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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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0001. the barge in portland, maine is marked bal0011. a document provided to kpix 5 by the treasure island development authority confirms one of the four tenants currently leasing space in hangar 3 which sits across from the barges is called by and large or bal. it moved in august 1 this year but so far the authority hasn't provided kpix 5 with a copy of the lease to show how much by and large pays and how long it plans to stay. adding to the intrigue, look at this sign inside hangar 3 telling anyone who goes in to turn over all recording devices. well placed sources tell kpix 5 the barges are being built and outfitted as retail sales and marketing centers for google glass, the company's wearable computer. google is so far not responding at all to numerous requests for comment on the project. other than the list of lessees, the treasure island development
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authority apparently isn't even talking to the mayor of san francisco. he seems content to be in the dark. >> i was trying to see what the treasure island people were saying, no, they haven't told him as well. >> reporter: the regulatory agency called bay conservation and development commission would need to approve docking the vessel but building on the barge is subject to coast guard review. >> the permitting process for building is not handled by bcdc and the coast guard has to provide a certificate for the vessel. >> reporter: the coast guard isn't being very forthcoming either. today it only confirmed it is working with the barge's owners, but gave zero details citing, due to issues of commercial confidentiality, we are unable to disclose any more information at this time. meanwhile, the reuters wire service is reporting at least one coast guard employee signed a confidentiality agreement with google. a coast guard spokesman would only add that this is an unusual situation that they don't typically deal with.
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>> i have a source that told me this afternoon that this is not a defense department project, not a national security project. this is a google project. how is it that the u.s. coast guard cannot give us information about this? >> it seems to be unprecedented. we cannot really find a case where they are not forthcoming with information. we are pressing ahead freedom of information requests probably to be filed. this is apparently not national security. so they should be able to tell us exactly what has been applied for what's going on. >> so there are three barges registered to the same company? >> there are fourth. we have documentation for the fourth one bal0100 but as far as we know only two of the four are under construction and listed as passenger barges, that one in portland, maine might be farther along as you can see several windows in each container not quite so many. there are different stages but they are almost identical. >> the world waits. we'll have more tomorrow. >> google secrets. >> thank you, allen.
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breaking news out of marin county. a jury has convicted teenager max wade for his crime spree that included stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini. linda yee shows us how wade's mother reacted to that decision. linda. >> reporter: ken, the jury did find 19-year-old max wade guilty on fiv charges. his mother was in the courtroom and she screamed at the verdict. >> i love you baby!! >> reporter: he was convicted of attempted murder charges. prosecutors said he shot at his former high school classmate in a jealous rage, a mill valley boy dating a 16-year-old girl wade had desired. wade was also convicted of stealing a $200,000 lamborghini owned by celebrity chef guy fieri. prosecutors said he broke into a luxury car dealership in san
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francisco, rappelled down a four-story building to steal the car and impress the girl. there is no immediate reaction from his parents who were in the courtroom. his attorney: >> i think it's a very, very difficult time for the family. >> reporter: the jury reached the verdicts after only one day of deliberations. sentencing is scheduled for december 16. wade was a juvenile when he committed the crimes but tried as an adult. he could spend decades in prison. >> we'll wait for that sentencing. linda yee, thank you for that. tonight the search is on for a resident missing from a defunct care home. it's just the latest trouble for the castro valley facility where people were left behind when it was ordered closed. kpix 5's john ramos has the details on the missing man and the story of a care home worker who stuck with the seniors when others bailed. >> what i was thinking was, by thursday, they would have all the residents out. but they didn't. >> reporter: maurice had only been a cook at valley springs
