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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> this is kpix5 news. >> just in time for christmas, the big bank that just slapped millions of target shoppers with a spending limit. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. there is a spending limit on shoppers who shopped at target during the security breach. target is banking on a discount to keep the shoppers back.
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>> jp morgan chase has moved to limit debit purchasing power of those who shopped at target during the security breach. customers calling chase heard this. >> we are aware of the data breach at target stores and trying to help protect you. >> target shoppers now have daily debit limits of $300 and 100 for cash withdrawals. >> they said we had no problems in our particular union. >> targets' problems turned out to be a boone for sally gallegos. earlier in the week, target announced that exert hacking thieves had stolen data from as many as 40 million target
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shoppers. the company ceo said there was no indication the pin numbers on bank cards had been compromised but urged shoppers to watch for suspicious shoppers. >> we will walk you through that. >> some of the shoppers we talked to wanted to just use cash. >> i heard about this and i needed to buy some things so i didn't want to risk using my card. >> the 10% discount they are offering will continue through tomorrow. >> what is target doing to reach out to customers? there are a lot of them out there. >> they are all over the country. they are complaining about reaching the call center. target is saying we are putting more people on it to try to fix the problems. >> wouldn't it be great if they kept the 10% through the holidays? all right thanks don. the fbi is calling it a perfect crime. people all over the world are
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having their computer files held hostage. it starts with a simple link to track a holiday package. click on it and suddenly a count down clock appears. there are thousands of victims and nobody has been caught. >> this is a criminal operation. i mean, they are holding your files and folders ransom. it is ransom ware. you need to pay to have access to them again. >> the only way to pay them is through the virtual online currency bit point. the payments are incrypted so there is no way to trace them. and a 13-year-old girl remains on life support tonight. a judge yesterday granted mcmath's family a junction keeping her on a ventilator. the family and the hospital are supposed to agree on an inpendent doctor to evaluate her. the hospital responded to an open letter from the mother
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saying "as medical profession malls it is our responsibility not to create hope when there is one. when one's brain ceases to function, there is none." more than a dozen people are staying somewhere else after a fire tears through a apartment building. the apartments are uninhabitable tonight. the fire appear to have started in the bedroom, but they don't know what caused it. winter arrived today with an icy blast creating a mess for holiday travelers. roadways are slick across the plains. the conditions are blamed for two deadly accidents in oklahoma. warnings further to the east. some spots could have a foot of snow on the ground and that could make for long waits at the nation's airports.
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and a backup already starting at airport. there were already delays for a few flights out of dallas and kansas city. there was a steady flow of travelers at oakland. lines were not too bad. but a few travelers ran into delays with their flights. >> our flight delayed over an hour. we are going down to southern california for a holiday party and a friend's engagement party and our flight delay means we will not make the event. we will probably cancel and go home. >> about 500 flights were canceled today and 7,000 more delayed. >> with may seem a surprise to us on the west coast because we have had dry and stable conditions. look at the east coast. that massive ice and rain and snowstorm is moving into the new england area now. that major travel corridor is going to be heavily affected by this in the next 48 hours.
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they had tornadoes about 35 miles southwest of memphis. they had everything. tornadoes, snow, ice, and rain. they will have more of it tomorrow. couple that with freezing temperatures across the northern third of the country. it is 25 degrees for a high tomorrow as far satays topeka. so for cold weather in the middle part of the country. the colder it gets, the higher pressure we get on the west coast. there is no prospects for any way headed our way the next couple of weeks at least. we will cover all that in the forecast. well the contentious labor talks between bart and the labor may be over. bart argued that a provision was included in the final contract. so they returned to the negotiating table and made a
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deal it. it includes new break rooms an overtime changes. the unions are expected to vote next week. >> we have a tentative agreement we are going to take to our members for a vote. >> bart's general manager said after eight months of uncertainly for the riders this will guarantee every ounce of agency's focus will be directed to providing great service to the bay area during the peak holiday period and beyond. ac transit has a deal with its bus drivers but now they have to vote on it. the union has voted down two previous tentative appropriates. union leaders presented the offers today. they expect this one to pass because of improvements to the medical plan. a vote could come on friday. there is add news out of colorado tonight. the teen shot by a classmate at a denver area high school has died. 17-year-old claire davis had been in critical condition since the shooting at arapahoe
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high school. another student carl pierson shot her at random at point- blank range. he was after a school librarian. pierson later killed himself. 270 people died in the terror attack in the explosion in scotland. a quarter of a century later, the case is far from over. >> today in the small scottish town, a somber ceremony to remember the events that happened here. >> it was in flames as soon as the pan am jet hit the ground. >> on december 21, 1988, it became one of the sites of the biggest disasters in aviation history. it was flying from london to new york when it exploded at 35,000 feet. >> it is hard to believe that a quarter of a century has gone
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by and the family members are still asking why. still asking what happened. >> reporter: victoria lost her husband and fair of her three children in the bombing. when it was determined libya was behind the bombing, libya's leader offered the victim's families a settlementment she was not interested. >> he cut a deal with the attorneys saying how about a no- fault settlement? let's offer $10 million per with a no fault settlement so we can get the sanctions lifted. >> most of the families took the deal. >> 269 out of the 270 families took the deal. >> except one. >> yes. >> you. >> that's right. >> reporter: her decision delayed the entire settlement. but she said too many questions remained unanswered.
