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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. new details on a minor earthquake >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linmacdda. ald good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. frank is on assignment. new details on a minor earthquake that rattled part of the east bay just a few hours ago. the 3.4 magnitude quake hit at 9:30 this morning. it was centered one mile east- northeast of san ramon. we took a couple of phone calls to the newsroom. the shaking was felt across the east bay including castro valley, pleasant hill and also
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fremont. this quarterback follows a series of small -- this quake follows a series of small quakes since friday. yesterday afternoon 2.9 quake rattled san ramon. no damage reported. the situation in the philippines is growing desperate. so far, more than 2300 bodies have been found and the spread of disease and lack of food and water threaten the lives of survivors. as alfonso van marsh shows us, violence in the streets isn't helping recovery. >> reporter: more security forces are on the streets of tacloban after mobs broke into a rice storage house. a wall collapsed killing 8 people. looters hauled away thousands of stacks of food while hundreds of typhoon victims waited in line hoping to get something to eat. disdisaster specialists are desperate for supplies. it's a logistical nightmare. 90% of the city is in ruins, the airport is destroyed. with hundreds of bodies on the
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street, there is fear disease will spread. this woman say, the smell is overpowering. there are so many dead bodies that have not been picked up. forensic teams are working quickly to identify the dead and prepare for mass burials. but there are tales of survival. the head of this orphanage says his kids survived 20-foot waves that almost swept them out to sea. >> they really show the true filipino spirit. they refuse to give up. they were holding on to each other. >> reporter: the u.s. is among dozens of countries sending aid to the philippines. the united nations says the storm left more than 600,000 people homeless. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >> students at several bay area universities are working to collect supplies to send to the philippines. our cate caugiran is live at california state university east bay where one fundraiser is under way. cate. michelle, several organizations are stepping up to the plate trying to collect what they can as fast as they can and here at csu east bay we'll show you what they have
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collected so far. you can see the recreation and wellness center a boxful of donations here. there's some first aid items as well as a jar full of money. this was organized by a handful of filipino student organizations here as well as community service groups in hayward. it's the second day of a three- day fundraising event. they have raised a few hundred dollars so far and donations are coming in. several people have dropped off canned goods, band-aids, even spare change. one filipino student leader said, for this group, it's personal. >> we couldn't just sit around and do nothing as students. we're watching the news, tv, watching all these little kids. our mother land is suffering. as college students we're trying to provide for our mother land. >> reporter: we're seeing more bay area student groups joining the fundraising efforts. tomorrow, organizations at san jose state university will be hosting another collection drive to benefit the victims of
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typhoon haiyan. this too an ongoing event on campus trying to collect clothes and other necessities for the people in tacloban city. here in the east bay, if you do want to donate, we know these students here will be here until 2:30 this afternoon. they say they will also be back again tomorrow morning. and they plan to send everything they have collected by the end of the week. reporting live in hayward, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. and kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the relief effort. we'll have a phone bank tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. details on how to help right now, you can go to our website, some breaking news now. former oakland raiders tight end todd christiansen has died. the two-time super bowl champion passed away at a utah hospital this morning. the byu graduate was drafted into the nfl by the cowboys but his career took off in 1982 when he joined the raiders. he had liver disease and other
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illnesses in recent years. he was 57. rohnert police are looking for the driver that caused a fiery crash and left confused gamblers in the dark. the car hit a utility pole on 101 last night knocking out power for 3600 pg&e customers including a newly opened graton resort & casino. christensen >> the power went out. nobody knew what was going on, which was upsetting. nobody was given any information. so it was probably the worst part. >> the lights were back on after about midnight. san jose police are investigating the city's 40th homicide this year. police were called to san antonio avenue just west of i- 880 around 6:00 last night. they found an unresponsive man. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. police haven't released his name or how he died but are calling it a homicide. happening right now in sacramento, state lawmakers are looking into delays and other
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problems that plague the bay bridge construction project. state senate transportation and housing committee is conducting the hearing. lawmakers are investigating safety issues including the defective bolts and the project's cost overruns. the committee is chaired by concord democrat mark desaulnier, one of the bay bridge project's strongest critics. the uc board of regents is meeting in san francisco now and as kpix 5's anne makovec shows us, for the first time, new president janet napolitano came face to face with protestors who want her out. >> reporter: police brought out barricades and riot gear not knowing what to expect from protestors but in the end janet napolitano introduced four new initiatives that seemed to go over pretty well. >> it's time for this university to collaboratively come up with a better way. >> reporter: at the top of her first speech as uc president, janet napolitano proposed a tuition freeze for the 2014-'15 school year and said, we need a new tuition policy for the
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future. >> tuition cuts right to the heart of accessibility and affordability. two of the university's guiding stars. >> reporter: she also called for belter access for transfer students, new research addressing worldwide problems, and for the symptom to produce as much energy as it uses by 2025. >> uc will demonstrate once again to the nation and beyond the fundamental and unique value of a world class public research university. [ yelling ] >> reporter: there were a few dozen people who spoke out against napolitano this morning upset about mass deportations when she was homeland security secretary. >> it's an insult that this board would appoint a top cop to lead an institution dedicated to celebrating diversity. >> reporter: but other groups including two unions who just announced a strike for next week said they hope her lack of experience with the uc system might end up being an asset.
