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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 24, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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like africa, they're wild pigs. >> reporter: this golf course has a few extra obstacles and the animals. when the sun goes down, the pigs come out. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's thursday, october 24. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on the nose. let's get some traffic now. we have problems with bart? >> once again, bart delays this time out of orinda due to the fire on the tracks that happened last night on the bart train. the train is still there. they are working to clear this now. in the meantime, they are having to single track it. they are hoping by 5:30 to get the train out to the yard. expect delays. we just got off the phone with a bart manager, 10 minutes or less not in the commute direction so fortunately these are just minor delays right now. and the orinda station is open. so it is picking up and dropping off passengers. but expect delays if you are heading towards pittsburg-bay point. 10 minutes or less. but in the san francisco
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direction, everything appears to be on time. all right. let's hit the roads and show you what's going on on the nimitz freeway. 880 in oakland, everything is quiet now between hayward and the macarthur maze. that is your latest kpix 5 traffic. for an update on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> a lot of low clouds onshore this morning. not seeing that dense fog like we have had over the last couple of days, the reason why getting a sea breeze outside and that's just enough to mix things out. that westerly wind kicking in over 20 miles per hour in the interior valleys. so gusty in spots. southwesterly at 24 into fairfield. but you get the idea just enough to mix out some of the dense fog. so we are left with low clouds and 40s and 50s this morning. by the afternoon, though, we'll sneak some sunshine in but cooler temperatures. 70s will be in the warmest spots as you head well inland. 60s inside the bay. temperatures going to stay very cool a little breezy toward the coastline. highs there only in the 50s. more on your weather coming up. back to you guys. >> all right, lawrence. thank you. new this morning, there's a
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call for criminal charges for saturday's deaths of two workers on bart tracks. kpix 5's anne makovec is in walnut creek this morning where they reenacted saturday's deadly crash. anne. >> reporter: and that group united public workers for action are planning on holding a news conference outside the bart board meeting this morning calling for criminal charges. they want bart managers to be charged with criminal negligence and even murder. that is after that reenactment that you just mentioned yesterday. the ntsb spent about 3 hours out here in walnut creek on the tracks. they used mannequins as the victims but the train didn't actually hit them. investigators still are not sure why the two workers were caught off guard on saturday when they were hit by that train. yesterday's exercise was meant to give investigators a better idea about the train's speed and position. the ntsb says it doesn't look like there was anything mechanically wrong with the train. the workers were operating under what's called simple approval when they were on the
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tracks. that means they were responsible for their own safety. and one of them was supposed to be a lookout then be prepared to detect any oncoming trains and get out of the way within 15 seconds. well, now bart has suspended that procedure. they say it is out of an abundance of caution until we figure out what happened here on the tracks last weekend. back to you. >> anne, do we know what they learned from the reenactment. >> reporter: you know, they haven't released a lot of information on that. from what we could see just watching the tracks, the mannequins were placed with their backs to the train so it looks like that was how these two people were hit. as for the investigation results, that's going to take about 6 months to a year to finally come back. >> anne makovec live in walnut creek, thank you. developing overnight at least one car and a catcher were destroyed when this storage building in concord went up in flames. the fire at the building on via demer cad dose at concord avenue started at 11:00 last
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night. smoke and flames could be seen for miles. the cause is under investigation. people are outraged in santa rosa after sheriff's deputies shot and killed a 13- year-old boy. the victim was carrying a fake ak-47. sonoma county sheriff's deputies found him in an open field tuesday afternoon. investigators say officers thinking the gun was real ordered lopez to put down the weapon twice. the teen was shot several times. >> as the subject was turning towards him the barrel of the assault rifle was rising up and turning in his direction. the deputy feared for the safety of himself, his partner around everyone in the area. >> what happened was unfair. >> the teen's parents tell kpix 5 there was a rule to never take that toy gun out of the house. the two deputies involved are on administrative leave. three children were hurt after another student got a police officer's gun. it was during a safety demonstration. it happened at an elementary
