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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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know we want transparency and answers. >> hundreds of people take to the street demanding justice. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy gun when he was shot and killed by deputies earlier this week. >> we can't pretend anyone does. >> crossing the golden gate bridge may cost more. board members meet today. >> shaken all of us a little bit. >> a ride at the north carolina state fair ended in the hospital for five people. the accident involving a ride called the vortex, apparently started up again as riders were getting off. from across the bay, to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix five news this morning. hi, everyone. good morning. friday has arrived. october25th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6:00. developing this morning, more fallout from the fatal limo fire on the san mateo bridge. family members of the victims are filing a wrongful death
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suit against six different companies. >> reporter: i'm cate cauguiran live in santa rosa. the family of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by deputies may be taking serious legal action. autopsy results show he was shot seven times, two of those fatal. we'll tell you more on what the community plans to do to protest his death. >> reporter: suspected drunk driver plows into a couple out taking their dog for a walk last night. coming up, we'll show you the scene left behind and the charges the driver now faces. lawrence is at boo at the zoo. he's over in oakland with all kinds of crazy critters. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. not so spooky. interesting characters. check out this guy. that is one beautiful animal. we'll talk about the animals and the fun you can have this weekend. let's check out the weather. low clouds and fog in the bay
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area. temperatures on the chilly side. 40s, 50s in some spots. 30s in some of the north bay valley. by the afternoon, on the cool side. numbers only in the 50s towards the beaches and gray. partly cloudy in the bay. some 60s and to the valleys, i think maybe low 70s for highs. more on weather coming up. let's go to traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. our one accident this morning we've seen so far. oakland, westbound 580, slightly new location, it's closer towards that lake shore avenue exit. still not seeing delays. hit-and-run, and we were getting reports the car was on its side. still may be out there. chp was heading to the scene. live traffic cameras, this is near the dublin interchange, westbound 580. stagging up a bit, especially past the altemonte pass.
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out to the bay bridge, friday light. no metering lites, no delays, except maybe the far right cash lanes. that is your traffic. back to you guys. one minute they were walking their dog, the next they were run down and killed. the deadly collision happened in menlo park as it was getting dark last night. anne is there with details. >> reporter: this is a quiet area. light industrial neighborhood. you can see some of the damage left behind. this is where the car finally ended up last night around 7:00. the driver facing two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and two counts of felony dui. >> will take several weeks before we get a return on the blood alcohol. >> reporter: but police are sure the driver of the car was
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inintoxicated when she hit a man and woman in their 50s who were taking their dog for a walk before 7:00 last night. >> the suspect vehicle came up behind them, eastbound, struck them both, launching them into the air and killing them instantly. the dog was also hit, injured but not killed. the dog has been taken to a vet by the peninsula humane society. >> reporter: police say the car continued over the center divide, hitting another car carrying four people, before crashing into a tree. the four people in that car were not hurt. the driver was still in her car when officers arrived. >> she was complaining of pain. >> reporter: she was taken to the hospital before being taken to jail. we did digging, and did find that there was an arrest, a dui arrest for a marjorie reitzell in the same area last year. but police have not confirmed
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whether or not it is the same woman. >> thank you. the names of the victims have not been released. hundreds of people are demanding action in the wake of the shooting death of 13-year- old andy lopez. the teen who was carrying a toy gun was shot and killed by deputies. today demonstrators will march to the sheriff's office. and cate cauguiran joins us from where the boy was killed with more on the backlash. >> reporter: we're told that march will take place at noon today. meanwhile, i want to show you the memorial for andy here is growing, with candles and messages, photos and flowers. [ chanting ] we want justice! >> reporter: hundreds showed up to the memorial last night, in the same place where andy lopez was killed. the latest autopsy report shows
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deputies shot the boy seven times and two of those shots were fatal. many people at the rally told us last night that local law enforcement have become more dangerous than criminals. >> apparently fantasy on the part of of the sheriff's department and they're scared to death of gangs in the community. we don't see that many gangs. >> we want law enforcement to know that we want transparency and answers. >> reporter: our cameras captured a high powered lawyer leaving the lopez home yesterday. the same firm won a $24 million against the l.a.p.d. for shooting and paralyzing a teenager for carrying a toy gun. he wouldn't tell us what they talked about. we heard several students were planning a walkout from school today. but at last night's memorial, one person got over the loud speaker and asked them into the to do it. we'll have to see what they plan to do. cate cauguiran, kpix five.
