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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this is kpix 5 news. right now, federal ajents are after the worst of the worst of bay area criminals. >> our joe vasquez is with the feds as they hit the streets tonight. joe. >> liz, we've been reporting extensively about how a shorthanded oakland police department has been accepting help from chp, alameda county sheriff's department. it turns out, there's a pretty strong federal presence here, as well. >> 50 yards on the other side of the streechlt >> 85th avenue at international, federal ajents throw the caps on a man who took off running. >> are you on probation or parole. >> as he ran, the cop saw him throw away this small stash of marijuana. as a probationer, he's supposed to cooperate with law enforcement, not run away. >> now, he's extreme violation. he's going to be arrested and spoend the night in jail. >> these officers are part of a
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multiagency task force helping police chase down the bad guys. >> going to ride with six vehicles all altogether. >> there is a strong flal presence here from u.s. marshalls, the fbi who work alongside other statd and local agencies. sdpr the police presence will make an impact at least for tonight say, hey, the police are out. maybe my criminal activity planning for tonight not going to happen. in just the last two years this multiagency task force has made around 300 arrests here in the streets of oakland. we're talking fuj tef arrests, and about 70 of those have been murder suspects. >> who we're targeting is the worst of the worst. >> we're looking for the individuals that are the decision makers, the shot callers, and those engaged in the actual violent acts. >> tonight, most stopped will be cleerd and let go, still it's
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doing its part to take a huge bite out of the crime here in oakland. >> if you don't take any bite at all, nothing is going to happen. >> we're back live. i have to tell you, just after our ride along tonight, the 20 or 10 members of the task force ended up hearing shots fired. they ended up chasing guys down the street of oakland here and, in fact, recovered a.45 caliber semiautomatic weapon and made three aiss. just another night on the streets of oakland. reporting live, joe vasquez kpix 5. ols, four marines have died. this happened at the center of the base where marines fire artillery and drop bombs from aircraft during training exercises. tonight a san diego newspaper reports the marines were conducting routine maintenance doing a sweep for unexploded munitions when there was an explosion. in a few hours we'll starlet
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taking your phone calls to help people in the philippines. this is why they need it. take a look at this. at least 2,275 people are dead, 600 thousand have lost their homes, and it may be six weeks before electricity is fully restored. in isolated communities, desperation has set in. people are looting rioting. relief trucks are getting through but not nearly fast enough. >> these trucks drooefing down the roads is welcome. those along the sides of the roads are shouting at the truck, and what's inside these is basically high energy biscuits, something crucial for the early days of such a natural disaster. >> groups across the bay area are mobilizing to help. the national lines for filipino concerns hosted a fundraiser in san jose tonight. they also hosted a vigil for the
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victims in front of the martin luther king library. >> i just wanted to show our people over there that we are here for them, that we heard. >> kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross the raise money for the victims. we'll have a phone bank tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. to learn how you can help, go to our web site tonight a kriez ship that set sail from san francisco is changing course after a passenger won't overboard. coast guard is searching the water 750 miles northeast of hilo on hawaii's big island. witnesss and security video confirm an american woman jumped overboard. the grand princess ship was three days into round trip cruze to hawaii from san francisco. couple of hours ago, three workers at the teszla plant in fremont got a visit from the big bos after they suffered burns
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during a workplace accident. kiet doe is at valley place medical center tonight. >> one of the workers has already gone home. one has second-degree burns to his hands, arms, upper body and chest. ceo was here today. he was both solid and can dad. >> elon musk arrived unannounced in the darkness with a small ent rauj and headed straight for the cameras. >> just wanted to make sure they were okay and getting best possible care and make sure. >> tessla ceo visited his employees in the burn unit. they all seemed to be in good spirtdings all things considered. >> in the case of jesus, his hands were burned pretty badly so it's not clear what the recovery is going to be. you know, we want to have that recovery as much as possible.
