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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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again. >> good evening, gotham city. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. this was a day of drama, none of us will soon forget. so tonight, we are bringing you team coverage from across gotham city. linda yee on the crime wave that for a moment brought the city to its knees. linda. >> reporter: liz, it was chaos, a town gripped in fear!! gotham city needed a hero because behind every corner lurked danger! a damsel in distress. >> a woman tied to the tracks. >> we think it's the riddler. >> reporter: what evil has fallen on gotham city! the cops don't know what to do. officers are driving in circles, confused, scared.
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>> we need superheros. we need batkid! >> reporter: bad kit is he here in gotham city? is batkid here? can he save her before the bomb goes on? of course, he is batkid. there is nothing he can't do. >> what a relief. i'm so glad that kid was here. >> reporter: but as soon as the damsel is saved there's trouble at the bank, a crowd gathers outside, rumors are wild! the riddler is inside. that thought strikes terror in everyone. >> batkid, where are you! >> reporter: wait, the sirens, is he coming? [ sirens ] >> reporter: while the crowd waits, superheros in training say they'll help that kid! [ laughter ] >> reporter: suddenly, a roar in the crowd, batkid is here! he and batman race inside. >> whoo! >> reporter: downstairs in the vault, the riddler caught redhanded? ! >> in 12 seconds i'll be gone
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and you two will be trapped here forever! >> great words, but our kid will get you. batkid slams the door on evil! >> ha! >> who tricked the riddler! >> take him away, guys. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: outside, the crowd cheers. batkid did it again! >> utter chaos! >> reporter: gotham city got its hero the headlines, screaming out the news, and that was all before lunch! but wait! a hamburger at macy's is interrupted by more treasury! the penguin taunts batkid and kidnaps the san francisco giants mascot lou-seal! >> oh, no! >> the penguin takes lou-seal to his lair, ties him up, daring anyone to try and storm him. >> batkid's coming! >> he doesn't scare me. >> batkid is coming. >> he doesn't scare me one bit! >> reporter: not to be, penguin!
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good always trumps evil! batkid has tracked you down. lucille and the gotham city giants will not be defeated! on the jumbotron, commissioner gordon thanked batkid! his job is done for the day but batkid will always be watching. the bat signal. >> we have the bat signal when we need him. >> reporter: and this just in. the u.s. attorney late this afternoon handed down this indictment, the riddler and the penguin will be charged with conspiracy and kidnapping! the fbi thanks a certain "caped crusader" saying, he did what the g-men couldn't do for years and that's to put super villains in the slammer for life! liz? >> linda yee on the batkid beat, thank you, linda. after a long day of fighting crime, batkid received a much deserved hero's welcome in san francisco city hall. and juliette goodrich has that part of the story. >> reporter: ken, here's where he arrived in his lamborghini
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batmobile. you know, the police chief said it best. today it was off the hook! this little guy had one wish and it came true big time. >> batkid, batkid, batkid! >> reporter: arriving in his lamborghini batmobile he finished his day at city hall where thousands of adoring fans cheered him on, their hero. and with his bright smile and fist pump into the air, miles represents living proof a wish can come true and his battle with leukemia can be beat. >> may i present to you batkid! >> reporter: with batman by his side, batkid was handed the key to gotham city and this special declaration. >> today, november 15th, 2013, will be batkid day forever! >> reporter: miles' dad says today is a day his family will never forget. >> this is closure for us. as you said earlier, uhm, he
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finished treatment in june. it's been a long three years for us. and this is one way to kick it off. >> reporter: november 15th, a day an entire city came together to make a wish come true and make headlines around the world. >> gotham city "chronicle," batkid saves the city! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: quite a day and all of the proceeds from these t- shirts i happen to be wearing, ken and liz go, to make-a-wish foundation. it says, batkid! everyone getting involved in today's event really truly amazing and i got to tell you, ken and liz, i know firsthand that that was batkid because he didn't need a nap today. no meltdown. that's huge. >> right. >> superpowers. >> there you go. juliette goodrich, outside city hall, thank you, juliette. and the man who drew batman for d.c. comics for years tweeted this custom drawing of
