher down. >> the boy shot and injured two fellow students and killed a popular 8th grade math teacher and then fatally shot himself in the head. >> we've got a guy with a gun. he's down from a head shot wound. could be our shooter. >> before turning the gun on himself, the sheert made a chilling remark to his classmates. >> he painted to us and then said, "you ruaned my life, and i'm going to ruin yours." >> police say the sheert's importants are cooperating, but they could still face charges. the mystery deepens. authorities in ireland found another blonde haired blue-eyed girl living with gypsies. meanwhile, the search for maria's buy logical parents goes on. tips have been coming in from
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all over the world. there's even a couple from kansas city who believes maria may be their daughter. authorities say about ten cases of missing children are being taken very seriously in connection to maria. something is fishy in santa cruz, and it stinks. lyn ramirez shows us what's in the harbor. >> tens of thousands of an choe vees have mistierously died, their slender bodies floating to the surface. for the past three days this cycle of life has been playing out in front of tourists and spectators. >> i've never seen so many bad together at one time. >> and fouling the air for the lunchtime crowd. >> seeing is only half of the adventure because smell sg part of it as well. >> i guess the theory is the whales chase them in. >> they may have veered into the harbor to escape the predator, but once here literally swam into a dead end. >> there's such a mass of them that they get oxygen depleted,
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and they can't breathe, and therefore there's a die off. >> cleanup crews have been skimming the water filling up buckets and barrels with fish car kuss. harbor officials have been pumping the water. although this is an unusual occurrence, it is not unheard of here in santa cruz. in fact, the last time this happened was a couple decades ago, 1980 and 1984. it is estimated there could be up to two tons of dead rotting fish out there. first, the bay area, now potentially killer mosquito has made its way to the central valley. the white-spotted mosquitos are turning up by the hundreds in fresno county. they like to feed on humans. they can carry deadly diseases like yellow fever with just one bite. >> it's scary. it's nerve racking. i think -- you know, not going to have any peace of mind being outdoors. >> mosquitos have all been found on the peninsula, but none
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tested positive for deadly diseases. this is unbelievable. look at this. it's smog. that is not fog. it's smog. it's so bad, skools, highways, airports and one of china's largest cities had to be shut down. people on the street couldn't see the tops of the buildings. pollution is in the city of harbin. it is more than 30 times the level considered safe. in some areas, visibility is less than a hundred feoffment >> unbelievable. >> yeah. don't complain next time you have to get your car smogged. >> exactly, right. you don't want that. it was their first cold morning. people thought it was a blizzard outside. it wasn't snowing. it was smog. >> dirt. >> pretty nasty stuff. we have fog around here. big difference when it comes to air quality. you will start off foggy because it's already foggy outside right now. looking outside hsuan fran weave had low cloud cover and fog pretty much all evening long. that will just continue to spread as we roll through the
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night and into tomorrow morning a foggy start throughout the bay area. let's talk temperatures for you and what you'll have when the kids head off to school tomorrow. another chilly one, fremont down to 46. natural pa, santa rosa not only will it be chilly for you but you're under a dense fog advisory. all of our north bay valleys including napa and sonoma, marin, as well. visibility will be rough during the morning commute. might want to think about getting up 5 or 10 minutes early. sunshine will come out in the afternoon. dense fog advisory until 11:00 tomorrow morning. morning fog, afternoon sunshine for you in tiburon. our microclimate stop for tomorrow and thursday. more morning fog, more afternoon sunshine. no rain fall. thursdays high 64 degrees. now, if you're star trek fan, you know exactly what a deflector shield is. stops everything from hitting the usf enterprise. it is also acting like a deflector shield. we get storms coming down from the north. not right now. we can get storms coming in from
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the pacific. not right now. nothing can beat this shield and give us any rain fall as long as that ridge sits right over the top of us. even when it slides off to the east a little bit and gives us opportunity storm system that gets close enough won't give us any rain fall. really it's going to be about 10 to 14 days, likely until after halloween we will not see a drop of rain. fog tomorrow, yes. another big temperature gap, 50s up the coast but 80s inland. see a little bit more cloud cover toward the weekend but no rain fall. highs tomorrow, san jose 76. morning fog for you afternoon sunshine. redwood city 75. fremont 73. highs inland 80s again. minimal if any fog. mid 60s with lots of fog in the city. novato 78. mill valley 74. the warmest spot, 86 degrees. more of the same. morning fog, pleasant afternoons with sunshine and temperatures running a few degrees above average. i really don't see a change at
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least the next seven days. i think we're going to fall back on the clock before we see any rainfalling from the sky. >> fingers crossed it's coming. >> we are dry. >> all right. thanks, paul. well, people calling to complain about this weekend's nike marathon got a whole lot more than they bargained for. >> the marathon festivities started at 5:30 sunday morning in san francisco bright and early, but people calling the city to complain about the noise were given a wrong number. instead of an nike complaint line, they got a phone sex line. one had a 1-800 prefix. the other was a 66. city officials were alerted to the problem, and it appears to have been fixed. kanye west knocked his secret proposal right out of the park, but it wouldn't have happened without a certain someone in san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, we're expect ago few snickers, but for better or for worse, it's the hollywood proposal efrp is talking about.
