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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5 on this tuesday, and don't look now, but the doppler is up and working again. here's lawrence. >> can you believe it, guy, it's been quite a while since we have been able to track rain drops in the bay area. we're seeing some of that outside with the high def doppler radar and looks like most so far not hitting the ground. in the north bay, some of what we call verga. just off the coastline, we have some more substantial radar returned right down here. some yellows and oranges may hold together enough to give a chance of scattered showers. and mainly north of the golden gate bridge, and maybe a few showers further south. most is going to come through this morning, and i think by the afternoon, it should begin to break up. skies will part. we'll see sunshine and clouds. temperatures, though, very mild this morning under mostly cloudy skies. into the 50s outside. by the afternoon, still looking at maybe some mid-70s. warmest spots inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. keeping the 60s out toward the coastline. time to check out your kcbs
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traffic with linda. we have been searching for signs with cameras. so far nothing. all clear. if you're headed toward the bay bridge toll plaza. and a lot of the road work has been picked up, included on the deck. and it should be picked up and open according to caltrans and your other bridges look good, moving at the speed limit out of hayward on the flat side of the san mateo bridge. and the gill roy, holster area, they are doing one way traffic control after a gas tanker accident earlier this morning. diesel fuel spill remain closed between lovers lane and did you know -- and dunn street. hopefully things should be opened shortly. that's your latest traffic, back to you guys. the grim task of recovering bodies is going on in the philippines, four days after the country was hit by one of the most powerful storms on record. officials say nearly 1800 people are confirmed dead, but
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the total could reach 10,000 or more. thousands of others are injured. kpix 5's cate cauguiran with more on those doing all they can to get away from the disaster. >> reporter: michelle, the situation in the philippines is becoming increasingly desperate. the survivors of typhoon haiyan are flooding the airports as you can see behind me. they say their only hope for survival is to leave. and those who are staying are facing a new battle, to stay alive, finding food and water. >> people some injured are packing the airport trying to evacuate the area devastated when typhoon haiyan slammed into the philippines. >> it's not a good idea to be here anymore. the few people that are here, i got to go tell my family i'm alive. >> reporter: the storm nearly wiped out the city, body bags are lined up in reduce as forensic teams -- rows as forensic teams try to identity dead. those who survived are
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desperate food and drinkable water. >> there's nothing here. we need to go somewhere where we can eat, where we can stay, where we can have some shelter. >> reporter: u.s. marines have landed with much needed supplies. the united states will send more help to ramp up relief and rescue operations by air because many roads and bridges were destroyed. >> 15 to 25-foot waves came across entire villages and so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: filipino americans from new york to here in california are answering the call for help, collecting everything from money to food to medical supplies. >> water purification tablets is one of the biggest ones because all the sources of water have been contaminated. >> reporter: getting those supplies to those in need will be difficult. many remote, low lying coastal regions are too hard to reach. the united nations has pledged $25 million for aid and relief in the philippines. live in the studio, cate cauguiran kpix 5. and here's the satellite view of the typhoon as it
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approached the philippines, you can see the historic storm covering the islands. in comparison, if a storm that size had hit the west coast, this is what you would get. a storm stretching from seattle to san diego. kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the typhoon victims. we'll have a phone bank on thursday, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. details on the web site. the oakland city council is considering a city wide curfew aimed at protecting teenagers and keeping them out of trouble and off the streets. mark kelly on the streets with details. >> reporter: they're going to take a look at this curfew idea tonight. keep in mind, this city has attempted a curfew law in the past and it has failed. still, here's the proposal. anyone under the age of 18 must be off the streets between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. every single day.
