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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> this is kpix5 news. >> behind this fence, animal control officers say was one of the largest dog fights operations they have ever seen in the bay area. adrei borba tracked done the owner of the dogs.
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>> reporter: inside animal services sit the pit bulls that were part of this dog fighting operation. >> some of these bite marks are new. >> reporter: the men living in the home in question called himself john and spoke only with kpix5 and says the allegations are false. >> i'm afraid. there wasn't no fighting. >> reporter: the home was chewed up, kennels, stakes in the ground and hastily put up cages has the classic markers of a dog fighting operations like these chains, weights, and a treadmill. once again, john says he is being set up. >> the animal control people said you had chains and everything for these dogs. >> exercise. it is legal. you can go online. go anywhere and actually buy whatever i have. >> inside animal services, the
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dogs will be tested and likely put down. >> they ruined these dogs. >> it is not a fight ring. >> reporter: the 11 dogs will be checked out by a veterinarian tonight. the dog's owner insists he is not a dog fighter and wants his animals back, though he doesn't now he he is going to do that. >> the case will be handed to the alameda county case's office. they hope to get the animals that can be rehabbed into loving homes. this home has become so haunted for me now. >> that was after a bunch of guys kicked down the door of this woman's house and stole her wedding jewelry right off of her. betty yu tells us this is the second time this has happened to her. >> reporter: the first time, the thieves took $30,000 worth
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of valuables. this time, they made off with about $10,000 worth of stuff and also, this time, she came face to face with the bad guys. two when dressed in hoodies took a casual walk across the line. they kicked down this door in seconds while the woman inside, too afraid to show her face on camera hid in her closet. >> i was really scared. >> reporter: it was too late. the four bad guys and the victim were only separated by a closet door. >> when they opened the closet, they tried to pull it out. i tried to close it back. they were making big noise so i got scared and i let go. >> reporter: that is when things turned violent. >> there was shouting. they saw the jewelry i was wearing. he took it from me.
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>> reporter: the men stole her wedding ring and chain off of her. they left in two minutes before jumping in this silver infinity suv. it was captured on the home surveillance video. they were so bold, they even used the driveway. the couple installed the security cameras after they were burglarized in february. >> i was pregnant. after things happened, i had a miscarriage and lost the child. >> reporter: police cannot say the the crimes are connected. there have been a handful of burglaries in just the last 30 dies. this neighborhood is on high alert. theyworked with the fremont police department to beef up their neighborhood crime watch program and installed alarms and programs. one woman is so terrified she carries a knife at all times.
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>> take a look at this surveillance video. you can see three men looking around, then one shattered a video. santa clara county sheriff's offices said they ransacked a bedroom and stole a jewelry box. one of the suspects noticed a camera but knocked it over by it already captured the break in. now for a lot of target shoppers it's the nightmare before christmas. now we have a better idea of how hackers were abe to do so much damage. >> reporter: liz, these hackers did their dirty work between november 27 and december 15. i got messages instantly. one of them coming from a woman who shopped here at this target at san ramon the day after thanksgiving. >> if you continue using your card, please verify these transactions. >> reporter: she had no way to know she and millions of other
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shoppers were about to be scammed. >> so i went on my bank account and it said los angeles and it clicked. >> reporter: someone charged 54.05 on her credit card in la. here is how investigators believe it happened. first a criminal hacker broke into target's computer system and gained access to their credit and debit card terminals. then then the shoppers swiped their cards, they stole the card data of up to 40 million customers. once they get that private data, they can try to sell credit card numbers to others who will purchase it for pennys on the dollar. those people down the line will try to use it for fraudulent purposes. >> shores who used a target credit card were told to
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contact tar get, but there were angry customers who couldn't get through online or on the phone. >> it is too bad. you would think in 2014, they would have security going on. >> reporter: but this kind of scam could happen to any company like target and debit card transactions don't have the same legal protections as credit cards. and target sent out e-mail tonight. i got one to their customers alerting them of this security breech and check their accounts for any kind of fraud. this only affects people shopping inside target, not online. juliette goodrich, kpix5. if your credit card was hacked, if you report the fraudulent activity in two days, you will be liable for up to $50. in 60 days, up to 500 dollars. after that, you will probably be responsible for everything. jackie spear told kpix5 she wants to see legislation to
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better protect credit card customers. will there ever be another bart strike? not if the brand new bart president gets his way. he wants to ban future strikes and is proposing a ballot measure. the union says it is just grand standing. the ban could only be symbolic. it would take the legislature to enact. felony charges for a deadly crash, a woman is free on bail, but not allowed to drive. 58-year-old jenny yu pled not guilty. she is the one with the blue scarf there. she was driving 80 miles an hour when she rear ended a mini van back in september killing a teenage boy. >> we believe based on the totality of the evidence that the charges are appropriate. >> so traumatized by the boy's death. it is hard to say.
