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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 15, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> president obama backtracks on we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> president obama backtracks on a key provision of his troubled health care law. facing questions about his credibility, he promises to reverse the cancellation of millions of health insurance policies. >> i'm not a perfect man, and i will not be a perfect president. >> i say mayday, mayday. a passenger has fell down. >> midair mystery. rescuers search for a passenger believed to have fallen from an airplane. and as the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination approaches, we'll have the story of that day in dallas as it's never been heard before. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, november 15th, 2013.
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning health care officials and state insurance commissioners warn that president obama's turnaround on individual insurance policies could mean higher prices. today the house is expected to vote on a measure to take the president's new plan one step further. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on the president's reluctant about-face. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. the president has been under incredible pressure to find a way to live up to that promise that he made and to do it before that vote here on capitol hill today. but now that he's announced this fix, those who have to implement it aren't sure they can. >> we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. that's on me. >> president obama is trying to fix problems with the affordable care act. he now says americans can keep their current insurance plans through 2014, even if they don't meet the standards laid out in the new health care law.
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>> this fix won't solve every problem for every person, but it's going to help a lot of people. >> nearly 5 million people have received cancellation notices, something the president promised wouldn't happen. democrats in congress pressured president obama to fix his broken promise before a vote today on a republican bill in the house. the gop proposal also lets americans keep their coverage and allows insurance companies to keep selling those plans to new customers. >> i would encourage every member to help keep that promise and vote for this important bill. >> but the head of the insurance commissioners association is concerned about reversing course. he says the president's fix threatens to undermine the new market and may lead to higher premiums and market disruptions in 2014 and beyond. in order to rescind cancellation notices, insurance companies have 30 days to contact the people whose policies were canceled, explain coverage options, get state regulators to sign off on new premiums, and
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process the customers' policies. now, as for that republican plan that's being voted on here today, the "keep your health care plan act" of 2013, an maee, the president is promising a vito. >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. slowly, sr. slowly the pace of help in the philippines is picking up. getting aid to desperate typhoon survivors is different. president quijano says you can't meech everybody. the interior defense secretary of state says you can't reach everybody. this morning the civil defense agency says the death toll has jumped to more than 3,600. seth doane has more. >> reporter: utility workers in tack tacloban were back on the job but not restoring power.
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they were cleaning up. it was the same almost also through the town. since the typhoon tore through the philippines, very little has changed. how high was the water in here? >> 15. >> reporter: 15 feet high the water was? >> yes. >> reporter: he was sorting through the mess in his most, but most of what was there wasn't even his. it had floated there from his neighbors. you say you're back to zero. how do you start again. >> i don't. my little business also wash out. >> reporter: his small electronics shop was ruined. now his family must scavenge for every meal. ronald's 14-year-old nephew kenji said he had been forced to join the looters. >> reporter: did you feel bad about doing this? >> i feel bad a little. >> reporter: why did you do it? >> because we don't have any food. >> reporter: despite the huge relief effort under way, none of it had made it to their neighborhood. and what you do think about in these nights when you go to bed after this typhoon?
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>> it's so hard to explain. i feel sad for everything. >> reporter: kenji's mother could barely talk about it. when the storm hit, she couldn't find her children. >> i don't want to recall what happened to us, especially what happened -- the kids, they don't ask. >> reporter: her children were safe, but she lost almost everything else. cleaning off the few family photos she could find, there was also a gift from her mother. what's that? >> this is my only earrings i have. a pair of this one and a pair of this one. >> reporter: and you just found one of them? >> yes. >> reporter: with that bit of good news she got a bit of bad news too. her best friend showed up while we were there to tell her that she was going to leave this place. she was just too nervous with the groups of armed people running around the city. that discussion of do you stay
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or do you go is one we keep hearing here. seth doane, cbs news, tacloban, the philippines. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, janet yellen faces questions, plus, the cost of your thanksgiving dinner. alexis christoforous is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, anne-marie. janet yellen says she's ready to carry on the fed's economic stimulus program. at her confirmation hearing yesterday to be the next fed chief, yellen supported the central bank's low interest rate policies. a vote on yellen's confirmation hearing could come next week. yellen is expected to be confirmed by the full senate to lead the federal reserve. yellen's comments boosted gains in asia where tokyo gain 2%. ending its best week in four years. hong kong's hang seng added 1.5%. and major u.s. index rose for a second high yesterday.
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the dow jones industrial average gained 54. the nasdaq edged up 7 points. aerospace giant lockheed martin is cutting 4,000 jobs in four states. the lougheed plant that produces advanced military radar systems near phoenix will close by the end of 2015. lougheed is also closing plants in three other states. mcdonald's wants to expand its market share of the coffee business. the world's largest hamburger chain says coffee is one of the fastest growing categories in its worldwide drink business. mcdonald's coffee business has surged 70% since the introduction of mccafe specialty coffees back in 2009. and video game alert. sony's play station goes on sale today. demand for the ps4 is strong and expected to outstrip supply for the holiday season. the ps4 retails for about $400. sony's first home system in seven years and sony hopes to sell million by the end of march. and, anne-marie, some good holiday news for you.
