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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 31, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: tonight, we're breaking news on two major fronts. sharyl attkisson has uncovered the inside story of the health care debacle. we'll have the revealing internal reports from the government's war room. there's no denying it now-- elizabeth palmer has the evidence of iranian troops fighting in the syrian civil war, images syria and iran don't want you to see. floods in the south and midwest as a major storm system moves into the east. manuel bojorquez is there. and lamborghini takes a victory lap on its 50th anniversary. ha-ha! "60 minutes" goes along for the ride in the world's most exotic super cars. whoa! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, for 31 days now, the obama administration has been telling us americans by the millions are visiting the new health insurance web site despite all of its problems, but no one in the administration has been willing to tell us how many policies have been purchased, and this may be the reason. cbs news has learned enrollments got off to an incredibly slow start. sharyl attkisson attained documents that haven't been seen by the public until now. >> reporter: early enrollment figures are contained in notes from twice a day war room meetings from medicare and medicaid services after the web site failed on october 1. they were turned over in response to a document request from the house oversight committee. the web site launched on tuesday. publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours.
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but at a meeting wednesday morning, the war room notes say six enrollments very occurred so far. they were with blue cross blue shield of north carolina and kansas city and, caresource, and health care service corporation. by wednesday afternoons enrollments were up to approximately 100. by the end of wednesday, the notes reflect 248 enrollments nationwide. the health care exchanges need to average 39,000 enrollees a day to meet the goal of seven million by march 1. the war room notes give a glimpse into some of the reasons customers had problems. direct enrollment, signing up directly on an insurer's web site, is not work for any issuers. experian credit reporting is creating confusion with credit check information. issuer phone numbers are not appearing correctly on the pay now page. the notes leave no doubt the enrollment figures, which the administration has chosen to keep secret, are available. statistics coming in say notes from the very first meet, the
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morning of october 2, contractor q.s.s.i. has a daily dashboard created every night. head of c.m.s., marilyn tavenner, wouldn't disclose the figures, when dave camp asked earlier this week. >> how do you not know how many people have enrolled? >> chairman camp, we will have those numbers available mid- november. >> reporter: health and human services today told us it's in no position to confirm or discuss enrollment figures because it doesn't have any. a spokesman suggested enrollment was expected to start slowly and skyrocket as the deadline approaches. >> pelley: thank you sharyl. 17 states and the district of columbia are running their own health insurance exchanges. and many of those are of appear to be working well. ben tracy found one in washington state. >> i think the important thing about washington state is that we have demonstrated the fundamental integrity and benefits of health care reform.
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>> reporter: washington governor jay inslee is feeling confident. in the month since his state opened its health care exchange, 49,000 people have enrolled, another 92,000 have started an application. the bar for success right now is fairly low. but washington state is getting kudos for this going well here. >> right. >> reporter: what do you think you've done right? >> frankly, it's easier to do this on a state basis than it is having the whole federal system in one technical system. we make sure that we get into schools and gymnasiums and beauty parlors where people are and let them know what the options are. when people find out these options, hey, it's a good deal. >> reporter: unlike the federal site, washington state allows people to browse for plans without creating an account. the idea was to make it as simple as shopping on and not overwhelm the system with personal data. >> i equate it to launching an industry, not just launching a product. >> reporter: richard onizuka is c.e.o. of the washington health benefit exchange. he says bipartisan political support in the state gave them
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two years to build their system and educate the public. but there have still been problems. on the first day the site was so slow, the state took it offline to make adjustments to speed it up. there are still some technical glitches. every day are you finding new things on the site that need to be tweaked? >> yes, we're finding things all the time that need to be tweaked. >> reporter: on wednesday, washington state had to take its site down because the federal government system that verifies identities and income was not working. people had to fill out forms by hand. if the federal site was working just fine, would your site be up and running perfectly. >> our site would be up and running, yes. >> reporter: how well? >> we think pretty well. we're able to get enrollments through. we have places where people might get stuck. >> reporter: now, there are more than one million people here in washington state that are uninsured and the goal is to enroll 320,000 by january 1.