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>> deputies claim they shot lopez because instead of dropping the weapon, he raised it in their direction. the officers feared for their safety. happening today, the golden gate bridge district will consider raising the toll across the bridge. board members are meeting today to talk about hiking the toll to $7. the district faces a $142 million short fall over the next five years. the toll hike is just one of the ways to make up for that deficit. if approved, the increase could take effect by april. family members of the victims of a fatal limousine fire are filing wrongful death lawsuits. five of the nine women inside were killed. investigators ruled the fire was caused by the failure of an araceous suspension system that forced a metal pan to rub against the drive shaft creating friction. the families are filing suit against six different companies. developing news out of
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north carolina now, several people are in the hospital this morning, after they were thrown from a ride at an amusement park. happened at the state fair. this vortex ride spins people around and flips them upside down. something went terribly wrong last night. authorities say people were injured when they were getting off the ride after it stopped and suddenly it started up again. >> this has shaken all of us a little bit. we definitely have these folks in our thoughts and prayers. >> at least five people taken to the hospital. three people are still there. authorities are now trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. feds will not do a formal investigation into a recent fire in a tesla electric car. the ntsb says there's no sign the fire was caused by a safety defect. it happened after it hit debris.
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tesla ceo says it was impaled by metal debris and the fire was contained to one section of the battery. tesla is turning to apple engineer, doug field will be in charge of developing new vehicles. before apple, he was with ford and segway. tesla with a new car due out next year. today marks the second anniversary of the occupy oakland protest. activities planned starting at 9:00 a.m. with a protest at the oak marriott hotel. it's where the sheriff is holding a training exercise. also will be a march to the plaza tonight at 6:00. going to be an opening ceremony today for a contest that has a new name. it's a paddle out ceremony for the big wave surf contest. new sponsor this year for the
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body glove mavericks invitational. the window will be open through march. 24 of the world's best surfers will get the call for the contest. a parking lot beneath san francisco central freeway will be the city's newest skate and dog park. construction for the $3 million park is already underway. money comes from the sale of former central freeway parcels. the park is expected to open by next summer. contractors responsible for the say last minute changes led to the problems. >> they testified before congress yesterday. kathleen sebelius wasn't available to testify, she was at a call center helping americans find a health care plan. she says the web site is still a work in progress. >> it's better today than it was on october 1. but it's a long way from perfect. and we are determined to have it be perfect. >> web site developers did say
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they believe health care.governor will be functional by december 15th, which is the deadline to purchase insurance. 611:00 on the nose. the spookiest part of about halloween may not be the costume, what's lurking inside that mask. >> metallica is headed to the unknown. why the bay area band is traveling to antarctica and who gets to go with them. >> reporter: i hang out wherever i want to. but i'll be at the oak zoo this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you, lawrence. a note for later on tonight. we'll have your latest traffic conditions after this break. ,,,
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is living inside the mask. an arizo halloween masks are supposed to scare people, but you might be the one screaming when you find out how much bacteria is living inside the mask. an arizona news station purchased several masks from a halloween store and took them to be tested. several types of bacteria were found, that could lead to skin problems and staph infections. doctors say soaking them in rubbing alcohol before use would kill the germs. halloween is trending now. also trending, jay-z. fans want him to drop a clothing deal with barney's new york, because the store is accused of racial profiling. bad grandpa movie coming out this weekend. world series, and our favorite, tgif. you can follow us on twitter. metallica is about to melt
