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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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owner an enemy to the health, welfare, more or less of the people living inside. a fresh round of headaches and strained relations between the u.s. and world allies. >> think we have repair work to do. have hard questions need to ask of the nsa. >> bay area quarterbacks did it their feet, running away with wins. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 28th. i'm michelle griego. in for frank. straight up, 6:00. developing right now police say a drunk driver killed a woman this morning a. live look at the scene near hamilton place. the 27-year-old female driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. the car hit a garage door.
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unit now gathering evidence. the bay area is waking up to wind damage this morning. winds reaching up to 40 miles per hour in some spots, brought down trees, trucks, power lines, cleanup is just beginning. kpix 5 in ant i don't care where one person was hurt after a tree came crashing into his bedroom. kate? >> reporter: michelle, the winds calm, which is a good thing. that family lives in a home behind me. they have quite a bit of cleaning up to do after this. take a look for yourself. the winds were so strong knocked this tree branch straight through this person's home over the weekend. the sharp branches broke through the roof, stopping inches from the bed. the homeowner was hurt, taken to a local hospital. there's still no word on his condition. now know that the winds are expected to continue, linger on throughout the day. so hopefully you're careful out on those roads this morning. reporting live in ant i don't care, kpix 5. >> strong winds brought down
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part of this scaffolding. happened last night at a construction site on hyde, sacramento streets in san francisco. the scaffolding fell on to a transformer. no major damage was reported. no one was reported. liz is in the weather center right now with what those winds are doing. liz? calming down. wind advisories have expired. kind of a crazy night overnight. there was a wind gust reportedly near 75 miles per hour close to the altamont pass where a number of big rigs actually overturned. causing dangerous conditions overnight. fortunately wind speeds are milder right now. still near 24 miles per hour near the airport, fso. conditions along the coast. looks like it's calming down, with speeds under 10 miles per hour, especially out in the north bay. so this laps continues to move closer toward the bay area. on the western edge of it. going to bring a few pop-up showers through the afternoon. more on your seven-day forecast coming up. in the meantime talking
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traffic. with more -- >> good morning, everybody. got back-ups now at the bay bridge toll plaza. calling it rush hour because of the rush of traffic which is now headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza. now they're not rushing in terms of traffic speeds, but certainly slow out there. heavy from beyond the 880 overcross with those lights on. golden gate commuting, southbound traffic a breeze. still no big delays leaving southern ma rain headed into san francisco. highway 4 slowgoing in that westbound direction, leaving ant i don't care from beyond 8th street. that's traffic. now to michelle. all right there. and we are showing you some video now of the strong winds, high winds the they flipped over big rigs and a travel trailer on interstate 580 along the altamont pass overnight. that area saw some of the strongest winds. drivers also had to deal with dust kicked up by the winds. no one was seriously injured.
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and a freeway expected to reopen after this crash shut it down yesterday morning. a truck carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline crashed into a guardrail on interstate 710. the accident sent burning gasoline into neighborhood gutters. the driver also suffered serious burns. the owners of a nursing home in the east bay could face charges that include abuse. the state shut down the valley manor residential care center in castro valley. there were more than a dozen people living there when that happened last week. only three staff members -- after the shut down. a neighbor says it's been a problem for kids. >> hopefully some people are going to have their eyes open what's been going on for the last 20 years. it's just -- >> the people in the home now in other facilities, with relatives, said to be doing okay. the family caught in the middle of that police
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standoff in roseville talk about the moment they came face to face with a gunman in their home. angelique with what happened when the family's home became under siege. >> heard the police officers telling everyone to get inside. they were too close for comfort. went into her bedroom. >> reporter: a stunning account from a mother whose home was suddenly under siege. as soon as she heard the warning calls from officers, she her husband and baby hid in their bedroom, never expecting an armed man would choose home as a hide-out. >> had barricaded ourselves in a room, and started smelling gas. on the phone with 911. i went into panic mode. >> reporter: at one point, allegedly turned on the gas well aware her family was still inside. >> opened the blinds, started waving frantically.
