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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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,, grips with a horrifying cra that killed two of their ow what were learning about the driver. this is kpix 5 news. >> a south bay family comes to grips with a horrifying crash that killed two of their own. what we are learning about the driver. good afternoon, i am michelle. >> i am frank, let's get over to her in menlo park where three children are without parents because of a suspected
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drunk driver who already has a criminal past, ann. >> reporter: police have not confirmed that fact but we did find a public record stating there was a woman by the same name and age who was arrested for dui along this very same roadway last year. this time unfortunately it was deadly. you can see this tree over here, that is where this driver's car finally came to a rest. >> we have taken a blood test and it will take several weeks before we get a return on the blood alcohol. >> but police say they are quite sure 54-year-old marjorie wrightville of redwood city was box skated when she hit and killed them as they walked their dog before 7:00 last night. >> the suspect vehicle came up behind them eastbound, struck them both, launching them into the air and killing them instant, the dog was hit, injured but not killed and taken to a vet by the humane society. >> police say her car continued over the center divide, hitting
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far car before crashing into a tree. she was still in her car when officers arrived. >> when they started to talk to her she was complaining of pain and while medics were in route to her location officers detected the objective symptoms of intoxication. >> she was taken to the hospital before being booked in jail on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter and felony dui. in the meantime the family of the couple who died tries to process how they never came home from that walk. >> 9:00 they figured out they say something must have happened they are calling and nobody is picking up or anything like that, then they try to call the police department. >> then the news that three teenaged children had lost their parents. the couple had moved here from fiji in the late 80s to make a new life. >> very nice people, very nice, very hardworking people. >> and i did stop by the family home a couple of hours ago. they didn't want to speak on camera understandably but there was about a dozen family
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members there and right now they are just working on funeral arrangements. frank. >> what about the suspect? is she still in the hospital? >> yeah, i talked to the police about an hour ago, they said she was still in the hospital. right now there is a police guard with her because as soon as she is able to get out of there, which could be by the end of the day she will be taken directly to jail. >> ann live for us in menlo park, thank you. >> right now students from three schools are walking out of class, heading to the sheriff's office to protest this week's fatal shooting of a teenager. kate is there where it is all happening. >> reporter: michelle they met here and their march is well underway, take a look, making their way to the sheriff's department and actually getting a lot of support from people passing by this area, hearing them cheering and also hearing a lot of cars honking. this community is struggling to understand what
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happened and now they are demanding answers. >> he was only 13 years old and just the thought of it you know gets me choked up. >> eddie sanchez has a son who goes to lawrence cook middle school, his son was close friends with 13-year-old andy lopez. >> when i picked him up from school tuesday afternoon i asked him did you hear about the little boy and he started crying, he told me dad he didn't want to talk about it and i said we need to talk about it and he said the cops are supposed to be protecting us, why are they killing us. >> he took his son out of school so they could join the protest, and he wasn't the only one, these are from different schools and say their parents gave them permission to walk out of class to rally. >> he didn't deserve this, he was a nice guy. >> as the anger grows, so does the memorial honoring him, andy was careying a toy gun deputies
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thought was an assault rifle and he did not comply with orders to drop the gun. >> we were best friends, me and him went out for a day because someone dared him to. >> he was kind, he never like put any1 down, he was pretty like close friends and always there for people. >> these girls say they will march, too, not just to protest but to show andy. >> so he can know that everyone cares about him. >> now back out live you can see there are at least -- well actually i can tell you there are more than 100 people out here and i did ask parents why pull their kids out of school for this and one parent actually told me that you know they want their kids to be part of this movement and they say they want them to be there if and when they get answers, michelle back to you. >> kate, thank you. developing news this afternoon, out of japan, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the country's east coast near the nuclear plant, an area already hit hard, today's quick hit at
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3:00 this morning local time. a small tsunami warning is in place for the area, no warnings for the rest of the pacific. >> nearly a dozen people have been injured in a bus crash in santa rosa. police say a car slammed head on into that city bus, the person driving the sedan had to be cut out of the car and is suffering the most severe injuries, no word yet on what caused the crash. investigators in north carolina are looking at a safety switch on a thrill ride that injured people last night. they were rushed to the hospital after being thrown from the ride. authorities say the ride came to a stop and as people were exiting it started up again. >> -- turning around and running and we looked over and there were a couple of people laying on the ground of the platform of the ride. >> 5 taken to the hospital, two with critical injuries, there is word a safety switch malfunctioned earlier. the ride is supposed to be inspected three times a day.
