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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of the store all day with several bags in hand. depending who you ask this could be a strong christmas shopping season or the worst one since 2008. the national federation of retailers gave us an optimistic projection of sales up 4% this year at before $00 billion. -- at about $600 million. compared to last year, we were up 3.5%. look at this. black friday online sales projected to be up almost 10% today alone. and 21% of that coming from smartphone sales. earlier today, kpix 5's mark kelly braved the crowds at a bay area best buy where the morning shopping started out fairly mellow. early friday morning not the typical black friday scene outside this best buy in dublin. gates to contain shoppers hungry for deals instead seem completely empty. inside a healthy crowd and unusually tame. no racing to the laptops or
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stampeding through the door this year. >> today is night, not the crowd i thought it would be. >> i'm surprised. i thought there would be more people, thought there would be no parking. >> reporter: what's the deal? at many stores the bargains having rolling out earlier in the last few years. even on thanksgiving. this best buy opened at 6 p.m. thanksgiving night and closing at 10 p.m. friday. shoppers are saying it's taking over thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving people come together for family. why are you going to ruin that? >> it's going to get worse and unfortunately the companies that are standing against it like costco and such that are saying no, we won't open up, eventually they will feel the pressure. >> reporter: best buy wouldn't say if their head start on black friday is truly helping holiday sales but these shoppers are pleased with that they are digging up so far. >> i have two hard drives, three terabytes, only $100 each. >> reporter: not everyone is
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buying on black friday. consumer reports did a study and found more than half of americans won't be shopping over this four-day holiday weekend. in dublin, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> reporter: the first black friday shopping numbers will be released tomorrow. allen, tonight at 6:00, we'll show you inside that old navy store where they are about to wrap up 29 straight hours of shopping madness. over think deserve a break as do all the -- >> they deserve a break as do all the black friday shoppers. the deals began on thanksgiving night. one shopper took cell phone video of the line outside the target in fremont, wrapped around the store. and then goes on for a while. some shoppers said they waited in line, they shopped and then they came back later for a second helping. >> we already finished our first round of shopping, went home, waited three, four hours, to come back out because the other stores don't open until 6 a.m. >> did they sell anything? look at the empty shelves! many people took advantage of
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the deals on the iphones and the ipads. on black friday there were protests around the country accusing walmart of having a black heart. even santa claus got arrested at one of them. linda yee is in san leandro to explain what the fuss was all about. >> reporter: this wasn't the black friday that walmart officials envisioned but these protestors say they have to call attention to who they call our underpaid workers while the company reaps millions in sales. [ chanting ] >> reporter: several dozen demonstrators protested. some were walmart workers, many supporters who work at other minimum wage jobs. they are accusing the retail giant of paying what they call poverty wages. walmart employee derek sanders says he needs two jobs to survive. most workers he says barely make over the minimum wage of $8 an hour. >> we are trying to bring awareness to the customers and management as well to let them know that the pay is really low
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and it's hard to make a living in california in the bay area. >> reporter: walmart employs 1.3 million people in the united states. they tell a different story in a nationwide ad campaign. >> i get bonuses even working part time. >> reporter: walmart says its average employee gets paid just over $13 an hour but that includes its manager's wages. >> we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter at really any life stage from 16 all the way to, you know, 76 if they would like to. and then they work hard and they can build a career. >> reporter: this woman says she is happy with her salary. >> i believe that, you know, to be able to reach your goal if you have to work hard to be dedicated and walmart is supporting all those goals. >> reporter: some full-time workers are also on government assistance. pam davis was fired last summer from the hilltop walmart after
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complaining about low wages. why not just work somewhere else? >> no. you know what? i tucked my tail and ran a lot of times. this time i'm taking a stance and i'm speaking up for the people that are afraid to speak up. >> reporter: organizers of these rallies, which were held at walmart stores nationwide, say they are also calling for fairer schedules and affordable healthcare. live in san leandro, linda yee, kpix 5. >> as we mentioned, santa, or someone dressed like him at least, was handcuffed outside a walmart in southern california. about 150 people many of them workers chanted outside this ontario store. at one point the protestors started blocking traffic. that is when police started making arrests. well, whatever you ran into at the mall today, it was probably mild compared to this. [ screaming ] >> pushing me, pushing me! >> ah!! >> that's how it started. things then got insane at a
