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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  November 16, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> this is kpix 5 news. >> bart wants to go back to the bargaining table after a mistake in the contract with the union. so the unions are balking at the idea accusing bart of
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backing out. good evening. here we go again. commuters are faced with a possibility of a third bart strike this year, and just in time for the holidays. no one is sure what will happen next. >> supposed to have a bart strike every time i turn around and they've got the best benefits in the cord already. >> reporter: after two strikes and the accidental deaths of two workers they reached an agreement on two contracts. now a contract for paid family medical leave that bart is calling a glitch is good to send the two sides back to the bargaining table raising once again the possibility of another strike. >> we have never spoken the word strike. it has always come from the district. our members were pushed into a strike july 1st and october 18th. >> are you being pushed now? >> no. because we expect to get a deal. we find an agreement. we have an agreement. >> reporter: but bart's board of directors say a review of events leading up to the family
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leave provision shows it was never the board's intention to include it in the contract. the board ordered general manager to go back and reopen negotiations with the unions. >> i believe this has turned what i view as a bad contract and since made it worse. no matter what, now the union has leverage to demand more. and so the cost of the contract is inevitably going to go up. >> bart board president says the board is not comfortable with the potential cost of family leave, saying it could reach $10 million a year, more than $40 million over the life of the contract. the union disagrees. >> for the next three days, we are talking, looking at our options legally and with sciu so we will be meeting to confer with our entire negotiating team to see where we go from here. >> reporter: at this point it looks like a standoff with the union saying we've got our deal and bart management saying it doesn't count because there's a clerical error. >> if negotiations do resume, bart will have a new chief
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negotiator. the board revealed last night that thomas hawk is no longer with the district. better chance for news. this is a live look at how traffic is flowing just outside the new bore of the caldecott tunnel that opened just before dawn this morning. traffic is moving right along and has been all day. kpix 5's mark kelly tells us most drivers like what they see. >> reporter: with two brand new lanes through the caldecott tunnel, there's a lot more room on the road. lunchtime saturday, not a single bottleneck. smooth sailing for regular tunnel goers like joseph campton. >> morning, smooth ride in, you know, going through the city and smooth ride on the way back. >> did very well. i think they did very well. >> reporter: officials aren't too shy patting themselves on the back either. 160,000 drivers every day can now expect a quicker ride through the mountain. plus, the 417 million dollar
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project is done early and under budget. >> great accomplishment to come millions of dollars under budget. >> the state of california and i'm proud to say the federal government, too, working together to get a great project done. >> reporter: but not everyone is overly impressed. some say we've lowered our expectations with these massive projects. >> i think we've seen so many fiascos with respect to, you know, these public infrastructure projects that we're shocked when it's done on time and on cost. >> reporter: the largest chug of money to build the bore is is federal dollars along with local taxes and dollars. but when a project is done under budget, it's not the price tag that gets people talking. for this tunnel, it's the design. >> it looks kind of like a spaceship at first. >> the lighting is great. like hello, when you pull in,
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hello. but yes, it's nice. it's nice. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> take a look at this. we showed you cars earlier going through the tunnel. they weren't technically the first, because two cars actually slipped past the escort before the official opening. the cops went after them with lights and sirens but they vanished out the other side. the santa clara sheriff's office is investigating what led to deputies shooting and killing a woman overnight near san jose. investigators say three deputies arrived at a triplex on cleveland avenue near san carlos avenue about 12:15 a.m. the woman threatened them with a knife, they say and that's when at least one of the deputies shot her. witnesses reported hearing a lot of yelling and swearing before the unfire. >> after one minute, you hear boom, boom, boom. then i awake. then i tell my husband, i wake him up, say, did you hear gunshots? >> investigators have not released the name of the woman who was killed. a fund-raiser held today by
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a major health care union for typhoon victims in the philippines. members of sciu were on hand to collect donations in daly city. the biggest need is for money and medical supplies. the group also plans to send medical workers from the bay area to help. teresa domingo is a nurse who hopes to go. she has family in hard hit tack hit tacloban: people who attended the fund-raiser were always able to search online. even before the fund-raiser union members plengd $100,000 to relief efforts. the phenomenon that was batkid went well beyond the streets of san francisco yesterday. 5-year-old miles' dream of becoming a super hero came true as you saw. his exploits lit up social
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media. it's estimated that were 78,000 tweets about miles playing a younger version of the dark knight. even the president and another high-ranking politicians got in on the action tweeting their support as batkid saved goth that many city. the weather -- gotham city. high winds caused hard conditions on the water. many decided not to venture out to drop crab tracks. a weather buoy is disabled making it even more dangerous for crab fishermen. the conditions are expected to improve over the weekend. honoring bay area veterans. the newest wall dedicated today to those from the peninsula. pomp and ceremony for an aircraft kerryyer that caused the bay area home, the uss hornet on its 70th an very tarry. quiet and pleasant weather over the next couple of dayswith a weak high pressure system moving in. cool temperatures overnight
