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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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have finally interviewed the mysterious witness who they believe reported seeing her days earlier in a hospital stairway. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> are you kidding me?! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. well, rain returns to our area, a live look at our hi-def doppler showing showers hitting the east bay with another wave heading for san francisco. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, november 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. as we just saw, still raining in parts of the bay area. >> good to see rain back in the bay area. looks like steady rain has come to an end but we'll have more showers throughout the day today, on and off pop-up showers on our hi-def doppler radar. some could be brief heavy downpours and there's the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. you can see it over sfo. we have rain in that direction
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along the 101 so the roadways of course are very, very slick this morning. sfo we have some mostly cloudy skies, we have that rain there likely going to see some delays as well and hey not bad as far as totals are concerned. over an inch in santa rosa, over three-quarters in san rafael, almost a third in san jose and half inch in san francisco. and we're not done yet. we have more showers to come. now, temperatures today with the rainy weather, carry that umbrella, it's going to be unsettled and cool, highs this is afternoon in the 50s and 60s and a chance of thunderstorms. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. >> reporter: an accident in hayward. the off-ramp is closed right now a car stuck in the mud southbound 880 approaching the whipple road exit. so someone may have taken a turn a little too fast. otherwise at the bay bridge you can see the wet roads toward the toll plaza. there are delays in the far
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left lanes. no metering lights. in the other direction towards the east bay, solo spinout this morning still two lanes blocked. delays towards the skyway on the lower deck of the bay bridge eastbound 80 by 7th. problem-free so far towards the dublin interchange. good to go in those westbound lanes of 580. clear towards the dublin interchange. mass transit looking great. bart systemwide on time more than 30 trains all reporting no delay. kpix 5's cate caugiran is out in the wet weather this morning checking in now from sausalito. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning to you, liz. you're exactly right. the roads are definitely slick this morning from that early- morning rain. now, also left over from yesterday and that's how it's going to be on and off throughout the entire day. we have some video for you that we shot yesterday. we know that the bay area certainly got its helping of the wet stuff. this is a look at the embarcadero you see people taking cover, people were hudle hadding under umbrellas and trudging through puddles
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yesterday. this is the first rain we have seen in well over a month. san leandro residents also dusted off their umbrellas and the majority of people we spoke to didn't seem to mind. >> a lot of people seem to be in a better mood when it's raining. they find somewhere dry to congregate and they are happy to be in that dry spot. and so the talk is always happy talk. >> reporter: the water districts say we need about 8" of rain to cause runoff and this is especially important here in the north bay. residents over here get the majority if not all of their water from rainfall. so again, it's sort of like a bring on the water type of day and as for today as you heard from lawrence, showers are supposed to be on and off so don't feel like if you see that spot of sun in the middle of the day that you need to put away those umbrellas because you will need them throughout the day. live in the north bay, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. vallejo police think the weather may have been a factor
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in a fatal accident. a pedestrian not in a crosswalk was struck by two cars on broadway last night. he was trapped under one of the cars and dragged to about a mile before someone told the driver to stop. the driver did not know he had hit someone. it's a busy morning for pacific gas & electric crews working to get the power back on. the most outages are in the south bay with about 1600 customers without electricity. more than 500 outages are reported in the north bay. in the east bay, 168. and in san francisco, on the peninsula, only a dozen outages at the moment. well, the rain knocked out power to thousands of people including many in the dogpatch neighborhood in san francisco. power problems were at their worst last night with about 15,000 customers losing power. no protest expected in san francisco this afternoon over allegations of police brutality in a public housing project. dozens spent about an hour and a half in front of sfpd's mission dolores station last
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night protesting friday's incident. officers were in riot gear but there were no major problems. they say police used excessive force when arresting dj williams for riding his bike on a sidewalk there. video shows him and other men on the ground. one, orlando rodriguez, admits he got too close to the action. >> it was unnecessary. it was over the top. and definitely something needs to be done about it. that was a first for me and it was over the top. >> police say officers used reasonable force with people who tried to intervene when williams presissed arrest. new details this morning. the mystery man who reported seeing a person in a locked stairwell at sf general has come forward. a hospital spokesman confirmed he is an employee there and last month he reported seeing 57-year-old patient lynne spalding in the stairwell. spalding disappeared from a room september 21. her body was discovered almost three weeks later. right now, about 21,000
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workers are about to stage a one-day strike against five medical centers operated by the university of california. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us now live from uc-san francisco, one of the facilities they are targeting. >> reporter: you're going to see a pink line in front of the hospital -- a picket line in front of the hospital here starting around 6 a.m. this morning, a rally this afternoon. about 22,000 patient care and service workers at five uc pled centers and nine campuses are protesting what they call unfair labor practices, intimidation and harassment by the university. this is video of a one-day strike they held in may. here at ucsf they are trying to minimize patient impact and a judge barred about 50 employees dubbed critical from joining this strike. but about 50 surgeries have been postponed as well as some chemo treatments. the hospital sent out this statement saying, a strike will cost ucsf millions of dollars, money that would otherwise be used to support patient care as