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just two officers were threed for the bombing and only one of them was convicted. it provided investigators with a new opportunity to close the case. >> she did eventually settle in 2006 after winning the right to sue him in federal court. the settlement is sealed. two american astronauts took a risky space walk today to make repairs to the international space station. they began repairs on a cooling system. they repaired a refrigerator sized ammonia pump ahead of schedule. they are supposed to head it again on monday, bit has been pushed back to tuesday because they discovered a problem with one of the space suits.
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how a california jewelry store was tricked into handing over an $85,000 haul. plus sharpening up the stick for its final farewell. ,, [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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after a clerk handed it to it happened at a mall in glendale on thursday. the tomer, and >> a thief ran out of a jewelry store with an $85,000 bracelet. the thief asked for a look at the diamond rolex bracelet. when the clerk showed it to him he grabbed it and ran off. >> right before christmas, kind of give you a little negative vibe. >> the robber is still on the
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run. customers are now required to show id before viewing expensive items. candlestick park hosts a lot of history. but now the stadium is about to become history itself. brian webb takes us inside and shows us the preparations for the final game. >> reporter: monday night football is fast approaching. one final night in the national spotlight and candlestick needs to look good. jose alvarez has been painting by numbers at candlestick more than 30 years. he is proud of the work he does. >> they can see it all over the world. they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> reporter: a crew of only six grooms the bermuda grass from end zone to end zone. they make this field look good
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before every home game. >> they prepare the field like it was a championship field every time. >> reporter: but this is not just another game. it might be the very last game. so everything is checked and double checked from the stadium lights above to the toilets down below. >> 20 restrooms. we kind of and do the white glove test on everything. >> reporter: it's the end of an era. a career full of memories. jose is just a few stripes away from finishing for good. he is retiring right along with candlestick. >> i'm getting older so it is time for me to stop too. >> reporter: jose says he won't miss the stadium near as much as the guys who helped him keep it looking sharp all these years. brian webb, kpix5. >> our coverage starts here at 4:30 right here on kpix5.
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stay tuned for the fifth quarter, and then bye bye baby. santa made a lot of kids happy today. the annual toy gave away is a long time holiday tradition at glide. glide received donations of nearly 8,000 brand new toys to give to needy children. and a living nativity seen greeted strollers in san francisco tonight. the event outside of saint francis church is anne makovec july production put on by the knights of saint francis. tonight the temperatures are a little warmer than they were this time last night. in general, it's all the same. temperature ins concord. it is a little chilly. concord is 4 degrees cooler than last night. san francisco, 50 degrees,
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santa rosa at 44. they had a high in the upper 60s . monday, it will be a repeat performance, more 60s . about 59 at the beach. plenty of sunshine for everybody and as we head toward christmas, looks like christmas day will be sunny and mild with temperatures from the upper 50s to the mid 60s . nothing but sun all the way to 2014. holiday ice rinks should be nice. kind of a tradition in the city. union square. 61 degrees, a forecast high for that. and you can just see that huge dome of high pressure. the center is right here, the big clock wise flow. the energy out in the pacific such as it is, is sending any of the storms into vancouver, victoria, into western washington, but for us, you know, maybe some high clouds from time to time. that's about it. dry and mild all next week. the numbers don't change dramatically. we will be in the mid 60s for the most part.