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batkid. it came with a special message for miles and is signed by graham nolan. we got the cover of the gotham city headline, the headline batkid saves city, rescues damsel in distress. the white house took notice of batkid. miles got a special shoutout from president obama. >> way to go, miles! way to save gotham! >> and at this hour, batkid is the number 2 trending topic on twitter. vice president joe biden joined in. he writes, thanks for saving gotham city! you're a real-life superhero. california's congressional leaders are also praising batkid. here's representative eric swalwell. >> thank you for coming to our rescue inspiring us with heroes today. >> and senator dianne feinstein from san francisco also tweeted. thanks for saving gotham. story of a 5-year-old battling cancer inspired
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thousands to help make his wish come true. kpix 5's betty yu on the thousands who showed up to cheer for batkid. betty. >> reporter: the city of san francisco went all out for batkid today. many of the people who showed up wore batkid t shirts, held signs, even were dressed as superheros. it was an elaborate display of make believe one you have probably never seen. [ applause and cheers ] reporter: he just might be the cutest most intimidating batkid the city of san francisco has ever seen. saving gotham city is hard work but miles had the ultimate crime-fighting machine and the support of thousands who helped turn his dream into the real thing. >> i think batkid is so good! he is the ultimate hero. >> i can't even explain it. i'm just so amazed to be here in this great city and to be able to support miles in his make a wish. i'm excited. i'm going to cry. >> that is the luckiest kid in the world to be here growing up
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in a lamborghini having almost all of the city here? >> it's like living the comic book right now. it's every kid's reality, every nerd like me's reality, right, coming true. >> reporter: the city of san francisco showed its love for batkid with costumes, with signs like these, and even with their pets. that woman even drove up from l.a. for the grand show. >> so excited to be a part of this. i'm so excited to see miles running out there a huge smile on his face. >> reporter: and you could find many more smiles in the crowd. hundreds snapped photos as the action hero swooped through union square and city hall. he stole many hearts along the way. >> it's a dream of a life that kid will remember for the rest of his life and just really hope that he will live a good 100 years and be happy. >> it was one of the things i love about san francisco is that we throw a great party. it might be one of the best days of his life.
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>> i have this great warm sunny feeling in my heart probably for the rest of my life. >> reporter: people of all ages came out here to union square and city hall and throughout the city to support batkid. many of them teared up. we know he was inspired by a superhero and today he ended up inspiring all those around him. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> and here's a sign that flew over san francisco that pretty much sums up the moral of the day, that wishes really do come true. >> you can find more images of batkid's adventures on our website, there you can also find out how you can donate to it the make-a- wish foundation. well, there is other news tonight. years in the making, the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel is about to open. a ribbon-cutting took place this afternoon. caltrans says tunnel will open sometime tomorrow. when it does, this will create four lanes of traffic in both directions. traffic notoriously backs up during the commute and there is
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also the daily reconfiguration of the lanes. the new tunnel is expected to shave several minutes off the drive between contra costa and alameda counties. >> adding two more lanes to this corridor is going to have a significant advantage. now, certainly the biggest advantage is going to be in the counter-commute hours but we are having congestion in both directions of the day. so, you know, we're always a little behind but it's a great day to have it open now. >> more good news, the project cost $417 million and came in under budget in the end. the plane leaving san jose today was forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a bird. the american airlines flight took off to dallas/fort worth at 6:20 this morning just minutes later hitting a bird which shut down one of the plane's engines. the pilot was able to safely turn around and land back in san jose. no one was injured. a flare-up today at the tesoro refinery in concord triggered a health advisory. a power outage at the facility
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forced them to do a burnoff and it put up a black plume of smoke. the flare-up lasted about 30 minutes. air quality officials quickly checked it out and determined there would be minimal impact on people. a san jose motorcycle officer had serious injuries when he was hit by a car near downtown at north 4th and empire streets at about 11:30 this morning. the driver stayed with the scene and cooperated with investigators. drugs and alcohol have been ruled out. the officer is expected to recover. a bay area food bank struck by burglars. coming up, what the crooks were after, and it wasn't the grub. >> ski season is almost here. but there's barely been any snow. since nature isn't cooperating how resorts plan to cope in the sierra. >> temperatures topping out only in the 60s today. with the sunshine, concord 66.