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well as our missions of education and research. now, originally, nurses had planned on joining this strike in sympathy. but they reached an agreement with the university and decided not to join the strike. so it certainly could have been much worse. michelle and frank? >> you mentioned something about intimidation. what exactly does the union allege? >> reporter: that was related to the strike in may. they said a lot of their supervisors would ask them if they were joining the strike or planning on joining the strike pulling them aside they felt intimidated by that. they called it harassment. the university says we were just trying to plan ahead and figure out how many people were going to be striking. >> anne makovec live in san francisco, thank you. police say they have identified a suspect in a san francisco murder that took place after a minor car accident. melkiesha warren was with a friend in a parking lot in soma when another car bumped into them. when warren got out to check the damage an argument ensued and a man in the other car shot the two women.
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>> a sister, you know, a daughter, a coach, a mentor, a teammate, uhm, yes, they will come together, they will bond but there will always be a piece missing. >> warren's friend was critically wounded. san francisco police are still looking for that suspect. but at this point, they are not releasing his identity. a coroner investigation is under way to find out what killed 20-year-old derrick shao from san francisco. he had disappeared in the bayview neighborhood on november 7th. 8 days later his body was found friday on the other side of the bay at the san leandro marina. shao vanished on his way to catch a bus to city college of san francisco. today a proposed change to vallejo high's apache mascot coming before the school district. some think it honors the spirit of the apache while others feel it's offensive. the school will retain the current colors.
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there is no specific replacement for that apache mascot. tonight chevron holding the first of a series of meetings about a community revitalization initiative. the company says it's investing more than $15 million in a long-term plan. the goal is to create jobs, help local students and stimulate richmond's economy. tonight's meeting at 5:30 at the community heritage senior apartments in fred jackson way in richmond. the city of san jose has reached a tentative contract agreement with the police officers association. part of it deals with a 10% pay cut officers took a few years ago. the deal would restore that money to their salaries. officers would get a 4% raise immediately and that would be followed boy raises of about 3% in each of the next two fiscal years. there would also be a one-time 2% bonus. >> on one hand it's good we are going to get some money into our officers box. we have officers still trying to hang on to their homes. on the other hand, though, in 2015, our officers are still
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going to be making what they were making in 2009. >> i'm hopeful that we can focus on growing the police force, getting the full staffing back. that will be the focus of our he was for the city and the union. >> the deal still has to be approved by the rank-and-file officers as well as the city council. a virginia state senator hospitalized in fair condition after being stabbed at his home. police in millboro say it appears creigh deeds was attacked by his 24-year-old son gus deeds who then killed himself. investigators are looking into what led to the violence. creigh deeds is well known statewide having run for governor of virginia four years ago. 5:10 now. another setback for toronto's embattled mayor. rob ford's tv show is canceled after one episode. >> i haven't touched a drop of alcohol in three weeks. not a drop. not a drop. i'll take a urine test right
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now. not a drop. none. zero. >> sun news network says ford nation was the highest rated program ever for them but it was too costly to produce. earlier this week city council voted to strip ford of many of his powers in response to his admission of drug use and erratic behavior. meanwhile here in the united states, a florida congressman is set to appear in court in washington today after being charged with cocaine possession. henry trey radel is a 37-year- old freshman republican. he apologized to his constituents saying he made an extremely irresponsible choice. radel says he has been struggling with alcoholism and plans to get help. time now is 5:11. coming up, watch out, channing tatum. who "people" magazine just named sexiest man alive. >> and presidential fatigue hitting the bay area. the slashed prices for his big upcoming phraser. >> forget the hunger games. how about the hungry games? sesame street takes on the catching fire sequel in a new suit. >> we continue to see showers
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around the bay area but now a chance of thunderstorms. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the accident in san francisco on the skyway is now cleared but there's still some flooding reports in the area. plus other parts of the bay area. you want to stay tuned for your "kcbs traffic report" after this break. ,,
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wallops flight 3, 2, 1 -- mark. >> a us air force blasted 29 satellites into orbit last night from nasa's facility in virginia. one of the satellites is the first to be built entirely by students at virginia's thomas jefferson high school for science and technology. it weighs about 3 pounds and took 7 years to build and it's now orbiting the earth. >> wow. that's cool. mini tar rocket is trending this morning. also trending now ford nation. mayor rob ford's reality show was canceled after just one episode. adam levine the marine 5 front man is "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. kelly clarkson is pregnant with her first child. and sesame street is trending. the pbs staple spoofs the new hunger games sequel. take a look. >> the time has come to choose who will play in the hungry games.
