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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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paul? yeah, that's a little more like it after almost two months with now. now we've got a soaker. paul? >> here's the latest look at kpix 5, high-def doppler. the most active has been since springtime. here's a look at where we are currently with a lot of rainfall still. san francisco, the peninsula getting a break. many spots are not. including pittsburgh, concord, lafayette along highway 24. i-80 out towards richmond. steady rainfall. steady rainfall for you in san jose and the south bay. after a 45-minute break, highway 401 around navado finally getting wet. wider perspective, the heaviest rain in the entire state has been right over the bay area. look at these rainfall totals. they are certainly adding up.
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santa rosa and lake port more than half an inch. walnut creek nearly half of an inch. check out vallejo coming in with more than .53 inches of rainfall. the rain has been heavy this evening, playing a nasty scene in vallejo. >> reporter: paul we've got a steady light rain here in vallejo. it was raining this whole evening. in fact at 6:00 this wreck happened over at broadway and lewis brown road. a man was crossing the street, but not at the crosswalk when a car hit him. he rolled into the next lane and another car hit him. this time an older model black mercedes benz. the man got trapped underneath. the mercedes dragged him for a while before stopping. the driver is an elderly gentleman who didn't realize that he had hit anybody and that's why he kept going, dragging the victim so far. and yes weather was apparently a factor. >> obviously we've had some hard rain.
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and it's wet out. and obviously i think that probably had something to do with it. it's even more of a reason to slow down while you're driving. >> paramedics and cops scrambled to try to get the man loose from under the car, but too late as he died from the scene. police are investigating. but so far right now they don't believe that any crimes were committed. reporting live from vallejo, police headquarters, joe vazquez, cbs5 news tonight. the rain knocked out power to many tonight in san francisco. pg&e crews are working to restore that power right now. police tell us tonight they know who killed a woman after a fender bender in san francisco. warren was with her girlfriend in the parking lot of filma when another car bumped into them. warren got out of the car as there was an argument and one of the guys in the other car shot her. >> she was a sister, a daughter, a coach, a mentor, a
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teammate. yes, they'll come together, they'll bond, but there will always be a piece missing. >> police won't identify the suspect as they are still looking for him tonight. you've got to shake your head at this one. a 14-year-old just arrested for holding up an 11-year-old on his way to school. this happened on 19th avenue in oakland. earlier this month the older boy was after the younger boy's cell phone, but settled for $5 instead. and tonight kristin ayers tells us what you won't believe what companies will do to keep your phone from -- from being stolen. >> reporter: even buying tickets for public transportation as thieves will do anything to get their hands on smart phones. >> san francisco is very significant. it's almost 50% with all the
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robberies and thefts. >> reporter: the san francisco district attorney along with new york's attorney general say that the solution is a kill switch, which would disable a stolen phone, making it worthless to thieves. but law enforcement sources tell cbs news that when manufacturers like samsung made smart phones with a kill switch earlier this year, the five major wireless carriers, at&t, verizon, t-mobile, sprint, and u.s. cellar would not -- cellular would not sell it. the executive involved in the negotiations tells samsung that they received responses from all five major u.s. carriers. and they've all denied our preload in their image. meaning the major carriers refuse to sell a smart phone with a free kill switch built in. they suspect that's because it would cut into big profits the phone companies make selling anti-theft insurance and
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replacement phones. >> we're talking about a $16 billion a year industry. and about half of that seems to be attached to the replacement of phones being stolen. so we're talking about a lot of money here. >> reporter: the wireless association, which represents the service providers said that they are working on alternatives to a kill switch, including a data base to prevent stolen phones from being reactivated. in oakland, kristin ayers, cbs5. protesters are turning streets and restaurants and bars into this. they spent an hour and a half in front of the station on vallencia to protest what they say is police brutality. officers were in riot gear, but they say there was no problem. this is what they are angry about. that police used excessive force for arresting d.j. williams after riding his bike on friday. it shows williams on the ground and orlando rodriguez admits he got too close to the action.
