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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this might be a hate crime. >> set on fire with a lighter and unprovoked. >> reporter: sasha is at the st. francis burn unit suffering from second- and third-degree burns on his legs. he is in stable condition. a website set up to raise money for hospital bills received more than $21,000 this afternoon. his parents weren't home when we went there. neighbors say the victim is a great kid. >> he always say hi to me, very polite. >> reporter: neighbors say they often see him wearing skirts. on his google plusaccount he identifies himself as an a- gender person, neither male nor female. many neighbors are outraged by the crime. >> can't even fathom what would be going through the head when they do it. it saddens me incredibly. >> reporter: the police chief says the suspect should be severely punished and we'll find out from the d.a.'s office tomorrow morning whether the suspect will be charged as an adult, and whether he will face hate crime charges. live in oakland, i'm da lin,
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kpix 5. >> police aren't releasing the suspect's name because he is a minor. right now, he is facing at least two counts, assault with a deadly weapon and mayhem. breaking news out of detroit. police say three people were killed, six woundses, in a shooting at a barbershop in a strip mall on the east side. police say the barbershop is known as an illegal gambling site but they are still trying to figure out why the shooting started. new leads in the search for a sunnyvale infant who is the subject of a statewide amber alert tonight. the suv that he is riding in was spotted in the san diego area. now, the amber alert was issued last night for the two-week-old baby. the mother contacted sunnyvale police saying that the father mesut guler kidnapped the infant. police think he is driving a gmc envoy and there are several reported sightings in san diego. >> he indicated to her that if the police were involved he would cause harm to himself and the child. we immediately notified the
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border patrol of the license plate, the vehicle description and they were given that. so we don't believe he crossed the border at this time. >> police say guler may have taken the bay baby because of a occurring argument with the baby's mother about wanting to move to new york. help wasn't on the way for a missing hospital patient. turns out the search for the woman was botched from the beginning. basic information was wrong. basic search techniques were not followed. >> the woman's body was found later in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on a major embarrassment for the hospital and the sheriff's department. ryan. >> reporter: allen and liz, there were a lot of mistakes along the way. one was the search. there was a nine-day delay after lynne spalding went missing and it was a very thorough search at that. and hospital staff misidentified lynne spalding twice. we're talking basic stuff. the san francisco county sheriff ross mirkarimi listed all that went wrong in the
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search for lynne spalding. first hospital staff identified her as african-american. logs later listed the 57-year- old caucasian woman as asian. the doctor told police he was about to discharge spalding when she went missing september 21 but added she was confused and was not safe to be on her own. when deputies did the search, nine days later, it was not thorough. the sheriff said the deputies only searched about 50% of the stairwells and october 4, 4 days before someone found spalding, hospital staff, someone called the dispatch and said that there was someone lying in stairwell 8, the same stairwell where someone found spalding and the dispatcher said, quote, we'll take care of it. it does not appear that was done. live at sf general, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> we still don't know how or why when spalding died.
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we did call the coroner's office today. we were told they are still looking into it. students at san jose state university are in for a shock next semester. dozens of classes will be cut due to a huge budget shortfall. students will have a difficult time getting classes and if they do get in, classrooms will be packed. school officials tell kpix 5 the university has been trying to cut spending for the past two years. they only recently realized they wouldn't be able to balance the budget. >> this is not easy. this is not anything -- this is not something anyone wants to do. but we need to spend within the confines of our budget so we need to look at all our options. >> they cut enough already. so it's just more stuff that they are just trying to cut and making the window of opportunity a little bit smaller. >> the news comes a year after california voters approved proposition 30, a tax to end school budget cuts. fewer than 10% of voters in antioch went to the polls
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yesterday but those who did voted overwhelmingly in favor of raising their own taxes. ann notarangelo explains why. >> reporter: this young man waited hours to talk to an antioch police officer about a burglary. there are only 85 sworn officers in the city. that's the same number they had in 1990. but that's going to change because voters approved a half cent sales tax increase which will bring in nearly $5 million a year. it's been promised to the police department. in 2010 voters rejected a similar proposal. but in the last few years it's become abundantly clear that police resources have gone down and crime has gone up. >> the light bulb went on in the community. >> reporter: vice mary rocha says voters didn't believe them before when they said the city was out of money and cuts would be drastic but last year violent crime went up nearly 31% and property crime went up almost 23%. >> even my family has been personally affected by the increase in crime in the city in the past few years. >> reporter: in a year and a
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half, antioch will see 39 more police officers on the streets, 22 of those because of measure c. the department's first priority is to fully staff police patrols. >> after that, we are going to get officers back in our schools. we're going to get our traffic division reinstituted. >> reporter: critics of measure c complain legally the city can spend the money any way it wants. the council promises it will go to law enforcement. >> one gentleman said last night, i like all of you, city council people, but if you don't carry this message correctly, i'll be the first to recalling you all. >> reporter: this city's lost a lot because of difficult economic times, most of all a sense of security. voters have said they are willing to give more with the understanding they will not accept being robbed by the politicians. in antioch, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. the nra has its sights set on sunnyvale suing to stop the tough new gun law to voters just approved. measure c requires owners to lock up their guns when they are not using them and report a
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loss or a theft within 48 hours. it also bans magazines holding 10 rounds or more and requires gun dealers to keep a log of ammunition sales. the battle is lost at san francisco's war on the waterfront, but it's not over. the plan to build expensive high-rise condos at 8 washington lost in a landslide. the mayor lobbied hard for it but says he is more concerned about what else might not get built. >> i of course was a little disappointed because i was looking forward to 11 more million dollars to contribute to the affordable housing but i'll respect the decision that was made. >> now the big question is: could this change the warriors' plans for their own big development across the street? phil matier digs into that ahead at 6:00. and for complete election results, you can go to our website, a senior class sweatshirt that's maybe not as innocent as it seems. >> you wear that on the street you're going to get your [ censored ] kicked. >> a warning to the class of 2014.
