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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 10, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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philippines and leaves hundreds perhaps thousands dead. we'll tell you where it's headed, have the latest on the destruction with a report from one of the hardest hit areas. then, as this round of negotiations over curbing iran's nuclear program ends with no deal what impact are those talks having on u.s. israeli relations, we'll talk to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in an interview you'll see only on face the anything. plus, bob schieffer sits down with former defense secretary leon panetta ask him how he thinks the u.s. should proceed on iran, what he thinks of the troubled obamacare roll out. can the administration get the website fixed?
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pin metahas candid advice for the president if it can't. >> if they can't fix it then i think the president may very well have to accept some changes in order to make sure that we can continue to implement it. >> o'donnell: new jersey republican governor chris christie wins re-election, are his eyes on another prize see if he thinks he could fix a badly divided republican party. it's all ahead because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. substituting for bob schieffer cbs this morning co-host nora o'donnell. o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good morning again bob will be along later. seth dohn joins us from beijing the latest on the typhoon. >> good morning a. local official in the philippines suggested as many as 10,000
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people might have parished in this typhoon that number is very different when you talk with the philippine red cross which tells us 1200 people whose fluctuating death toll give you indication of how little know about the extent, the scope of this tragedy so far. it was the wind early on that got so much of the attention then disaster but turned out to be the high waves and heavy surf that proved so damaging, so deadly alkn÷qrror philippine government tells us around four million people were affected by this typhoon, 400,000 people displaced from their homes for as bad as this typhoon is, it has not yet over. in fact it's barreling toward vietnam where it's expected to make landfall early monday morning local time. already seen around 800,000 people evacuated in that country. taiwan has seen eight people die in heavy surf, here in southern china six people knocked off a
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boat, now missing. as this country now braces for this t4'÷qrror nora. >> o'donnell: thank you. cbs news reporter filed this report earlier from sabu one of the hardest hit areas. >> the biggest storm hit the planet, no doubt having seen extent of death and damage that it has caused here in the central philippines. now my team and i were taught in the middle of the storm and i'm telling you the winds were tornado-like. the storm surge was like tsunami after storm passed we went out what we saw was complete scene of a coastal town that led hamletly wiped out. there were dead bodies lying everywhere, people who survived were asking, where they could would get food and water in the next few days to be able to survive. now in tacloban, people have started looting they raided supermarkets, grocery stores and electronic stores, just this sense of anarchy and lawlessness
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that has surrounded this immediate typhoon. remember, this region was just hit by 7.1 magnitude earthquake a couple weeks ago. there's definitely a massive work ahead for the philippine government. >> o'donnell: this morning u.s. attempts to craft an historic deal to curb iran's nuclear deal have fallen apart. secretary of state john kerry flown to geneva for two days of marathon negotiations, first direct talks between and iran in 36 years. hopes were high for a deal until concerns were raised by france about whether they could trustee ran. israel has called this a very bad deal, prime minister benjamin netanyahu joins us now. >> thank you, nora, good morning. >> o'donnell: i know that you never liked this deal from the beginning. do you feel like the concerns you raised were heard? >> i'm sure they were heard. i don't know if they will be internalized in to a different deal. a deal is not an end itself, i
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think secretary kerry said the right thing when he said that no deal is better than a bad deal. the deal as was proposed described to us by the american sources they described it as accurately as they can means that iran maintains its capabilit for nuclear bomb. it also maintains another move plutonium to make nuclear bombs all iran gives is a minor concession of taking 20% enriched uranium bringing it down to a lower enrichment but that they could cover with a few weeks given the capabilities that they keep for enrichment. so iran effectively becomes a threshold nation, threshold nuclear power nation, makes a minor consection and in exchange for that the international community reverses the direction of sanctions, gives iran several