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georgia walmart all over hp tablets. employees were wheeling out those tablets warning customers to wait. as you can see, nobody listened to that. chaos broke out as they swarmed the workers, the police and each other to get the tablets. [ screaming ] >> did you hear that noise? [ censored ] >> a woman apparently used a taser on another woman during an all-out brawl inside a mall outside of philadelphia! no word whether anyone was arrested or seriously injured. [ more screaming ] and more trampling over $78 tvs at a walmart in texas. some pushing turned into shoving. then police had to pin this one woman down. the customer who shot this video was buying cough drops when he pulled out his phone and captured all that commotion. crime in san francisco is at a five-year high. police could be seen in union square today handing out flyers to remind people to protect
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their valuables. according to the sfpd nearly 49,000 crimes were reported between january and october. that's mostly because of the spike in smartphone robberies. if it continues, the city is on track to see crime go up nearly 22% from last year. in oakland, property and violent crimes are up 23%. san jose property crimes up nearly 33%. now, fremont's another city where crime has people on edge. one homeowner just caught a burglar snooping in her bedroom. mark sayre is live with a picture police want you to see. >> reporter: fremont police released still images from this home security video hoping somebody recognizes the suspect or else his bright red phone. >> reporter: in the warren springs district of fremont, it's an ordinary neighborhood just around the corner from warm springs elementary school. but one home here still shows
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the scars from a residential burglary as a thief entered the backyard and broke through a sliding glass door. once inside what the thief didn't know is that a home security system was recording him inside the house. >> they say in the daytime is the best time because nobody is home, right? everybody is at work. >> reporter: stephanie duran says she heard about the burglary and has heard about other similar cases over the past few years. does it concern you? >> it does. so i turn my alarm on every time i leave. ha ha. >> reporter: fremont police say the homeowner was notified at about 1 1:30 a.m. last tuesday that his home video surveillance system had been triggered but it wasn't until later in the day that he realized he had video and called police. >> this is a calm neighborhood i would say. it's very shocking to hear such a thing here. >> reporter: he lives just a few doors down from the break- in. he says he takes whatever precautions he can to protect against this type of crime.
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>> we have taken all the precautions. i mean, we don't have any valuables at home right now. we put everything in the bank safe deposit box. >> reporter: police say the suspect appears to be talking on either a red smartphone or a phone with a red case. this is not the only recent incident involving a prowler in fremont. two weeks ago a man actually fired shots at a prowler he saw standing in his backyard at his sliding glass window. police were called. they never found that suspect. they are asking anyone with information on this crime or the 1-2 weeks ago to call them. reporting live in fremont, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. it has been to outer space and the north pole but this is a first the frightening moments when an olympic torch-bearer caught fire during the relay. >> i gave her the money. started taking the money, let me bag it for you. >> you can't beat them, make friends. the brilliant way a gas station
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clerk brought out the robber's sunny side. >> we have big time forecast changes. we'll talk about the day to expect the drops in temperatures as the kpix 5 pinpoint forecast continues. >> it's the single best selling holiday gift and coming up on the consumerwatch, we'll tell you how to get a great deal on a gift card even how to get one for free. ,,,,,,
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this morning--many of them k drivers. they are demanding better pay and are upset over chans rucks. dozens of protestors gathered at the port of oakland this morning many truck drivers. they are demanding better pay and are upset over changes they need to make the truck. the upgrades are to make trucks greener but would cost up to $80,000. drivers want the congestion fee for when they spend longer than two hours waiting in line to pick up a load at that port. a woman who for some unknown reason was walking across i-80 near 7th street in the south of market area was hit and killed this morning. highway patrol says she was hit
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by a truck in the eastbound lanes at about 5:30 this morning. the freeway was closed for an hour. china scrambled to get two fighter jets over its newly declared air defense zone. that zone is over disputed islands that are being claimed by both china and japan. china says two american military planes and 10 japanese combat aircraft flew through that airspace today. right now there's no indication that china plans to use a military response. and the u.s. says it is not trying to provoke the chinese. scary moment along the olympic torch relay. a russian bobsledder was carrying it through a siberian town. some of the fuel from the torch drifts on his left arm which then sets his jacket on fire. the escort running along with him patted the flames down. the sochi torch relay is the longest in olympic history. it's included stops at the north pole and in the international space station. it's a way to make sure people get what they want.
