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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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how this all breaks down today. the fog is going to eventually lift but yeah the dense fog advisory up until 11:00 in the morning in the north bay valleys so be very careful traveling not only there, all around the bay area seeing thick fog this morning. by the afternoon a mix of sun and fog at the coastline, temperatures at the beaches below average, but well above the average as high as 84 in livermore, cool 62 degrees in san francisco. let's check your "kcbs traffic" now with liza battalones. >> hi there, everybody. good morning to you. if you are heading for the bay bridge, there are delays now on the upper deck of the bay bridge because of a box truck which stalled out. it's blocking the left lane. this is westbound 80 just beyond treasure island. you can see right here, the toll plaza is free and clear. and the fog of course a major issue for many commutes this morning. if you are heading for the 580/680 commute, visibility is great and so far lots of room for that westbound 580 drive approaching 680. certainly foggy over at the golden gate where traffic speeds are fine. no major problems to report heading into san francisco.
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our first bart trains are out of the yard on time. no delays reported for caltrain, ferries or ace. that's "kcbs traffic." some developing news over the east bay where an accident investigation will stop bart trains for part of the afternoon later today. the ntsb will close the tracks where the two workers were killed. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in walnut creek where the timing of today's closure is critical. anne. reporter: i'm here at the memorial for those two workers who were killed on the tracks on saturday afternoon. today they are going to do a reenactment of that deadly accident. now, here's what you need to know if you do take bart through this area. and you're going to this afternoon. bart is going to use a bus bridge in the east bay. buses taking passengers between pleasant hill and lafayette. the bart tracks are going to be closed from noon until 3:30 this afternoon for this ntsb reenactment of the accident that killed two workers here on
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the tracks on saturday afternoon. federal investigators took measurements on the tracks yesterday so they could try to figure out how fast the train was going when it hit these two men because the cars don't have recorders of that kind of information. the speed is necessary for today's reenactment so they did a lot of work on that and they also finished their inspections and noted no apparent defects with the train itself. but they have a possible clue. >> inspection and examination flat spots on some of the rear car wheels was noted. such flat spots may be the result of the application of brakes on the train prior to striking the two persons on the track. >> reporter: those two people were working under a procedure that was called simple approval. they have approval to go on the tracks but are apparently responsible for their own safety at that point.
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that's why there are two of them. one is supposed to act as lookout in that case and so far, the feds say it appears that these two were following the procedures. live in walnut creek, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> it could take more than a year for the ntsb to finish its investigation. it's the first day of full bart service in nearly a week and bart workers are expected to vote on a new contract next week. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at the san leandro station with details of the deal that ended the strike. cate. reporter: those details come from a private email entitled, quote, at local 1555 beat back bart's attack on our jobs. now, it outlines the tentative deal to its membership. we are learning that workers will get a little more than 15% wage increase over four years. pension contributions go from 1% up to 4% over the course of
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the contract. employees will not pay more for medical out of pocket because bart will pay for it out of a retirement fund. and there is a reference about work rules being changed to address the impacts of changing technology and equipment. 15 station agent booths will be getting bulletproof glass. and there will be changes to doors on the booths. now, coming up in the next hour, we'll talk about the new deal and if it will cost you the rider. reporting live at san leandro bart, michelle, back to you. >> cate, are you hearing anything about which side was the winner out of all of this? >> reporter: well, that's a good question, michelle. we spoke with a former bart board director who said to us management isn't happy, the union leaders aren't happy, and i believe we heard in this soundbyte at the top of the show it was the public who got the better deal with the bart trains up and running. >> all right. makes sense. cate caugiran live in san leandro, thank you. 5:04. new details this morning where police are investigating an
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officer-involved shooting involving a young teen. police are now investigating three bay area officer-involved shootings in the pass few days. police killed a 13-year-old boy they thought was armed. he was holding a fake rifle as he was walking in santa rosa. it happened just before 3 p.m. near moreland and west robles avenue in santa rosa. deputies later determined the rifle was a replica and the handgun was plastic. no other details are being released at this time. in other bay area news on this wednesday morning, cal/osha is resuming its investigation into the accident that killed a worker at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. donald white died in june. investigators had decided there was no violation in connection with his death but now osha says there are some new questions to be answered. this month's death of worker edward lake is also under investigation. a hearing today will look into ac transit passengers discounts and new ways to pay fares. the agency wants to increase ridership bay introducing a day
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pass boosting the use of clipper cards and eliminating timed bus transfers. there's also talk of lowering the price of local passes. and there's another ac transit hearing today. this one will be held at alameda county superior court. governor jerry brown has requested the court to order a 60-day cooling-off period in the bus line's labor dispute. ac transit workers were set to strike last thursday until governor brown stepped in. one east bay politician is fighting to stop ac transit, bart or any other public transit agency in the state from striking ever again. steve glazer launched an online petition. he wants to put a measure on the state ballot to let voters decide whether transit strikes should be outlawed. he says he already has the support of several east bay mayors. >> the voice of the riders and the commuters isn't being heard by our elected leaders. >> he faces a stiff challenge with democrats holding a supermajority in the legislature. he is running for the assembly.
