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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> that's a racist logo. >> it's a softball. >> vallejo high is looking for a new mascot. the school board tossed out the apache after hearing arguments that the symbol was racist and insensitive. >> if they say no, where do we go? >> i can't anticipate that. that really is their decision. >> it took months of haggling and two crippling strikes. today, the bart board is poised to reject its own hard-fought union contract due to a costly mistake left in the final draft. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> outstanding kick! captions by: caption colorado good morning, it's thursday, november 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing this morning at 6:00 three students at san jose state university could be facing hate crime charges after their african-american roommate said they harassed him.
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>> and i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. a palo alto war veteran has been detained in north korea for nearly three weeks. he was on an organized tour when this happened. the 85-year-old told his family he had one odd moment the day before he was taken off the return flight home. >> and i'm anne makovec live in oakland with the multi-million dollar mistake that could put the bay area back in the middle of bart's labor dispute. bart board is set to vote this morning. >> the rain continuing around the bay area. we have pockets of heavy downpours as we are seeing the showers continuing out there looks like they will do so for the next few hours then begin to taper off. but boy, we are seeing heavy rain showing up in parts of the east bay now. look at this. it's sliding through bringing with it these downpours that will continue to slide southward. looks like they are falling apart a little bit as they move further south but still heavy rain into pleasanton that continuing to move and sag further south through sunol and look at even some scattered showers down along places near
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milpitas. we have some scattered light activity there. so we are not done with the rainfall just yet. things are calm. temperatures around the bay area in the 50s at this hour. by the afternoon the skies will part. we'll see a little more sunshine after the morning showers. we should dry out and it will be a warmer afternoon. about 65 degrees in santa rosa and 63 in in san jose. 62 in san francisco but the winds are really going to start to whip. we'll talk about that in a moment. let'slet's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. a high wind advisory for the carr bridge. rain causing spinouts. mobile 1 just drove through westbound 80 by university avenue. fortunately just cleared to the aren't shoulder but if you are coming through berkeley, actually we just lost our shot approaching ashby. there was a crash at the bay bridge toll plaza that messed up the morning commute early because
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they had to switch on the metering lights nearly 40 minutes earlier than we usually see them turned on. the delays are to the foot of the maze. nimitz 880 in oakland is okay past the oakland coliseum and bart is on time. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you. new this morning a drive of a utility truck led rohnert park police and chp on a high- speed chase on the southbound highway 101. here it is. it began about 1:30 this morning on golf course drive when officers tried to pull over u utility truck because the headlights were off but the driver sped off. chp then set spike strips in the street causing a truck to hit an suv. the driver fled on foot. he was caught later and arrested. happening today, bart board members will vote on a contract offer that ended last month's
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strike. it appears they are ready to reject the deal. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in oakland with what the two sides are saying. anne? >> reporter: we have heard from a couple of bart board members who are not happy with this multi-million dollar mistake. they say it was entered into the final contract in the last moments. the contract that has their signature by the way. the meeting begins at 9:00. they say there's no way to pay for the six weeks of paid family leave that was mistakenly found in the final draft. if the board rejects the deal, it's back to the bargaining table with the unions. and if workers end up deciding to walk out again, bart cannot stop them. >> i think there's less than enthusiasm on the side of the unions. but i feel a responsibility to the general public and we have to find a way to conclude these negotiations. >> reporter: union leaders were huddled behind closed doors
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yesterday trying to come up with their own solution by today's vote. service worker president roxanne sanchez told us by phone the board has three viable options. vote the contract up as it is, vote the contract down or wait. anything else will add confusion. the unions do say at this point, talk of a strike is premature. let's hope that talk never ends up maturing. back to you. >> i should say. let's hope so. and anne, how much would it cost to leave the disputed provision in the contract? >> reporter: now, the cost depends on who you talk to. bart originally quoted a figure of up to $44 million over the course of the contract which is four years. but that quote was based on one- third of employees taking that entire six weeks, which does of course seem unlikely. >> anne makovec live in oakland, thank you. vallejo police are looking for a group of men in a rash of
