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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 9, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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on a two-thousand thirteen nissan sentra. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of caption max, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. let's revisit the time out. >> gary: the call comes right at the end. matt you a tin was going to put his whistle in his mouth. matt turns around at the last second. there's the call. he didn't signal time out but whistled a time out. >> verne: it's fourth and 13.
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you got to have protection. that is number one. >> verne: pagan is coming hard. mettenberger toward the end zone, incomplete. no flags. it was intented for jarvis landry. >> gary: nobody open on this play. this is landry in the slot right here. he goes on a wheel route, handled very nicely by geno smith on the play. forced them wide it was not interference. >> verne: from the classic les
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dr.pepper ten...good! the manliest low-calorie soda in the history of mankind. bold flavor. >> verne: while we were away, zach mettenberger, the essence of frustration. >> gary: he had one opportunity, and i believe he had a misread.
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>> verne: we'll take a look at that after this first down play. >> gary: it was not easy. i think knowing alabama he should have assumed it was three-on-two he had the inside of the field open. >> verne: kenny bell steps up. let's go back earlier, gary. >> gary: right, good coverage for the whole series but on second down alabama is going to play three-on-two to the outside. that means inside travis dickson had a linebacker one on one. that's where the ball should have gone. watch how open he was. >> verne: oh, boy. >> gary: that is the m.o. of alabama they play the combos wide you have the middle of the field opportunity he did not
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take his read. i believe could be that's why he's so upset. >> verne: let's check win tracy wolfson. >> tracy: you saw the frustration, he just went over to odell beckham, junior, he said that was my bad. i should have made that pass. so much frustration from zach mettenberger down there now because he just knows he gave that one away, guys. >> verne: thank you. second down and eight. we saw that look of frustration earlier this season. >> gary: lsu only rushed the ball for 69 yards this game so far. it's got to be the -- it's hard when it's just the quarterback. >> verne: mccarron, chased. lets it go. caught.
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frustration there. that could almost border targeting. that could almost border targeting. player is defenseless. yep, that could be ejection from the game. >> verne: see if they call targeting here. >> gary: i would be for it, to tell you the truth. >> verne: yes indeed. loston on norwood. >> gary: no need to make this play. that's totally what they're trying to get out of this football game. i can argue with a lot of them but thought that one. loston chatting with aj
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mccarron. interesting. >> gary: he said i didn't mean it. >> referee: personal foul. late hit. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> gary: talked himself out of it. i'm telling you. if they had replay they would have stuck to their original thought and called a targeting penalty. >> verne: seems like perfect example of this controversial interpretation. >> gary: yep. >> verne: targeting most discussed new rule in college football in years. that time it was not called. first down and ten. drives across midfield. that was d.j. welter.
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>> gary: getting in to the situation, alabama going, if we could get a fieldgoal in this game we could put it away. >> verne: second down and six. nick take ban, by the way he opened our conversation yesterday morning, hi, guys, i'm going to be a grandfather. his son, nick, daughter-in-law kelsey, baby due next month. nick said the garage has table filled with pamphlets for three months. kenyan drake. >> gary: got to give it to this offensive line for alabama. they are not the same offensive line from a year ago. they started out slowly in the virginia tech game. texas a&m game. even the colorado state game they had trouble running the football. but then they gelled.