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billion dollars worth in direct assistance, opens up pet roll chemicals, opens up gold, diamond, and other things. this is a huge change from the appreciate that you are was applied on iran through the effective sanctions regime which brought them to the table in the first play in oth words, iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal. i hope, i can only express my wish that the p5 plus one use the time to get a good deal that takes away iran's nuclear military capabilities. >> o'donnell: i know you describe these believe these are minor concessions. but the united states, other europeans believe this would be historic dea÷for the first time it would freeze their nuclear weapons program. why would you not want to take that first step? >> because the whole thrust of the sanctions and negotiations has been to get iran to 'degreel
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community has put forward. and the security council resolution spelled out. iran should take away the centrifuges and plutonium, should dismantle the heavy water reactors, nora, how many centrifuges are dismantled in this. >> o'donnell: tellly. >> zero. not one. zero. in other words, iran maintains all capabilities. it built itself up in the face of international decision and resolution, it defied them, went right up to very close to the top and now it stays there. it doesn't bring down, dismantle one centrifuge, it continues to have the mountains of material from which they can take in to the centrifuge make atomic bombs. all they're doing taking a little material that they enriched to higher degree and bring it back, that's nothing. remember, this street a country that has tens of thousands of people in
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"death to america" the other day, this is a participating as we speak in the mass slaughter of men, women, children, tens of thousands of them in syria. this is a country that for many in five continents, country that pledges to destroy the state of israel and subvert so many of the other countries. not only my concern that this is a bad deal, there are many arab leaders in the region who are saying, this is a very bad deal for the region and for the world. you know, when you have the arabs and israelis speaking in one voice, doesn't happen very often, i think it's worth paying attention to us. >> o'donnell: did you help lobby against this deal? >> lobby? yes, of course, lobby. that's an understatement. i speak i'm expressing as i said not only the concerns of israel but the concerns of many, many in the reason some say it out loud, some stay it behind closed doors. but i'll tell you this is a broad feeling here. broad feeling that iran is, you
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know, might hit the jackpot here. it's not good. not good for us, not good for america, not good for the middle east. not good for europe either. i don't think it's good for russia or china by the way i've spoken to the leaders of most of these countries. >> o'donnell: do you think if the obama put too much trust in the new iranian regime? >> look, i think the president and i share the goal of making sure that iran doesn't have nuclear weapons. i think where we might have a difference of opinion is on how to prevent it. i think that what has been built up over time, sure the iranians built the program over time but international community led by the united states, has built up a census program that has been very effective. and it got iran to come to the table. now what is happening is that for effectively nothing, or virtually no consections iran gets to keep its nuclear capabilities, that is the capabilities that enable it to
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manufacture the material for nuclear bombs. i think the other aspects of metallurgy, that is not in the deal that's another component of making the bomb.they get to keep all that. and at the same time the international community takes the one effective thing which has been the sanctions regime and they reverse direction. they begin to legitimize iran as having these capabilities, that's a bad thing. but they you know that the price of any good, at any time is the expectati future. in iran where there's a lot of pressure these days the pressure is going to be let off, the valve is going to be let off on the pressure cooker because people understand it's over. it's not merely the direct benefit, the direct easement of the sanctions but the multiplier affect of expectation that is going to relief the pressure in iran and going to start, i'm afraid a scramble in the
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international community who gets to ease their sanctions with iran faster. not a good idea. not a good deal. a very bad deal. >> o'donnell: can i ask you, president obama said this deal would include very modest relief on the sanctions. and that there would be a freeze, that would begin immediately then you could deal with the capability later on, why are you not convinced that that could be the final deal that's re process? >> because the easing of the sanctions is a tremendous concession on the part of the people at plus one. there's a multiplier affect, signalling affect to the markets both inside iran and the world when you reverse a direction that you've been effectively put in, the dñ and even more pressure on iran now you're going the other way, that's like putting a hole in your it may not be a big hole, may be a middle-sized hole or small hole but the air begins come out