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robberies. a total of eight in less than four hours. the first was reported yesterday about 5:30 p.m. and the last 59:15. one family had just finished shopping when they were robbed and a deliveryman was held up outside a costco. victims told police two or three black men wearing hoodies point guns and demanded money. no suspects. developing right now, an 85- year-old palo alto man is trapped in north korea three weeks after he was pulled off a plane headed to the u.s. kpix 5's cate caugiran joins us now from the newsroom. he has been there three weeks. >> reporter: experts say north korea hasn't acknowledged it's holding the palo alto man, merrill newman, and the state department isn't confirming he is the american detained. 85-year-old korean war veteran merrill newman was on his way back home to palo alto but he was detained off his flight. october 26. >> i feel like it's a bad movie or something. i still can't believe and we've known quite a while that it's
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real. i just feel he's easiest man to talk to and the nicest and i can't believe this could happen. >> reporter: neighbors and friends know him to be adventurous. they can't make sense of his detainment. >> an old retired guy, i mean, what's the threat exactly? >> reporter: a north korean expert from stanford is also looking for answers. >> this is unfortunately a kind of barbaric behavior on the part of the north koreans. you have to wonder why this happened. >> reporter: newman's son told anderson cooper the day before his flight his father met with north korean officials who talked about his army experience in the korean war. newman apparently thought nothing of it until he was escorted off the plane. his travel companion from their channing house retirement community said in a statement, quote, there has to be a terrible misunderstanding. i hope that the north koreans will see this as a humanitarian matter and allow him to return to his family as soon as
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possible. the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with north korea. so newman's family has been working with the state department officials and the swedish embassy in an effort to get him released. meanwhile, the u.s. has issued a warning against travel to north korea citing the, quote, risk of arbitrary arrest of u.s. citizens. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a korean-american kenneth bae was detained in north korea last year accused of illegal missionary work. he was sentenced in april to 15 years of hard labor. he is the longest serving detainee in north korea since 1953. ngerous..." after san francisco police are looking for a man they say is extremely dangerous after a fender-bender ended with a deadly shooting. police are trying to find 23- g to find 23- year- old mich year-old michael green. he is accused of shooting more than a dozen rounds during a dispute over a fender-bender in a san francisco parking lot sunday morning. 23-year-old melquiesha warren was killed. her mother has a message for
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the killer. >> give yourself up. you did the crime, do the time. face it. >> nobody should approach this suspect. anybody sees him, it's a 911 call. >> warren's friend nisha bean was shot and is in the hospital. some other bay area news now on this thursday. allegations of racially charged hazing are being investigated at san jose state university. a black freshman says some roommates have con stanley harassed him in their four- bedroom on-campus suite. santa clara county d.a.'s office has filed misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges against the three students. prosecutors and the university are still investigating. police say a high school student in santa rosa stabbed his teacher over and over again with a pencil. the 16-year-old ran off when his classmates at midrose high intervened. the teacher was not badly hurt
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and the suspect was caught. the principal says all the students cooperated during a lockdown. >> locked down as a safe situation, you know, we always -- lines are closed, the lights are off, the teachers with the students and we cooperated with the police. >> the school was locked down for 2 hours until the suspect was arrested at a home of a relative nearby. new details about the tsa agent killed at los angeles international airport. we now know he died two to five minutes after he was shot. the coroner's report comes after two law enforcement officials said agent gerardo hernandez did not receive aid until 33 minutes after the gunman opened fire. the autopsy information was released because of pressure to clarify when hernandez died. today in sacramento state health officials could decide to go against president obama's wishes on obamacare. the issue is whether people can keep their insurance coverage if it doesn't comply with the affordable care act. the plan before the board that
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oversees "covered california" would not allow those noncompliant policies after march 31. time now 6:11. sarah palin back in the spotlight but this time, it's not over something she said but the car she drove. why wasilla city officials hope her suv will be a big financial boost. plus -- >> he is a big help. he is like oh, yeah you can do it. you got to finish your homework. >> kids refer to him by nickname but it's not because mr. b is known for being an easy a. the teaching methods that have made mr. bracco california's 2014 teacher of the year. >> still looking at some pockets of some heavy rainfall around the bay area this morning. but brighter days are ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's crowded and getting wet now as you're looking live right now at 101 in san jose. very busy in the northbound lanes. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask us a question or share a gripe by e-mailing
