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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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and it's still smoldering. y this one's so tough to figh surveying the damage... from a fire keeps people indoors for much of their sunday and it is still smoldering. why this one is so tough to take down. the recovery ahead after haiyan. and the battle brewer, why the wariors may have a hard time getting an arena on the bay. good evening. huge plumes of smoke cover part of redwood city toght. firefighters have been at this fire at a metal recycling facility since after 1:00 this afternoon. the fire at simms metal management is not close to any residential neighborhoods but triggered air quality advisories for people in santa clara. kpix5 has more on the fire why people went outside dispaoeuting the warnings. >> reporter: residents were told if you can see or smell
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the smoke stay inside there are still plenty of people outside and about and plenty of smoke in the air tonight. maybe not as bad as an hour ago but putting off that smell, too. something like burning metal meets burning plastic. either way, not pleasant. >> smoke filled the sky, smothering the peninsula and south bay with the nasty smell of burning metal and keeping some people from getting home. >> trying to get down the street to my boat, that is where i live. the fire is preventing anyone from accessing it. >> the fire started at noon today. simm's metal secycling center that crushes cars and appliances and sends the scrap metal to china. it is not the company's first fire. >> it seems to happen once a year and the place goes up in smoke and names and it smells wonderful. >> reporter: it is one of the largest scrap metal yards in a bay area. a few years ago they found
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toxins like mercury and lead seeping from simms into the bay. it today not a water issue the problem is if in the air. >> all smoke is harmful. you don't want to breathe in any smoke. fireplace, bbq smoke, intuftial operation here so, yeah. that is why the shelter in place was ordered. >> reporter: wind cared the smoke over 101 and over this mobile home park. residents were warned stay inside but these kids did not listen. >> they said it was pretty dangerous about if you breathe it in. might cause cancer or stuff. >> then what you are doing outside? >> chilling. >> reporter: so, no reports of injuries. we don't know how the fire started either. it is in a large pile of crap metal. hard to get down into the flames. it could burn for several hours to come. we are live in redwood city, back to you. a weekend typhoon has hit landfall in northern vietnam bringing heavy rain, hundreds of thousands of people evacuated ahead of the storm
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and so far no reports of significant damage or injuries there. but it is a different story in the central philippines that felt the brunt of the typhoon. in many places communication and power is down. >> reporter: residents are picking through the rub nel coastal towns looking for victims. there is fear that typhoon killed as many as 10,000 people in one city alone. thousands more have no place to live and nothing left but the clothes on their backs. [speaking in foreign language] >> reporter: this victim says we need help. we don't have anything to eat. haiyan barreled through with winds of 160 miles an hour. homes scattered across the seaboard did not stand a chance. the president of the philippines toured a hard hit area. >> [indiscernible] for those who are injured and
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looking for food and water. >> reporter: aid from around the world is starting to make its way to victims. a plane loaded with supplies left germany on sunday. in japan, u.s. marines loaded a c-130 with humanitarian aid before heading to the philippines. the officials there is a it impacted up to four million people and call it the deadliest natural disaster it in the nation's history. wendy gillette, cbs news. >> the bay area has one of the largest filipino communities in the u.s. a lot of people are sending aid back to their country. it could be awhile before it gets there. [singing] >> reporter: the pastor on guitar, leading the congregation through music and prayer. >> we send our prayers to the troops out in the philippines.