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police say reckless driving killed five people including a pregnant woman and young child. it happened at a busy intersection yesterday in lodi. witnesses say the man who caused it was going 80 miles per hour and using a cell phone at the time. five vehicles were involved. nine other people were injured. chp is conducting a zero tolerance enforcement day today focusing on distracted driving and moving violations. the event will stretch along the highway 101 corridor from the silicon valley to the redwood valley. authorities have new information on the boy who was involved in the nevada middle school shooting. >> 911 emergency. >> a student from sparks middle school -- >> there was a frantic 911 call from a student inside where the shooter was. police say the boy who killed the teacher and injured two students before shooting himself was only 12 years old. the 7th grader brought a 9- millimeter semi-automatic handgun from home and now
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police say his parents could face charges. >> he pointed to us and then said, you ruined my life, and i'm going to ruin yours. >> officers say he shot two students and killed a popular 8th grade teacher before turning the gun on himself. police still have not released the boy's name. the man who confessed to killing someone in a drunken driving accident on youtube is back in court today in ohio. prosecutors want matthew cordle to get the maximum sentence. they are asking for cordle to get eight years in prison, a $15,000 fine, and loss of driving privileges for life. pakistan's prime minister has a busy day today in washington. the highlight for the prime minister shareef is a white house meeting this afternoon with president obama and vice president joe biden. tensions between the two allies have been strained in recent years over u.s. drone strikes aimed at al qaeda operatives in pakistan in which civilians
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have been killed. 5:08. the shocking find by biologists when they opened up an oarfish that washed up on a california beach. >> an anchovie invasion is stinking up santa cruz. what it's going to take to clean up thousands of foul inish. >> plus, what you will and won't get for the price of apple's new ipad. >> a thick fog settling in over the bay area. when will it break up? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and a dangerous situation now in san jose. chp checking on reports of a wrong way drive southbound 880 near 101. i'll have details on this and give you a complete look at your wednesday drive into work in just a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,
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prince george is expected t before he's expected to be christened later today. take a live look over buckingham palace right now where prince george is waiting before he is expected to be baptized later today. the baby prince will be christened in the royal chapel at st. james chapel in london. prince william and kate are tight about the guest list. it will be an intimate family event. >> i will mark prince george with the sign of the cross on his forehead. >> also find out who the prince has chosen for the godparents and friends not necessarily royals. it will be the first time we have seen three direct heirs to
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the throne with william, charles and prince george all together. prince george is trending. also trending now apple. just unveiled the new ipad air. jerky treats to blame for sickening thousands of pets. nevada shooting. and kanye. follow us on twitter # at cbssf. the department of defense is going to fund blue angels for 65 shows next year. san francisco's fleet week was a lot less exciting this year especially since the ships never came as well as the blue angels. blame the sequestration which forced the event to cancel. apple shares down after they unveiled their latest toys in san francisco yesterday. the showcase highlights the air, thinner lighter and 72
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times faster than the first ipad. >> it's not a game changer by any means. it's thinner, lighter and nicer but no, it's still very much the same ipad we saw before in a lot of ways. >> ipad air hits. november 1 going for $500. apple also revamped its macbook pro and lowered the prices. it says it will give away its newest operating system called mavericks. let's check the roads with liza. how's it looking? >> we're watching the situation brewing now in the san jose area frank and michelle. chp checking on reports of a wrong way driver along 880 southbound near 101. this driver is traveling northbound in the southbound lanes. these are live pictures. we have a caltrans camera there. you can see traffic flowing well in both directions of 880. hopefully the chp will pull him over and get him going in the right direction. 880/237 interchange in milpitas, that's moving well southbound traffic the
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headlights you're looking at would be southbound 880 approaching 237 where traffic is wide open. just keep in mind that fog is a major factor this morning for many commutes especially right here at the golden gate. southbound traffic looking good approaching san francisco. 280 fog very thick heading to and through the peninsula. no delays at the pay gates. all bart trains on schedule with no delays for ace. that's a look at traffic. a lot of fog around the bay area today and thick fog settling in everywhere you go except far eastern parts of the bay. still we are going see changes coming up. right now clouds continuing outside and drizzle even near the coastline so foggy start to the day. 40s and 50s now but by the afternoon, going to see very cool out toward the coastline.