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and may the cookies be ever in your flavor. >> ew. >> i love it, too. >> that's good. >> this version stars cookieness ever eat as she battles the poking monkeys and the tickling winds, i guess. the five-minute video teaches kids about patterns. the spoof is viral just days ahead of the real catching fire which hits theaters on friday. >> i will go see that. >> the first one was amazing. >> i'm excited. i read all three books, elizabeth. >> i saw the first movie. so i guess i got to see part 2, as well. sesame street, though, a little creepy. [ laughter ] >> funny but creepy depending how you look at it. it is a wet day, wet morning commute. we have seen a lot of problems on the road overnight. and into this morning things appear to be relatively quiet. slow down. so far, so good at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. usually the middle lanes puddle. you can see some cars making splashes this morning westbound toward san francisco but no delay. we saw delays earlier. and this crash is now reopened southbound 880 at whipple road. that's open as well as the skyway eases bound 80 at 7th. there's still slowing though towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. there were flooding reports in the area near northbound 101 to eastbound 80 towards the central freeway. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. westbound 580 headlights westbound. drive time 16 minutes. no problems out of tracy or through the altamont pass. 880 no overnight roadwork this morning. caltrans suspended it due to wet weather. that is your latest "kcbs traffic report." for more on your west forecast, here's lawrence. >> showers around the bay area
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and steady rain has ended. we are going to be more showers throughout the day today with even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking this system and you can see just some widely scattered showers around the bay area. some heavier rainfall now showing up into the central valley. but taking you for a closer look now you can see some showers making your way into toward the east bay along 580, the 680 near dublin. we have some light showers there and you're seeing that out on the roads now so be careful. some slick roads out there this morning and still more rain to come. showers early on today. the temperatures generally in the 50s. by the afternoon, think we'll see a couple of sunny breaks in between the clouds and that may give rise to pop-up thunderstorms this afternoon into the evening hours. temperatures cool in the 50s and the 60s. so finally, get a cold front driving through the bay area after a two-month dry period. looks like it's brought some much-needed rain some plays over an inch of rain so far. and the unsettled weather continues today with the possibility of more showers. keep that umbrella handy with you. you may see the sun briefly and
5:19 am
then all of a sudden a shower moves in your direction again. our computer models show you the system in the bay area this morning breaks off into more scattered showers through the morning and into the afternoon, that's when we may see enough of that heating to give rise to some thunderstorms. unsettled this afternoon through thursday morning. around the state, showers into the central valley. snow in the high country. they have a winter weather advisory at 7,000 feet there, so be careful if you are headed in that direction. then it looks like next couple of days we'll watch things settling down but today, unsettled weather continuing. 50s and 60s outside. showers continuing today. maybe a lingering shower into thursday. and then as we head in toward friday, well, we got high pressure building in, some offshore winds, and back into the 70s in some spots. looks like a great weekend. in fact, dry weather over the weekend, and into the beginning of next week. but today, a little treacherous out there on the roadways. we're not used to rain. >> it's coming down, big time this morning. >> everyone needs to be very careful on the roads. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. it is 5:19 now.