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how wearing this design could put their lives in danger. >> a twin towers halloween costume infuriates 9/11 families. so would you believe these two girls won an award? >> the mild and dry day outside but clouds increase the in the afternoon. you might be wondering is it a sign that rain isn't too far away? the answer is yes. find out when the rain will arrive coming up. >> something does go wrong you're going to be covered. >> car buyers hear that promise but it's rarely delivered. the hidden exceptions behind the pricy extended warranties. ,, ,,
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,, los angeles international airport. "nats of bag pipes" it started with a plane carg a national hon a ceremony to honor the tsa agent killed last week at a shooting at los angeles international airport. [ bagpipes ] >> it started with a plane carrying a national honors flag arriving at l.a.x. greeted with a double water cannon salute. the flag then made its way
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through the terminal with a police escort. gerardo hernandez was the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. three letters on a high school sweatshirt could be putting the students in serious danger. the senior class at elk grove high designed this sweatshirt. they went with the roman numerals part class of 2014. 14 also happens to be a number associated with a latino gang that has a strong presence in northern california. police are warning the students about wearing those sweatshirts and school administrators say the design was not intentional. >> you wear that on the street you're going to get your [ censored ] kicked. >> it was vetted by a number of people and those individuals did not, uhm, know about the connection. >> the school plans to send a letter to parents alerting them about those sweatshirts and they will be offered refunds, as well. it's a halloween cost steam that's infuriated the families of 9/11 victims. so it's even more shocking that a couple of teens won a contest
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in england with outfits of the burning twin towers. a nightclub awarded them $240. both have apologized after people were outraged. they say it was, quote, not intended as a joke but, rather, to depict a serious modern day horror. some breaking news on the amber alert that we told but a little earlier. police say the father of the child has been found. the baby is safe. police were north notified by border patrol that 22-year-old mesut guler is under arrest and the 2-week-old baby was unharmed. he was stopped at a checkpoint it the border to mexico. he was questioned by mexican authorities who contacted u.s. border patrol. authorities are holding a news conference in a couple of minutes and we'll have more for you on the story ahead at 6:00. well, google finally breaks its silence. what's really going on, we told but it. inside the mystery barge on the bay. >> he is like a real-life "iron man." a man takes a jetpack joyride
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over one of the world's most iconic mountains. ,,,,,,,,
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statement saying it's exploring the idea of an interactive learning center for new technologies. they didn't respond to our request for elaboration but now we are learning why the barge may be moved out of the bay. more at 6:00. a monumental day on wall street today as the dow jones industrial average hit an all- time high. [ screaming ] >> the dow closed the day out at 15,746 points. it gained 129 points to surpass its record high from last week. solid corporate earnings reports helped rally the market today. the s&p closed out just below its record high. the nasdaq dipped. it's official. twitter says if you want a piece of the company, you will have to pay $26 a share. that price is slightly above the earlier ipo range of 23 to $25 a share. the san francisco-based social media outlet will raise $1.8 billion in the public offering. most investors will get to buy
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the stock starting tomorrow morning. the curtain is dropping on blockbuster stores. the company announced today it's going to shut down its disk by mail service and retail stores by the end of january. the last one in the bay area is in san pablo. it's among the remaining 300 stores in the u.s. that will close for good. at its peak, blockbuster had 9,000 stores all around the world. a lot of car buyers pay extra for service agreements on those extended warranties hoping of course to protect themselves from some expensive repair bills. julie watts on the consumerwatch explains that extra protection may not pay off. reporter: denise meyers hopes for the best but plans for the worst. so back in july, when meyers bought in used ford escape, she shelled out an extra $2,500 for a service contract. >> they said it's a used car and it will give you peace of mind so if something goes wrong you will be covered. >> reporter: but when the escape broke down 10 days later -- >> the service department
