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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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typhoons in history e phillipines. now, thousands are feared dead after one of the most powerful typhoons in history barrels through the philippines and now the united states military and the bay area filipino community are stepping in to help out. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griogo. >> 942 people are confirmed dead so far and that number is expected to rise, perhaps as high as 10,000.
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we begin with alfonso van marsh on the scope of the disaster. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan destroyed everything in its path leaving families to find shelter wherever they can. >> survivors across the philippines are growing desperate and painting signs for rescue helicopters. >> we want water and things for the injured. we just need your help. we don't need pity. >> reporter: u.s. marines are arriving with badly needed supplies for the millions of disaster victims. >> a 15-25-foot wave came across the entire villages here. and so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon looks more like the aftermath of a tsunami. >> i don't have the words for it. it is really horrific. >> reporter: bodies line the streets. some foreigners are using guns to fight off looters. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the typhoon tore through a hotel. they used the mattresses to
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help move people. >> tens of thousands are feared dead but the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. a sign of life came today, in one of the hardest hit villages, when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. bay area groups are organizing relief efforts to help the victims of the typhoon. and we have more on the donations coming in. mark has more. >> reporter: well, frank, we are at one of those drop-off- site locations to help the victims of the typhoon haiyan. we are on 7th street between howard and mission. these folks are here all day until midnight. so keep the donations rolling in. donation sites like this are popping up all over the bay area. this man kept his doors open all night collecting supplies for victims of typhoon haiyan.
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the donations are still modest. a few boxes of canned goods and a table of dried food. but there are high hopes here generosity will come knocking. >> our goal is to fill this whole room up to the rafters. >> haiyan has devastated the island nation and the need for money to rebuild the infrastructure is just as great as the immediate need for batteries, food and medicine. >> it is a typhoon. we need help now. >> reporter: and fortunately this man was able to reach his family in the philippines on the phone. >> i thank god. but there is so much to do. >> reporter: so this west bay dropoff site is also taking cash donations, and of course, you can go on the web site and use pay pal, and they would also like to you walk in the door if you can and drop off some goods, everything from first aid kits, to baby food, and they're taking it all. live in san francisco, mark
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kelly, kpix5. >> more information how to help with the relief efforts visit our web site at a fire that led to a shelter in place warning in redwood city is finally out. the fire at the management recycling center triggered problems in the local counties. the center crushes cars and appliances and sends much of the scrap metal to china. most of the smoke was from burning metals and plastic. it started sunday afternoon, and people were warned to stay indoors if they could smell the smoke. but not everybody heeded that warning. >> they said it was pretty dangerous. like if you can breathe it in, it might cause cancer or something like that. >> what are you guys doing outside? >> chilling. >> no injuries were reported. they are still looking for the cause of the fire and we're looking into past problems at the redwood city facility. the company's past run-ins
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with the epa coming up at 5:00. your refrigerator might have a salad that could make you sick. glass onion catering is recalling more than 90 tons of pre-packaged salads and sandwiches with cooked chicken and ham. federal health officials say it is because of a possible e. coli outbreak. 26 people in california and arizona and washington say they got sick after eating the product. some of the recalled brands including trader joe's super fresh foods and everstone. you can check out the full list on kpix .com under news links. on this veterans day, president obama paid tribute by laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery. mr. obama says it is important to remember the thousands of service members, that they are still at war in afghanistan. he said as that conflict draws to a lose, returning troops must be in his words the best cared for and best respected veterans in the world. and right now, a big veterans day parade is getting under way, in downtown san jose. it has been going on every year, for nearly a century. but now, the future is in
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jeopardy. kpix 5 kate garren is live in san jose to explain. >> reporter: for the past two years, organizers have been worried, will this be the last parade? is there enough money for next year? and every year, it has gotten worse. since the recession. and now a sant clare county honors the veteran, the organizers are looking ahead to next year and the united veterans council organizes the event and they have seen a drop in grant and private funding that could mean cancelling next year's parade. the parade comes with a price tag of 44 to $48,000 to put this parade on. and those expenses include street closures and police security. and now, we spoke with one organizer who told us that in addition to losing money, they are also losing membership in their organization and try to pound the pavement for donations. the veterans say they are ready to fight to keep the parade afloat to the last dollar. >> we are not going to give up. we're not going to to