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starting mid-december tour buses will now be banned in a 25-block area of san francisco. yesterday the municipal transportation agency voted to prohibit the buses from alamo square park and the areas surrounding it near the painted ladies there. neighbors have been complaining about noise, traffic and exhaust fumes. organizers are struggling to sell tickets to a san francisco fundraiser featuring president obama. monday's event is meant to raise money for democrat congressional candidates. but it's suffering from sluggish sales. tickets that were $1,000 each are now on sale for half that amount. former state republican chair tom del beccaro says the rocky rollout of healthcare reform may be a reason. >> the october fundraising for the democrats at the senatorial level actually was very good. but i think it was the difference now though when it's president obama raising money, right now he is not that popular, obamacare is not that popular. but they are doing well in
5:21 am
other facets. >> the event will take place at the san francisco jazz center. the next step for the new apple headquarters in cupertino is the groundbreaking and that's expected to happen before the end of the year. the cupertino city council made it official last night, apple can build its big round building that will cover nearly 3 million square feet. first the council reduced the size of the tax break, though, it gave apple years ago to stay in the city of cupertino. it's 5:21 right now. curiosity got the cat literally. see the length one neighborhood cat went to get a closer view of the action. >> reporter: and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, steph curry is sidelined again. but not what you think. and a defensive lineman has the run of the week. wait until you see it coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fame. it decided to get up close with a camera crew du a newscast... by unexpected jumping on it looks like one canadian cat wanted its five minutes of fame. it decided to get up close with the camera crew during a newscast by unexpectedly jumping on the camera and then using the photographer as a ladder to catch a better view. you can see the reporter in the background certainly got a laugh out of this cat. >> it's cold there. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. stephen curry is going to miss some time and not because of the ankle. curry suffered a mild
5:25 am
concussion a couple of nights ago when marvin williams fell on him. his head hit the hardwood. curry won't play tonight against the grizzlies. but should be all right. matt mcgloin is trying to get a quarterback controversy going in oakland. making his first career started sunday mcgloin threw three touchdowns, no interceptions if the win over the texans. he had a rating of 105.9. that was tenth best in the league for week 11. in comparison, colin kaepernick 72.9 rating. that was 25th in the league. >> better script for your nfl debut? >> if i was writing it, probably, but, you know, no, it was -- you know, it was a great opportunity to be out there today and like i said, you know, that's what happens when preparation meets opportunity. >> kent state defensive live man takes the fake punt and then look at this, how about that he leaps over defenders.
5:26 am
nate is 6'4", 265 pounds. he looked like it there. kent state beat ohio state 44- 13. we're calling them the big turhuni. later today we should find out who the starting quarterback is for the raiders. do they go back to pryor or does mcgloin again the start against tennessee on sunday? we'll have that for you in the 6:00 news. have a great day. >> we're thinking mcgloin. >> i think so. play of the day from 13- year-old rean berryman out of oregon. she broke the world record in her age group for the bench press. there she is. one rep, 127 pounds. certainly good for your play of the day. >> go, rean. it's 5:26. coming up, new concerns about pilots and air traffic controllers. how their weight could impact your safety. >> what the big cell phone carriers are refusing to do to protect you if your phone is stolen. >> and more showers are making their way through the bay area causing some power outages along the way.
5:27 am
we'll tell you where it's the worst when we return. ,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. from our first storm of the winter. . it's your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. back for another round. the bay area is getting a soaking from our first storm of the winter. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we are keeping an eye on the wet weather for you this morning. stand by for an update of traffic and weather. first we go to sausalito where kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is out in the rain. cate, take it away. >> reporter: just when i thought that i could retire this jacket for the year, i guess i thought wrong. i had to dig in the back of my closet to get the cbs raincoat out. we know that the showers here in the bay area are going to be on and off throughout the day so i don't think i'm going to
5:31 am
retire my umbrella or this jacket just yet. here's just some video we had from yesterday though. we saw rain all over the bay area. this is san francisco where puddles lined our sidewalks and people got out their rain boots and put them to good use. over in the east bay, in hayward, it's the same story residents taking in the first big rain in over a month and the people we spoke to say they welcome the wet weather. >> i like it. the streets don't get washed anymore, pressure washed. so it's kind of nice to have, you know, the rain come down and wash the streets. >> reporter: but with the wet weather comes slick roads and damage. we're already seeing some power outages due to the storm. pg&e is currently reporting more than 1500 outages in the south bay, more than 500 here in the north bay. and in the east bay, about 136 homes are without power.