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informed me that the catalytic converter had melted and that that was the one thing that was not covered under my warranty. >> reporter: a month later when the car broke down again, that repair wasn't covered, either. >> i think what catches most people by surprise is what is not covered. >> reporter: the state department of insurance says most service contracts and repair agreements have lots of exceptions and often won't cover items that break most frequently. bonnie was shocked to find out the extended platinum warranty she bought for her 2012 prius didn't cover her wobbly arm rest. >> i was told by the finance manager that this was a bump ever-to-bumper warranty and covered everything but the tires. >> reporter: but as she found out that wasn't exactly the case. >> they said no that the break was my fault and that they wouldn't cover it. >> reporter: so why do dealers sell the policies in the first place? kinkade says it's about the money. >> they get a big commission on these policies. >> reporter: and she says in some cases the people who sell
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them don't even understand them. >> it is really a buyer beware situation. >> reporter: something dennise says she wished she had known before she shelled out her money. >> i felt it was worth the extra money to have peace of mind. >> reporter: it's just too bad that peace of mind didn't last very long. >> now, keep in mind, because dealers sell these on commission, if you do want a service contract, the price is almost always negotiable. and if you change your mind, california law allows buyers to cancel within 30 to 60 days depending on the type of contract, if you have not filed a claim. and remember if you have a consumer problem, give us a call. >> you better have somebody to borrow the money from. what do you do if you can't get it or don't want it? >> reporter: consumer reports says put money aside for repairs instead of paying for one of these contracts up front. in the long run you'll save money. >> right. okay. thanks, julie. the daredevil known as jet man can add japan's mt. fuji to
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his list of flying feats. the swiss aviator strapped a jetpack to his back and took off! he flew a total of nine times at speeds up to 185 miles an hour. he has also flown other the grand canyon and the english channel but says his mt. fuji joyride was a whole different experience. >> they say always be yourself. but if you can't, you want to be jet man. >> yeah! >> jet man. >> superhero. >> i think i have had that dream. [ laughter ] >> that's a dream? >> 185 miles an hour in the skies? that's cool. >> when you woke up? >> well, that's a whole different story. >> whiplash. we had a little bit of a change today. something to talk about. clouds! >> oh!! >> watch out! we have some clouds out there. what a beautiful post-sunset sky we have. just some high, thin cirrus cloud cover but believe it or not, this actually does have a direct correlation to our next rain chance from oakland back towards san francisco, visibility not that great especially in the afternoon. a little hazy outside. we are finding ourselves in the mid- to upper 60s currently.
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oakland at 69 degrees. san jose, santa rosa and livermore all at 67. concord 65. san francisco 66 degrees. let's talk about tonight. not as chilly because we have that little blanket of cloud cover over top of us. mid-40s away from the water, fairfield, vacaville, fremont, union city in the mid-40s. san jose milpitas right around 50. 51 for san francisco and san bruno. san rafael coming down to 46 degrees overnight tonight. speaking of 46, 46 days, 46 days! without rainfall in autumn. that's crazy. last time we had rain, september 21. let's talk about the change. the sign that we're seeing with that cloud cover moving in is the ridge of high pressure which has been the blocking ridge taking all the rainfall and keeping it up to our north. the blocking ridge is now finally beginning to move. as it moves off to the east we can see just a little bit of cloud cover moving in from the pacific over into northern california and likely over your house wherever you are throughout the bay area. so that high pressure ridge will begin to move. but it's going to take about four or five more days before it moves enough for a storm to
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make it down here to the bay area. so high pressure is moving. but it's also still strong so the next front that swings by the next few days will keep the rainfall to the north. temperatures will drop. we'll be a little bit cloudy but not that much of a change in our sensible weather. next week it will change. the ridge will be over nevada and arizona far enough away that we will see the next storm system from the top of next week likely veterans day, will dive down and give us a good soaker some computer models suggesting between one-third and one half inch of rainfall which for us is a ton because we have had less than 4" of rain in san francisco for the entire year so that would be a big change. it is coming. its coming from the top of next week. but what that means for you, dry weekend, sunday cloudier but the entire weekend saturday and sunday will be dry. the rain moves in sunday night and will likely not leave until tuesday. so we have a couple of days with a chance of rainfall. but not tomorrow! thursday, highs a couple of degrees cooler but still quite pleasant. san jose your high 70 tomorrow. looking at 68 for you in palo alto.