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campbell 66. berkeley only 61. are we going to get cooler or back to the 70s for the weekend? the answer in your seven-day forecast coming up. >> it's the mask for destroying the delta. >> coming up at 6:30 why california farmers fear they could be wiped out by an escalating water war. ,,
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today, it donated 31 i-padso replace safeway makes a generous deflation to a san jose school hit by thieves. today it donated 3 is ipads to replace those stolen from -- 31 ipads to replace those stolen from river glen elementary school. safeway says it bought the ipads for employees but they were not being used. impressed with safeway they did such a generous donation.
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and it really helps our school. >> i think it was almost like a miracle because we worked very hard to get the money. we don't have like extra money to buy extra ipads and we use the ipads daily so i think it was very important for our school. >> yeah. teachers plan to keep the new equipment in lock boxes this time to prevent any future thefts. thieves also hit the second harvest food bank in san carlos. they didn't take the food. they took gasoline. $400 worth taken from the delivery trucks, parked at the facility. the total last is $17,000 including damage to the trucks and towing fees. they say that's enough money for 34,000 meals. ski resorts in the high sierra set to open next week but there's one big problem. there's hardly any snow. cbs reporter rob mcallister says resorts are scrambling now to make artificial snow but it may not be enough. >> reporter: the ski season
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starting in november but not many options. these snowboarders don't mind not much snow. >> basically i wanted to get my first skiing in for the season. >> reporter: it's mid-november. this year the snow did not come early. boreal made their own. >> we plan for it in the budget. a lot of our business is early season. it's the fundamental foundation of what we do here is getting people on snow this time of year. >> reporter: and they have to make it each night as just across the road, the mountain is still bare. borders say the manmade snow is fine as it gets them on the slopes. >> i just love doing it so much. it's like my passion. so i just had to come out here. >> reporter: boreal is open but northstar, heavenly and squaw valley will wait until thanksgiving to turn on the lifts. they say a slow start doesn't concern them as the big week begins around christmas. so while these lines are empty now they hope within a month they will be ramping up. >> that was rob mcallister reporting. the ski resorts say with advancement in snowmaking
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equipment it's costing them less to fill in the slopes than in years past. well, paul, you have some promising news in the forecast, somebody next week that might help us out. >> wow. >> there's a build-up. >> we are 13 days away from thanksgiving. it is amazing we're so jacked up about a chance of showers. [ laughter ] >> it's just breaking news, gotham city! we have ourselves a shower chance. yes, find out which day coming up in the forecast. not tonight. we are clear over sfo. a lot of activity there as it is about 24 hours a day. no fog like we had yesterday morning. we had a nice clear day today now with the bay bridge. the oakland touchdown all the folks trying to get into the city on a fine friday night albeit chilly you might need a jacket. today's highs were below normal for many of you. san rafael one of the warmer spots at 68. redwood city and oakland you hit 66. san jose south bay only 65 for a high. hayward you hit 63. gotham city came in today with a high of 60. here's the problem. we just don't have any moisture to work with so up in the
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sierra, not much snow around here obviously little or zero rainfall but there's a change coming. first up, as the one that doesn't involve rainfall there's plenty of rainfall for seattle and portland perhaps as far south as medford oregon where the rain will stop but notice the cloud cover will stretching farther south. you may have seen clouds to the north before sunset. that cloud cover will put a blanket over us overnight tonight. you will start off cloudy with minimal such. cloudier for you tomorrow. but the overall weather pattern is the same. cold on the other side of the sierra, rain to the north blocking everything. but next week the ridge moves just far enough to the south that the next front that moves in which will be toward the middle of next week may bring that rain-no rain line down to the bay area. so keep your fingers crossed for a rain chance coming up