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chocher 5 captured firefighters and paramedics tat plant at noon today. musk said he didn't want to pressure the workers, and there was time to get details of what exactly happened later. >> corporate malfunction in a low pressure aluminum die casting operation. it spilled aluminum, and that was the issue. >> we know of three cars thoof caught fire at various crashes and accidents. all the passengers sur vooefed. >> but tlur lot of -- several things that happened, you know, in accidents, so it -- you know, it seems like maybe we get an unyushl amount of attention no matter what it is. >> kiet do, kpix 5. since the first sedan caught fire, tesla's stock dropped 28%. what would you do if you were on a train. all of a sudden you notice the driver is nowhere to be found.
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after an muni metro car left san francisco's castro station without its operator >> the wild ride started around 1020 wednesday morning with about three dozen passengers on board. according to the mta. it started when the train doors at the castro station would not shut. the drooefr hopped out of his boot to check out the problem, but mta director john haley say it is driver forgot to do one very important thing. >> there's no evidence at this point the emergency break was used in the train. >> haley says his team is now evaluating the computer system to verify not pulling the emergency brake was the single error the driver made. fortunately, passengers thought quickly pulling the emergency brake in the train forcing it to stop and help to arrive. >> i need to really express my appreciation to the passengers on that train for staying put and allowing us to get them help and move the train along. >> what would you do if that
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happened when you were on it? >> i'd be scared. >> what would you do in that kind of situation? >> hang on and enjoy the ride. >> mta reashires us passengers were not in any danger. even with the driver, a computer system runs the trains. >> we are told the driver is an experienced staffer, a senior operator, in fact, he is on leave while all this is being investigated. in the castro, mark kelly kpix 5. >> muni tells us the train travels a quarter of a mile without any driver before coming to a safe stop. fremont police are hoping this home surveillance footage will help catch a package thief. the suspect parks his blue sedan and gets out then wauks up and swaps out his empty box with two recently dlered pack ajs. inside were computer parts. this happened last monday. call fremont police if you saw
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something suspicious. bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease has been detected in crime lab. the san jose news reports at least one water pipe inside the lab is infected with back teert yeah according to preliminary tests. so far no one has reported any symptoms. at its worst, the bacteria can lead to deadly pneumonia. the assistant da says pending criminal cases will not be affected. new numbers are in on obama care enrollment. just over 106 thousand americans signed up for health plans in the first month. the white house was hoping for nearly half a million. the majority signed up through state-run exchanges. nearly half of those enrollments came through covered california. as for the problem web site, white house has its own it chief on the case. >> when will it be operational to sour sats fashgs? >> well, we have a goal that the
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team is pursuing with tremendous intensity. >> how many more weeks? i'm looking for a number? >> working hard to have the site functioning fwi end of this month. >> the site can now accommodate up to 25 thousand users at one time, a big improvement from week one. loofks like vegas. the new cafes cropping up all over the bay area and the answer christin ayers got when she asked what are customers doing if they're not gambling. turning san francisco goo into gotham city. we go on within one with batman. we're back in 80 seconds.
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cafes that look a lot like they've been popping up in strip malls all over the bay area and the state. internet cafes that look a lot like mini casinos. local authorities are trying to shut them down, but as christin ayers found out, legally speaking it's a gray area. >> spending real dollar signs. it looks like vegas, but this is east oakland inside a place called get connected. neighboring businesses didn't want to talk to us on camera about get connected. they say they're scared of repercussions. oakland city attorney may be running scared, too. she never returned our calls about this place. that might be because just down the nimitz freeway, the city of hayward got sued earlier this year for trying to shut down a similar so-called internet cafe. >> the software program and the business does not in any way
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violate any california gaming or gambling law period. >> johns weten is the attorney for the owner of both get connected in oakland and in hayward. he claims there's a big difference between this and gambling. he had an employee show us why. >> what are we looking at here? >> you buy internet time to use any way you want, and in exchange, you're rewarded with a chance to win cash in a sweepstakes contest. >> really don't feel like a slot machine. >> there's almost no company that you can think of that doesn't do that today. hotel chains are doing it on regular basis, fast food place, mcdonald's, subway. >> when mcdonald's or burger king do a sweepstakes, they do it to draw us in. here, it's all about gambling. >> jeff is the president of gaming associations.