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check out his forehead. >> something needs to be done. that was a first for me and it was just over the top. >> police say officers used reasonable force to keep onlookers at bay after they tried to intervene when williams resisted arrest. bye bye buses, the transit board banned big tour buses from san francisco's alamo square. home to the famous painted ladies. some of the best views of the city. why? well neighbors kept complaining about the noise, the traffic, and the exhaust. the banned starts in 30 days. someone else isn't getting a very warm welcome here in the bay area. it looks like president obama's cash machine is all, but tapped out. >> reporter: when you think of rolling back prices, you think wal-mart, not the president. but that's just what's happening with president obama's fundraiser. tickets were $1,000 and now
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half off. yours for $500. the gop chair says that the president's image is a bit dented from recent scandals, like the obama care rollout and eavesdropping on world leaders. >> the october fundraising for the democrats and their level was actually very good. i think there's a difference now though when it is president obama raising money. right now he's not that popular, obama care is not that popular. they're doing well in other profits. >> reporter: the approval rating is at an all-time low even spoofed about anti- depressants. >> ask your doctors for the second-term strength. >> reporter: but democrats content that the president's loyal bay area based isn't running for others, and the problem lies with the larger venue. >> they expanded the seating arrangements and where people can come and support the presentation. and so at least according to them, that's what's going on.
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>> reporter: think about this for a second. the justin timberlake concert expected to happen in january, the v.i.p. tickets that are $1,500 are already sold out. >> so things haven't been going great for the president lately. approval ratings way down. democratic national committees, the registration, advisors, anyone worry about this right now? >> not really. they say that wednesday will be the test. they believe that they could sell out the event, which remains to be seen as we have a few days to check it out. >> but they are still pretty confident? >> yes, still pretty confident. >> all right, thank you for that. that didn't last long. toronto mayor's tv show was canceled after just one episode. >> i have not had a drop of alcohol in three weeks. not a drop. >> none, zero. >> he is saying that now after admitting to smoking crack and being caught on video, they
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show a ratings record, but costs too much to produce. tonight a florida congressman plans to go to rehab after getting busted for allegedly buying coke from an undercover agent. the republican will be arraigned tomorrow on a possession charge. well guys get hauled away in handcuffs. how joe biden made him do it. and we discovered why lots more people are packing heat in the bay area, but you wouldn't know it. well tonight we meet a bay area start up that's all about the girl power and they are -- and they will be on their way to the super bowl. we'll be back in just a second. ,,
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if you want to protect your, get a double barrel shotgun a vice president's advice might be coming back to haunt him. if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun. if there is ever a problem here, just walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts. >> well they say that biden should apologize to them after being arrested for doing just that. back in july, he was charged with illegally discharging a firearm. he did it to scare off three men that were trying to break into the car. >> well vice president biden was right about scaring off intruders. i'm out over $10,000 for following his professional advice. >> he now wears a t-shirt that says joe biden owes me. his case is scheduled to go to trial next year.
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also tonight the nra is suing san francisco as their banned holding more than 10 rounds of ammo is unconstitutional. san francisco's city attorney says that he will be defending what he calls gun safety laws that protect lives. the bay area has been a tough place to legally carry a concealed loaded gun. but kristin ayers found out that's changing, especially in one county. >> you wouldn't know if if they passed you by, but they're packing heat as they finally got a concealed weapons permit this year. >> it makes you feel like everybody knows they have it. >> the timing was right. >> to pick up the magazine. >> reporter: they offer the so- called cpw training in their firearms school. it's a 16-hour course covering everything from the gun safety to the legal dos and don'ts of actually firing. they say for years that all the training still couldn't get you a permit.