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50s tow beaches. mid-80s and 60s and 70s hazy sunshine around the bay. we have a blocking ridge of high pressure, jet stream staying north. couple of lows undercutting the ridge but nothing to factor in yet. maybe over the weekend we'll see one coming by. dry for the next seven days. possible delays on arrivals at sfo because of the fog. sunny 61 in denver. 81 sunny in houston. rain expected could cause some delays in new york. all right. around the bay today we'll see temperatures soaring in the south bay in the 70s again. 70 in redwood city. half moon bay only 55. we'll see some 70s and 80s into the east bay maybe even mid-80s into livermore and pleasanton. and then inside the bay 67 degrees in oakland. 62 in san francisco.
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and a chilly 56 and fog in daly city. next couple of days cooling slightly, cloudy and low pressure south of us saturday and sunday. right now looks like we stay dry another cold system drops into the bay area on monday and tuesday dropping temperatures and helping them mix out low clouds and fog but between now and then a lot of fog early in the morning. >> you get through the tunnel the caldecott tunnel and boom, yeah, the visibilities drop in a hurry maybe less than a quarter of mile. a 14-foot oarfish that washed ashore in southern california last week was pregnant. marine biologists from the scripps institute of oceanology dissected the oarfish and found she had hundreds of thousands of eggs. the fish apparently lost its tail and appeared to have been attacked by cookie cutter sharks but those injuries were not deadly. scientists don't know what killed her. santa cruz as a ton of fish and they stink. the fish are dead. tens of thousands of anchovies have died in the harbor and
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have floated to the surface. you see them there. that's where the birds come in. they have gathered for an easy meal of course. it's been going on since the weekend and it might be fun to watch but a lot of people are holding their noses. seeing is only half of the adventure. smelling is part of it, as well. >> the theory is the whales chased them in. >> there's such a mass of them that they get oxygen-depleted, they can't breathe and there's a die off. >> clean-up crews are skimming the water to fill buckets and barrels to get rid of all those dead fish. it is 5:18 right now. bad sportsmanship or bullying? why some parents are throwing the flag over a 90-0 shutout at a football game. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up a former giant is making his world series debut finally. just how much did tim lincecum get to stay in san francisco? the answer might surprise you. >> what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at
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we're looking at early backups at the altamont pass. accident westbound 580 right at
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the top of the altamont blocking the left-hand lane. delays there but no delays for the bart system. they are offering full service with no problems reported. i'll have more traffic for you still ahead. >> all right, liza, thank you. a texas high school football coach is accused of bullying after his team's 91-0 victory over the competition. the undefeated aledo bearcats beat the western hills cougars last friday. the coach even took out his starters by halftime to try to keep the score down. well, despite that, a parent from the opposing team of was so upset, he filed a complaint accusing the coach of bullying. the parent says the coach should have told his team to ease up. >> i would never ask our kids not to play hard. i would never tell them -- i would go out there and let them score. that's not what you want to teach kids. >> bullying is not to be mistaken with the normal childhood disappointments, including something like losing a football game. >> an investigation is under
5:23 am
way to see if the coach acted appropriately. the district expects to have its report completed by the end of the week. good morning, everybody. tim lincecum is the most popular pitcher in giants history and the team rewarded him yesterday to a two-year $35 million contract. >> i always had a great time here in san francisco and i hope to see that go further. >> it will. that's a lot of coin for the former cy young winner who struggled the last couple of years. he has gone 20-29 with an e.r.a. just under 5. his fastball isn't as fast. he is no longer the avis of the staff but give credit to the giants. they seem to be pay lincecum with he has done for the last 7 years, not just the last two. world series begins tonight. fenway park in boston, they will host st. louis. despite all the success in october in the first world series appearance for 16-year vet carlos beltran, lucky for him dreams don't always come
