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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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rafael, mill valley, really getting wet this evening. what are the worst commutes in 80 towards richmond and hercules, 680 from benicia south to walnut creek danville and san ramon and also highway 24 through the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel less wet on 680 south of dublin and the south bay finally getting rainfall but still light showers for you in and around san jose. look at all that rain moving from west to east everything you see offshore will be moving through. chopper 5 video from earlier today to show you chopper 5 up and about. it was soggy out there as gray skies and rainfall blanketed the bay area. let's get back to the computer for a second. we have already gone through the less juicy part of the storm. the more active part of the storm is what we'll get this evening. if anything, plan on more rainfall in coverage and intensity. we'll talk about how much rain we'll get and what the weekend looks like coming up. we get excited about rain because we haven't seen it. our ann notarangelo braving the rain in corte madera tonight.
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any chance this storm is going to do much for the reservoirs? >> not much. >> reporter: it's been dry here for most of the evening hours so we are waiting for the rain to come south as paul referenced. a lot of people are calling this is opening act for the storms season and so far it hasn't been that impressive. water districts in the bay area say we need 8" of rain to cause runoff and runoff especially in the north bay is critical. they get the majority if not all of their water from rainfall and runoff not from snowpack and snow melt. the snow melt in ukiah was at a 100 year low so the storm doesn't change that right now. it reminds us to turn off our garden hose or sprinklers and think about conservation. >> ying we'll get much out of this storm -- i don't think we'll get much of the storm out of this system to make much of
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a difference. the amount of rain falling now is going to soak into the ground. we get 70% of our water from rain for the seven reservoirs in the county. >> reporter: reservoirs are not depleted. marin says it's reservoirs are at 95% of average for this time of year but it has been dry. usually they see about 7" of rain by this time of the year. right now they have about an inch. what we have seen is that last year we had such an early, early rainy season that it set us up for what ended up a very dry year. what water managers are hoping this will be a typical year and we'll get the bulk of the storm system in december and january. >> it's not raining there now so you jinxed it. get your hood on because it's going to pour down on you in five minutes. >> reporter: that would be great. >> thank you, an an ann.
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track the weather on our website, right now protestors are gathered outside a san francisco police station. they are demanding justice for what they say was police brutality. kpix 5's brian webb is in the mission district saying this all stems from an incident a few days ago that was caught on tape. brian. >> reporter: liz, the protest is going on an hour now. this group has a lot to say. they marched down valencia street here to the substation in the mission district and they are still going strong. they are angry about what they call excessive force by the san francisco police department. >> that man was innocent out there. y'all saw the footage yourself. >> whoo! >> not give you extra rights. [ inaudible ] >> stop police brutality! stop police brutality! >> reporter: protestors were loud and clear with their message tonight addressing it directly to the officers standing by in riot gear surrounding the building. the same officers who blocked off the street for the
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protestors, there may be 200 of them here tonight. mostly people who live in the mission district. they are vocal but not violent. things are peaceful so far. they have been marching with banners and bull horns saying that police went too far this time demanding it stop and demanding somebody be held responsible. >> we are all here across the street to say no, we are not going to have police officers get paid this much money to threaten and beat up our kids. that's not going to happen here. [ inaudible ] >> he punched me twice when me hands were already behind me back. it was unnecessary, over the top and definitely something needs to be done about that. >> reporter: so this is what started it all. friday afternoon at valencia gardens undercover police told dj williams to stop riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. police say he didn't listen and then resisted arrest. that led to a brawl between a mob of residents and pack of