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>> juliette goodrich with the ostentatious, over-to-top details of the kimye engagement at at&t talk last night. >> the proposal was all the talk at the concert in san jose tonight. >> now, we're like wonder if she's going to be here or not. that was one of our top discussions on the drive here. >> before proposing, kanye told kim to close her eyes. a car drove them on to the field. there was a sound of home run with applause, and then when she opened her eyes, there was a 50-piece orchestra playing. >> yeah. i mean, if you're gonna do it, you have to go big. >> the entire event put together by san francisco event planner in less than 12 hours. most of the event staff thought it was a surprise 33rd birthday for kim, but then kanye got down on his knee and with a "please marry me" sign on the jum botron, the secret was out. tonight much of the talk was about the ring.
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>> her big ring. >> i mean, it's a topic now. >> you gonna top that, you think? >> hopefully. >> he's upping the standards for the rest of the guys. now, all the girls are going to be like why can't you propose like kanye. >> now, a lot of people were wondering if kim was at the concert, and she was. in fact, juliette saw kim and her mom driving to san jose so there you go. >> do you think they had to pay $11 since it was at at&t park? >> probably not. >> by the way, i don't know if anyone saw, kim was tweeting today congratulating giants management for resigning tim lincecum. absolutely. he's part and parcel the giants. love tim. but in today's world of what have you done for me lately, the giants did throw a curve ball today saying, "we like what you did for us for your entire career." the contract that may surprise you next. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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popular pitcher in team history..but eshg is right with the world right now, you know. >> think so? >> yeah. >> kim and kanye are enganled. >> timmy got signed for another two years. >> yeah. >> i'm feeling good about that.
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are you? you okay with that? >> aeshgs. i thought it was a really classy move today. tim lincecum has been a giant since they drafted him in 2006. the most popular picture in team his tour, but he was a free ajent until today when the team resigned him for two years, 35 million. >> definitely good. you know, i mean, i always had a great time here. i just hope to see that go further. >> and it will. that's a lot of money nor a cy young winner who struggled last couple of years going 20 and 29 with e.r.a. of just under five. go ahead, ken, you wanted to say something else. >> double cy young winner. >> sorry about that. he's no longer the ace of the stat. i think the giants is paying them for what he's done for seven years in san francisco, not just the last two, and you got to like that. you got to like that by the giants. world series will begin tomorrow night at fenway park as boston hosts st. louis. question is will the cardinals fear the beards? >> if they're intimidated by the beards, we're in trouble.
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>> no kidding. for the cardinals, it will be their fourth trip to the fall klassic in ten years. the giants kept them out. despite all his success in october, first world series appearance for 16-year vet carlos beltran. lucky for him, dreams don't always come true. >> i had a dream the day before that we lost and didn't get to the world series, and we weren't the team to get him there and he ended up signing with the yankees the next year, and the yankees took him to the world series. i remember -- the gist of the dream was that he was sitting on a podium like this saying, "i'm so happy to be a yankee and in the world series," and i was like, "oh my gosh." it was a nightmare. and there's our local ties. daniel, and daniel, they both went to mountain view st. francis high school. played college ball and johnny gomes, the pride of petaluma all playing in the world series. guess who got the big one tonight. here's the top five. >> good night.
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that is a huge fish. >> do you know who that is, ken? >> looks like weeks. >> yeah. >> it's an eight pounder. no. 4, minnesota nationals held on for a 1-0 win thanks to the last-second save with 40 seconds left. no. 3, delivered a huge open-ice hit on brandon. hockey players don't like those hits, and a brawl breaks out. blue jauk ets beat the devils. no. 2, panthers and hawks. you don't have to try hard to find a sweert shootout than that. patrick sharp with the break away. and at no. 1, this is one of the great high school pechs performances ever. we had to speed it up because josh had three kick returns of 95 yards, 90 and 56 yards all for touch douvens, and just for good measure, josh also scored on a fumble recovery. you know what, they all came in the first half. >> wow! >> didn't even play in the
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second half. >> pretty good stuff. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. ,,
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