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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 19, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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[meow] [laughter] audience: aw! aw! w! [laughter] craig: go like this. go like this. go right up -- right up -- right up there. all right. all right. look, look. i will admit the latvian independence day spectacular wasn't quite as spectacular. we didn't really do our homeworkful we didn't really learn anything about latvia. and we probably should have. that would have probably been the way to go. especially if you invite an
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audience of latvians who seem a little confused. although they love it when the horse leans on things. geoff: they do. craig: watch this. audience: aw! [laughter] are you still reading the arnold schwarzenegger book? geoff: yeah. craig: read out a passage to me. geoff: and when i met maria, i said hey, baby. you l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, p p p p.
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paul quick hit paul quick h you haven't seen this in 59 days but tonight it's happening. right to paul. >> it is already raining in the north bay. watch out and windsor has already had showers. kpix 5 doppler tracking moderate rainfall. you have been picking up rain for the past couple hours. most to have bay air not area not getting the rain yet but will be in a couple hours. it is the first time in nearly 60 days. the high pressure ridge which has been over top of us
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blocking all those storms to the north is gone. storm track for the first time in a long time, here, having a rain impact. travel especially tomorrow mornings commute. the roads will be slick and things will be slow. talk about how much rain how long it will stick around coming up. google doing something it has never done before because of a story kpix 5 broke on friday. >> thinking about what happened. >> reporter: jose brushes away tiers when he talk -- tears when he talks about his 14-year- old son kevin shot dead 4 years ago in richmond. friday his pain was compounded when we discovered these satellite images available on google maps they show the crime scene and his son's body. >> it is hard because memories are coming back. >> reporter: he told us friday he wanted google to take the
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images down. after our story aired he got a call. >> we apologize, we really sorry, and we are going to remove those images. >> reporter: google confirmed that today they will replace the satellite images something the search giant has never done in a statement to kpix 5 google has never accelerated replacement of updated satellite imagery before but given the circumstances we wanted to make an exception in this case. jose told us he is grateful though it still pains him google published the images in the first place. four years later his son's murder remains unsolved and he hopes googles mistake will bring attention to a murder case that has gone cold. >> what we wanted to resolve -- >> reporter: the image is still searchable on google maps we found it within a few seconds tonight. google says it will take 8 days to take it down.
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in richmond, kristin aires kpix 5. >> joe vazquez, at the hall of justice. >> reporter: family members tell me dj williams is about to walk out of san francisco county jail. 3 days ago he was near his home in mission district when police used force to arrest him. his hands are in cuffs his face bloodied, cell phone video of 21-year-old dj williams as he was arrested friday afternoon. his family and the cops agree with this he was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk and didn't obey officers when they ordered him back on to the street but what happened next is in dispute. his family says he was listening to music and didn't hear officers so kept going that is when a handful of cops used force to put him in custody. >> one choking him, one putting all his weight on him leaning
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on him and the lady over there trying to put handcuffs on him. >> reporter: they hurt him bad? >> yes, they did and start beating on him for no reason. >> reporter: police tell a different story they say under cover officers ided themselves, flashed their badges and ordered him off the sidewalk when he didn't comply they decided to arrest him. >> attempted to detain him however he became combative and resisted arrest. >> reporter: the situation escalated as by standers yelled at the cops to let people go. officers threw the cuffs on several others as well. >> let me see your face. on video camera. >> reporter: at least one other man appears to have blood on his face as he heads off to jail. san francisco police insist the force that was used was appropriate and people should consider all the circumstances including those that happened before the video was shot. now the family insists this was excessive force they have