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and pretty soon you have a flat tire that's what's puncture the sanctions does. i think that is -- that's exactly why the iranians are deal, they get nothing but get the hole in the tire of the sanctions and the air begins to come out. that's what they want. they're p but i don't think they're that shrewd i think we understand it, i think the region understands it. i hope that the p5 plus one understand it because bad feel is bad for them, too. ultimately bad for the world. >> o'donnell: prime minister benjamin netanyahu thank you. >> thank you. o'donnell: leon panetta served as president obama's aca direct for before leaving administration. bob schieffer sat down with the former secretary at his home in monterey, california. asked him what he thought about a potential nuclear deal with iran. >> i think we've got to be very >> i think we've got to be very careful. we've got to be very skeptical. iran is a country that has promoted terrorism, they have
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had a hidden enrichment facility that we had to find out about so we've got to be skeptical and make sure that even with some kind of interim agreement that we know what the next steps are going to be in order to ensure that they really do stand by their word. >> schieffer: israeli prime minister netanyahu already called it a monumental mistake. >> i understand the concerns. as i said i think it's incumbent on us to make very certain that we put some very strict conditions on any deal with the iranians, what are they going to do with the enriched fuel that they already have. they have got a lot of it. what are they going to do with it. they have a lot of ken trifinals. what are they going to do with the heavy reactor that could produce plutonium. make sure they don't have any other hidden sites with regards to enrichment. there are a lot of conditions, a lot of steps that have to be put in place to make sure that they
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indeed are serious about eliminating their nuclear capabilities. >> schieffer: mr. secretary, you seem especially skeptical of the iranians, why is that? >> you know, my experience is that the iranians not only obviously promoted terrorism, but they directly engaged in terms of conflict. the iranians actually shot down one of our drone planes that looks over that part of the gulf. and we sent a clear message to them. that we were going to have f16s be able to accompany our drones and if they try to go after our drones again we're going to shoot them down. and they backed off. so, i think it's important, the lesson i guess i draw from this is you better operate from a position of strength if you want to deal with the iranians. >> o'donnell: we'll hear more from bob's interview later in
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the broadcast. we'll be right back.
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>> o'donnell: last week chris christie a republican won a big victory in the very blue state of new jersey. in fact it was the largest margin of victory by any republican in the garden state in 30 years. and now the governor may have his sights set on higher office. governor christie good to see you thank you for joining us? >> norah, thanks for having me. o'donnell: i want to talk politics in a minute first get your take on the headlines this morning. on iran. a deal to freeze iran's nuclear program has fallen apart. how big of a setback do you think this is? >> i'm a governor of new jersey i think there are a lot of people you can ask, probably will have on the program who are significantly better briefed on this. when guys like me start to shoot off on opinions about this kind of stuff it's really
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ill-advised. i'll leave it to secretary kerry and the folks that are in charge of this to make decisions about where we go. and then once they put something together if they do then i'll make a judgment on that. it's just -- i'm not right person to be asking that question with all due respect. >> you're a national political figure. you're a leader in the republican party, you may some day run for president do you have view about whether iran should continue to enrich uranium? >> like i said. i think the folks who are involved in this on day-to-day basis should be making those kind of opinions known publicly. for me i'm governor of new jersey and my job is to run the state of new jersey. and it's just something i think, in all seriousness, norah, you just -- dash folks in my position spout off opinions off the top of their head just wind up doing more harm than good. i'm not going to engage in that. >> let's turn now to politics, congratulations on your victory this past week.