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manor for three months when the state issued a shutdown order for the castro valley elder care facility effective last thursday. he says about five state workers had been there on and off all week. but come friday night, they all left leaving roland and a maintenance worker to try to care for 14 workers at the house. >> we was doing the best we could to make sure the residents was all taken care of because like the state they was supposed to be there from my understanding but they weren't there after 5:00, they were out of the building. >> reporter: believing they wouldn't be paid the house managers and staff never showed up on friday. so roland continued to cook for the residents and even called 911 four times to report various people's health problems. but he never actually mentioned that the facility was supposed to be closed. but because of the way they appeared, the fire crew that was there as they went in there between thursday and saturday
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never recognized that there were too few people or what the appropriate number was. >> reporter: but the fire crews began to suspect something was wrong and sheriff's officers finally arrived on scene saturday night. since then, they have been trying to locate other seniors who had been moved to various hospitals in the area? only one resident remains missing 65-year-old edmond bascom, officials saying he is in good physical shape but has a history of wandering away and was last seen at 2 p.m. on friday at the san leandro bart station wearing a raiders shirt, blue pants and fishing hat. the sheriff's department says they have boxes of records to examine before they determine who to hold responsible for the mess. >> so this is not going to happen anytime too soon. this -- this -- there's no arrest imminent. this case is going to take a very, very long time to put together. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the staff did anything illegal by leaving the house. but roland says this was about right and wrong. >> i just can't see myself just
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leaving the residents in there like i couldn't -- i couldn't -- i couldn't do that. maybe they would have tried to cook know of themselves and burned the whole place up or i -- i just couldn't have that on my conscience. >> reporter: in castro valley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> tomorrow, alameda county sheriffs and fire will meet with a number of federal, state and local agencies that deal with health and welfare fraud and elder abuse. they will sort out what violations may have occurred at valley springs manor. the police say the driver who caused a four-car crash in san francisco's inner richmond this afternoon ran a red light in a stolen car. that honda accord plowed into a lexus suv at 10th and geary flipping it into two other vehicles. >> heard a crazy noise of like cars being like crashed into each other. >> don't see this every day on the street, now. this is something you see on a freeway. >> all four drivers are in the
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hospital tonight along with a passerby who was hit by flying debris. the 25-year-old suspect is facing car theft charges and likely more. there's been another accident involving a san francisco rec and park truck that hit a 12-year-old boy crossing the street near gerard and bacon this morning then hit an oncoming car. the boy is expected to be okay. police say it's unclear who was actually at fault or whether the child was in a crosswalk. witnesses say the city driver tried to swerve around him. there is no way that guns should be in the hands of the mentally ill. but our phil matier has learned california courts are not reporting the names of people who should not have firearms. >> reporter: under state law, hospitals and courts are supposed to notify the department of justice whenever it's determined that a person can no longer own or purchase a firearm. but according to a just released state audit county courts have routinely failed to report the names of people deemed too mentally ill to have
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guns. according to the audit, between 2010 and 2011, 34 counties failed to make the required notice. in all, 2300 times. and 2100 of those cases were in san francisco. >> state law requires that there be an indication about whether that person is prohibited from possessing a firearm. >> reporter: san francisco court officials tell us that while the report may be technically true, it's only part of the story. >> this is a paperwork issue not a public safety issue. the fact of the matter is that these 2100 individuals already are subject to a firearms prohibition due to their initial hospitalization. >> reporter: in other words, the hospitals already did the reporting. >> regardless, it is different from the other courts. they have to be under court orders. >> reporter: whatever the case, san francisco is now working to comply. >> it's true that the court will only rule on matters that are contained in the petition, but however, we're focusing now on working with the parties to make sure that we're all in
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full compliance with the reporting requirements. >> we are always looking for ways to make sure that people will suffering from mental illness are prohibited from possession firearms. >> reporter: still, the report will likely rekindle the argument by some that the state should enforce its current gun control laws before passing new ones. >> we report the information. we try to provide that out there so that they can work towards that and, you know, direct resources where they need to be directed. >> reporter: those resources are out there. it's a question, however, of how they're being used and this is one of those cases, ken, where we pass the law, and then came back and look and found out even our own courts weren't enforcing them. >> yeah. i mean, you have to go through some practical living to see if these things work. mental illness is just one part of this equation. what is the total number of people banned from owning guns in the state? how many people are we talking about? >> reporter: we talk about convicted felons, people are
