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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 20, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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lot more wet weather could >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald a torrential downpour in parts of the bay area right now. and a lot more wet weather could be on the way. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. let's get right over to lawrence karnow. the hi-def doppler radar is lighting up again, lawrence. >> guys, it is really ripping around the bay area right now. our hi-def doppler radar lit up with yellows, oranges and even reds. look at this system as it begins to make its way onshore.
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quiet early on but now it's ripping outside. you can see yellows, oranges and reds now sliding into parts of the east bay. you can see that into oakland near richmond. some strong storms there. along san ramon along the 680 some very heavy rainfall and we have had reports of flooding on some of the local roadways so be very careful. on the peninsula strong shores moving onshore. along the 101 very heavy rainfall but maybe even more importantly, looks like we are going to see some stronger storms developing over the next few minutes here. you can see this next wave just off the coastline. that is going to be pushing onshore. it may be moving a little further to the south in along the peninsula and headed toward the south bay so you can see san jose is dry right now. but we're expecting some very heavy rainfall headed in that direction toward the santa cruz mountains. it is going to be a wild after afternoon and there's a possibility of thunderstorms.
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it's coming down quick right now. that's the latest. back to you. as you might expect, the rain is causing some significant problems out on the roads. a live look from our kpix 5 mobile weather lab. not moving a lot here. within the past hour, the three left lanes on northbound 101 at the 280 split, they were flooded. also a major injury accident on the peninsula, highway 84 at university avenue. taking it slow out there. here's a picture of the flooding northbound 101 from a kpix 5 viewer. so the roads are getting flooded out there and a live look now at the mess on the bay bridge. midday traffic slow going crossing the span. high winds and that rain really ripping right now. we can tell you the skies absolutely opened up in san francisco in the last half hour. kpix 5's cate caugiran is on a very soggy embarcadero. >> reporter: it's not looking better out here. can barely see the bay bridge from where we're at. it's just so stormy in this
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area here. we know that this weather is leaving our roadways slick and it's also keeping our pg&e and utility crews busy. rain jackets on, umbrellas up and chainsaws put to work, the storm gave this san francisco neighborhood a different alarm clock weapons morning when a tree fell on the -- wednesday morning when a tree fell on the roadblocking the hyde cable car line. pg&e crews had extra work and some students in south san jose had an extra day off. classes at silver creek high school were canceled due to power out from the storm. >> what do you think, james. do we like the rain? i think we need the rain. >> reporter: everywhere around the bay area rain gear was put to good use and instead of soaking in the sun, some residents were happy to soak in the rain. >> it's been dry for a long time, and it's the time of year when we should get some rain. it's fine. just don't get in car accidents. >> reporter: some people did. we saw gridlock on the roadways, several early-morning accidents due to slick roads
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causing major backups on the freeways. brad was looking forward to california sun. you're coming in from out of town from atlanta. >> expecting nice weather, you know. but it was not good. >> reporter: as lawrence said we might see breaks here and there but showers are expected to linger throughout the day so it's a good thing to keep your umbrella handy. live on the embarcadero, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you, cate. storm brought some snow though to the high sierra. something ski resorts are mighty happy about. several resorts open up friday for the holiday coming up. the snow is coming a little later than usual this fall and resorts have had to make a lot of their own snow leading up to this storm. of course you can track the storm anytime with our interactive hi-def doppler radar. just go to our website, the president award the nation's highest civilian honor to 16 people today in a special
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ceremony at the white house. president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom to the man who used to occupy the oval office, bill clinton. oprah winfrey was also recognized for her charity work. president obama will headline a dinner later today at the american history museum that will honor all of the recipients this year. a florida congressman caught redhanded boy cocaine from an undercover cop took a plea deal today before not before he made a revealing apology to his voters. tara mergener has the story. >> reporter: congressman trey radel arrived at court to face a misdemeanor cocaine charge. he pleaded guilty to one count of drug possession. the judge quickly sentenced him to one year of minimally supervised probation and ordered him to contribute $250 to a victims compensation fund. radel's wife was not with him in court. in a statement, released tuesday, the 37-year-old republican apologized to his constituents and said he had a
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drinking problem. "i struggle with the disease of alcoholism, he said, and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice. as the father of a young son and husband to a loving wife." radel wrote, "i need to get help so i can be a better man for both of them." the dea says he bought cocaine from an undercover agent on october 29th, not far from the capital. agents learned radel had bought cocaine multiple times so they set up a sting operation. radel was elected in 2012. he represents constituents in a heavily republican southwest florida district. and sometimes calls himself, a hip-hop conservative. >> tupac is what i listen to in my car. >> reporter: he is currently cosponsoring a bill that reforms minimum sentencing laws for drug offenders. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> since the incident, radel has entered an outpatient counseling and treatment program in d.c. he plans to enter an in-patient treatment program back home in naples, florida in the near future.