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the 911 dispatcher was talking to them at the same time. >> reporter: she escaped by climbing out of the window while her husband blocked duran from entering the bedroom. seconds later a shoot-out erupted between duran, officers outside. >> all i was focused on was keeping baby safe. the man there was not in his right state of mind. had several encounters with him, and it was a violent, terrifying experience. >> reporter: this is video of her clutching her baby seconds after she was able to escape out of her window. she left home safely, but it is now in shambles. >> completely uninhabitable. >> reporter: duran surrenders. the family, the home thankful. >> need to thank all of the police involved. my family goes out to the men injured. came close to being injured. so grateful family is safe. >> reporter: the woman who lives here says her home was torn apart during that standoff. quite a while before she can go back. in roseville, angelique.
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>> the family is staying with relatives this morning. the u.s. just department is suing a bay area apartment complex owner for discrimination. the lawsuit alleges the owners of the woodland garden apartments discriminated against families with children by prohibiting kids from playing in grassy common areas outside. five families filed complaints. federal prosecutors seeking monetary damages for them as well as a civil penalty. this week the obama administration will face more pressure to reveal how many people signed up online for health care coverage. it's a question republicans are asking after the troubled roll-out of a new web site. the site -- the application, enrollment system went down. the secretary of health and human services kathleen is a deal use will appear on wednesday. a spanish newspaper saying the u.s. spied on
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more than 60 million phone calls in spain in one month alone. suzanne mcguinness has the latest on the first round of headaches, also the strained relations between the u.s. and its allies. >> a european union delegation in d.c. this morning to meet with white house aids, members of congress. they're expressing outrage at reports the nsa has been eavesdropping on as many as 35 world leaders. >> think repair work to do. think have hard questions need to ask of the nsa about what's happening in this program. >> reporter: the visit comes on the heels of a new revelation from a german newspaper, which says the nsa listened in on german chancellor angela merkel's phone calls as far back as 2002, keith alexander briefed the president on the spying in 2010. the obama administration denies it, saying news reports claiming otherwise are not true; but some members of congress are skeptical. >> remember, the nsa works for the president.
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so it's a question of, did the president want to hear what chancellor merkel was saying, because through his national security advisory soar, he knew or should have known. >> reporter: others say the white house should have to answer to no one. >> i think the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality the nsa saved thousands of lives, not only in the cites, france, germany, throughout europe. >> reporter: the wall street journal -- after a white house review uncovered the operation this summer. suzanne mcguinness, cbs news, washington. "the american journalist first reported secret documents given to him by edward snowedden tweeted the guardian newspaper will publish a new spying revelation today. developing news in southern england. at least two people died in a powerful storm hammering region. winds up to 99 miles per hour knocked out power to more than 220,000 people. heath row airport refusing the number of flights today because of that severe weather. time now is 6:09.
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michael jackson's former doctor a free man. the state law that let conrad murray out of jail. reopening day on new york's ellis island a year after super storm sandy -- the big typo that took the field during yesterday's game. high-def doppler showing light rain falling over the santa cruz mountains. for more on this, plus halloween forecast coming up. looking at big-time delays for busy vas key road in the livermore area. a three-car accident got traffic at a standstill. have details on this, give you a complete look kcbs traffic still ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a free man this morning. conrad murray walked out of los angeles prison at midni the former cardiologist was found guilty of giving jackn the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. th eventually led to the pop 's giving jackson the powerful antiseptic appropriate toll as a sleep aid. led to the star's death. murray served two of four-year sentence. change allowed the time to be cut down.
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ellis island reopening for tourists. been shut down since it was swamped last fall. it will reopen in about 15 minutes. a group of women from europe plans to be there today. . >> would just like to see it. >> ellis island was under 8 feet of water during sandy. the storm destroyed broilers, electrical systems, flooded the system. some parts still being repaired. a check on traffic with lisa. how is it looking out there? . >> looking pretty good. a couple hot spots. going to start off with the livermore area where very busy vas key road is jammed up. a three-car accident. travel delayed in the area, vas key normally a good alternative to delays on 580.