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but scott, so far, one concern is more than 80% of the people enrolling are enrolling in medicaid, meaning they're not paying into the system. >> pelley: ben tracy in seattle. now our next breaking story, iran has long denied it is directly involved in the syrian civil war, but that, as you are about to see, is a lie. tonight, cbs news has photographic proof that iran's elite revolutionary guard is engaged in combat alongside syrian forces. to put down a popular revolt that began two and a half years ago. here's why it matters -- a human rights group reported today that the death toll there has reached 120,000, including nearly 43,000 civilians. and the state department is telling us one-third of syrians have now lost their homes, the equivalent of 100 million americans being displaced. we've seen rare pictures of iranian advisers in syria before, but we haven't seen them fighting like this. elizabeth palmer has the proof.
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>> reporter: here they are. members of the elite revolutionary guards on the front lines of syria's civil war. the video was shot by hadi baghbani, a tehran cameraman invited to film a guard unit under the command of the 33- year-old mohsen ismail haideri. he offers a guided tour on camera of his battle sector on the outskirts of aleppo. he has spent eight of the past 18 months here and the local kids now know he's good fair handout... of candy. in this revolutionary guard unit, there are about a dozen soldiers, specialists in communications, in weapons, and even a cleric to lead the soldiers in prayer. the unit lives in a former school that now functions as their base. he describes how just 24 hours ago they fought off a rebel attack. "150 of them came here in
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vehicles," he said, "but he hit back and killed 10 or 15," and they had to retreat. the revolutionary guards' main job here is to make hardened fighters of these syrian, civilian men armed by president bashar al-assad to beef up the over-stretched military and the iranians are starting with basics. "get your head down!" says the lieutenant. "you'll get it blown off if you stand up there." in this scene, the iranians are taking the syrians out into rebel territory on a reconnaissance mission. but what the men don't know as they get into position is that the rebels have spotted them. and they've prepared an ambush. these are the rebels. they filmed their own offensive, and once they start shooting, the iranians realize they're in trouble, running out of ammunition, and pinned down by enemy fire. outflanked. suddenly the camera goes to blank. the cameraman and commander
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haideri were killed, and both were mourned at elaborate funerals back in iran. >> pelley: elizabeth is joining us now in london. elizabeth, what difference has the iranian force made to the syrian dictatorship and its fight against the rebels? >> reporter: well, it's been decisive. not only have iranian-backed militias turned the tide of fighting in the government's favor. in several key battles, but also this year alone, iran has lent syria more than $3.5 billion to buy oil without which the country probably would have collapsed by now. >> pelley: an eye-opening story. elizabeth, thank you very much. in response to the combat power of iran and hezbollah terrorists, the obama administration said it would send arms to the rebels fighting the syrian dictatorship. america's ambassador to syria, robert ford, was called before congress today to explain how that's going. margaret brennan has our story.
