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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  November 9, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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intense wind... heavy rain. new this morning..a devastating look at the dame done by the super typhoon ie phillipines. plus-- how bay ar ch out. intense winds, heavy rains. a devastating look at the damage done by the super typhoon in the philippines. how bay area communities are reaching out. another gun scare at lax. the party is over. thanks for joining us >> a lot going on in the weather department. first let's get to the conditions we're expecting as we head out the door. patchy fog out there along the coast and patchy dense fog around santa rosa. other wise, a chilly start to the saturday.
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the latest on the supertyphoon. it's still a category 3, catastrophic storm surge damage is a possibility. the winds are well off that record setting 196 miles per hour. by the time it makes landful this afternoon winds will be down to gusts of 145 help. it's the third typhoon in three weeks in the philippines. this will be effecting north vietnam later in the day. the good news is the winds are not as strong as it was when i roared ashore in the philippines last night. >> more on that powerful typhoon. check out the after math in central philippines. officials have recovered more than 100 bodies. the red cross said the number of people killed could reach more than 1,000. flooding over vehicles, downed utility polls and trees blocking roads delays rescue and aid effort. more than 500,000
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people have been moved out. one bay area communities is preparing to help the victims. they're planning a fundraising on the 16th. fundraisers have been glued to their tvs watching reports of this storm. several of her relatives were forced to evacuate. >> the one effected are the poor people in the philippines because of the structure of their houses that are not as much compared to affluent people. >> people are dealing with devastations from two natural disasters. last month a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island. the money raised go to towards the victims of both. here an earthquake shook up the east bay yesterday. a 3.0 earthquake hit the tri valley area hit. it was a popular spot
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for small earthquakes. the people said it felt like a sharp jolt. a teenage boy lit on fire apparently because he was wearing a skirt is still in the hospital this morning. we talked with his parents. >> without knowing what happened i can't know. i can't know the mind of the person. i can't know the motivation or the intenses. >> carl flishman was a lot of questions for the teen accused of setting his son on fire. he said those unanswered questions prevent him for talking about how he feels towards the suspect. >> in my heart i feel like i believe in the goodness of humanity. >> 16-year-old richard thomas was arrested for the crime and appeared in court. his family said he's remorseful. his parents spent the morning dressing up bus shops.
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>> it's tie a ribbon for sasha. it's support for allowing peoplt ly if they want. >> oaklandland police it was the skirt that he wore on monday that made him a target aboard a bus. shasha identifies himself as neither male or female. the suspect used a lighter set his skirt on fire, causing second third degree burns to his legs. >> he's being really well taken care of and is in able condition can. >> he remains at the saint francis burn center. he's had one surgery and will need more. his father said he's thankful for all the support. they say it's this kind of support that's turned the tragedy into something positive. >> grateful for all of the love, the care and support that they have shown us. >> the victim's family is asking others to tie rainbow
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ribbons to bus stops along mcarthur boulevard. >> the teenage suspect's family wants to meet with the victim's father to apologize in person. the dad says for now he wants to focus on helping him recover. the party is over for one frat house. they are getting kicked out for breaking the rules. many cal students aren't sad to see them go. >> the lights and sports center are on at the beta pi house. it sunt a home any longer. as of wednesday the charter was pulled. >> the omega chapter who didn't want to talk had their charter pulled for allegations of hazing and underage drinking. >> they're loud and rowdy. they're just really object noxiu >> you don't have to look hard to find the sign of boozing, the
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red solo cups. police have been trying to education and stop bing drinking in the greek systems. some students say it's counter productive with one weekend logging 14 calls for ambulances. >> how things have been in recent years compared to this years, it's been a lot worse this year. people basically have gone to the hospital because of alcohol. >> as for the fraternity they yelled at anyone who got close to our cameras. many calling us narced, not everyone is shocked or sad to see them go. >> they are very restless and bad. >> the people living in the physical house will be allowed to stay through the lease. >> the earliest they could be reinstated in 2015. another gun scare at lax airport. police arrested a man
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for brandishing a weapon in the baggage claim area. these are photographs of the arrest. the incident happened yesterday in the same building, terminal 3, where a tsa agent was shot to death last week. this time the suspect took out a gun that was unloaded. authorities say that he had declared his weapon before getting on a flight to lax and then broke the law but showing it off in a public area. the mayor of toronto is considering entering a rehab program. mayor rob ford admitted to smoking crack. ford ranted and threatened to kill somebody. his lawyer said the mayor is considering his options, including treatment. so far he's apologized for the bad behavior but refused to resign or take a leave of absence. protests are will be held because of the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez. he was shot seven times by the deputy last month. he said he feared for his life because lopez was carrying a gun which turned out
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to be a toy. today's national day of action will include protests there you out the bay area, sacramento and los angeles. a santa clara supervisor will spend time in jail for using $135,000 for campaign and personal use, including gambling. they said he has a gambling addiction. sheriffs deputies and hospital staff have been reassigned after the botched search for lynn spalding, the patient who went missing. how police say a crook tried to trick a bay area family and wound up stealing their pomeranian at gunpoint. one veteran's day tradition in the bay area could be its last. the troubles facing san jose's celebration coming up next. here comes the sun.
