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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 26, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the steady stream of people paying their res from outrage to sadness. a community mourns a teenager shot and killed by a deputy. the steady stream of people paying their respects. a man suspected of shooting several northern california officers is behind bars tonight what we're learning about his past and the actions he's said to have taken that put people in danger. their message is loud and clear. protestors march against the government's surveillance program. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. members of a north bay community are mourning a 13- year-old boy shot and killed by a deputy while carrying a replica rifle. this week people expressed outrage over the killing. now things have taken a more somber tone. kpix 5's don knapp is in santa
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rosa where the memorial is growing. don? >> reporter: that's right ann. from the moral outrage and anger that we saw earlier in the week people have come here today respectingly and quietly to the place where andy lopez died to remember him and mourn. flowers, candles and cards continue to mount at this memorial for 13-year-old andy lopez. investigators say the boy didn't comply tuesday when ordered to throw down the air soft gun. a toy of an ak-47. he was killed here in a hail of bullets from the gun of an experienced sheriff. >> middle-aged man, 24 years experience as a cop. and this is what we get. it's just outagous. >> we used to play air soft guns right here when we were little kids you know when we were young. >> the kid who got killed. he's going to miss christmas and halloween. >> reporter: the deputy fired eight times in ten seconds and seven bullets hit lopez. the number of shots fired is not unusual according to craig guise who trains police
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officers for high stress situations. >> an average officer without stress will probably shoot two to three rounds without any stress at all. you can double that under stress. >> reporter: the shooting prompted a fire storm of protests. on friday demonstrators marched to the sheriff's office. [ people chanting ] newly poured concrete was used to write remembrances for the boy. today the inpromote memorial has been brushed over and probably torn up and it will be some time before the case of the shooting of the 13-year-old is resolved much less forgotten. at least three investigations are underway. by the show that county sauce, the santa rosa police and now the fbi. >> we're reviewing the shooting of andy lopez and we will do our due diligence to determine whether or not a federal crime has been committed or not. >> reporter: the sheriff told the santa rosa press democrat he welcomes the involvement of
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the fbi. reporting live in santa rosa, don knapp, kpix 5. after a similar incident 25 years ago when two san francisco police officers fatally shot a 13-year-old boy, san francisco banned sales of realistic looking toy guns. federal agents seized millions of dollars in a virtual currently used on the black market website that was notorious. the alleged operator silk row was arrested at a san francisco library at the beginning of this month. agents now say $28 million worth of coins were found on hardware seized during the bust. they allow users to make online transactions with one another without involving a bank. people in a roosevelt neighborhood are still waiting to return home tonight more than 24 hours after a shootout that wounded five police officers and an immigration agent. we are at the scene and she's learned more about the suspect who was arrested and how this standoff unfolded. >> reporter: well, ann the home where this standoff took place is behind me just down the
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street here and you can see the block the still roped off as investigators continue to van cass the -- canvass the area more than 24 hours after this started. we can look at sammy duh ran's mug shot now that was just recently released. you can see the face is pretty banged up in the picture. officers say he was shot in the hand and did suffer cuts and bruises to the face. video of the crazy scene in the neighborhood last night. at a press conference today roseville police said this all started around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday when police officers and an i. c. e. agent was riding through the area here as part of a gang sweep when they saw him riding a bicycle and they recognized him as a wanted pro lee. he took off running and that's when an officer chased him on foot. the others followed in a car. investigators say du ran fired the first shot. and duran took off again. now police say duran entered a home here right behind me off
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hampton drive while a husband, wife and child were inside. they were all able to escape just before police say again duran and officers exchanged gunfire through a window of that home. and that's where the other officers were hurt one was shot, four others were hit by shrapnel i'm told and they believe duran had a handgun on him and once he was inside the home here he started turning on the gas a major concern. >> well, it was reports of him turning on gas and actually evidence that there was gas from both officers and people calming us from -- calling us from the neighborhood saying they could smell gas. so if you saw the pg&e trucks last night that's why they were there because the last thing we wanted is for that house and all the surrounding houses to blow up from all the gas igniting. so that's why pg&e was there. we believe he turned on that gas, why, we can't know for sure at this point. >> reporter: now i'm told four