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complained to the police department and are planning a rally back in the mission district tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a 17-year-old boy, hanging out near a baseball diamond at centennial park in hayward, was shot and killed this afternoon the killer is still on the loose. a guy who once played for the oakland raiders was among two men killed in a crash on the nemitz. chp says 30-year-old thomas howard was driving more than 100 miles per hour when he lost control, hit a big rig and two other cars killing 64-year-old lou. howard was released by the falcons last week the raiders drafted him in 2006 and he spent 5 seasons as a linebacker. smoking laws keep getting tougher, talk in berkeley of banning smoking in single
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family homes. but tonight, palo alto wants to take it to a whole new level. andrea live with the story. >> reporter: well, the city council meeting here in palo alto wrapped up a few minutes ago they moved 8 to 1 to move forward with the plan to ban smoking on two palo alto streets. the corner of ash and california in palo alto about to be butt free, cigarette butts that is. the ordinance by city council would ban smoking outdoors on california and university avenues two main retail drags in the city. >> it is a good idea. i would prefer the smoke doesn't drift in our store when the doors are open or if i am eating outside to have someone smoking nearby. >> reporter: evidence of nicotine addiction can be found wedged between bricks and lying on top of utility grates all
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over palo alto streets. >> it is annoying if you are not a smoker. >> reporter: though finding a smoker on camera is tough. earlier, palo alto banned smoking in all parks and of course, smokers were snuffed out of california restaurantbars decades ago and now sidewalk space getting yanked out from under smokers. >> probably some people going to say they don't like it because it is so many places they ban it before and now, in palo alto but i am okay with that. >> reporter: just minutes ago the city council voted 8 to 1 to spend an ordinance to ban smoking, to committee and get more direction from staff to study exactly what that law would look like but ultimately they are looking at banning smoking on two city streets. president obama pledged any help necessary to midwestern states hit by deadly storms.
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more than 80 reports of tornadoes yesterday, hundreds of homes were flattened at least 8 people have died, one pregnant woman in indiana said she had just seconds to get her child and take shelter in her bathroom. >> i had just grabbed my baby out of the crib and we jumped into the bathtub 10 seconds before. >> reporter: this corner. >> this corner here is where her crib was at. >> more people probably would have died had tornadoes hit at night when people were sleeping. at least yesterday many people had enough warning to seek shelter including these news anchors. >> if you are in the path of this cell, take shelter get to your basement get to the center most portion of your home and take cover. i am hearing things right now chuck. >> yes. >> i think we may need to take shelter ourselves. >> we do. >> we need to go off air. >> we will be back when we can. >> we will be right back. >> that was the news team in
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peoria illinois and near my town of washington was hardst hit. 500 homes were destroyed by the tornado with winds at 190 miles per hour. >> you may have seen this next video police shooting at a minivan. a van full of kids. should it have happened. john miller shows us the video you be the judge. >> like i said earlier you are doing 71. >> reporter: little was routine about this routine traffic stop the driver 39-year-old farrell argued with the trooper who pulled her over. instead, farrell with her five kids in the car took off and the trooper pulled her over again. >> get out of the vehicle right now. >> reporter: the trooper tried to pull the driver from the minivan. >> you ran away from me okay >> i didn't runaway. >> reporter: she finally got out of the car but then. >> turn around and face your
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vehicle. ma'am, listen to me. >> they started to struggle as she got back in the van then her 14-year-old son rushed and scuffled with the officer as back up units arrived the officer pointed his taser at the boy and smashed the minivan's windows. >> open the door [ screaming ] >> reporter: farrell sped off and another officer fired his gun at the tires of the minivan after a 4 minute high speed chase she pulled over in front of a hotel she and her son were arrested. tonight those two police officers are under investigation. >> mayor of toronto the one who admitted to smoking crack went on prime time tv with his new show. here is what he had to say about all the heat he has been getting. >> i haven't touched a drop of alcohol i am dealing with a team of professionals, getting the help for my some times excessive drinking but guys this is getting blown out of