6:12 am or you can tweet me at #ewengerkpix. and watch to see of your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when it's time to talk business security, talk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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hunger games series opens in theatres tomorrow. sarah palin.. her official mayoral s-u-v is up for trending now catching fire the second installment of the "hunger game" series opens in theaters tomorrow. sarah palin her official mayoral suv up for auction on ebay with a minimum bid of $10,000. and city officials are hoping palin's role in history will bring out fans willing to pay almost five times the kelley blue book value. >> sylvia brown died. >> outcasts suggests the duo may reunite at cociella 2014. >> black friday stores are
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rolling out deals. follow us at twitter at #cbssf. >> i saw outcast in concert once. >> surprised [ laughter ] let's talk about the morning commute. it's heating up in the south bay. in san jose and all the surrounding towns even in milpitas we have a new accident coming in. know major delays but the roads are slick causing spinouts. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there was a very early-morning fender-bender before the metering lights and they switched them on early. it's cleared but backed up into the macarthur maze. clears out at berkeley. the san mateo bridge for an alternate, it's a great choice. so far no big problems out of hayward heading over the high- rise. through the altamont pass a half hour now between there and
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the dublin interchange. you notice the heaviest traffic now from 205 out to about vasco. and then things look better heading towards the dublin interchange. that's your latest "kcbs traffic report." for more on this wet weather here's lawrence. >> more rain on the roads and heavy downpours this morning in some parts of the bay area. you can see on our hi-def doppler radar, some of those showers moving on through through the east bay with heavy rain and now we are looking at more of that toward fremont right now and sliding further and further south. we have seen some scattered light showers in san jose so far. and there's more to come as it looks like this storm system still is working its way through probably moving through this morning and then it looks like by the afternoon, the skies start to part and we see a little more sunshine outside. in the meantime, it's still raining outside. this afternoon clearing skies and mix of sun and clouds. and then i think the winds going to start to be an issue later on this evening and overnight tonight. expecting some very strong gusty winds, especially over the mountaintops. so low pressure brought us the rain last couple of days is
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diving to the south now into southern california. so if you are headed there, expect some rainfall. high pressure building in behind that. so the difference between these two pressure systems really going to help those winds kicking up outside. in fact, this afternoon, we're already going to see those winds starting to blow over the mountaintops and some of that working its way down into the valleys and, wow, look at aulde reds and oranges -- all the reds, oranges and fuscia, sustained winds up to 50 miles per hour gusts even higher than that over the mountaintops. so very blustery winds coming our way. temperatures in the 50s and 60s around the bay. you will see looks like things drying out much warmer weather with those offshore winds for tomorrow but some windy conditions then looks like some dry weather into saturday and sunday and probably the first part of the week. sunrise at 6:57. sunset at 4:54. but still some rain out there, guys. so yeah -- >> i was surprised it was pretty wet coming in this morning. >> just isolated so far mainly the east and south bay but still very dangerous. >> thank you. a popular teacher at a vallejo school has been named california teacher of the year for his endless commitment to getting struggling students back on track.
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and his program is working at solano middle school at vallejo which makes it this week's "cool school." >> molly, okay, good. >> reporter: angelo bracco, or mr. b, has been teaching at solano middle school for 14 years. >> what i enjoy most about working is their growth and my personal relationships with them. >> reporter: he is known to be funny but a little tough when he has to be, a skill he learned as a police officer for 27 years. >> if i don't have all the work done, oh, god, i have to deal with mr. b. or if i'm late or if i miss a day, i have to hear from mr. b. >> reporter: has class is mainly for students with academic or behavioral issues. from day one, they learn respect is a two-way street. >> they have been so --i mean, the people who come through my classroom it's just showtime for them. they really want to do well. >> reporter: mr. b's curriculum is a model for the district and recently the hard work paid off. he was named california's 2014
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teacher of the year. >> i was overwhelmed. overwhelm to be selected for something that i enjoy doing and working with this population. >> reporter: in a state with 400,000 teachers to pick from, mr. b's students know why he stands out. >> he is a big help. he is just like oh, yeah, you can do this. you have to finish your homework. >> always knowing how to do it in the regular mainstream classes, making sure i'm keeping up with the work that i'm doing in there. >> reporter: there's nothing more rewarding for mr. b than to see his students grow and says their success is his success. >> sometimes they struggle with that. but the fact that they are so tenacious and they keep, you know, constantly just trying to do the best they can, that's what i enjoy. >> so there will be a special ceremony in sacramento in february where he will get the official award for teacher of the year. the entire state of california.