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they are investigating whether those actually took place. >> crews are demolishing new town connecticut's sandy hook elementary where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults last december, bulldozers have moved in and are tearing down the walls, authorities say the building will be moved in pieces and the materials will be destroyed to eliminate nearly every trace of it. they have accepted a 50 million dollar state grant to demolish this building and rebuild a new school. the parents of jon benet ramsey were indicted for child abuse resulting in death according to documents released today. in 1999 a grand jury indicted them, that year the district attorney decided not to file charges saying there was not evidence. 17 years after jon benet's death no one has been charged. after a week of searching for h this little girl's parents authorities have confirmed her dna matches that
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of a bulgarian woman, the biological mother who lives in this village says she gave birth to her while work in in greece and gave her away because she was too poor to care for her. she was found with another couple and is in protective care. >> the golden gate bridge district is considering raising the toll. board members are meeting today to think about hiking the toll to 7 dollars. it costs six bucks to cost right now, they face a shortfall over the next 5 years, the toll hike is just one of the options now the board is considering to make up that deficit. >> today marks the second anniversary of the occupy oakland protest there, a day long protest is going on there where the alameda county sheriff is holding a training exercise, tonight at 6:00 there will be a march where there will be a rally. >> a paddle out ceremony held
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today for the beg wave surf contest near half moon bay as a new sponsor, the window will be open november through the month of march and when the waves are big enough 24 of the world's best surfers will get the call to come for the contest. coming up a stunning admission for one of the nfl's most successful quarterbacks. >> how the fda wants to cut down on people getting addicted to painkiller. >> hi, i am meteorologist mark in the weather center, finally getting sunshine around the bay area and the coast but will that continue into the weekend? we will talk about that coming up.
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this is a live look at how stocks are doing this noon . strong earning from microso and other big u-s companies pushing the market higher. t this is a live look right now at how your stocks are doing this noontime, strong earning from microsoft and other big u.s. companies are
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pushing the market higher, the dow is up 28 points. ups will be hiring 55,000 seasonal workers to help during the holiday season, the postal service predicts an 8% increase in daily volume this year, it expects to pick up more than 32 million packages on december 2nd, which is cyber monday, did you know that? more than 34 million on december 16th, two weeks before christmas. >> fda wants to change the way doctors prescribe painkillers containing hydrocodone, it went -- rather wants to reduce the number of refills patients can get, and they also want to require patients to take a prescription to a pharmacy instead of having a doctor call it in. it follows a long debate on whether overused drugs should be controlled. one of the most successful quarterbacks to play in the nfl is suffering from memory loss, brett farve said he can't remember personal family moments now and believes the
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condition stems from the many concussions he suffered while playing football. >> i don't remember my daughter playing soccer, youth soccer one summer, i don't remember that, so that is a little bit scary to me. to the first time in 44 years that kind of put a little fear in me. >> well, this is not a new problem facing pro football players, in august the nfl agreed to pay sear 65 million to settle lawsuits from more than 4000 former players, they claim they suffer from neurological conditions such as dementia. >> a local biker club is launching an anti-bullying campaign in the east bay at peralta elementary school in oakland, members of the harley club are sending a message. >> i could tell people to stop and don't bully, because it doesn't feel right to that other person. >> it is not okay to bully and
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if you do you should notice it but if you you know someone is being bullied you should tell the person to stop bullying and you can -- and if he doesn't stop you can tell an adult. >> not in our school is a movement where students take the lead to create schools free from store otypes and those and bullying. >> it is a great day. >> i am so happy. >> we are clearing out your skies. >> good. >> look at the low clouds and fog breaking up even along the coastline seeing sunshine, looking like a great area, but temperature on the cool side out there right now, nice look out over the bay, hazy sunshine, little bit of a breeze. otherwise looking very nice in the afternoon. 61 degrees in san francisco. 60 in san jose. 65 degrees one of the warm spots in concord. i think as we head into the
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often a lot of sunshine and cool to mild temperatures again, overnight tonight low clouds and fog, patchy outside, otherwise things are warmer over this weekend. got good news, low pressure off the coast line just strong enough to help mix out the low clouds and fog today, it looks like that is going to retro grade and may have to warm the temperatures up and with the exception of high clouds a nice weekend, maybe 80s in some of the valleys. around the state today you will find sunshine fresno at 81, 79 ukia, 67 degrees lake tahoe and 73 in yosemite. around the bay lots of sunshine this afternoon, cool 68 in san show aye, 70 degrees morgan hill, 63 into hayward, along the coastline numbers 50s but at least taking sunshine there today. 60s and 70s well inland, then as you head inside the bay 60 degrees san francisco and about 66 in petaluma, next couple of
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days including that all important weekend looking good, lot of sunshine coming our way temperatures warm up then cool things back down on monday and tuesday. mobile weather lab roberta there to explain why the girls are getting dirty, roberta. >> reporter: yes, mobile weather just came out here to the alameda county fairgrounds where it is 70 degrees blue skies can't even barely buy a breeze, today we are joined by the dirty girls mud run and we have jessa here with us, schumacher, thank you for coming out. >> pleasure. >> tell me about the dirty girl mud run if nobody knows about it. >> a women's only none competitive fun mud run. >> okay there is obviously more than just run because i scaled this wall and did that earlier. >> yes, it is a 5-k 1 with
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obstacles, they are optional but trust me you will want to do them all. >> i have been trying to do that, so you scale a wall and run a bit and climb ropes and run through more mud, how many people do you anticipate tomorrow? >> we will actually have over 3800 amazing women out here tomorrow. >> 3800 so only well received here. >> yes our second year here at the county fairgrounds and it is growing. it is so much fun. >> you have a charity aspect. >> we do, we partner with an amazing organization called bright pink and we contribute funds to help them with their incredible mission of education and prevention. >> you need to know more about the dirty girl mud run so visit us on line at and visit link and numbers for mobile weather at the alameda county fairgrounds roberta gonzalez, kpix 5. >> all right, she is known for her italian cooking, next why lydia is here talking about the
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national kidney foundation, all coming up.