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"kisses" for sale. everything seemed fine -- at first. joe vazquez talked te a south bay couple got met up with man who answered an ad about their puppy named kisses for sale. joe vasquez talked to the couple who ended up stairing down the barrel of a gun. >> concerned about their safety they don't want their faces on tv. this young couple want their pomeranian puppy promptly returned. >> her name is bronxie. we nicknamed her kisses becauses s to give kisses. >> they arranged to sell kisses through e-bay. when the man called themselves carlos showed up in the parking lot he seemed nice enough, claimed he was buying her for his daughter's birthday. >> he was petting the dog, acting like the dog was his kid or something. we didn't -- at first we didn't have any suspicious. >> then what happened?
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>> he got bipolar and pulled out a gun. >> it was look here, homie, get out of the car. he already zipped up our dog into his jacket. >> the -- couple said he then tried to take her car. >> he vanished within seconds. >> police identified the suspen carlos chavez. if you have any information caln jose police. joe vasquez. >> crime stoppers offering a cash reward. an annual tradition of fun and creativity on the beach in san francisco. thousands of people are expected to come watch the leap sand castle contest. because it's on federal land it was postponed last month because of the government shut down. today elementary school students will
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make elaborate stand sculptures. it starts at 10:30 at the great highway and balboa street. the veterans day parade starts at noon in san jose. this could be the last year for this event. organizers are losing grant money and private funding. there's a save the parade effort underway though. a half a million dollars is needed to keep event going for at least five more years. what do you think? got a parade, big sand castle contest. >> it's going to be a beautiful weekend, nice day for it. >> a lot of people have a three-day weekend. >> then things will change. mostly sunny skies. lookind today. it's chilly to start out with or saturday morning. 44 degrees at concord, san francisco 50 and
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santa rosa at 35. this weekend, speaking of chilly, the holiday on ice. it is opening again. the forecast -- sorry. got a cold -- 63 degrees. it will be sunny and on the cool side. not a bad day. a lot of sunshine around the bay area. we have as paul pointed out unite, our chief meteorologist we have been stuck in this pattern for 7 weeks. high pressure persists in the eastern pacific and any low systems are staying up in the pacific northwest. the rain is north of the bay area. it looks -- we had rain earlier in the week but it doesn't look if this rain is going to go as far south as originally thought. monday night and tuesday north of the golden gate may get wet but it's not going to amount to much in the rest of the bay area and will probably remain dry. it will cool down on monday and tuesday. there's not much going on.
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here's what's happening. we'll get a chilly start for the morning, a mild and sunny weekend. cloudy and cooler by monday. we'll increase clouds in the north bay monday night and that will lead to a chance of showers in the early morning hours on tuesday morning and then maybe through the rest of the day tuesday. in the bay area some clouds up north, sunshine around fresno and chilly in the mountains. readings mostly in the 60s for everybody. warmer in the southwest. over night lows in the bay area 39, 38 concord and 55 at livermore. by the time we get the sun coming out today it's going to be nice. expect a fairly decent week ahead. simply could use the rain. a few showers on tuesday, then the rest of the week high pressure builds in and we dry out. so we just can't cut a break. >> a little bit of rain does not sound promising.