5:24 am
true. >> i had a dream the day before that we lost and we didn't get to the world series and we weren't the team to get in there and he ended up signing with the yankees. [ laughter ] >> the next year. [ laughter ] >> and the yankees took him to the world series and i was like oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> it was a nightmare! >> you know who is dreaming? frank mallicoat, who would love to be in boston covering this world series. frank. have a great day, everybody. thank you, dennis. i wish i was at fenway. play of the day replay. a thrill for michael jackson fans in ohio. ohio state university marching band did the moon walk in formation across the football field. that's cool. that was part of a halftime tribute to michael jackson. you can tell it's michael jackson from the white gloves, the fact that they're moon walking and playing a michael jackson song. just a thought. >> well, of course. that is really cool. >> yeah. >> play of the day. giving it up to osu. >> that's a good play. the world series between
5:25 am
boston and st. louis kicks off tonight. some lucky fans are going thanks to ellen degeneres. she is giving tickets at boston university. she tweeted that yesterday. hundreds showed up but they had to dress up as green monsters and wear red socks. apparently they did. >> and beards. >> cool. >> that is cool. 5:25. pet owners beware. the chewy treat you might be feeding your dog that can make him sick, coming your way. >> reporter: bart service will be interrupted this afternoon all due to a reenactment of the accident that killed two workers on saturday. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bad treats your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald
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reenacting those terrifying moments when two bart workers were killed on the tracks this weekend. that's the focus of the investigation today in walnut creek. we'll have closures to tell you about, as well. >> and a mysterious and deadly outbreak. the bad treats blamed for hundreds of sick cats and dogs. >> a spooky thick fog rolling into the bay area right now. likely to see delays at sfo. we'll have details coming up. >> and what a difference a day makes. bart trains are rolling this morning and traffic is wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have more on your drive into work in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, october 23. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:29. >> and we have new details this morning where police are investigating an officer- involved shooting involving a young teen. police are investigating three bay area officer involves shootings just in the past three days. "pressdemocrat" reports sheriff deputies shot and killed a 13- year-old boy they thought was armed. this is a photo of the fake rifle the teen held as he was
5:30 am
walking in santa rosa. it happened just before 3 p.m. near moreland and west robles avenue in santa rosa. deputies determined the rifle was a replica and the handgun was plastic. no other details are being released at this time. developing news in the investigation into saturday's deadly accident on bart tracks in the east bay. kpix 5's anne makovec is in walnut creek where the tracks will be closed this afternoon. >> reporter: you can see this memorial here behind me for those two workers who were killed this weekend. the ntsb investigation continues and this reenactment is a big part of it. here's what you need to know if you ride bart in the east bay and are planning on doing so this afternoon. bart is going to be using a bus bridge taking passengers between pleasant hill and lafayette. the bart tracks will be closed from noon until 3:30 this afternoon. that is so the ntsb can reenact that accident that killed those two workers on the tracks saturday. yesterday the feds announced the workers had received what's
5:31 am