5:32 am
and a small handful in san francisco and the peninsula are seeing the same thing. and it's not only that, on top of that we're also seeing that the roads are slick here in the morning as we were driving across the golden gate bridge we could see that so drivers, be careful this morning. but for more on how long this rain will stick around, here's lawrence karnow in the dry weather center. >> yes, very nice in the studio today, cate. you know what? we have more rain outside now but it looks like this steady rain has come to an end. we are going to see more showers and drizzle. our hi-def doppler radar is picking up on that now. you can see the wave of stronger storms in the central valley. scattered showers in the bay area. livermore has rain coming down there right now as our hi-def shows that along 580. looks like that will continue throughout the morning hours. we are going to see showers on and off throughout the better part of the day. expecting some delays at sfo today although they haven't reported any just yet but that likely will change. temperatures are going to stay fairly mild.
5:33 am
rainfall totals pretty impressive so far over an inch in santa rosa. a third an inch in san jose. half inch in oakland. over half inch in san francisco. and still more rain to come. out over the bay we have mostly cloudy skies, the temperatures generally in the 50s outside. i think as we look toward the afternoon, going to see a couple of sunny breaks in between the clouds, then maybe just enough, there is a possibility of isolated thunderstorms too, highs only in the 50s and the 60s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. you really want to take it extra careful on the off-ramps where we see a lot of spinouts, drivers going too fast for the conditions or use mass transit. so far everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. nothing reporting any delays right now. so here is what it looks like on the roads. as lawrence and cate mentioned, it is slick out there. this is a live look westbound 580. the delays are just beginning now over the altamont pass and
5:34 am
the livermore valley. so the drive time is considered slow. and out towards 880 in oakland, we got that weird halo effect happening right now due to the light rain falling and the slick roads. northbound appears to be okay. only about 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. we had some earlier flooding reports and a lot of those have since cleared up. so we'll continue to give you "kcbs traffic reports" throughout the morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. rain around here usually means snow in the sierra nevada. reporter laura cole went to the mountains to check out the conditions. >> reporter: slippery and slick. >> it's just wet. >> reporter: drivers taking it slow going over the summit. the rain-snow mix turned into a solid snow shower as the temperatures got colder. >> people are not expecting this with it being so warm earlier today. >> reporter: many hoped to make over it the summit before having to chain up. >> it's been misting and i just now started getting heavier as i stopped just now. >> reporter: others didn't dress for the wet weather and
5:35 am
couldn't stay out long. >> it's getting chilly. i got my ski coat in the car. >> reporter: but with very few snow showers so far this ski season, those that hit the slopes week in and week out hope this is the first of many storms in the months to come. >> if it keeps up like this, it means we are going to have a good season this year. >> the snow looks great. that's laura cole reporting from the sierra. this morning, chains are required on highway 50 and state road 88. you can track the storm anytime with our interactive hi-def doppler radar on our website, today oakland is opening temporary winter shelters. it can accommodate single adults without children. there are no locations, on san pablo 16th street, franklin street and fruitvale avenue. the bart board is expected to reject a disputed contract proposal tomorrow. bart unions had already ratified the contract when it was found to include a family
5:36 am
leave provision. bart management says it shouldn't have been there. the "contra costa times" reports the board is likely to turn down the contract and ask the unions to vote again on the deal this time without the family leave. new this morning, missouri executed the white supremist serial killer who shot larry flint joseph paul franklin went cross-country on a killing spree from 1977 to 1980. he was put to death today. frankly claimed responsibility for -- franklin claimed responsibility for at least 20 murders and admitted shooting to shooting larry flint, paralyzed since the attack. two men have pleaded not guilty in the murder of an 8- year-old girl at a sleepover in oakland. alaysha carradine was shot when she opened the door in july. 22-year-old darnell williams and 27-year-old joe carroll were charged with her murder. voters in the town of sonoma have narrowly rejected
5:37 am