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and 8:30:00 a.m. and 1:30:00 p.m. on school days. city council men has been advocating a curfew. juvenile violence has gone too far. more than 600 of oakland's robberies involved a juvenile as a suspect. a curfew has been tried before and it's been nothing but controversial. >> get them off the street because they're not going to solve their chemistry exam being out at midnight, hanging out on fruit veil. >> they are primarily symbolic. they have virtually no impact on youth crime. >> reporter: now, critics say that a curfew law leads to nothing but racial profiling and also diverts resources, police officer resources to other areas where they could be fighting in other o areas. >> what's the fine if a kid gets caught disoobeying the
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curfew. >> if they're caught during a public space or being in a car, they can face anything from fines, community service, jail time. parents could potentially get penalized. of course this is in the talking phase. we have to wait and see. >> got to get it passed first. mark kelly live in oakland. thank you mark. a new ark company has come up with a new system. sst is known for its shots fired gun detection system. it unvailed a new -- unveiled a new version called site secure. the company says in the event of a mass shooting, this system would be more accurate than 911 callers in hiding. >> there's going to be someone over here, and they're going to say shots fired and they're going to say where, and they'll say, i don't know, i'm not sticking my head out. >> the aclu is concerned the
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devices could violate privacies and sst says they are designed to detect gunfire. three people from sacramento are under arrest on carjacking, kidnapping and robbery charges. the suspects are accused of running a prostitution scheme from a motel in san jose last month. they're also accused of robbing customers in at least one carjacking in which the victim was kidnapped. the possible suspects in a bank robbery in san joaquin county. and he's accused of having three rivals at his home. the sheriff's deputies determined were illegal assault weapons. they discovered the guns after an altercation at smith's house in san jose during a party. smith is scheduled to be arraigned on separate dui charges next tuesday. rural metro ambulance service has reached a deal with the union representing paramedics and emergency medical technicians down in santa clara county. the deal restores or increases
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salaries for many of the workers and calls for the hiring of more. they have filed for bankrupt reorganization and that happened in august. there's not much left to do before the fourth bore of the call decut. they rushed to the tunnels for disaster drills. looking from the oakland side you could see flashing lights on emergency vehicles testing the life saving system. >> this is a big, big improvement safety wise allowing clean, fresh, air to walk out on the tunnel, et cetera. >> crews practiced other scenarios including handling car accidents and tested the emergency radio,. people in east bay are clapping as we speak. 5:08, the world's two biggest smart phone makers are going head to head in a silicone
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valley courtroom. lawyers for apple and samsung will begin picking jurors today. jurors will decide how much samsung owes apple for infringing over its products. this is a battle over older products no longer sold in the states. back in march, there will be another legal battle that will focus on newer products still on the market. stock futures are pointing to a lower open on this tuesday. the dow jones industrials will begin trading later today. another all time high, the dow rose 21 points yesterday while the nasdaq gained a half point. time now is 5:09. he's calling it appalling and a nightmare. what miami dolphins owner, steven ross plans to do in response to the rookie hazing scandal. and solid approval numbers for governor brown, so why is the news not so promising for his reelection chances. and sewing the seeds, how state experts are squeezing more moisture from the skies. and of course we need a
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storm to do that. we may get one today. a high def clarify -- high def doppler radar showing showers. and it's good across the bay area roadways. 101, a live look along the peninsula near 3rd. we know the commute can get crazy. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing crazy @ and see if your question gets answered on our air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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challenge a federal ban on contact between trainers and killer whales. department happening today, sea world goes to court to challenge a federal ban on contact between trainers and killer whales. a labor department judge prohibited close contact following the death of a trainer in 2010. sea world says the judge went too far. the park in orlando says it's fighting to keep the killer attraction. miami dolphins owner plans to meet with jonathan martin tomorrow. the stanford alum claiming he had been harassed. making his first public comments yesterday about the turmoil that resulted in the suspension of ritchie
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incognito. >> changes need to be made. we need to look at ourselves. we have to examine everything internally. >> special investigator for the nfl will determine whether incognito harassed martin and whether the dolphins mishandled the situation. dolphin owner is trending on twitter. and announced they will leave turner field in 2017. they're moving to cob county. the tv news correspondent was diagnosed with breast cancer after an on air mammogram. she's trending ipad mini update went on sale and the princess bride adventure comedy is turned into a stage production. princess bride one of my favorite movies elizabeth. >> and our director mike was quoting stuff in my ear. learn something new, as you wish. let's go out live toward the bay bridge. we have a camera on the deck.