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school in southern california yesterday. witnesses say officers were hanging out with the kids when one student pulled the trigger of an ar-15 rifle that was mounted on a police motorcycle. the students were not hit by the gunfire but they suffered some cuts and scrapes in all of the confusion. another bay area transit strike has been averted for now. an alameda county superior court judge approved governor brown's request for a 60-day cooling-off period between ac transit and its unions. the move comes just days before 1600 workers planned to walk off the job. former uc-davis police who pepper sprayed a row of seated campus protestors will get more money than the students. a judge approved a $38,000 workmen's comp. settlement between john pike and the university. he says he suffered depression and anxiety due to death threats. the protestors each received $30,000 in damages. bedbugs have infested an entire apartment complex in concord and people there have
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had enough. this is at the rosemont apartments along monument boulevard. and the bugs, they are just everywhere. they are on drapes, furniture and carpets. bedbug waste even covers the ceiling of this apartment. renters say they can't keep up with the infestation. >> i buy new furniture. it's all infested again. it's just ridiculous. >> adults and children are covered in bites. 21 tenants are suing the landlord to fix the problem. the manager of the complex tells kpix 5 they have tried to get rid of the bugs but they just keep coming back. 5:06. san jose mayor chuck reed is heading to the east coast where he will speak at two events on the topic of pension reform. today the mayor will deliver a keynote speech in new york about his efforts to reform public employee pensions. and tomorrow he will be on a panel about pensions for police and firefighters in washington, d.c. a lot of cities are keeping a close eye on san jose's pension reform as a way
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to deal with rising retirement costs. a pilot dousing wildfires in australia has died after his plane crashed. the water bombing plane went down in a remote area 60 miles south of sydney. the pilot was the only person on board the plane. 60 fires in the eastern part of the country have ravaged nearly 300,000 acres and destroyed 200 homes. time now 5:07. a bay area billionaire's pay package is setting records, it's to the tune of $30,000 every 7 minutes. can you guess who is making that money? >> it gets me thinking about how i affect the environment. >> life's lessons are getting students to age in their science class. "cool school" coming up next. >> clouds not as dense in the bay area. we'll explain coming up. >> and there's one-way traffic control. a downed tree is blocking one northbound lane of highway 1. how it's impacting your morning
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dot-gov" website will appear before a congressional comme this morning. c-g-i federal is developers of the website will appear before a congressional panel this morning. cgi federal is expected to
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answer some tough questions about the website which of course has been very slow and unresponsive out of the gate. the developer has already taken partial blame but says the ultimate responsibility lies with the government. >> it's our job to hold them accountable and when it comes to obamacare, clearly there's an awful lot that needs to be held accountable. >> the frustration that lawmakers who supported the affordable care act feel over the fact that a portion of it is, uhm, not functioning at the level we want it to function is frustration shared first and foremost by the sea breeze some lawmakers are calling for a one- year delay of the $95 fine for not buying insurance from the website. there are three other ways to buy insurance. obamacare is trenning. also trending black fish. it's a documentary airing tonight on cnn. it looks into the history of orca captivity and tells the story of the seaworld trainer
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killed in 2010 when a killer whale pulled her under water. angela merkel chancellor of germany called president obama yesterday to ask if reports that the nsa were spying on her phone calls if they were true. santa rosa is also trending. that's where sheriff's deputies shot and killed a 13-year-old boy carrying what turned out to be a fake gun. and tom hardy going to be playing elton john in the biopic rocket man. remember, you can follow us on twitter #cbssf. the king of pop reign again as the top earning celebrity living or dead. four years after his death the late pop star earned $160 million this year way ahead of madonna who is the richest living celeb bring with $125 million this year. this is the third time in the last five years the top earner has been a dead celebrity. when it comes to earnings, mark zuckerberg is doing all right. the facebook founder is making $30,000 every seven minutes.