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>> not at all. there's fires in the toed l -- in the model f sedan. they accuse the electric auto maker not disclose you are fire risks in the battery pack. three cars have caught fire in the past 6 weeks. u.s. employers did more hires than expected in october. what's surprising is that it happened during the government shutdown. the labor department said 204,000 jobs were created. it said 60,000 more jobs were created in august and in september than were previously reported. coming up, a new way to fight crime. >> a young person really being committed to trying to repair the harm they caused. >> how an ivy league graduate is helping to break the cycle of violence. we'll be right back.
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introduces us to one studeno most of the students rising above are growing up without their parents. a parent in prison but now she's using that to do something big. >> commencement at columbia university 2013. so huge tamel's family could barely see her get their diploma. it doesn't matter. >> columbia was a leap for a kid with no money who had to grow up without her parents.
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not your typical ivy league student. >> they never knew anyone like me. >> for her to make it would have been good enough. to make it big, to make it big, to make it just grand, bigger than you can think. >> that was her grandmother talking about her back in 2009 when she was a senior at the high school for the arts in san francisco. this was 17-year-old tamia talking to prisoners about what it was like having a father behind bars. >> my dad being in jail, my mom being sick, i couldn't control that. >> children of prisoners are at increased risk of living in poverty and unstable homes. that came true for tami.
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>> she said that they were demons in her room. >> she had a mental break down and voices talking to her. >> they took mom away to san francisco general. the kids learned the words bipolar, schizophrenia. >> my grandma is my savior. >> now she's trying to help other kids heal. >> it's my dream job. >> she working with a program a called making it right, teenagers referred by the da who committed non-violent crime, to tell the truth, to take responsibility when are that they've done and then meet their victim and make amends. >> one of the most impactful thing i've witnessed in our conferences is a young person really being committed to trying to repair the harm they caused to the person they hurt.
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>> for tami it goes back to what she learned, visiting her father in prison, seeing the potential to break the cycle. >> everything that goes towards educating a youth is a step towards ending incarceration. >> if you would you like to help more students go to for students rising above to find out how. >> we have a link in the story if you want to find out more about making it right and the concept of restoring justice. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what are we doing? >> we're making a broth by using just those and olive oil. >> all right. >> we're going to add it in . >> that's great. >> we just want to make sure it separates. >> okay. is that enough? >> i think thas great. >> i'm going to add some red pepper slices. perfect. i'm going to adjust a little bif pepper. how about a little bit of salt? >> just a little bit, yeah.
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>> very delicious. >> go ahead and top that. as you said, i noticed a lot whn we use fish in november i don't like cheese on top of it, i like bred crumbs. >> that's great. >> you will be adding on toast toasted bred crumbs. it's so great to have a nice crunch and flavor. >> stephanie, it just gets better with you. >> thanks. >> yum! >> that's good . >> well, here's a look at the stories trending this morning. super typhoon, the red cross estimates up to 1,200 people were killed. in hawaii they legalized same-sex marriage. trans fat, the u.s. is moving to ban it on food. >> you can follow up on twitter. 5-year-old miles has leukemia. san francisco and
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make a wish are gearing up to transform the city of san francisco into gotham city. they're going to give him a hero experience to make his wish of becoming batman true. that is coming up this coming friday. i'm looking forward to it. >> good for them. that will be fun. one last look at the weather on this beautiful saturday morning. clear skies, patchy fog around santa rosa and the coastline. here in the city you see the long shadow of the tallest skyscraper. 44 degrees concord, san francisco 50 degrees. forecast highs, 7 1 san jose. a beautiful day today. maybe some rain late monday. we much. >> nothing to ruin the three-dk end. >> no, it looks good. imagine face timing with bea
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concert. check it out. >> this is a first. i'm doing face time right now. >> pretty cool for the person on the other end of that phone. she's been interacting more and more with her audience during the ms. carter world tour. just like that, it's time for us to call it a morning. thanks for watching kpix 5 news. we will be back here morning at 7:30. >> no, actually we have some college football. >> is it basketball? >> i don't know. >> tune in and find out. >> enjoy your saturday. >> have a good one. bye -bye.
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