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down antarctica. >> the band is playing a show on that continent coming up in december. but americans we're not really invited. winners of a coca-cola contest in mexico, costa rica and south america get to take the ride. the price includes the show and a 10-day cruise down there. it will be filmed for the rest of the world to see. and the commute might be a hinderance, too. >> just a bit. >> couple of miles down there, anyway. >> let's check out our morning commute. >> everything is looking okay, except for this accident oakland, still blocking one lane. we're seeing delays behind it. it was reported to be an overturn accident. westbound 580 by lakeshore. heads up, 29 miles per hour just behind the accident. number one lane blocked. all the other road sensors in east bay for the most part are showing a lot of green,
6:17 am
including the nimitz freeway. 880 traffic, taillights northbound towards downtown oakland, and problem-free past the exits, continuing towards mcarthur maze. no metering lights, and that's why we see a few delays because they just turned them on maybe. looks like the cash lanes are quiet. and backed up to about the middle of the parking lots. east day drive times, westbound 580 commute, sluggish. but drive time on the lower end of bad. in the slow category, but only 23 minutes. for friday you're looking pretty good. nimitz freeway, free and clear, and down the east shore looking good from berkeley towards emoryville. that is your latest traffic. let's go out live to lawrence, he's in oakland hanging out with his lizard friends. >> reporter: all kinds of neat critters out here. they're having a special boo at
6:18 am
the zoo event this weekend. they were kind enough to get up early and you brought out another neat animal. >> this is our blue tongued skink. if we're lucky, she'll stick her tongue out and you'll see it really is blue. >> reporter: let's see see your tongue. nothing. >> she does not have that on cue. >> reporter: camera shy. >> it's her choice. it's one of the ways she would defend herself. >> reporter: is this native to the united states? >> no, they're in australia. >> reporter: what does she eat? people? >> not people at all. plant materials, flowers and leaves. she especially loves snails and slugs. >> reporter: okay. must be popular then with people. >> yeah. people actually put out hives in their gardens to attract the skinks to their garden, because it protects the plants. >> reporter: she's large. >> she is. full grown adult and i'll be
6:19 am
honest, we've been told she's a little on the heavy side. >> reporter: she's living well here. >> she is. >> reporter: feels very smooth. >> yeah. all reptiles have scales and her scales are pretty large and really overlap like roof shingles and that gives her that nice smooth texture. not wet. sometimes people think lizards or skinks are slimy. >> reporter: they're having boo at the zoo this weekend. a great time to see these animals and all kinds of different animals. they have festivities, rides. >> we're part of the bay area science festival this year. >> reporter: that should be a lot of fun. hoping the weather cooperates. i think it will. some 30s in the north bay valley. a chilly start if you're headed out the door. by the afternoon, sunshine and
6:20 am
few clouds. temperatures still below the average. i think we'll see 70s in the interior valleys by the afternoon. low pressure continuing to spin off the coastline. that's likely to throw more clouds in our direction. over the weekend we're going to warm temperatures up. we may sneak back into the 80s in the interior valleys. looks like nice weather coming our way saturday and sunday. today temperatures down. we warm up for the week, and cooling down for the coast. how about that blue tongue? anything, please? >> he needs to go on a diet. >> reporter: nothing. >> little early for her. thanks, lawrence. >> thank you. coming up, cal football is struggling on the field, we know that. and apparently off. how they compare to others across the country when it comes to getting a diploma. >> the world series wasn't the only big game going on in boston. it was the red sox who had
6:21 am
their defense go south in game two, coming up.
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folks, there's a reason frank has a long face this morning. red sox carried a nine game world series winning streak into game two. the last time boston lost in the world series, ronald reagan was in the oval office in 1986. big papi delivering treats to the 2004 red sox title team. then delivered with the bat. two run shot off the rookie in the 6th. ortiz's second homerun in as many nights. boston up 2-1. the red sox had trouble in the field last night. bases loaded for the cardinals in the 7th. throws it off line and st. louis ties the game. ball skirts away, and thrown wildly to 3rd.
6:25 am
go ahead run crosses the plate. cardinals take game two, 4-2 and evens the series at a game a piece. bean town, .8 seconds left in overtime. directs this shot past, in the final seconds. sharks lose the first time in regulation. 2-1final. thursday night football saw cam newton and the panthers run over the bucs. 31-13. bucs 0-7, 1 of 2 winless teams in the nfl. the other team, jacksonville jaguars who the 49ers will play sunday. the raiders and the steelers here on kpix five sunday afternoon at 1:00, with the fifth quarter to follow. have a great weekend, everybody. thank you, dennis. play of the daytime, and happened before last night's world series game. in boston at fenway during the national anthem, james taylor apparently had trouble with his song selection. listen.