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but did you know that gift cards can give back? how to score discounts and maybe even a present for yourself. >> now there's no excuse. the webcam workout making it easier than ever to burn off that holiday feast. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are the dumb crooks but then there's one criminal who may just be the clumsiest ever. the gunman walked into a florida gas station, puts the gun to the clerk's face and demands the money. the clerk stays incredibly calm and tries to kill the guy with kindness. >> i gave him the money and i started taking the money let me bag it for you. so started bagging it. you should double bag it. >> the clerk even tells the robber to go grab some beer. that's kind of when things fall apart. the robber drops the bag and the gun. he picks it up, runs out, fumbles the beer outside, even throws a bottle in disgust. but then the officer arrives. the crook slowly stands uptakes off, that's when the cash goes flying. he finally is taken into custody trading those silver bullets for silver bracelets. look who showed up to ridge the closing bell on wall street
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today. santa brought the shortened trading session to an end. the dow and s&p 500 both slipped while the nasdaq was up. despite an off day, the markets logged their 8th consecutive winning week. well, gift cards are a popular item on black friday lists. but there's kind of a strategy i guess to shop for them. julie watts on the consumerwatch shows us where to score gift card deals. >> reporter: yeah, who knew you could get such great deals. i have to tell you look at the great mall. the parking lot is packed. there's not a line for santa inside. there are lines for coach and michael courts. the madness says forget the presents i'm buying gift cards instead and you should know that if you are going to you don't have to pay face value. >> have you made your christmas list yet? >> reporter: grabbing goodies at black friday sales and lugging around shopping bags full of gifts is so 2001. >> you just got the gift card.
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let them pick. >> it's easier. >> reporter: this year millions of americans are saying who needs the hassle of searching for the perfect gift when savvy elves can snap up gift cards for nearly everyone on their list and in some cases get a gift card for themselves for free. >> look out for some of the promotions. >> reporter: mark locastro of deal news says if you play your cards rights, many restaurants offer bonus cards and coupons with every gift card purchase. >> so it's very important to inquire with the retailers whether it's a restaurant or another store, and just ask them if there are any type of free gift card promotions. >> reporter: stores like the children's place are offering a $10 coupon for every $40 gift card. and in some cases you can save big bucks by buying gift cards in bulk. costco's sleigh is loaded with gift card deals up to 35% off on everyone every everything from chocolate to the gym membership you'll need to work it off. >> i think that's a good idea. >> reporter: the national retail federation predicts the
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average shopper will spend about $160 on gift cards. read the fine print. they can't expire but in california they can come with fees. although it's okay to treat yourself to a card or two, remember, 'tis the season to give. now, coming up at 6:00 a warning before you buy a gift card off one of those kiosks or mall stands. it's a new scam that could leave your loved one with a worthless piece of plastic. >> i'm just watching the cars come in, the bright lights. how's the parking there? >> reporter: it is a nightmare! let me tell you, if we didn't have media parking, we would not be here reporting live. it took us i would say the better part of an hour just to get to the parking lot. >> old my dogs. >> the old media parking trick. [ laughter ] >> wink, wink. well, rather than dealing
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with trying to find a parking spot, a lot of people opted to take the ferry to san francisco. our crisp clear day providing some ideal conditions for crowds heading to the city. he is from the east bay. instead of commuters, though, the ferry is filled with families or shoppers people simply just out there playing tourist. >> we have a cousin that's here from oregon. and we very rarely take a ferry ride into the city. and what a beautiful day and the special occasion so we're just going to go to pier 39 and look around and enjoy ourselves. >> we heard similar stories from other passengers who simply wanted to take advantage of the opportunity today to ride the ferry on a beautiful day to san francisco. let's go back out live to union square now. crowds gathering for the 24th annual tree lighting ceremony. the 83-foot tree a gift from macy's. it was more than 33,000 energy- efficient l.e.d. lights. there are also more than 1,000 ornaments on the tree. that event going to get under way at 6:00.
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the tree is expected to be lit about 6:40. and you don't have to drive all the way to tahoe to go snowsledding. kids were having a ball on this manmade sledding hill that's more than 40 tons of snow. you can find it on "a" street between fourth and fifth avenue. it's part of the city's 34th annual parade of lights and winterland celebration. sledding ends tomorrow at noon. warm as it was, hopefully it lasts. >> right. it was in the mid- and high 60s right there around san rafael. but that wonderful woman i have a cousin in oregon and we wanted to take the ferry into san francisco and how many places can you do that in late november? >> right here. >> we are averaging temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees above normal even in oakland as much as 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. but if you are heading to san francisco, there's a look at coit tower. clear skies grab a jacket. the temperatures are dropping off like a rock!