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restraining orders, mentally ill and others it comes to about 20,000. that's a pretty big number. and in the past two years, just as agents have gone out there and taken guns back, as a matter of fact they have taken over 5,000 guns back and 400,000 rounds of ammunition. so ken, it is a big problem. >> absolutely. phil matier live from our newsroom, thank you, phil. coming up, what a sheriff's deputy says he can't remember before he opened fire on a bay area teen holding a replica rifle. >> for more than 100 jobs up for grabs, the $55 an hour position at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. >> speaking of santa clara, your high today 69 degrees, also the upper 60s for you in lakeport. petaluma coming in at 68. walnut creek 67. we are getting milder. do we crack that 70-degree mark? the answer in the self day forecast in about 6 minutes. to do it again i would develop probably the ability to use social media. >> coming up at 6:30, how a bay
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area city flew under the radar with its close call with bankruptcy. as its voters get ready to decide if they will raise their own taxes. ,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way,
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for 13-year-old andy lopez. protestors marching right now for a second straight day in santa rosa demanding justice for 13-year-old andy lopez. an investigators told the "san francisco chronicle" that the deputy who shot and killed lopez last week can't remember if he identified himself as a deputy before that shooting. our own ryan takeo with more on the tense moments leading up to the teenager's death. >> reporter: now investigators are releasing new information about the case and it's raising a big question. did the deputy involved identify himself as law enforcement before shooting? it's not clear right now. the deputy, according to the "san francisco chronicle," told
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an investigator that he did not remember if he did in fact identify himself before shooting. the deputy claims the 13-year- old andy lopez turned to him with what he thought was a rifle, that's when deputy erick gelhaus started shooting. it was a toy gun. this is the second high-profile protest in as many days. this will go through the streets of santa rosa a mile to the old courthouse downtown. organizers say there will be many more of these protests until they find justice. in santa rosa, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> and investigators also say tonight that a witness warned lopez that police were in the area and to put the replica gun away. bay area headlines, new uc president janet in a approximately tan no got a chill -- napolitano got a chilly reception in oakland this morning. she arrived to speak with students at oakland tech high school. protestors are upset over the number of deportations on her
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watch as homeland security secretary. san jose police say someone stole $70,000 worth of ipads and laptops from this school over the weekend. police say the burglar broke into the technology room at river glen elementary school. parents spent two years raising the money for the electronics. santa clara police officers are wanted but not for patrolling the streets. they are needed for security at levi stadium. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, increasing violence will be a big concern for the new hires. >> reporter: santa clara is a very small city with a very big football team and a very big responsibility to keep the peace inside and outside the stadium so they have to go out and hire. the sign is out, now hiring. when levi stadium opens up 68,000 people will arrive on 49er game days. the santa clara police department has 142 officers with only a fraction on duty at any given time.
6:17 pm
too few to safely police the stadium crowds. so the department will effectively have to double in size when the 9ers play at home and for that, santa clara is putting out the help wanted sign. >> we plan on recruiting a significant number of officers from bay area agencies to help us police the stadium. >> reporter: the department is hiring qualified badge carrying gun-toting officers to work on contract with the city as special event police officers. >> they will be providing security for the stadium. there's parking concerns that may coming up, interior concerns inside the stadium may come up. >> reporter: and if the recent past is any indication, the officers will have their hands full. these fan videos posted on youtube shows fan violence at 49ers games is up. according to san francisco police officers ejected 67 fans at the september 22 game against the colts. officers also arrested two people for battery and one for assaulting an officer. >> you know, len, i think it's really important that we have a great police department here in santa clara, that the people
