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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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passengers what they do would in the same situation, some were stumped. what would you do if that happened when you were on it? >> i would be scared! >> reporter: what would you do in that kind of situation? >> hang on and enjoy the ride. [ laughter ] >> reporter: mta reassures us passengers were not in any danger. even with a driver, the computer runs the trains. >> that's something that i wanted to be clear on that the train was being supervised the whole time by the train control system. >> reporter: so we're told the driver is an experienced staffer, a senior operator in fact. he is going to be on leave while all this is getting investigated. as far as the incident today, traffic was held up for 12 minutes but we are told by now by this evening commute, everything is flowing just fine. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> mta says the train traveled about a quarter mile without that driver before coming to a safe stop. three tesla employees were injured at the company's fremont plant this afternoon. and tonight, cal/osha is
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investigating what happened. tesla is not releasing the extent of the injuries but chopper 5 caught an ambulance leaving the fremont plant as well as several fire trucks. the workers were using an aluminum casting press and suffered second-degree burns from hot metal. cal/osha will be checking that equipment and checking tesla's safety plan. >> turned out to be was an industrial accident involving some pressurized equipment that they use at the plant. this resulted in three patients being treated for burns by our department. >> reporter: how serious are those injuries? >> the injuries are moderate to serious and they have all been transported to local hospitals. >> tesla released a statement saying in part, three employees were injured by hot metal from that press. we are making sure that they receive the best possible care." now, this is just the latest in a series of pr troubles for tesla. the company is now the target of a class action lawsuit over fires in the model s sedan. three cars have caught fire in
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just the past six weeks. the ceo says the company will not recall the model s despite the fires. well, there's been a whole lot of shaking going on around the bay area this week. in fact, a 3.4 quake shook san ramon this morning. it was the fourth small quake in the past two days. one of several to hit the san ramon in the past week. kpix 5's len ramirez on whether it's a sign of things to come. should we be worried about that, len? >> reporter: well, the scientists say there is no science to back up whether or not these series of quakes relieve stress on a fault or are a precursor to a bigger quake. we're standing at the epicenter of one of the latest quakes. there are six of these epicenter sites now scattered throughout this area. they haven't caused any damage, but they certainly are shaking people up. reporter: some pampering at a san ramon day spa was the perfect follow-up to the stress of going through an earthquake for jane who felt her first quake ever. >> i felt the house move and my daughter said, mum, that was an
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earthquake. oh, my goodness. the last thing i expected. we don't have those in new orleans. >> reporter: the 3.4 magnitude quake hit at about 9:30 this morning and was centered inside the crow canyon country club. there were no reports of damage, but it was the sixth in a series of small quakes to hit the san ramon area since friday. john sanders felt the pounding of yesterday's 2.9 quake while stopped in his car. it was centered near canyon lakes drive and bollinger canyon lane. >> i thought the guy behind me hit my car, tapped into me. but he didn't. and i said, what was that? then i found out later it was the earthquake. >> what has occurred so far really is nothing unusual. >> reporter: the usgs says the danville san ramon corridor is one of the most seismically active parts of the bay area. it's along the calaveras fault and many smaller faults branch out around it. >> san ramon is right over here. and you can see the san ramon valley is filled up with earthquake epicenters.