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officers and the federal i. c. e. agent have been released from the hospital and one officer remains in serious condition with a gunshot wound to his jaw. but he is expected to survive. in roseville. kpix 5. and thank you. lodi police now say the suspect in a crash that killed five people had been drinking before it happened. 28-year-old ryan morales was released from prison last month and didn't have a driver's license. he was speeding when he crashed into a family's vehicle on tuesday. luis miranda his pregnant wife and flee of -- three of their four children were killed. one son survived. the suspect is hospitalized in critical condition. an hour from now piedmont high school dedicated its library to the late u.s. ambassador chris stevens. stevens was killed in the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya on september 11th, 2012. he graduated from piedmont high school in 1978 and some of his family members still live in
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the east bay. well, hundreds of people took part today in a protest against the nation's surveillance programs. they filed -- filled the streets of washington, d.c. upset over what they call a violation of the average citizens' privacy. as ko im explains the allegations come amidst -- >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators in washington, d.c. protested against a national security agency's surveillance program. [ people chanting ] organizers are from the group stop watching us and want the government to do just that. [ people chanting ] many people carried signs thanking nsa leaker edward snowden. it was snowden who revealed details of a spy program that collects cell phone data and internet communications from u.s. citizens. justin of the government accountability project read a message from social mediaen to the crowd. >> we are here to remind our
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government officials that they are public servants not private investigators. >> reporter: snowden also leaked a memo saying the u.s. was able to monitor the phone records of 35 world leaders. president obama insists they are not tapping america ill's calls and ordered a review of u.s. spying. intelligence chiefs are expected in washington this coming week for answers. ko im for cbs news. >> the protestors delivered a petition to congress where legislation addressing domestic surveillance is expected in the coming week. a bay area police chief is moving on. >> and so leaving palo alto is like leaf ago part of the -- leaving a part of the family. >> the impact he's had on the community and where he'll be taking his skills. >> and no, this driver wasn't just in a hurry. why he says he had no choice but to take his car down the set. >> for the kpix 5 weather center. good evening everybody. we have a day that does feature at least a chance of rain in
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take a look at this. streams of red hot lava and plumes of ash spewing from sicily's mount etna. it erupted overnight creating this fiery scene. the latest series of eruptions happened after more than a dozen smollett quakes in the -- small earthquakes in the areament this is the 14th time it erupted this year. all right, here's one way to get from point a. to point b.. a man drove his bmw down the steps outside a philadelphia museum. he took the car up top but the brakes filled causing it to roll down. he says he jumped in to safely get it down to the bottom. the driver turned himself into police after this video was posted online. they confiscated the car to inspect the brakes. a bay area police chief credited with helping stop vie leapt crime gets -- violent crime gets ready to step down but he's not leaving the business, how he'll take his local expertise to the national level. ,,
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co san jose has spent nine months looking for its next police chief. now it looks like the new top cop is nearly in place. the city manager says acting chief larry escavel is her choice for the job. he has been with the department for 28 years and has been leading the department since january. he would take over the department that faces a declining number of officers and a battle over pensions. and the peninsula city will also be searching for a new top cop as anne makovec reports, east palo alto's police chief is headed to the nation's capital to share the skills he's used to make a big impact
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already. >> the police department without the community would be an occupying force. >> reporter: in a city once known as the murder capital of the u.s., chief ronald davis had his work cut out for him when he took the reigns of the pd in 2005 with one hope in mind. >> you solve it in a way that actually strengthens our relationships and not burns down the village in order to save it. >> reporter: over the past eight and a half years the chief now 50 years old learned a lot about what he called community policing. >> what i mean not just through meetings but through the relinquishing of power. and authority. you have to share that community. >> reporter: the year he arrived the city of just over 32,000 saw 15 homicides. by last year that -- homicides. by last year that number was cut in half. >> eight is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: he sees hope in the next generation, his favorite moments on the job? swearing in new recites. >> so every time i get to have them raise their hand and see that commitment in their eyes and energy, it kind of reenergizes the department. >> reporter: now he's ready to
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energize departments all over the country as the head of the u.s. justice department's national community policing effort. taking lessons he learned in east palo alto nationwide but keeping an eye on the city he's grown to love. >> i leave knowing that i'm really going to enjoy watching east palo alto get stronger and better and watch as the police department exceeding expectation that is i could have ever imagined. they're primed for that. >> reporter: in east palo alto, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> it's not clear whether east palo alto will look internally or outside the department for a new chief. well, all over the bay area today, people had the chance to safely get rid of prescription drugs. this site in santa clara was one of several dropoff locations. people brought their unwanted and expired prescription drugs no questions asked. this is the seventh time they have teamed up with local agencies for the event. last april, 18 tons of prescription drugs were collected in the bay area.