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dedication ceremony for a wl honoring men and women from foster city who have servedn forces. the wall >> honored its veterans today. the town held a dedication ceremony for a wall honoring men and women from foster city who served in the armed forces. the wall currently holds the name of 28 veterans and any veteran who is a current or former resident or employee is eligible to be listed on the wall. another veteran was honored today in alameda. the uss hornet served honorably in world war ii and other conflicts. it's celebrating a milestone birthday. >> reporter: aboard the uss hornet today, veterans and civilians alike celebrated the vessel's 70th anniversary. >> the ship is very historic in itself. it was commissioned in 1943. served throughout the end of world war ii. was decommissioned in 1970. >> reporter: at one point the ship was going to be scrapped, but the hornet survived and it became a museum in 1998. on top, the runway is home to
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planes of yesteryear. at one point the ship was like a small city. >> we would have been well over 3,000. it was also a recovery ship for apollo 11 and 12 lunar missions. >> reporter: this is the quarantine facility for apollo 14. people thought they might have brought back a moon germ. that wasn't the case. >> it brings back lots of memories. >> reporter: dennis cody lived on the hornet for a year in the '50s and worked in this engine room. he hasn't been back for almost 56 years. >> incredible to think i was back here when this thing was fully functional. >> reporter: kpix 5 got an improve due tour from -- improve due tour from -- impromptu tour from someone who spent a lot of time calling this home. >> picked up our food right here. it was hot, very hot at times. just unbearable almost. come through here and sit down,
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find a place to sit and eat. and then back down to work. >> reporter: reporting from the uss hornet, patrick, kpix 5. a midwest farmer has a special customer for thanksgiving. how he's getting two of his turkeys ready for a visit to the white house. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arlington national cemetery today to ♪ ♪
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>> buglers gathered to mark the 50th anniversary of president's kennedy's assassination. this version of taps was a little different because the bugler who played it at the funeral missed one of the notes. many viewed it as a reflection of the country's sorrow at the time. [ taps playing ] >> it was with six notes, army bugler keith clark was the only one playing at kennedy's funeral. clark's mistake inspired a 9- year-old boy from ohio to write him a letter. >> i started to play about a month before on that one note, the sixth note, he didn't quite hit it perfectly. and the strongest memory of this whole thing i have, is i remember feeling bad for him. i said, he's got to feel awful.
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because the world is watching him. >> hunter didn't know what to expect, but a month later he got a return letter from clark. clark thanked him for the note and encouraged him to keep practicing and playing the trumpet. tonight, cbs news presents a special edition of 48 hours as it happened, john f. kennedy. bob sheafer takes you inside the four days that changed america and american television history. that's tonight at 9:00 right here on kpix 5. well, some minnesota residents are getting ready for their 15 minutes of fame. john raises turkeys in the town of badger and is head of the national turkey federation. one of his duties is to present the national turkey to the white house. he'll take a couple of these gobblers to meet the president and he's getting them used to the limelight. >> a lot of music in the background, a lot of extra lighting and some flush bulbs flash in his face so he gets used to that.
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>> and the rest of the turkeys become dinner. the president is expected to pardon the turkey. they'll spend the holidays at george washington's home in mt. vernon, virginia. >> they're worried and the turkeys and the laughs. >> got to get them ready to sign autographs for their interviews. >> i can't believe thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away. >> it is. we do have big changes weatherwise. it's starting to feel a little like fall because the temperatures are getting cooler finally and the wet weather is returning. >> we forecast rain in our forecast before the week is through. here's a look at your temperatures out the door. 61 in oakland and 56 degrees in liver more. so checking out your weather headlines, cool morning temperatures on tap. sunshine slightly warmer for tomorrow. a very weak high pressure system building and rain chances to start next week. it looks like tuesday and wednesday. we could get hit with widespread wet weather. >> for tonight, kind after boring couple of days, but weatherwise, a few clouds, cool
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and clear in your inland spots. temperatures in the upper 30s to 40s. it's that weak high pressure system that's keeping us dry for now. through tomorrow and really through monday, it looks like much later into the evening, monday night, maybe right around midnight, we start to see some rain move into parts of the north bay, santa rosa, fairfield and slowly moving south. widespread rain tuesday before finally leaving us by wednesday afternoon. here's your pinpoint forecast lows. mainly in the 40s. we're going to see a few low 50s, maybe in san francisco. 49 in oakland. 44 in concord. clear and cool out in santa rosa. low 39 degrees. for tomorrow, these temperatures will be maybe a degree or two warmer than we thought today. a very pleasant afternoon with lots of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s to upper 60s. here's a look at that forecast over the next several days. dry and relatively mild weather sunday and monday. and then tuesday morning, could be a wet morning commute with the most rain hitting parts of
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the north. but again, this is going to be a widespread rain reaching most of the bay area. very likely at this point, wednesday could be wet as well before finally clearing. then dry skies and even a slight warming trend into next weekend. >> all right. thank you very much. >> sure. some news from the raiders camp. >> yeah, news from the raiders camp. we'll find out in a couple of seconds who's going to be quarterbacking the team. all raider fans are wondering who that will be, i'll have the answer coming up. from the scc a finish that had the dogs howling. miracles, my friends, they do happen. sports is next.