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>> i know out of 400,000 teachers. what's impressivest a very successful cop and wanted to give back even more took a step to become a teacher. >> he even won police officer of the year. >> mr. b is cool! >> good for mr. b. >> and what is cool about your school in you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. >> coming up sometimes a slip and fall is a good thing. our play of the day is next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the raiders have named their starting quarterback for sunday and without stephen curry could the warriors take down the memphis grizzlies? we'll tell you all about it coming up. ,,
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good morning, everybody. the warriors have yet to lose at oracle this season. they were trying to keep that streak alive without steph curry, whose recovering from a mild concussion.
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final seconds of the game, tied at 75, would andre iguodala do it again? not this time. warriors didn't score the final three minutes of regulation. down three in overtime, iguodala almost had the steal, can't get it. prince defeats the shot clock and that's the dagger. warriors lose for the first time on the home floor 88-81 to memphis. for the second straight week it will be matt mcgloin under center for the raiders when they play the titans. tickets still available for sunday's game. we'll have the fifth quarter whether it's on tv or not, folks. ahmad brooks did get fined for this hit against drew brees. earlier this week, ray lewis said he would pay half the fine if they came down on brooks and he is going to have to pay $7,500. baseball, hot stove blockbuster trade miguel cabrera would he find a new handshake partner? prince fielder was traded last night from the tigers to the texas rangers for ian kinsler. that man, javier lopez will be a giant for at least another three years.
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lefty specialist agreed to a three-year, $13 million deal. it will keep him in the orange and black. so brian sabean is on the move. gets tim hudson, have year lopez, says he is not done. i'm done for now. see you tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. play of the day up to the saddle dome in calgary. jack johnson with a great shot on a power play spoiled by the flames goalie. he makes a kick save while falling down. unreal! take a closer look: the save was not enough as columbus won the game 2-1 despite that unbelievable kick there. play of the day, though. having cocaine speaks out. e admission... and his plans to get help. reporter ad libs 6:26 right now. the florida congressman arrested for having cocaine speaks out. the admission and his plans to get help. >> the vote that could derail the bart labor contract is set for this morning.
6:27 am
coming up, what some bore members think of the one costly mistake -- what some board members think of the one costly mistake. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald it is a high-tech version of carjacking. how car hackers could take control of your car without being anywhere near it and cause a real threat. >> and you just need to find another mascot. >> heated debate over a high school mass comes to an end. who won the fight and at what cost. >> pockets of heavy rain still making their way through the bay area. when will it end? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if the bay bridge commute wasn't bad enough, now a word of a stall on the
6:31 am
western side of the span. a full report on your traffic hot spots coming up. >> good morning. it's thursday, november 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:31. let's get a check on the weather with lawrence. >> yeah, guys. still some heavy rain falling in parts of the bay area this morning. kind of last gasp of the storm system but you can see on our hi-def doppler radar that rain moving through. the heaviest through parts of the east bay but some of that starting to slide further to the south. and you can see in just south of fremont now you have some pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall falling in that direction. it will continue to work its way further south where it seems to be dissipating somewhat by the time you get to san jose still some showers there but a little bit lighter. looks like this morning though that rain will come to an end, still a lot of clouds out there early on today. i think by the afternoon those clouds are going to part very nicely and we are going to sneak in a little sunshine. temperatures around the bay area now holding in the 50s with the showers outside. and some drizzle approaching the coastline. this afternoon, giving way to morning showers to a little bit of sunshine and the