6:26 am
♪ oh, beautiful ♪ ♪ oh, say, can you see ♪ >> had song order a little messed up. he got through the rest of the star spangled banner beautifully, and finished with the first song, america the beautiful in the 7th inning stretch. >> can't be mad at james taylor. >> never. the best. >> black mark for the berkeley football team. only 44% of cal's football players graduate within the social's guidelines. that's the lowest of 72 schools in major football conferences. cal basketball program apparently has a similar problem. 38% graduation rate is fourth lowest in the country. it is 6:26 now. workers started to demolish sandy hook elementary school. it's where a gunman killed 20 children and 6 adults last december. how they plan to eliminate every trace of the building. >> reporter: couple out for a walk with their dog hit and
6:27 am
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happened monday at sparks me school in nevada. why investigators are taking a ti- bullying new information this morning about the deadly shooting that happened monday at sparks middle school in nevada. why investigators are taking a closer look at an anti-bullying video. >> the first bart meeting since the end of the strike and the death of two workers didn't go as smoothly as planned. the heated moment at the discussion table. >> reporter: we've had creepy bugs, lizards. now a scary snake, and we're going to talk about weather and boo at the zoo. >> bay bridge toll plaza
6:31 am
heating up a bit. metering lights turned on. >> thank you, liz. good morning, friday is here. october25th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. developing news from menlo park, where a couple is dead after they were run over by a car while walking their dog. the driver kept going until she crashed again. anne? >> reporter: some family members for that couple who died just arrived here at the scene in menlo park to check out where it happened. they say this couple was very nice, hard working. had arrived in the u.s. within the past decade. moving from fiji. felt like they were living the american dream. they had commonly walked their dog along this area. let's look at the map of where this is in menlo park. just near constitution drive. they were out here last night
6:32 am
at around 7. they were in their 50s when they were hit from behind, launched into the air and killed almost instantly by a car driven by 54-year-old marjorie reitzell. >> we have determined she was intoxicated. she has been placed under arrest for two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and two counts of felony dui. >> reporter: police say she went over the center divide, hitting another car carrying four people before crashing into a tree. the four people in that car were not hit. the suspected drunk driver was injured and taken to the hospital before being sent to jail. we did digging around on the driver, and turns out a woman by the same man was arrested -- name was arrested for drunk
6:33 am
driving in this city. police haven't confirmed if it is the same woman. >> the names of the victims haven't been released. happening today, protestors plan to march, demanding justice for 13-year-old andy lopez who was killed by deputies earlier this week. [ chanting ] we want justice, we want justice! >> hundreds gathered last night at the spot where the teen was killed. an autopsy reveals lopez was shot seven times, he carried a toy gun, high powered lawyer has been seen leaving the lopez home yesterday. he's from the same firm that won a $24 million settlement against the l.a.p.d. for shooting and paralyzing another teenaged boy carrying a toy weapon. got nasty at the first bart board meg since the end of the strike and the deaths of the two workers last week. the meeting opened with a moment of silence, but things got heated as union members and the public tried to shout down a bart board member who offered
6:34 am
a resolution to honor the two workers killed this past saturday. >> this would be a quiet time for them, and not filled with all the vitriol that's been happening. whether or not they -- excuse me, i have the floor. >> the board voted to do away with the procedure called simple approval. it made workers responsible for their own safety when they were working on the bart tracks. came under scrutiny after that deadly accident saturday. massachusetts school is back in session today, after a teacher was brutally killed there this week. police say a 14-year-old student used a box cutter to kill colleen ritzer. afterwards prewent to wendys to eat and saw a movie. investigators do not have a motive yet. anti-bulling video may have inspired monday's shooting in sparks middle school in nevada.