6:18 pm
need to be trained and there need to be more of them here. >> reporter: 49ers fan manuel austin of los gatos ought to know. he was brutally beaten by drunk 49ers fans at a monday night game in 2011 after he asked them to be seated so he could see the game. >> the big guy hit me here. another guy hit me here and the guy to his right hit me right in the mouth. >> reporter: austin lost six teeth had a concussion and has trouble hearing in his left ear. he now speaks out against fan violence and wants to help the 9ers make the games safer. >> same thing that we have to do is control the amount of alcohol, we need to train people to be observant about people who are drunk and belittling other people. >> reporter: santa clara police say they will be ready for the crowds and the violence if it comes. >> we have a staff assigned to the stadium and addressing all those conditions. isn't saying how many officers they need. they say that number will go up and down to determine on the needs of the day. they will be paying the
6:19 pm
officers $55 an hour. that money will come out of the santa clara stadium authority's budget not the city's general fund. reporting live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the santa clara police department has closed recruiting for now to start processing applications but they are going to re-open in mid-november. kind of cool out there! >> this time next week it will be dark. >> good football weather. >> sunny but not warm outside. kind of crisp in the air. yes, crisp, good word. cry south padre island. >> hoe wants fried chicken for dinner? >> crispy! >> beautiful time lapse over the past couple of hours. berkeley with plenty of sunshine highs in the mid-60s. we'll show you live pictures this one from dublin. the tri-valley beautiful day today. mild, not warm. and a great shot from oakland looking back at the silhouette of the downtown san francisco skyline. what a beautiful evening we'll have but it's going to lead to another chilly night. highs today one spot hit 70
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that would be you in livermore, 70 degrees. oakland 68. san jose, san rafael, concord, 67. san francisco in the financial district much milder than the past several days with a high of 64 degrees. over the past 127 days, four months and a few days thrown in for extra it has rained three times. three days in the past 127 for rainfall. despite the fact i'm going to show you a front coming up, i don't see that changing. wind on sunday rainfall a little bit in the far south way down toward monterey on monday. it's no longer impacting our weather. high pressure is building in. dry for trick or treating tomorrow night. friday, saturday, highs back to the 70s. sunday we transition to cooler stuff as low pressure moves through the pacific northwest dragging the front down. cloudy and cool sunday.
6:21 pm
we are back to the 70s tomorrow. oakland above average san jose within one degree of normal high of 71. fairfield 74. 65 san francisco. santa rosa high tomorrow with sunshine on halloween it will be a treat, low 70s. friday, first day of november, we have more sunshine. more sunshine saturday. we fall back saturday night. and temperatures will take a little step back as well down to the 60s on sunday, monday and tuesday. still no rain. i'm looking long range now we are pulling out like the big computer stuff. >> go deep. >> long range going for a 50- yard pass. we are looking at a change in the pattern mid-november. >> all right. just in time for thanksgiving. >> hopefully still hide, how demolition crews are -- still ahead, how demolition crews are getting ready to tear down the old span of the bay bridge. >> stolen from a construction site raised to a bay area home. the heavy rain duty heights that's just part of a troubling trend -- the heavy duty heights that's just part of a troubling trend. ,,,,
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why the new bay bridge was over budget.. and behind schedule. senate transpo a state senator wants to learn why the new bay bridge was so over budget and behind schedule. he will hold three here's over the next several months. in 1998, officials estimated the self-anchored suspension span would take four years and cost about $1 billion. well, it took about 11 years and cost more than $6 billion. the first hearing is set for november 13. it's out with the old when it comes to the bay bridge. kpix 5's don ford gives us an up-close look at the complicated dismantling of the old eastern span piece by piece. reporter: it's a spooky sight. the old bay bridge now silent now empty now about to disappear. >> the dismantling of the span begins if all goes according to plan next week. >> reporter: the top deck
6:25 pm
roadway of the cantilever section comes off first. as you can see, some of the asphalt has already been removed. but drivers on the nearby new bridge won't see any changes for a while. >> the public won't see dramatic changes until early 2014. >> reporter: when the steel members start to come off. a detailed structural engineering analysis is completed and the bridge will be dismantled in more or less the reverse order that it was constructed taking at least three years and nearly $240 million to finish. and this is where it all started over 20 years ago during the loma prieta earthquake when section e9 broke loose crashed down on this deck, revealing just how dangerous this bridge really was. the bridge nearly came apart. it was the beginning of the end of the old bridge. now that end is in sight. the paint is peeling. utility cables are cut. the speed limit signs that nobody paid any attention to