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temperatures going to be a little bit warmer this afternoon as high as 65 in santa rosa and 62 in san francisco. let's check your traffic now with elizabeth. >> we'll go out live to a very wet photographer this morning. he has been bringing us a live look at 101 traffic from the mckee exit. you can see lawrence's hi-def doppler showing those showers moving in over the parts of san jose. the roads are very slick as you pass mckee. we are seeing delays towards santa clara. bay bridge, they turned on the metering lights lights 40 minutes earlier than usual dur to an early-morning fender- bender past the pay gates and now there's a stall on westbound 80. it's backed up solid through the macarthur maze. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic report." back to you guys. happening today, bart's board could vote to reject the tentative agreement already ratified by two unions. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in oakland with a chances of a
6:33 am
third strike against bart. anne. >> reporter: the meeting begins at the clock this -- at 9:00 this morning. talk of a strike is premature but it looks like this hard fought contract is about to bite the dust. >> anything that adds cost to the contract i'm not able to vote for. >> reporter: that's the feeling of several board members in advance of today's contract vote. both sides had signed off on a deal before management suddenly realized there was a clause they say was mistakenly added giving workers six weeks of paid family leave. bart originally quoted up to $44 million over four years. the unions claim it's about a tenth of that. if the board votes no on the entire contract, there's no telling what the unions will do next. >> so you're rolling the dice on this? >> we are. this is the way to bring these negotiations. >> reporter: it could be back to the drawing board and the bart riding public is once again caught in the middle. >> getting on bart is what i do every morning for work.
6:34 am
and i can't sit in traffic. >> hey, they got a job. so they ought to be fortunate. >> yes, they're entitled to what they are entitled to but both have have been disagreeable and not accountable to the public. >> reporter: the unions have been meeting over the past 24 hours trying to decide what their next move will be. but last we heard from them they were downright mad. they disagree with management that this was a mistake. they say that this paid leave was part of the original contract. >> anne, if it was a mistake, how could this happen? >> reporter: that is a question. apparently, this was done by a temporary worker bart management calling it a clerical error. and it is a hugely expensive one. >> it is. anne makovec live in oakland, thank you. months after the "rim" fire there are new concerns near yosemite national park. now officials are worried about flash flooding in the area. that's because the ground that was burned two months ago is
6:35 am
still barren and the rainwater doesn't soak in. it runs off. with the steep slope and the fire zone, that could mean floods and mud slides of ash and trees. new this morning, the federal government is tightening its rules on safety ratings used in advertising. a move that's likely aimed at tesla motors. tesla promotes the model s as the safest car in america saying it has a 5.4 star rating. the national highway traffic safety administration says it doesn't give ratings higher than 5 stars and may punish companies who continue to claim otherwise. the mascot fight in vallejo is over. and vallejo high is getting rid of the apache. the school district board voted to drop the team's long-running mascot after complaints from indian activists who found it offensive. the decision followed and often heated debate at a board meeting last night. >> that's a racist logo. >> it's a softball! so sit down -- >> it doesn't matter -- >> i am not a relic from
6:36 am
antiques road show. i am a living human being and not a mascot. >> it's not racism. it's trying to show people that they do exist. >> the apaches will be officially retired when the class of 2014 graduates in june. a design team will come up with some ideas for a new mascot and it will be decided by a vote of staff and students. florida congressman is taking a leave of absence after pleading guilty to cocaine possession. trey radel admitted to the misdemeanor charge in washington, d.c. courtroom yesterday. he was given one year probation. he said he wants to continue serving his country in congress. some of his constituents are skeptical though. but radel insists he has the support of his wife. >> she stuck with me and will continue to stick with me. she is my rock. >> he is destroying his own family. so if he is destroying his own family, what's he care about us, the people that he is supposed to be representing? >> first term republican is the first member of congress to be convicted on cocaine charges.