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police. dj williams and four others were arrested and people were beaten up like dj and orlando rodriguez who talked to me earlier today. >> that was brian webb live in the mission. thank you. we talked to san francisco police about the incident. they say they believe officers followed the proper procedures. san jose city hall is the new home of the west coast's first permanent patent and trademark office. kpix 5's len ramirez is there live where officials are celebrating something they have been waiting long, long time for. len, why is this important? >> reporter: well, they have been working for about 4 years on this and patents here in silicon valley as we have seen from the apple-samsung case can be worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. it also costs entrepreneurs a lot of time and money traveling to the washington, d.c. area to the patent office to get a patent. but that is money they will no longer have to spend. >> here it the basics of how to
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use glass. >> reporter: from the heads up video display of google glass to the battery modules of tesla cars and even the so-called rectangular shape and rounded corners of apple's iphone, silicon valley is full of invention. but getting a patent has always been a pain. until now. >> government is coming to the customer rather than the customer going to government. innovators and entrepreneurs don't have to travel 3,000 miles to alexandria, virginia, to meet with a patent officer or a patent judge. they are going to be located right here. >> reporter: silicon valley leaders are excited over the government's latest innovation, regional patent offices including one which will be located inside san jose city hall. >> whether it was the cotton gin or google glass, that we we need to -- we need to make sure that innovate terse and entrepreneurs are protected and part of protected is the ease of the process and so this regional patent office is a game changer. >> reporter: the new patent office will be located on the 1th floor where, thanks to california's dismantling of redevelopment agencies, there
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is now plenty of office space for about a dozen patent judges and 60 patent examiners on the 14th floor. >> this is extraordinarily important and the contribution this city makes is worth every dollar that it might cost us but basically we are using space that's not generating a revenue right now so it's an easier thing for us to do. we don't have to kick people out in order to make the space available. >> reporter: the office should be busy. one out of every four u.s. patents comes from california and half of those are from silicon valley. san jose has more patents than any other city in america. >> this on the west coast is going to be the hotbed of patent filings fo asia, california, and everywhere in the area. >> reporter: there might be a line out the door. there is a backlog of thousands of patents waiting to be seen by the patent judges. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> there are two other regional patent offices in progress right now one in denver the
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other in dallas. more women are getting hired in the tech industry. in the past year the tech sector brought in 24,000 new men and 36,000 women. in the past, men traditionally made up 70 to 80% of new hires but men still make up the bulk of the workforce in tech two- thirds of all employees. an update to the story we first broke friday night on kpix 5. this week, google agreed to take down an image that has caused a richmond father and family a great deal of pain. kpix 5's john ramos spoke with the man about the emotional ordeal and its silver lining. >> reporter: on a deserted strip of land in richmond a small memorial cross stands near the railroad tracks. a good-bye from friends to 14- year-old kevin barrera found murdered here in 2009. but that day has been frozen in time by the google maps image of the area that shows police
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standing over his body. his father says the pain of his son's murder is made even worse by having the tragedy on display for the world to see. >> it's really hard and painful for my family because like i say, all the memories coming back. >> reporter: jose barrera has asked that google remove the image of his son's body and yesterday, he got an unprecedented agreement to do so. in a statement, the company said, google has never accelerated the replacement of updated satellite imagery from our maps before. but given the circumstances, we wanted to make an exception in this case." the company says it may take up to 8 days to do this. but the image will be replaced. but that doesn't end it for jose barrera because after four years, whoever killed kevin is still at large. richmond police say they followed what leads were available at the time with no success. and they are hoping the recent publicity will revive the case. >> we hope that it cap -- can
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maybe bring some light back on the face and some people who weren't willing prior may be willing now to come forward with information. >> reporter: they say this image may be enough for a silent witness to have a change of heart. >> with time passing they might not be scared or they may feel remorseful or may have heard some information from somebody else. >> i feel like now, we are going to get something, some resolve. >> reporter: jose barrera will never really get over the death of his son but hopes all the renewed interest will bring justice to the killer. in richmond, john ramos, kpix 5. >> richmond police are asking anyone with information about this case to please come forward. new tonight the national rifle association is taking on a strict gun ordinary nas recently approved in san francisco. the nra filed a lawsuit today challenging the ban on gun magazines that hold more than