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right before treasure island and you can see the tower and how traffic is moving well. no big delays between oakland and san francisco on either side of the span. and past 5, all the overnight road work has been picked up. here's a live look at the east bay. 880, the nimitz. good traffic condition toward the downtown oakland exits and the macarthur maze. let me get closer so i can read it. 15 minutes now, on northbound 880 between 238 and the maze. all of your east bay travel times looking good. carcinas bridge to the maze, and the altamont pass, only 15 minutes between the dublin interchange. that will change here very shortly. you can see we're beginning now to see some sensors changing below 40 miles per hour. once you reach the dublin interchange, everything looks good. once you're past north flynn, everything moves at the speed limit again. mass it, great option this morning. a few possible rain drops in
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the forecast. if you want to ditch the roads, everything is on time for b.a.r.t., and golden gate ferries, no delays. and caltrains great start out of the central valley. you can find them at 7:40 a.m. or 106.9fm. that's your latest. lawrence, what's the forecast looking like; we have a lot of clouds: not much in the way ophiuran. that may change. -- in the way of rain. that may change. it's been a while since we have been able to break this out. scattered showers on the coastline. it's evaporating before it reaches the surface. just off the coast; this may hold together just enough to bring a couple scattered light showers. not going to be a wash out. don't be surprised if you see rain drops this morning and then by the afternoon, the skies are going to part. a chance of a few showers early on. temperatures mild with cloudy skies into the 50s. by this afternoon, becoming partly cloudy and probably sneak in some mid-70s, the
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warmest spots well inland. 60s, 70s around the bay. and we're looking at 60s out toward the coastline. we finally got a cold front that's headed to town. most of the energy running with the jet stream right over the top of the bridge. so we're catching the trailing edge to squeeze out a couple rain drops. not going to be much. be prepared, you may see a couple showers this morning, and our skies will clear out on the backside of the cold front. with that in mind, if you're headed out. nice afternoon, 60s and 70s in the south bay. 60s toward the coastline. into the east bay you'll see those temperatures in the mid- 70s. the warmest spots into livermore and pleasanton. 73 in napa valley. oakland, 68 degrees and partly cloudy into santa rosa. this is it, our chance for some showers this week will come today and that will be it. it looks like by tomorrow, offshore winds start to kick in. it will be blustery at times, with warmer temperatures on wednesday, thursday and friday,
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especially over the mountain tops, a little on the windy side, a little cooler but staying dry as we head toward the week. we have the high def doppler radar. how about that. >> that's great. >> i like it. all right. lawrence. thank you. this is a story for you. the state may be in desperate need for rain. until it arrives naturally, water agencies are turning to science and technology. scientists will start cloud seeding. planes will disburse silver iodine vapor to promote the formation of snowflakes. if weather permits they plan to begin this week. yosemite is planning to move forward on a plan to restore old sequoia trees. they will begin removing parking lots. the restoration work is expected to be finished by the end of next year. the rights for transgender students in public schools will be put to a vote, allowing
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public students to choose their sexual identification are trying to get it repealed. they have collected and submitted some 620,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot in next year's election. >> this one could test whether all of the sort of goodwill and the public change in opinion on gay rights in general. >> i mean, the up side would be that we have an opportunity to educate people around this issue, just like we did with same sex marriage. >> born jerry brown signed the law in -- governor jerry brown signed the law in september. the numberses, well they may not translate into votes later. more than half of the voters approve of the job brown is doing in california, but according to an la times poll, only 32% say they are inclined to vote for him if he seeks a 4 4th term. it's 5:19. burglars target a luxury car dealership. it's not your typical smash and grab. the real prize that had the
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,,,, car dealership in la jolla.y
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smashed . caught on video, a pair of thieves target a luxury car dealership in la hoya. they smashed through the front window and made a b line to three bentleys, one thief appears to be holding the time pieces one which is worth $45,000. . >> people never cease to amaze me that someone would have the audacity to do that, to break a window and run in and do the damage in the middle of the night, you just wonder what the circumstances are. >> a video shows an apparent get away truck speeding away. police have fingerprints and surveillance video from the scene. two bentleys have minor damage. good morning everybody. the calendar says november, but the third ranked stanford women play add game last night worthy of march against top ranked uconn. not a great night for lewis, who according to teammates says she was fine after wards, we