known as simple approval to work on the tracks that afternoon. >> as part of the simple approval that the track inspecter and the consultants received to allow them to go on or near the live track, the responsibility of their safety is on themselves. >> reporter: that approval required the two men to stay together and for one to be designated as the lookout for oncoming trains. investigators have finished combing the train involved for clues and say there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. they spent much of yesterday trying to calculate exactly how fast it was going. the train shows signs of an attempted emergency stop. >> flat spots on some of the rear car wheels was noted. such flat spots may be the result of the application of brakes on the train prior to striking the two persons on the tracks. >> reporter: and at the helm of that train was a manager who was in training to become a
5:32 am
train operator during the bart strike. in walnut creek, anne makovec, kpix 5. live pictures now from the san leandro bart station. trains began rolling at 4:00 this morning. looks quiet there now. today is bart's first full day of service since the strike ended after a deal was struck late monday night. here are the details of the new contract. as far as pay workers will get a 15.4% raise over the next four years. that's about a 3.5% more than bart was offering before the strike. employees will have to start contributing 4% to their pensions by 2017. but bart has agreed to reimburse a portion of whatever they put in. and workers monthly medical premiums will go up from $92 a month to $130 no matter how many people are in the plan. bart management scored some victories though. they killed an important rule that allowed workers to pull in large amounts of overtime. but experts say both sides gave up a lot of what they wanted. >> management i know isn't
5:33 am
happy. the union leadership isn't happy. so both sides aren't happy. you know, the public got the best deal. >> lawyers are still finalizing the language on the contract and the unions are not expected to vote until next week. new this morning, jerky treats may be making your pets sick. the fda says nearly 600 dogs and cats have died after eating the treats. there are thousands of reports of animals getting sick, as well. fda says the outbreak is mysterious. there isn't one particular brand to watch out for but the treats are made in china. a potentially killer mosquito has made its way into california's central valley. the white spotted mosquitoes are turning up by the hundreds in fresno county. they like to feed on humans and can transmit deadly diseases like yellow fever and ding with just one bite. >> it's scary. it's nerve-racking. can't have any peace of mind being outdoors. >> mosquitos have also been
5:34 am
found on the peninsula but none of those tested positive for deadly diseases. another check on the weather. >> what a givens in temperatures today from the coastline to the valleys maybe as much as 30 degrees outside but the fog the story this morning if you are stepping outside. temperatures 40s and 50s gray start not day some of the visibilities less than a quarter mile. a dense fog advisory in the north bay until 11 a.m. this morning. 40s and 50s now. a cool start to the day. by the afternoon the temperatures going to be interesting how they break down. lots of 70s and hazy sunshine into the south bay. east bay temperatures get this maybe even some mid-80s by the afternoon as high pressure sits overhead but as you approach the coastline a little bit of a sea breeze and well below average temperatures in san francisco at 62. 7 in oakland and 50s right out at the beaches. let's check your traffic now with liza battalones. >> that fog that lawrence is talking about making for just downright dangerous driving
5:35 am
conditions right now from 280 through the peninsula along 101 in the north bay where we'll begin with the golden gate bridge where southbound traffic is still flowing well. you can see the thick fog visibilities down for many areas so give yourself some extra time to make the drive into work. the chp still has a dense fog advisory issued for highway 4 heading to and through the east bay. very thick fog there. the bay bridge commute still looking good. you can see no real fog here at the toll plaza. westbound traffic flowing well with just a brief delay in those cash-paying lanes as you leave oakland bound for san francisco. heads up for this accident -- first accident of the morning for 580. this one is right at the top of the altamont pass west 580 at north flynn. you can see the red there. our sensors are picking up slow traffic from the 205 interchange. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >> thank you, liza. 5:35. san francisco city gardener accused of running over a woman in holly park is expected to be arraigned in court today.