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not the case this morning. westbound 580 extremely slow from the 205 interchange. stays heavy. see the sensors, all the way to the dublin interchange. set aside extra time. west 580, very long delays between the altamont and the dublin interchange. the bay bridge commute, the metering lights are on. traffic extending to the overcrossing. pass all this, traffic does okay. once on the bridge, does pick up heading into san francisco. the golden gate commute, southbound traffic moving well. still no delays through central san rafael. the ma rain county commutes in good shape so far this morning with no major accidents for the north bay a. look at kcbs traffic. here's liz high-def doppler not taking a break. picking up light rain falling over the mountains. looks like a few hundredths of an inch just in last hour or so. you can see taking the brunt of it right now. heads up as you start your
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morning commute. expect wet weather. could see a few pop-up showers continuing throughout the day today for most of the bay area. not much, a slight chance. may want to bring an umbrella just in case. mainly breezy conditions, partly cloudy skies, temperatures on the cooler side. upper 40s to low 50s outside. this afternoon, a mix of sun, clouds. temperatures still staying on the cool side, below average this time of year, in the 50s, low 60s. laps fall storm. continues to move south. mainly east. on the western edge. bringing all this cool wet weather, lot of cloud cover. breezy conditions. your forecasted high in california, wet weather throughout much of it. even a mix of snow, wet weather in lake tahoe. moderate heavy snow was reported near lake tahoe airport a look at forecasted highs later on today,
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50s, 60s, and your extended forecast with the all important forecast in there. cool still for tuesday. a slight warmup wednesday, thursday. pretty good trick or treating weather. slightly cooler for the weekend. >> sounds good, elizabeth. thank you. london may have hosted the jacksonville jaguars, but didn't know how to spell the team's name. the flag-waving sales coming up next. coming up, the bay area quarterback dud it with their feet yesterday in a bay area baseball -- shine on the brightest stage. that's all coming up. >> what's cool about your school. you can e-mail your nomination to us. cool schools at may come and feature your school on the show. , [son] all righ s no idea. [man] no one tright? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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there are chain restrictions on i-80. also delays at the bay bridge toll has is a, an accident in the clearing stages along 880 in oakland. i'll have details with kcbs traffic still ahead. in this postseason, the red sox have hit several home runs that will live in boston sports history. last night, a bay area product added his name to that list. david ortiz channeling -- johnny dome steps up at a tie game, delivered the big blow, a 3-run home run to put the red sox ahead in the 6th inning. finished the world series against the cardinals with
6:23 am
a 4-2 win. gombs in the background with a devastated pitcher. prior ran for a touchdown in the 1st play from scrimmage. the longest run in the history of the nfl by a quarterback as well as the longest run in raider history. they beat the steelers 21-18. there goes collin capper nick. ran for 2 touchdowns. they now head into the bye week. they are riding high with a 5- game win streak. alex blaylock made his first nhl start in ottawa. justin bronx set up 1 of 5 goals. they beat the senators 5-2. the sharks have the most point in the nhl as they collected their 10th win of the season. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis dow value. don't forget, another world series game tonight. have a great day. go back to london for play of the day. it's halftime with the 9ers beating the jaguars. . do you see something wrong
6:24 am
with the flag wavers? look closely. they're out of order. the r and the second a are in each other's places. can you tell? the flags spell -- >> another thing gone wrong for the jags. still have not won a game this season. >> what's weird. that is where the jaguar, not the animal, but the car originated, was in england. incredible. still ahead on kpix, new allegations against the -- accusing the u.s. of snooping on spain. the white house is reviewing surveillance of its al please. >> plus people bedridden. they have no way to fend for themselves. >> spoiled food, droppings some of the complaints of a home accused of abandoning its patients. . >> one family, damage ended up
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semi trucks... knock out hoursing home in hot water with the state. coming up, a long list of cry stations with facility is facing. and strong winds flip over a semi truck, knock out power, cause scaffolding to come crashing down. >> got accidents now on 880, oakland, northbound 880 approaching high street. problems in walnut creek as well on 680. i'll have details in a few minutes. breezy weather. a few pop-up showers through the day today. it was some wild weather overnight.
