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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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who's to blame for the clunky rollout of president obama's health care law? the developers of the faulty insurance website point the finger at the administration. >> did that give your company adequate time to make sure everything that was integrated was going to work? >> it would have been better to have more time. we would have loved to have had months to be able to do it. >> months. thrill ride mishap. riders are injured at the north carolina state fair as passengers get off. brett favre makes a startling admission. the football great says just three years after leaving the game, he's suffering from memory loss. >> for the first time in 44 years, that kind of put a little fear in me. and all even. the st. louis cardinals tie up the world series with a victory in boston. >> and the cardinals win game two.
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captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, october 25th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says the obama administration is working 24/7 to fix the problems undermining the government's health insurance website. yesterday the government blamed late changes, a lack of testing, and registration issues for the many glitches. ko im is in washington with more. ko, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. the administration says glitches were to be expected but not on such a large scale. the site is still up and running as the officials try to iron out the issues. the heads of four contractors that built the troubled website raised their hands to swear in before congress and then said the obama administration made last-minute changes and decided to launch
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the site without enough testing. >> a lot of them were kind of saying not it, not me, it's not me, we've done our part. >> did you deliver the product you were contracted to build, miss campbell. >> we have. >> mr. slavitt. >> yes. >> after a day of hearings many members of congress say they still have more questions. >> we didn't get the answer today except that all the answers reside with secretary sebelius and we look forward toll her testimony. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius wasn't available to testify yesterday because she was at one of the call centers which helps americans find the right health care plan. she says the website is still a work in progress. it's better today than it was on october 1st, but it's a long way from perfect and we are determined to have it be perfect. >> congress still wants to know who made the decision that slowed down the website and why. >> if somebody's responsible, i think they have to be held accountable. >> secretary sebelius is scheduled to testify next
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wednesday. and according to officials, cost nearly $400 million to build. some of the contractors acknowledge that it's one of the most complex sites that they've worked on and seen. anne-marie? >> ko im in washington. thank you, ko. well, at least five people were injured when a ride apparently malfunctioned at the north carolina state fair. this is the vortex ride about 15 minutes before the mishap. the vortex ride spins people around and turns them upside down. officials say the ride had stopped, but as passengers were exiting, the ride started up again. witnesses say passengers were thrown off the ride. two of the injured are reported to be in critical condition. and classes are scheduled to resume this morning at a massachusetts high school where a teacher was allegedly killed by one of her own students. philip chism is charged with murdering 24-year-old math teacher colleen ritzer.
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a student said ritzer asked chism to stay after class tuesday but she's unsure why. ritzer's body was found in the woods behind danvers high school on wednesday. an 11-year-old boy says voices in his head told him to kill another student at his washington state middle school. he was arrested for carrying a gun, knives, and 14 rounds of ammunition at frontier middle school. his mother alerted the school. no one was injured. the boy said voices in his head told him to shoot someone for bullying his friend. his possible release will be discussed at a hearing today. and demolition has started at the connecticut elementary school where a gunman killed 26 people last december. sandy hook elementary school will be demolished over the next several weeks. the building is being removed in pieces. students have been attending classes in a neighboring town. now to the latest revelations about u.s. spying.
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the "washington post" report this morning that u.s. officials are notifying some foreign intelligence services that leaker edward snowden has documents detailing their cooperation with the u.s. some of the countries are not american allies. meanwhile the obama administration is trying to calm foreign leaders after reports of u.s. spying on its allies. mark phillips reporting. >> reporter: european leaders meeting in brussels were angered for the united states for spying on them. german chancellor angela merkel is famous for her attachment to her cell phone. it turns out the nsa seemed to have liked it too. german intelligence confirmed news reports that washington had been listening in. spying on friends is not acceptable, she said. her foreign minister guido westerwelle speaking in english went on further.
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>> this undermines trust and this can harm our friendship. >> reporter: merkel compared notes with french president francois hollande. he also complained this week about reports the u.s. intercepted millions of phone calls from france as well. and italian prime minister enrico letto will be concerned about another credible report about the u.s. spying on his government. irish prime minister enda kenny summed up the attitude. >> i always use this phone as somebody may be listening. >> reporter: all of the revelations are coming from the same place they've been coming from for months, from edward snowden, the former nsa employee who's still holed up in moscow and still releasing documents from the hoard that he has with him, the latest ones which are causing some embarrassment amok some of the best allies around the world. mark phillips, cbs news, washington. yesterday michael hayden was
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giving an interview and another passenger heard the conversation and began tweeting about it. former nsa boss michael hayden on a cell behind me blabbing on background as a former senior administration official. in another tweet, tom matzzie wrote, hayden was bragging about rendition and black sites a minute ago. rendition is a cia program where trifrts are held at undisclosed locations outside the u.s. someone tipped off hayden and he confronted matzzie. the two talked and then they took a picture together. coming up on the "morning news," the toll on football. brett favre admits to memory gaps after playing football. this is the "cbs morning news." playing football. this is the "cbs morning news." [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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he retired three years ago and says he won't play again. jericka duncan tells us why brett favre says his days on the gridiron are over. >> reporter: for 20 seasons brett favre stared down some of the meanest and biggest players in the nfl and won. now he says something else has him scared. >> i don't remember my daughter playing youth soccer one summer. >> reporter: favre told one sports radio station wspz, he's experiencing memory loss that's more than just missing his glasses. >> so that's a little bit scary to me. for the first time in 44 years that kind of put a little fear in me. >> reporter: favre says that fear is he had been infected by concussions for years. in august the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to settle lawsuits for more than 4,000 former players, including retired running back kevin turner. turner has als or lou gehrig's disease.
