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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  November 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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and i'm brian hackney. we are learning more about happened at the oakland colm following today's radiers g. the alameda county sheriff good evening. >> we are learning more about what happened at the oakland colseeium following the raiders game. a woman jumped from the third deck and landed on a man who tried to catch her. she is said to be in critical
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condition. the man who tried to catch her is in stable condition. the authorities say people tried to talk the woman out of making the leap. we have a reporter heading to the scene. we will have details on kpix5 news at 10:00 and 11:00. frustrations of a family of a woman found dead in a stair well at san francisco general. when she disappeared from her room in october her body was found 17 days later. her family says they have not heard from the medical examiner in weeks. they have the explanation given for not only the delay in this case but also in hundreds of others. >> reporter: 6 weeks passed since she was found in a san francisco general hospital stair well. her family has no idea how she got this and what killed her. >> we have been waiting, begging, the medical examiner for a cause and time of death. it has opinion two months. family spokesperson says the city officials have a lot of egs plaining to do. after repeated phone calls to
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the medical examiner. >> dr. heart needs to work faster, not just for her but for the citizens of san francisco who are demanding better help than this. >> reporter: the 57-year-old patient and mother who was hospitalized for an infection, disappear friday her hospital room two months ago. her body was discovered weeks later in a rarely used emergency stair well. >> it is an emotional roler coaster. now word to describe it. >> reporter: her grieving loved ones need closure. it appears the medical examiner's office is under staffed. today the chief said in a statement to kpix5, unexpected short staffing lentenned our case chosure turnaround time. a core group of highly qualified. dedicated professionals are working long hours to meet the needs of our community. the family are not alone in dealing with these delays. the san francisco chronicle reported today that it is a common problem for the office. data shows half of the cases in
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the last year remain open. kpix-5. >> the medical examiner's office is supposed to have four pathologist but they have one permanent and one temporary. the city data shows it it takes more than three months to chose cases. santa rosa police are invest againsting a mysterious case involving an unconscious teenager with a head injury. he was found on the grounds of mount tkpwoplry high school. he goes to another school. k about pix5 don knapp is there with more, what are you hearing? >> reporter: the police have an unconscious victim on their hands. trying to decide if it was a violent crime or an accident played in a dangerous game on roof tops. >> santa rosa investigators exam what looks like blood on the wall of montgomery high. a doctor walking his dog found the teen with a wound to the
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back of his head unresponsive. he administered first aid and called 911. the 17-year-old was taken by helicopter to oakland children's hospital and remains in a medically induced coma. now, they are trying to determine if the boy fallen from the roof or if had he was the victim of an assault. one thaoery is that he may have been involved in a high risk dangerous game. >> one thaoer sethat he may have been involved in a high risk dangerous -- one theory is that he may have been involved in a high risk of dangerous games. >> he was here on the same campus with other young friends of his where one of the young men fell and broken his leg. >> reporter: because of where the teen was found they are not ruling out an assault. they say the gym roof has a 3-5 foot overhang but the boy was found leaning against the building, not three to five feet from it. >> we are concerned. a 15-year-old young man who lives nearby who has these serious injuries and we want to
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put all resources that we have to determine if he was the victim of a crime or was a tragic accident that occurred. >> reporter: they say the victim remains in critical condition but is expected to survive. reporting live from santa rosa, back to you. >> and santa rosa police are asking anyone who may know something about the case to give them a call. port of oakland truckers are planning a 1-day work stoppage this week. workers met with the officials several times since their august 19th walk off. they report little progress in getting their demands met. 800 port truckers are set to lose their jobs on january 1st when new state regulations go into effect. >> we have to keep working. we love the port, it this is the economy, this is our life, this is our city. and they can not afford to lose the drivers. >> they are demanding a $50 compensation fee for truckers
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wait two hours in line for a load. and a grown emissions fee used to off set state regulations on their trucks of the walk out is set for wednesday. san jose police officers are set to vote this week on a new contract. bumping their pay up 11% over the next 2-1/2 years. it is restoring the pay cut officers took two years ago. the san jose city council is supposed to review it on tuesday. the battle over pay and papbz pension. san francisco, why the president chose chinatown to give his speech. it this year, many say they node to see more red before shelling out the green. in the weather department, nothing but blue. until thanksgiving. we have the forecast coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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elections. the president has two events scheduled in pacific northwest. after seattle, he's due to e president barack obama is in seattle where he is helping democrats raise money. he has two events scheduled in the pacific northwest. he is due to come to san francisco in the morning.
