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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  November 24, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PST

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i'm anne makovec. and i'm phil matier. good morning. 7:30 on sunday, november 24th. thank you for joining us. >> well, there's a lot of news to cover in the next hour first up, bart, what a terrible week and what's ahead for it. contract meltdowns, plus a computer glitch that shut down the whole system >> we're going to be joined live in studio to talk about what is nextment. looks like things are different this time around. we'll explore that. the climate is changing
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we're looking at bat kid we'll talk about what was going on behind the scenes of this pictures that went around the world >> we have a lot coming up. here is liz with a quick check of the forecast >> it is clear and cool outside. waking up to cool temperatures, mainly 30s and 40s around the bay. 38 right now in concord. and a very cool 32 degrees in santa rosa. maybe some frost from the valleys. it's because the east winds have really quieted in the last 24 hours we'll look at the thanksgiving forecast and there's a good chance for rain. new this morning, there's an interim nuclear deal with iran and six world powers including the united states we're learning that over the past year, the u.s. had several rounds of secret talks with
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iran without talking to alies. the deal is only temporary >> reporter: president obama announced the historic agreement that would scale back iran's nuclear program >> it would help prevent us from building a nuclear weapon. they cut off the path >> iran wants to enrich for for nuclear power according to them. negotiations ran through the night. in the end, iran agreed to limit its stockpiles and scale back nuclear activity >> it's important that all of us see the opportunity to end the unnecessary crisis and offer new horizons >> reporter: in exchange, they
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will ease some of the crisis. this is only the first step >> the next phase, let me be clear, it will be more difficult and we need to be honest about it. >> all sides will try to reach a long-term deal. they called deal a historic mistake. what incentive does the regime has to take serious steps that actually dismantle its nuclear weapons capabilities? why would it dismantle it? none of it is covered >> reporter: they say israel is not bound by the agreement.
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clues in the city's 44th homicide just this year. shots rang out yesterday afternoon at capitol park they arrived to find a young man in his late teens or early 20s dead from a gunshot wound. capital park is the site of recent gang activity. san francisco fire investigators are looking into the cause of a blazing house fire. fortunately, no one was hurt but four people were burned out of their homes. it took firefighters 3 hours to put out the blaze. it started yesterday afternoon. the naacp wants a prosecutor to increase the charges against four college students accused of racial harassment. four freshmen have been suspended from the campus. they're accused of directing
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racial slurs at a black inmate and put a bike lock around the victim's neck. >> i know that those things do still happen today, it's disheartening >> there hasn't been much out reach, they could be doing a better job >> they say it adds up to racially-based terrorism and should be considered felonies they're holding a rally on campus to make their views heard. >> we're taking a closer look at the issues that plague bart and all of its passengers this week. there was the delay caused by a computer glitch. >> it was a real mess on friday and if it gets worse, the unions are planning a lawsuit against bart. >> reporter: it felt like adding insult to injury during the friday commute. no bart was running 3 hours
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later than normal. there was a computer glitch. but the time it was fixed, the damage to commuters' days were already done >> we have to figure out what didn't work and make the fixes needed >> what is happening again, bart and its unions trading barbs. they're lawyering up after they approved a contract but omitted a provision the board says should have never been included >> what they have done is illegal. >> if they file a lawsuit, they have to go to court and we'll have the legal document >> the unions are not saying much about a possible strike but they're not ruling it out. >> i'm fed up with bart. i'm so sick and tired of this. they want to raise problems,
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the stations are dirty and i feel that they have too much control over our lives >> there's a lot of talk about whether the service disruptions could have amounted to sabotage after the drama from the day before >> they have denied it. but there's no doubt that the problems are persisting at bart and the resolution of this is going to take some time. questions are raised about the management. we're going to have one of the bart board directors in with us live later in the show to answer some of the questions about what is next for bart and what is going wrong >> a big question for everybody, is there a possibility for the strike? they're being dodgy about answering the questions >> it's a leverage issue now. you're talking about family