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10 rounds of ammunition. the nra argues the magazines are protected under the second amendment. the magazine ban is set to take effect on december 8. it's an attack on common sense gun laws designed to save lives. the deal that could end the dispute we san jose and the police department that agreement would restore a 10% pay cut that officers took a few years ago. but it's not known whether it will be enough to stop the large numbers of officers who have been leaving to take jobs with other departments. >> on one hand it's good that we'll get some money into our officers' pockets. some still trying to hold on to their homes. on the other hand, though, in 2015, our officers are still going to be making what they were making in 2009. >> i'm hopeful that we can focus on growing the police force getting the full staffing back and that will be the focus of our efforts both for the city and the police union. >> the deal still has to be
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approved by rank-and-file officers and then the city council. president obama's planning another bay area visit. he is scheduled to attend a fundraiser monday in san francisco. but so far tickets aren't selling like they have in the past. in fact, sales are so sluggish, organizers are cutting some ticket prices in half. this will be the president's ninth trip to the bay area in the past 2.5 years. coming up, how this nasty backup on the bay bridge this afternoon is being blamed on a simple mistake. >> gluten-free is all the rage. now it looks like that's really something to it. what it's doing to people that they never expected. >> but first, bibles sold at costco and a pastor is furious! where he found them in the store. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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afternoon. pools of water formed in the right lane commuters on the bay bridge
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will to deal with this long backup this afternoon. pools of water forming in the right lane carrying eastbound traffic near the toll plaza. we are told construction crews accidentally blocked the storm drain. haven't had any rain. who knew? the mess was cleared up about 3:00. some are calling it a controversy of biblical proportions. stacks of bibles labeled as fiction at a california costco store. cbs reporter bobby kapel on the fallout and how costco is responding. >> it's caused a lot of controversy. it's caused a lot of conversation which i think conversation is good. >> reporter: a simple trip to costco by this simi valley pastor has touched off a heated discussion from believers to nonbelievers. it all started when caleb, the lead pastor at discovery church, sent out this tweet, quote, costco has bibles for sale under the genre of fiction. hm. along with this picture. >> i saw the bible there and i saw the sticker on there and it said fiction. and i looked at a bunch of the
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other bibles on there and all of them said fiction. >> reporter: the pastor was surprised and since he posted that on friday the response has been enormous. >> a lot of people were upset. some people were fine with it. to me, i don't know why you would label something as fiction. >> what are bibles normally lis under? >> in our store under religion. >> reporter: we went to book soup a bookstore on sunset boulevard in hollywood to find out what category bibles are placed in. pat walker says fiction is not the norm, something a staffer with l.a. city libraries would agree with. if you can inventory book sections enough to have a fiction nonfiction then you can create another section for religion. >> reporter: today, cbs 2 purchased a copy of the king james bible at the costco in question and take a look. it appears as though the fiction labeling has been peeled off and released with this generic price tag. >> it shows how polarizing the
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bible is and how polarizing jesus can be, he is either liar, lord or lunatic as cs lewis said. >> reporter: we reached out to costco. they declined our request. caleb did the same and they told him it was a processing error something he says he believes. he also says he will be back to shop at this costco again. in simi valley, bobby kapel, kpix 5. >> earlier this year costco drew criticism from conservatives for its ban on guns in its stores. we have the rain that you promised. thank you. >> it's here. if anything it's going to get more impressive through the evening. the rain will be picking up tomorrow night and into the next day and tonight and wednesday are going to be soggy out there. look at what we have. the award for heaviest rainfall is healdsburg. really coming down on 101 in both sonoma and marin counties. picking up light rain.