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>> maybe she doesn't have something fixed in her mind that we're going to turn this into some kind of, like, corporate institution where we actually destroy education as we have been. >> reporter: as for that threatened strike, those unions including student workers including teaching assistants and maintenance workers at schools and hospitals. it is planned for november 20th. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> napolitano is the first woman to ever lead the uc system. a loud crowd showed up to oppose a proposed teen curfew in oakland. [ yelling ] >> i'm going to remove you from the chamber. >> oakland's public safety committee decided against sending the curfew plan to full city council. instead, there will be hearings on ways to cut truancy and support students. nobody at the meeting spoke in favor of the curfew. in other headlines around the bay, the redwood city woman charged with killing a menlo park couple last month has
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pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say 54-year-old marjorie reitzell's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she hit the couple walking their dogs. reitzell is charged with vehicular manslaughter and dui. the golden state warriors have scaled back their plans for a waterfront arena in san francisco. the new design sheds off 25 feet from the original roof line. it also provides more public and park space. but the plans for a billion- dollar hotel and high-rise condo project across the street won't change. several dogs headed for new york this morning. they are in need of loving homes. nine of the furry four-legged chihauhaus got their wiggles out before joining a full flight of passengers to new york today. there's an overpopulation of them in california. but a great demand for them on the east coast. virgin america flew the dogs. >> the dogs are overpopulated in
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california but there are apartment dwellers on the east coast. so we thought it would make sense to give up a couple of seats to get them to loving homes on the east coast. >> san francisco animal care and control says the overpopulation of chihauhaus is stems from overbreeding. the obama administration is going to release enrollment figures from and another problem is beginning to emerge. >> i submitted it over and over and i wasn't forced to admit it. i came out and told the world and i know i embarrassed the city. >> the mayor of toronto faces some of his harshest critics after the admission he smoked crack while in office. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. storm clouds are long gone now. high pressure really building in. these temperatures going to soar. we'll talk about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yesterday. "i hope you choke to death." that's not very nice. actor alec baldwin had strong words for the paparazzi outside a new york courthouse yesterday. >> i hope you choke to death. >> thank you. >> cloak to death? that's not nice. >> that was after he gave an emotional testimony against a woman he calls a deranged stalker. baldwin claims the woman imagined a romantic relationship between the two. the judge did slap the alleged stalker with a 30-day jail sentence today for interrupting. but if convicted the woman could face up to a year in jail. toronto's mayor has already confessed to smoking crack cocaine in a drunken stupor. now rob ford is admitting he bought illegal drugs over the past pew years. he also said he do not have a drug problem. >> the reason i drank or did
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drugs was not because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that's all it was. i'm not going to blame something, take excuse or copout. i take full responsibility for my mistakes. i don't know what else i can say. >> okay, okay. >> i don't know what else i can say, counselor. the city council is asking for him to step down and he refuses. the council says his erratic behavior has consumed toronto politics. tina turner is waving good- bye to the u.s. for good. turner has filed paperwork in switzerland to relinquish her citizenship in the states. that's according to an activity report from the u.s. embassy. the soul singer has lived in switzerland for nearly 20 years and the report says turner declared she has no strong ties to the u.s. except for family members and that she has no plans to live here in the future. the white house has
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promised to release enrollment figures for this week and it could happen later today. at the same time, lawmakers are holding another hearing looking into problems with the launch. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: house lawmakers are probing technical issues that led to the disastrous rollout of >> this was a monumental mistake to go live and effectively explode on the launch pad. >> reporter: government information officers who know the most about the site's operation talked about the problems. >> truly on day one the system was overwhelmed by volume. >> reporter: the website will be fixed by the end of the month according to the white house but the obama administration hasn't revealed a solution for another problem, how to help almost 5 million people losing their current policies because they do not meet new government standards. if the white house doesn't find a fix by friday, the house will
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vote on a republican bill that will allow those in the individual insurance market to keep their current policies. that's what president obama repeatedly promised. and former president bill clinton says he should keep his word. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law that the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> reporter: a new poll from quinnipiac university shows just 44% of americans view the president as honest and trustworthy. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> white house officials say the website can now handle about 17,000 new account registrations per hour. stocks on the up and up today after trading lower for most of the morning. the market rose this afternoon as u.s. companies report higher earnings and the federal reserve keeps up its bond buying program and you can see, the dow is up about 19 points. the temperatures are up, too.