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the cost of thanksgiving dinner is down slightly from last year. the average turkey dinner will cost $49.04. those that's a whole 44 cents less than last year. the fda says overall grocery prices are down about 0.1% since january. >> i was thinking extra stuffing for everyone. >> sounds good for me. >> alexis christoforous at the new york stock exchange. thank you, alexis. >> sure. well, coming up on the "morning news," mid-flight mystery. authorities search for a passenger of a plane who fell from the plane in the middle of a flight. this is the "cbs morning news." yes... (laughing) yes!! ♪ am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here.
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two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. get over 1,000 doorbusters this friday 3pm to saturday 1pm like, 60% off outerwear for him and her and 50% off select apparel brands for her. also, save 30-50% off during our huge home sale. jcpenney. a neighborhood in florida is being swallowed into the ground. a sinkhole opened up in the back of a home in dunedin on
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thursday. it's growing fast. the hole is 90 feet wide and 50 feet deep. a half dozen families have been evacuated. there have been no injuries, but at least two of the homes will likely be demolished. whitey bulger will spend the rest of his days behind bars. a judge sentenced the former boston mob boss to life in prison on thursday. the judge said the scope, callousness and depravity is of bulger's crimes is almost unfathomable. bum jer is 84 and he was found guilty of 11 murders and dozens of other crimes. now, rescue crews have been searching the waters in miami after a pilot report add passenger fell from his plane on thursday. the small plane was flying at 2,000 feet when the pilot says someone inside opened the door and fell into the ocean. he was calm when he radioed a mayday call to air traffic control. >> you said you had a passenger that fell out of your plane? >> that's correct, sir. he opened the back door and he just fell down the plane. >> officials haven't confirm
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thad the call was legitimate. miami-dade police sent homicide detectives to the airport to investigate. near denver, the fifis fish & wildlife service destroyed 6,000 tons of ivory on thursday. it represents the killing of more than 2,000 elephants. it was meant to send a message against poaching. thousands of elephants are slaughtered each year to meet the global demand for illegal ivory. straight ahead, your friday morning weather, and in sports, canine cannon balls. we'll show you the competition that leaves these dogs drenched. the competition that leaves these dogs drenched. [kevin] paul and i have been friends... [paul] well...forever. [kevin] he's the one person who loves pizza more than i do. [paul] we're obsessed. [kevin] we decided to make our obsession our livelihood. [kevin] business was really good. [kevin] then our sauce supplier told me: "you got to get quickbooks." [kevin]quickbooks manages money, tracks sales and expenses. [paul] we even use it to accept credit cards.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, sunny today. 56 the high. miami, showers. but sunshine in chicago and dallas. partially sunny in los angeles today. time now for a check of the national forecast. the northeast will be dry with highs in the 40s and 50s. it will be even warmer in much of the south. there will be rain across the pacific northwest, and parts of the cascades in northern washington could see up to a foot of snow. in sports, indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck has never lost two games in a row in his short professional career.
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luck kept that streak alive last night against tennessee. with his team down by two touchdowns, at one point luck gives the colts the lead on an 11-yard touchdown run. indianapolis wins, 30-27. a wild finish in the nba between oklahoma city and golden state. russell westbrook gives the thunder a one-point lead with less than three seconds to play, but golden state's andre iguodala has enough time for one last shot. >> iguodala, here he comes. he got it! the warriors have won on a team-winning shot by andre iguodala! >> iguodala finishes with 14 points, and golden state wins, 116-115. make it two in a row for detroit tigers' first baseman miguel cabrera. cabrera won his second league most valuable player award. he followed up his 2012 triple crown season by once again leading the league in hitting and finishing second in home
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runs and rbis. and the national league award goes to pittsburgh pirates' outfielder andrew mccutchen. he helped his team to a first team-winning record in 21 seasons. >> and man's best friend will be catching some air this weekend. the dock dogs championships will be held in iowa. more than 370 dogs take part in a competition that measures how far and how high they can leap. the owners and handlers say the dogs are serious about their competition. i suppose you don't get points for a good doggy paddle with that one. when we return, a new look at tragic day in our history. we'll hear newly enhanced police recordings on the day of president kennedy's assassination. enhanced police recordings on the day of president kennedy's assassination. ♪
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looming... why the agreement between management and workers may fall apart. and, a brutal fight at a bay area school is caught on camera francisco becomes gotham city to make a little boy's wish come francisco becomes gotham city to make a little boy's wish come true. a step-by-step guide to his adventure is coming up. francisco becomes gotham city to make a little boy's wish come true. a step-by-step guide to his adventure is coming up. ,, ,, here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., will be sunny
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today with a high of 60 degrees. atlanta, cloudy. sunshine in st. louis, high of 57. denver is sunny, but showers in seattle. well, next week we mark the anniversary of dark day in the nation's history. it will be 50 years since the assassination of john f. kennedy. bob schieffer takes a look back with the help of newly enhanced dallas police recordings. >> reporter: between the hisses and the crackles, the story of that fateful day is captured on primitive dictabelt recordings from the dallas police department. >> it's kind of a soundtrack. it points to the silent films that we're all used to seeing of the crowds in dallas and then the tragedy in dealey plaza. >> reporter: larry sabato is the author of "the kennedy half century." >> people couldn't get enough of it.