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hasn't been that impressive in the south bay. milpitas, mountain view, mountain view. that's it. all the stuff moving off to the west all moving through and you see much of the yellow and red colors which denote heavier rainfall. so through the evening it is going to get soggy. larkspur one-third inch, about 8th inch in petaluma. official will in san francisco only .6." san jose still waiting for that first bit of rainfall. good news for skiers. we have a winter weather advisory in and around tahoe. snow level falls to lake level tomorrow. above 7,000 feet some of the ski resorts may get a foot of snowfall between today and tomorrow. so what's the difference between past storms and this one? this time it's over top of us
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and the juiciest part of the storm is heading into the bay area. it's going to be very wet tonight and tomorrow before it calms down before tomorrow afternoon. rain with us for the next 30 hours. after that back to where we were. here comes the big ridge of high pressure building in. the rain exits and once it exits it's going to be exiting for several days so enjoy the rain while we have it. rainfall totals between now and this time tomorrow, our computer says half an inch of rain for san francisco, even more for san rafael. we have some rain coming. highs tomorrow low 60s, soggy, concord, 62. mountain view 64. san rafael 63. sunshine back on thursday. sunny friday through the weekend. highs in the upper 60s. monday and tuesday, highs will also be in the upper 60s. this is the time of year where we turn our attention to the holidays and also our partnership with bay area food banks. budget cuts in washington mean food banks are having a problem now. they are facing even greater demand this year. tonight we want to introduce
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you to one man that's making it happen. >> okay. >> reporter: pastor chuck mayfield never stops moving. >> about 150 miles a day. >> reporter: as one extension of the alameda county community food bank, he delivers from sun- up to sundown. >> okay. come on. give some more eggs. okay. >> reporter: just as soon as one delivery is made -- >> our next stop is on 65th. >> reporter: -- there is another around and. >> how are you doing? >> okay. >> reporter: there is no mistaking the joy he takes in his work and the gratitude of those he helps. >> i was laid off from my job. so this means a lot to me. >> reporter: it also means a lot to people who happen to pass by his minivan. >> always stop to give out the food, the population increases. somebody come by the house next door, can i have some food? we don't turn them down. we give it to them. >> reporter: next stop -- >> i think she is 86 years old. >> it means so much to me during the holiday when he call
6:21 pm
me and tell me that he was gonna bring it and really made my day. that really made me feel good. >> you don't need those. >> i sure don't. [ laughter ] >> reporter: pastor mayfield will hum tell you he is only doing what he can but it's a monumental effort. >> thank you. >> reporter: follow him for a few hours and you get a better understanding of the tremendous needs in our community. >> so many of our friends say if it wasn't for him and the food bank, it's a lifesaver. >> reporter: you also get an idea of how far a little help goes. >> bye-bye! we try to do all kind of things to let the people know that we care. we care about them. >> see you later. >> if you can do something to make somebody happy, do it. >> we are fortunate enough to live in one of the richest places in the world. but there are still needs for something basic like food. let's go live to juliette goodrich in oakland where the "food for bay area families" tonight. just getting y
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>> reporter: hi, paul. here's an example how we all can help. [ very scratchy voice ] kicking off the drive is the alameda county food bank and our 4h volunteers. thanks for being here. joining me is susan bates with the alameda county food bank. the demographic is changing not just those who don't have a job, it's families who need food. >> our primary customers is the child and families with jobs that aren't making enough to make ends meet. >> reporter: there's a way that our viewers can help starting now through january 1. joining me now to talk about that is ashley with whole foods. tell us what we can do to help. >> whole foods market is proud to partner with "food for bay area families." through our feed for more program, they can bring in food items and drop them in the bins at whole food markets in the bay area and secondly they can make a cash donation at a register. that makes sure that the
6:23 pm
families get a meal for four. >> reporter: for $10 you can feed a family. go to our web page for more on our bay area food drive. >> thank you. great cause and they make it so easy. thank you. >> you yet. coming up, profiting from the penalties. how california's cashing in on the largest corporate payout in u.s. history. >> and the potential breakthrough in the case of a recent college graduate from the bay area killed after a fender-bender. ,, ,,,,,,
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center workers are going on strike. the one-day walkout is around 21,000 university of california medical center workers are going on strike. the one-day walkout is tomorrow. but a judge barred about 50 critical care workers from joining. the union has been working without a contract for about a year. the strike was called in response to what the union says was illegal intimidation
6:26 pm
against members who participated in the two-day walkout in may [ indiscernible ] tried to stop them for speaking out for patient safety and it's wrong so they will be out there on the line. >> extremely disappointed they chose to strike for the second time in seven months. >> some surgeries scheduled for tomorrow have been canceled. as far as negotiating a new contract, both sides say they are not even close to a compromise. jpmorgan chase has reached a record $13 billion settlement with federal and state authorities. nearly 300 million of that is going to california's public employee an teacher pension funds. that will settle claims the company misrepresented the value of residential mortgage- backed securities. the $13 billion deal is the largest sum a single company has ever paid to the u.s. government. coming up in our next half hour, another look at our live hi-def doppler radar to show you where it's raining right
6:27 pm
now. >> it's not there. it's so up fair. >> the new lead in the -- unfair. >> the new lead in the case of the recent college garage from the bay area killed after a fender-bender. >> a surprising setback in the war on cell phone thefts. why carriers reject a new proposed kill switch. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is the first rainfall we have had had in nearly two months and man, is it coming downright now. take a live look at kpix 5 hi- def doppler after a rainy day, lots of you using an umbrella for the first time in two months. you will need it tonight in marin and sonoma counties. from santa rosa all the way south to novato and petaluma and san rafael, that yellow is moderate to heavy rainfall. light showers walnut creek south to dublin and an free on 880 south out -- and rain-free on 880 south out of oakland. more coming up in 12 minutes. the search is on for a suspect involved in the murder of a recent college graduate after a fender-bender near a san francisco nightclub. as kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo reports, san francisco police know who they are looking for.