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surrender. we are going to keep going until there is no money at all. we mide have two people in the parade but we will have a parade. >> cost is always an issue with the parade. we talked about it many times. we have been doing it for 95 years. we will figure out to make sure it happens again next year. >> reporter: the city of san jose has offered money to the veterans day parade each year, they do have a grant allotted for celebrations like this but city leaders say that grant has gotten smaller each year, too. and now, we know that more than 150 veterans will be marching today in the parade. the veterans say they hope to see the parade to the 100th year. reporting live in san jose. back to you. >> kate, their. and some local veterans day events were held a day early, including a parade in san francisco. the event had plenty of american flags and marching bands, but there could have been more spectators. some vietnam war vets say san francisco is a more welcoming town than it was decades ago. and back then, many veterans were met with hostility from protesters angry about the
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vietnam war. >> voters may soon decide whether to repeal a new law that deals with transgendered kids in california's public schools. the law allows those students to choose whether to use the boys and girl's rest room and what sports teams to join. the opponents say they collected enough signatures at a ballot measure to repeal the law. coalition of conservative groups called privacy for the students says the law violates the privacy of nontransgender students. city leaders want to ban kids from being on the streets after dark. the proposed curfew ordinance would require anyone under the age of 18 to be indoors between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. councilman noel galo is expected to introduce the measure tomorrow night and he also wants to create youth centers around the country where kids who violate the curfew would be taken. in other bay area news, police in oakland broke up a possible side show. this scene played out near the port of oakland. up to 100 cars may have been involved at 10:00 last night
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before officers came rushing in. some drivers were sent away while others left on their own to avoid police. police at uc berkeley are looking for a man who has been exposing himself. female students reported three incidents in campus housing buildings last week. and twice in a woman's bathroom, and once in a workout room, the suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s or early 30s and he is about 5'10" with a medium build, and short dark colored hair and an unshaven face. the warriors could scale back the arena plan after voters rejected the eight washington waterfront development last week. the team wants to build an arena where peers 30 and 32 are literally falling into the water. a new draft is due soon. and kcbs radio is reporting a down sizing is considered. an officer is accused of accepting bribes including prostitutes and concert tickets and what was allegedly provided in refresh. i'm not a race -- in return. and i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is
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wrong. >> the nfl player at the center of a bullying scandal addresses accusations of racism and verbal abuse. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix weather center. a few clouds moving across the skies. what about some raindrops? we will talk about that coming up. ,,,, to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"...
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amazon is about to try out deliveries every day of the week. the u-s postal service will ring amazon packages amazon is about to try out deliveries every day of the week. the u.s. postal service will begin delivering amazon packages on sundays, in new york and los angeles next weekend. and it will begin in dallas, houston, new orleans, and phoenix next year. a postal service spokeswoman calls the deal a win-win. postal officials are now exploring similar agreements with other retailers. today on wall street, stocks are holding at a record
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high, right now, you can see the dow is up about 16 points. and the market is continuing a climb that started friday, following an unexpectedly strong u.s. jobs report. however, overall trading is light. as bond markets are closed for veterans day. police in new york believe an ousted rock musician shot and killed his three band mates before taking his own life. the victims were part of an indie grouped called the yellow dogs based out of brooklyn. another band member was shot in the arm but he managed to call the police. when the officers arrived they found the dead victims lying on the floor of a home and the presumed shooter dead on the roof. police suspect the shooting was the result of a dispute over money. two more high-ranking navy officers are on leave after being implicated in an alleged bribery scandal. it is a woresome case. we were deeply concerned about this. and we have indications that several naval officers and even some civilian employees have been taking bribes and
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inappropriate gifts. >> vice admiral ted branch and rear admiral rich loveless have been accused of taking bribes and prosecutes and there were services sent to the navy with tugboats and ships and there were officers who believed to have steered naval ships to where the company operates. the football player at the middle of a hazing scandal admits to using a racial slur but ritchie incognito says he did not mean any harm to his teammate who is african- american. he is accused of harassment. >> no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds, that is how we communicate. that is how our friendship was. and those are the facts and that's what i am accountable for. i have taken stuff too far. and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> incognito has provided fox sports with more than 1100 text messages he exchanged with martin over the past year.