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cupertino 69. union city 67. low 70s not the mid-70s that you had today. benicia 70. san ramon, livermore in the low 70s. about 63 for the city tomorrow. alameda 68. novato 72. mill valley you will check in at 69. and filtered sunshine for you for st. helena and clearlake with a high of 72. 60s for highs starting friday but we are still sunny. sunnier on saturday getting cloudy but we're dry. we are dry on sunday. that's a change. monday veterans day that's when the rain moves in and we likely will see showers around if not a steady rainfall. next monday and also next tuesday. so rain is coming just not yet. people in the tri-valley gearing up for the holidays already. mobile weather's roberta gonzales is live to talk more about one group helping out. >> reporter: paul, i'm currently in pleasanton ridgeview community center here with my new best friends. these are my besties. what's your name? >> muriel. >> and what is your name? let me get on this side of you. >> i'm carol. >> reporter: how was your dinner tonight? >> very, very good. it usually is. >> reporter: that's lovely. what is your name? >> ellen. >> reporter: have you been
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enjoying the weather? >> yes. >> reporter: yes. it's currently 61 degrees here in pleasanton. i'm being joined with linda. you are the director of operation open kitchen and then we have ted monk here, as well. we are talking about the holidays and the need already? >> at open heart kitchen we need 1500 turkeys and all the trimmings for the holidays. >> would you say that the need this year is greater than ever before or less? >> it's actually growing. even though the economy is seeming to improve, we are still feeding the working poor. and with all the food stamp cutbacks and everything else going on, we really have more of a need than ever. >> reporter: so ted, how many turkeys would you say you need and what size? this looks hefty. >> the ideal size is probably around 12 pounds. but we need 1500 of them at the minimum. >> reporter: 1500, not just before thanksgiving but before christmas? >> that would be for thanksgiving. >> reporter: for thanksgiving! oh, my goodness. you guys eat a lot. [ laughter ] >> reporter: wow. okay. well, if you want to help out the tri-valley with open heart
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kitchen, all you have to do is visit us online at and visit "links and numbers." reporting from pleasanton with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. how about a job for the holidays? starbucks makes a pledge to thousands of veterans. >> a first for police. one department explains why it's giving its k-9 officers pensions.
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health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius listened to lawmakers hammee obama ad for nearly three hours today health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius listened to lawmakers hammer the obama administration for problems with some called for a delay of the affordable care act. >> we know that lying to congress is a crime. but unfortunately, lying to the american people is not. >> for millions of americans, delay is not an option. people's lives depend on this. >> sebelius says the website needs more than 100 fixes. some lawmakers are calling for her to resign. coffee giant starbucks is
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the latest major company to anunce a special hiring program for veterans. the seattle-based chain plans to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses over the next 5 years. it will also open five stores on or near military bases that will share profits with the local communities. >> i think that's great. i mean, because a lot of them don't have jobs right now. you know, they are probably going through it struggling like everybody else. >> yes. 10,000 is huge. and i think we should keep on doing it. all companies should do it. >> and in a small gesture, all vets and their spouses will get a free coffee on veterans day. people in england are barking mad over a plan to give police dogs pensions. the nottinghamshire police department wants to give retiring k-9s $800 u.s. a year for three years. the money would cover vet care and kennel fees. that normally comes out of the handler's pocket. some politicians say it's a
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waste of taxpayer money and should be spent on fighting crime. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: tesla stock takes a plunge. i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 tonight, tesla stock takes a plunge. why the bay area-based car company blames a battery shortage. and the baby at the center of a statewide amber alert is found. we'll have the latest tonight at 6:00. guys? >> all right. see you then. thanks, ken. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website,
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captions by: caption colorado >> p onight, voters point to a new direction. >> maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their t.v.s right now, see how it's done. (cheers and applause) >> pelley: the republican wins among democrats, a democrat wins in republican territory. nancy cordes and john dickerson on where this is headed. the n.f.l. appoints a special counsel to investigate possible harassment within the miami dolphins. mark strassmann reports. climate scientists have never seen greenhouse gas readings like what they announced today. seth doane reports from china, john blackstone is in san francisco. and john miller with a cbs news investigation. the inside story of a pharmaceutical company that committed fraud with life-saving drugs. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cb this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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