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grocer, tony tantillo showss what to look for in the per pear. on people in fall brings a super harvest of a number of fruits, kpix 5 fresh grocer tony shows us what to look for in the perfect pear. >> today's tip is the pears one of my favorite variety of pears that come into the market in the fall, these come from the northwest, the season just started and the freshness and flavor is fantastic, let's talk about storage, come over here,
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let me show you, when you buy it, see it here, this beautiful color is what you want to look at all the way around, free from shriveling our bruising, and a slight give to the touch, when you bring them home throw them on the counter, after two or three days they soft even up a little bit and beautiful aroma and enjoy them out of hand and loaded with flavor and dietary fiber and vitamin c, too, enjoy, i am tony tontillo, your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> nearly 2 million people here suffer from chronic kidney disease, 1 million here, and tomorrow we are sponsoring the san francisco author's luncheon to benefit the national kidney foundation and joining us today is author and noted chef, lydia's, the mastermind behind
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that and she joins us welcome. >> thank you, pleasure. >> welcome. >> a pleasure being here. >> tell us about the event you are going to be -- >> -- i am going to be at the great luncheon but before the luncheon notable authors like danielle ballou and myself will be there to sign books and then still stay there after that to sign books so what a great way to shop for christmas and do a good deed. >> and raise money. >> absolutely. >> so good now, now you are an italian chef, grew up in italy, 4 restaurants in pittsburgh and kansas city -- >> -- new york, not san francisco. >> for forgive me, maybe you should. >> i am thinking. >> tell us you are all about common sense. >> i am all about common sense good honest simple cooking, everybody likes italian cooking, it is number 1 ethnic cuisine and what is great about it great ingredients simple cooking and in the kitchen common sense, so that is what
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this book is all about, about common sense in the kitchen. >> you brought goodies -- >> -yeah -- >> -cubbard, right? >> exactly, i asked you if you have this and you said yes, with this ingredients a little entity of garlic of course added. >> absolutely. >> i can make up to 50 different dishes, add chicken, garlic, and tomato sauce and olives or fish, garlic and that and so on, with pasta, without pasta, so common sense, get the confidence, get -- >> -- it is not sacrilegious to buy the sauce. >> no. the sauce -- you have to read the labels, have to be good sauce but these are not prefabricated because when you finish it is a fresh dish you cook. >> that is awesome. >> go ahead.
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>> i think we are out of time but all the time. >> okay. >> the luncheon tomorrow at the hilton union. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we will be right back. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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washington state. miley cyrus created an uprod doing the outrageous dance during a m-t-v awards show. washingt students will not be allowed
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to twerk during an upcoming dance there, miley cyrus created an uproar during that, the school says that behavior is not allowed there, some students say don'ty though, that is not the place but they had a contract that included that, students must sign the deal if they want to go to the dance, so no twerking there. >> let's ask about the weather. >> no 45 degree temperatures out right now, nice weekend, enjoy. >> take care everybody. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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[ crickets chirping ] >> bill: katie, you agreed to shared custody. >> katie: i never agreed to these circumstances. >> bill: well, what kind of custody arrangement doesn't let him stay overnight with me? >> brooke: you can't really think that any harm would come to will here. >> katie: i am not going to tell my son someday that i dropped him off while his father was shacking up with his aunt. no. i'm taking him home. >> will: [ fusses ] >> ♪ why-y-y-y-y ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ you-ou-ou [ cheers and applause ] >> hope: whoo! >> howard: great job, man. give him a hand! give him a hand!


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