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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  November 16, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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th ough a long awaited road construction project opens for the first time this morning. the first vehicle that will go to the new tunnel. and so much for senses between bart and its transit workers. a mistake and a contract agreement could put the labor dispute to square one. a bad day for the whole city that seems to stop. the experience of a lifetime as they will as they will happen in the bay area. thanks for joining us, i'm mark kelly. >> it's a chilly start in somestarts right now.
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44 degrees. we'll have a full look at your weekend forecast in a few minutes. new this morning, the tunnel has just opened. the tunnel is running between oakland, opening up at 4:20 this morning. well the chp planned to lead the first cars through the first bore, but two cars raced past the official opening prompting a bit of a chase there. the $417 million project makes it unnecessary for cal tran to keep changing the direction of traffic through the second time during the peak commute hours. >> we'll see a huge affect in the offpeak direction. people coming from the oakland side to the other in the morning as they will experience for the first time, two opened up for them. which should hopefully keep the offbeat direction moving faster. similarly in the afternoon we're going to see a huge reduction in the normal offpeak build up back here on the other side.
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>> and as planned, drivers are heading eastbound on weekday mornings that will shave at least five minutes off their trip. and westbound drivers in the afternoon, they will save eight to ten minutes. >> do you see me rolling my eyes right now? when they thought that it was over. another turn of events that could lead to yet another transit strike. but they are trying to sort this all out right now. as they would ratify a new contract agreement. when it was reviewed before the board's scheduled vote that there was a problem with the clause over the paid family leave for the bart workers. bart management insists it was a mistake that it shouldn't have been in the final contract. unions say that both sides signed off and they should ultimately approve it. >> it is very disappointing that they would take the stance and they know that they would have a signed agreement. >> it is going to be very costly to keep this cause in. and i don't see how we can. >> meanwhile the bart board, they will plan to appoint a new chief negotiator. >> a disturbing image caught by
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google's street view, they are now floating around online and it's haunting one bay area family. and this aerial shot of the avenue in richmond was captured by google back in 2009. but look closely as you can clearly see the crime scene with police cars, the officer, even the body. that's the 14-year-old as he was found shot to death the very day that google was shooting photos in the area. his father wants the images removed. >> i don't want to see the pictures. it brings me back, you know, that hurt me a lot. >> it remains unsolved. the family says he was walking in his neighborhood and called a friend on his cell phone to tell him that someone was following him. he was found dead the next day. when we reached out to google about the images, they have yet to respond. the flare up bit historical refinery in concord is being investigated by the air quality management district. yesterday's incident prompted a
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health advisory. first they had a power outage in the morning, which lead to a burn off. and that lasted about 30 minutes, creating a black plume over the area. a warning to people because of the smoke, which created. >> some tense moments for planes out of san jose. and american airlines flight, that they had just taken off for dallas fort worth yesterday morning when a bird got sucked in to one of the plane's engines. the pilot was able to turn around and land. all the passengers were okay as they were put on other planes. an officer is being treated for serious injuries after being hit by a car. well it happened near downtown at north 4th and empire streets around 11:30 yesterday morning. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators. drugs and alcohol had been rolled -- ruled out. the state and insurance commissions and the health insurers and congress, they're all scrambling right now as they try to adjust to a change
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in the affordable care act. >> president obama met with insurance executives asking them to back up his latest plan. >> reporter: president obama sat down at the white house with his ceos of some of the largest providers. trying to gain support for his plan to allow consumers to keep their canceled policies. >> we want to make sure that americans will have good solid coverage. >> reporter: the house republicans passed their own fixed affordable care act. >> working families across america were counting on this president to keep his promise. >> reporter: the bill sponsored by michigan republican fred upton passed mostly along party lines. it goes further than the president's fix, allowing insurance companies to sell plans to consumers, not previously covered. democrats say that the bill is designed to destroy the federal health care exchanges. >> now they're trying to do so with a trojan horse that they call the upton bill. >> there is not enough time to resubmit the canceled policies
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before the affordable care act on december 15's deadline. >> a logistical nightmare. politically the president is doing nothing more than throwing the hot potato over the cancellation. >> the health officials from both washington state and arkansas have said they will not allow health care providers to offer canceled plans to consumers. for cbs news, the white house. >> a total of 39 house democrats broke ranks with the white house and voted for the bill to allow consumers to keep their current health care plans. the state branch of the affordable care act will be on hand today to answer their question about health care reform. it's a part of the activity wellness and lifestyle expo running from 11:00 this morning to 4:00 this afternoon in the convention center. >> the u.s. government has been quietly offering bounties for attackers who took part in the attack on the u.s. diplomatic
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compound in libya. >> they have put up nearly $10 million in reward money sent to january as they are looking for information leading to the new arrest of any person involved in last year's attack. the ambassador and three other americans died in that attack as they became public after the state department sent a letter to lawmakers about it yesterday. >> the number of lives lost is becoming clearer. they named it after 3,633 people are confirmed dead. another 1,100 people are considered missing. they were injured in the massive storm and the united states has more than doubled their estimate of homeless to nearly two million. much-needed supplies are heading into the ravaged area from san diego. and that will be a medical shift for them and possible deployment. >> and stretching nearly 900