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>> reporter: now the need is beyond comprehension. >> the surrounding churches that have members from san francisco, around the peninsula rallied so quickly. >> reporter: help comes not just from church folks and not just from fillo mean owes. >> collect contributions and support donations. nonperishable items and survival items for the victims and families. >> reporter: here, the donations were piling up. they work year around to support the poorest of the poor in philippine communities. >> do you have family in philippiness? >> i do. >> have you heard from them? >> we have not. >> i have moon 11-year-old son with me today. teaching him the importance of when someone needs help we help them. they definitely need help. >> reporter: her son enjoyed learning the lesson. >> at first i was a sign holder but now i am helping bringing out the food from people's cars. >> reporter: it is likely to
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take a month or longer for the supplies to reach the philippines, but the workers here is a that is okay because the aftereffects and the need are likely to last much longer than that. back to you. >> the local chapter of the national alliance for fill meano concerns is collecting monnethe bay area to help with relief efforts for a link to their web site, go to the bay bridge project has had its share of problems and this week state lawmakers want to find out why. the new eastern span is still getting the bolts repaired and it costs billions more than expected to build. oned with, a exity will hear about the lessons that be can learned. >> so,ed with we have experts in europe, from the east coast, from the big dig in boston and from california to talk about why most of the projects are to come in over budget. but this sort of was the poster child for that. the state senator from concord is one of the biggest critics of the bay bridge project. he is up for the chair of the
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committee holding the hearing. >> the heated debate over california's transgender law is boiling over tonight. opponents say they collected enough signatures for a ballot initiative to repeal it. the law aims to reduce discrimination by a lows transgender kids to choose if they want a boys or girls rest room which sports team to join. a group out of san francisco claims the law violates the privacy of nontransgender students. it submitted 620,000 signatures on next year's ballot. an nfl player accused of bullying a teammate is telling his side of the story. incognito was suspended following a voicemail he left for a player, martin. danielle knotting ham has the story. >> reporter: he says he is not
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a racist. even though he used the "n" word to teammate, martin. >> to judge me from that word is wrong. >> reporter: the suspended player said he is embar rased by his actions but said his words came from a place of love no matter how volger they sound. martin left a accusing in cognito and others about racial slurs. >> it is not an issue of bullying t is an issue of mine and john's relationship where i have taken stuff too far and i did not know it was hurting him. >> reporter: incognito said martin sent him a text after he left the team in the message martin reportedly did not blame the players for his departure saying the culture around football and the locker room got to him a little. martin has not spoken publicly about the issue but is expected to discus the case next week
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with the nfl special investigator. danielle knotting ham, cbs news. >> fox sports says incognito and martin exchanged 1100 text messages last year. it is not game over yet or game on yet for the warriors planned arena. the challenges they could face in getting the green light and who will have the final say. { ed lee
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the warriors didn't talk li they were sh it has been 41 years t time to welcome them home. i can assure you this venue will not be built. >> in may 2012 the warriors did not talk like they were shooting for a waterfront arena they were talking like it was a slam dunk but this past week voters rejected it. it has a lot of people asking, will the warriors face the same opposition? michael sugarman shows us the war on the waterfront is just beginning. >> they were out spent, 4-1. >> over $1 million on television ads, repeats "parks, parks, parks". >> reporter: this feisty but small group of activists forced people to kill a project. arguing it was too tall and too rich. >> a landslide, folks. >> reporter: the former mayor who opposed it, calls the
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victory a warm up. for a fight against the arena. >> we dodged a bull let. this is a cannon. >> reporter: the warriors don't exactly see it that way. >> art won a game of ping-pong and he thinks he is a wimbledon champion. >> reporter: it is just getting started. >> some of the people that opposed it will be opposing the a reina, i recognize that. >> reporter: the 8 washington battle was fought here, forth of the ferry building on this parking lot owned by the city. the warriors want to set up shop one mile to the south where pier 3032 is literally falling into the water. the plans do not end with an a roepba, it stands on a project, hotel, condo, shopping that is on the other side of the street. this parking lot. a city owns parking place. 17 stories high. luxury condos from $5-$10 million a piece. that is what that is. the same thing. >> so, we have an expensive
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condo on the waterfront element. but that is really where it ends. >> while people may not get excited about the luxury condos a lot of people get excited about the warriors. in concert. maybe tractor pulls. so, it will be easier to find people invested in an arena. >> as opposed to the reverse, state washington where the park was this big and the condos were this big. it will be the arena is this big and the condos are this big. >> reporter: not just any arena. go to the web site you and will see an opera house emerge in icy seas. plans for the sf expansion. a metro station that looks like science fiction and yes something of a gogenheim for basketball. >> raising the heights to 136. >> reporter: didn't voters just say no to big buildings on the waterfront? running the campaign that defeets it. not taking a position on the arena he says tuesday's lesson
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was clear. >> the voters were loudly, clearly, hands off of our waterfront. develop it in a way that is open and fair and within the rules but if you go outside of that we will have something to say about that t. >> don't be surprised if they scaled back in the next designs. and it remains to be seen if they will support an ooh reina on the bay. how traffic will be managed and what simmering anger over pricing houses and soring rents and the big money will prompt a voter backlash against, well, big money. one thing is for certain. the battle will be settled by voters. >> you can bet earth side, who gets angry will go to the voters of the people that might put it on the ballot are the golden state warriors themselves and then we will take it straight to the voters. they will endorse it and they will have to negotiate about the waterfront anymore. >> reporter: consider this the
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it tip off, back to you. >> mike mentioned the possibility of scaled back plans, the warriors will consider downsiding their proposal. the development across the street from the arena the third draft of the propblg sect -- project is due sometime this month. people took part in san francisco's 94th annual veteran's parade. one group of vets is giving a warmer welcome to soldiers returning home. >> san francisco's veteran's day parade always has an impromptu feel about it. they don't stop traffic until the first motorcycles begin pulling out. and there is a reason why so many veterans are drawn to this form of transportation. >> we want to be free. >> and the motorcycle is that? >> the motorcycle is it.