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that is what we are looking into now. >> she faces seven years in prison if convicted. tonight i investigators are trying to figure out what caused a london theater to come crashing down in the middle of a sold out show. more than 80 people were hurt. charlie shows us the chaos. >> i don't think it was an explosion. the ceiling came down. dust, hand leer, all that. >> many said they thought the loud noises were part of the play. >> we thought it was part of the theater. and then, yeah, then we just looked up and the whole ceiling, it was like slow motion. it came down. >> reporter: other london theaters became triage centers for the walking wounded. others were taken to hospital with serious injuries. >> we thought it was part of the play. that was our reaction.
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wasn't it? bang. everything. dust. everything. everything. >> it was like, you couldn't see anything. you didn't know what was going on. >> seven people suffers serious injuries. nothing life threatening. the apollo theater was built back in 1901 and last renovated in 1932. it's third tier balcony is considered the steepest in london. an oakland teenager left brain dead after surgery, her family is begging her to be kept alive at least until after christmas. they want to prevent a junction to take jahi mcmath off life support. the family is not allowing them to discuss the medical situation. and we are getting a little better idea of what might have been happening behind a shooting at a reno hospital this week. police say the suspect left behind a suicide note claiming a botched surgery three years ago. police say the shooter targets the urology clinic and killed a
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doctor before turning the gun on himself. coming up, the last minute curve ball. the president just throw millions of americans. and a popular realty tv show star gets suspended for saying what he really thinks. now his family is plotting their revenge. the college acceptance letter you won't want to miss. we are back in 70 seconds.
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insurance got another break, late tonight. >> millions of americans who thought they were losing their health insurance got another break tonight. people who have had their policies canceled but unable to get new health coverage will be able to get a hardship exception. it is also creating a special plan for people under the age of 30. they will be able to get bare bones catastrophic coverage. and there is now a hot line for
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people to call if they have their plans canceled. a bay area school district will pay millions to settle a lawsuit that one of its teachers allegedly hit and verbally abused special ed students. >> reporter: this tearful father feels guilty for the abuse of his autistic son at this antioch school. >> i failed miserablely at recognizing the signs that my son was giving me. >> reporter: one of the signs was the six-year-old would be scared to go to school. >> me attempting to take him out of the car and him not speaking but grabbing the door. and i forced him. and i dragged him. >> reporter: larry and meegan evan's son doesn't speak. >> my son thinks being aggressive and violent is the way to get anything. >> reporter: the evans eventually took care school out
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of emno grant elementary. months later, the teacher had abused lots of special ed kids that call. >> she had put him down on the ground face first and put her knee in his back. >> reporter: the family sued and accused the antioch school district of covering up the abuse. the district agreed to an $8 million settlement. the evans family will receive $1 million, but no amount of money can give them back their son's innocence. in antioch, i'm dal lynn, kpix5. >> the teacher faces six counts of child abuse. a trip to the casino wasn't supposed to end like this. at least one person is dead after a tour bus flipped on a rainy freeway in san diego county. more than a dozen other people
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were hurt. this is one of three bus crashes in southern california today. watch as a passenger on this bus turns the tables on a man trying to rob him. the robber sticks a gun in the man's face, but he grabs the weapon and takes down the robber. other passengers join in and start throws punches. they held the suspect down until police could arrest the suspect. tonight, members of the duck dynasty clan are standing by their patriarch. >> reporter: phil robertson is known to speak his mind on duck dynasty. >> kids in america today are fat. >> reporter: but the network kicked him off the show over comments he made in an interview with a magazine. robertson was asked what in your mind was sinful. he said start with homosexual behavior and go out from there.
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bestiality. they won't inherit the kingdom of god. robertson compared homosexuals to terrorists. a and e quickly announced his hiatus. >> they are taking him off of duck dynasty because they found his comments to be outrageous, offensive and not in keeping with their brand. >> reporter: supporters rushed to his defense. sarah palin says free speech is an endangered species. and bobby gendel says it is a messed up situation when miley cyrus gets a laugh and phil robertson gets suspended. duck dynasty is the number of one unscripted show son cable. cbs news, los angeles.