6:35 am
the video shown earlier this month includes a scene designed as to show the wrong way to respond. it shows a bully girl threatening students with a gun. it's not sure whether the12- year-old shooter at sparks had seen the video. one of the two wounded students said he begged his classmate not to shoot. >> i'm lucky to be alive and the bullet didn't go through me. if it did, i would have been dead. but it just went around me. i'm very lucky to be alive. >> mason was shot in the stomach. one other student was also wounded. the shooter killed a math teacher before killing himself. demolition on sandy hook elementary has begun, the site of a massacre last december, with a gunman killed 20 children and six adults. the building will be removed in pieces and the materials destroyed to eliminate nearly every trace of the building. new town has accepted a $50 million state grant to demolish
6:36 am
and rebuild a new school. maryland's attorney general in big time hot water over a photo taken at a party in delaware. this is it. allegedly there may have been underage drinking at this party, and gansler said he dropped in to see his son. the party was chaperoned and he saw no evidence of alcohol at the time he was there. >> i'm a big boy. i've been doing this for a long time. when i'm wrong, i'm wrong. when i could have done something differently, i'll tell you. in this case, i could have done something differently. >> gansler is not letting the criticism overshadow his campaign for governor. he says he feels a moral obligation to other children as well as his own and should have checked with the chaperones. a man apparently upset traffic wasn't moving fast enough opened fire on another driver. started on southbound 680 near michigan boulevard in fremont yesterday. police found the victim, a 59-
6:37 am
year-old man, alive with a gunshot wound to the stomach. his dog was sitting up in the back seat. the dog was unhurt. the victim rushed to the hospital, though. >> the only tidbit of information we've been given is that the victim believes he may have been driving too slow, which initiated the incident by the suspect. >> still no word on the suspect. if you saw anything, police in fremont want to hear from you. time is 6:37. let's check in with lawrence at the oakland zoo, with a bunch of creepy critters this morning. >> reporter: we've had all kinds of fun things and boy, this is going to be something else. check it out. a black snake, and i heard it does bite. hopefully it only wraps? >> yes. >> reporter: we're going to talk more about the snake in just a moment. the weather outside, headed out the door, a lot of clouds now in spots. temperature chilly, down into the 30s in some of the north
6:38 am
bay valleys already. 40s and 50s elsewhere. i think as we head into the afternoon, we'll see sunshine in the valleys. maybe 70s there. inside the bay, numbers very cool, only in the 60s and partly cloudy. towards the coastline, highs generally in the 50s. keeping the temperatures down. changes coming up for the weekend. we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. now check out your traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. let's go out live to our travel times. westbound 580, in the slow category, but light other than we usually see. we can call this so far the morning commute is friday light. nimitz in the clear. no major delays yet. this accident is clear to the right hand shoulder. westbound 580 approaching lake shore. accident was blocking one lane. all lanes are back open. bay bridge, metering lights on later than we usually see.
6:39 am
delays are still not bad. in the middle lanes only, maybe starting to see delays in the far right lanes. back 10 minutes onto the bay bridge. great news for bart commuters, everything is on time system- wide. they have more than 40 trains good to go. golden gate ferries, cal train and ace train all reporting no problems so far this morning. that's your latest traffic. back to you. thank you, liz. facebook is about more than staying connected with friends. the other uses for the social media site coming up. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look. so far, so good. coming up, we'll get an update in business news from wendy gillette.
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company's welcome back. stocks move higher in this early going this morning. >> cbs money watch reporter wendy gillette checks the numbers. >> it's the most anticipated initial public offering since facebook. twitter plans to sell 70 million shares, priced at between $17 and $20 a share. that would put their value at about $11 billion, much more conservative evaluation than what many analysts expected. twitter stocks could begin trading as early as november 7th. airbus is coming after boeing. the company is holding its annual meeting with suppliers in washington this week, rather than in its home country. it's a show of strength against chicago based boeing, which reclaimed its title of world's largest airline maker from airbus last year. at least some of what happens in las vegas will stay in las vegas when it comes to a new festival that begins. the life is beautiful event will feature big name acts like beck and vampire weekend, as well as a popup park and art
6:44 am
from the burning man carnival. many of the elements installed in downtown las vegas will stay in place. that's your cbs money watch. log onto for more. at the new york stock exchange, i'm wendy gillette. >> thank you. market opened a few minutes ago. early peek at the numbers. numbers are up in the dow, as we finish the work week. getting your news from the paper or tv has new competition. facebook, a new study shows almost half of adult users catch up on news from facebook links posted by friend or news sources they follow. the pew research director of the study says facebook represents a different way of consuming news, because people don't seek out the news, they actually stumble upon it doing something else. >> doesn't surprise you. what did we say mark zuckerberg
6:45 am
makes? $70,000-- >> every seven minutes. right. >> not bad. it's friday light we hope. >> it is friday light. this has been the best commute we've seen all week. accidents earlier this week, but now everything is calm. starting to see busier conditions through the livermore valley and altamont pass. drive time slightly down. maybe people staying off the roads today. 23 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 and dublin interchange. nimitz, was a stalled big rig northbound 880 partially blocking the 66 offramp. does not appear to be causing a delay. main lines, freeway, near the oakland coliseum, continues to move really well, up towards your downtown oakland exit. san mateo bridge traffic looking good. this is just past the toll plaza, looking good to the highrise. eastbound traffic looking good.