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new details on the missing woman found in a stairwell at sf general. the mystery you know man who first reported seeing her has come forward again. he is an employee there. last month, he reported seeing 57-year-old patient lynne spalding in the stairwell. spalding disappeared from her room september 21. her body was discovered almost three weeks later. a labor dispute is impacting uc medical centers statewide today. the one-day strike is affecting hundreds of patients and their families. anne makovec joins us live now, where medical workers are on the picket lines. anne. >> reporter: they're walking that line despite the rain this morning. the workers that you can see here behind me a wide variety of roles here at ucsf medical center from respiratory therapists to mri technicians to janitors who have been working without a contract for more than a year and they are nowhere close to a deal. >> reporter: this is the second
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strike this year for two unions representing almost 22,000 patient care and service workers at five uc medical centers and nine campuses. >> we are your voice. we see the things behind the scenes that patients may not see. >> we have been telling the university forever that we have staffing problems. we're understaffed. we're putting patients at risk. and they try to shuts up. >> reporter: the university says there's no safety problem that this is driven by a year- long contract dispute about wages and pensions. ucsf is trying to minimize patient impact but postponed almost 50 surgeries today and chemo treatments, as well. >> we have had to do surgeries ahead of time and cases tomorrow. and that's a bigger impact as well because we have to ramp back up in order to meet the needs and demands of these patients that needed to be done today. >> reporter: the university says even emergency rooms are subject to, quote, drive-by status today meaning there's a chance ambulances with less
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critical patients may be rerouted to other facilities. the hospital hospital's head nurse speaking for the university hopes this all ends soon. >> i think that we are going to get back to the table and we really need to resolve these issues and we need to get a contract. >> they need to listen to what we're telling them and make this workplace better. >> reporter: as for the allegations of unfair work practices and intimidation, there's going to be a state hearing on those issues in march. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> this is affecting students at uc college campuses. the union representing teachers assistants and maintenance workers is also on strike. happening today, around the bay oakland is planning to hold a transgender remembrance day. it's inspired by luke fleischman who was set on fire a little more than two weeks ago on a bus. the suspect in the case told investigators he did it because sasha was wearing a skirt at the time. the ceremony is set for this evening outside city hall and honors all transgenders victims
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of violence. a burglary suspect definitely did not get what he was looking for this morning in emeryville. police say 42-year-old michael shea broke into an estate auction business just before 6 a.m. looking for jewelry. he found it. but it was costume jewelry worth 30 bucks. they say he crashed into a patrol car and tried to get away from the police. then he fled on foot. >> the suspect fled on foot into the yards of a neighborhood, got on the roof of a neighborhood home, then jumped on a resident -- to a school in the neighborhood at 41st and adeline. >> the officer involved in the crash was not injured. after taking gotham city last week or san francisco by storm, batkid is back home this morning no doubt resting. >> no kidding. 5-year-old miles scott returned to the northern california town of tulelake an international celebrity. his dream of becoming a superhero played out last friday in the streets of san
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francisco for all the world to see. the experience is something miles or his family will never forget. and that is what they had to say when asked about what was the most memorable moment. >> saving the world. >> everybody was smiling, happy, jumping up and down with their phones out and just to see a crowd like that of everybody excited and happy. >> miles' wish was granted by the make-a-wish foundation. he has been fighting leukemia since he was one but now it's in remission. and good luck trying to find a batkid t-shirt. the shirts made for last friday are sold out with people as far away as australia trying to get their hands on one. the company that made the batkid shirts is now scrambling to make more of them. the san francisco police department is planning to sell them next month to raise money for the make-a-wish foundation. a learjet suddenly goes down off the coast of florida. what led to the deadly crash? coming up. >> we're proud to stand with pastor frank because of what he did. >> honestly, to not defrock him sends a message but i think it
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would be hurtful in the long run. >> a man suspended for officiating his own son's wedding. why it's created a contentious debate. >> a strong storm now moving through the bay area and there is more to come just offshore. we'll talk about it coming up and thunderstorms. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a coast guard " at least two people are dead and two others missing aftea jet >> may day, may day. >> frying really low over -- flying really low over the water, not paying attention, strange for a plane to be flying so low and 30 minutes later the coast guard. >> at least two people are dead and two others missing after a jet crashed into the atlantic last night shortly after taking
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off from the fort lauderdale airport. the pilot knew there was trouble immediately but the plane went down a mile off the coast. investigators are trying to find out what led to the stabbing of a virginia state senator. it appears creigh deeds was attacked by his son, gus, in the family's bath county home yesterday. gus deeds was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. creigh deeds is hospitalized in good condition. he ran for governor of virginia 4 years. a united methodist pastor is punished for presiding over his own son's wedding. marlie hall explains what got him in trouble was his son is a homosexual. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: supporters of frank schaefer gathered in prayer and song tuesday night. the united methodist pastor is now suspended for 30 days for officiating his son's same-sex marriage in 2007. schaefer believes the bible's message condemning