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[ laughter ] >> every seven minutes. [ laughter ] >> his corporate compensation package last year, a record $2.3 billion. of course most of it came in stock options. >> his stocks went over 50 bucks a share now. the rich get richer. he is doing okay. liz, how are you doing? >> he still wears that same gray sweatshirt every day. amazing. all right. let's show you live traffic cameras, live traffic sensors. we have one hiccup in the road right now. it's in pacifica. there's a tree apparently a large tree from some of my coworkers who drove past this, this morning. northbound highway one the tree is there blocking that lane both directions having to use the southbound lane. one-way traffic control in effect. there is a cop out there right now directing traffic but everything is light so it's not causing much of a delay. let's take you outside. here's a lack now at the bay bridge toll plaza. -- here's a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems coming into san francisco. there was some upper deck roadwork but everything should be cleared now that we're past 5:00. same thing on the lower deck. there was some out there earlier this morning and here's
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a live look at 880 in oakland. 16th towards broadway various lanes blocked again before 5:00 so everything should be picked up by now and the drive time is in the green 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. towards maybe oakland airport or hayward, all these headlights that is southbound traffic and both directions are moving at the limit all the way towards silicon valley. this is live look if your commute takes you towards milpitas 880/237, those headlights are 237 leaving milpitas towards sunnyvale all green on the sensors we continue to watch these bart delays. bart can't catch a break. it's just at the orinda station. just minor delays. there was a train fire last night on the tracks. they are still working to clear it from the tracks right now. it sounds like hopefully they should have this problem resolved soon. but in the meantime, they are having to single track it right around that orinda stop. the orinda bart station is open, picking up dropping off passengers, right now it's ten- minute delays or under and those are mostly in the
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pittsburg-bay point direction. not in the san francisco direction. golden gate ferries caltrain and ace also on time. so once again most bart lines except those along that pittsburg-bay point traffic that is the only thing impacted now. quick look towards the nimitz freeway once again where you can see all the lines around the east bay including 24, 580 and the nimitz freeway are still all moving at the speed limit. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your -- what day are we on now? thursday forecast. here's lawrence. >> yes. we are into thursday already and it looks like it will be a cooler day ahead. we are not seeing the dense fog that we have had over the past few days. so low clouds more extensive. but not right down on the surface. so out the door right now we have some 50s and some 50s if you are stepping outside. the clouds even extending into some of the valleys this morning. and the breeze is blowing. that's mixing out some of the low clouds and fog. cool temperatures this afternoon. 70s in the valleys, 70s in the
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bay, 50s at the coastline maybe some places only in the low 50s for highs this afternoon with lots of clouds there. high pressure still in control just a blocking ridge set sending the jet stream well to the north. we have a couple of areas of low pressure that continue to undercut the system helping with the fluctuation in our low cloud pattern but we are going to be staying dry for now and cool temperatures compared to normal all around the bay area. low clouds and fog extending well onshore this morning. your futurecast fog product showing actually moving into some of the valleys today so as we head throughout the morning it's going to be a slow breakup so the temperatures going to stay down quite a bit. so yeah, if you are planning to head anywhere near the coastline bring warm clothes. it is going to be chilly there. some of those highs again only in the low 50s. in the south bay today you will see some sunshine and some mild temperatures. 69 in campbell. about 75 degrees in morgan hill. 68 san jose. out toward the coastline, only about 54 degrees and cloudy into half moon bay. 55 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures should be running up into the 70s where yesterday we had some 80s
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outside. but think one of the warmer spots livermore topping out about 77 degrees. 73 in the napa valley and breezy in vallejo, 69 degrees there. 68 benicia. cool into san francisco a lot of clouds lingering around, as well. about 60 degrees. 64 in mill valley and 53 in daly city. next couple of days, we are going to see some minor changes in the weather maybe a little warmer and a few more clouds over the weekend. and then, well, we'll clear out and the temperatures cool down monday and tuesday. students at a san rafael high school are having fun while learning about the environment. it's hands-on experience that keeps these kids engaged and they don't spend a lot of time at their desks. and that's what makes terra linda high school this week's "cool school." it's a science class with real
5:18 am
world experience. students are focused. they are studying how temperature, rainfall and nutrients affect the growth of terrestrial plants. >> continuing to look at how the environment conditions affect plant growth because it affects climate change. >> reporter: in the class, science is fused with current social and economic issues. >> it really allows the students to kind of bring in a lot of outside knowledge their own knowledge own experience into the course how it affects their lives. >> reporter: what they learn here is often used outside the classroom and the bay area is the perfect laboratory. >> we live and interact with the bay. we need to be aware of kind of the history of environmental movement, environmental issues in the bay. >> reporter: recently the class visited the drakes bay oyster company and heard arguments from both sides about why the farm should stay open or close. then they held it a debate and analyzed the hetch hetchy reservoir and the demand for water in northern california.