6:31 pm
>> playing basketball we were family. >> reporter: six years ago basketball coach monique walton taught that philosophy in hayward. mel warren was one of her players. it's no surprise warren was with her friends and former teammates celebrating her wife's birthday in san francisco this weekend but after a fender-bender sunday morning in the soma neighborhood police say a man opened fire. >> so our homicide investigators have been working feverishly on this. we know that they have identified a suspect. >> reporter: investigators say they have pulled video from several cameras in the area. they also talked to witnesses including warren's friends. >> you know, one of them to say she looked at me like really? they shot me? and she had that -- and i know exactly -- the exact face. it's kind of like for real? and then she just dropped. >> reporter: walton says her heart sank when she heard the news. but she has to try to stay positive. >> just so many good times. >> reporter: her favorite photo
6:32 pm
of her former student is this pose. it was when warren graduated from sacramento state last year. but a coach's pride quickly turns to anger for her student whose life abruptly ended. >> a sister, you know, a daughter, a -- a coach, mentor, teammate. yes. they will come together. they will bond but there will always be a piece missing, you know? and normal times they always get together there will be one that's not there. and it's so unfair. you know? >> reporter: in union city, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> police believe only one suspect is involved in this case. they are hoping more witnesses come forward with information. other bay area headlines tonight san francisco a step closer to closing city parks between midnight and 5 a.m. board of supervisors gave final
6:33 pm
approval to that legislation today. it's now up to mayor ed lee whether to sign it into law. oakland's auditor is criticizing the city for lackluster fire inspections and says the city must do a better job inspecting yards and make sure property owners clear away fire fuels. after the deadly oakland hills fire in 1991, the city's fire department were ordered to conduct annual vegetation inspections. as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, tonight a movement near and dear to our hearts here at kpix 5 is kicking off. we are partnering with whole foods and bay area food banks to help out the hungry this holiday season. our juliette goodrich is live in oakland with more on the efforts there. >> reporter: hi, liz. we are going to show all of our viewers how we are all can help and it's by donating food into these barrels here at whole foods. donating money. they can put together packages of food for those in need this year. i want to tell you and introduce you to candy, with our solace house one of the pantries that works at the alameda community food bank and
6:34 pm
tell me, how much has the need grown? >> it's grown tremendously. we first started out with 20 clients. and now we are serving from 150 to 200 clients each week. >> reporter: i want to introduce you to some of my friends. this is patty and another shining example of a volunteer and claudia and her family of five. they are a shining example of giving and receiving. they go to the pantry and they also volunteer. tell me, how does it help your family? >> it helps me family and helps all the oakland community and we love to help thousands of families. >> you have a beautiful family. thanks for volunteer. get more information on our web page. donate at whole foods anywhere throughout the bay area. we'll be back in a few minutes with more information. >> thank you. still ahead, a tactic to help combat cell phone thefts is met with resistance. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why cell phone
6:35 pm
carriers are rejecting a new proposed kill switch. there's been a huge surge in products that are gluten- free. >> some people swear there's something to t how they say the diet is transforming their lives. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