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may see later today. hoping to see the huskies at tournament time but watching her teammate amber oran scoring a high. and committed 16 turnovers. there's goes hartleys, led the top ranked huskies. johnny dawkins has yet to lead the cardinals to the tournament. cougar junior, matt c a -- carlino had 26: and hoping his dolphins don't explode in the wake of the scandal. they had the lead in the 4th. the back up running back for tampa. bobby rainy scores and the bucks win 22-19. marlins pitcher, jose fernandez beat out cuban outfielder for the national league rookie of the year. and will myers won the american league rookie of the year award. he's the third rays player to
5:25 am
win that award. and by the way, the baseball meeting is underway in orlando. brian sabian does not anticipate the giants to make a big swinging deal at those meetings. i'm dennis o'donnell, we'll see you tonight. play of the daytime, spanish basketball league, felipe reyes with a ridiculous 3-point buzzer beater, and there it goes. how sweet is that. not an exciting game. they won 111-63. one more time. behind the back. no peeking and got it. >> he meant to do that. >> of course he did. >> of course he did. that's skill right there. a little bit of luck, too. 5:25, the destruction of depression era marvel, why the dismantling of the bridge will prove extra tricky. enrollment for the president's health care law has been open for more than a month. how many people are actually signing up. i'm susan mcginnis in washington. coming up, early estimates from
5:26 am
industry analysts. and filipinos hit by typhoon haiyan, how the local filipino community in the bay area is racing against time to save them. ,,
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. this is kpix 5 news. we don't need this. we just need your help. >> desperate scene in the philippines as the search for victims from typhoon haiyan continues. a new storm threatening the hardest hit area. we're getting our first snapshot of how many people signed up for obamacare and it's not a lot. cloudy skies, our high def doppler is out tracking a storm system headed toward the bay
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area. we'll talk about it coming up. we got an alert from b.a.r.t. that there are delays in all directions. we'll tell you what's going on, plus how much you may have to wait coming up. it's tuesday november 12th november 12th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. developing right now, millions of people are waiting for help in the philippines, more than 1700 people are known dead because of typhoon haiyan, the death toll could go as high as 10,000 or more. 800,000 people displaced by the storm. many in shelters that did not protect them. they have pled $20 million in aid. the philippines continue to get hit. a storm called sarada is approaching the islands. all that's adding to the difficulty in relief efforts. cbs news reporter, barnby lowe was in the town of lata when it
5:31 am
hit. . >> reporter: they can help clear the roads so o -- so aid can get to the people. people are sleeping under pouring rain and they have not enough food and water. they have been looting the grocery stores. there is another storm like you mentioned that made landfall in the southern philippines and it's bringing thunderstorms to the region as well. it's already hampered relief efforts. ships are stranded in port. soldiers continue to load relief goods on military aircraft. >> and take a look at this google earth map. you can see a before picture of one of the regions hit by typhoon haiyan. this is the after picture nearly every building flattened. kpix 5 cate cauguiran is here with how a bay area group is providing relief to those who need it most. >> reporter: michelle, it's absolutely heartbreaking. we're getting new video of the after math and one of the hardest hit cities by super typhoon haiyan, and authorities
5:32 am
say at least 9.7 million people in 41 provinces have been affected by the storm. and the local filipino community in the bay area is racing against time to provide relief. when disaster like typhoon haiyan hit, a community comes together. and people like burt step up. he and his wife brought canned food to the west bay filipino service center in san francisco. watching the typhoons devastation brings an emotional silence. >> it's sad. i don't know. >> reporter: he still hasn't heard from his siblings who live a hundred miles from the storm's epicenter. >> i'm hopeful that they're okay. >> reporter: alfredo thinks the storm's destruction is the worst he's ever seen and that's saying something because this world war ii veteran is 9 89
5:33 am
years old. he spent veterans day requesting supplies to help those most affected. >> so please, donate, help our country. help our country men. >> reporter: modest but continues to grow. this has been from the filipino bar association brought more donations yesterday. >> trying to get all of the law schools involved to have their schools donate. >> reporter: they stress, there's still time to help. >> it's not a one day thing. it's not a two day event. this is weeks of collecting and donating. >> reporter: and near powell and market yesterday, volunteers for the national alliance for filipino concerns asked for money. they have already raised $50,000 online. the money provides flexibility for whatever victims need. and the plan is to get the first batch of goods to the philippines by the end of workweek, and he's relying on caring couples who continue to
5:34 am
donate and inspire others to do the same. reporting live in the studio. >> it's amazing how people step up when people need help, especially in the bay area. >> and there's a huge filipino community here. you are seeing people come together. everyone seems to know someone who has lived in the area or people who have visited so it does hit home so far away. >> and your family has been down there before. >> they were there a few weeks before the typhoon hit so i'm glad that they were able to get out before that time. >> it's obvious with that video that you showed us that they need a lot of help and kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the typhoon victims. we'll have a phone bank on thursday starting at 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. details are has on -- are also on our web site, a two alarm fire forced more than a dozen people out of an apartment complex. a live video, you can fire trucks on handed, started shortly before 3:00 a.m., 15