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on his schedule, a speech in chinatown. people were lining up it today to grab a ticket. >> reporter: a steady stream of supporters line up early to hear president barack obama speak. the president's bay area public appearance is at the betty recreation center in chinatown. the president will use this neighborhood of immigrants as a backdrop for his renewed push on immigration reform. josh wolf says the chinatown location is perfect. >> our country is built on immigrants. and, everyone's story is an immigrant story. >> it is a quick visit. but some say it is sending one clear message. the two-term president is losing his political capitol. take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz center. as we get closer to the event organizers slash it. >> he has been here nine times,
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people are tired of writing those checks to barack obama even in the democratic bay area. >> reporter: he will not watch the speech. he is not impressed. oba about ma care in many states find itself on life support. >>en who of the problems that i have with politics. it is a bait and switch a lot of the time, you know, it is going to go bad. let's look over here at the other thing that may be a problem. >> heading into 2014. president faces many challenges. cementing his legacy is one of them. if successful that legacy could be immigrant reform and a speech right here in san francisco. in chinatown, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the president's bay area agenda, after air force one lands at 10:30 in the morning he will had head to chinatown for his public speech. at noon it is straight to the jazz center raising money for congressional democrats and
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3:30 he departs for los angeles. solar city is expected to announce a big expansion tomorrow. they are set to open 10 operation centers across the state. the bay area is solarcity's home base for a total of 7 warehouses here. the new locations are expected to be in northern california. it means a lot of new jobs. solarcity makes and installing solarpanelses for homes and businesses. not the sun but an early blast for winter that turned deadly. how many people were caught unprepared? >> reporter: dennis rodman tops the list who joins him on it ,,,,,,,,
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not scoring former n-b-a di dennis rodman any points when it comes to being influential. g-q listed the former baskel player as the least influen celebrity this year. some oe other names on g-q's list m come as surprises. he might be the leader of t free world but president oba is on the list. you'll find miley cyrus.. who created ar with her twerking incident. pop stars justin bieber andy gaga might sell millions of records. but they are deemed as being non-influen. fewer californians are traveling this year for the thanksgiving holiday, compad with last year. according to triple-a... mo than 5-million people plan travel 50 miles or more this week. that may sound like a lot, t it's a 4-percent decrease fm last year. of those.. more than 4-milln people plan to travel by ca and more than 500-thousand to fly. we all love a good sale.. a
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this holiday season, we can expect to see more of them. that's because big store chs say many americans won't spd much-- unless they see boldd signs offering huge discoun. since the recession began in 2007.. retailers have had to offer customers even bigger price cuts just to get themo stores. as a result.. many r chains are lowering their upcoming profit outlooks. the nasty storm that's blam for at least 8 deaths in the west.. is now taking aim at oklahoma, texas and new mex the storm system started in california.. and is slowly moving east. a winter storm warning has been issued for parts of north texas until mid-day tomorrow. parts of oklahoma are also under a s warning. sot: anthony young/katy, tes resident (:19-:21) (quick, pa a winter storm warning has been issued for parts of north texas until midday tomorrow. parts of oklahoma are also under a storm warning. i have not had to -- scrape ice off of the windows in a long time. >> we never seen weather like this. this is not normal here. >> more than 300 nights
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canceled at dfw airport, representing a third of the scheduled departures. when you look at video like that, when you see numbers like this you have to factor in the california co efficient. it is clear and chilly. only the low 50s. but, by california standards for us it it is freezing. 53 degrees as you head out the door tonight. if you goring to a destination inland it will be in the up ir40s by 9:00. you know, clear skies, it will get cool tonight. right now, we have 52 degrees at concord. oakland others 52. santa rose a53. santa rosa gets down to the upper 30s. on thanksgiving we have a chance but not much of a chance with shower coming in on thanksgiving day. between now and then we have plenty of sun and tomorrow looks good. we have readings in the middle 60s. and, sunshine inland around the coast, low 60s will do it. the bay, in between, 64 degrees on average. what is happening is, high
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pressure is building into the pass civic northwest. high pressure builds, it will scoot out. causing all of that-1/2 being on in texas and do it in florida and the eastern seaboard. clear skies tonight, allowing things to get nice and chilly. dry weather through wednesday as the high remands in command until late wednesday. low pressure will move in and that will give us a little bit of a chance of showers on thanksgiving. not a big deal. chilly night tonight. dry through wednesday and wet. by thursday, overnight lows tonight, santa rosa, 38 degrees. redwood city, 45 degrees at livermore and 38 degrees at fairfield. 40 in concord and 44 at mountain view. as we take a trip around the bay area for the pinpoint forecast we are about where we should be for this time of the year. 65 degrees in livermore, 65 in san skwroesa and 62 in san francisco, the south bay, getting chilly. the temperatures down in the upper 40s. 65 degrees at mountain view and
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66 for santa clara. 65 in san jose and over by the coast at half-moon bay, well, 58 degrees. in the east bay, a lot of sun tomorrow, 65 degrees. san ramon. middle 60s along the shore hine and if you are heading up 101 to clover dale it looks nice. 66 degrees there and 66 degrees. ebs tended forecast, sun between now and wednesday. increasing clouds on wednesday. it will lead to a chance, not much of a chance, of showers on thursday. thanksgiving day. but then friday and saturday, look what happens by sunday. back to the near 70 degree range inland. a lot of dry weather ahead. even when we get a bit of a break from it, it is not much of a break. >> all right. >> okay. >> we will keep an eye on it. >> yes. most people have enough to do one of these. try doing this.