5:19 am
>> it gets me thinking about how i affect the environment, how my family or how this school affects the environment. >> i think it's important to be informed because we are the next generation that's going to be making these decisions. i'm almost 18 so i'm going voting and stuff and it's nice to know that, like, we're learning about what's happening right now. >> work together. >> reporter: making science relevant to their lives has been the hook in keeping these teenagers engaged and loving science. >> i think whenever you offer students the opportunity to experience hands on laboratory or project-based learning or be involved in debates, we're modeling some very kind of high level thinking, uhm, you know, curriculum. >> and a lot of them they want go on to study science in college. so it prepares them for that. >> you can tell they're inspired by their teacher a lot and just when the kids speak, they're so smart right out of the gate. >> they're smart. and that teacher is very popular at the school. >> loving the bowtie, too. love a teacher with a bowtie. >> what is cool about your school? email your nomination to us at
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we may come and feature your school on the show. 5:19. parents want some high school football coaches to be punished for what they call bullying on the field in a blowout game in texas. where the investigation is headed next coming up. >> straight ahead, i promise i will not take up too much of your time. only got a minute. got a world series to talk about. and a failure of communication with the cardinals. oh, sloppy game. ,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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his undefeated beat anotherm 91-t0-zero. a parent from syria a high school coach is in the clear in texas. he was accused of bullying after his undefeated team beat another team 91-0. a parent from the opposing team filed an official complaint accusing the coach of bullying the other kids. the coach says he didn't do anything wrong. he even tried to slow down the scoring. he even replaced the starters before the halftime. the school district said they heard enough. they backed their coach. the golden state warriors want you and your neighbors to get together and cheer them on:tonight at oracle reel. the team is hosting a community night sponsored by the oakland neighborhood service to bring together oakland neighbors in a fun and positive way. tip-off is at 7:30 tonight against the portland trail blazers. good morning, everybody. got a minute? are you ready?
5:24 am
are you ready? here we go! world series game one boston first time since 2007 against the cardinals already up 4-0. david ortiz bats away, gone? no, carlos beltran took a home run away. a run did score. beltran hurt his ribs on the play. he was taken to the hospital. he is day to day. all red sox last night. this is ortiz again. and this one is not coming back. a two-run homer. the red sox roll 8-1. game 2 later today. steph curry and the ws last night in the state capital running with the kings. working on free throws. david lee, boy. miss there and the warriors lose by one, 91-90. oh. sharks sam boyle recovering from this on-ice incident last week reportedly will rejoin the team later on this morning at the skate-around in boston. won't play against the bruins though. but chris wondolowski cast play. scores one for the earthquakes last night against the team
5:25 am
called heredia in a tournament. that at buckshaw stadium last night. wondolowski and the earthquakes win by a final of 1-0. and that is sports at this hour,everybody. have a great day. we'll see you a little bit later on. sometimes you good to show something twice. play of the day, vern showed it and we are going to show it again. big papi up, bases juice the, beltran makes a great grab, steals a grand slam turns into a sac. fly. beltran is going to whack his ribs. he had to go to the hospital. had x-rays. he is day to day. but he did make our play of the day. and you got to see it twice. red sox of course won game one, as well. >> it's worth seeing that a couple times. 5:25. shocking new revelations as the jonbenet ramsey case is revisited. why her parents never faced charges. >> a solution to the most frustrating commute in the bay area. the two new changes supposed to make it a little easier to get around. coming up.