attractive to steal has hit roadblock. as julie watts on the consumerwatch reports, cell phone carriers are trying to "kill" the ide a plan to make smartphones less attractive to steal has hit a roadblock. as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts reports, cell phone carriers are trying to kill the idea of a kill switch. why? >> reporter: well, you know, a kill switch is an anti-theft device. it's a measure that renders stolen phones inoperable. samsung is ready to install the kill switch. the big u.s. cell phone carriers are standing in the way. san francisco d.a. george gascon says at&t, verizon, sprint, t-mobile and u.s. cellular have all come out against a plan to install kill
6:38 pm
switches in mobile phones. gascons says he says they want to continue to shake down their customers for billions of dollars in theft insurance premiums. so while cell phone makers like samsung seem to be on board, the rest of the cell phone industry contends the kill switch could allow hackers to disable someone else's phone. one out of every three crimes in san francisco involves a cell phone. the national highway traffic safety administration is launching an investigation into three battery fires involving tesla electric cars. the company's ceo says tesla itself requested this investigation to put safety concerns to rest. he is criticizing the extensive media coverage of the three tesla fires compared to the thousands of fires each year in gasoline-powered cars. since roadway debris is believed to have caused two of the fires, tesla says it has already sent a signal to all model s cars telling them to increase their ground clearance at highway speeds. cool technology. and it turns out some of those black friday deals may
6:39 pm
not be so great after all. a study by nerd wallet finds that more than 90% of this year's black friday ads contain at least one item selling for the same price as last year. the lesson? nerd wallet says don't assume everything the store puts on sale the day after thanksgiving is a bargain. and speaking of black friday, walmart announced today it will match its competitors' black friday discounts on some toys and electronics beginning this friday and some other retailers are jumping on that bandwagon, as well. >> it's starting earlier every year. >> yeah. well, we have a shorter season this year. so if you have not already started, some say you're late. >> you're behind. >> you will see black friday sales at halloween soon. >> thank you. gluten-free is all the rage. now it looks like there's really something to it. what it's doing to people that they never expected. >> there's probably somebody in novato right now running from point a to point b because they forgot their umbrella. they didn't watch the forecast. but you're watching channel 5
6:40 pm
with the best forecast and there it is hi-def doppler showing pouring rainfall for sonoma and marin. where's it going next? what about the weekend? i'll answer all of it coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the warriors' point guard is hurt so who will step in? >> safe to assume that i will not be playing. >> 49er fans patriots are feeling your pain. [ censored ] >> and a local athlete faces peer pressure. >> i do it because i wanted to feel cool. >> you will see what he did about that coming up. ,,,,,,
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat...
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think more clearly. we all in gluten-free diets are all the rage right now. a lot of people claim they feel better, can think more clearly. we wanted to know is it all in their heads or is it really something to it? what do miley cyrus and the pillsbury doughboy have in common? both have gone gluten-free. miley says she feels great. as for popping fresh, he is going to make a lot of dough. gluten-free is a multi-billion- dollar industry. >> there's a huge surge in
6:44 pm
products that are gluten-free. >> reporter: gluten is found in wheat, barley and agree. one-third of the population has to steer clear of glutens because of celiac disease but 30% of consumers believe they too need to give it up because it's healthier. so is it a fad diet, mass hysteria or is there a grain of truth behind these claims? take a listen to kim rice. >> i was looking for answers. i was suffering with health issues. >> reporter: 7 years ago rice was obese had asthma, allergies, depression as well as numerous digestive issues. she went gluten-free and almost overnight. >> my energy increased, my depression began to dissipate. my anxiety disappeared. i started sleeping through the night. it was amazing. >> reporter: rice is a true believer. >> it was really transformational for me. >> sort of the diet du jour but there's some reality to it. >> reporter: dr. jeffrey aaron is with california pacific medical center. he says there is a newly