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package that could cost anywhere from 4 to $44 million over the next 4 years. a sucker punch coming out of nowhere. there's a sick new game playing out and it's no laughing matter. how someone could take control of your vehicle while you are behind the wheel. coming up on face the nation, secretary of state john kerry joining us about the nuclear deal with iran, that's on face the nation starting at 8:30. ,,,,
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we're expecting sunshine and mild weather with a high of 64 degrees. coming up, we'll take a check of your thanksgiving travel seven-day forecast. police are seeing a disturbing trend that landed a
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man in jail charged with a hate crime he punched a jewish man in the face. police think it could be related to the knockout game. the object of the game is to knockout an unsuspected person in one punch. there was an assault on a 78-year-old woman >> they're doing it to get a thrill to prove their manhood or womanhood and they're followers and not leaders. police in new jersey, pennsylvania and washington d.c. have had similar recent incidents could someone hack your car and take control of all of the features? how easily it could happen, making you helpless. >> it's quite terrifying when you don't have brakes >> reporter: a month after he
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showed how he could take control of a car, they released their findings it's now plastered across the internet. we first warned of the possible nearly two years ago. security expert says it's a real threat >> you're driving your smart phone down the road. he released information to hackers to solve the issue >> you're going 199 miles per hour now even though that's not the case. some cars have more than 30 of the computers he used a laptop to hack in >> we're able to take control of the brakes, the steering wheel, the seat belts >> oh, my gosh >> we could engage the brakes. regardless of what you did, you couldn't move the car anymore >> it could be a nightmare.
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half of the them accelerating and half braking at the same time. >> they're looking into car hacking including the sensors in tires >> the transmitters are inside the vehicle. >> reporter: the professor was able to remotely hack into tire pressure signals. >> we have 36 pounds of air in the tire. but using common lab equipment, they were able to capture the signal, rewrite it and trigger a dash board warning in the car. they could think they have a flat when they don't. >> he has hacked into multiple cars using cellar technology >> i could unlock a car in denver or new york from an office here in san francisco.
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>> reporter: his company has made it a mission to find the most vulnerable cars on the road >> this information we don't release publicly we want to help people secure their vehicles >> reporter: they work with car manufacturers allen martin, kpix 5 president obama coming to san francisco tomorrow to fund raise for democrats >> while he's had a lot of support in the bay area, the climate is changing >> they're having a tough time, that's why we sat down with reporter and former mayor and asked why the money seems to be coming in more slowly this time around. >> he's been here 9 times people are tired of writing those checks to obama even in the bay area >> keep in mind, he's not
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seeking re-election. don't measure the absence of writing checks based on the attractiveness for obama. what will you do with the money? you're talking about raising money for unknown causes and they're going to pay big time to do that. at least the president this time around put in a public event in his visit to san francisco, he keeps coming and vacuuming up the checks and now he's going to china town because people were complaining to see if the president used the events. >> it's not obama seeking re-election, it's obama returning favors and saying thank you to people who helped on previous occasions. >> hasn't he missed opportunities so many times, if it's health care, immigration. >> it didn't matter, he got himself reelected. the object was, get me reelected. he has achieved that goal and
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now it's help my legacy >> at this point, with the health carolout the way it is, he has to get back on track. the legacy is that. it's immigration which he hasn't been able to get through either. at this point, it's muddled with what the legacy is >> a lot of republicans see the immigration reform is their ticket to the future. without the latino voters, there's nowhere. >> it's going to be a tough haul it's going to be a tough haul at every turn. afterall, there's still the incredible personal dislack for president obama rooted in the halls, on both sides of the aisle, by people who are there and still there >> interesting takes. one is policy.