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he and other plafs who suffer neurological conditions claim their conditions were caused by repeated concussions they received on the field. favre says he knows his career has taken a toll on his body. >> after 20 years, god only knows the toll. >> reporter: favre says for now he's trying to enjoy his retirement with his family. jericka duncan, cbs news. straight ahead, your friday morning weather and in sports big papi delivers a another shot in the series, but is it enough to give boston a 2-0 series lead. but is it enough to give boston a 2-0 series lead. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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plus, save $5 on select simply nourish™ dog food and $2 on select simply nourish™ cat food. at petsmart®. ook at tod foreca cities toward country. new york, sunny today with a high of 54. miami, sunshine as well. chicago, sunshine, but only 48 the high. dallas, sunshine, and sunshine in los angeles. and now for a check of the national forecast. it remains unseasonably cool east of the mississippi today with frost and freeze warnings in many parts of the ohio valley and middle atlantic region. most of th ast will be dry and chilly, and the same holds true for the south. some rain is expected in the midwest and there will be showers from southern colorado to new mexico with a potential winter-like storm developing in montana by late sunday. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, major layoffs at bank of america, and twitter sets an ipo price. wendy gillette is at the new
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york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, anne-marie. twitter says it intends to sell 70 million shares in its initial public offering. the social network hopes to price the shares between $17 and $20. that would put twitter at somewhere between $11 billion and $12.5 billion. twitter stock could begin trading as early as november 7th. asian markets dipped on worries over tight cash markets in china and a stronger yen. tokyo's nikkei fell more than 2%. hong kong's hang seng lost half a percent. stocks on wall street were pushed higher. following some good news on the corporate earnings front. both ford and southwest airlines reported strong third quarter profits. the dow jones industrial average rose almost 96 points. the nasdaq composite closed almost 22 points higher. bank of america is cutting thousands of jobs, most of the layoffs coming in its mortgage division. the nation's second largest bank
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is laying off 1,200 employees this week and another 3,000 in the fourth quarter. bank of measure says the move is in response to a significant drop in refinancing applications. the food & drug administration is recommending new administrations on drugs such as hydrocodone. hydrocodone is found in drugs formulas. it's the most widely prescribed drug in the u.s. and they want hydrocodone to be subject to the same restrictions like morphine. the new york-based department store barneys says it will review its policies after a shopper filed a discrimination lawsuit. two african-american shoppers accused barneys of racial profiling. they say they were questioned by police after making expensive purchases. barneys says they have retained a civil rights expert and has offered an apology. anne-marie? >> wendy gillette at the new york stock exchange. thank you, wendy.
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in sports, cardinals needing a win in game two to tie up the world series. red sox slugger david ortiz trying to channel some good luck before the game. he tosses out baseballs to members of the 2004 team so they can throw out the first pitch. and in the first inning he puts the sox on top with a two-run home over the green monster, but the lead does not last long. in the next inning matt carpenter hit as sacrifice fly into left field. >> here's a throw from gomes. tied game! now the runner down to third, the throw gets away, and the cardinals will take the lead. >> a throwing error by red sox pitcher craig breslow brings home the go-ahead run and the next batter puts it out of reach. the injured carlos beltran drives in a run to make it 4-2, cardinals. the cards head back to st. louis with the series tied up. bell trap on his decision now to play despite hurting his ribs in
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game one. >> carlos, if this had been a regular season game, would you have tried to sit out? >> why do you guys always ask those questions? why do you guys come out with those questions? well, you know what? i will say that as a player i'm always going to come to the ballpark preparing myself to play games. >> during the seventh inning stretch fans at fenway park paid tribute to the victims of the boston marathon bombing. on thursday night the carolina panthers tried to improve their record to the winless bucs. cam newton threw two passes to get a carolina score. carolina wins, 31-13, and things are looking terrible for tampa bay. some fans calling for the ouster of coach greg schiano. the buccaneers are 0-7 and have lost 12 of their 13 games going back to last season. and when we return, a "60 minute" exclusive. an insider describes last year's
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the driver -- keeps going. e dramatic end to her deadly drive. high drama -- going on right now at a c-v-s pharmacy. shs are exchanged between a hos taker and police. brand new halloween masks are supposed to be scary. b there's more to them that cd make you scream. the danger lurking that could make you seriously ill. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. t-g-i-f. it's october 25th. i'm mi,,,,
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here's look at today's , forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., sunshine, with a high of 54. sunshine right across the board from atlanta to st. louis. cool in st. louis. 53 the high. denver, sunshine. seattle, clouds. in africa, the nigerian navy has been ordered to try and rescue two kidnapped americans. pirates boarded an oil tanker on wednesday and abducted the ship's captain and chief engineer. this is the first time in two years americans have been taken hostage in that region. the state department says they are monitoring the situation. and now to last year's deadly terror attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi. for the first time, a security officer is speaking out. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were killed.