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jonbenet ramsey ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ telephone rings ]
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. commuters may be forced to on a fin > >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. we're live in orinda where a bart train that caught on fire yesterday is still waiting to be moved off the tracks. that means delays on your morning commute. >> commuters may be forced to take on a financial burden. there's talk of another toll increase on the golden gate. >> low clouds extending further onshore. not as foggy outside though. we'll talk about that coming up. hi, everyone. it's thursday, october 24. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:29. >> cate caugiran is live in orinda where yesterday's bart train fire is making a big mess
5:30 am
of the morning commute. good morning, cate. >> reporter: it's going to be a little bit of a delay for commuters this morning. i was just told by bart just a couple of minutes ago they were able to move a heavy piece of equipment off of the tracks. but still they have to move that train and so it could be another couple of hours before that single track becomes basically -- before this bart station completely has use of both tracks here at the station. let's look at video now. we know that bart sent repair crews to move a 1200 or 1600- pound metal monitor piece off the tracks. that's what they just did moments ago. it's still unsure about how long it will take for that repair or actually it's called a rescue train that's going to move the 10 car train off of the tracks. this comes after a semiconductor box caught on fire yesterday evacuating that 10-car train at the height of evening commute. >> i just woke up because i
5:31 am
heard everybody standing up and i saw it out of service and i saw a car on fire. >> just told to us get off and we saw the smoke coming out of the vehicle. it seemed to get progressively worse. >> reporter: you can see here this pittsburg-bay point train pulled into the orinda station and that's when people saw smoke pouring out from underneath the train. firefighters actually had to separate the cars to keep the flames from spreading. again, there's no exact estimated time for when this will be done. bart says they hope to complete it in time for the evening commute. to recap they have removed the semiconductor box that was on the tracks preventing complete use of both tracks on the train. they are going to have to use a rescue train to move that 10- car train behind me completely off to the concord station and that will take quite a bit of time. live in orinda, cate caugiran, kpix 5. as you just her, bart delays continue more headaches for bart riders out of the east
5:32 am
bay. they have to remove that train piece by piece car by car. so that's what's taking longer than we initially had heard from bart. so it could be another couple of hours these delays in orinda continuing. right now the delays are minimal only five minutes into pittsburg and the san francisco direction. but as this problem continues to be out there they still have to single track it. the delays could get worse before they get better. so again, just impacting that yellow line you see on there on your screen that pittsburg-bay point line in both directions out of orinda and a quick note on the roads this is our one pretty bad accident now. it's blocking three lanes westbound 580 in dublin approaching doherty road. we'll have more on that coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. developing news now as you wake up. at least one car and a camper were destroyed when this storage building in concord went up in flames. the fire at the building on via de mercodas started at 11:00 last night. smoke and flames could be seen
5:33 am
for miles. no word how many vehicles were in the building or the extent of the damage. but no one was injured and the cause is under investigation. anne makovec is in creek where a group wants bart managers to face criminal charges for the deadly accident on the trans last weekend. >> reporter: charges like criminal negligence and even murder, they are going to be holding a press conference outside the bart board meeting this morning. this is all being put on by the group "united public workers for action." meantime, it is the national transportation safety board that is heading up the investigation into the deaths of those two workers killed on the tracks on saturday afternoon hit by a train being operated by a manager training to be a driver during the strike. yesterday investigators reenacted the accident using mannequins trying to get a better idea of the train's speed and position. bart has suspended the policy under which those workers were operating. it's called "simple approval." it meant that they were
5:34 am
responsible for their own safety working in teams of two with one being the lookout for oncoming trains. so the warning process right now is going to be beefed up for anybody working on the tracks until investigators can figure out what happened. >> anne, what's bart's response to the call for those criminal charges? >> reporter: bart just made a statement about that. i cab only imagine that -- i can only imagine that they are denying that. we'll find out more about that and bring it to you at 6 a.m. > anne makovec live in creek, thank you. developing news now from massachusetts. counselors will be available today at the school where a popular teacher was killed tuesday. a 14-year-old student is held without bail for the murder. investigators have not offered a motive for the killing or even the cause of death. the student had recently moved to the area from tennessee. >> i met him in lunch a few weeks ago. he seems like a normal kid. it wasn't like he was troubled. >> he is one of the nicest
5:35 am
teachers. always went out of her way to talk to you. she was always saying highway to everyone. it's a tragedy. >> the body of 24-year-old colleen ritzer was found in the woods near the school after blood was found in a restroom. new this morning more than 16 years after her death some new information coming to light now in the jonbenet ramsey murder case. in 1999 the district attorney announced there was insufficient evidence to file charges against her parents. apparently grand jury now has a different opinion. colorado judge has ordered the release of court documents showing the grand jury voted to indict her parents john and patsy ramsey. colorado movie theater shooting suspect james holmes had a batman mask the day of the attack marked on a calendar. those new details were revealed during a pretrial hearing yesterday. the latest batman movie was playing at the aurora movie theater during the shooting last year. the mask and calendar were found in holmes' apartment. the court is now trying to
5:36 am
determine if the evidence can be used during his trial. at least three sea lions have been found shot to death near the malibu coast. a representative from the california wildlife center says when squid fishing starts around this time of year, they have documented more sea lion shootings. squid fishermen fishing near malibu recently say they are not aware of any shootings. today president obama is expected to take about immigration reform. a bill passed the democrat- controlled senate back in june but it went nowhere in the house. the republican-controlled house had said it would rather take up a series of smaller bills than one large package that was passed by the senate. 5:36. let's check on the weather. >> less fog but still low clouds extending onshore. right now 40s and 50s.