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next week. saturday chilly and dry. concord high tomorrow 62 only 2 degrees below average so this is where we should be. we have just been spoiled with warmer weather recently. san jose and mountain view hitting 63. san rafael 63. santa rosa 62. san francisco 61 tomorrow. you want the sunnier day over the weekend, make outdoor plans for sunday. not warmer but sunnier. here comes the front and we have a rain chance on wednesday. could be the first measurable rainfall we see in san francisco in by then 5 plus 55, 60 days. that's crazy. >> here's hoping. >> it's not the wettest time of the year but usually we get something. skiers want some snow. >> good. thank you. still ahead, bart contract switch. making another strike a possibility. we ask, how could something like this happen? >> there were all these people around her and nobody stopped it. >> she says her daughter has been bullied for months at a
6:20 pm
bay area school. what she says is just as disturbing. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by: mazda. ,,,,,,,,
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east bay high school. students at dougherty valley t and posted it an apparent case of bullying resulted in a fight yesterday at an east bay high school. students at dougherty valley recorded it and posted it online. the mother of the alleged victim found it and as she told our ryan takeo, she wants answers. reporter: high schoolers in san ramon caught this fight yesterday on their cell phones. this 15-year-old girl says a group of other girls jumped her. >> and i couldn't do anything about it. [ crying ] >> she pulled my hurt that hurt the most and the fact that there were so many people around but it didn't stop it. >> reporter: witnesses posted the video online. that's where the girl's mother saw it. >> there were all these people around her and nobody stopped it. it's a horrible thing. it's a horrible thing watching somebody that you love have something like that happen and
6:23 pm
then add to it that it was being passed around with laughter. >> reporter: kate believes her daughter has been bullied for months and claims that leaders at dougherty valley high school didn't do enough to stop it. she says the rift started when her daughter tried to stop the girls from encouraging others to smoke pot. >> there are children unsafe at school and they are not doing anything about it. >> this conflict between these girls has been on the school's radar. >> reporter: a school district spokesman says the district has tried to step in. he says leaders have held conflict resolutions sessions with the girls since september. either way, the district will investigate. if there was any bullying involved. >> we're looking at the video certainly. the fight and everything that kind of was within that context of that particular set of events. and then also what led up to it. it was disturbing, i'll have to admit. it was disturbing. >> reporter: it was not just those involved in the fight that will face consequences after the investigation. a source with the school
6:24 pm
district told me that those who videotaped it and spread the fight online will be in trouble too. in san ramon, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> so far, the school has not suspended any of the students. the school is investigating. we wanted to step in and do something for the typhoon victims in the philippines so yesterday we held a telethon and thanks to you, we brought in $410,000 to give to the red cross. if you missed the phone lines, you can still donate at coming up in our next half hour, the day after bart admits to a multi-million dollar mistake. we ask, could this lead to another strike? and how could such a serious contract glitch happen? >> how california farmers are caught in the middle of an escalating water war. >> look for a job in sales. >> and how an online presence just might land you the job of
6:25 pm
your dreams. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to haunt bart. and everyone who rides it. it was almost a done deal. now at 6:30, the multi- million dollar mistake that has
6:28 pm
come back to haunt us all including bart and everyone who rides on it. it was almost a done deal. bart and its unions agreed on a contract. but it turns out there's a major glitch that was overlooked. our da lin is right outside an emergency bart board of directors meeting tonight that's been going on for hours. >> reporter: yeah, ken. those bart directors are meeting here right now to talk about ways to fix what they are calling the contract glitch. well, here it is. this is part of that tentative agreement. but union officials are saying you can't go back on a signed agreement. it's there is no light at the end of the tunnel for bart workers and management. >> i think it's outrageous. >> i am stunned by this new information. >> reporter: stunned over the contract clause which would give workers six weeks of paid family leave. bart management said it should have never been in the tentative agreement. they just discovered it. >> the board is the final party
6:29 pm