5:35 am
people have been evacuated and a few suffered minor injuries and one dog was killed. the fire knocked out quickly, but crews as you can see right here from our live video still very much on the same. preliminary indications are that the fire started in a downstairs kitchen area and spread to an upstairs unit. the exact cause still under investigation. happening today, the oakland teenager, accused of setting a man on fire on the ac transit bus is due back in court. 16-year-old richard thomas is expected to have a new lawyer with him this morning. he's charged with assault causing great bodily injury. the victim was wearing a skirt when he was burned. sasha fleischman recovering from his injuries. the warriors plan to build a basketball arena is on the agenda, they will present a redesigned proposal for the venue or piers 30 and 32. it could cost several million
5:36 am
dollars to rehabilitate the piers a lot higher than expected. a key phase gets underway for dismantling the old eastern span of the bay bridge. workers will start removing 1400 feet of the o upper deck, a process that will continue for about 6 weeks, taking down the 77-year-old span promises to be very challenge. if crews sever the wrong piece in the wrong order, large segments of the old bridge could spring apart. it's going to take three years to take that down. lawrence is making funny faces you know why. he has to sneeze. >> let it out. now i held it in. i hate that. >> i do, too. >> it will happen. it will come back hopefully. around the bay area today, a lot of outside o. we have our high -- lot a lot of clouds outside. we have our high def doppler. the system is beginning to fall apart. i think it will hold on long enough to bring scattered showers. you can see the more intense
5:37 am
showers off the coastline near half-moon bay heading toward the pacifica area. this is going to be sweeping on shore very shortly. don't be surprised if you're getting up and hear the pitter patter of rain. temperatures outside very mild into the 50s i think by the afternoon. we start to clear out skies, becoming partly cloudy and mild outside. in fact, this afternoon, still going to see temperatures in the mid-70s. 72 in concord o and 6 -- concord and 65 degrees in san francisco. let's check out traffic with elizabeth. we have breaking news for b.a.r.t. there are major delays on the richmond line. initially they were telling us it was a major medical emergency. someone was hit by a train. near the del norte station. this is the freemont, richmond, directions. they're calling this major delays for the richmond line right now. the incident happened near del norte station where trains are
5:38 am
turning around. except for that incident with mass transit, everything else pretty much on time. this is a live look at the sensors, 101, guadalupe parkway, and 280 moving at the speed limit. we'll have more traffic coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev are headed to court. they plan to ask a judge to ease restrictions placed on tsarnaev in prison as he awaits trial. in a motion filed last month, the defense argued the restrictions are impairing their ability to defend tsarnaev. they restrict access to mail, media, the telephone and visitors. a public memorial service will be held for the tsa agent killed at lax. the head of the tsa as well as u.s. attorney eric holder will speak at the service for 39- year-old gerardo hernandez. he was killed earlier this month when a gunman opened fire inside the airport. three other people were hurt. today, the state senate in
5:39 am
hawaii will take a final vote on same sex marriage. it's expected to pass a bill that would allow couples to wed on december 7th it then goes to the governor. the white house is working on a report to show how many people have signed up u for health insurance under the -- signed up for health insurance under the affordable care act. as susan mcginnis reports, rt numberses are likely to be low. >> reporter: industry analysts confirmed that the number of people signing up for health care falls far short of the government's target. the wall street journal reports fewer than 50,000 people have made it through to purchase health insurance. the white house had hoped for 500,000 in just the first month. administration officials won't confirm the enrollment numbers but over the past few weeks, they have been trying to lower expectations because of technical problems with the site. >> the enrollment numbers which will be the first month of
5:40 am
enrollment are likely to be quite low given the struggles that people have had getting access to the site and getting information. >> reporter: states running their own exchanges are also struggling. cbs news has learned 49,000 people signed up for coverage so far on 12 sites. secretary sebelius says they should boost enrollment figures going forward. susan mcginnis cbs news washington. well, it is open enrollment for 149 million americans who get their benefits through employers. >> and for 50 million seniors on medicaid, jill she isennier is here to tell us what's new. >> reporter: good morning. >> so what changes are we seeing at larger companies. >> reporter: employees should
5:41 am
expect higher premiums and increased coe pays and fees. many large employers are introducing new health plans, high deductible health plans and they usually offer lower premiums. the interesting thing is these are paired with health savings accounts. they allow you to set aside pretaxed money to pay for unreimbursed costs. that's for mostly the large employers. for all the employees used flex spending accounts, there's good news. the irs has put an end to the 30-year-old use it or lose it rerestrictions. so going -- restrictions, so going forward, all taxpayers, using ff as will be able to carry over 500 bucks of unused balances. >> and what about retirement plan contributions. >> reporter: limits are going to be unchanged from this year's levels. that means the max contribution to an employer plan, 17500 dollars.