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and the play of it all. but it is going to be an interesting visit by the president because he's also going to be talking about immigration and immigration reform. we have the agreement now with iran you can bet that is going to be front and center. >> taking a national stance now. he's got to start thinking about legacy. he's not thinking about re-election and he's got to think about his numbers and the pullup to get the reform and the other things done >> the lackability issue, how much is it going to affect democrats? >> some are saying, president obama, stay busy, stay somewhere else, let me run on my own
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>> right now, things are tranquil outside. here's a live look outside on the ocean. the winds have died down which means temperatures cooled off. livemore, 38 degrees. only 32 in santa rosa and 38 degrees in san francisco. here's a look at the weather headlines, thing will change over the next several days we have sunshine, then a rain chance, it looks like right there, right around thanksgiving. the chances for a lot of rain are not as likely this morning and what we saw yesterday, the low is continuing to move south. we'll talk more about that coming up. this afternoon, once again, mild conditions. that's your latest weather, back to you. ski season in the sierra has arrived thanks to last week's storm. the valley started off yesterday. north star is also open and kirkwood plans to fire up the
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lifts tomorrow. >> we hear in one person who says not. why we, this city, is something special. we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel
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banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can hearts....batkid. make a wish outdid themselv by turning san francisco in gotham city last week.... w inch -- make a wish out did themselves by turning san francisco into gothem city last week. >> he rescued a damsel in
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distress, out witted the riddler and took home the key to san francisco >> it turns out he loved it so much, he now wants to move to san francisco. that's what he told the organizers we talked about what it meant for him and to the city >> he declared his wish in march he would ask his mom every now and then, when am i going to be batman? he knew all along and would look forward to it and he was robbed of his childhood for three years, he's been battling since he was 20 months old and now he's in remission and through treatment and i would like to think that it gave a little bit of his childhood back. this event accomplished a lot. it shined and made everyone know how much, how amazing san
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francisco is. i think it demonstrated the heart and soul. >> bat kid is not done being a hero. it's interesting to note that at the beginning of this, no one planned for celebration to take over the entire city. it did with thousands of people packing the street. i asked police chief who has done his share of demonstrations around town. is there any other city that could have worked it that way? >> i really don't. i think this is a town, we go with it. when this thing presented itself, we went with it. >> you get the call, what happened after that? >> they said do you think that the mayor would do the key to the city. won't take a lot of his time. we're hoping to get 300-500 volunteers like it's a hero's
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welcome i said, oh, yeah, no problem. what happened on friday was supposed to be 10-15 minutes of the mayor's time. for city and was to be 300 volunteers became close to 20,000 or more >> what was it like at union square? it was like a movie set >> so again, the crowd dictated the event as happens with a lot of things in san francisco we didn't know we would have to close the street and 7000 would make reservations for the burger bar for lunch >> you were going to have him go down. who gave him the bat mobile? who knows, it would have been a rent a wreck or something and the dealers said we'll fashion it and we'll give you a bat mobile for batman. >> who came in with the idea of the bank >> make a wish had a relationship with the bank. that's in and out of the 500
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block and people were going to be saying, what's going on? it's here and gone and instead, it just took over the city. >> what about the baseball park? make a wish, work with the giants and lucille, so, again, it's just the old, i love it when a plan comes together >> what was it like up close? you were at each events >> the first one took a while to set up. then it got going after that. he was so cool. the shoulders, everything saw the walk. he was like a 3-foot tall john wayne, he was killing it. he was great >> you were hamming it up as well. >> it was impossible not to get swept up in it. everyone got choked up. the u.s. attorney, her -- her
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eyes were welled up. the guy was cool. >> how much of this was the crowd? >> i think i'll keep my day job. it was a lot of fun. >> the cost of the city is about $100,000 and the make a wish says the doners will help foot the bill. there were a lot of cops and they were on downtown and shipped from one station to the other. it didn't cost reck and park anything, the crowd was so well braved, they cleaned up after each other. nice event, great response by the city and phenomenal international response. this was seen all the way from canada to katmandu. quite a day. >> that makes us proud. monarch clothing has received thousands of orders and there are some fakes out there.