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>> reporter: dr. david schwartz says it's too soon to call it a swarm and there's no way to tell if the series of quakes means a bigger one is more or less likely for the region. >> right now we have only had six earthquakes. we don't know if they will continue or if today's 3.4 was the last one. if they continue and, uhm, then we'll probably refer to it as a swarm but right now it's just a series of small earthquakes in a seismically active area. >> reporter: now, what's been happening lately is nothing close to what this region has seen before in the past. in fact in 1990 near alamo, there were 351 measurable quakes over a span of 42 days. reporting live in san ramon, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> just so you know the term quake swarm is loosely defined anywhere from 15 or 20 to hundreds in a short period of time. it's a race against the clock in the philippines. typhoon survivors are struggling to hold on with no food and no water. the mayor of tacloban one of
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the hardest hit cities has told people to leave the area because authorities are struggling to maintain order. relief shipments are desperately needed, but they are stuck at the airport because roads are littered with debris. there's a makeshift medical center for victims but hardly any medicine or doctors to attend to the hundreds of people in need. more than 2300 bodies have been found so far. cbs reporter alfonso van marsh shows us how desperation is leading to violence. >> reporter: more security forces are on the streets of tacloban after mobs broke into a rice storage house. a wall collapsed, killing eight people. looters hauled away thousands of sacks of food while hundreds of typhoon victims waited in line hoping to get something to eat. disaster specialists are desperate to get supplies and medicine to victims. but authorities say it's a logistical nightmare. 90% of the port city is in ruins. tacloban's airport is
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destroyed. with hundreds of bodies on the streets, there's fear disease will spread. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: this woman says, the smell is overpowering. there are so many dead bodies that have not been picked up. forensic teams are working quickly to identify the dead and prepare for mass burials. but there are tales of survival. the head of this orphanage says his kids survived 20-foot waves that almost swept them out to sea. >> they really showed the true filipino spirit. they refused to give up. they were holding on to each other. >> reporter: the u.s. is among dozens of countries sending aid to the philippines. the united nations says the storm left more than 600,000 people homeless. alfonso van marsh, kpix 5. >> people in the bay area are stepping up to the plate scrambling to send relief supplies to the philippines. kpix 5's betty yu with a group that hopes to get aid directly to the victims faster than the
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biggester organizations. >> reporter: there's little to do for survivors of the typhoon. >> from the distance you can see people floating on the sea because they are surrounded in the water. >> reporter: the bay area resident happened to be in her home country when the storm hit. she felt its power from 400 miles away. >> you could hear the whistle of the wind and that was really something very scary because of in your house isn't strong enough or if you're just standing on the street you'll be splashed out. >> reporter: here in the bay area help is coming. donations are piling up. so community organizations and civic leaders launched a task force in san francisco today. it's part of the national alliance for filipino concerns or nafcon which has already collected $100,000 for victims. >> the main focus of the campaign is to gather as much monetary donations as possible. it's the fast and most effective efficient way of
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getting aid to the philippines. >> i'm addressing those areas in need now. >> reporter: the group says the donations will be used and distributed responsibly. >> our donations are going directly to grassroots community partners in the philippines. this includes ngos, schools, churches, people's organizations that are there. we have already wired the bulk of our donations to the philippines. >> reporter: with the support of mayor lee, supervisor john avalos is backing the grassroots operation. >> often, we see that we donate to large organizations. the money doesn't get to the groun where it can do the most good. it takes time for those dollars to and other money to pass through to get down to the ground and with nafco in. the dollars get there more immediately. >> in honor of our community of filipinos in the bay area which is very strong, we are going to continue working with all the international organizations to support them and the city and all of our business community,
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as well. >> reporter: mayor lee and the new task force say the best way to help is to donate money through reliable organizations with ties to those on the ground in the philippines. if you would like to donate or volunteer on the new task force, just visit our website, and click on "links and numbers" to find out how. betty yu, kpix 5. >> bay area nurses are lining up to answer the call for help in the philippines. in fact, the registered nurse response network is going to send out its first time of experienced nurses from sfo to manila tomorrow evening. the group will meet with local doctors when they land assessing where they are needed the most and then they will get right to work. and kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the relief effort. we'll have a phone bank from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow. details how to help can be find right now on looks like something out of ghost busters. the new weapon designs to blast graffiti without hurting the environment. >> it's time for this
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university to collaboratively come up with a better way. >> music to students's ears. the new uc president's plan to keep college tuition from getting any more expensive. >> august 13th or november 13th? we had a 20-degree temperature spread and lots of fog in the city and through the golden gate. live look outside now shows a beautiful sunset. find out what else we're missing aside from rainfall. there's something big we're not going to get coming up. >> charged for channels, you don't want. sneaky way cable companies are adding extra fees to your bill. ,,,,,,
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during her first speech as new uc president janet napolitano wants to make life a little easier for students. during her first speech as leader of the uc system, she proposed a tuition freeze for the 2014-2015 school year. she says the 10-campus system needs a new tuition policy for the future and called for better access for transfer students. >> tuition cuts right to the