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>> he says the cafes are connected to a network of software developers who lease the game to cafe operators. >> they haven't been licensed. no background check has been done. >> last month, a florida attorney working for a chain of internet cafes was convicted on illegal gambling and racketeering charges. florida has now banned the cafes. here in the bay area just last week, san francisco sued this cafe. hayward has been trying to shut down for a year. >> the slot machine you should california law and certainly the traditional one, you have to put a nickel in or a quarter or even credit card in order to play it. of course, as you look around here, you'll find no slots of any kind. >> are those technicalities of ways getting around this being legal gambling. >> things are illegal because the government body has passed a law that defines what the illegal conduct is. >> he says an advisory from
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california's attorney general that called the cafe illegal is not binding because it also states not intended to be used for legal advice. besides, he says you can't shut a place down for offering legitimate services >> these businesses, amongst other things, provide access to wi-fi and computer stuff. >> with all due respect, we're not seeing people applying for jobs at a lot of these cafes. people are playing these games. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> city of oefk land did not return our calls about the cafe on international boulevard. councilman noel told christin he's frustrated, plans to introduce an orderina nce to shut them down. women at uc bshg lee say someone is spiking their drinks. three women recently reported getting sick after sa single drink. one said she was sexually assaulted after wards. more fallout for the toronto
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mayor who confessed he smoked crack during his term. today, this. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. >> for the admission to buying drugs komsz as city council voted to ask him to step down. the mayor's brother, who was a councilman, vemently defended his brother accusing members of being hypocrites. >> i would like everyone else stand up. >> the whole council will stand up. >> counselor ford. >> don't come across that you're holier than thou because you aren't. >> the board has flatly denied that he is addicted to drugs. he has also refused to resign. you think a 23-year-old would be happy to get $3 billion for a company he started. well, in the tech world these days, that's not apparently enough. facebook wanted to buy the popular app snapchat for 3
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billion bucks, but snaupchat said no. snap chat lets users send video clips that disappear shortly after they're delivered. wall street journal says the company's 23-year-old ceo is holding out for more money. in 48 hours, san francisco will be turned into gotham city to make one little boy's wish come true. >> tonight we track down the guy who will play a starring role in all this. batman. >> five-year-old miles has been fighting leukemia since he was a year old. he told the make-a-wish foundation there is one thing he wants. to be the caped crusader. >> there have been plenty of superheroes. nothing like this have happened. >> on friday, more than 11 thousand volunteers will transform this into a giant stage for a crime-fighting bat kid and full size batman buddy. >> i'll introduce him to acrobatics coach that has worked with batman.
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>> eric johnson has invented new batman gadgets. >> this is too secret to show you what it actually does because remember rit ler and penguin watch this channel, too. >> miles will get real life stunt training, then they're off and running. first challenge, rescue the damsel in distress about to get run over by a cable car. . next up, stop the riddler from roping this store downtown, then a run in with the penguin who's trying to kidnap lucille. a chase to at&t park and finally an hero's welcome at civic center. >> my wish for this is he comes out of it with the best day of his life ever. >> well, miles lives in tulley lake. the make a wish foundation said it was hoping to find 200 volunteers then miles' wish went viral. they have 11 thousand
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volunteers. >> i know. >> incredible. >> so see a guy running around with question marks and a little green suit, let him go because batman will get it. >> that's right. >> exactly. >> what a great organization. >> they never say no. whatever the kids' wishes, they make it happen. >> incredible. weather was great outside if you were away from the water. 80 today. mid november. closer to the water that summer-like pattern that we had today, it was foggy. the golden gate you hit about 70 in early afternoon then here came the fog. you drouped down to mid 50s in very short order. folks, we are in record territory. october/november so far we're only had a trace of rain fall. that occurred yesterday morning. back in 1959, that october and november, we only had a trace combined for the two months. way back in 1890, two centuries again, we went 0 for october and 0 for november. we're not going to do that, but we may for the third time ever go 0 for two of our wettest fall months. no rain tomorrow in livermore.