4:20 am
the crowds were enormous. >> reporter: crowds rows deep were eager to see the young stylish couple. >> reporter: at about 12:30 p.m. as the president's limousine turned onto elm street, the police chatter turned from routine to urgent. >> reporter: sirens can be heard as the motorcade races four miles to parkland hospital. >> reporter: it was the first real assessment of just how seriously the president had been hurt. back at dealey plaza, the search for whoever killed the president and wounded texas governor john conley focused on a seven-story brick building.
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>> reporter: the suspect turned out to be lee harvey oswald. he had taken a bus in a camp to his rooming house, picked up jacket and pistol, then headed out again. he was walking down the police and police officer j.d. tippett called him over to his police car, and he just shot him at point blank range. >> it was a horrible act and certainly not the act of an innocent person. >> reporter: now oswald was wanted for two murders. he was on the run, but not for long. innocent person. >> reporter: now oswald was wanted for two murders. he was on the run, but not for long. >> reporter: police found him sitting in the rear of the theater.
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aboard "air force one" still on the ground in dallas, another drama was unfolding. >> reporter: with jackie kennedy at his side, lyndon baines johnson took the oath as the 36th president of the united states, and "air force one" now carrying two presidents took off for washington, d.c. >> reporter: they cleaned up the scene but could never erase the painful memories preserved forever on the dallas police recordings of november 22nd, 1963. bob schieffer, cbs news, dallas. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning, bob schieffer will have much more on the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination. i'm anne-marie green.
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morning's top stories. prent morning's top stories. president obama did a reluctant about-face and now says people who received cancellation notices on their insurance policies because of obama care should be able to renew their plans. the president admitted he fumbled the rollout of his health care plan. and aid efforts in the philippines are slowly picking up. one week after the typhoon hit, the first gas station in the city of tacloban opened this morning, but millions remain desperate for food, water, and shelter. the civil defense agency chief says the death toll has jumped to 3,621. the government warns that thanksgiving could be dangerous and not just for the turkeys. the consumer product safety commission says the risk of a kitchen fire triples on thanksgiving day.
4:26 am
the main reason? leaving dinner unattended while it cooks. the agency says the turkey fryers are a particular concern. it suggests keeping a fire extinguisher close by. and before you even start cooking your thanksgiving meal, you have to buy the turkey, of course, and these days you have plenty of options. vinita nair looks at how the way your turkey was raised affects its flavor. >> reporter: in a matter of days these turkeys will be a thanksgiving meal, but for now they're living the good life. >> they go in and out as they please. >> reporter: dwayne koch is the first to raise these turkeys on this free-range farm. they can be twice as expensive but they sell out at chains like whole foods. >> consumers want to know where meat came from, who grew it, how it was raised. >> reporter: butterball is still a great brand offering top meat
4:27 am
with plenty of breast and white meat. free-range birds have access to the outdoors. organic are fed a an organic diet without drugs or hormones. koch raises birds this way back from the 1930s. koch says customers choose his turkeys for the humane lifestyle but also for the taste, which depends on their pure diet. >> it's a very clean-tasting turkey with no aftertaste. >> reporter: so people taste the difference. >> yes. >> reporter: lower stress leads to more tender meat. in the end it's a matter of personal preference and budget. vinita nair, cbs news, pennsylvania. sheriff's deputies in west texas could not believe it when the calls came in. drivers reported a kangaroo on the loose in midland county. a patrolman's dashboard camera shows a four-foot cain ga rule
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hopping along the highway. they gave chase and cornered the kangaroo until the owner arrived. well, coming up later on the "cbs this morning," reaction. we'll get answers from john dickerson. plus, nuclear negotiations with iran. we'll speak with samantha powers. that's it for this morning on "cbs this morning." thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 15. i'm michelle griego. >> the keyword there, friday! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30 in the morning. let's kick it over to lawrence to talk about the big weekend. >> the weekend ahead, yeah!
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we're going to see some great weather, i think, coming our way. a little breezy in spots and chilly, too. 37 degrees, some patchy fog in the napa valley. 45 in livermore. 51 in san francisco. more on your weekend forecast coming up. >> taking a live look outside there are a few delays in the far right cash lane but for the most part no stalls, no accidents. your friday morning commute, we're crossing our fingers, "friday light," so far, so good. but it is 4:30. >> it will change, i'm sure. >> yeah. >> thank you. well, to all the villains lurking in the shadows of san francisco, beware because batman is here! today the city by the bay will become gotham city to make a boy's wish come true. joe vazquez with more on san francisco's transformation. >> this is going to be pretty epic. it's, uhm, it's batkid eve. >> reporter: turning san francisco into gotham city for a 5-year-old batkid, that's one challenge. but the amount


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