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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  November 9, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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the person that's most happy about the u.s.c. speculation for kevin sumlin was his agent. leverage, baby, autoall about the leverage. >> tim: the ovation as they prepare to punt it away after the time out, johnny manziel, along with these seniors. as they close the door on kyle field, the original. next year, it will grow mightily, and in two years all the way up to 109,000 and closed at both ends. the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. the fighting tigers of l.s.u. and the crimson tide of alabama, numbers 13 and one with mccarron and mettenberger going at it.
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verne, gary and tracy standing by to bring it to you at the top of the hour. kaser gets it out of there and jameon lewis brings it back. does he ever bring it back. how about that. kaser makes the stop, and a pretty good tackle, a marker back at the 28 yard line. a 44-yard boot. a 38-yard return. we do have a flag. >> aaron: block in the back? >> referee: block in the back, receiving team, number 33, penalty is 10 yards from the spot of the foul, first down. >> aaron: there are lessons to be learned. if you're mississippi state, play to the whistle, if you're
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texas a&m with all the delays we had there with the time out and whether or not the catch was good, you can't let your guard down because if he had returned that kick and hit his head on the goalpost they could have got an onside kick and only needed a field goal to be able to tie this up. >> tim: dan mullen is not far away from having a really good team and i think with prescott in his future he's got more than enough time to get this thing right in starkville, mississippi. >> aaron: i agree. a lot of young players on that defensive side of the ball that i think are going to work out well for him as well. >> tim: you hope that prescott's health is ok going into the rest of the season as russell finds josh robinson who had a 51-yard touchdown run to open this game for the bulldogs. 23 yards on that carry. >> aaron: that last penalty cost them 22. they made it all up on that last play.
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>> tim: you look at the remaining schedule as we mentioned for texas a&m, this is a team now with a week off, and they really need this week off. there are a lot of home games for this defense that was very young, to get a little bit better. now they've got to go to baton rouge and then missouri, two road games to close it out, finish 10-2, skyrocket up in the b.c.s. standings and hope for an opportunity at a big-time bowl come january. >> aaron: i agree, it's not likely but they have an outside chance to be a b.c.s. team. >> tim: yes, indeed. that pass was beautiful, and deep, but incomplete. >> aaron: the bye week comes at a perfect time not only to be able to rest up physically but emotionally. i don't think people truly understand how much pressure and what the work load is on student athletes on a daily basis especially at a big time university such as texas a&m. so i think this bye week is going to come at a perfect time.
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the scrutiny they have been able to be under this year and deal with is impressive. >> tim: a nice hug, jake matthews on the receiving end from johnny manziel. since he stepped on the field in the first half against alabama, his body language has been right where you would want it to be. russell going deep, incomplete, one tick left, davonte harris almost had it, now the clock winds down and it's over. texas a&m 51. mississippi state 41. >> tim: the aggies move to 8-2. 4-2 in s.e.c. play. the bulldogs drop to 4-5. 1-4 in conference play.
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some of his family down there with him. taking photos as though they're meaningful for the future. >> aaron: i was going to say the same thing, my friend. >> tim: for aaron taylor and kristina akra, tim brando saying so long from college station, our final score 51-41. coming up, l.s.u.-alabama, game two of our double header. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. now let's go to adam zucker with "the jeep post-game show."
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>> cbs sports presents "the jeep post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the jeep post game show." championship tonight at 8:00 eastern it is the blockbuster match-up between number 13 l.s.u. and number one alabama. in the game you just saw, texas a&m beat mississippi state 51-41. johnny manziel 493 total yards. five touchdowns. joined by spencer tillman and brian jones. in case that was his last home game, it was a dandy. >> spencer: he went out in style. the ninth consecutive game 500 yards or more with this offense led by johnny manziel. that ties the case keenum-led
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houston cougars. it's fun to watch him play, if in fact this is his last game as a collegian and kyle field, what better way to go out than an offensive explosion. >> brian: the five touchdow, three interceptions but he's still in that heisman race just behind jameis winston, and if he can continue to put on shows especially when he goes to death valley to take on l.s.u. he will have a good chance at bringing home another trophy. >> adam: he also had a lot of fun in this game. the fun continues in college station. s.e.c. east. missouri-kentucky. >> brian: four t.d.'s for dorial green-beckham. >> adam: missouri got to avoid a tie with south carolina because they lost the head to head. missouri would take the division
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based on today. >> spencer: it's about special teams. this is key, adam and b.j., corey grant, big return, special teams put a show on, took pressure off gus malzahn's offense, escape times the last two games they've thrown the football. if you've got to face them you can't prepare for what you can't see. a lot of offense in the back pocket of gus malzahn. trouble down the road. >> adam: 55 points on the road. nick marshall 214 rushing yards. auburn rooting for l.s.u. but they can take care of alabama themselves. alabama-l.s.u. coming up in minutes. a&m improving their mark today. florida state, b.j., not letting anybody else have number two now. >> brian: the game last week versus miami, jameis winston to kelvin benjamin 18-yard t.d. >> adam: 59-3 the final. a big one in the a.c.c. coastal
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between virginia tech and miami, spence, the hokies coming back. >> spencer: trey edmonds, they've added a touchdown, this is a key game in the a.c.c. coastal as you talked about, if virginia tech wins that they'll have the head to head. >> brian: two turnovers by miami. >> adam: coming off two straight losses. coming up we will look ahead to the huge prime time meeting between number 13 l.s.u. and top ranked alabama. ♪ show map. [ whines ] ♪ [ man ] show weather. [ male announcer ] fully trained to obey your every command. ♪ the 2013 ram laramie longhorn, featuring uconnect with voice command. [ horn honks ] [ barking ] guts. glory. ram.