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make sure you're getting the real thing. only purchase them through the clothing web site and we have a link for you online. maybe air travelers should be able to talk on their cell phones. the idea is getting poor reception. we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm anne makovec. a lot to k out in the next half welcome back. the time is 8:00. good morning. >> we have a lot coming up in the next half-hour president obama's west coast fund raising tour is going to stop in san francisco tomorrow. he is not seeing the tax flow he used to. one alarming comparison to the crack smoking mayor >> what a day for bart. they voted down the contract that ended the strike and then a computer glitch halted trains during the morning. we're going to sit down with joel and try to sort it out >> it's such a mess. >> an alleged hate crime shaking up the campus. getting involved and asking for tougher punishment for students charged with harassing their black roommates we have the top stories this
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morning. mark >> reporter: the u.s. and other world powers have reached an agreement with iran to scale back its nuclear programs ultimately, iran agreed to reduce nuclear activities, in exchange, the u.s. and other countries will ease some of the sanctions that have crippled their economy >> they cut off the most likely path >> the next phase will be even more difficult and we need to be honest about it >> all sides will try to reach a long-term deal. they called interim deal a historic mistake he says it's wrong to relieve pressure on iran in any way
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>> without continued pressure, what incentive does the regime have to take serious steps to dismantle the capabilities? none of it is covered in the agreement >> israel is not bound in the agreement and has the right to defend itself the country's 44th homicide this year, shots rang out late yesterday afternoon at capital park they arrived to find a young man in his late teens or early 20s dead from a gunshot wound. he carried no id. time is 8:02 this morning. here's liz with a check of the weather >> thank you, mark. outside we go and the low pressure system that brought us the rain last week, that's continuing to move further east bringing some severe weather to
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parts of the southern plains high pressure remains settled in bringing us mild temperatures this afternoon, lots of sunshine and a lot of 60s. everyone wants to know what is in store for thanksgiving, it could be a wet one. how long will it last, coming up? >> president obama will arrive in the bay area tomorrow morning. he's on another fund raising tour to try to help democrats stock up their war chest nor the campaign >> air force one lands at 10:30 in the morning. there he makes some remarks about immigration reform. at noon, he attends a democratic fundraiser at the san francisco jazz center. tickets for lunch at the san francisco jazz center are a bargain. the tickets have been slashed
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to $500. a $15,000 ticket to a private reception with the president may have been discounted to $10,000. >> they're not commenting on the price cut, republicans say that the president seems to be losing his luster. >> the october fund raising for the democrats was actually very good. i think there's the difference now though when it's president obama raising money, right now, he's not that popular. obama care is not that popular, but they're doing well in other facets. >> the president's approval rating is at an all-time low and he was spoofed on a "saturday night live" skit. >> a new poll shows people in toronto is giving their mayor a higher approval rating than americans give president obama. the numbers are shocking the poll shows that he smoked
8:05 am
crack cocaine. talking about immigration reform that's a huge issue tomorrow. what are we expecting to come of it? >> increase a path of some sort of citizenship here undocumented, he's got a deal with silicon valley and their desire to protect people. he's picking san francisco and the bay area, but, you know, as far as the numbers go, the approval ratings, he's taking a hammering, especially over the health care start up. they often reflect a roller coaster. >> the collective memory,
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pretty short. several white students accused of harassing their african-american roommate using official slurs and forcing him to wear a bike chain around his neck. >> i talked to students at san jose and they say incident, as horrific as it is, that's not the only trouble that university is facing. the san jose silicon valley naacp says that the harassment that happened in these dorms is a felony not a misdemeanor. so far the students are suspended from school and facing charges of hate crimes against the african-american freshman. the news forced them to look at themselves in the mirror >> i know those thingings happen today, but it's disheartening.
8:07 am
>> it included racial slurs even putting a bike lock around the victim's neck. this incident is just the most recent trouble to hit campus. school administration has been under fire after a project faced a rocky start, moral is low and spring classes could face cuts >> budget cuts, classes, list goes on. the university laid out this week its plan for a teachable moment scheduling a serious on racial tolerance. they have only scratched the surface making this campus inclusive to all student >> as far as being informed with what is going on on with the campus, there could be improvement >> very interesting story.