5:36 am
58-year-old thomas burnoski has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. he turned himself in yesterday. christine christine svanemyr was struck and killed last month while lying in the grass with her baby. red light cameras will be installed in one of san francisco's dangerous intersections at market and octave yeah. it's a hazardous area for pedestrians and cyclists because of cars making illegal right turns on the central freeway. this is the first time traffic cameras will be used for illegal turns in the city. some bay area crime victims are now taking matters into their own hands and san jose police are finding them to be great partners. take the case of a $10,000 bike for sale on craigslist. the bay area bike community check stolen bike and found a likely victim in san jose. >> when you see a bike like that for the price that it was, you know that something is really, really fishy for sure. >> so police set up a buy-back sting at a san jose gas station
5:37 am
and arrested this couple for possession of stolen property. police say don't confront suspects, just be a witness and collect information the tech surge to fixes the website is under way. the health and human services secretary is urging the public to be patient. tara mergener has the story from capitol hill. reporter: high ranking health and human services officials will brief congress this morning on the problems with the website was supposed to make it easy to shop for health insurance but it has been slow and unresponsive. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: congressman mike rodgers says he and his colleagues have tough questions for obama administration officials when they begin hearings into the troubled website tomorrow. >> what happened? why did you spend almost $1 billion on a system that does not work? >> reporter: president obama is bringing in long-time economic
5:38 am
advisor to manage the restructuring. website. the hhs secretary tells cnn there's still time to get things fixed. >> i am confident that millions of americans at the end of open enrollment march 31st will have affordable coverage for the first time in their lives. >> reporter: tuesday, president obama introduced janice baker as the first person in delaware to successfully enroll through the website. but she tells cbs news it took her 7 hours over 11 days. >> she was frustrated a few days. the great news for janice is she will have coverage on day 1. >> reporter: baker says she has been turned down for coverage in the past because of a pre- existing condition, something that's now illegal under the affordable care act. >> a senator is calling on the white house to extend open enrollment because of problems with the website. and she says the administration delay for penalties until the issue is fixed. amazon revised its free
5:39 am
shipping policy. they just raised the minimum order from $25 to $35. very convenient. right before the holiday season, right? maybe not. it's actually a push to get customers to sign up for amazon prime. the service costs $79 a year and comes with free two-day shipping. wall street is coming off a winning session but today could be a different story. gigi stone of joins us live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. stocks are pointing to a lower open after yesterday's big gains. analysts say the weaker-than- expected september jobs report might not be such a bad thing for the market. they expect the federal reserve will keep up its economic stimulus programs which are intended to drive down interest rates and encourage hiring. the s&p closed at a record high for the fourth day in a row. the dow finished up 75. >> there's a new way the government shutdown may affect you. you will have to wait a week or two to file taxes if you are an
5:40 am
early filer. the irs needs time to update its computer programs but the deadline to file is still april 15. >> there are plans to take tourists into space. one trying it using hot air called world view enterprise. it announced plans to send people 19 miles above earth in a capsule lifted by a hot air balloon. the price for spending hours looking down at the earth, $75,000. i can think of better ways to spend that money. >> no kidding. but would you try it? it would be a cool view. >> they would have to pay me $75,000. >> exactly. >> good call. i guess if you got kids that are about to go to college, you have some good news sort of. >> reporter: sort of. exactly. good point. you know, this year tuition and fees are up 2.9%. but it's still the smallest one year increase in 30 years. the college board says the average cost for an in state student to attend a four-year
5:41 am
college is now about $8,890 a year. so still very expensive but at least it's not rising as much as in the past so there's a silver lining. >> michelle you have another four years. >> i have another four years to worry about that before my kid goes. gigi stone, thank you. 5:41. plastic surgery versus exercise. who experts say see more weight loss results by going under the knife. >> and medical experts are changing one thing they have always told women about getting pregnant. >> and a powerhouse high school football team accused of bullying the other team because they won the game p , and why the coaches are getting blamed coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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football team... wins big... 91-to-nothing. but now that team's coach is an undefeated texas high school football team wins big, 91-0. that's big. but now the team's coach is under investigation as jericka duncan reports, a parent from the losing team says the big win was a case of bullying. reporter: the aledo bearcats are considered a powerhouse high school football team in suburban fort worth, texas. at 7-0, they average almost 70 points per game. but last friday, they surpassed that average and beat the western hills cougars 91-0.