to sign it and we have not signed it so it is not a contract. rob they say six weeks of paid family leave would cause millions. for that reason, bart director gail murray plans to change her original position and vote no on the agreement. >> it's going to be very, very costly to keep this clause in and i don't see how we can. >> it's very disappointing that the district would take this staps when they have a signed agreement. >> reporter: bart workers were frustrated. they say both sides signed it and bart needs to follow it. >> i encourage you to do your duty not only to the riding public but to the members that work here every day and pass the contract. >> reporter: a failed passage could mean another strike. >> i don't want it to go on strike. >> i'm so angry at both sides. >> reporter: a board meeting is scheduled for next thursday so
6:30 pm
those bart directors can vote on that tentative agreement. right now, the passage of that agreement is not looking very strong. live here in oakland, i'm da redskin kpix 5. >> bart officials don't know how that mistake got in the agreement. they say the focus now is on correcting it, not casting blame. 25 million californians and the state's big farmers rely on freshwater from the delta where the water is pumped out of this station feeding into twin canals to meet the southland water demands but the delta has been stretching to the breaking point. kpix 5's linda yee reports, the proposed fix has only fueled the battle over water rights. reporter: the farms have been growing fruit in the delta for 6 generations going back to the gold rush days. they are one of dozens of family-owned farms that harvest grapes, corn, asparagus, or tomatoes on more than 500 acres
6:31 pm
of fertile soil fed by the delta's freshwaters. but the decades long war for water rights between the delta and the central valley farms farther south is coming to a head and doug hemly says it could wipe them out. >> they are taking one of the ranches we farm. >> reporter: their farm is on the path of the state proposed $25 billion project known as the bay delta conservation plan. it will modernize the way water is diverted south to the central valley to irrigate farms there and for drinking water for southern california. two 35-mile-long tunnels each 40 feet in diameter will be built under the river, a more efficient and reliable way to pump freshwater south. one of the planned 60-acre intake plants sits just south of the hemlies' historic farm home and fruit distribution plant. it's a controversial project the state says will also rebuild fish habitats. but opponents here in the delta
6:32 pm
say it's all a cover for a water grab. taking more water from the family farms for the corporate ones. >> it's the mask for destroying the delta as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: why would they destroy the delta? >> money. it's all about the money. >> reporter: the central valley is california's billion-dollar bread basket. it's where most of the country's produce is grown. >> it's just going to be gone. >> reporter: but this marina owner says the new tunnels will cut off his boat launch and kill recreational fishing and boating in the delta. >> it's just going to drain the sacramento and san joaquin rivers of freshwater. now the saltwater from the ocean in the bay is going to start coming up and intruding into the delta. >> reporter: and that worries the mcclearys. they bought their retirement home in discovery bay so they can sail or water ski. but not in what they believe will be contaminated waters. >> people start seeing the boating mecca that it's always been we'll lose your economic basis. if our backyards get polluted, we are going to lose our home values.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: that's after enduring a decade of construction along the levees. >> 10 years of mud piles and diversion an bad water. >> construction from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. >> reporter: the state tried to calm fears. they promise minimal impact and compensation to farmers and homeowners who lost acreage and they emphasize the project will fix wildlife habitats for migratory birds like the sand hill cranes who roost in the delta islands. hundreds of years of an antiquated water delivery system has destroyed marshland. but delta folks are not buying any of it. >> this isn't about conserving the delta, this is not about water to southern california. >> what the plan needs to do. >> reporter: the project manager. not everybody is going to be happy with the final plan. is that safe to say? >> i think that's safe to say. >> it's a water grab. whoever puts their straw in the farthest upstream gets the
6:34 pm
water. >> reporter: delta folks can say the real intention of the new tunnels is to eventually send more water to agribusiness in the central valley and a private water bank where they store excess water to sell later. more on that tonight at 11 p.m. linda yee, kpix 5. they usedded to set you apart in the job market but quickly becoming a necessity. coming up in consumerwatch, how to use personal websites to get a job and the quick and easy way to create one for free. [ applause ] >> from one crime fighter to another, let me say thank you, batkid! >> and the best moments of batkid saving the day. move the? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh.