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i want to remind our viewers how you won because you're a republican and new jersey is a very blue state you won 66% of independents. you won 32% of democrats. 51% of hispanic voters and 21% of african american voters. is there a lesson there for the rest of the republican party? >> the lesson is to govern, norah, and show up. let me explain what i mean. on governing it's about doing things, accomplishing things, reaching across the aisle crafting accomplishments. ours i think are significant. 143,000 new private sector jobs in the last four years. $2.3 billion business tax cuts to help create those jobs. reforming teacher tenure for the first time in 100 years in new jersey. reforming a broken pension and benefit system that's going to save $120 billion over next 30 years. spending less in this budget year, fiscal year '14 that will spend in new jersey in fiscal year 2008 six years ago. you govern all those bipartisan
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accomplishments because i have completely democratic legislature. and showing up, what i mean by that that is you can't just show up six months before an election in to groups that have not normally voted for you, expect that they are going to vote for you. i have been working on this for four years going to places like irvington, one of our cities where i got 4.7% of the vote i did town hall meeting there a year and half there were more people in the church than voted for me in 2009. you go there, you listen and you present your views that's the way you bring people in to your movement. >> as you know hispanics are the fastest growing demographic, in this country. your party has struggled with the hispanic vote do you believe the republican party, congress, needs to pass an immigration bill in the next 14 months in order to appeal to hispanic voters? >> i think they have to fix a broken immigration system because it's what's right for our country what is good for our economy. that's why they need to fix the
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current broken immigration system. >> do you think your party will do that? >> i hope they do. i hope they do, norah. that's what they should be doing that's what people are frustrated by. that there are obvious problems that need to be fixed that the people in washington, both parties are not fixing these problems nor is the president. and that's the problem. they look at a place like new jersey where we're not using divided government as excuse not to act. we get together, we argue, we fight, we debate. but then we get around a table and we conclude the argument by getting things done and they're not doing that in washington. that is the thing that i think frustrates americans the most and i know it frustrates new jerseyians when looking at washington, d.c. >> you just got elected to second term. as governor of new jersey. you're going to be the chairman of the republican governors association, a lot of republicans i've spoken with say you are in fact already laying the ground work to run for president in 2016. what does mary pat say about this?
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>> mary pat completely supportive of the two jobs that i told her i have in 2014. in my professional life. one being governor of new jersey, and looking to finish the job we started in the first four years. the second is i'm honored to be chairman of the republican governors association, 36 governors races in 2014 i'll be traveling the country raising money and campaigning for my fellow governors and challengers to try to make sure we increase our numbers from the current 29 to an even higher number. >> can i ask you what made your policy and political goals to you have for the next year? >> in the next year we want to lower taxes in new jersey. income taxes in new jersey. like to continue education reform by greater expansion of charter schools, getting school choice for parents so that in failing schools in new jersey, there's 200 failing schools in new jersey that those parents
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can get a voucher to send their child to a private or parochial school. we want to continue along those paths and also continue to grow private sector jobs in our economy which we have been doing i want to do even more get more to get more new jerseyians back to work. >> turn now to the president's roll out of the affordable care act otherwise known as act otherwise known as obama compare this week he apologized to the american people said, i'm sorry, do you think that's enough? >> no, it's not enough. but i have said to him earlier last week that he should apologize. tell people that he was wrong. >> you were the one who suggested to president obama this he should do an terview and say i'm sorry? >> i don't know if i was the one, i said last week that he should -- people should apologize i thought in general. when you make a mistake you should own up to it and apologize for it. i think people give you credit for that. the fact is, that the president didn't tell the truth. it turns out not to be true that people who keep their insurance policies no matter what that they can keep their doctor no
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matter what. we need to confront that issue and president needs to deal with it in a head-on way. that is why i didn't do state based exchange in new jersey. to implement obamacare, i didn't know who managed anything or run anything over the course of career can see that this was a train wreck. and i was not going to get the people of new jersey involved in this train wreck in that way. so that's what we've done in new jersey and president needs to deal with what he said and how it turns out not to be true. >> governor chris christie, good to see you thanks for joinings. we'll be right back.
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>> we'll be back with more "face the nation" first this programming note. next week bob schieffer will host special "face the nation" devoted to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy from the sixth floor museum in dallas, texas. eë
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>> some of our stations are leaving us now for most of you we'll be right back. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
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