5:37 am
looks like the clouds extending over the bay bridge. at least we can see the bridge. 51 degrees now in san francisco. by the afternoon, running cooler than average for most. into san francisco today, 9 degrees below average of 60. 71 and sunshine in concord. not too bad in san jose. let's check the "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> the commute unfortunately is looking ugly if you are traveling through pleasanton. westbound 580. the lanes blocked approaching doherty. big rig versus motorcycle with injuries. traffic backed up for at least an exit. it's difficult to see because of the fog. 18 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange.
5:38 am
more problems this time in pacifica. a downed tree blocking the northbound lane of highway 1. both directions of traffic are forced to share the southbound lane. minimal delays so far. the bart fire on the tracks last night they are working to clear the bart train from the tracks. in the meantime, they are saying it could be another couple of hours before they can remove it so expect single- tracking on bart throughout the orinda station. for the beginning of the morning commute. that's the latest traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a bay area tradition is back on. the annual sandcastle contest at san francisco's ocean beach will take place on saturday november 9. its part of the national recreation park federal land. the event was canceled because of the government shutdown. another toll hike for the golden gate bridge because the bridge district faces a $142 million shortfall over the next
5:39 am
five years. tomorrow the board will start talking about a possible $1 toll increase as well as other potential ways to raise some cash. >> lots of newhousing going up in san francisco. the big problem how will the city's transportation department handle the influx of all the new residents? many of the new buildings won't have garages. there won't be parking garages. muni is going to add trains. >> people who normally get passed up in a station will be able to get on a three-car train and get to their destination downtown. >> next month muni plans to experiment with back-to-back trains loading at the same time. as far as new hosting, prices start around $700,000 for the new housing, that's 600 square feet. they go into millions for the larger units. >> 600 square feet? >> a lot of rich people moving to san francisco in small spaces. good news for college
5:40 am
students and their families. for the second academic year in a row, the rates of tuition increases have fallen actually but jill schlesinger of explains all is not rosie. >> reporter: good morning. >> tell us the different numbers the family need to know about college tuition. >> reporter: it's kind of like buying a car. there's the sticker cast for tuition and fees but then that's like the next cost. that number actually subtracts grants and financial aid. so if you are an in-state resident at a four-year state school on average you're paying about $8,900 a year and that's up 2.9% from the previous year. so good news the smallest annual rise in 38 years. even better news, if you adjust for aid, the cost drops to $3,120. now, you head over to the private university environment, you're going to pay over $30,000. that's up 3.8% from the previous year. net cost, about $12,460. of course, if you add in room
5:41 am
and board these costs rise by about $10,000. here's what's important. tuition increases have leveled off. but if we adjusting everything for inflation, that headline price, that sticker price, for private colleges has tripled, tripled, over 40 years and for public colleges, it has quadrupled. >> oh, boy. i have four years until my daughter goes to college. >> then you have another one down the pike. >> then i have another one. yeah. well, as costs have increased so has student loan debt, right? >> reporter: absolutely. 57% of graduates of public schools had education debt. it averages 25 grand. when it's a private school about two-thirds have debt and it's $30,000. you know, right now, student debt outstanding tops $1.1 trillion and because the job market is so tough, one in ten students now defaults within two years of starting repayment. >> so is the debt worth it then? >> reporter: there's no doubt that college graduates earn more over the lifetimes than
5:42 am
those without degrees. but here's what's important. there is not a lot of correlation between paying more for the education and making more money. that's why it's so important for students and their families to be smart about their college choices and the way they finance them. today on i have answers to all of your student loan questions and get your oxygen masks out. these are startling numbers. >> sobering. >> okay. all right, i'll get that ready. jill schlesinger of, thank you. 5:42 right now. there really is something frightening about those scary contact lenses some people wear on halloween. the warning feds are giving. >> you can't beat the look on this little boy's face when he hears for the first time. the other remarkable things he has learned to do in the past few months. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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father's voice for the first time. fast forward a couple of months.. and dr. jon la-pook shows us the other incredib things little grayson is now able t the look on the little boy's face was priceless when he heard his parents' voice for the first time. now dr. lapook shows us incredible things grayson is able to do. >> reporter: this is 3-year-old grayson hearing the voice of his father len for the very first time. >> daddy loves you.