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roberta gonzales joining us now and she has some rain in the forecast. i can hope for it's not thursday, that's halloween. >> right or you have to wear that slicker. >> the clear garbage bag? >> what are your daughters going to be? >> we have a kitty cat and a fairy princess. >> what is mom dressing as? >> their mother. i'm too scary when i dress up. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> scary anchor woman. >> i get it okay. hi everybody. >> what a day across the bay area today. let's step on outside right now because we do have some changes in the form of that right there. this is the stratus pushing on shore right now. it's a shall lee deck of fog but nevertheless, the coast is not clear. livermore currently in the 80s and otherwise we're in the 70s and in mountain view and san jose and we tumble in the 60s in san francisco. very cool. otherwise 56 degrees right now in ocean beach. we head to the south to san jose, a bit on the hazy side. currently 73 degrees. the winds are under 10. the humidity is at 39%.
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here's what you need to know official sun down at 6:18. just think, one week from tonight when you go the bed, it's the end of daylight savings. mm. okay tomorrow morning sun up at 7:29 and we have a chance of rain back in the forecast. we'll get to that day but right now you saw that haze in san jose? everybody has some stagnant air quality for the sunday. therefore moderate air quality from the north bay all the way into the valley. yes. you need that blanket tonight. santa rosa dipped down at 35 last night. not as cold tonight but still in the low 40s. mid 40s trivalley and upper 40s san jose. and low 50s coming across the central bay. let's go at it. futurecast clearly illustrates we do have the return of the stratus hanging very tight to the saab mateo -- san mateo coast and notice it hugs the coastline all day tomorrow with only some panel clearing at best. that's going toeclip the numbers down for the -- to keep the numbers down for your sunday. it's upstream but i'm noticing
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an area of low pressure that wants to nick the sierra nevada area. also it also wants to nick our eastern portion of our bay area on monday. so even though we only have a chance of a light shower on monday, you're going to notice a difference with the cooler air mass. 70s and 80s across the central valley on the sunday. 60 south shore and low 70s at half stone. here's the pinpoint forecast. 56 to 60 lining the seashore. 60s 70s coming tomorrow. late day peninsula to the mid 70s and low 80s for morgan hill to gilroy. to the eastern portion of the district and well inland the warmest locations 81 brentwood, tracy oakley. pleasanton. black milwaukee 80 -- blackhawk 80 degrees. 77 degrees in yucaipa while santa rosa stays close to the 70s which is average and a good five degrees below normal. check out monday. yes you will feel the difference. tuesday slight recovery. transition day wednesday.