5:45 am
>> i wish at some pointed they could say, game over, why finish it? >> reporter: by the time the game was over, one parent from western hills was so upset he filed a formal complaint against the entire aledo coaching staff, write, we all witnessed bullying for 10. it is not a pretty sight. the unnamed parent even suggested the coach should have instructed his team to ease up. >> i would never ask our kids not to play hard. i would never tell them -- i would go out there and let them score. that's not what you want to teach kids. >> reporter: coach tim buchanan said by halftime, he did try to keep the score down, even benching his starters. ut dallas professor dr. nadine connell studies the impact of bullying. she says this case fails to meet the standard. >> bullying is not to be mistaken with the normal childhood disappointments, including something like losing a football game. >> reporter: and many fans agree saying what happened friday night was an unfortunate
5:46 am
blowout, not bullying. jericka duncan, cbs news. >> well, there is an investigation under way now to see if the coach acted appropriately. the district expects to have its report completed by the end of the week. but what's a coach to do? you can't tell your kids to take a knee and not play. >> what do you do? he took the first stringers out. >> exactly. >> they are going to spend money on a report now?! crazy. >> we'll see how it all plays out, i guess. 5:46. get a check on traffic. >> liza battalones, take it away. >> good morning, everybody. the fog really making a mess of things for so many drivers this morning. we are getting reports of an accident just being cleared up. westbound 580 near the altamont pass, you can certainly see how foggy it is in the area. it looks like crews are on scene right now near one of the adjacent on-ramps to shut down some of that traffic. we'll go to a map now and i'll show you where this accident is being reported. westbound 580 at north flynn right at the top of the altamont pass, looks very foggy. slow traffic being reported
5:47 am
there from beyond the 205 interchange. golden gate commute southbound looks good. word of an accident right outside of the waldo tunnel so this is southbound 101 just before the tunnel very foggy conditions there. a 2 car accident blocking lanes of traffic. it's already a busy start to the morning commute. as we move to 880 in the oakland area, that's been trouble-free still lots of room in both directions of the nimitz through oakland and hayward. now, the bay bridge commute, you know, this time yesterday with the problems with bart we looked at long delays, this morning it's all good. wide open at the toll plaza. bart trains are running with no major delays on the system. our first ace train is also out of the yard on time. and in the silicon valley, 101 looks good in both directions with no big delays right here approaching trimble road. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence. >> thick fog settling into bay area. a dense fog advisory in effect in the north bay until 1 1 a.m. out the door we have 40s and
5:48 am
50s now. fog elsewhere even drizzle at the coastline. by the afternoon though it's going to be a big spread in temperatures. 50s out toward the beaches with some patchy fog. but you will see 60s and a few 70s. hazy sunshine inside the bay and sunshine and warm temperatures, mid-80s inland. high pressure sending the jet stream well to the north so dry through the next seven days. today dry for now. a couple of lows continuing to undercut this ridge but nothing to bring us any rain in the foreseeable future. starting out with your futurecast fog product, you see some of that fog at the bay and the coastline. going to hang out toward the beaches this afternoon again so these temperatures what a difference maybe 30 degrees cooler toward the coastline, the valleys up into the 80s. so with that in mind, here we go. we are going to break things down. 84 livermore. about 74 degrees in san jose. but only about 57 degrees in pacifica. about 62 degrees even cool well below average into san francisco. next couple of days, we'll cool
5:49 am
off the temperatures just slightly but no major changes in the forecast. over the weekend low pressure passes south to us brings us a few more clouds. a cool low monday and tuesday mixing out low clouds and fog. time for your kpix 5 schoolcast this one for livermore high school in livermore. not a bad start to the day. cool if you are headed out the door a couple of clouds. by lunch mid-70s and by the time you get out, how about that, mid-80s! not a bad place for the home of the cowboys! looking good there today. if you would like to nominate your school, go to school school. -- and we'll talk weather all about your school. >> no fog in livermore. >> no. they're nice and clear right now. >> beautiful. >> all right. go, cowboys, thanks, lawrence. new this morning, medical experts are inning chaing how long it takes -- changing how long it takes to reach a full term pregnancy. the new definition published in the journal of obstetrics and gynecology says full term pregnancy begins at 39 weeks instead of 37 weeks.