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>> that's right. those aren't the only numbers going up. >> it's been dry and back to dry again. if you are headed out the door these numbers are going to be running well above the average toward mount diablo. yeah, as much as 10 degrees above the average in places well inland. outside now, we are looking at 73 degrees in livermore. 72 in santa rosa. 69 in the san jose. and 68 degrees in san francisco. i think as we head throughout the afternoon we'll see mostly sunny skies patchy fog toward the coastline and then tonight couple of patches of fog you may see a little valley fog in the interior and gradual cooling as the winds pick up. for today high pressure strengthening will bring with it lots of sunshine and above normal temperatures for today. then we'll begin to notice some changes. we'll see a couple of lows roll over the top of the ridge. once they do seeing a few more clouds and probably those winds going to be kicking up over the weekend, as well. around the state 76 degrees in
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sacramento. 75 fresno. 69 degrees and beautiful in the high country in yosemite. 63 in lake tahoe and 63 also into monterey bay. temperatures around the bay looking nice this afternoon under sunshine. 72 and comfortable in san jose. 73 in cupertino. 65 degrees in half moon bay. 71 in hayward. east bay temperatures in the 70s may top out at 77 in pleasanton. 74 in the napa valley. inside the bay temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. so very nice weather all around the bay area. would love to get some rain in here just can't do it as long as the jet stream stays too far to the north. temperatures overnight lows going to be in the 40s and again watch out for ground fog in the north bay valley tonight and tomorrow morning but after that, here we go with that sunshine again. it will be a nice day tomorrow though slightly cooler then more clouds but the rain looks like it is going to stay to the north sunday and monday,
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warming temperatures up again. sunset tonight 5:00, sunrise tomorrow morning 6:49. and we will be well into our day at that point. >> no kidding. we would have been here a few hours, right? >> we start at 4:30 in the morning, at least the show does. >> thank you. if you have ever wanted to buy your own town, here's your chance. but owning this northern california property does come with a catch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sin-nah-cah... an old gold-mining town in plumas county .. is for sal it's about for $225,000 you can be the king or queen of your very own town. seneca, an old gold mining town in plumas county, is for sale
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on craigslist. it's about 4.5 hours northeast of san francisco. a quarter million bucks will get you 12 acres complete with a gold mine, three cabins and some scenic grounds along the feather river. it also includes a working gin distillery and liquor license. the drawbacks, no utilities, the buildings are pretty rundown and the property is basically impossible to get to if the weather is bad. it's a true italian favorite. tony and stephanie tantillo are cooking up pasta and ricotta choose. >> this has a lot ofry to the can. -- a lot of ricotta. >> i like to have chunky tomatoes in the pasta and we are going to put this in here. it's fresh ricotta cheese and pasta water. and you have to stir that up and then we are going to fold the pasta in over it. >> a little bit of pepper. a little bit of red pepper flakes. i'm going to touch it one a
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little bit of oregano and parsley. >> we love our seasonings. >> and a little bit of cheese. >> go ahead. fresh parmesan cheese. you can put a little ricotta on top. >> i want to try this right now. >> it's optional anyway. >> incredible. >> thanks. so good. ciao. >> a francis bacon painting sets the record for the most expensive piece ever sold. the eye-popping price coming up. >> and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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something out of ghostbuste. the backpack graffiti buster that's safer for the environment. that story ande at five. itish artist coming up at 5:00, the backpack graffiti buster that's safer for the environment. that and more at 5:00. the painting by francis bacon sold at christie's auction last night for a record $142 million. it's the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction. the three studies of lucian
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freud, a grandson of sigmund freud. the previous record was $120,000 for edvard munch's "the scream" > where do you put that thing? >> i don't know. >> in a vault. >> your mancave. >> there you go. i don't think so. [ laughter ] that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon, everyone. >> take care. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> justin: i am really happy for you, dollar bill. both of you. both of you. >> bill: incredible, isn't it? >> justin: yeah, these things happen for a reason. >> bill: yeah, i never really believed that, but hanging from that mountain, face-to-face with death... >> justin: yeah, it changes a man. >> bill: it changed this one. that's for sure. >> justin: katie, you done? it's all there. i checked everything. if you could just sign, i'll go. 'cause i know you two have plans. >> donna: you have to let up on yourself. >> brooke: [ sighs ] i have children, donna. what kind of an example have i been for them? >> donna: r.j.'s in boarding school. and your other childree


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