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it was winter solstice at 9:11:00 a.m. we get a longer day tomorrow. by about three seconds tomorrow. so more sun, and the days are slowly going to get longer between now and june. and there is no rain in sight. so we have to stay tuned on that. 35 degrees in santa rosa. 31 in san jose. 36 at livermore. tomorrow, forecast highs, livermore, 62 degrees. 56 the average. about two to six degrees above average readings for this time of the year, low 60s will do it for the most part. 62 at mountain view. hayward at 59 and pacifica, 58. we will look at 61 at pittsburgh. napa, 63 will do it and 62 at vallejo.
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sunshine in the north bay. in the mid 60s . tomorrow, more of the same. 64 degrees, and we will look at 63 at alameda. heading up to eukiayh. that is warm. it will by in the 60s inland much of the week. as we look into next weekend, there are no changes. this high is parked offshore and not moving. the only good thing, if you get a high like that, when it does get replaced, it may get replaced bay really persistent low. but no sign soft it. >> until then, let's talk some sports. i keep bringing up the stanford girls. women's. >> a little high school football, too. >> can you believe la salle has not lost to a california team since 2008? and the warriors handle the kobeless lakers. that is coming up. it's your last chance to get 3 years interest-free financing
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have any of their star plays no kobe, paul gasol or steve >> for the second straight game, the warriors hosted a team without their star players. no pau gasol, steve nash, or kobe bryant. klay thompson showed signs of breaking out of his slumpment he hit four threes for 17 points and the warriors held a
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four-point halftime lead. golden state put the game away with a 17-3 third quarter run. curry to andrew bogut on the ally-oop. his fourth three of the game. the warriors beat the lakers 102-83. saturday night on the ice. this game was a pretty good hurdl impression. ray whitney. 41 years young. good for him. joe pavelsky, they go to a shoot out. in round four, the captain joe thornton puts the sharks up and the rookie alex, all four in the shootout. the sharks beat the stars in the shoot-out. 3-2. a quest to cap off another perfect season was not going to be easy. they had to face saint john
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bosco. la salle. josh rosen. la salle down ten in the half. makenzie slapped sean mcgrew to the ground. yeah. the game would come down to the final two minutes and justin allanba's first season. chris williams has his pass tipped in and intercepted. the state title game, 2014. division three finals, down 21-0 after one, but they made their come back late in the second quarter. then, he squeezes through the line and check out his moves. he runs it in from 47 yards. shp trailed by six at the half.
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the gators had the chance to take the lead. three second half fumbles for this. the dream season falls short. they lose to corona27-15. new usc head coach hoping the then of troy will be bowling next season. cody kesler against fresno state. takes the kesler pass and does the rest. they dominated fresno state. still to come the stanford women look to knock off one of the top teams in the country while the men do something they have not done since 1959. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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1st half...sarah james with backdoor cut, michaela roof finds her...stanford jumps t lead the >> cardinal looking to stay on top hosting tennessee. stanford would jump out to an early point lead. the vols had no answer. san ford had an eight-point halftime lead. second half, shanai finishing with a season high of 20 rebounds. stanford hands tennessee their loss. the stanford men playing michigan for the first time since 1959. stanford down four. randall goes coast to coast.
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the bucket. final seconds, stanford down three. to overtime? no. stanford falls just short 68- 65. >> why have they not played michigan since 1959? >> very good question, none of us were born yet. >> we established that on the set. >> yes we did. you know, in a minute you're welcome are going to see some incredible video. you are going to want to stay tuned. it is not cold turkey, but it is close. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ned to this >> have you hit any snags during your holiday travels, remember it could be worse. >> you could be this hawk. this hawk was left covered in a sheet of ice. but alive. this hawk was essentially frozen. they thought it was a statue at first, then they noticed the bird was still breathing. it turns out the hawk was
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grounded because of a broken wing. they had veterinarians look at it. it was stuck out in the open, it's wings froze in place. >> animal control took it in for rest an rehabilitation. they plan to set it free when it recovering. >> that looked like a picture. amazing. stay tuned. tomorrow, brian and i are going to have the ugly holiday sweater contest. it is on. >> we will be back here tomorrow night. news updates on see you tomorrow night. ,,
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previously on two and a half men... wait. judith threw herb out? when? apparently, about a week ago. of course you can't compete hard body to hard body, but you're still a very desirable woman. oh! oh, alan. you're a good man, and i'm never gonna let you go again. (laughs) never? i thought you'd be happy. i thought so, too. i mean, come on. you had the woman who took all your money


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