6:29 am
we have kpix reporter -- she is live in ant i don't care, where those strong winds were enough to bring a tree crashing through a home, sent one person to the hospital. what's the latest there, kate? >> reporter: well, liz, hopes they have seen the worst of these high winds. sure they had quite a bit of cleanup after they got an unwelcome surprise. take a look for yourself. sunday evening, when it happened. the high winds forced this tree into the family's home. the branches were so sharp it broke through the roof, stopped inches from the bed. the homeowner hurt, taken to a hospital. no word on his condition. the winds in ant i don't care died down a bit. a good thing. expected to linger on throughout the morning. reporting live, kpix 5. . this store at the mall in emeryville fell off the building, right on to the
6:30 am
street. a couple cars damaged, but in one was hurt. strong winds brought down part of this scaffolding. happened last night at a construction site, sacramento streets in san francisco. the scaffolding fell on to a pge transformer. no major damage reported. no one was hurt. good morning, everyone. today is monday, october 28th. i'm brian hackny. frank is off today. it was windy enough to fly an iron kite overnight. >> reporter: a good way to put it. it was dangerous overnight. crazy stuff, enough to overturn big rigs. checking the wind conditions, looks like things are slowly calming down. breezy along the coast. seeing wind gusts 24 miles per hour. a lot more mild in the north bay, where wind speeds in some parts are below 10 miles per hour. could see a few pop-up showers throughout the day today. talk more about these umbrella conditions coming up in just a little bit.
6:31 am
meantime talk traffic. >> looking at delays now. an accident in walnut crook. this is as you leave the walnut creek interchange. this accident outbound 680 in the clearing stages. you can see traffic delays getting through there. this is southbound 680 near olympic boulevard. northbound 880 approaching high street. the accident itself just beyond the scope of this camera shot. can definitely see those delays behind the accident. expect traffic to be backed up. the bay bridge commute, a monday, feeling like a monday with those backups extending beyond the 880 overcross with the metering lights on. have big delays in both directions because of an accident approaching los vaccaros. developing now, police believe a drunk driver was behind the wheel of a car that killed a 26-year-old woman walking in san jose this morning. this is a live look at the
6:32 am
scene. the 27-year-old female driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, vehicular manslaughter. the car also hit a garage door on a house. all happened 2:30 this morning. this week, the obama administration can expect more pressure to disclose the number of people who have signed up online for health-care coverage. it's a question republicans are asking after the troubled roll-out of that new web site. the chief of medicare will testify at a house hearing tomorrow, and the secretary of health, human services will appear on wednesday. today -- concerned about nsa speaking is in washington to meet with house aids, members of congress. they reports the nsa has been eavesdropping on as many as 35 world leaders. a newspaper says the nsa listened in on german chancellor angela merkel's phone calls as far back
6:33 am
as 2002. there's divide reaction in congress. >> repair work to do. hard questions need to ask of the nsa about what's really happening in this program. >> the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just the united states, also france, germany, throughout europe. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" said the eavesdropping ended after a white house review uncovered the operation this past summer. new this morning, a 71-year- old man headed for los angeles is being held in canada. after montreal airport security found parts of a specially explosive device in his carry-on luggage. the man detained, hasn't been charged. everyone questioned, flight operations were temporarily disrupted. police also blocked off an area as they searched an apartment. it was an adult-care home, but without the care. the search is on for the
6:34 am
operators. kpix 5 mark kelly in castro valley where a skeleton staff apparently worked for free to take care of patients. mark? >> reporter: this is valley manor residential care facility behind me. the state shut it down thursday; but allegedly patients still living in there with very little care. this morning, we have a response from the owner's attorney. a look inside valley manor. here the owner reportedly disappeared, left a small staff to care for more than a dozen disabled patients. a state report cites violations, including feces, urine in the facility, insufficient food for patients. a woman living nearby has been concerned for some time. >> reporter: we asked the owner's attorney. he said as required by law there were two caregivers and a cook taking care of 14 patients. but he says that's been no stance from the state