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police are searching for a man suspected of opening fire at a suburban houston apartment. three people were killed two others now in critical condition. police say the gunman shot the five people closed the apartment door and then just took off. investigators found multiple firearms and drugs inside the apartment. happening today, kennedy cousin and convicted murderer michael skakel could be freed on bond following a hearing. skakel was convicted of the 1975 slaying of 15-year-old neighbor martha moxley. but skakel has been granted a new trial and prosecutors are appealing that ruling. he served more than 11 years of a 20 years to life sentence. you don't normally hear about phones or cars being hacked. allen martin shows how easy it could be to lose control of your car while you're driving and there's nothing you can do about it. you don't have brakes, right? >> reporter: a month after you christoval second demonstrated for forbes magazine how he
6:38 am
could hack in magazine how he could hack in and take control of a car, he and his partner released details of their research at def con, one of the longest running and largest hacker conventions in the world. their findings are now plastered across the internet. kpix 5 first warned of the possibility of car hacking nearly two years ago. security expert brian con tow says it's a real threat. >> i would say you're actually driving your smartphones down the road. >> reporter: chris valasek says he released the information to hackers to help solve the vulnerable issue. >> you're going 199 miles per hour now even though that's apparently not the case. >> reporter: some cars have more than 30 of these small computers. valasek used a laptop to hack in. >> we were able to take control of the brakes, the steering wheel, seatbelts. tighten them. >> annoying. [ beep beep ] >> oh, my god. >> we could engage the brakes and regardless of what you did you couldn't move the car. >> reporter: imagine that at rush hour. >> a nightmare scenario. it hasn't been tested or proven yet. consider 100 cars on the golden gate, half brake, half accelerate, all at the same time.
6:39 am
>> reporter: researchers in the university of washington, uc- san diego and rutgers university are looking into car hacking including the sensors in tires. >> the transmits wirelessly into the vehicle. >> reporter: a professor was able to remotely hack into tire pressure monitors that are required in most cars since 2008. they emit a signal allowing tire pressure to be checked electronically. >> we have 36 pounds of air in that tire. >> reporter: but using common lab equipment researchers were able to capture the tire monitor signal, rewrite it and send it back to the car triggering a dashboard warning light. >> and make the car think its tires are flat when they're not. it is plausible that somebody uses this to stop you from the side of the road. [ beep ] >> reporter: matthew by his own admission has hacked into multiple cars using cellular technology. >> i could potentially unlock a car in denver or in new york from our office here in san francisco.
6:40 am
>> reporter: his company, isec, has made it a mission to find the most technologically vulnerable cars on the road. >> this information we don't release publicly. we want to help people secure their vehicles. >> reporter: isec primarily works with car manufacturers, ford and chrysler taking steps to increase their security features. allen martin, kpix 5. next time i'm going to get that joker. [ laughter ] >> batkid isn't done yet. he is already planning his next move and this morning he reveals his favorite part of the whole adventure. >> and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago on this thursday. take a quick peek at the early numbers. it looks like pretty good day on wall street. everything is up. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> ahead on "cbs this morning," priceless family mementos scattered more than 100 miles away by the midwest storms. the amazing story of how they are being returned to a woman who lost everything.
6:41 am
plus, only on "cbs this morning," astronaut karen nyberg, the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. [ fe announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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experts say a volcanic erup s raised an island just in time for the holidays, a brand-new island developing near japan. experts say a volcanic eruption has raised an island out of the water a little south of tokyo. it's located in a seismically active area called the pacific rim of fire right now the island about 660 feet in diameter. but scientists aren't sure if it's here to stay or if it's going to get bigger. we'll see. there is new evidence this morning that the nation's labor market is improving. >> here now to chat about that and more, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. certainly some good news for
6:45 am
job seekers and those with jobs. labor department reporting first time weekly unemployment claims fell by 21,000 to 323,000. that's the lowest level since september. and for the third straight week the four-week average dropped just over 338,000. that could portend for a solid jobs gain in november. and the men's from the fed meeting that we -- the minutes from the fed meeting that we got yesterday from the october says it may start tapering its monthly bond stimulus. san francisco-based williams- sonoma turned in a solid quarter topping expectations as its revenue grew more than 11% to over $1 billion. same-store sales across a number of chains over 8% higher led by pottery barn which was up 8.4%. stock in the company heading higher, gap reports its earnings after the closing bell today. let's see how the numbers are doing rallying after a down day yesterday. dow right now up by 59 points.