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seemed to have found communication necessary. a little bit different style we talked about than what they had with those three number one draft picks on the field. >> verne: under 7:00 to play. first down and ten. >> gary: face mask. >> verne: lamin barrow. >> gary: you can sense the sense of urgency by lsu. they know they have to have stops -- >> referee: personal foul. 18 defense. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> gary: they know their only hope to keep alabama out of fieldgoal range and they're just a little bit too jacked up at the end of this game here. >> verne: gary, remember what nick saban told tracy as he came out of the locker room at the halftime. we need to run the ball, control
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the line of scrimmage. 121 yards rushing for the crimson tide in this half. after 64 in the first half. >> gary: lsu has not run the ball well enough. mettenberger carried the team. aj mccarron carried the team for alabama in the first half. as verne just told you in the second half nick went in to halftime and told tracy what he was going to do. he said it's a line of scrimmage football game i challenged our guys on the least line of scrimmage to win the game. i was going to say game game because that's what he said. >> verne: didn't have an -- first down and ten. they will run it again. to the ten. out of bounds, austin shepherd leading the way. >> gary: this is tough. look at the line of scrimmage, a
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little -- a bit block between the tight end and right tackle, shepherd and a.j. howard what a nice combo block from those two. >> verne: yeldon with 10 yards, 23 carries. two touchdowns. >> gary: alabama runs over 140 yards they don't lose. >> verne: that's right. yeldon and fowler in the backfield. there's an ankle tackle made by jamar i can't rasco. getting a little chippy over in the near side.
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then fowler. >> gary: we saw it start on thursday night when stanford made a statement about physical power football and alabama is ending the statement in the second half of this football game. >> verne: hand off from mccarron. third down coming up. tackle made by ego ferguson. >> gary: two-headed monster. trent richardson then trent richardson and eddie lacy and yeldon now yeldon and kenyan drake. always used two. they have different styles. >> verne: two really good ones who are freshman. >> gary: three more on sidelines that they're recruiting that are sophomores and juniors in high school right now. >> verne: absolutely. third and goal. 4:20 to go. >> gary: hold on to the ball.
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can lsu -- >> verne: off his back foot. fowler, touchdown alabama! that's 250 pound running back against a 210 pound defensive back. >> gary: want to show you what part of the game that has to be addressed. when the running back in the open field gets his helmet, watch this. look how he uses his helmet as a battering ram for the offense. that's something that people are making the rules have to understand that the defenders coming up have no choice sometimes. watch him lower his helmet and deliver the blow. >> verne: that was corey thompson who was on the receiving end of that helmet to helmet hit. cade foster for the extra point. >> gary: i would be in favor in
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the open field that they call dead ball right there. >> verne: 38-17. 4:10 to go. here's fowler, first thompson, loston. when you came into this world, you tumbled in headfirst. all arms and legs, looking everywhere, moving everywhere. ♪ you went where your eyes and ears took you. and little by little, you became you. you found tools to satisfy your curiosity because you wanted to see more and do more. and there was something to be found in everything. and little by little, it changed. people told you things. but wait, there's more. where to go, what to do, what not to do.
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>> in new york. some texas fans think matt brown stayed too long. he stayed long enough in morgantown to get first overtime win. steve edmond with the infer steps to clinch it six straight victories for the longhorn they are perfect in big 12 play. >> verne: congratulations to mack brown and the texas longhorns. a.j. mccarron winningest quarterback by percentage in alabama history. about to go 34-2 he's closing in on jay barker's record for wins at 35. >> gary: i think it's two-man heisman race. i hate talking about it until november but it's between aj mccarron and jameis winston. i don't think it should be decided yet.
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this man could win three national championships. that counts for something. >> verne: here comes the kickoff. cody manziel will kickoff. beckham. he had one of 82 yards earlier. don't forget later in the game the play of the game presented by napa auto parts. 38-17. >> gary: after watching that kick i don't think it was strategy i think it was the execution because nick was really upset. why would you kick line drive to the best kick returner that almost broke one last time, he was very upset after that kickoff. >> verne: we billed this as battle of two of the outstanding quarterbacks in the sec.
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mettenberger, 221 tonight. but mccarron with another terrific night. here's mettenberger, first down and seven. out of the backfield. jarrick williams number 20. uses his body made the stop. gain of about 20. >> gary: great sportsmanship by odell beckham, he peeled back and blocked c.j. mosley, i had to do it, had to lay you out. >> verne: first and ten. mettenberger in trouble. avoids the tackle. mosley again.