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>> 67-year-old robertson said growing up in louisiana before the civil rights movement, he never saw any mistreatment of black people. duck dynasty is one of the most popular shows ever on cable. well here is one letter to a soon to be college student we will never forget. take a look. >> they said yes? >> they said yes. what do you say? >> yes! >> are you happy? >> yes! >> you are going to be a college student next year! >> i know. >> i could watch this over and over again. 20-year-old rian just got into clemson. he has downs syndrome and has been accepted into the life program. his parents posted his priceless reaction on youtube and the video has gotten more than half a million views. unbelievable. you can't watch that without
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getting emotional. >> good for rion. good for clemson. smart kids. >> priceless reaction. >> good stuff weather wise. sunshine, a lot of shopping, maybe some travel thrown in. this is good stuff as he head out through the holidays. right up until christmas. new year will be the next time we see any rainfall. let's take a live look outside tonight. the south bay, san jose, it is clear. it will be chilly. falling through the 40s you will end up in the upper 30s tomorrow. mainly clear skies over the city. let's talk about where we start your friday. maybe the kids last day at school for a couple of weeks. san rafael, 36. vallejo, 39. redwood city, 35. napa, santa rosa, mid 30s , you will be chilly. chilly start in fremont. micro climate forecast out for you. lots of sunshine. milder over the weekend. sunny skies with a high of 60s
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. this is weather we should have in october and november. we are gets it before christmas. the rain is now racing off the southern california coastline. lots of rainfall for arizona. and mountain snowfall there. we missed a lot of the rain but caught the wind. we were caught between low pressure departing and building high pressure. high pressure wins the battle for tomorrow and the next several days. likely on christmas, looks like this ridge is going to hang out a couple of weeks so we are likely done with the rainfall for the rest of the dalai lamaen door year. no more rain until 2014. it will be chilly away from the waters. sunny, warmer tomorrow. we will be dry mild, with highs in the 60s through christmas. close to 60 tomorrow. you will hit 60 in san jose. sunny vale, dublin. 58. san francisco, 58. 64 in sonoma. also 64 for lake board.
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extended forecasts, we are sunny, we are dry, lots of 60s through christmas eve, through christmas day. it is going to be mild and dry and we might as well just enjoy it. we are the envy of pretty much the entire country. >> if you are spending your holidays in the bay area from anywhere else in the country, you are lucky. it is pretty nice. >> good stuff. >> thanks paul. well who needs candle stick park when you have this? candy stick. this was put together by a san francisco restaurant. it is a ginger bread stadium. we are counting down to the 49ers last regular season game. you can watch it next monday right here on kpix5. we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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holiday shopping at three a. >> we have all been there. if you are really that desperate. you waited until the last minute, you can do your holiday shopping at 3:00 a.m.
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starting tomorrow, several stores will keep their doors open around the clock um until christmas. that adds up to almost 100 hours straight for some retailers. >> it gets people the flexibility to be able to get their shopping done on their own time. and in their own way. i mean, people come in and slippers and pajamas overnight. >> macy's, toys are us, best buy, and kohl's are a few of the stores doing this. a source i will not name told me that bastida is not sick at all. what jim harbaugh really meant next. ,,
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playoffs in may. >> the spurs return to oracle arena for the first time since eliminates the warriors in may. this time, they were without tony parker, tim duncan, and man u ginobli. bellaneli had his claws in the warriors. warriors rally. steph curry for the lead.
11:29 pm
yes. 30 points, 15 assists. last minute, warriors down three. this time, curry for the tie. yes. next possession, bellaneli misses the shot and this is how it ends. >> the rebound, diaw puts it up and put in by splitter,. >> man, no victory. hurdl injured with la's dustin brown. he did not return and brown was ejected. alec martinez slap shot putting the kings up 1-0. later in the period, voynov. the pass, ahead, the sharks defense and he scores. l cruises to 4-1 victory. jim harbaugh has no intention of blowing tumble weeds off his front porch in texasment but the rumors won't go away. >> well in judge judy's court,
11:30 pm
hearsay is not admissible evidence. >> and that is what is happening. >> beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. they speak with fork and tongue. >> okay. at number five, marcos going hey makers on the bruins mat frazier. sabers won the game. at number four, the bulls dj augustine takes down michael smith. bulls lose to the thunder 107- 95. back to the warriors, steph curry, tiago splitter and finishes with the beautiful layup. dukes quinn cooke. parker for, and a blue dels beat ucla. number one, the no look back handed goal for the game winner versus columbus. beautiful. by the way, i know kenny is at
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home. he has been throwing up along with his cat apparently he claims. >> contagious. >> yeah, with the cat. >> poor guy. >> anchor men don't usually get sick. >> well you heard harbaugh, no evidence, no story. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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>> get well kenny. >> and bob. [ laughter ] ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. ght... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, jujitsu fighting champion, david letterman captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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