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feet. the u.s. dealership mercy is one of the largest hospitals in the country. it is clearly on standby. they could set sail for the philippines as early as sunday with more than 1,000 palettes of food and medicine for the victims of typhoon haiyan. the commander is in charge of supplies. >> and how many people does it take to get them ready? >> literally hundreds of people, they're working through right now to prepare the ships to get underway in five days. >> they would help stock them last year for the humanitarian mission to southeast asia. they treated as many as 300 patients a day. and they could help some of the 12,000 injured in the philippines. the ship could hold a medical staff of about 1,200 people from vincent to surgeon. they need to determine what thebests -- they need to determine what the philippines really need before they send the best. 6700 other -- 600 other u.s. troops are also on the
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background providing aid. at least 1,000 more are on the way. >> the biggest obstacle is time. this is nothing short of an olympic sprint. >> if deployed, they could dock off the coast of the philippines and as early as mid- december. for cbs news, san diego. >> and now kpix 5 and our radio partners held a telethon. thanks to you we have brought in $410,000. if you missed the phone lines you can still give if you are willing. dry autumn weather in the bay area means little to no snow in the sierra. the cause for concern for the tahoe area ski resorts. and the make a wish foundation truly out does itself for a little boy fulfilling the dream of being a super hero. the same weather pattern that we've been stuck with.
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now eight consecutive weeks, showing signs of changing. find out when rain will return to the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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they took 400- d gasoline from th thieves struck the second food bank. but they weren't after food as they took $400 worth of gasoline from the delivery trucks parked at the bay street facility. the non-profit says the total loss amounts to $17,000, which includes damage to the trucks and the tow. they say that's enough money for 34,000 meals. that's too bad. some ski resorts -- >> i think that i will take it. >> they are set to open next week, but there's one big problem, hardly any snow there. >> as rob mccallister reports, resorts are producing artificial snow, but it may not be enough. >> reporter: however there are not a lot of options for those hitting the slopes. there may not be much snow on the ground, but the snowboarders don't mind at all.
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>> basically, you can see the snow a lot and i wanted to get the first ski for the season. >> reporter: it's mid-november and this year the snow did not come early. they made much of their own. >> we had a lot of our business in the early season. it's getting people on the snow this time of the year. >> they need to make it each night. the mountain is still there. it is just fine as they need to get them on the slopes. >> i love doing it so much as it is my passion. i had to come out here. >> reporter: they are all waiting until thanksgiving to turn on the list. the slow start does not concern them. >> and while the lives may be empty now, they hope within a months time that they will be ramping up. >> the ski resorts say the advancements in snow making equipment is costing them less to fill the slopes than in years past. so over here closer to sea level we are still awaiting
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rain. >> here is paul with your forecast. >> the number of the morning is 55. we have had 55 consecutive days officially in downtown san francisco without a drop of rainfall. no measurable rain coming up in six weeks, but that's showing a sign of changing. now over the past eight weeks, we should have had two and a half inches of rainfall. but you'll see it coming up. only one chance coming up in the next seventy -- seven days. a high of only 76 degrees. pretty chilly up in napa. mainly sunny skies return on sunday. and a high of 66. the reason why we're cooler than normal because the flow of air is becoming to come out of the north. we're drawing more fall and a taste of winter. but the low pressure areas have been missing us. not giving us any rainfall. there's a song front moving on
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through. for western washington and oregon, but none of it for us. we'll be shoving it up. that will continue. the cold air stays east of the sierras. next week the ridge of high pressure will sag down to the east. opening up the doors for the next front to move through to make it down to the bay area. we'll see a chance of showers coming up on tuesday. but something to look forward to. this weekend will be a near miss. but next week, tuesday, there will be a rain chance moving in. 5 degrees below normal for san jose. 53 degrees with the the afternoon sunshine. also the lower 60s. 61 in the city today. berkeley, you'll top out at 68 degrees. here is your extended forecast. a little sunnier, a couple degrees milder on sunday. monday will be pleasant as you head back to work. kids go back to school on tuesday. that's your rain chance as that
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is pretty much it. builds back in on next wednesday and thursday. that's your kpix 5 forecast. evil villains stood no chance against the batkid in san francisco at gotham city yesterday. there he is, 5-year-old miles scott as batkid. finally as you can see there, he even took on the penguin who captured the giants mascot. even got praise from the president. >> way to go miles. way to save gotham. >> this is closure for us. he finished treatment in june. it's been a long three years for us. and this is one way to kick it off. >> the entire day was a wish come true for miles. he's been battling cancer for most of his life, but he is now
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in remission. the make a wish foundation along with the mayor, police chief, and the thousands of volunteers made miles' dreams come alive. it was just amazing. no one knew how big this thing was going to blow up and it took off on social media. >> people were tweeting, talking about it worldwide. >> something that the child will never forget. >> it was just something that we could all embrace as it was good news to talk about for once. >> exactly. >> good news. very good. >> and they score! >> the sharks seem to be getting the magic back. highlights coming up next. we'll be right back. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what?