6:46 am
16 minutes both directions between hayward and foster city. that is your latest traffic. let's go back out to lawrence. that last snake looked like a tire tread. >> reporter: it does. isn't this really neat looking? got a black snake here. we've been joined with sarah. she's been so kind to get up with us. >> this is the indigo snake. >> reporter: looking at it, i would think that would be something you find in south america. >> he does, because of his large size and dark color. he looks like he should be a tropical species, but lives in the dry parts of the southeast, florida, alabama, georgia. >> reporter: he has a unique way of eating. >> we were talking about this. most people know some snakes
6:47 am
are venomous, some are constrictors and squeeze their prey. but these are thrashers, which means he bites with his mouth, holds on and beats his prey to death by slamming it against a rock or the ground. >> reporter: doesn't that make you feel like having breakfast this morning? so delicious. boy, just a beautiful snake. actually fairly calm for being out here. >> yeah. we're pretty lucky. we do not recommend having snakes this large as a pet. >> reporter: no kidding. eat you out of house and home, if not you. thank you so much, sarah. they're having boo at the zoo this weekend. tell us about that. >> it's a super fun event for the family. you can wear your halloween costumes. kids under 12 get a free rides ticket if you come in costume. you get to trick or treat around the zoo. we're part of the science festival, so you can explore different activity stations and learn science at the zoo. >> reporter: sounds like a
6:48 am
great time. fun for the whole family. we want the weather to cooperate. we have plenty of clouds, and generally 40s and 50s. some 30s in the north bay valley. chilly start to the day. the afternoon, some sunshine and looks like decent weather, though the temperatures running cooler than average. 70s inland. 50s inside the bay and at the coast. low pressure spinning. few clouds coming our way. warm temperatures throughout the weekend. highs today maybe in the low 70s. chilly 50s to the coastline. next couple of days should be nicer and warmer. cooling down on monday and tuesday. boo at the zoo this weekend, hey, he doesn't look that scary, right? >> lawrence, don't get too close. >> leave that at the zoo. >> you're a brave soul. >> that you, lawrence. 6:48 now. been four days since bart and the unions came to an
6:49 am
agreement, but tension is still out there. >> for more, we turn to kpix five bill and former mayor brown. guys, can i interrupt? >> yes, you may. thank you. >> can't i get a word in edge wise? do you think. >> who are the biggest losers and winners? >> go ahead. >> well, from the standpoint of bart and all its people, i'd say both management and labor lost. >> how so? >> they lost because the public knows that distraction not have occurred, as of last thursday, in fact, organized labor said they'll send the rest of it to some arbitrator. the bart director said no way. that meant you had to strike. so for 72 hours, because of the incredible stupidity of the trustees, the elected officials
6:50 am
on the bart side, we ended up with strikes. >> that's right. >> two people died, you know. >> that's right. it will linger in taxpayers' minds, because they are not happy about the inconvenience of the strike, and they are not too crazy about the idea of bart caved after all of that. >> you got to understand something, no matter what you say about the longevity, within a week, if bart is running efficiently and on time, the public will forgive both sides. >> i don't agree. i think as time goes on, and the price of this contract becomes apparent, and they're going to take money that maybe went into maintaining stations or cleaning stations or taking care of bart and put it more into the salaries, the public will see a dirtier system and they'll be angry. >> you will never even notice what these people are paid. because if you had been noticing it, they wouldn't be getting the amount they're getting. >> that's one of the big
6:51 am
questions out there. everybody on that train -- half of the people on that train make less than the driver now. >> of course. and that's the way it's been forever. >> that wasn't known as much as it is now. >> these are highly skilled workers. >> you realize you're losing this argument, don't you? >> i understand. i'm not doing anything except telling you the reality check. >> we're going to let you argue that out. we need a rest. thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. 6:51. a ride at the north carolina state fair ended in the hospital for several people. what happened when a ride malfunctioned. >> reporter: we're live in santa rosa. new details in the death of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. we'll bring you the latest after the break. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way,
6:52 am
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photographs of britain's pre george on the day of his christening have been re the portra five things to know. the first official photographs of britain's prince george on the day of his christening have been released. there are four generations of the royal family. contractors who designed appeared before congress yesterday to explain what went wrong. testimony stated the ultimate decisions about whether the site was ready for public use was up to the government. the former nfl star brett farve says he was contacted by the st. louis rams to see if he would be interested in playing again. he turned them down. he is reportedly been suffering from memory loss that may be brought on by concussions during his playing days. police arrested a national guard member they say opened fire at an armory outside a base in tennessee. the suspect shot two soldiers before being taken in custody.