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. more than a resume. on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us what every j applicant should have to coe job hunters these days need more than a resume'. on our consumerwatch, julie
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watts shows us what every job applicant should have to compete in today's market. >> reporter: jim kelly has plenty of experience. what the job hunter doesn't have a personal website. >> when you are looking for work, there are two critical factors key to your success, visibilities and credibility. by having an online presence with your own website that helps you build both. >> reporter: this career coach and author says while personal websites used to set a part from other job seekers they are becoming a necessity to stay relevant. and you no longer need to be a techie to create one. there are three popular software to build one. simply having a personal website isn't enough. you need to know how to use it. >> recruiters are going to turn to the internet to find you and they are going to plug in certain words so keywords are critical. >> reporter: she suggests incorporating keywords relevant to your field, like industry
6:38 pm
lingo and skills. >> leadership, focus, motivator. >> reporter: and don't be afraid to steal them from the linkedin profiles and web pages that people currently are in the position you want. >> you want to present a unified brand. >> reporter: she also says keep your image consistent from your linkedin profile to your resume' to your site. >> looks like you can update what's new in your life. >> reporter: and keep it simple. presenting a warm but professional image about conservative color and font. >> i don't like the graphics. >> reporter: after testing all three web building sites taking eileen's coaching into consideration, jim has decided tumblr is not for him. >> almost looks more like a kid's website. >> reporter: while tumblr is easy to use it comes with advertisements and doesn't present the image jim is shooting for. word press, on the other hand, customizable and offers hundreds of themes and designs but more complicated to set up. >> so i think it's kind of defeating the purpose of being able for me to update my own website to put my own content on there if i have to constantly have help. >> reporter: jim has decided to go with the lesser known of the
6:39 pm
three. >> we believe very intotive, i like the graphics. it looks professional. >> reporter: that's something this sales professional hopes will land him that dream job. julie watts, kpix 5. >> all three of those website builders are free and for their links go to and click on "links and numbers." get cracking. commercial crash fishing season is under way in the san francisco bay. the mad dash for dungeness began at midnight. experts say crab populations appear to be strong coming off another record setting year. no crabs can be taken from san francisco bay or san pablo bay, which are crab nursery areas. well, it was a scary day today! but san francisco is safe tonight. and we can all thank the batkid. tonight, highlights of his crime-fighting heroics. >> what an awesome young man. awesome weather outside today mainly sunny skies brisk highs in the low 60s in gotham city. that's a live look at the golden gate bridge which is fog-
6:40 pm
free. we have a weekend to talk about and a rain chance coming. we'll tackle both next. >> straight ahead, the sports world weighing in on batkid! >> this being the weary world. >> terrelle pryor will he play sunday? >> and american female pro skier turning heads on and off the slopes. and it's not lindsey vonn. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's one more look at howe put on a suit - and turned [ batman music ] >> no doubt the batkid is probably exhausted probably laying down in the car right now on the way home after saving gotham city. >> here's one more look at how he put on a suit and turned into our hero. >> batkid, batkid, batkid! yeah! [ applause and cheers ] whoo! (((weather))) (((weather))) >> batkid, save me! >> i like batman a lot and it's
6:44 pm
really cool how he could be batman. >> who tricked the riddler! >> having almost all of the city here, that's pretty cool for him. >> whoo! >> when i was 15, i had leukemia and i got a make a wish so i absolutely will to come out here and show my support for batkid. >> batkid, batkid, whoo! ♪[ music ] [ theme from "batman" ] ♪[ music ] >> wha, wha, i've got the mask on! ♪ batman, batman, batman >> he saved the whole city and