4:21 am
in an interview for this sunday's "60 minutes" the security officer told lara logan he a'd been hired the train libyan guards at the u.s. mission and he was stunned at what he heard the attackers say. >> i could hear gunshots and he said, there's men coming into the mission. his voice, he was scared. and he was running. i could tell he was running. >> reporter: his first thought was for his american friends. his agents pinned down inside the compound and he couldn't believe it when one of them answered his phone. i said, what's going on. he said, we're getting attacked. and i said how many. and he said, they're all over the compound. and i was shocked. i didn't know what to say. i said, well, just keep fighting. i'm on my way. >> reporter: morgan's guards, unarmed and terrified were surrounded by heavily guarded
4:22 am
gunmen, but they still sounded the alarm. they said we're here to kill americans, not libyans. so they gave them a good beating, pistol whipped them, beat them with their rifles, and let them go. >> we're here to kill americans. >> that's what they said, yeah. >> not lickians. >> yeah. >> you can see the full report on sunday on "60 minutes." for the first time in 12 years since the attacks on 9/11, commuters can now walk beneath the world trade center. the 600-foot underground passage way is made of white italian marbles and will eventually contains restaurants and stores on two levels. it's part of a $4 billion redevelopment of the world trade center site. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," surprising state enrollment figures for obama care, and what's happening at airports to make your trip through security less stressful. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." security less stressful. i'm anne-marie green.
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the official photos of little prince george's christening were released. four generations are in the family portrait. great grandmother queen elizabeth is on the couch along with kate, her son, and his dad. here's the future of the monarchy. three kings in waiting with the queen. princes charles, william, and 3-month-old george. well, former beatle rinne go starr has a new book due out next month. it's a rare collection of photos of beatlemania. as ben tracy reports, starr is especially interested in one picture of a group of teenagers. >> reporter: when they arrived
4:26 am
for "the ed sullivan show," the fab four stepped off the plane, beatlemania arrived in america. >> rin ringo starr said the stars weren't the only ones with cameras. >> did you have cameras? >> we all had cameras. we all had a camera, cigarettes, and a drink all the time. >> reporter: capturing rarely seen private moments. >> it's this shot he took in new york that he's always wondered about, especially that guy in the car. >> they were all in that car. and here's our hero. who is he? >> he's the guy you're wondering about?
4:27 am
>> yeah. the mystery man. they came to the ain't, i believe now, to see us. and guess what, they really saw us, and we saw them. >> reporter: starr found many of his personal pictures in his basement and has compiled them into a new book called "photograph." >> i'm sure you've been asked to write your autobiography a lot. >> i have. >> is this your story? >> it is. >> the book has prompt add search for the kids in the car. turns out that many of them still live on the east coast. rinne go starr says he doesn't need a reunion. he prefers to simply remember that moment when everyone was having the time of their lives. ben tracy, cbs new, los angeles.
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well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a closer look at enrollment in obama care. we'll show you how many people are not buying health insurance. plus, improving airport security. a new project designed to make your checkpoint experience less stressful. and actor josh charles from the hit drama "the good wife" joins us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and i'm frank mallicoat time is 4-- here's meteorol check of weath good morning, everyone. it's friday, october 25th. i'm michelle griego. >> tgif. the weekend is here. i'm frank mallicoat.
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it's 4:30. we sent lawrence to the zoo. are you out there? >> reporter: look at this guy. yep, we've got a walking stick. a lot of critters we're going to meet today. we're going to talk about boo at the zoo, coming up. >> let's go live to the bay bridge toll plaza. bart is on time. we have no major hot spots on the road. we'll give you a full breakdown of overnight blocking lanes. developing news from menlo park where a couple out for a walk were hit by a suspected drunk driver and killed. the victims have not been identified yet. we know they were in their 50s. the driver, 54-year-old marjorie reitzell is facing two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. happened before 7st last night on a street that had no sidewalks. >> the two


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