5:46 am
>> oh!! >> daddy loves you!! [ laughter ] >> reporter: grayson was born without the nerve that helps connect the ear to the hearing center in the brain. in april, he became the first child in the u.s. to receive an auditory brain stem implant as part of an fda-approved clinical trial. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is grayson now with his mother nicole. five months have gone by since the operation. can you describe what's happened, what grayson's development has been like? >> it's like a little miracle. >> reporter: the clamps became grayson's foster parents when he was 7 weeks old. a year later they learned he was completely def. when you found out he was profoundly deaf did you have any misgivings about going ahead with the adoption? >> no. we talked about what kind of parent does a deaf child need, do they need to be with deaf parents? do they need to be with hearing parents? what's the about situation for him? and it seemed like it was to stay with us. >> reporter: grayson's teachers say he spontaneously says a few
5:47 am
words like up, go and bye-bye. >> bye-bye! >> reporter: he also just learned one new word. >> ball. and i know that because i told him to go get the ball and he just went and got it. >> reporter: do you want him to be a normal kid? >> no, i don't want him to be normal actually. i want him to be extraordinary. >> reporter: dr. john lapook, cbs news. >> his doctors are hopeful he will develop some meaningful spoken language and it appears he is well on his way. >> that's great. you've heard of beanie babies, right? what about l.e.d. babies? a california dad came up with this bright idea creating a l.e.d. costume for his toddler. it's a stick figure, not too scary easily wearable and you won't be able to miss him running around on halloween. i think that's the best costume i have ever seen. >> that guy is going to make a
5:48 am
lot of dough. >> and safety reasons you're all lit up. liz what do you think? >> i like it. i always wanted to be a princess though for halloween. >> a princess. >> still do. >> somehow i'm not surprised. >> i know. we are getting word of now major delays for bart. unfortunately, they just put out a traffic alert warning that the delays are going to get worse. this is out of orinda. they are having to single track it. that was that bart fire on the tracks. so it's taking longer than initially anticipated to remove the train from the tracks so right now there are major delays developing. that's the latest word in both directions out of orinda out in the pittsburg-bay point direction and in the sfo direction. now, the orinda station remains open it is picking up and dropping off passengers. but again folks out of the east bay expect some more problems for bart. also problems in the dublin- pleasanton area. westbound 580 approaching hopyard we have an accident there still blocking three lanes. it is approaching that hopyard exit. slight location change. it's really jammed from santa rosa but obviously the sensors
5:49 am
are showing slow-and-go conditions even beyond livermore. so the drive time is up to about 24 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. busy morning already in traffic. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your thursday forecast, here's lawrence. >> is that it already? you're done? >> done with what? [ laughter ] >> with traffic? >> oh, that was it. i got around. [ laughter ] >> okay, all right. we'll move on to weather. we have some great conditions headed our way but you know what, we're not seeing that dense fog right now. low clouds extending well onshore. looks like it will be a slower burnoff today. going to stay cool at the coastline, 40s and 50s now. by the afternoon some of these temperatures maybe only in the low 50s out toward the beaches. chilly day there. you will see some hazy sunshine, cool temperatures, mild sunshine in the valleys. high pressure overhead that blocking ridge sending the john mccain well to the north. we continue to see a couple of areas of low pressure cutting under the ridge so occasionally we'll see a few clouds coming our way but staying dry but on the cool side. numbers below average for this
5:50 am
time of the year. because of low clouds, likely to see arrival delays at sfo. by the afternoon, should start to clear out about 62 degrees. around the country we have partly cloudy skies into chicago, 45. partly cloudy denver 59. mostly sunny and warm in houston at 82. and a cool 52 and a few clouds in new york. looks like around the bay today, we will see some very cool temperatures out toward the beaches. highs there only in the 50s. 60s inside the bay. some 70s in the valleys. next couple of days, we will keep those temperatures down just a bit but warming up a little bit over the weekend with a few clouds and cooling off on monday and tuesday. all right. checking out your schoolcast for today, st. helena catholic school in st. helena cool start to the day. a lot of clouds, you will need a jacket. 45 degrees. the sun breaking out by lunch into the 60s. and mid-70s by the time you get out. if you would like to nominate your school for your school forecast, go to school school. -- >> thank you. 5:50 now. the there is really something frightening about the scary contact lenses