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because you still had to prove good cause. >> personal safety will never be a reason for the position. >> after the grand jury found the solano county sheriff may have had an informal policy of denying access and/or discouraging applicants. >> the number of people applying for new sealed permits have skyrocketed. from 27 until 2011 to 254 so far this year. a similar scenario played out in sacramento county. and after the gun rights group filed a lawsuit over the same issue. the county went from issuing 95 permits in 2009 to 727 in 2013. in the nine county bay area, the numbers are all over the charts. san francisco, for instance has not issued a single ccw permit in years. lorin county only has nine
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active permits. while on the other end of the spectrum napa with 359 and solano the most at 451. >> that is a real challenge that could officiate for them to act differently than what they would. >> cody jacobs with the law center to prevent gun violence has helped to defend half a dozen california sheriffs against what they view as orchestrated attacks by the gun lobby. >> their goal is to intimidate the local officials into just giving everyone permits. >> a person that is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. and not actually following the state law. but it's impossible for them to say that we're out there intimidating them. >> reporter: the president gene hoffman is a leading champion of second amendment rights. the problems he says, under california's law, local sheriffs have discretions and they can abuse it. >> the sheriff can decide if they don't like you. that's not constitutional. >> reporter: concealed carriers like charles dobbs couldn't agree more. >> i have auto insurance, i
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have homeowners insurance. i don't plan to use either one, but you've got to be prepared for it unexpectingly. >> kpix 5. we have the number of concealed weapons permits. for each bay area county that's on our web site, how do students heading to class from the bay view end up in the marina? well that's a big question something that -- stumping police. today they identified 20-year- old derek shawl as the man found in the water there last friday. derek was last seen november 7 on his way to the bus. his cause of death is under investigation. dozens gathered in hayward today to remember a girl on the 25th anniversary of her disappearance. she was just 9 years old when someone kidnapped her back in 1988. her mom and supporters tied yellow ribbons around trees in front of grocery stores where her -- in front of the grocery store where her daughter was
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taken. >> she was the same age i was when she was kidnapped. you know thinking of her having grown up like that, you know, of course i have to wonder where she is. you know, if she has children herself. >> although she has never been found, her mom still holds out hope that she will one day come home. there are signs that women's influence in the tech world is improving. yahoo's marissa meyers and facebook's michelle saunders are being recognized. recently more women have been getting hired in the past year. 36,000 women were hired for tech jobs compared to just 24,000 men. and that will be for the tech work force. also tonight, they show us the bay area toy company that will have a cool new video to get young girls to trade in their dolls for hammers.
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>> girls are building something big and breaking down the gender stereotypes along the way. and oakland-based toy companies goldie locks. >> reporter: they want to inspire them to think about the dreams to address it. >> it's with the princesses and the dolls. we're not saying that there is anything more with them. is that there are more options. >> options like engineering, science, math. founder and engineer says that they are not just taking the construction toys to the girls, but they are selling girl power. >> as little kids, you have handymanny and bill the science guy. it starts as a boy's club. when you grow up it gets worse and worse and we want girls to feel like they could fit in. >> reporter: they are not just fitting in. it's standing out. the start up is one out of four
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small businesses in the running to win the 40 second super bowl ad. >> it would literally transform our business. giving us a platform to get the message out. >> reporter: the competition is hosted by the software maker into it. voting is open until december 1 through the public. if you'd like to participate, go to our website to find out how. in oakland, kpix 5. >> and goldie blocks is among 15,000 small businesses to enter this contest. it's the first of its kind. the company with the most votes will win the 30-second spot. paul, we went from sunny skies last week. we've been talking about these showers, they're finally here. you're saying they're beating expectations? >> yes, widespread rains totaling more than half an inch as we want to bring it. we need more. we're getting more thankfully. now, this is good stuff. the middle of the week, not impacting your weekend. certainly impacting your drive home from work today, but that's a different story. let talk about tonight.