6:46 am
nasdaq is gaining 24. s&p up around 6 points. williams-sonoma shares up by more than 5%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. all that lingering rain cause. some fender-bender. >> especially in the bay probably the highest accident count now. so we'll have to check out lawrence's hi-def doppler coming up. but the rain is coming down in parts of the bay area and there is a new accident northbound 280 by the 7th. a crash there blocking the middle lanes. also northbound 101 blossom hill accident there blocking lanes traffic backed up from cochran coming out of mar began hill. one look outside here's a live look toward the dublin interchange. it's a horrible commute through the altamont pass to livermore. it's pretty busy stacked up all the way through the dublin interchange. similar story backed up to the maze for a while after they had to turn on the metering lights really early. a fender-bender past the pay gates and a stall. everything is cleared but unfortunately the approaches are jammed up. 580 appears to be the worst
6:47 am
right now. here's a live look in oakland. northbound 880 flowing fine from hayward up towards your downtown oakland exits. but if you want to consider mass transit, great options for bart, ferries, caltrain and ace trains 1 and 3 look good. if you want to check out kcbs once you hit the roads, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> we have been checking out heavy downpours this morning. out the door we go on our hi- def doppler radar picking up on the rainfall, this is probably the last gasp of the storm system but boy, some of these downpours tipping now and spreading into the south bay. see some heavy rainfall into the east bay now some of that making its way in just south of fremont towards san jose into milpitas now. a little further to the north, we have seen more scattered showers continuing in that direction. so the main focus has been really into the east bay and the south bay. it looks like things are winding down as most of this moisture will head south. throughout the day today, i
6:48 am
think the skies are going to part this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds but warmer temperatures and winds picking up overnight into tomorrow. low pressure that's brought some much-needed rain to the bay area now sagging to the south and it will drag with it clouds and rain. but as high pressure builds in, the winds will be picking up later on this evening. and it's going to get very blustery especially over the mountaintops. you can see on our computer models the winds picking up into the afternoon then lots of reds and oranging even fuscia. if that happens we'll see sustained winds over the mountaintops around 50 miles per hour with higher gusts than that. so some very strong winds expected to come our way. those winds will be offshore and that will help to dry us out. for today, looks like partly cloudy into the sacramento valley leftover snow showers in the high country winding down, as well. then around the bay the temperatures running into the 50s and sixes so warmer we'll see more sunshine this afternoon and then the next couple of days winds whipping now. temperatures above average on friday and into saturday nice dry weather and maybe some
6:49 am
showers as we head toward that very busy travel day next wednesday. school cast for holy names high school. a very famous alum now. our very own elizabeth wenger. that's right. >> go, monarchs! that's right! >> home of the monarchs! >> did you spill some strings to get that? >> she did, of course. a lot of money coming may way. sun breaks out toward the middle of the day and lots of sunshine in the afternoon. if you would like to nominate your school go to and you can nominate it there. >> awesome! >> how about that. >> i know. she has connections. >> she does have connections. all right. he captured the riddler, the penguin and our hearts. it took nearly 12,000 volunteers to pull off miles' big wish. now batkid's back home in siskiyou county and he told our reporter he has his sights set on another villain. [ singing ]
6:50 am
>> reporter: this is a typical afternoon in the scott home, miles running around hiding from our camera, giggling and talking about his favorite super hero batman. >> i think we should get a dvd. >> of the old batman? >> mm-hm. >> from a small town like this to go to a huge city like that, it's all about your kid for a day. it's insane for us. we didn't --pretty out of this world. >> reporter: the entire city came together so miles could save a damsel in distress, catch the riddler redhanded and his favorite part, the penguin. >> and then the penguin turned nice. >> and apologized. >> turned nice. >> the riddler didn't. >> he is still in jail? >> mm-hm. >> reporter: when the family came home, they found an entire town welcoming them back. nick scott believes the whole thing brought his community closer together. the family wants to take this moment and not only thank those who helped them but they also want to keep the momentum going
6:51 am
to help other families and other kids like miles. ♪[ music ] [ miles singing "davey crockett" ] >> reporter: as for miles, while his wish to save gotham city came true, he says he now has bigger fish to fry. >> next time i'm going to get that joker. >> i think miles should come back to san francisco some day. he just stole everyone's heart. >> he did. he's a doorable. resting now. miles's ee -- well, miles' adventure cost san francisco $105,000. >> and make a wish plans to fundraise to help pay the bill a war veteran and palo alto man hasn't been heard from in three weeks. he his family says he has been detain in north korea. the mystery surrounding it. >> the bart board votes today on the plan that could derail the contracts that they have been haggling over for several months. we'll tell you what one