5:51 am
some people like to wear on halloween. warning! some of the video you're about to see is disturb? >> people are warned not to buy them online at novelty shops or anyplace they are sold without air prescription. those cheap lenses are not approved by the fda. they can cause serious infections, eye injuries and even blindness. in today's healthwatch now, a worldwide study finds strokes are affecting more and more young people. according to a report in the lancet, 31% of all strokes now happen to people between the ages of 20 and 64. researchers say a global rise in high blood pressure and unhealthy life sometimes are a big reason why. the number of americans are high cholesterol leveled off. the centers for disease control says rates in the last few years have stayed the same after a big drop between 1999 and 2010. researchers say more and more people use cholesterol-lowering drugs during the last decade. 5:51 now. years after a vandal broke into
5:52 am
a school and stole money from students, he makes somewhat of a return. but this time, he has a big change of heart. coming up. >> beer backlash. the catchy slogan by one brewery that has some people calling it sexist. and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
5:53 am
5:54 am
california man just proved after 17 years. in 19-96, someone broke inta small school near nevada ci and stole 300-dollars th it's never too late to say you're sorry. a northern california man proved it after 17 years. in 1996 someone broke in a small school near nevada city and stole $300 the kids raised for a field trip. over the weekend, an unidentified man dropped off a letter at the school apologizing for the theft and he enclosed three $100 bills. >> i hope that it gives him what he wanted and seeking. i don't know if that's to lift a burden off himself or a
5:55 am
guilt. >> the man told the school to call him if they didn't think $300 was enough. the principal says no, that's plenty. he later called the man to thank him. the slogan could well describe a cold glass of beer but consider the name of the drink, dallas blonde, and its mass scores a wide-eyed doll. hard to miss the double meaning of its slogan, goes down easy. the texas brewery that makes the beer got in trouble for putting the slogan on its delivery truck. it was accused of fueling the acceptability of rape. >> number one date rape drug is alcohol. so you combine that it's on a can of alcohol and then you're perpetuating the myth of it going down easy. you know? it's -- it is offensive. >> i think it's just completely out proportion. likening it to sexist capitalism and rape culture. >> the owner promised to remove the slogan from the truck.
5:56 am
expect delays on the bart commute this morning. what we're learning about the damage done when a fire broke out on the tracks. >> reporter: new calls for criminal charges against bart managers after a deadly accident this past weekend. a new response from bart this morning coming up next. 30% of e traffic in a city is caused by people looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start-up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice,
5:57 am
how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally, citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants,
5:58 am
5:59 am
i see one of the cars is all smoking. >> a bart train catches fire in the midst of the evening commute. meanwhile, one group is calling for criminal charges against bart management for the deaths of two workers on the track last saturday. >> you put this same kid and with that plastic gun and everything on fountain grove, you know what, they wouldn't even touch it. >> the question this morning why sheriff's deputies shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was carrying what was a toy gun. >> no word on what caused this fire in concord. a car and a camper were destroyed when the storage building went up in flames. >> i'm so upset because it's like africa, they're wild pigs.
6:00 am
>> reporter: this golf course has a few extra obstacles and the animals. when the sun goes down, the pigs come out. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald . good morning. it's thursday, october 24. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:00. right now, another bad day for bart. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live in orinda. >> yeah. that's where yesterday's bart train fire is causing some big delays during this morning's commute. cate. >> reporter: here's what i know. delays will be expected until 7:30 this morning. and the damaged train is not here anier mo. it's on its way to the concord yard but it's moving very slowly. bart got heavy equipment keeping the train


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