6:35 am
when valley manor shut down. >> nobody abandoning anybody. you're in a catch 2 situation. you can't take care of the people. you're supposed to transfer them; but there's no resources to transfer them. >> reporter: the state report slaps a laundry list of violations on this facility, even requesting its owner never own, work or be associated with a facility like valley manor residential care center ever again. . the owner's attorney goes on to say that his client has a heart of gold. he also says she was losing money caring for elderly on fixed income when she herself got sick, michelle. >> how are the patients doing. >> reporter: told this morning, the patients are doing okay. they're either transferred to other facilities or living with family. >> good to hear. mark kelly in castro valley. thank you. a suspect is in critical condition after shot by police officers. police say he got into a fight
6:36 am
with another man yesterday afternoon in the marina district. the suspect allegedly fired at the victim several times before running away. police say they shot the suspect after he pointed a gun at them. no word on the victim's condition. also fled the scene. a 19-year-old is dead. as many as seven others injured after a shooting in valet owe saturday night. police say a group of teens headed to a party from the south bay stopped on princeton avenue to fix a tire. minutes later, somebody in a white suv pulled up, fired multiple shots before driving away. no word yet on a motive jurors will hear from prosecutors and guy if i yearry this week in the trial of max wade. accused of stealing if i yearry's lamb boar ginney from a dealership a couple years ago. also on trial for the attempted murders of a classmate he was infatuated with. prosecutors say that wade fired shots at the couple in mill valley april 2012, but
6:37 am
missed. happening today, a sub committee will hold a hearing in san carlos about pge's natural gas pipeline. comes in the after the of a shutdown in the city. . today's meeting is to explore what should be done by the utility, public utilities commission to improve communication with local officials. the time now is 6:37 on your monday morning. a bay area city is taking the lead on gun control. the measure worrying gun advocates next. and farm bill fight. the unintended consequence if a bill isn't reached that could cost at the grocery store. >> the marked opened 10 minutes ago. a quick check on the early numbers, which all, despite the futures, down. an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks coming up. ,,,,
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next month on a gun safety e put on the ballot by the ci council.. supporters of measure "c" a going door- to- door tryingo get people to vote for it. the mayor supports the proposal... but a licensed gun dealer is concerned. "..." the n-r-a has said it will t measure "c" if voters pass . s? a licensed gun dealer is worried. >> hear every day adults finding weapons in their homes, going somewhere. past week, had two shootings at schools that involve teachers. that has to stop >> sunnyvale the only place that has these measures. they don't want people kind of looking at what they're doing, purchasing. >> the nra says that it will fight measure c if voters pass it. a new effort underway in california to recall
6:42 am
lawmakers who backed recent gun legal cause. >> melissa griffin cane has more on this movement called free california. free california means what? . >> political title else rarely mean everything. last thursday, a couple of folks, tim donnelly from twin peaks, a woman announceed the creation of something called free accept. bring back for a moment. might recall that after last year's shooting in connecticut, a number of states moved to pee up gun control legal cause. one of the states that was most vigorous about this was colorado. earlier this year, the nra funded a recall effort, successfully switched two democrats in the state senate in colorado. well that same group -- last thursday, they announced the creation of free california, which is dedicate to recalling state lawmakers in california who endorsed gun measures,
6:43 am
senators nora torres, marina gonzales and sharon sill have a. >> why those five lawmakers? . >> none of these folks actually offered any gun control legislation. presumably the free california folks -- three got to office in special elections. one of them lives in a district that is 50/50 republican, democrat. finally, john paris -- doesn't make a whole lot of sense, because he's super popular in his district. not entirely clear what reasoning is behind him. got something going on. >> do the lawmakers have gop support? . >> tim donnelly, this free california thing. a lot of lawmakers say "wait a minute. it has not escaped attention all people you are targeting are latinos." now california gops are trying to appeal to this demographic. a lot of lawmakers saying "wait