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heart of accessibility and affordability, two of the university's guiding stars. uc will demonstrate once again to the nation and beyond the fundamental and unique value of a world class public research university. >> napolitano says under graduation tuition in addition year will stay around $12,000 confirmation obamacare enrollment is falling far short of the goal. we learned today just 106,000 people selected health plans in october. the white house had hoped for half a million. fewer than 27,000 used the problem-plagued federal website. the rest used state-run sites such as "covered california." with 35,000 sign-ups, it accounted for a third of the nationwide total and it's gaining steam. >> in the period between november 1 and november 12, an additional 29,000 californians have selected a health plan. what's that mean? more than 2,000 a day are
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picking health plans through "covered california." that's double the rate we saw in october. >> there are about 7 million uninsured people in california. at a rate of 2,000 signups a day it would take more than 9 years to get them all enrolled. a convicted mobster compared to satan. >> you're looking at pure evil when you look him in the eye like i have. >> how james "whitey" bulger's victims challenged him right before his sentencing. >> and the lucky break that saved this firefighter when a balcony collapsed under him. ,, announcer: right now at sleep train, announcer: save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing
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on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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officials say it happened a this morning, while four u.s. marines were killed in a training accident down at camp pendleton. now, officials say it happened about 11 a.m. those marines were clearing a training area of unexploded shells at the san diego county base. there are few details on what happened. the names of the marines will be released once their families have all been notified. but a fire rescue in arizona quickly turned scary when a firefighter fell backwards there off that balcony but look at his leg. it actually helped him. the charred railing behind him collapsed. he was left dangling. the only thing keeping him from plunging, his legs were caught in the deck. crews saved him. no one was hurt in the fire. a new weapon in the fight
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against graffiti that's easy on the environment. these new systems can blast away paint left on poles, walls and muni buses. they showed them off in san francisco today. the machines use soy-based products, dry ice and crushed recycled glass to remove graffiti as opposed to a traditional high-powered water hose. >> important because a lot of money is spent in managing graffiti and also many dangerous chemicals that cause problems for workers and community members and that cause smog are used today. >> it's the outcome of a $75,000 epa pollution prevention grant. happening across the bay area, a nasty accident in sonoma county injured five workers with the california conservation corps. a pickup slammed into the truck they were riding in. the vehicle wound up on its side this morning on lakeville highway. the five workers were treated on the scene and then checked
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out at a hospital. the pickup driver suffered major injuries. rohnert park police looking for the driver who left this fiery mess behind. the charred ford focus hit a utility pole on highway 101 and roberts lake road. it was about 11:00 last night. the wreck knocked out power to more than 3600 pg&e customers including the newly opened graton resort & casino. power was restored just after midnight. career criminal randy alana will stand trial for the murder of east bay federal investigator sandra coke. at a preliminary hearing alameda county superior court judge said there is enough evidence to place him at the scene of the crime. 56-year-old alana had coke's phone, credit card and car after she was reported missing back in august. her body was found in a vacaville park several days later. well, some harsh words for convicted gangster whitey bulger during his sentencing hearing today in boston. bulger sat with his back to the victims' family members as they addressed him in court.
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they called him a rat, a punk, even satan. some challenged him to turn around and look at them, but he never did. a judge asked bulger if he wanted to speak and he simply said no. >> you got to know what you're dealing with, with him. it's total, you know, psychopath, i would say. very difficult, so growing up in the same town you realize how truly evil he was. you are looking at pure evil when you look at him in the eye like i have a few times. >> the 84-year-old was convicted in august on charges including racketeering, extortion, money laundering. prosecutors also say he played a role in 11 of 19 murders. bulger faces two life sentences and will hear the judge's decision tomorrow morning. surprise charges on cable bills are a common complaint. as julie watts on the consumerwatch explains, it's not always easy to fix. >> take weeks if not longer to fix. >> reporter: for michael naughton tv is a necessity. >> i'm stuck here most of the
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time. >> reporter: and that necessity got for expensive in june when his directv bill jumped more than $37 in one month something the quadriplegic didn't realize until four months later because he uses auto pay. >> it's automatically deducted from my account. >> reporter: turns out directv had started big him for nfl sunday ticket even though he says he never asked for it. >> i don't watch football. i watch the news and i see who won this and that and i like the highlights. >> reporter: and we found complaint after complaint from directv customers saying they too were enrolled in nfl sunday ticket without asking for it. >> this is something called negative option marketing. >> reporter: consumer advocate joe rideout says it's a tactic that leaves consumers paying for something they didn't buy. directv says in naughton's case it was actually the auto renewal of a free trial for nfl
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sunday tickets. he didn't know he had the trial. he said he even canceled the nfl program once before. >> why would you renew something you cancelled? >> reporter: after he sailed directv wouldn't reverse the charge, we called the company. directv agreed to cancel the service, refund his money and apologize. >> said we're sorry we didn't know you were a quadriplegic. what does that matter? >> reporter: now, directv says its auto renew process is popular with many customers who like the convenience of being auto renewed at the best price but some customers don't realize they were enrolled in the package since it was complementary when they signed up. if you have a problem, give us a call at 888-5-helps-u. a lot of people would gladly pay for rain. how about fog instead? >> at least there's moisture in the atmosphere. it's a start. like condense and squeeze it out. if it was only that easy. wouldn't be doing this. we had fog today, a big temperature spread.