6:52 am
director has to say about that coming up next. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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high school after a player s rassed because o 5 things to know at the :55 now. the football season over for a massachusetts high school team after a player was allegedly harassed because of his race. the boy's parents claim he has been the victim of several incidents of hazing. the teen's mother is white and father black. congressman trey radel apologized last night and announced he will take a leave of absence to get treatment following an arrest for coke possession. the florida republican pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to a year probation. a plane supposed to carry parts for boeing's 787
6:56 am
dreamliner to kansas accidentsly landed at a small ever airport nine miles away and it might be there for a whale because the runway is too short for the plane to take off while it's loaded with cargo. talks under way in switzerland between six world powers and iran over its nuclear program. the u.s. and its allies are seeking to limit iran's ability to enrich uranium. iran wants relief from economic sanctions. both sides believe a deal is possible. the u.s. reached an agreement with afghanistan which will allow a contingent of american troops to stay in the country after the war ends next year. the american forces will not be in a combat role though. it will train and assist afghan forces. afghanistan's parliament and their council of elders must still approve the deal. i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. an 85-year-old palo alto man is trapped in north korea three weeks after he was pulled off a plane headed to the u.s. the family says that he told them there was one puzzling moment the day before he was detained.
6:57 am
merrill newman's son told anderson cooper the day before his flight, his father met with north korean officials who talked about his army service in the korean war. newman apparently thought nothing of it until he feels removed from the plane. >> its like a bad movie. i can't believe that it's real. i just feel he is the easiest man to talk to and the nicest and i just can't believe this could happen. >> reporter: neighbors and friends know him to be adventurous. they can't understand why this happened. >> an old retired guy, i mean, what's the threat exactly? >> reporter: daniel snyder a north carolinian expert at stanford university is also looking for answers. >> this is unfortunately a kind of barbaric behavior on the part of the north koreans. you have to wonder why this happened. >> reporter: experts say north korea has not acknowledge it's holding him and the state department isn't confirming that's the american detained.
6:58 am
live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. i'm anne makovec live in oakland where it appears the bart board of directors is ready to reject the deal that put an end to the last bart strike. that tentative contract agreement they had been haggling over with the unions for months now. they say there is simply no way to pay for six weeks of paid family leave that was mistakenly added to the final draft. now, if the full board ends up rejecting the deal this morning, then it's back to the bargaining table and if workers decide to walk out again, bart can't stop them. >> i think there's less than enthusiasm on the side of the unions, but i feel a responsibility to the general public and we have to find a way to conclude these negotiations. >> reporter: union leaders were trying to come up with their own solution by today's vote. service worker president roxanne sanchez told us by phone the board has three options, vote up, down or wait.
6:59 am
anything else would add confusion. the unions also say talk of a strike now is premature. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. and it's looking like another busy morning commute with all the wet weather. westbound 580 just getting word of a new spinout car on its side westbound 580 by vasco. it was already stacked up anyway through the livermore valley. so expect some big delays from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. bay bridge backups extend east of the maze. and this crash in san jose northbound 280 by 7th is now blocking two of the middle lanes. a number of accidents in the south bay. and that coincides with some of that rain in the bay area. pockets of heavy rain in the east bay and moving into the south bay. it looks like the winds will be kicking up though once the rain stops this afternoon. tonight blustery winds up to 70 miles an hour in the mountains. it's going to blow out there. looks like as we head toward the afternoon 50s and 60s.
7:00 am
skies going to part. and then dry on the weekend. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, november 21st, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the first congressman ever charged with buying cocaine apologi apologizes. what his guilty plea means for his future in po.lics a-rod explodes. the yankee superstar loses his cool and lashes out at baseball's commissioner over a doping scandal. fbi insider john miller investigates something called the knockout game. why teenagers are attacking stra a deadly punch. we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm sorry. i have no excuse


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