6:45 pm
recognize condition that's neither an auto-immune disease nor a wheat allergy. it's called non-celiac gluten sensitivity. >> gluten sensitivity is estimated to be 30% of the population. so it's a big deal. >> reporter: the problem, there's no way to reliably identify it. the diagnosis is subjective. how do you feel after eating gluten? some doctors are skeptical. >> i think it's probably a bit overblown. >> reporter: dr. gar pri gray is with stanford medical center. he questions the evidence. >> i wouldn't say it's balderdash. it's going to take more thought and scientific data. not very good science into it yet. >> reporter: as for eating gluten-free foods it's not always healthy. >> fewer nutrients. >> reporter: she represents the academy of nutrition and dietician. she says a lot of gluten-free foods are packed with refined grains, sugar and fat. >> sometimes they really just contribute to a junk foo die.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: stick to foods that are naturally gluten-free including fruits, vegetables, nuts. >> if your body is telling you i don't like this then don't eat it. >> reporter: gluten-free foods canning more expensive. rice krispies cost 70% more than regular rice krispies. all this rain in the bay area, no balderdash there, baby. it's real. >> it's not used enough. >> it's a great word. >> it's not armageddon but it's something. it will mess up your drive. we need the rainfall but if you are stuck behind thousands of cars trying to get home not the best situation in marin county. 101 look at all the heavy rain. as soon as you hit san rafael and continue north from novato petaluma all the way to santa rosa, we are seeing rainfall rates of .25" of rain per hour. we are also getting wetter toward vallejo, american canyon, richmond, el cerrito and some of the heavy rainfall will be heading toward the city
6:47 pm
of san francisco, as well. on the peninsula san mateo county your starting to see a little more activity including san mateo, burlingame, half moon bay and soon palo alto and mountain view. here's the wide view. there's a lot going on and the heaviest rain still is not moving on shore. the next eight to ten hours will be the meat of the storm and when we see our steadiest rainfall. rainfall so far in the city not that much. we have just enough to make it to 4" of rain for the year, for the calendar year, which is less than half of the driest year on record 1976. it's going to be a wet day in belmont, carlemont high school in belmont, wet to start, rain tapers off in the afternoon, high 62. famous alumni there dana carvey. the weather will improve to get outside starting thursday. carlemont high school our schoolcast school of the morning. carlemont will be wet. you will be wet tomorrow because the storm flow is not 500 miles as to the north. instead it's racing right into
6:48 pm
the bay area. mother nature and storms like to follow the path of least resistance in the atmosphere. that's called the jet stream. where we have the jet stream usually that's where the storms are going to go. they have been missing us for months but this is a hit and all the rainfall is heading toward the bay area. we'll continue tonight. we'll continue tomorrow morning. so steady rainfall as a front moves through. once that front gets out of here tomorrow afternoon, rain will taper off to showers by tomorrow night the rain is gone. here comes the ridge again same spot where it was for months keeping us dry. i don't think we'll dry for two more months but will be dry for several days starting thursday. enjoy the rain while we have it. let's talk about rainfall totals. let's see what it's saying between now and tomorrow. that's decent amount of rainfall about a third inch in concord, almost half inch for hayward and more than half inch of rainfall tonight and tomorrow for san jose. so the steadiest rain tonight, tomorrow morning, rain tapering off. sunshine back on thursday. high temperatures tomorrow, everybody in the low 60s which is close to normal. san jose 64. san francisco 61.