6:45 pm
we're so thankful for him! >> it is my pleasure today to present to you the key to gotham city by the bay! [ applause and cheers ] ♪[ music ] >> wow! >> amazing! >> tell you one thing, the kid's got halloween covered for a while. >> yeah. >> that bat costume might come off like next tuesday. >> absolutely! >> what a strong kid, man. what a great story. thank you to batkid for saving us in more ways than one. great day today around the city and great weather to go with t we had sunshine highs in the 60s, live look over san jose. good evening to you. heading up on a weekend here in the south bay it will be a little cloudier for you when wake up tomorrow but sunshine returns by sunday. the golden gate bridge current temperatures popping up right now. your friday evening is a chilly
6:46 pm
one. gotham city 54 degrees right now. san jose 56. you're coming in at 55 in santa rosa. oakland at 65. and livermore 57 degrees. so we are rapidly cooling down. now, the one thing that's been the constant has been the lack of rainfall. but temperatures haven't. we really warmed up in the middle of the week. san jose got to 74. then you came crashing down yesterday and stayed chilly today. 10-degree drop this week. now that we're chilly we're going to stay chilly. i don't see one day that i would characterize as warm coming up over the next several. as a matter of fact, it's going to be cold tonight. the opposite. santa rosa down to 39. napa 39. concord dropping down to 44. fairfield, vacaville, 43. san rafael 44 degrees. so two things. two different fronts to talk about. now, we're going to get glancing blows with both because we have the ridge of high pressure that's been with us for a while taking the meat out of the fronts. but the first one will give us cloud cover. rain stays to our north but notice the cloud cover spilling over northern california northwestern nevada heading towards us. you may have seen it before sunset. we will have a blanket of cloud
6:47 pm
cover over top of us and you will start off saturday cloudy. sunshine in the afternoon. high pressure keeps the rain to the north and cold air will envelope about 90% of the lower 48 but not us. we'll be chilly but not cold. now we are looking at next week where our high pressure dome moves us farther away opening up the door for another front to move in. and this one will clip us with some rainfall. the rain will make it down to the bay area especially in the north bay because you're closer to the actual low. but as that high pressure area moves south, we actually have a rain chance to talk about coming up next wednesday. so still several days away but at least we have one rain chance out there. staying cool for a while. temperatures are down, they're staying down. the rain though this weekend will miss us to the north. that rain chance for us will be next wednesday. saturday, sunny in the afternoon, cloudy start, temperatures pretty close to average. san jose 63. sunnyvale 62. union city hayward fremont 61. pacifica coming in at 60 tomorrow. 62 pleasant hill. pleasanton 63. pittsburg 61. this time of year we don't get
6:48 pm
a big temperature spread. we won't have one tomorrow. richmond 61. rohnert park 61. sonoma 63. toward clearlake highs around 60 in st. helena 63 degrees. so sunny sunday, mid-60s. monday sunny mid-60s. cloudier tuesday. here comes the rain chance not amounting to much but we need to start somewhere and that somewhere may be next wednesday. we clear out next thursday and friday. that is your kpix 5 forecast. sports is next. ,,
6:49 pm
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the citizens of gotham back again. and you know, it was quite a day in the city. >> i'm just -- i'm almost spent. i'm just relieved that batkid could step in and do something about gotham city. >> yeah. >> well -- >> i -- >> see if you can do something about the 49ers. >> i'll try. i'll try. [ laughter ] >> citizens of gotham city, i'm trying to contain myself. as you saw at the top of this newscast, batkid became a hero to the citizens of gotham city. fans, politicians, the president even the football world noticed. takes a lot to have 49ers head coach jim harbaugh in awe. ♪[ music ] >> just saw it last night on
6:52 pm