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livermore currently 60 after a high today of 70. san francisco in the mid-50s. it's 62 degrees in santa rosa. the winds are slight. today's highs anywhere from 62 degrees in pacifica to 70 in santa rosa. it was actually 71 degrees in livermore through pleasanton, danville and blackhawk. 70 in fairfield. but morgan hill reported 73 degrees bested by gilroy at 77. wow, tonight, falling off into the 40s across the board except 51 degrees in the city by the bay. 45 in mountain view. here's what you need to know. as we wrap up the last day of november, tomorrow, we will have lots of sunshine. a repeat performance pretty much a carbon copy from what we experienced today. that's after a little bit of patchy fog developed overnight. this is that area of low pressure that produced that minimal risk of a shower on thanksgiving. it continues to spin off the southern california coast. behind it, stagnation. not a whole lot going on. that's why we are calling for nothing but sunshine across the
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northern half of the state of california for your saturday. state capital, 67 degrees. 50 in the south shore territory after a morning low anticipated of 20 degrees. okay, oakland, average high 59. tomorrow 69 degrees. going for 67 degrees in concord. 68 degrees in san jose. down from today's high of 70. again, mid-60s in fremont, milpitas, union city. 67 degrees around concord, clayton and walnut creek. and it looks like it's going to be the fourth "spare the air" day of this winter season especially north of the golden gate bridge where the atmosphere will be a little bit on the hazy side. a little compromise due to the fireplaces. you can't use them tomorrow. you can't use them tonight, as well. monday is a transition day. tuesday cloudy, a slight chance of rain. but from tuesday through thursday, it's a cold front minimal chances of rain. lots of cold air. take a look at your wednesday. 52 degrees in the inland areas. and that's an outside number. most of us will have 40s.
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so get out your winter jacket. you will need it in the upcoming days. >> it's kind o fun. it gets you in the holiday spirit. >> ho ho ho! [ laughter ] well, kids can be tough so you can't blame a 4-year-old for being scared to wear glasses. >> i said, put your glasses on. and he just broke into tears. >> but wait until you see how his mom got strangers to help him feel special about his specs. ,,
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ng to "webcam it can be hard for some people to squeeze in those trips to the gym during the holidays. now many are turning to webcam workouts. they are using computers or smartphones to connect with a virtual trainer. workouts are done with skype or face time and since trainers don't have to rent space or travel, it's sometimes a little more affordable and convenient to work out online. >> it can be done in a park, in the office, at home. >> well, one downside trainers
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say, it's harder to correct a client's mistakes online. but they say it's far better than using an exercise video or app. all right. for some of us, wearing glasses is just part of the deal as you get older, right? but when you're 4 years old and you're told you have to wear glasses, of course you think everybody is going to laugh at you. at least that's what 4-year-old noah fisher in south carolina thought. so his mom went online looking for a little support for her son. she set up this facebook page called, glasses for noah. i just checked. that page has nearly 12,000 likes now. >> wow. >> it was very humbling to see how the community kind of like they took time out of their days to post a picture of themselves for a little boy that half of them probably don't even know. >> noah's mom just posted the facebook won't let her post any more pictures that supporters have sent in. they have gotten that many. but she says she would like to give everyone who sent one and their dog a big hug. >> i love glasses.
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i wish i had to wear them. >> geek chic. >> it's so distinguished looking. i love them. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." margaret brennan is in new york. >> call this black and blue friday. shoppers fight each other for bargains. can retailers expect a strong holiday season? we'll have that story tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,
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how you can own one in just a few years. see you at 6:00. >> brennan: tonight, the deadline nears. the president promised that the obamacare web site will be fixed by tomorrow. sharyl attkisson looks at what's being done to get it up to speed. call this black and blue friday. shoppers fight each other for bargains, but elaine quijano reports retailers may be the ones getting bruised. with the u.s. capitol dome facing a major renovation, scott pelley got a view few americans ever get to see. >> wow! what a beautiful view! >> brennan: and "on the road" with steve hartman. how one word helped save a boy's life. >> he was going to beat this disease. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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