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microclimate forecast stopped. high of 72. little bit cooler on friday. that trend will continue into the weekend. 69 degrees in livermore coming up use wrap up your workweek on friday. all about that ridge of high pressure. is it moving? the answer is no. next couple of days mainly sunny as it takes that storm track and shoves it 700 miles to our north. it's not just rain fall this ridge is going to be blocking. next week, 90% of the continental u.s. will be about 5 to 20 degrees colder than normal all the way down to central florida most of texas all the way back to maine and new england and new york city. for us, not only will this ridge block the rain fall, it's also going to block. a little bit cooler starting tomorrow. over the weekend, saturday will be cloudy with highs in the 60s, but we're not going to be cold nor well. that rain-free streak will likely make it all the way 60 days without rain fall. san jose tomorrow 68, which is
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normal. sunny vail 67. sunshine for union city 65. concord, san ramon, dublin all hitting 70. weir sunny but cooler on friday. sunny on saturday with highs in the mid 60s. over the weekend we'll stay shy of 70 greece, but the 70s do come back next week. no rain for the next seven days. that's your kpix 5 forecast. we'll be right back. at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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for them to come home. andria borba shows h tepped in today. more than one in ten inmates of te jail has been a child waiting for them to come home. >> andrea shows us how sesame street stepped in today to bring them all closer. >> being a kid is hard enough but try being a kid with a mom or dad behind bars. enter the cry from sesame. children's television workshop joined with the alameda county children incarcerated parents partnership to reach out to 2 million u.s. kid who is don't get tucked in every night, and with lit children, big problems. incarceration. >> mothers are just like all of us. it transcends all of the biases and stereotypes we have who has someone in prison and who goes to prison.
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>> the result, a new sesame street character, alex. his dad is in jail. along with a half hour dvd, there's also a new way for parents to explain what's happening to little minds that might blame themselves. >> asks a lot of questions. skas lot of questions to his mind, what i'm coming home, why the police came one morning to pick me up. he's very curious. >> alex was unveiled at the santa rena jail because in alameda county, no fewer than 12% of criminal cases involve a suspect with a child at home. california is pilot for the sesame street pam. on thursday, the prm will be taken to families at san quentin. in alameda county, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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better be something food because yu're starting off talking about dodgers. for real? >> it pay for me to do this, ken. there are whispers of a $300 million contract by the dodgers to keep kershaw in los angeles. i guess that's going rate for a 25-year-old two-time cy young winner. kershaw won his second cy young
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award today. he received 29 of the 30 first place votes. some guy in cincinnati named mark was the only writer not to give kershaw a first place vote. must have groan up a giants fan. mack sherzer won the cy young in the american league. eric reid has been cleared to practice and the expected to play against the sapts. the team's first-round pick had another welcome last sunday when he suffered second concussion of the season. >> i've never had concussion before. to get two in one season is a little bit different for me. with that being said, you know, this is the nfl. fwies a little bit spronger, little bit bigger than what i'm used to plague. >> back in the days, two fingers, three fingers, one finger, how many fingers have i got up. it's advanced so much further to them. leave it up to the dodgers. leave me out of it.
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the undefeated chiefs claim kyle williams off waivers. williams was released earlier this week. he will join former 9ers just in time for the big showdown coming up against denver. former raiders tight end passed away this morning from complications during liver transplant surgery. five-time probowler won two super bowls with the silver and black and had been battling liver disease. he was only 57 years old. changing cat fish anybody? here's the top five. >> good night. that is a huge fish. >> yeah. bernie campbell beat a world record by ten pounds catching this 206-pound cat fish. man! ramon says this is all tbt a packs to jeff taylor, but it's all about ramon. bobcats beat the celtics. i'm pretty sure throwing your shoe at the basketball is not legal. georgetown better read the rule book. no.
11:31 pm
2, how about blake griffin, goes up hard for this dunk. former warrior matt barns shoves him. barns pushes him. both guys get eject and had clippers beat okc. >> the no. play of the night. minor league hockey forward goes through his leg top shelf. that was a game-winning goal, as well. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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