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>> reporter: the welcome ambassador ford got from tennessee senator republican bob corker made it clear what type of morning it would be. >> i want to thank you for coming before us today because you have to be incredibly embarrassed. >> reporter: corker accused the administration of breaking its promise to deliver military aid to the free syrian army. >> do you feel good about what our country is doing with the opposition right now? >> senator, there isn't a person on my team at the state department who doesn't feel frustrated, frustrated by the syrian problem in general. >> reporter: ford argued the u.s. is helping and pointed to the state department's delivery today of 10 pickup trucks to the rebels. arizona republican john mccain scoffed at that. >> trucks. that's a great thing, trucks, as shiploads of weapons come into the russian port, as plane load after plane load land and providing weapons, all kinds of lethal weapons and we're proud of the fact that we gave them trucks. >> reporter: democrat jeanne
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shaheen asked ford whether he thought the policy had been successful. >> can i say that our efforts to create a political solution or to contain the civil war are a success? no. >> reporter: as for what liz palmer just reported, the state department says it confirms what they've long known about iran's involvement in syria, and that worries u.s. allies in the region who want the u.s. military to intervene. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the state department for us tonight. margaret, thank you. as you know, the assad dictatorship in syria has agreed to give up its chemical weapons to head off u.s. military retaliation for a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 1,400 syrian civilians. today, an international watchdog group confirmed that the assad regime has in fact destroyed the equipment to produce chemical weapons, and it did so one day ahead of the november 1 deadline. in legal developments here at
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home, back last summer, a federal judge ordered new york city police to modify their so- called stop and frisk policy which allows officers to search just about anyone they see as suspicious. today, a federal appeals court blocked that order, and in a surprising development, removed the lower court judge from the case. our senior correspondent john miller is here with us tonight, and, john, why the action against the judge? >> reporter: well, this is very unusual, scott. judges are reversed on the law by higher courts all the time, but rarely is there a repudiation by a higher court of a federal judge questioning ethics. the court said that the judge actually encouraged the plaintiffs to file the lawsuit, indicated that if they did so, she would be the judge on it, rather then letting it go to a random system that would select a judge. and the court said-- made statements before, during, and after the trial that really
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questioned her impartiality in the case. >> pelley: what does the n.y.p.d. have to say from the development? >> reporter: from the brass to commissioner kelly they feel vindicated by the ruling saying their practices were within the law and the judge basically railroaded them. from the cops in the street, the police officer's union said if the brass hadn't set quotas telling them how many people to stop the department wouldn't have gotten into this trouble so it's mixed. >> pelley: federal prosecutors will be reviewing the mysterious death in a high school gym. there are new rules for electronic devices on airplanes. and the red sox proved boston strong is much more than a catch phrase when the cbs evening news continues. across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®.
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>> pelley: it's been a storm halloween from the gulf coast to the great lakes. texas got the worst of it, more than a foot of rain in some places. at least one person has been killed. manual bojorquez is in austin. >> reporter: the rescue started in the middle of the night. the only way to reach some people was by boat. others had to be carried out. >> all the folks evacuated go over on this side. >> reporter: aerial rescues continued into the afternoon. creeks and rivers submerged entire neighborhoods when up to 16 inches of rain fell. racheda and tyrone king were at work when they got a call saying their home was underwater. they were concerned about their children who were there with relatives.
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>> that's my babies. that's my children. i didn't know what to think. i just starting praying and crying and i said, "father, just keep them safe." >> reporter: the relatives took the children, victoria and emmanuel, to the roof, where they spent four hours waiting for the water to recede. >> my daughter almost fell off the roof, and her cousin that's 11 years old, he snatched her so that she wouldn't fall off the roof. >> reporter: in this neighborhood, more than 1,000 people are evacuated, walking away with their pets and whatever other belongings they could save. this creek, normally seven feet, crested at a record of more than 40 feet. more than 500 homes in the region around austin and san antonio have been damaged or destroyed. a place where one austin neighborhood would seek refuge, this church, also flooded. their annual fall festival now marks the beginning of what will be a long cleanup.
5:48 pm
emergency crews in and around austin have responded to more than 100 rescue calls since last night but, scott, in other places, the risk of more flooding remains. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez in the texas capital. manuel, thanks very much. it has been a tough year, but now boston has a real celebration. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years! >> pelley: at home, the red sox took the world series with a 6-1 victory over the st. louis cardinals in game six last night. it was especially sweet, coming six month after the boston marathon bombing. m.v.p. david ortiz said, "this is for you, boston. you guys deserve it." still ahead, a major development in a mysterious death of a high school athlete. constantly putting out fires.