5:42 am
if you're over the age of 50, you can contribute an additional 5500. the max on ira and roth contributions remains at 5500, with a 50 plus catch up limit of a thousand dollars. >> it's open enrollment for medicare, what do seniors need to know. >> until december 7th: all medicare recipients can change their health and prescription drug coverage for next year. what you need to do is review that annual notice of change that the government sends you want this lists the changes in premiums and copays for next year. evaluate your prescription drug plan and check out the list of covered medications insurers can change the drugs they cover, the procedures and rates. if you're having trouble understanding your choices or have questions, you can call 1- 800-medicare or you can visit i promise you this web site works. >> great tips jill as always.
5:43 am
live for us in new york, thanks. it's 5:42 right now. taking wearable technology one step too far. google attempts to patent something down right creepy. and ready to tie the knot, what's behind a 722% spike in weddings today. we'll explain. and what does it take to put out a house fire. stunning video takes you inside the battle. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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released helmet- cam video the alameda fire department. it gives an inside perspectivef firefighte battle a ho this is newly released helmet cam. an inside perspective of firefighters efforts to battle a house fire. the house on altamont road was built on a hill and the stairway inside cause add unique problem. two dogs were killed by the fire and a man suffered minor burns. investigators say lamps used to grow marijuana ignited a gas leak that started the fire. we are waking up to a traffic alert, specifically for b.a.r.t., having major delays reported now. just for the richmond line, rather. a person was hit on the tracks near del norte station. major delays usually means 15 minutes, possibly more.
5:47 am
it's impacting the richmond line. but in the millbrae directions. it sounds like they're trying to turn trains around at north berkeley. we'll bring live updates throughout the morning. in the meantime, the rest of mass transit looks good. muni, metro, caltrains and ace. if you are hitting the roads this morning, here's a live look. for a lot of folks it's back to work commute after yesterday's holiday. and typical stuff for this time in the morning. no metering lights, it's just delays in the outer cash lanes. if you're a fast track user, everything looks good. at the nimitz, 880. no delay past the oakland coliseum. and south bay, problem free 101. and 280, guadalupe, live traffic sensors. if you want to get the latest on your b.a.r.t. commute or the roadways, once you hit the road, tune to ktbs, find the latest on hot spots. that is latest, for more on the
5:48 am
forecast, here's lawrence. there's a chance we could see a few rain drops outside as we have a cold front sliding into the bay area. our high def doppler radar is tracking the storm system and here it comes. taking you for a closer look now. along the peninsula we may see rain drops falling as it begins to move on shore. into the half-moon bay and into pacifica. a chance of scattered showers right thousand. this will be pushing on shore over the next few minutes. it looks like once we see this move on by, things are going to begin to settle down. as we head out the door this morning, a chance of showers early on this afternoon. we should start to clear out skies and the temperatures going to be staying mild and dry weather makes a return for tomorrow with breezy conditions. a little blustery over the mountain tops. fire danger likely to be running high. most of the energy from the system following the jet stream well to the north. and the heavier amounts of rainfall, keeping the leftovers here, a chance of morning showers early on and clearing by the afternoon after the cold
5:49 am
front swings on by. around the state, a better chance of rain, the further north you go. 72 degrees and a couple rain drops. 62, showers in eureka and redding. and cloudy skies in the sacramento valley. around the bay, temperatures zeroing in the 60s and -- soaring in the 60s and 70s. chance of showers this morning, and we dry things out. temperatures going to warm up under high pressure and looks like it will be blustery at times on wednesday and thursday. cooling down with clouds over the weekend and staying dry into the first part of next week. your school cast, morning bells should be, a cloudy start to the day. looks like the temperatures going to be running in the 50s. middle of the day, about 67 degrees, and mild conditions. 72 by the final bell. by the way, they've only got a part day today. it's a teacher conference day. they get out early. what a great day that is. if you would like to nominate your school, go to and