the news and just think it's wonderful, wonderful. great tore that youngster and great for the city of san francisco for all reasons. you know, it's -- excited to read about it. saving lives for the day. love it, so good. so good. good deed in a weary world. it's a good thing. >> the 49ers are going to try to get after saints quarterback drew brees without defensive tackle ray mcdonald this sunday in new orleans. mcdonald suffered a high ankle sprain in last sunday's loss to the panthers. and tune in tomorrow night, you citizens of gotham city! for the "49er preview" show, with dennis o'donnell, jeremy newberry, kevin lynch and your old boy uncle vern here hanging out with 49er linebacker and fellow virginian ahmad brooks. the raiders have listed quarterback terrelle pryor as questionable for this sunday's
6:53 pm
game at the texans. got a knee injury. the coach said pryor seemed worse in practice today than yesterday. you can catch the raiders and texans sunday morning at 10 a.m. right here on kpix 5. warriors and western conference power oklahoma city thunder went toe to toe last night in a game that saw 16 lead changes. came down to the last shot. >> gets the ball here we go thompson waiting, waiting, throws to iguodala, takes a corner -- got it! at the horn, ballgame over! >> yeah, down one with two seconds left the new andre iguodala off the inbound play nailed the classic fadeaway jumper. kobe bryant style. gold instate 115-116 victory. >> i was talking to coach meyers about the atmosphere in the arena. it doesn't even feel like a basketball game. it feels like a show, like a concert or something like --
6:54 pm
the energy. you know, crazy playing in there. >> you began to establish a belief that you belong and you believe that no matter who you're facing, you should win. grace in blue with [ non- english language ] romania and he is happy about it, folks. grace looking to punch their ticket to the world cup in brazil win 3-1 and have a two- goal push-in in the last qualifier for a spot in the cup. from relative obscurity to stardom in one year, we have seen it before, insert colin kaepernick here. here comes another whose star is rising while she is going downhill on the big screen. at age 24, sierra is hardly skating by. model, yoga master, acting role in the ski film "valhalla" but
6:55 pm
her bread and butter, her prime vocation, her passion, is professional skiing. she has endorsement deals with several sponsors. rather than being the next lindsey vonn, filled with giant slalom racing, sierra has held on to her free spirit style which is now captured on the grandest ski display on the big screen, the newly released warren miller ski film ticket to ride. >> to end up here, i couldn't help but have a moment on top of that mountain. >> i remember just sitting in the seat looking up at the screen thinking, man, one day i'm going to be one of those girls in a warren miller film. i totally did. >> reporter: a year or so ago the park city, utah, native was in a dead end job at a crossroads. >> i might as well make a career out of skiing. >> reporter: her ability and character caught the eye of
6:56 pm
producers of valhalla then her career ignited faster than she could skate. when the producers of the warren miller project came calling her career really took off. so did her traditional ski clothes in the movie. was that you in the pink bikini? >> yeah. >> chilly, wasn't it? >> we went in the spring. i seized the moment, had a amazing 4,000-foot line in a hot tank '80s bikini. >> reporter: iceland that? probably not too many brothers in iceland. just a guess. >> you might be on to something there. [ laughter ] >> she saw that one coming. catch sierra without the pink bikini about an hour from now. she is going to be at a premiere at the castro theater at 8:00 and there are screenings of this new warren miller film all over the bay area, san rafael, pleasanton, santa cruz, redwood city. guys, this is the 64th warren
6:57 pm
miller film. >> yeah. >> you get a call for something of that, that's a big time. >> you have been thrown off bulls. you've done some other crazy -- jumped out of airplanes. ever go downhill skiing like that. >> in a bikini? >> yes. >> not in a bikini. let me add that to the list. >> i think that needs to be the next thing. >> in iceland. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> no. terrific kid. really. >> hard job you have. >> yeah. [ applause and cheers ] >> somebody has to do it. >> not complaining. [ applause and cheers ] >> there's our hero for the day right there, the batkid. and the city owes him a great debt! thank you, batkid! thank you, make-a-wish foundation. >> batkid, batkid, batkid! >> stay safe, gotham. see you at 11:00. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
6:58 pm
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