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setting a world record yesterday by doing 57 consecutive back flips. traveled 105 yards. a cheerleader for the university of colorado. what i like about this, he has done it this every match including rugby and football and he is as this is the most dangerous sport ever. >> he was not flipping over the raiders finish today. >> here all week? >> yes. had the raiders won today. they would have a play off spot, right now, really. up to the defense of the final minute against tennessee. the finish is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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into a playoff spot with a n against a paeupful game to watch. yes. this season. should of beat indianapolis. the washington redskins and the titans, right? >> yes. would of, could of, should of. the raider his had a chance to move into a play off spot with a win against the titans. he got the start again today. pryor serving as the back up. tied at 3. he never saw the linebacker, brown, who steps in front for the interception. tennessee would get a field goal and they took a 6-3 lead. 9 tea 6 raiders before halftime. stewart, getting his hands on that punt. the raiders take over in titans territory. but, he misses the easy 32 yarder. wide left. the first of 2 misses. in the game. still, raiders, 3rd quarter. now, hunter, who plays.
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and ross plays like a fidel. hunter for a 54 yard touchdown, thanks to the rookie who went over 106 yards. 16, the raiders get that big play. off of the back. now, gets it. the raiders go on top. 19-12. he finishes, 206 yards. 19 completions, but they got the ball back. a play. wright, for the game and the titans beat the raiders. they are not pictured in this. where the titans are every where else at 5&6. they are 4-7. a short week with a game on thanksgiving against the cowboys. >> making a great read off of the position they was in. the coverage. and, great throw, great catch, right between here and the corner. and difficult to make a play.
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i mean, this is what happens. >> i don't want anyone to get it wrong. this game is not on our defense. we could of done a lot more things on offense. put up a lot more points in order to help them and put them in a better position. not our defense, it is a team game. offense, defense, special teams, in order for winning a game. the defense, it looks, they have been playing great. still playing great. a great game today. , and you know, as a team i thought we were over this point of losing these tough games that we honestly should win. obviously we just got to let it go and figure out what we need to change and go in and win a big game on thursday about. >> on the bright side, the only game back of the wild-card teams. a change of pace for smith and the chiefs. they put up a lot of points. the defense that could not stop the chargers, alex smith, getting used to the frigid temperatures, 32 degrees at kick off. under 2 to go in the 4th. down 4. smith, to dwayne. alex throws for 292 yards and 3
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touchdowns. the chiefs lead by 4. more than enough time for that man. rivers, watch the perfect pass. 2-2, game-winning touchdown right there. total of 9 lead changes in this. now, the chiefs have lost 2 straight. smith's former team, the 49ers, in action tomorrow night against the redskins, monday night football from the nation's capitol. you can see it right here on kpix5. 49ers need a win to keep pace with the cardinals if you can believe that. how about this. former colts assistant, cardinals coach, welcoming him back. arizona playing good right now. there is larry fritzgerald and palmer, former qb over 300. a rough day for luck. under pressure in the second quarter. getting rid of it. instead of taking the sack and taking it back for a pick 6. thank you very much. cardinals, all over the colts.
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score the surprise here. and after the game, a good moment here. midfield, he threw so much last year with him battling cancer. east rival, giants, cowboys, getting together. manning back on manning, the younger manning, avoids pressure and it is the former raider for the touchdown. tied it at 21. but, tony romo responds, gets them in the territory. this pass, now, setting up the game-winning goal. bring on bailey, from 35 yards out. the kick is up. and it is good. the cowboys out last the giants 24-21. tonight on game day, i will go one-on-one with 49er head coach, harbaugh for reparation for the game. joining me to break down the raiders as well as preview the 49ers. it is interesting. i will ask him in terms of collins, the problems had he is
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having technically, in the third season but really a second year, he is a his had senot having problems. there is no slump. >> that is jim for you. [ laughter ] >> yes. it thanks. all right, diners are noticing it, up and down northern california. >> banking on the fact that one of us don't check a receipt. restaurants up charging $5 or $18 on their bill. >> that is coming up at 11:00. we will see you then ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> kroft: that's the apartment. >> right, that corner on the third floor. >> kroft: the apartment belonged to boston mobster and longtime fugitive whitey bulger, then the most wanted man in america. bulger eluded the fbi for 14 years by hiding in plain sight in santa monica, california. tonight, you'll hear from the agents who finally caught him, with some help from an alley cat and his girlfriend's breast implants. >> we just rushed him. >> kroft: guns out, "fbi. don't move"? >> i asked him to identify himself, and that didn't go over well. he asked me to "f"-ing identify myself. and i asked him, "are you whitey bulger?" and he said yes. >> i volunteered. i don't blame nothing on anybody. i don't blame nothing on myself, i don't blame nothing on my leaders.


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