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where we are and where we are going. south bay, you've got some of the steadier rainfalls. mountainview, north of fremont. speaking of the north, there's the biggest yellowest blob on the screen. concord, by the way, blob is a technical meteorological term with some widespread rainfall beginning to thin out a bit. but we had a good four to five hour soaker throughout the bay area. lots of folks in the city this evening. out on the area, there's a smart couple with their umbrella. they listened to their forecast. rainfall did come. in the city nearly half an inch of the rainfall. adding to the totals for the year, which is not too much as we are over four inches. despite the rain today, we're not even half of the driest rain on record back in 1976. but we're starting somewhere. this is the rainy season and the storm flow has kept to the north for so long as they kept all the moisture. all the jet stream activity up
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in washington, british columbia, oregon. this time it's for us. we're not done yet. throughout the the day, we'll have on and off rainfall. more on than off and the rain will be with us at this time tomorrow night. once they move on there and the rainfall will move out. there won't be any for several days because of the ridge of the high pressure that's back taking off for a few days. as they come back, they will get back up to the north and the rain is out and sunshine back in, which is coming up on thursday. but we'll talk about the rainfall still to come. how much rain can you expect? our computer says a cent amount, up to an inch of rainfall. redwood city about .4 inches. highs tomorrow, livermore at 64. everybody in the low 60s including pleasant hill. 63 in vallejo. 61 for kent field and san francisco. soggy day tomorrow. thursday, sunshine comes back. the rain is gone. upper 60s on friday, saturday, sunday, mainly sunny skies. we're dry for the first half of
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next week. but this is a start. a good place to start with a lot of rainfall out there tonight continues tomorrow. >> all right, thanks, paul. coming up, the story that has ken saying omg. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people around the world
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still can't get enough of the batkid. t-shirts made to commemorate the make a wish event as it sold out fast with the demand for shirts as far away as australia. the company that makes the shirts has been busy printing thousands more. >> those that will be able to pick it up at the sfpd december 7 challenge. we'll be sending out an e blast attorney to update that information. if you can't make it out that way, we'll be working on other -- other venues. omg! >> what? [ laughter ] >> there's a new word of the year. >> here's a clue. oh lord. >> yup. there he is. selpie is the word of 2013. now according to oxford
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picthioanaries. >> i looked at them and said omg that's ugly. >> yeah. >> came with a break? >> i wonder how many selfies the new quartback is picking up for himself this week. he's on fire. his leap of faith is coming up. ,,,, when it's time to talk business security, talk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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the mail today..and it's broken..but at least it's h arm and not his head.. curry will not be playing it's stephan curry bobble head night tomorrow. it's broken and the positive sign is at least it's on and not his head. because curry will not be playing tomorrow night after diagnosed with a mild concussion where marvin williams fell on him causing his head to hit the hardwood in last night's win over the jazz. he's there today as for his replacement. >> i will not be playing and i will never assign one of my assistant coaches, which has not been considered. >> headed into monday night football with the redskins, the 49ers passing game is ranked last in the league.
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atwon bolden has seven touchdowns. all other 49ers wide receiver not named bolden have combined for a total of 21 catches, 52 yards, and no touchdowns. >> it's unknown to mankind. >> stop looking left to one of the near sides. caught out of bounds. >> yes, we've got that. and you can look at guys for the opportunities. really to show the spine. >> the football team. >> with 49 fans, would they rather have him right here? 197 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions and a remarkably poised nfl starting debut in oakland's win over houston on sunday and 105.9 ratings. you've got to believe that he has earned another start. >> better scripts for your nfl debut. >> it follow right there, probably. but no, you know, it was a good opportunity to be on out there today. and like i said, you know, it's
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what happens when the preparation meets opportunities. >> very well put. we should know that tomorrow, they will start the raiders. suddenly back in the playoff pictures after beating tennessee on sunday. the game right now is not sold o. we'll be there right after the game. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. on the wrong end of the bad bounce on the golf channel with a big break as it broke all right. the swing is still there for the 78-year-old reflexes or not. mexico is leading new zealand 8-1 for their score in the world cup spot. you can't question new zealand's effort though. and number three chris renaldo won this week, sending them to the world cup. a gold winner. >> and how about this? tanner celebrating senior day the right way with the fifth -- over the top. one more time beautiful. the number one play in the
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night, kent state defensive lineman did the same thing. he's 6-4, 265 pounds. now, the defender is very smart. he tries to go in low, he misses him. but if you try to go high on the guy, you were going to pate price. so again, bobble head tomorrow night. i'm going into maintenance right now to see if we could repair him up to play tomorrow evening. >> exactly. tomorrow night. >> thanks. we'll find out tomorrow. so we will see if he is the starter. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newscast is tomorrow mornin 4-30. coming up next, anderson cooper.
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