5:50 am
nominate your school for a school cast there. by the way, sunrise today, 6:47. sunset, 5 even. >> days are getting shorter. >> yes, they are. >> thank you lawrence. computer hackers have found a way to use people's cell phones to steal their personal identification scanner. they use the microphone to detect tiny vibrations. images recorded by the phone's camera are used to record what part of the screens are being touched or what numbers are being typed. and google has applied for a patent for a google tattoo. it acts like blue tooth with a cell phone but the tattoo is a sticky substance applied to the neck that transmits the users voice. the google tattoo could be used as a lie detector. google is not commenting. 5:50. a couple bought this desk for
5:51 am
less than 200 bucks. why is suddenly became worth nearly a hundred grand. plus. it really stands out as much as our relationship does. >> november is one of the least popular months for weddings, so why the sudden rush to the alter today. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
5:52 am
like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines,
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and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and a desk off of craigslist. wn the couple brought the d fit through a connecticut rabbi bought a desk, and they had to pull the desk apart, including the file cabinets and behind the doors they found a plastic bag filled with all that money, $98,000 in cash. they called the original own tore return the money. >> the original owner.
5:54 am
>> there's a bag back there, and through the bag, i sort of saw like one one hundred dollar bill, and i'm like, oh, my gosh, there's money in it. this is heavy. and we brought it to the table. i counted it up. and we're like, oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> original owner speechless. >> they were speechless. and oh, my gosh, it turned out she had stuffed her inheritance in the desk and forgot where she put it. >> how do you forgot 98 grand. you're going to remember where you put that. tuesdays are not the most convention nay conventional day to get married. sharon chin caught up with one couple. >> reporter: mike proposed to cherise bradley in a tahoe trip over january 11th, 12, and 13 13th. he wanted the wedding day to
5:55 am
match, 11, 12, 13. >> it's definitely something that will stick with us, our kids and our o kids kids. >> there were no objections. i was like, let's do it. >> cherise and mike were among 36 couples scheduled to tie the knot on 11/12/13. the appointments booked up months in advance. for the san mateo couple, the unusual date gave them a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something as unique as they are. they will have people dressed adds zombies making the rounds at the wedding reception. >> it stands out as much as our relationship. >> reporter: plus, booking a tuesday wednesdaying wedding has -- wedding has advantages. >> it shows a 700 percent jump in weddings on november 12th. compared to last year. that's up to 3000 couples who will share the 11/12/13 anniversary date. >> when i added the numbers, it
5:56 am
equals to 3 #, that's my lucky number. >> a lucky omen for a lucky day. couples who want to get married on a consecutive date, next year on 12/13/14. coming up on kpix 5 it's a fight for survival. filipinos hit by typhoon tie yan are struggling to find shelter food and water. and oakland is talking about a curfew for teens. i'm mark kelly coming up show you what critic -- we'll show you what critics have to say about that idea. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train,
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and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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5:59 am
. there's nothing here. we need to go somewhere where we can eat. where we can stay. where we can have some shelter. >> food, water, medical
6:00 am
supplies. survivors of typhoon haiyan, in the philippines, desperate for help. >> we have parents in the city that are not doing their job. >> it's one plan to fight crime. a juvenile curfew in oakland o if passed, young people would have to be off the streets between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. >> i want it right here. >> it's a house fire like we have never seen before, the helmet camper speculative for what it cakes for firefighters to -- takes for firefighters to battle the flames. today is 11/12/13. the consecutive numbers have couples headed to the alter, hoping the date brings them good luck. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning and we are waking up to a kpix 5 traffic alert. major b.a.r.t. delays specifically on the richmond


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