6:26 pm
any way are all fading away. but there's one question everybody wants to know. >> people have asked, why not just blow it up? so in addition to the environmental regulations that would prohibit us just dropping the bridge into the bay, we also have the new east span carrying leaving traffic and just for public safety reasons, you can't blow it up. >> reporter: blowing it up would sure be fun. not happening! it will come down slowly, piece by piece. on the old bay bridge, don ford, kpix 5. >> it took a little more than three years to build the bridge back in the 1930s and that's about the same time it will take to demolish the old eastern span. coming up in the next half hour, some bay area voters getting ready to decide if they will raise their own taxes. tonight we have learned just how close their city came to bankruptcy. >> a bay area construction site turned into a crime scene. how a crook managed to pull off a heavy duty heist. >> and why we're facing a wine shortage. ,, ,,
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we've learned just how close their city came to being . now at 6:30 as some bay area voters get ready to decide if they will raise their own taxes, we learned just how
6:30 pm
close their city actually came to being bankrupt. next week, voters in antioch will decide on measure c, a half cent sales tax, to boost police services. the city desperately needs that cash. it turns out it nearly went broke a few years back but the retiring city manager tells ann notarangelo it was a learning experience. >> reporter: for the second time in two years, antioch voters are being asked to increase their sales tax to hire more police officers. >> there is no way to deliver the level of services without the supplemental revenue. >> reporter: critics say there's no guarantee it will be spent on police but the city manager says it's a given. the police department has been cut by a third and crime is up. this is jim's last attempt at rebuilding a decimated city budget. his city lost $11 million a year in the great recession. in 2008, they teetered quietly on the brink of bankruptcy. >> we didn't publicize it because you don't want to cause
6:31 pm
-- there was a little bit of coverage of it but not tremendous. at that time vallejo was in the headlines. >> reporter: 10 years on the job and he is about to retire. empty desks are a reminder only 60% of city jobs are filled. these are still lean times. and he wishes he had better conveyed that to the public. >> to do it again i would work on -- i would develop probably the ability to use social media greater because you can touch people now. >> reporter: after the bart strike, it might come as a surprise to many that employees here gave up three million dollars in pay each year so the city could avoid bankruptcy. >> what i learned is that the institution of labor isn't dead set against doing what needs to be done. they did what they had to do. they realized that they had to be treated i think with respect. >> reporter: what's surprised him is how difficult it is to find good employees. people are drawn to glamour, not government. jim says government pay and benefits have to be good to
6:32 pm
attract better candidates. >> that's going to plague us as not just antioch but government in general. it's hard to compete. >> reporter: there is optimism. highway 4 improvements and a bart station in 2017 will speed up the commute which will increase property values and beef up city coffers. but antioch's not there yet. and jakele is leaving behind an empty piggy bank, the one with a big question mark. in antioch, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> on monday, jakele will sit in on the interviews to select his replacement. happening now, hundreds of protestors moving their way through santa rosa demanding justice in the killing of 13- year-old andy lopez. cops are escorting the crowd. they are holding signs saying, we are all andy lopez. the protestors are making their way downtown to courthouse square where they plan to have a rally. the chp has recovered some heavy duty equipment stolen from a construction site in
6:33 pm
contra costa county. while it's a significant bust, officers tell our da lin these thefts are part of a growing trend. >> reporter: the chp recovered these two stolen excavators last night and returned them to the company they were stolen from. >> we're late. >> reporter: the highway patrol says a witness led them to the suspect 47-year-old knicks casper and shortly -- nick casper and shortly after they found the excavators in a lot in byron. investigators say byron painted over logos but didn't hide them. >> they look the same and because of the fact that they are not registered with the department of motor vehicles, it's not like it has a license plate. >> reporter: officers arrested casper in clayton. he lives at this upscale clayton home with his mother. in fact, this is only a few miles away from where those two excavators were stolen. crews from the company discovered the excavators missing at a clayton job site last week. they cost about a quarter million dollars and worth about $100,000 on the black market.