measure b. it would have put a 25-room maximum limit on new hotels as well as existing hotels planning to expand. the measure fell short with 51.3% voting no. supporters said the measure would retain sonoma's small town feel while opponents feared it would hurt its reputation as a tourist town. a 14-year-old boy is in juvenile hall charged with armed robbery accused of using a pellet gun to steal money from an 11-year-old. it happened november 1 along 19th avenue in oakland. investigators say the victim was first told to give up his cell phone but instead the 14- year-old child settled for five bucks. they didn't know one another. the suspect called police saturday to turn himself in. samsung's kill switch has been rejected by the country's largest cell phone carriers. san francisco d.a. george gascon says the kill switch would render stolen or lost phones use less. law enforcement says it would
5:38 am
combat phone theft but hackers could disable phones using it potentially. >> we are talking about a $16 billion a year industry and about a half of that seems to be attached to the replacement of phones being stolen. >> the wireless association that represents service providers is working on alternatives to kill switches. the senate plans to vote on an amendment to change how the military handles sexual assault cases stripping military commanders of the authority to prosecute sex crimes and increase punishments for those convicted offenders but opponents in the military say these changes will make it worse for victims. >> there's a lot of pressure of course from the pentagon to oppose this reform. >> leaving these cases within the chain of command exacerbates the process of repeat victimization. >> an opposing amendment would keep the decision to prosecute in the hands of the commanders. the white house would not weigh in on the issue. the clumsy rollout of the affordable care act is taking a toll on president obama's popularity.
5:39 am
a new cbs news poll shows his approval rating is now just 37%. it's the lowest of his presidency and a full 9 points lower than last month. as for americans' opinions of the healthcare reform law, only 31% currently approve it. that number is 12 points lower than in october. the white house acknowledged top officials including the president were briefed on potential problems with six months before the launch. the president has faced weeks of questioning about whether he knew of problems with the website ahead of its launch on october 1. tech experts testified before a congressional hearing that, in their opinion, the site is still not secure enough for consumers to confidently use it. the federal aviation administration is giving extra medical attention to overweight pilots and air traffic controllers before they are certified. the faa's top doctor tells the "washington post" that obstructive sleep apnea is almost universal in obese people so pilots and
5:40 am
controllers with the body mass index over 40 and a neck circumference over 16" will be evaluated by a sleep specialist. well, the market hopes for a turnaround when trading begins in a little less than an hour from now. a lot of us are having trouble paying our credit card bills. alexis christoforous of joins us now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. americans spent money last month despite the partial goverment shutdown. the commerce department said retail sales rose .4% the best gain we have seen since july and a separate report finds consumer prices dipped a tenth of a percent last month. here on wall street, stock futures actually pointing to a lower open. yesterday the dow was down, nasdaq down 17. and more americans fell behind on their credit card payments in the 3rd quarter. even so credit reporting agency transunion says the delinquency rate remains near a six-year low. overall credit card debt per
5:41 am
borrower is down 1% compared to a year ago and americans are carrying a smaller overall balance on their cards. a house panel plans to investigate allegations that workers in the census bureau fixed the numbers in a monthly unemployment report. that probe is in response to a report this week in the "new york post" that says the jobs report was manipulated ahead of last year's presidential race. the a white house spokesman calls the post story misleading. and microsoft chairman bill gates got choked up during yesterday's shareholders meeting when he talked about finding a replacement for long- time friend and ceo steve ballmer. >> and, ahem -- [ pause ] >> uhm -- >> we share a commitment that microsoft will succeed, uhm, as a company that makes the world a better place. so thank you for your support. >> gates and balmer have been microsoft's only chief executive since the company was founded in 1975. microsoft's board hopes to have
5:42 am
a new chief by year's end. finally, madonna has been crowned the highest paid musician by forbes magazine for 2013. the 55-year-old material girl has still got it. she raked in $125 million. lady gaga a distance the second coming in at $80 million and bon jovi a close third with 79 million. not to be left out toby keith the highest paid country artist this year, $65 million. >> i think i'm going to buy a guitar. [ laughter ] >> alexis christoforous, thank you. 5:42. a california costco at the center of a religious controversy. what a pastor found on store shelves that set off a heated debate. >> there's a lot worse than mine but this is a middle of the pack stash. >> cutting down the razor. an east bay police department wants to change the face of men's health. >> and if you thought that kid's success was just for one day, think again. how this over the top make a wish is still bringing in some mighty big bucks coming up. ,,