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up. the investor now owns nearly 3-point-9 million shares of company. that's worth around two billi billionaire -- billion dollar company apple has a big share of $2 billion. they are gaining ownership for leverage and wage influence over apple. the iphone maker shares are under value. the san jose sharks continue to be on a roll. >> yes, they played the oilers. good for a 1-0 lead. minutes later a precision pass by joe thornton. and it is 2-0. scoring caps off in the second period as sharks win 3-1 for their third straight victory. college football today and
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tonight, all the local teams are on the road. san jose state at nevada. stanford at usc and california at colorado. warriors are at home hosting the u.s. jazz in oakland. for job hunters these days need a lot more than just a resume. >> yes, julie shows us what every job applicant should have to compete in today's market. >> look for a job in sales. >> reporter: jim kelly has plenty of experience with the job hunter doesn't have is a personal website. >> when you are looking for work, there are two critical factors that are key to your success. visibility and credibility. and by having an online presence with your own website, that helps you build both. >> reporter: clear coach and author says that while personal websites use to set you apart from the other job seekers, they're quickly becoming a necessity to stay relevant. >> that's a big uploaded photo. >> reporter: you no longer need to create one. they are testing out one of the
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three popular tumblrs. but eileen says simply having a personal website isn't enough. you need to know how to use it. >> recruiters are going to turn to the internet to find you and they're going to plug in certain words. key words are critical. >> she is suggesting incorporating key words. >> leadership, focus, motivator. >> reporter: and don't be afraid to steal them from the linkedin profile that people are currently in the position that you want. >> you want to present a unified brand. >> keep your image consistent. from your profile to your resume and your site. >> and you can update this right here. >> reporter: and keep it simple. presenting a warm, but processional image with conservative color in font. >> i don't like the graphics. >> reporter: after testing all three web building sites, taking the coaching into consideration, they decided that tumblr is not for him. >> it looks more like a kid's website. >> while it's easy to use, it comes with advertisements and doesn't present the image shtin
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word press on the other hand is completely customizable offering hundreds of things in designs, but it's a bit more complicated to set up. >> i think that it is kind of defeating the purpose of being able for me to update my own website and put my own content on there if i have to constantly have help. >> reporter: he decided to go with the lesser of the three. >> i like the graphics, it looks more like a professional website. >> that's something this sales professional hopes will land him that dream job. julie watts, kpix 5. >> all three website builders are for. for their links go to and click on links and numbers. a vital passage between halloween and thanksgiving. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the fourth bore of the caldt for business. t here is a look at this morning's top stories. >> the tunnel is now open for business. the project opened up ahead of schedule this morning at about 4:20. drivers going in reverse could move in directions between oakland and they are likely to see the biggest improvements in their daily travel time. a glitch in a contract agreement that could send bay area transit workers back on strike.
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unions representing the bart workers ratified the deal. but when it was reviewed before the bart scheduled vote, there was a big problem at the clause over the paid family leave. bart insists that it was a mistake and the board wants to renegotiate it. >> and our hero, the batkid saving gotham city as thousands looked on yesterday. 5-year-old miles took on the evil riddler of the penguins. and the big wish of becoming a super hero while battling cancer over the past three years. he's unlimited right now. turning san francisco into gotham and making miles our savior was all made possible by the make a wish foundation. what a day it was. and by social media as they took off. people were talking about this worldwide. >> absolutely. >> this is something that make a wish has done in other cities. but you know, we have never seen it to this kind of scale. >> they'll be planning this in march with a couple hundred volunteers as it turns out that we have thousands and thousands. i have not even heard a final count. but somewhere beyond 13,000
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people that were involved in that magical day in san francisco. all right, our extended weather forecast. check out your seven-day forecast. expecting sunny and mild temperatures throughout the weekend. >> temperatures will reach the mid-60s today, sunday, and monday with a chance of rain on tuesday. and then the high r they will build back in on wednesday, thursday, and friday. well we know about smashing pumpkins, but this time of the year, it is for chucking pumpkin. >> it's a big deal, enough for us to have a pumpkin chucking day. >> that's right. >> world championship. the goal is to throw them as far as you can by any means. >> and the winner, text students from kansas as they made a machine launching a pumpkin more than 2,400 feet. and that is a new world record. >> something to be proud of. >> thanks for joining us this morning. our next newscast on kpix 5 at 5:30. we'll be back here. and phil will be with us tomorrow morning at 7:30. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,
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