6:34 pm
>> it's not common at all to lose an excavator. it's really not common to lose two in one fell swoop. >> reporter: the chp and the construction industry say this is not an isolated incident but a trend. >> we have seen a huge increase in the last few years of equipment being stolen. it's progressively getting larger. >> reporter: the chp says just this year alone in contra costa county, 10 pieces of large equipment were stolen. >> anything that's not nailed down that they think they can steal and get away wither going to do that. >> reporter: in clayton, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the chp believes the suspect nick casper worked alone. he will be charged with possession of stolen property and grand theft auto. passengers on board a delta flight headed to san francisco had to make an emergency landing today. a plane which took off from tokyo touched down in a remote part of alaska due to a possible issue with one of the engines. these photos show the boeing 767 after it landed at the
6:35 pm
airport in cold bay, alaska, around 6 a.m. 167 passengers and 11 crewmembers were on board flight 208. some spent the day at the cold bay lodge as they waited for a replacement plane. the passengers are scheduled to get into sfo sometime tonight. still ahead, global wine shortage. 'nuf said. details coming up in tonight's consumerwatch. and why apple is already replacing some of its brand-ne w iphones. ,,,,,,
6:36 pm
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got an phone-5- s? find youf reaching for the charger ale time? on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us why yoy soon get a new phone -for f now before you get excited. you think your got an iphone 5. charging it all the time? on the consumerwatch julie watts tells us why you soon may get a new phone for free. >> reporter: don't get too excited. just because you think your battery dies too quickly does not necessarily mean you get a new phone. today apple told the "new york
6:38 pm
times" it discovered a manufacturing issue that could cause a limited number of the new iphones to take longer to charge and drain the battery faster. apple says it's reaching out to those with the affected phones implying the number isn't that large. apple sold about 9 million iphone 5s phones during the launch last month. and just in time for halloween a consumer watchdog group and a mother from new jersey are taking on the makers of m&ms. they have started a petition demanding mars stop using artificial dyes to color the popular candies. and instead, make them with natural dies the way they are sold in europe. the petition has more than 104,000 signatures. mars, the maker of m&ms says it has absolute confidence in the safety of its ingredients. finally, to the global wine shortage, that's right, i said wine shortage. according to a new report from morgan stanley reef search we're drinking more than we're making even though we're making 2.8 billion cases a year worldwide.
6:39 pm
global production fell by more than 5% last year to its lowest levels since the 1960s, yet consumption continues to rise. in the u.s. alone it was up by 2% last year and while the report says the number of u.s. wineries has expanded dramatically, they should mostly boutique so they are not doing much to help the global supply. no surprise, the french are the largest wine consumers in the world. but we come in at number 2 drinking 12% of the world's wine. china is number 3 and growing. >> because of the health benefits obviously. >> obviously. [ laughter ] >> i'm not buying this. everywhere i go, there's grapes growing. northern california, you go always -- all the way to the sierra nevada people are planting games. there's not enough? >> they say boutique. i didn't write the report. i'm just reporting what the report -- >> i'm is "whining" about it. >> i'll give you a copy of the report. tell me what you think. >> thanks. offering hope in the face of crisis. >> it is an awesome feeling when you can assist someone. there is another beginning to
6:40 pm
life. >> how this bay area chp officer helped save hundreds of lives. >> sunny skies leading to a clear evening at ocean beach. beautiful evening chilly already we'll talk about how low the temperatures go now. your trick or treat forecast and how about that first weekend of november all wrapped up in about 7 minutes. >> i'm dennis o'donnell at the coliseum in oakland! warriors and lakers tip off the season tonight. andrew bogut my special guest is coming up.
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it's also a place where some people have tried to end thr live the gold bridge isn't just a favorite -- the golden gate bridge isn't just a spot for visitors. it's also a place where some people have tried to end their lives. sharon chin has been reporting those stories of bay area heroes for more than five years and joins us to talk about this jefferson award winner. >> reporter: sergeant briggs knows how to calm an emotional situation. he spent more than 20 years speaking words of hope to those in despair.