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>> gary: a little nimble. who cares. he's as nimble as joe flacco and he won a super bowl. who cares. he can throw the ball, you know what you're doing. you can play quarterback in the nfl. >> verne: second down 11 with 3:00 to go in this one. alabama impressed of the sec west for more significantly a third consecutive national championship. there's eight on eight again. jeoffrey pagan. >> gary: well alabama breaks 116th in the country in adjusted sacks. that means for the number of times thrown they don't get very many sacks. tonight they have had a factor with their pass rush.
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so get an allstate agent and be better protected from mayhem... like me. [ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? [ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. >> verne: rain still falling here in tuscaloosa. alabama in control. 2:48 to go. 38-17. alabama goes to mississippi state next. then they got chattanooga at home. nick saban urges the fans, students to stick around for that one. then they got this little trip to auburn called the iron bowl. third and 17 here. >> gary: by the way, you mentioned that alabama controls
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their own destiny obviously for the national championship. so does auburn. if auburn wins out they will win the. >> verne: what a season they have put together, complete turn around from disastrous 2012 year. third down and 17. caudron boone went in motion. that's four. cyrus jones the cornerback. >> gary: i think number 65 had to pick up one of those guys. they only brought five, that should be picked up comfortably by your offensive line.
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>> verne: this lsu team lost twice earlier this year at georgia by three. at ole~miss by three. on fourth and 28 with 2:09 to go. they will try something. fourth and hail mary. time out -- he got it before the flag. >> gary: lsu time out. 38-17 crimson tide. it could be used to start a poem. or finish a symphony. it's been to classrooms, boardrooms, even to space. and we can't wait to see where you'll take it next.
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>> verne: among those who have remained despite the rain, aj mccarron's mom and just to the left his girlfriend, catherine webb they watch now as aj mccarron may or may not make another appearance on the field. >> gary: is that all you're going to say? >> verne: you're darn right. i don't work for that four-letter network. discussion? fourth and 28. how embarrassing is that. and he's hurt. he has taken a hammering tonight. adrian hubbard got him this time. >> gary: good for you. walk off that field.
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i love it. do not lay down on that field. go out like that. >> verne: appears his right knee. >> gary: just ran over lsu line. one mistake. two absolute times just ran over too much at the end of the game. it was really a -- this game was over anyway that's not the way you want to finish. >> verne: mccarron will take a knee with 1:55 to go. just to complete the story of mccarron and his mom. mettenberger showing real courage during the open week aj went home to mobile his mother's birthday is november 27th he decided to throw impromptu birthday party for her and the family. as a gift he gave her a necklace with his old championship ring
8:28 pm
which pretty nice gift. of course she didn't wear it tonight. i thought he told us it was a necklace. or something -- >> gary: he has more than one. >> verne: east going for three. >> gary: what a football game for alabama. zach mettenberger had them 17-17. they had a stop on third down. then the dam broke. the fake punt it was all alabama after the fake punt. >> verne: 41 seconds to go. clock running, lsu is out of timeouts.
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[ crowd noise ] >> gary: how about nick jumping in to his arm. how about that? >> verne: mutual respect shown by both coachs. mettenberger able to trot off. good for him. [ crowd noise ]
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aj mccarron. nick saban. and tracy is with them both. >> tracy: let me start out we just saw the embrace between the two of you. take us through that and why that was so special? >> you know such a big game for us. coach told us this is going to be a huge game. our toughest opponent so far. we had to play a 60 minute ball game coach is like my second dad i love him to death. >> tracy: i know he challenged you guys at halftime said, run the ball. how important was it to do that and show coach you can live up to that. >> it's big. any time you can control the line of scrimmage you control the game, you dictate how we play. that's what we needed to do he run the clock off we did that. >> tracy: the key play, the fake punt. after that time out take us through that it looked like you caught this guy off guard a little bit? >> we weren't going to run it if they were -- they weren't ther


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