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>> what do you think is next? >> there was a little bit of confusion, some thought there would be a rally at noon. that's in fact monday at noon. the naacp's national leaders will be there as well. they're supposed to make a statement and we don't know what that is yet >> it's a shocking report of behavior happy days are here again. looks like we have a surplus, how should the state spend its extra cash? >> one woman is taking care of those who need it most and she's been at it long before ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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twice this year. transforming has been a lot of uncertainty for bart riders, workers have gone on strike twice already >> disputes on whether the families should get that paid vacation time.
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for more, let's learn more. >> we want to get a sense if the contract can be disputed without more disruption of the service, that's the big question. okay, this contract mess, how serious, are we looking at a possibility of another strike? >> the board took action at its last meeting to authorize the general manager to sign the contract if these agreements are brought to her and executed minus the paid medical leave provision and stays within the envelope of $67 million the general manager has the authority to execute the agreements if they're brought forward with those conditions >> they don't want to do it. >> the board didn't approve or reject the contract. it's reasonable for management to continue to negotiate >> i spoke with union leaders, they have had it with bart
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management. a lot of the public is really up in arms. the question i hear, how could bart have signed off on something that cost $44 million and not fired whoever was responsible for the mistake? >> you've asked a couple of things first to the question of how did we get in this mess? it was a sloppy ending to a terrible negotiation. i'm not defending that. but the board never authorized management to inner into paid medical leave. bart employees are protected by any employees of the organizations that have 50 or more employees. questions regarding bart management. the board has directed them to
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investigate the circumstances of the mistake and take appropriate action. >> the bart's board general manager is mistake. >> just the general manager >> her own shop is involved >> that's correct. this assistant manager is one of the negotiators, that's not an excuse for his signature being there. we're going through the normal personnel review for all fife of the board appointed officers that includes the general manager that's opportunity for board members to provide input, evaluate her performance and make determinations about her future at bart. >> the computer glitch, it was done while you were shifting over from one program to another. you have to reboot it again could it happen again? >> i'm not a computer expert. it's unfortunate when it happened and the circumstances,
8:15 am
but it was an upgrade, a software upgrade once it was caught by the technical people and removed and you're right, they're going to have to take another run at it and hopefully they learned what caused the problems maybe we want to do it on a weekend where there's less likelihood to affect as many people >> it did seem odd to do it on a friday, heavy commute. there's talk about the possibility of bart saying it's too political maybe it should be taken over and just run with an appointed board >> the appointed board idea has been raised before. they have served this district for 40 years. one of the thing wes need to look at moving forward is like chicago, like san francisco, like washington, like new york, these are not antilabor
8:16 am
communities. are transit workers essential employees like fire and police officers. if the community determines their essential employees, the only difference between their bargaining rights is dispute resolution. if you're an employee, you don't have the right to strike but you have the right to fact finding >> sounds like you're tacking about a no-strike clause >> in a brief summary, that might be something we need to take a look at. >> there we have something on the record. we may need to look at a no-strike clause as a result of this. >> i agree with your summation. >> confirmation, thank you for joining us this morning. back to you guys. very interesting. looking outside, the big weather story, clear, cool, very light winds, we could see some patchy
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frost in the valleys, that's a live look over the ocean beach. 39 in concord, 34 in santa rosa. we have sunshine the next few days. tranquil weather and a rain chance just in time for thanksgiving. this afternoon, mainly 60s across the board and a quick look at the seven-day forecast where the rain chance comes in on thursday in the south bay and quickly out of here by friday through saturday. back to you. for decades, a nurse has been making a difference by recognizing a need and doing what she can to help. >> how is everybody today? there's a line at st. vincent depaul's on the third wednesday of every month, the day of the flee foot clinic. that's right, a foot clinic >> it's one of those needs that
8:18 am