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80 inland, 60 or even 50s at the coast. a live look outside right now shows you what's going on. look at the river of air spilling over the city. it is going to be a foggy evening. but tomorrow will not be as foggy because inland areas won't warm up as much. kind of creates a vacuum effect when it gets toasty inland. beautiful sunset if you can see it. look at the view from mount vaca well above the fog. 69 in livermore but only 54 in san francisco. so still a 15-degree temperature spread. san jose you're 66. concord and oakland 68 degrees. do you have any weather questions? if you do, i'm sure you did, head to twitter tonight. tweet me #pauldeannokpix. that's coming up tonight in less than two hours our twitter weather chat. after that we are going to cool off tonight with mainly clear skies in the north bay, santa rosa down to 42. napa will start your thursday at 43 degrees. fremont 45. oakland dropping down to 50 overnight tonight. plenty of cloud cover offshore
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some of that pushed inland by the fact that we had a gaining or increasing onshore flow throughout the day. much of that fog stayed offshore because of a northwest flow and tomorrow as the winds turn more northerly we'll have less fog and with less of that temperature difference between coastal locations and inland locations, fog will not be as much of a problem tomorrow. nor will sunshine. you're going to have plenty of it once again tomorrow. more sunshine than clouds the storm track up to the north by the ridge of high pressure. it doesn't only block rainfall. the next several storms not only stay to our north, but there is going to be a big cold snap. 90% of the country will be 5 to 15 degrees below average with a few exceptions and coastal california including the bay area will be one of them as all of that stuff, the rain, cold, will be pushed off to the east by that big blocking ridge of high pressure. we are going to go likely 60 days without rain in san francisco. we're already at 53. i'm looking dry for the next week. a cooling trend not as warm starting tomorrow. we'll be a little cooler and cloudier over the weekend but really, not much changing when
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it comes to a lack of rainfall for a while. san jose tomorrow, cooler but only down to normal which is 68 degrees. morgan hill you will hit 71. redwood city 67. milpitas 68. low 70s not the upper 70s for you in concord, pleasant hill, san ramon tomorrow, danville 71. 64 for the city. that's actually milder. mill valley 68. highs tomorrow around windsor and santa rosa in the low 70s with mainly sunny skies. sunshine on friday, highs in the 60s. saturday the coolest day a little cloudier too low to mid- 60s. we warm up and stay dry sunshine through wednesdays of next week and that's your kpix 5 forecast. a second life for see-through yoga pants. how "lululemon" is turning its scandal into a marketing opportunity. ,,
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the so-called "second chance pants" include an extra layf fabric in back, and new mesh st gs. the too sheer yoga pants are back in stores. the so-called second chance pants include an extra layer of fabric in the back and new mesh
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strips on the legs. the tag on the bottom reads, this is what is celebrating failure looks like. the company told business insider it reworked the recalled pants so they wouldn't go to waste. the march recall could cost "lululemon" up to $67 million in revenue this year. several chihauhau pups boarded a flight at sfo this morning on the way to new york. nine of the dogs got their wiggles out before joining a full flight of passengers. there is an overpopulation of chihauhaus in california but on the east coast, department dwellers want the small dogs. virgin america teamed up with san francisco animal care and control to get the dogs adopted. well, now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." we have scott pelley in new york. scott? >> reporter: airport security screening that costs taxpayers nearly $1 billion may be a failure. we'll have the government's investigation tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,, the great american novel.
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the new span of the bay bri might not be the only hat costs way mo i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, the new span of the bay bridge might not be the only megaproject that costs way more than projected. the possible price tag for high- speed rail and how the ripple effect could be catastrophic for the economy. and how the consequences of the typhoon are being felt here in the bay area. how people are taking action to help those in need. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website,
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captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, the obamac falls short by 80%. insurance purchases stumble, but more americans do find hope in medicaid. major garrett and nancy cordes had a first look at obamacare's impact. rescue workers hammer throw the hungry and homeless after the supertyphoon. seth doane is in the middle of it. airport security screening thats may be a failure. bob orr has the government investigation. and in prison for years for a murder he didn't commit, ryan ferguson is free. >> first thing i did was talk to my parents and kiss my girlfriend. >> pelley: erin moriarty of 48 hours has the remarkable story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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