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both players are expected to talk about the case, with the nfl's special investigator. a 2,000-pound satellite is back on earth but nobody seems to know exactly where on earth. european space agency says the satellite just ran out of gas, last month, and re-entered the atmosphere last night, somewhere over antarctica. most incinerated and the rest landed in the ocean. the satellite orbit was considered a big success when it was sent in to space in 2009. >> glad it landed in the ocean. >> better than the bay area. >> i would think so. >> yes. >> and hey, guys, a few clouds out there right now. we're trying to squeeze in some raindrops. haven't seen any of that for quite a while now. dry headed out the door today. we have a mix of sunshine. we have the mid to high level clouds that are beginning to move across the sky. in the san francisco area, over coit tower, you can see the high clouds in the distance there and working on a very
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noise afternoon. it looks like the high pressure kind of slowly gives up here and slides to the east. and the temperature, 63 degrees in livermore and 60 in san francisco and 61 degrees right now in san jose. and i think as we head in toward the afternoon, sun and clouds, near seasonable temperatures and then tonight, there is a slight chance we could see a couple of sprinkles outside, mainly north of the golden gate bridge, and dry weather returns quickly, as high pressure starts to build back in and the temperatures are going to start to warm up. and looks impressive off the coastline and here is the cold front right here and most of the energy will follow the jet stream to the north. and that means we will keep things mostly dry in the bay area. a lot of clouds moving on through. and then things begin to change a little bit. and here is the computer model to try to figure the system out as it moves on through and a few more clouds throughout the day thickening up. there you can see a chance of a few scattered showers to the north overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. then i think it is done. after that, it looks like we will dry out. and tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine returns. 69 degrees on this veterans day in san jose. 72 in morgan hill. and about 67 degrees in mountain view. and 50s and 60s toward the
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coastline. 72 in pleasantton today and 71 in the napa valley and 69 degrees in benecia. and inside the bay, you will see the temperatures moving up into the 50s and the 60s. and maybe as high as 67 in oakland. and 64 and partly cloudy in san francisco, and it should be about 68 degrees in santa rosa. and a cool 59, partly cloudy, in datey city. next couple of days, we will have at leets least a chance of a few showers in the forecast in early tomorrow morning. and then we start to dry things out. an offshore wind kings in. it looks like the temperatures -- kicks in. it looks like the temperatures soar into the 70s again. but cooling down again for the weekend. the sunrise and sunset time. tonight, we're setting at 5:01. that's right. it comes early. sunrise tomorrow, we will be up for that. 6:47 a.m. and i love seeing that sunrise. except when i want to sleep. >> exactly. that's what i think this schedule is better for us, right? >> it gets it dark earlier, it makes it easier to go to bed in theory. thanks, lawrence. a bay area man in honor of
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veterans day, he pays a special tribute to those he served with and lost overseas. the story is next. ,,
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man now back from afghanists glad t ving with some pai on this veterans day, a bay area man now back from afghanistan is glad to be back home and he is living with
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painful memories. we have more about the san jose resident. >> reporter: specialist alex rodriguez of san jose, musician by talent, computer whiz by hobby. american hero by profession. >> i like to do something that no one in my family has done. so it is kind of like a challenge. >> rodriguez joined the united states army seven years ago. and in 2010, was deployed to camp clark in afghanistan. a bomb exploded near camp while there. >> at the moment, your mind goes away and you don't really know what is going on and it is like you're watching a movie. >> there were more days like that for rodriguez, who says as soldiers, they were targeted a lot. >> you are thinking, oh, today is my day and there is going to be a bomb on the side of the road. >> one of the most dangerous tasks, rodriguez reported explosive ordnance disposal teams inspecting devices and suffered a major loss when one
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of their own, specialist sean ross was killed when an explosion exploded near the base. >> you get back to your room, and you expect him to be walking in. but it was hard to see the reality of it. >> there were things about the war he didn't want to talk about. and things he wished he could forget. >> when the reality hits and you're there, it is totally different. it changes your entire demeanor. and actually your life. your personality. you come back with memories of it, they can be erased, you work them out, but you can never re' -- never erase all of the memories. >> he served on many humanitarian missions and before he left helped train afghan police. >> the war is behind him in his san jose home on this veterans day but the memories never leave his side. >> i remember everything i have done. >> kpix, 5. >> specialist rodriguez is four
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months away from completing his computer forensics degree and next year he will be an officer in the california army national guard. a slightly sweet and crunchy test, tony tantillo and stephanie show us how. >> and we have some tomatoes and chicken. and we have the fennel. >> it is incredible. we carmelized the fennel. it sounds great. it has a nice licorice flavor and now a little bit of a smoky licorice flavor. that is going on in here. in here, we have the tomato sauce with the dparlic -- garlic and onions. >> i will add a little bit of pasta water to loosen it up a little bit. >> any starchy water. rice or potato, any starchy water will help. >> and chicken cooked and grilled. >> and that is enough. >> i think so. >> now we will add a little bit more pasta water because we will add some bread crumbs to this and the bread crumbs absorb the moisture. and look at this, stef. >> bread crumbs, stir them in. >> you don't want them to
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overcook when you put them in here. >> there is some fennel leaves right there. why don't you put that on top. >> okay. >> done. >> and don't waste any of it. >> let's move this town here. >> i think it looks good. >> it is sticking up. >> ciao. >> it looks good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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isn't just a good idea for s he coming up tonight at 5:00, working out when you're
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pregnant is not just a good idea for mom's health and how it could be making your child a little smarter, too. that story tonight coming up at 5:00. and it was a long day of training for some giant panda cubs in southwest china. >> pretty cute, too. they learned to climb a tree for the very first time. and still, pandas need to survive in the wild and researchers say it will likely take cubs a few months to figure it all out. not all of them were interested, though. a few of them crashed out, sleeping. take my word for it. >> look how cute they are. >> they are so adorable. >> they, it is exhausting. >> they're passed out. >> yes. >> have a great afternoon. ,,,,
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>> katie: you want to come home? i'm supposed to believe this? >> brooke: it's true. >> katie: what is this all about?! >> bill: i almost died. i saw what was important. >> katie: us? >> bill: yes -- you, will, our family. >> katie: you're serious? you're really serious about this? >> bill: i want our life back, katie. >> brooke: believe it. bill's home. he's all yours. [ doorbell rings ]


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