6:44 pm
reporter: tourists bring home scenic photos of the golden gate bridge. but sergeant kevin briggs carries mental snapshots of life and death. >> it's all the little things that have occurred both good and bad. >> reporter: for more than 20 years as a california highway patrol officer kevin has talked hundreds of people out of jumping to their deaths. >> it's an awesome feeling when you can assist someone. there is another beginning to life. they can change. people are encouraged. >> reporter: that's what kevin taught kevin in 2005. the 22-year-old was a new father who lost his job and felt too depressed to live. >> i was tired of dealing with the pain. >> reporter: for 90 tense minutes in the wind and cold, kevin briggs calmly and patiently talked him out of desperation. >> he took the time to get to know me for who i am and not just me based on my situation. >> we use what we call active listening skills and all my focus will be on them. i want to hear their story. >> that he was my angel that day. that was the only person that was going to bring me over that
6:45 pm
railing. >> it's a great feeling for me. he is the one who did the work. he is the one in a takes a lot more courage to come back over that rail. >> i'm from oakland, california. >> reporter: today kevin says he is happy as a warehouse clerk with two kids. kevin briggs recently met him again for the first time in eight years when the young man presented the sergeant with an award from the american foundation for suicide prevention. what does he mean to you today? >> everything. honestly he saved my life. >> reporter: but kevin briggs says not every case turns out well. each crisis is emotionally exhausting. today he trains other officers to be the first on the bridge to help the hopeless. >> there is hope out there. there's a lot of hope out there. there's a lot of organizations, please give it a chance. >> reporter: so for his work in suicide prevention, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sergeant kevin briggs. kevin briggs says when officers on the bridge are able to talk to people who try to take their own lives, most of the time the people do choose to live. we have links to suicide
6:46 pm
prevention help on our website, >> you know, it's amazing, chp they pull us over and give us tickets for driving. we never think that these guys and women are out there doing this kind of work. how great is that. >> and they make a big difference. in fact, after the reunion back in may, the two kevins have been telling their story publicly working together to promote mental health and suicide prevention. there are several dedicated officers and bridge employees who do this day in and day out and they want people to know that somebody cares. >> thank you, sharon. >> nominate someone that you admire for the jefferson awards for public service online at paul today another crisp fall day. it really feels finally seasonal. >> some parts of the country fall is snow. some parts of the country fall or maybe things not as nice as our fall around here. we have left the 80s and 90s.
6:47 pm
they are done. now we have to get comfortable in the 60s and low 70s, milder tomorrow. fantastic at night. show you the tri-valley where we had a high today mid- to upper 60s currently in the low 60s but a beautiful night on tap and this time tomorrow going to get some knocks on your door from trick or treaters who won't be wet because there's no rain in the forecast and won't be cold because we'll be a little milder tomorrow. right now 63 concord, oakland 64, livermore 66. everybody in the 60s including san francisco, san jose and santa rosa 61. everybody will be in the 40s tomorrow morning. san rafael waking up to 43. 49 in san francisco when lawrence has the forecast for you tomorrow morning in mountain view 47. hogan middle school in vallejo, sunshine across the board, crisp start, sunny finish, and
6:48 pm
they have a motto, science, technology, engineering, and math. "steam" to guide students in careers. smart kids at vallejo at hogan middle school. nominate your school for the kpix 5 schoolcast go to trick or treating tomorrow night nice, clear, temperatures from the low 50s to the low 60s. mom and dad remember sunset is 6:12. the reason why we'll be milder tomorrow and we'll keep the sunshine around is simple. it's a big ring ridge of high pressure kind of bashful staying off to our west for the past couple of days and now with low pressure gone this thing takes over and will be our dominant weather feature for the next three days so for halloween november 2, 3, through saturday sunny mild highs in the 70s. changes coming up on sunday for you. the second half of the weekend won't be sunny or as warm as this because of low pressure, lots of rainfall for the northwest. it will be cloudy and cooler, no rain, not as windy as last sunday but breezy so you will notice a change on sunday. not as warm and not as sunny but the next couple of days a- okay to get outside. warming trend continues tomorrow. the next front will arrive on
6:49 pm
sunday. no rainfall with that. we could use it. we're not going to get it but it will be breezy and cooler. livermore tomorrow four degrees warmer than tomorrow. san jose welcoming back the low 70s. 70 santa clara. mountain view, cupertino, redwood city, san mateo your high tomorrow with sunshine 68. halloween in walnut creek, high of 73. pleasanton 73. napa 73. mid-60s for the city. also the low 60s for stinson beach and daly city. oakland's hitting 70. petaluma 73. windsor tomorrow with sunshine your high 70. warmest day will be friday. we stay mild and sunny saturday. there's your change on sunday back down to the 60s. cloudier, cooler too. and then the top of next week starting a few degrees below average but still no rainfall. dennis live from the warriors game coming up next.