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homosexuality is out of date. >> i can no longer be a silent supporter but that now i feel i have to be an advocate, an outspoken advocate for all lesbian, gay, transgendered and bisexual people. >> reporter: a jury of fellow pastors says schaefer violated the rules and broke his vows. >> look at this, they say that our ministers are not to officiate at same-sex weddings. >> reporter: schaefer has been a pastor at zion united methodist church of ionia in spring city, pennsylvania, for the past 11 years. his suspense has members of the congregation divided. >> we're proud to stand with pastor frank because of what he did. >> honestly, to not defrock him sends a message that i think would be hurtful in the long run. >> reporter: church officials have asked schaefer to never again perform same-sex marriages. but the pastor says he won't agree to that and expects to be forced out at the end of the suspension. marlie hall for cbs news. >> the united methodist church
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is the nations largest main line protestant denomination. it does accept gay and lesbian members but rejects the practice of homosexuality as incompatible with christian teaching. a live look at the big board. this morning the markets are down so far you can see the dow is down 83. the rain is causing significant problems on roads. this is a live look from our mobile weather. within the past hour the three left lanes on northbound 101 at the 280 split were flooded. also, a major injury accident on the peninsula highway 84 and university avenue. and they opened up in san francisco a little more than an hour ago. this is a live look right now at the embarcadero. you can see people out there with raincoats and rain gear and umbrellases. and a live look now at the bay bridge. midday traffic slow going across the span at least westbound coming into the city. >> i guess it's a slow day for
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you, right, lawrence? >> not much going on. take the rest of the day off. [ laughter ] >> this has been something else. it started to quiet down early on this morning but now it's really picking up again. and now look what we got off the coastline. another band of strong storms that has now moved onshore. you can already see lots of yellows and reds out there right now. but plenty more to come. you can see we are seeing heavy rainfall into parts of the east bay and boy all these highways you have to be careful as some of those highways seeing flooding along the 680 another series of strong storms moving in that direction. dublin strong storms and back toward the peninsula we are beginning to see the next wave of moisture moving onshore expecting very heavy rainfall over the next few hours and eventually it's going to be working its way into the south bay. so if it hasn't rained in your neighborhood for a while, just wait. it's coming our way. on the lens right now looking toward the bay bridge we have a lot of rain out there heavy in spots. looks like right now temperatures mainly in the 50s although sneaking into 61 in livermore, 63 degrees in san
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jose. throughout the afternoon, we are going to see some periods of some heavy rainfall, maybe even some lightning and thunder outside so be very, very careful. then i think overnight tonight things are beginning to taper off to showers and maybe some showers tomorrow morning and then big changes ahead as we go in the other direction and some of these temperatures may be back up into the 70s. but some much-needed rainfall around the bay area some places over an inch of rain already and more to come right now. unsettled weather throughout the afternoon and a very stormy day. travel precaution out there. a lot of flooding on the roads and then tonight it looks like things will begin to settle down a little bit turning more towards showers and then things probably maybe lingering showers early tomorrow morning. let's see if we can put this together on our computer model right now that's picking up as the cell moves onshore. the next band of moisture focuses further to the south so about 3:00 in the afternoon, your seeing some heavier rainfall down towards san jose, morgan hill, into the santa cruz mountains and overnight it turns more towards showers outside maybe a lingering shower early tomorrow morning and then i think that will be the worst of it then it moves out of town and we'll get a
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much-needed break after heavy rainfall. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s toward the afternoon. so keeping you cool and wet outside. and as we look toward the next few days returning to dry weather and above-normal temperatures. maybe some 70s as we head in toward friday. the weekend is looking dry. in fact, probably dry through the first part of the next week. don't forget your sunrise sunset times, sunset tonight at 4:55, sunrise at 6:57. be careful it's going to be a white knuckle right on the way home from work. >> two hours to get to the east bay last night. i left at quarter to five. >> it might be three today. >> be careful. >> thank you we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,
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this one's got lentils with fruity twist. ============b r e a k == in the kitchen today, tony and stephanie tantillo are whipping up a different kind of salad. this has lentils with a fruity taste. >> you like that with mint. >> also some oranges in there and lemons. we'll add in the cooked lentils and cooked and cooled. it's important they're cool and add in ripped mint. aololive oil, lemon, cumin, stir it around, coat it and orange. we are going to top it with
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orange juice. >> cool. >> zest. >> look how prettiful. >> very beautiful and prettiful. [ laughter ] >> a little orange juice on top. and that's it. >> just like that. you can put a little more mint if you want to. whatever you feel. healthy, delicious, and loaded with layers of flavors and it looks great. >> thank you. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in four days. but she says
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police wouldn't come. so wek why officers waited da coming up tonight at 5:00 a woman burglarized twice in four days but she says police wouldn't come so we asked why officers waited days to finally respond at 1:30 this is morning. that story plus of course hi- def doppler working overtime right now tracking all the rain in the evening commute. it could get messy. that and much more coming up. >> you call it a white knuckle commute. >> it is definitely going to be scary out there. a lot of flooding on the roads. be careful, folks. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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[ cellphone chimes ] >> brooke: hi. >> katie: hey. >> brooke: thanks for agreeing to meet with me. >> katie: it wouldn't have happened a few days ago. >> brooke: i'm grateful it's happening now. >> katie: me too. >> brooke: i will make it up to you, katie. >> katie: do you know where bill's staying now that he's not living with you? >> liam: whoa! what are you -- >> bill: what?


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