6:49 pm
sunshine back thursday afternoon after a wet day tomorrow friday, saturday, sunday sunny and mild. good weather to get outside right before thanksgiving. next monday next tuesday, highs in the upper 60s with mainly sunny skies. going to check in again with our juliette goodrich, she is in oakland tonight and juliette, $10, that's all we need $10 to go a long way to feed a family? >> reporter: it's absolutely amazing. this bag right here if you are a customer at whole foods you can donate $10 and this will feed a family for lunch or dinner. and that's just one way we are kicking off our food drive with whole foods and alameda county community food bank. michael shipper here is with morgan stanley here to tell us what they have done locally to help out. good evening. >> good evening. hi, juliette. you know, one of our benefits of doing business in the oakland community has been hooking up and having a partnership with the alameda county community food bank. we have had a lot of sorting at the facilities with our employees there. tonight we have a special presentation.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: you're hiding something there. it's a check presentation for -- i'll let you announce the amount from the morgan stanley foundation. >> we are happy to present this check to the alameda county community food bank for $50,000 on behalf of morgan stanley and all our employees in the oakland community. >> reporter: that's wonderful. $50,000. tell me what the food bank -- how will this help feed family? >> we're completely thrilled. this will provide $200,000 worth of food in our community. we couldn't be happier. thank you for sharing with us. >> reporter: if you would like more information, go to our website, find out where and how to donate at bay area whole foods. 'tis the season. the food drive begins today through january 1. we'll be right back.
6:51 pm
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fine... the bad news he will still be sidelined stephen curry's health is always going to be an issue. the good news this time his ankles are fine but will still be sidelined. he won't play tomorrow night against the grizzlies but mark jackson won't make any outside the box decisions to replace the point guard. >> safe to assume i will not be playing and i will never seen
6:54 pm
one of my assistant coaches and that's never been considered. >> oh, darn. tom brady threw a potential game winning pass to beat carolina. rob gronkowski appeared to be helped. the flag was flown but the officials picked it up and said there was no foul. tom brady didn't agree on the field but new england won't have to worry about being fined for criticizing the officials. >> you think you're being held? >> i did. i mean, it just wasn't completed. >> last time i tried to ask a question about a call it was the wrong thing to do. >> -- an explanation of what it was for? >> like i said, we have been down that road before. >> yup. chi chi rodriguez was on the wrong end of a bad bounce on the golf channel's big break. still there for the 78-year- old. but the reflexes aren't quite as sharp as they used to be. san marin high school in novato is aiming for a football state championship. and it wouldn't be possible without their quarterback, who
6:55 pm
went from near high school dropout to blue chip college prospects. >> you get addicted to something it's hard to let go of and one time it just took control of him and ended up taking his life. it was hard for me and for years, i used it as a negative in my life. >> reporter: a full ride scholarship to arizona state seemed far off for manny wilkins when his father died in complications of a drug addiction. >> i know he is up there watching down on me. >> reporter: wilkins moved away from the bay area after his father's death. his freshman year at a texas high school was promising on the football field, but bleak everywhere else. >> having no credits in high school your freshman year and not really knowing what you're going to do, you're kind of just -- i guess i'm going to be working at mcdonald's or something. i was the only freshman to make varsity. i was the laughingstock like, you know, if they needed a prank or something, they would send me to do it and i would do it because i wanted to feel cool and that kind of where i started going on a really bad path. >> reporter: things continued
6:56 pm
to worsen when he moved to his grandparents' remote ranch in colorado. >> that's where i went to, you know, online school that wasn't -- the high school there had 100 kids in the high school. so, you know, it's not a very big town. and, you know, i kind of just was there pretty much. >> reporter: his life changed when his aunt and uncle chris and nickie casanovas invited him into their home. he enrolled at san marin and made up his credit deficiency and dedicated himself to football. >> without you guys, i wouldn't be -- i wouldn't be in any position that i'm in now. >> reporter: wilkins became the focus of an espn documentary and was invited to the prestigious elite 11 quarterback camp where he was mentored by heisman trophy winner johnnie manzell. >> it's weird people walking up to you and asking for your autograph. >> reporter: whether or not he achieves half of what johnnie did wilkins is proud of the start. >> something that so many kids in this country so many people
6:57 pm
would want to have this opportunity to do. i mean, having a full scholarship to a known university is just remarkable. >> talk about a kid who has come a long way. he passed for over 1700 yards ran for 700 so he is a little bit like the colin kaepernick. >> wow. >> good for him. >> one part when he says he overcomes the peer pressure, right, when somebody says, uhm, you know, do something and he says i did it to feel cool. i think every kid in school faces that one time when they say, you do something you know you shouldn't do. and the best idea is just to say, i'm not going to do that, you know it's wrong. >> very strong young man. >> thank you. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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