could be overlooked unless you know the community >> a lot of these people are homeless or in shelters and don't have clean socks. they don't have decent shoes >> reporter: she started the clinic five years ago. she's been working at st. vincents since the 1970s when he was a public health nurse. the experience opened her eyes >> i saw so many clients that had very little and i really felt that we could bring something to them. >> and she's done just that for decades. for 56 years, january it has been practicing nursing in southern california and more than half of that time, she's been tending to the poor and the homeless of alameda county. when she saw how vulnerable families are to disease in shelters, she offered a sheller. and then she started a medical clinic. a doctor gave her the next idea
8:19 am
>> he said to me, half of our patients don't have adequate shoes. i said, let's see where we can get them >> reporter: she started calling upon shoe stores to step up. your car is always full? >> oh, yes. she's wonderful with the patients >> did you lose your job? >> last year. >> you have no insurance, right? >> no >> she's glad to be of service >> they need support and need to know that someone cares >> reporter: this week's jefferson award goes to her. >> we know the saying, can you hear me now? the push to allow phone calls on airplanes and the airlines
8:20 am
saying no way ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the prospect of being able use their cell phones mid a. but one airline is saying hd on. not on our planes. delta airlines says, even if the f-c-c says it's okay, it not allow passe some are happy about maybe being able to use their cell phones in the air. but hold on, the airlines are not allowing them to make phone calls in air. no word on what others think of cell phones many are not happy about listening to a constant conversation during a flight. remembering it was just a couple days ago we had tremendous short falls and sending out ious to people because we couldn't pay our bills they sat down and said, okay, if you were the governor, or could tell him what the do, what would you tell him to do with the extra funds? >> would i love to be there.
8:23 am
all of that extra money, just think of how wonderful it would be to find yourself with almost no debt. if i'm harry brown, before any legislature opens his mouth or one of the organizations open their mouth, i would simply pay off the debt, as much as i could >> there's infrastructure issues, social services issues, there's all of the cutbacks that they had to take when the republicans were cutting away at all of the things they wanted now that the money is out there, you can expect their little hands will be ready to grab back they want the programs back for the poor, for the schools >> terry brown, he's a one-man show. and i just hope he removes the
8:24 am
temptation of challenging him by having nothing on the table talk it off of the table by simply paying off some of your creditors and free up your general funds to those annual interest payments that then can be the subject of doing other thing >> you're right, a lot of people said brown had problems, he had a budget. california is a bad place to do business. the sound you're hearing is the sound being pulled out. what is their game at this point? i'm not getting that. >> if it's going to be a sacrifice no matter what, with or without this assumelated surplus. it seems jerry brown is rising. could he run for president
8:25 am
again? we heard there's this speculation among the media, the fact is, jerry brown is 75, a governor that is head into the next election i think the republicans are shaking in their boots now. >> the biggest challenge is his own party and the pressures he will face to give back some of the money. i still feel -- >> jerry doesn't have a party. ,, ,,,,,,
8:26 am trending. trending now, he clinched the international heavy weight title, iran is trending. willie nelson, three of his band members were hurt in a texas
8:27 am
bus crash. miley cyrus. number one least influence actor. one last quick look at the satellite and radar, it's high pressure, that's name of the game for the next several days, the low is continuing to move east over the plains causing some severe weather. check out our numbers, 60s, mild weather and over the next several days, late wednesday night into thursday morning, we're going to be hit with wet weather just in time for the thanksgiving holiday and clearing for next weekend. thank you for joining us this morning. we don't have time to. we're out of here >> face the nation is next here. >> we're jumping over to the cw channel. enjoy your sunday ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> schieffer: today on "face the nation." breaking news as the u.s. and ally strike a deal with iran to halt their nuclear program for six months. >> for the first time in near low a decade we have halted the nuclear program. >> we'll hear from secretary of state john kerry about what's being called an historic agreement on nuclear arms which was reached overnight in geneva. a deal critics are all calling a historic mistake. we'll get analysis from david and david sanger. "new york times," kim strassle of the new york journal and political director john dickerson. we'll hear from house leaders, republican kevin mccarthy and democrats steny hoyer and conclude of the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assaat


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