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,,,, [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso to 16 people... during ceremonies in washington. the recipients include form president bill c today, president obama will award the presidential medal of freedom to 16 people during a ceremony in washington. the recipients include former president bill clinton, talk show host oprah winfrey and country music star loretta
5:46 am
lynn. the presidential medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. the pastor went to costco and found the bible labeled as fiction so he tweeted it. caleb posted the photo friday after visiting costco's simi valley store. he says the response is enormous. >> a lot of people were upset, some people were fine with it. but it shows how polarizing the bible is and how polarizing jesus can be. >> the stickers have been replaced with generic price tags. the man says costco said it was an isolated processing error 5:46. a little wet out there. let's see how traffic is moving on this wednesday. >> overall, things are moving along. we actually had some earlier problems much earlier overnight there were more flooding reports coming in more road closures. everything is quieting down in the last half hour. but that's not to say the roads aren't slick. take it slow. still a number of spinouts that
5:47 am
are possible and we actually just saw one reported in pleasant hill. one of the off-ramps is often where we see those accidents happen so here's a live look traffic heading towards the macarthur maze at telegraph on 24. still moving at the speed limit. and everything looks good especially through the caldecott tunnel their new fourth bore and if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza so far pretty quiet as well maybe some slight delays in a couple of the right cash lanes. we have been calling the chp to get updates and flooding reports. earlier they said there was some puddling in the fast lane northbound 101 at lucky drive where it often floods in larkspur. and here's a live look westbound 237, so far free- flowing in milpitas all the way towards sunnyvale, no problems in the south bay. but let's get a live look. we sent edgar out our photographer who we often talk about here. he is stuck in the rain this morning. the light drizzle. and you can see at 101 near trimble where everything is moving at the speed limit, both directions of 101, between san jose and santa clara. got any questions about your
5:48 am
morning drive? tune to 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> finally some rain to talk about around the bay area. it's been a couple of months since we have seen substantial rainfall. now it is back. i think the steady rain has come to an end, more showers outside right now. we are seeing that on our hi- def doppler radar, scattered showers continuing, heavier bands going to the central valley but we have more continuing to cruise through our skies and we are goes more of that on and off throughout the day today. you see some light showers now in through benicia and it looks lick just passing east of concord -- it looks like just passing east of concord. if we get a little sunlight and heating we could see scattered thunderstorms into the afternoon. so a cloudy start to the day with showers outside and showers the possibility of some thunderstorms in the latter part of the day and then big changes coming up. i think we go for some wet weather to temperatures probably above average as we look toward the weekend. i think overall, though, we are going to keep things unsettled for today and maybe into tomorrow morning as well as that low is going to be just slow to move out of town. so that's some good news.
5:49 am
some places over an inch of rain already. you may see a couple of sunny breaks. carry that with you. showers may fall shortly. sfo going to see arrival delays there with some cloudy skies and some showery conditions. if you are headed across the country, 48 degrees and mostly cloudy in chicago. 60 and mild for this time of year in denver. 75 degrees in houston. 43 and chilly but sunny in new york. i think as you head around the bay today showers throughout the day on and off, temperatures only in the 50s and the 60s. and then it looks like this storm system starts to wind down, maybe a lingering shower on thursday. by friday, offshore winds kick in and back into the 70s in some spots inland making for a very nice weekend and looks like nice weather to begin the week. let's check your schoolcast for today for south valley middle school in gilroyful if you are just getting up, be prepared for rain. bring your umbrella. temperatures in fact 50s, showers likely to continue for lunch recess. and even when you get out at the final bell a few more showers coming your way. if you would like to nominate
5:50 am
your school for a kpix 5 schoolcast, go to and you can nominate it there. sunrise times, 6:56 a.m., sunset this evening you may get to see with some beautiful billowing cumulus clouds, about 4:55 in the evening. >> you lost another minute. >> i know. but we got some rain! >> there you go. members of a bay area police force are proving their manliness by not shaving. >> yeah. it's all part of a movement called movember. mark kelly takes us to walnut creek with more on this powerful moustache message. >> reporter: these are three of the 33 walnut creek officers in the middle of a fierce competition. who can grow the coolest moustache in one month's time. >> some people will come with a nice stash. >> there's a lot worse than mine but this is a middle of the pack stash. >> reporter: it's called movember. during the the month of november, participants grow a moustache nicknamed a mo to