5:50 am
they say babies born between 39 and 40 weeks have fewer health risks. babies born before or after this time frame are now considered early term or late term. 5:50. in healthwatch, another reason to get your flu shot. a recent study found people who get the flu are at a higher risk for heart problems than patients who received the flu vaccination half as likely to develop heart complications. researchers say cardiovascular problems come from respiratory infections brought on by the flu. bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery just might be more effective for obese patients than diet and exercise. recent studies have found obese people have lost more weight after going through the surgery and have been less likely to have redeveloping type 2 diabetes but researchers don't know how benefits hold up after a couple of years. food portion control is a game of mind over matter. a new study found women are
5:51 am
giving themselves incentives to lose weight including buying clothes a size too small, eating on smaller plates and posting photos of themselves looking overweight on the fridge. time now is 5:51. dogs are always considered part of the family. now new research shows they are not that different from us after all when it comes to emotions. >> and leave it to betty white to one up miley cyrus. yes. that's coming up next. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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help protect with a spray before the first tissue help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol to get 10x more protection with each hand wash and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, go beyond cleaning to help protect your family with lysol. start healthing.
5:53 am
the fog outside right now, microclimate forecast, a closer look into fremont. we are starting out with some clouds early on, plenty of hazy sunshine though this afternoon. and about 70 degrees. getting word of this new accident. a tough spot where it's very
5:54 am
foggy out, southbound 101 before the waldo tunnel in sausalito blocking the left- hand lane, thick fog in the area right here 101 still moving well across the golden gate. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you in just a few minutes. a television classic is coming back to the small screen just in time for the holidays. cbs plans to broadcast two newly colorized episodes of "i love lucy." it aired on cbs from 1951 until 1957. that's of course starring lucille ball and desi arnaz. the "i love lucy" christmas special will air friday december 20. can't wait. i love her. >> good idea. wow, okay. pickupty love could be real. experts say they have proof that puppy love could be real. katie helped scientists at emery university with the research. her brain was studied in an mri machine and the neurologist conducted tests to see if she felt emotions like love the same way we humans do. >> we are trying to sort out how she is responding not just
5:55 am
to the signals but who is giving the signals. >> so when katie was given treats from her owner rather than a stranger part of the brain became active. burns says that proves man's best friend feels love and attachment much like us. can someone bring me a sledgehammer? >> miley cyrus has nothing on betty white. take a look. white spoofed cyrus's wrecking ball video in a promo for her show off their rockers. the hidden camera prank show airs wednesday on lifetime. >> love her. coming up on kpix 5, we are now learning the details of a tentative agreement between bart and its unions. we'll give you the highlights after the break. and bart service will be interrupted this afternoon all because investigators are working on a reenactment of the accident that killed two workers this weekend. ,, ,,,,
5:56 am
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5:58 am
5:59 am
management i know isn't happy. the union leadership isn't happy. so if both sides aren't happy you know the public got the best deal. >> with the bart strike finally over the bay area is back on track. details of the contract are emerging but it won't be ready for a vote until next week. >> the inspection of the equipment also verified that the lights, horn and brakes were operable without any defects noted. >> a reenactment happening today of the bart train accident that killed two men over the weekend will cause some closures and while bart was on strike, vandals were hard at work. >> much of this graffiti is actually up pretty high as you can see so officials are thinking the taggers might have brought their own stepladders. and given the volume of vandalism, they are also thinking this could have taken more than a day to accomplish. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald .
6:00 am
good morning, it's wednesday, october 23. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. in details this morning in the latest of three officer involves shootings in the last three days. the "pressdemocrat" reports sonoma county sheriff's deputies shot and killed a 13- year-old boy they thought was armed. it turns out that the teen had a fake rifle. it happened yesterday at about 3 p.m. near moreland and west robles avenue in santa rosa. we have called in to santa rosa police to find out more about this shooting. 6:00. bart trains are running. let's check traffic now with liza battalones. >> we are keeping a close eye on the marin county commute. we have an accident in sausalito south 101 just before the waldo tunnel. at least the left lane is shut down. we are just getting word that the fire department is now on scene. it's just a single car accident but injuries are reported and very thick fog so if you plan to make this commute give yourself som


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