6:44 am
a minute. we don't want you to spend our dollars attacking these democrats, because they're all latinos." . calling this move racist. >> the nra, though, almost seems to have unlimited power. >> like you to believe that. a lot of people shocked in colorado. they were able to make this recall happen. whether or not -- it's not helpful they're only targeting one ethnic group. if they have any sense at all, in two weeks they're going to try to aim at recalling, got to add more people to the list, maybe even someone who authored a piece of gun control legislation. would be helpful if they're going to make that argument. see how that plays out. that's where it's going so far. >> you can find more segments on the fight over renewing the
6:45 am
country's farm bill could have an unintended consequence, higher milk prices. members of the house, senate are set to begin negotiations on the 5-year bill this week. if they don't finish it, their support could expire at the end of the year, skyrocket the price of milk. the main challenge in getting the bill done will be the differences on food stamps. wall street getting ready for twitter to go public. here now is jason brooks with more. >> twitter just had a successful test run of its upcoming ipo at the new york stock exchange. shows the nyse over nasdaq mainly because of what happened at facebook last year. all sorts of technical glitches. led to big fines for the nasdaq. twitter looking to probably go public sometime before thanksgiving. show its case to investors around the country,
6:46 am
looking to raise as much as $1.6 billion when it goes public. apple reports its quarterly earnings at the closing bell. in the spotlight today. quarter expected to show a profit down 12% from last year, making a ton of money. the expectation for up a the. really the current quarter the key. what analysts going to look at closely. what apple is forecasting. the latest i-phones went on sale at the end of the recent quarter. the new i-pad just going on sale. the current quarter going to be the absolute key for apple. stock market coming off of its third straight winning week. today struggling a little bit. its shares are falling as a result of the big drop in its profit. take a look at the numbers on the big board right now. dow dropping by 7 points. nasdaq up by about 2. the s and p gaining 1 point. apple shares up a quarter
6:47 am
percent. michelle, brian, back to you. >> thank you. the time 13 minutes before 7:00. a check on traffic. >> shaping up to be a hectic commute out there. got accidents in the walnut creek area, in oakland. going to talk about walnut creek first. this accident still out there blocking two lanes of traffic. southbound 680 just beyond the walnut creek interchange. got traffic backed up. expect delays. also been a test commute. an accident blocking the left lane. a couple cars involved in this crash, still out there, blocking the left lane. take a look at live pictures of 880. back to stalling. through oakland into san leandro. avoid 880 if you can. 580 would be a good alternative to waiting in some of those delays. now, the bay bridge commute, metering lights on, traffic backed up from about the 880 overcross getting toward the toll plaza. keep in mind, once you get through this mess, traffic does pick up.
6:48 am
no delays getting into fran. kcbs sky 3 just flew over 580 leaving the atmont. traffic very slow, slow from 205 approaching the dublin interchange. a look at kcbs traffic. now to liz. crowd day, cool skies if you head outside this morning. kpix live high-def doppler picking up light rain showers over mountains. zoom on in. if your commute takes you anywhere near highway 9, highway 17. looks like highway 35 getting conditions outside. low cloud cover out the door, also hear from fso. delays on arrivals right now of about 45 minutes. temperatures on the cool side. below average for this time of year. mainly upper 40s to low 50s. a mix of sun and clouds, by this afternoon. only reaching to the low 6 0s. that's inland spots. low to mid-50s everywhere else.
6:49 am
laps continues to move farther south. mainly east of the bay area. on the western edge of it. bringing cool breezy conditions, windy, crazy winds overnight. a slight chance of pop-up showers continuing throughout the afternoon. forecasted high, 50 to low 60s, 56 in san francisco. 62 degrees in san jose. these temperatures are about 10 degrees below average this time of year. not crazy. feeling cooler than usual outside. the cold weather sticks around through tomorrow. a slight warmup by the end of the workweek in before we cool down for the weekend. a quick look at our cool school. a cool school day. literally. in more ways than one, 50s, 60s by the final bell. if you want to be part of our future school cast, nominate your school at >> they will be wearing sweaters. >> they will. >> maybe an umbrella.