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5:52 pm
formal review into the death of a teenager whose body was found in his high school gym. his parents believe his death was no accident, and here's justice correspondent bob orr. >> reporter: it was january 10 when surveillance cameras at a valdosta, georgia, high school captured this video of kendrick johnson walking a hallway, and then later strolling alone across the gymnasium floor. it was an unremarkable moment. but some time in the next 24 hours, the 17-year-old free sport athlete died. his body was found january 11 inside a rolled up wrestling mat that was propped on its end behind some bleachers in a gym. a georgia corner ruled the death accidental, and police theorized johnson suffocated after falling head-first into the rolled up mat trying to retrieve a sneaker, but his family suspected foul play. they had his body exhumed, and hired a private pathologist who reported finding evidence of blunt force trauma on his neck.
5:53 pm
now jacquelyn and kenneth johnson want justice for their son. >> i really believe he was murdered. you can tell by the bruises on his face. >> reporter: the johnson family has hired benjamin crump, the same attorney who worked with the family of trayvon martin, the african american teenager who was shot and killed in florida in a confrontation with neighborhood watch vol kear george zimmerman. >> no justice! >> reporter: supporters of johnson's family have held rallies, alleging a cover-up. they've demanded a federal investigation. today, u.s. attorney michael moore agreed to look into the case. >> i do this with an open mind, neither accepting nor rejecting the opinions of anyone who has previously investigated the circumstances of his death. >> reporter: now, moore says he if he finds evidence of a possible crime he will press the f.b.i. to investigate but the georgia chief medical examiner is standing by his finding that the death was accidental, saying there is no evidence the teen was murdered. >> pelley: we'll be right back.
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enzo ferrari told ferucio lamborghini, you stick to tractors, i'll build the cars. in italy, insult is the mother of invention. we checked in with lamborghini on the golden anniversary for "60 minutes." whoa! whoa! you don't realize how over-used the word "breath taking" is until something actually takes your breath away. >> if you open, aggressive, the throttle, you have 570 horsepower. >> pelley: magnificent! lamborghini test driver mario fasanetto finds the limits in the cars. >> more, more, more. >> though this time the limits belong to the driver. >> close, close, close, to the curb, to the curb, to the curb, and then let run out. >> pelley: not the 200-mile-per- hour, $200,000 dollar
5:58 pm
lamborghini gaerta. the original factually floor is thoroughly modern now. it's spotless, seems to be a point of pride in that. even the floors are squeaky clean. but it's also an old-fashioned place, where hands know the feel of a bolt properly torqued and eyes judge each pane perfectly placed. you know what i didn't see on your assembly line they see on every automotive assembly line. >> tell me. >> pelley: robots. >> no way, no. all the lamborghini are done by people. italian people, from sant'agata. this is our value. no way for robots. >> pelley: we'll take you on the road on "60 minutes" this sunday. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs ca but
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turns out - this new your real reeling >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald i was very shocked. i never heard it was illegal in california before. >> it may be hands-free, but turns out this new technology can land you a new kind of traffic ticket. kpix 5's mark kelly spoke with the first california driver who got cited for wearing google glass behind the wheel. >> reporter: that's right. we talked to the southern california woman today who got the ticket. turns out whether you're driving in san diego or on a busy freeway here in berkeley, it is illegal to drive with google glass. but this southern california driver tells me she had no idea. >> reporter: looks straight out of the jetsons, google glass takes pictures, records video
6:00 pm
and get messages. it's so useful cecilia used to keep hers on all day even in the car. that is, until a san diego chp officer spotted had. >> he knows it's google glass and started to ask questions specifically asking why, why i was wearing google glass when i was driving. >> reporter: he gave her a $162 ticket for speeding and wearing google glass. she admits google was on her head but says the device was off. >> i started to say, well, this is not illegal, right? and that's when he says, he said, it actually is illegal. >> reporter: and chp in the bay area agrees. officer sam morgan says section 27602 states, to keep drivers from distraction, the vehicle can't have a monitor like google glass in front of the driver. and watch out, it can