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double header, number 13 l.s.u. and number one alabama coming up at the top of the hour as we being with you back to "the jeep post-game show" tracy wolfson catching up with tigers head coach les miles earlier. >> tracy: coach, this is always a highly anticipated match-up and you are very good with words. how would you categorize what we're about to see tonight? >> i think it's going to be a great game. i think certainly the tigers will play best and work hard and contact will be sincere, the alabama team is talented and capable and be tremendously competitive. what a beautiful venue. are you kidding me? i pulled up to the dag-gone stadium and i was so excited i couldn't hardly stand it. >> tracy: you come in with two losses, the point spread not in your favor but can you throw that all out the window and can you use that in motivation tonight? >> i don't know. did cbs pick this game up? were they saying this was a great match-up? did they think maybe this was going to be competitive? do you think we have ever been
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an underdog in our life? no. >> tracy: it always is a great one. thanks so much. >> see you. >> brian: love it. >> spencer: i talked to les and i said, "look, les, if you could write the script what would have taken place the minute toe hits leather to the end of the game?" you he said "you think i'm crazy, i'm going to explain all that to you? if less does not revert back to small ball and play those outstanding wide receivers he has beginning with mettenberger who is going to get it to him they're going to be in position to compete in this game and win down the stretch, jeremy hill key like last year, if they do that they're in position to win. >> brian: he lamented the fact they didn't stick with the run game more against ole miss. they're going to run the rock. they're hoping that john chavis defense can hold up against an offense on the alabama sideline that has been churning out yards like it's nobody's business the last three, four, five weeks. they've got the chemistry on the
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offensive line that was missing early in the season. they're playing extremely well. >> spencer: sunseri out of the mix going to hurt them, do you think? >> brian: landon collins nicely. >> adam: beautiful venue when you have had success there. that will just about do it for now. coming up at 8:00 eastern it is one of the biggest games of the year, number 13 l.s.u. and number one alabama. also right now on cbs sports network, southern miss taking on louisiana tech and the football action continues tomorrow with an nfl double header on cbs. most will see the bengals face the ravens and the broncos take on the chargers. for all of us have a good evening and we will see you back here at halftime of l.s.u. and alabama.
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jackson as a father. everywhere you go, you are keeping the public off him, he is hiding. my dad is open, talks. he doesn't think he is better than anyone else and welcomes anyone who wants to come to his home, or his hotel room or dinner table and meet him and feel basically like family. so i never had that feeling of, you know, oh, he's a star and i'm a star because i'm his daughter. i'm still not that way now. i still don't think of myself as a celebrity. >> how many siblings do you have if >> nine total. >> second to the youngest? >> there is a son -- my dad has a son. >> youngest daughter? >> yeah, girl. >> you are the only one boxing, right? >> yes. >> now when did you first get the idea to box? >> when i found out women boxed i decided. >> on your way to usc? >> yes. >> business school? >> yes. >> what were you going to do? >> i have always wanted to be
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an entrepreneur. i had my own nail salon when i was 18. i was going to expand, start other businesses. community job-building businesses. i wanted to do a lot in the community, especially the black community. >> make all this boxing and -- >> use my capital. >> to open of incredible things. >> right. >> how about byron allen sandwiches. >> i think you can open that one. >> you know what i'm saying? these are some good sandwiches. i mean i can just see people lined up all -- >> i like to eat, i'll be there. >> what do you think? we can drop the allen. byron's sandwich. >> you can work on that and cater at my next fight. >> you are so beautiful. >> thank you. >> i know the question is how come she's not just modeling. >> i know. that is a very good question. especially to those who feel i'm just boxing like i'm not really serious about what i'm doing and that, you know, this is something that i really want
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to make a future for myself in. they think i'm just doing it for money. why wouldn't i model? it would be a lot easier, i could make a lot more money and, you know, but i want to box. i'm a fighter. that is what i like to do. modeling is harder because i don't enjoy it. maybe down the line but i'm a fighter now, i want to beat people up. what i like to do. >> just beautiful sitting right here. i want to beat people up. you'll never see that anyplace else. >> no. that is the great thing about being beautiful and knowing you can whoop everybody's butt. >> do you think women boxers get the respect they are due? >> that's kind of hard question to answer because if yourself in the world of boxing and you like women's boxing there are women fighters who do get respect.
4:52 pm
good fighters, who have skills and box. they don't get in there and you don't think of them as a woman, you just see a fighter. but because it is not so new compared to men's and not many women boxing yet you come across more who can't box than who can. >> what's the one thing people may not know about your dad that you would love for them to know? >> one thing i can say, i just thought of, is that my dad is not as sick as people think he is. a lot of times people come up -- we'll be standing there. they will say can you tell him i love him? can he understand me. i'm like yes but at the same time my dad sits there and acts like he can't talk. he gets tired of talking to folks. my dad has a disease, living with it. people have cancer or a.i.d.s. what they have. have to live wit.
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