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and then we begin a recovery as we slide towards with weekend and again -- the weekend and again daylight savings ends on saturday night, sunday morning that's when you fall back a full hour. >> we'll reminds you again and i'll need a reminder. thank you very much. all right vern cal and stanford in action tonight. >> but i'm here to show you i'm not just a one dimensional guy. not all about college football? i have more game. don't move. ting- 101 hand take a national,,,,,,
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story, and localize it... i1 to ld series... baseball up top. here's one straight out of the broadcasting 101 handbook. take a national story and localize it. item one today? the world series. >> as we gather tonight on baseball's biggest stage. >> there's no bigger baseball spotlight and no prouder pockets of the bay area than the mountain view and petaluma areas. cardinals' danny and red sox daniel nava and jonny gomes get a taste of this home grown bay area talent. they are graduated of st. francis high school. >> now daniel nava. >> hitting a home run against rear don. when he was a senior. that was a real special moment for not just me and him but for the rest of the guys on the team. they went nuts. because he wasn't big enough to hit a home run. he was about half your size. >> is that right?
5:54 pm
[ laughter ] >> here is danny. >> i didn't have to teach him anything. i had to do nothing. i just said -- wrote up the lineup honestly. he was that good. >> further north in petaluma is joey gomes is year older than his red sox left fielding brother johnny. when johnny made the grab in game one. the older gomes wasn't surprised. >> he's pretty much 100%. and all-out all the time. but now the world is getsing a chance to see it playing on the biggest stage. the world series. and that play is just a little epitome of the way the guy goes about playing baseball and living life every day. >> gomes writes 707 on his shoes the petaluma area code. move himself into the fan fabric as an oakland athletic last season. his brother says he takes nothing for granted. >> i honestly believe he's just -- he is not afraid to fail. you know he was the guy that was written off at an early age and i think when you kind of have that, you inherently have
5:55 pm
a chip on your shoulder. that never comes off. >> all right, and they're all watching the world series right now. the cardinals leading 2-0 in the 3rd. oakley football. san jose state trailing wyoming 23-14 near the half. cal up 28 and a half point underdog at washington. that hurts moe to even say is that -- me to even say that. stanford a touchdown row favorite at oregon state. 100,000 in tuscaloosa for number one alabama. and a red storm roll tide all over tennessee. that's cooper. a first quarter catch and run. a 54-yard play for the touchdown. tennessee blown right out of the stadium today folks. justin worley picked by landon collins and down the field he goes. he's not going to stop until he completes 89 yards for the pick
5:56 pm
6. the crimson tide roll 45-10. to miami. it's all about the u.. down four. a minute to go in the game. duke johnson, touched it in to give the canes a lead over wake forest. of course still trying to make something out of it and antonio crawford is going to -- steal it with that -- seal it with that. pick. number seven miami escapes 24- 21 over the doe monodeacons -- demon deacons of wake forest. jared jack not the only player on the cavaliers with bay area ties. st. mary's alum matthew delabododa made the team. the sharp shooting australian signed on with the cavs during the summer and did enough during the preseason to make the squad. boy. dreams can come true. soccer, after having the best record in the mls last season. san jose earthquake needed a miracle to get into the
5:57 pm
playoffs. they needed colorado to lose and pregnant pause -- they needed to beat fc dallas this afternoon by 13 goals. >> so you're telling me there's a chance. >> yeah. final game for earthquake ramiro corrales retiring after 15 seasons. got a chance here. a goal in the final game. just wide. quake's up 1460 in the second -- 1-0 if the second half. -- in the second half. where's wan doe? scoring the goal. they fall 12 goals short of pulling off the miracle. they win though the final game, final of 2-1. this afternoon. >> they cared about him. all right thank you very much. that's it for us at 5:30. we hope to see you back here in half an hour. until then our news updates are on good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: tonight, storm over surveillance. more fallout at home and overseas after revelations the n.s.a. eaves dropped on u.s. allies' phone conversations. kelly cobiella has the latest. police kill a 13-year-old holding a toy gun after two other students are accused of killing teachers. carter evans takes a closer look at a worrisome week with kids and weapons. jay-z's in a tight spot, don dahler on how charges of racial profiling at one upscale store may upend a big business deal for the rapper and entrepreneur. and one good turn. nearly a year after sandy, one of the storm's first responders gets just the kind of help he's given to others. >> wow!


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