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quarterback terrel >> all right, time now for sports. before the raiders boarded their flight to houston, word came down that quarterback terrelle pryor will not be playing. he is out for tomorrow's game against the texans. prior originally injured his left knee against the eagles two weeks ago. he played through the pain last week in new york and said he had a sprained mcl. starting in his place will be undrafted rookie matt. the 23-year-old from penn state has appeared in only one game this season. darren mcfaddin is also out with a hamstring injury. you can catch the raiders game against the texans tomorrow morning right here on kpix 5. kickoff at 10:00 followed by the fifth quarter. for all of you 9er fans, here you go. tune in right after the news for 49ers preview. dennis o'donnell and jeremy
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newberry look at the 49ers game tomorrow against the saints. cal loses to colorado. cal still winless in the conference and 1-10 overall. colorado's first pack win of the year. georgia up in number 7 auburn with under a minute to go. bulldogs get the sack and one last chance for auburn. >> sam van steps up, going to throw down field. a home run ball. it is picked off. lewis is going to score. lewis is going to score. >> yeah, lewis did score. wow, that is an amazing play, incredible finish. all georgia had to do was knock the ball down but lewis scored on the 73 yard miracle. number 7 auburn survives 43-38. they are now 10-1. ducks first game since sanford plucked them last week, only 3 in the third quarter against utah. anthony thomas waits for the kick. he finds a gap, cuts it up, goes on the outside. look at him go.
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forget about it. 86 yard kickoff return and the ducks go up by 10. you're not going to catch him. they were so mad they lost to stanford, they had to turn it up. how about this. marcus to a wide-open john munt, oregon takes care of utah 44-21. how about florida state? the inside track on the bcs title game had an easy game. whitfield breaks a few tackles and is gone. another guy that can fly. nice lead block down the field and he goes 76 yards right in for the touchdown. florida state all over syracuse. the orange had no answer to the number two team in the country rolls 59-3. all right, college game day set, u sc over stanford. things got a little weird. they crossed swords and his lip is bleeding. 78 years old, you can see it right there. his lip bleeding. not good. all right, let's move on to
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volleyball action for you. pa villain last night for -- pavilion last night for the title game. cardinals took the first two sets. then throwing it down, and to cap off tonight, the championship point serves up the ace. they win the city volleyball championship. they beat balboa in straight sets, all games. time now for saturday's special edition of the top five featuring the best five shots of the week. we'll start with number five, and okc minor league hockey forward goes through the legs and the top shelf a witha water bottle shot. amaze wag these guys can do on skates. that had 100,000 hits on youtube. number four from connecticut. speater swindle, the -- peter swindle, the trick shot field
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goal. booting that one right through. in at number three, 9-year-old kid from germany. we've all got to clap for this. wow, is this kid good. unbelievable what he can do. spins around and gets that one in. look at this again. he just goes right around the defenders. it's like not even fair. great shot right there. had to show you that one. number two, harlem globe trotter leaves it 109 feet, 9 inches and makes the shot setting a new guinness world record. look at it again. and at number one, thompson waiting, waiting, takes the corner, suffers with a win. got it. ballgame over. >> fun to watch that. the buzzer beater to sink the oklahoma city thunder. warriors host the jazz later tonight. we'll have highlights of that game, too. always fun to show a shot like that. >> all right. thank you so much. they always seem to catch you at the worst time. [ phone ringing ] >> i hate that. those robo calls from
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businesses aren't just inconvenient. some are illegal. tonight at 11:00, who is behind the calls plaguing northern california consumers. that's going to do it for us at 6:30. we'll see you back here at 11:00. until then your latest news and weather on have a good night. ,,,, announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. ,,,,
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>> the 49ers rise to the top isn't as easy as the fans, but when you get there, the view is great. nobody expected the panthers to shake things up in the nfc, but carolina's defense is clearly championship caliber. the ball was flying through the air on saturday. unfortunately for colin kaepernick it was through the uprights. >> what you're doing and what you're trying to do and
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listening to somebody's opinion. >> we have plenty of opinions. we'll share them if we break down the saints on 49ers preview next. >> and probably deserved a purple heart after watching the 49ers stagnant offense. the carolina panthers though weren't much better but deangelo williams scored the loan touchdown of the game on a 27 yard run. carolina kicked a field goal to make it 10-9. that was enough against colin kaepernick who could not spark a 49ers offense. he was sacked six times. the panthers improved to 6-3. they returned to the house to sean payton built on sunday. last year because of the suspension, he was gone, but they are rolling. the saints got an nfl record for first downs. darren sproles shows why he's so dangerous, 49-17 was the


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