6:56 am
he was reportedly a recruiter relieved of his duty. people in the hospital after a ride at the north carolina fair malfunctioned. happened last night. riders were getting out of the ride when it suddenly started up again. >> reporter: i'm cate cauguiran live in santa rosa where protestors are demanding answers in the death of a 13- year-old boy. the memorial for andy lopez keeps growing, as does the anger surrounding his death. [ chanting ] we want justice! we want justice! >> reporter: hundreds showed up in the same spot where the teen was killed. they say they want answers and as you heard, justice. new autopsy results show the two deputies shot the boy seven times, one bullet to the chest, another fatal shot to his hip. the sheriff's department says the deputies thought lopez was carrying an ak-47 rifle. it was fake. our cameras captured a high
6:57 am
powered lawyer leaving the lopez home yesterday. he's from the same firm that won a $24 million settlement against the l.a.p.d. for shooting and paralyzing a teenager carrying a toy gun. protestors plan to march today, and it's planned for noon today. cate cauguiran, kpix five. >> reporter: i'm live in menlo park, where a couple walking their dog was hit by a suspected drunk driver last night and killed. this is where that suspected drunk driver's car finally ended up, along chiko street. a man and woman in their 50s were walking in this area. here's a look at the scene last night before 7:00 when they were hit from behind, launched into the air and killed almost instantly by a car. after the couple was killed --
6:58 am
as for the couple, killed, they had three children, allnd the age of 18. we spoke with a family member. >> very nice people. very nice. very hard working people. from fiji island, and they came to this country, i believe, in '87, '88 and working hard living in menlo park here. >> reporter: after hitting the couple, police say reitzell went over the center divide hitting another car carrying four people before crashing into a tree. the people in that car weren't hurt, but the suspected drunk driver was injured and taken to the hospital before being sent to jail. when we did a search for her name, we found out a woman by the same name also of redwood city was arrested for suspected drunk diving on this same street last year. police haven't confirmed whether or not it's the same woman. one last traffic check. out to bay point, westbound
6:59 am
highway 4, word of a five-car accident. blocking one lane. conditions are slow and go from at least 8th street on antioch on the westbound lanes. metering lights turned on about 45 minutes ago. backed up to the first overcrossing. commuters are catching a break. the best commute of the week so far. only backed up for about 10 minutes and bart has no delay. let's go out live to lawrence who has been creeping us out all morning, more than usual, at boo at the zoo. >> reporter: more than ordinarily, yeah. been a great time here at the oakland zoo. chilly in spots. temperatures dropping off in the 40s and 50s in many spots. some 30s in the north bay valleys. by the afternoon, staying cool. 50s to the coast. 70s in the valleys. 60s in the by the way. back into the 80s this weekend. cooling down next week. i've enjoyed the lizards, snakes. i think i might swim with the alligators. see you later. >> maybe we'll see you later,
7:00 am
we don't know. have a great afternoon, everyone. >> enjoy the weekend. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email: good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 25th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new threat to the affordable care act. cbs news finds not enough people are signing up to pay for health insurance. american allies outraged ov reports the u.s. monitored their leaders' phone calls. germany's chancellor says trust has been shattered. bob schieffer is here with fascinating new details never heard before about the investigation into president kennedy's death. we begin with a look at today's "eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> elite u.s. memos suggest 35 world leaders may have had their phones tapped


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