5:51 am
raise money for men's health issues and at the end of the month, you, the public, go on facebook to pick your favori. halfway through the competition, the moustaches are coming in many shapes, sizes and colors. but officers are doing this to help one organization. the prostate cancer foundation. >> a lot of people are talking about it, almost everyone at one point or another had a family member or friend suffering from prostate cancer so it's great to raise awareness. >> reporter: of course officers hope to raise a lot of money to help fight prostate cancer but this is an opportunity for the officers to connect with the community. >> we aren't always the serious people that you might think we are, that we can take ourselves less seriously and we're very approachable. >> we're hoping to get some more followers on facebook and twitter so we can reengage with our citizens. >> reporter: what better way to spark that connection than with a little humor over funny moustache pictures on facebook? >> there's definitely a top five worst mustaches so far and
5:52 am
we definitely have those. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5, walnut creek. >> you used to have a big moustache. >> i did. i had one for my first seven years -- i shaved it off during a telethon and never grew it back. but you never know. >> you should have good evening it for november. >> two weeks vacation. voila. it seems people around the world still can't get enough of batkid. >> right. the t-shirts they made for last friday's make a wish event in san francisco, they sold out fast. but there's been demand for the shirts from as far as australia. the company that makes them is now busy printing thousands more. san francisco police will sell the shirts next month to benefit the make-a-wish foundation. >> and those will be able to be picked up at the sfpd challenge december 7th. we are going to be sending out an eblast to everybody to update that information. if you can't make it out that day, we're working on other venues past that to fill your orders. >> last friday, the make-a-wish foundation transformed san francisco into gotham city so this little guy five-year-old
5:53 am
miles scott could be a super hero. he was great. >> he probably still has the bat gear on a week later. great kid. 5:53. bye-bye boys club. women are breaking into the tech world in a big way. >> plus -- >> girls, girls, girls -- >> and a bay area startup tries to break down gender stereotypes by building something new. ,, ,,,,,,
5:54 am
people across america are experiencing the amazing shine of finish quantum, voting it product of the year, better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and now it has the good housekeeping seal, giving finish quantum more honors than ever before. finish quantum delivers amazing clean and shine, which cascade actionpacs just can't do. take the finish shine challenge
5:55 am
yahoo c-e-o marissa mayer, d cebook's sheryl s there are new signs that women are having a growing influence in the tech world. marissa mayer and cheryl sandberg are recognized for their accomplishments in a male-dominated field but recently more women have been getting hired.
5:56 am
in the past year, 36,000 women hire for tech jobs compared to 24,000 men. men still make up two-thirds of the tech workforce. speaking of which, a hot new toy is aiming to inspire a whole new generation of women in the tech industry. oakland-based toy company goldieblox is hoping to encourage girls to start thinking about math and science. they are going about it through a new line of construction toys for girls hoping to spread their message. they are now in the running to win an ad during the super bowl. >> a super bowl ad would literally transform our business and give us a platform to get our message out. >> the competition runs until december 1. the company with the most votes will win the 30- second spot and for more information on the voting just go to our website, coming up on kpix 5, keep those umbrella handy. the bay area is getting a second helping of rain today. we'll tell you when it's going to be the heaviest when we return. what's christine's story?
5:57 am
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it's the first rain in nearly two months, but don't put those umbrella away just yet. parts of the bay could be seeing rain through thursday morning. >> tried to stop them from speaking out for patient safety and it's wrong. >> thousands of university of california medical center workers are going on strike today. the union has been working without at contract for a year. >> so it's over the top and this is definitely that something needs to be done about that. dozens are expected to rally against the san francisco police department. video surfaced sparking claims of excessive force. >> what happened to miss spalding ford should have never happened to anyone. >> reporter: lynne spalding was missing for more than 2.5 weeks before her body was finally found in san francisco general hospital and now authorities have finally interviewed the mysterious witness who they believe reported seeing her days earlier in a hospital stairway. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> are you kidding me?!


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