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6:53 pm
warriors starting line-up. >> my starting line-up will be steph clay, andre, david, and boges and that's our starting line-up. >> reporter: mark jackson's decision was made easier after harrison barnes injured his foot during training camp the second year forward missing at least the first two games. as for center andrew bogut, he is fully healthy, he is ready to go after signing a three- year, $36 million contract extension last week. >> i'm excited with andrew bogut. i know everybody the fans, the team is looking forward to the beginning of this season. maybe you more so than anybody else because you're healthy. >> this would be a good off season. very productive coming to training camp got through the whole thing, felt good. so started the regular season here. >> reporter: it hasn't been much in these parts lately. you have to go back quite a few
6:54 pm
years. free agents wanted to stay here here. how much have you noticed the optimism? >> it's changed a lot. the ownership group has a lot to do that. they have come in and tried to not accept losing and accepting the opportunity. it's a place i wanted to remain. i like to be settled. i like where i live, beautiful weather, it was a no-brainer to stay with the team. >> reporter: i still think that if you had been 100% healthy and curry was not playing on one foot that maybe you guys could have taken to the spurs and gotten to the conference finals. in your opinion, how far can this team go? >> if we're healthy, who knows? we still have a lot of work to do. everyone is on the bandwagon. we have to produce. that's an added pressure. i think once we get into the season see how we go, we can go
6:55 pm
as far as it takes us. >> stay healthy. >> reporter: the lakers look like a whole new team as he could bay bryant continues to recover from an injury to his achilles'. they knocked off the clippers last night in their season opener. they were not led by steve nash and kyle. instead it was the bench combining for 76 points. the most bike lakers since the reagan administration. nick foals will start for an injured michael vick sunday against the raiders. vic is once again sidelined after reinjuring his hamstring. 49ers defensive end aldon smith checked out of rehab and one of his first stops was the santa clara sheriff's office to turn himself in on weapons charges. he was released on $75,000 bail then went to 49er headquarters where he met with jim harbaugh. no speculation on his return to the field. >> teammates enjoying their week off after 7 days in london.
6:56 pm
san francisco righted the ship after a 1-2 start. they won five straight. but none of those five teams has a winning record. they are just 12-26 combined. >> this is very mathematical beyond the subtraction, multiplication, long division, decimals and algebra calculus there. yeah. sorry. history is my better subject. ha ha! >> patriots quarterback tom brady hasn't been his usual self this season. could it be as simple as he needs to find some courage? brady dressed up as the lion from the "wizard of oz" while his wife giselle went as dorothy. it wasn't his first time putting on the costume. >> it was the cowardly lion in our elementary school play. so drawing back on past experience. >> do you remember -- >> i sing the whole song.
6:57 pm
>> o -- [ laughter ] >> no. [ laughter ] >> okay. so the warriors and lakers tonight will be here all night. live report coming up in the 11:00 news. dennis o'donnell reporting live from oracle right now back to our version of dorothy and the cowardly lion. ken and elizabeth. guys? >> no way. you're totally the tinman. >> ruff! ruff! [ laughter ] keeping kids safe on halloween. tomorrow on the morning news operation boo. how authorities will be checking up on predators who should have nothing to do with trick or treaters. >> did you notice that dennis is like 6 feet tall anyway? bogut is another you know three feet taller. >> how'd that happen? captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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