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proportion, on the air, i have never missed a day of council you put my attendance record up and i will be in top 10 and i am the mayor. >> not often do you see mayors do this though. at one point during today's council meeting he barreled into a fellow councilmember knocking her over. in another bizarre move he pretended to drive drunk to mock a councilman, who was pulled over once. a group of bay area guys out doing their job. you won't believe what happened to them because they stopped for lunch. >> gluten free is all the rage now there is really something to it. what it is doing to people they never expected. >> look at those faces. tonight we meet the family behind one of the sweetest things we have seen in ,,,,,,,,,
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crews are cleaning up a spi. after a crash in c breaking new, three people seriously hurt and hazmat crews cleaning up a spill after a crash in concord. chp says a truck carrying pool chemicals rear ended a car on concord near buchanon field. both vehicles flipped and hit light poles one injured was a child who was flown to children's hospital in oakland. chp is investigating whether any drivers had been drinking. how was your monday? four guys working on a house got robbed during lunch. they were painting a home on webster and 49th in oakland and had just finished lunch break when two robbers show up, one with a gun the robbers took the painters cell phones and
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wallets, afterwards they ran next door to ask a neighbor for help. >> we called 911 and within i want to say 5 minutes oakland police was here while i was still on the phone with 911. >> suspects were last seen driving south on webster possibly a maroon colored car there is a $2,500 reward. turkeys may have finally figured it out. butter ball says there is a shortage of big birds this year because the toms are not eating. so they won't be plump enough by thanksgiving. they expect to ship half of their usual supply of turkeys over 16 pounds you can get a frozen one. butter ball is the nations biggest turkey supplier. gluten free diets are all the rage these days. lots of people claim they feel better and can think more clearly. we wanted to know is it all in their head or is there really something to it? >> reporter: what do miley
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cyrus and the pilsbury dough boy have in common. both are gluten free. gluten free is a multi billion dollar industry. >> a huge surge in products that are gluten free. >> reporter: it is a protein found in grassy grains. less than 1% of the population has to steer clear of eating any gluten because of an auto immune disorder called celiac disease. 30% of consumers believe they too need to give it up because it is healthier. is it a fad diet? mass hysteria? or is there a grape of truth? -- grain of truth. >> i was looking for answers suffering with a lot of health issues. >> reporter: 7 years ago she was obese, had asthma, allergies, depression and numerous digestive issues. she went gluten free almost overnight. >> energy increased, depression
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began to dissipate, anxiety disappeared, sleeping through the night amazing. >> reporter: she is a true believer. >> transformation fall for me. >> reporter: dr. aaron is with california pacific medical center. there is a newly recognized condition neither auto immune or diet. >> it is 30% of the population. >> reporter: there is no way to reliably identify it. diagnosis is subjective how do you feel after eating gluten. some doctors are skeptical. >> i think it is over blown. >> reporter: dr. grey is with stanford medical center. >> i wouldn't says the balderdash but it will take more data. >> reporter: as for eating gluten free foods it is not
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always the healthiest choice. >> some times they have fewer nutrients. >> reporter: she says a lot of gluten free foods are packed with refined grains, sugars and fat. >> some times they just contribute to a junk food diet. >> reporter: best bet stick to foods naturally gluten free, meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts as for rice she has all the evidence she needs. >> follow your body, intuition if your body is telling you i don't like this, don't eat it. >> they can also be more expensive to give an example ounce for ounce, gluten free rice crispies, cost 07% more -- 70% more than regular. everyone in our newsroom was ooing and ahing. >> reporter: no doubt daily naps for these two boys, turned
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into an accidental photo shoot. >> natural for them to be close they will stay like that for three hours. >> reporter: to blogger jessica, every time she puts her son beau down, 2 month old theo follows and copies his position. >> they are ram one house during the day and play rough but protective. >> reporter: they fight like brothers and cuddle like litter mates. she only began taking pictures of the two last week since then the rescue pup and his 23 month old co-star have become an internet sensation she has gone from 5500 followers to more than 60,000 in 3 days. >> mind boggling. just completely mind boggling the numbers. the general response that i have gotten has been one of gratitude. refreshing and up lifting. >> reporter: she is already