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that is it. >> san francisco has not always been the most welcoming place for those who have served. especially during the vietnam war. but most here is a that has changed. >> it is really nice that the people are thanking us. it would have been nice 40 years ago but i will take it any way i can can get it. >> the reason we are doing a good job is because the vietnam vets said it is not happening to these guys. >> reporter: this parade had all of the usual stuff, pole teugzs, marching bands and flags. not a lot of spectators. but david was here, marching in the first parade since the day he landed from normandy when he was reason years old. >> a lot of people would say you are a hero. what do you say to them? >> i say i am just doing my job. i think that is all we are -- we have to do our part somewhere. >> reporter: on this day the
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city did its part, expressing gratitude to those who answered the call to duty. many are having a hard time. the feeling here, the country's duty tow help them should not end when the parades are over. in san francisco, kpix5. >> today, people hit the pavement in the third annual san jose national veteran's day run. there was a half marathon, 11k, 5k and 1 mile family walk. the proceeds go towards scholarships to support military families. most government officers will be closed for veteran's day tomorrow. there will be no regular postal service. most libraries, schools, banks will be closed. most agencies will run on different schedules today. ac transit will run on sunday schedules, b.a.r.t will run on
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a holiday schedule. sanfrancisco will have regular service. a lot of businesses are offering free services to vets. one of them is a new york-based medical facility. express the center is provides check ups and lab work and prescriptions at no cost to veterans. they say it is a way of saying thank you. >> i have a lot of family members that have been in the military, a strong connection, my son fought in both wars we are currently involved in as a u.s. marine. we thought you know, let's do something that is special. this is our business, so, we thought let's use the business and give back a little bit. >> military members need to show proof of current or past service to get the services for free. >> okay. have you checked the inside of your refrigerator lately? recalling 90 tons of prepackaged salads and sandwiches. the federal officials say it is because of a possible e.coli outbreak. 26 people and 3 states including california say they
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got sick after eating their products. some of the recalled ones include trader joes and they need to check out under news links. >> you will listen, you will hear, he is under the weather. >> you can tell? >> that voice. oh, i know. a little under the weather with this. i feel fine. yes. we will get through this, won't we? >> i think we will. let's get through the numbers. 48 in concord, oakland, 54, livermore, 51. sanfrancisco has got 53. we will get patchy fog forming tonight. and that is how we will start out tonight around the bay. much like we have today. some patchy fog out there. and most he sunny skies inland. and veterans day, looks pretty good. partly cloudy skies. the temperatures from the upper 50s to the upper 60s. very pleasant and then things change. all last week we were thinking we will get rain. but the problem is, it just
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persists. low pressure on the way. we will get closer. a chance of showers in golden gate early tuesday morning. but, then, high pressure builds right over point conception, and the result, high knocks all of the rain up to the north. for the future. as far as you see from the model. staying short. we stay high and dry. early tuesday, a chance of rain in the north bay. then, dry weather returns. 45 for santa rosa. 55 in the city. and, 52 in san jose. 68 degrees for san jose tomorrow's high. not bad at all in the east bay. that increasing cloud, chance of showers coming in on monday night and tuesday. and, what is the latter half of the week looks like. it looks like sunshine, 70s, 60s for most of the bay area. it looks pleasant. beautiful day. >> there we go. yes. we will not, yes, after the dose on tuesday we will not get
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at certain locations like ts one in south san francisco-- struggling coastal service is trying out a new partnership with staples. at certain locations like this one. customers will be able to buy stamps and pale packages at their local post office. it including mailing packages out of the country. the first retailer to take part in the program. maybe you noticed, gas prices are down by 15 cents nationwide. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.22. they are paying the least. sanfrancisco has the highest prices in the lower 48 at 367. the statewide average is $3.59. >> well, it crashed into earth today. but find out why nobody knows where this old satellite actually came down. ,,,,
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cosmonauts returned with the olympic torch. the torch just made its first journeyo even went on the space ship came back today and with it, precious cargo. it made its first journey to space, the olympic torch went on a spacewalk. there are plans to take it to the bottom of one of the deepest lakes on earth and to
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the north pole. a 2,000 satellite came back to earth tonight but we may never know where it landed. it ran out of fuel last month and gravity pulled it back to earth. it re-entered the atmosphere tonight. the officials say most of it incinerated. the rest of it. we landed in the ocean. the chances of someone getting hit by the debris are slim. they say you are more likely to get hit by lightning or win the lottery. >> it is 1 in a trillion. >> yeah. >> the satellite's mission was a success. it was sent into orbit in 2009 to map the earth's gravitational field. we'll be right back. online may attract burglars? avel plans [woman] off to hawaii! what if you didn't know that as the price of gold rises, so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation?
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