6:50 am
>> thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later. >> charlie rose joins live from new york. >> good morning. also to michelle. ahead new fallout from obama care. jane crawford is looking into insurance companies booting people from their current plans. only providing new options that cost up to 10 times more. plus soaring holiday air fares. greenburg on what destinations are most affected, where you may see cheaper prices. dr. ruth writes a letter with advice. >> should be interesting. thank you. time right now is 6:50. the worst storm in years pounding parts of britain, flooding streets, knocking out power. the latest in the saint jude storm next. ve things to know at
6:51 am
. >> nature got the better of a family when strong winds knocked a tree into their home. show you the. so you can st the great americ . so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. the 55 -- the obama administration faces tough questions about how many pe have successfully signed up online for health care cove. the nt tough questions about how many people successfully signed up online for health care coverage. the application, enrollment system for the web site went down yesterday. health, human services secretary kathleen is a deal use will appear before a health committee wednesday. michael jackson's former doctor is out of jail. conrad murray released from a jail shortly after midnight. served less than two years in jail after being
6:55 am
convicted in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter. murray had been sentenced to 4 years behind bars. a change in california law allowed for his early release. new york's ellis island opening today for the first time since it was damaged by super storm sandy. will reopen to the public. more than a million photos, other arty facts will stay in storage while buildings are fixed. a massive storm lashing southern britain with hurricane force winds. forecasters say the storm is one of the worst once in years. two people died, including a teenage boy swept out to sea. officials report flooding in some areas, major travel delays people flying into the airport. strong winds wreak havoc across the bay area, beyond overnight. . knocked over a dozen big rigs. the winds responsible for accidents, downed power lines, even a tree crashing through a bay area home. live at that home in ant i
6:56 am
don't care. kate? >> reporter: michelle, the family definitely got a surprise of their life -- lives when this tree came crashing into their home. take a look at this video. you can see the damage for yourself. the winds were so powerful over the weekend, forced the tree to come straight through the roof. sharp branches pierced through this home yesterday evening stopping inches from the bed. one person from the home injured, taken to a local hospital. at this point don't know what his or her condition is. but the good news for people in ant i don't care is that the winds have died down a bit. know they will be lingering on throughout the morning. kpix 5. taking a check of your pinpoint weather. fortunately if you went to bed feeling all -- things starting to calm down. breezy conditions along the coast for the most part. they will continue to die down throughout the day. temperatures, though, on the cool side still. thanks to partly cloudy skies, santa row is a right now 39 degrees. temperature dropped a few
6:57 am
degrees. seeing some low 50s in oakland, livermore. by this afternoon, a mix of sun, clouds, a few pop-up showers possible. all of the bay area. seeing light rain totals now. temperatures about 10 degrees below average this time of year, in the 50s to very low 60s in some inland spots. a look at seven-day forecast. cool weather sticks around for one more day before a slight warmup through the end of the workweek. thursday, a lot of people watching that forecast. everything looks mild for thursday night. saturday, sunday, a slight cooldown again in time for the weekend. lisa? . >> traffic very slow along 680. an accident in the clearing stages. sensors are picking up slow traffic. sky 3 just flew over 680. traffic backed up through the walnut creek interchange where the accident cleared -- the 880 commute a mess.
6:58 am
northbound traffic slow because of the an accident at hyde street. northbound traffic still backed up through oakland into san lee indian degree. expect delays. take 580 instead. the bay bridge toll plaza looking very heavy as well. westbound traffic backed up. still very slow out there with the metering lights on in the silicon valley, good news. no big accidents. you can see the commute is underway for that transition from south 880 to west 237. expect delays now from 880 approaching anchor road, westbound 237. going to be slow spot this morning. the bart testimony reporting still no delays, no problems for caltrans. guys? . >> sounds good. happening today, a spanish newspaper is reporting the nsa spied on more than 60 million phone calls in a single month. follows similar allegations in france, germany. today a delegation from europe will meet with white house aids, members of congress. a german newspaper said the nsa listened in on
6:59 am
german chancellor angela merkel's phone calls, president obama was briefed on the spying three years ago. >> a question of did the president want to her what chancellor merkel was saying because through his national security advisor, he knew, should have known. >> "the wall street journal" said it ended after a white house review uncovered the operations this past summer. we're going to tell you what our favorite scary movies are. >> . >> i don't think i'll ever see it again. >> . >> of course you've got -- >> cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. next local news update at 7:26.
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