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working on creating a photo book of theo and bo in which the proceeds will benefit the spca. >> i could look at those photos all day. >> pretty precious. kid gets a lot of down time so does the dog. >> raise your head if you are jealous of the naps. >> check. >> tomorrow will be great for napping. >> a great napping day. or locate that umbrella. haven't needed it in a couple months but need it tomorrow. clover dale showing off with all that rainfall. moderate rain for you, north of ukiah. almost santa rosa, between midnight, and 3:00 a.m., as far east as napa, american canyon. the rain is moving in lots of rain to the north and all of that finally is heading toward us. we could use some of that. if we had a quarter inch of rainfall which we will get
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tomorrow, if we had that every day nonstop through the end of the year we still would end up below normal. things are finally changing storm track, arrows i have drawn, heading right toward the bay area, this time most of the energy of the storm will ride over top of that ridge some of that rainfall, decent amount will make it down to the bay area giving us much needed rainfall. past 20 storms for the past two months storm track has been over that ridge. into the northwest we get nothing. this time it has slid to the south. rain no rain line moved to the south. we tap in, storm track is here rain will be with us for the next couple days. every hour our computer updates what it thinks will happen so we will be looking at this for the first time together that is good news for you in santa rosa. one inch between now and wednesday night. more than a half inch for san francisco, hayward, one third
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for concord, half inch for napa bottom line. rain moves in now, slick roads for the morning commute driving to work tomorrow will be slower we will be wet through wednesday. highs tomorrow, tuesday, wet in livermore, 63. south bay, too. palo alto 61, fremont 60. pleasant hill, antioch, low 60s. rain in the city first time in 60 days, high of 60. wet in clover dale with a high of 60 degrees. wet through wednesday if you will miss the sunshine by thursday, don't fret, coming back thursday afternoon. weekend sunshine, highs ,, hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo.
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tonight bob schieffer finds it has been almost a half century since president kennedy was shot. >> why the man in charge of the official investigation wouldn't let anyone else be an essential piece of evidence. >> he loved john kennedy and his family repeatedly warren
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makes decisions influenced by his desire to protect the family and protect the legacy of his friend president kennedy. warren sees the autopsy photos sees they are hour fying and makes the decision no -- horrifying and makes the decision no one will see them. they are sent to robert kennedy and remain in his custody throughout creating enormous turmoil on the staff of the commission. the lawyers believe they are the most essential pieces of medical evidence they need to review to understand how the president died and who might have been responsible for it. >> whatever happened to them? >> robert kennedy kept them at the justice department until after the warren commission went out of business. there was a big controversy over the question why the warren commission had not seen them and whether or not the kennedy family used undue influence on the investigation. even cali the family -- even even cali the family -- even cali t[ female announcer ] making a pie that pops is surprisingly easy.
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join the giants big four.. hu tim hudson made a name for himself as member of the as big three. he is returning to giant's big 4 he signed a deal worth a reported $28 million.
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seth curry, picked off the pass in the third quarter behind the pass. thompson at 17, rough moment, when williams landed on curry's head reaching for a loose ball. he left the game with a headache but should be fine. controversial hit on drew brees yesterday may have cost the 49ers the game and maybe a fine for brooks but one current analyst is ready to help them out. >> if they go on record and fine this kid i am going to do something personally, pay half. >> by rule books, not allowed to touch his neck. tim harbaugh doesn't want ray lewis' american express card. >> i am going to bust his bleep. >> this is where the driverowners after the race get
2:09 am
up there and start throwing punches at each other and questioning every call. >> needs a whooping. >> i can't stand up here and make these comments. >> cam newton and panthers trying to upset the patriots, a minute to go in the game newton former 49ers, carolina win 49- 20 there are 7 and 3. i have the monday night top 5. yesterday, fan sliding down the rail in upper deck falls to lower deck he was okay. have a nice trip see you next fall. fall boys of duke are not used to blue devil turn overs. get off the court. they win we 36 points. number three, mahi mahi watch out for sneaky sea lions.
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alan was not around to enjoy the memphis win. kicked in the face. >> number one, finish to patriot panthers game, brady kicked off but was it pass interference. picked up the flag. held in the end zone but officials decided by rule it was not a pena,,,,


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