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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  February 1, 2014 5:00am-7:01am PST

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pñó i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm anthony mason. here are a few of the stories we'll be looking at on morning saturday." one more day to the super bowl and security is the tightest it you've ever seen. a new pothole for governor chris of helping engineer. he has proof christy knew" >> jay leno prepared to leave sh the tonight show again. photographs destroyed by hurricane sandy emerges with the
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art industry intact. all that and much more on "cbs this morning," saturday, february 1st, 2014. welcome to the weekend. we have great guests in studio 57 including what may be the best blues rock band going. they are going to play for you here this morning. you. >> then a chef traveled to asia and brought back the good stuff, to street food and translated into fine diner here at home. >> john har baa won the super t bowl. we begin with the super bowl and the massive security measures er way to under way to protect fans and focus players. the focus is the stadium across acros the hudson river in new jersey where they are in the final ges of stages of preparation for tomorrow's big game.
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>> concerns stretch into new york. pregame festivities on super bowl boulevard. we are here with that and how some security measures were put mea into action yesterday.ion good morning. go >> reporter: good morning to youte both. and welcome to super bowl boulevard. it's 13 blocks here in times bo square. it's basically been turned into e a fan zone.ically been even if you come out this morning, security is, sec same deal ten miles away if you are across the hudson it's the toward same deal there. the security teams say they are ready for anything. the first scare came yesterday when envelopes containing a white powder were found in r was hotels and one sent to former mayor rudy giuliani's office in udy manhattan. none were hazardous, but they did not take chances. they didn' it's part of a beefed up security effort before the biggest game. ef with most of the 80,000 fans
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expected to use mass transit to the get to the game the chief says they are prepared. >> we are in a post 9/11 environment. we know terrorism is something that we need to be concerned about.lo is so, we are trying to make an environment here as people board trains to move to metlife stadium as safe as we possibly can. >> reporter: the federal air >> marshal service will be on the rshal lookout for terrorist activity. michael will lead the team. >> we are prepared as a team a group. we are specialists and are as prepared to handle any threat any that may come about this hopefully, there are non. >> reporter: all for fans to fans c focus on what is most important, super bowl xlviii.owl 48. >> we love our team. we are we are the secret weapon. >> seahawks!seahawks. sea hawks! >> reporter: speaking of the fans and the game for the last
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week or two, there's been all the this talk about the weather. what if there's a blizzard?bl what about the snow clouds? snow what if the game has to be be moved? around kick off time temperatures will be in the 40s t around or so and considering the s weather we've had in new york city, i'd say it's not a bad thing. back to you. >> i know it's the first morning in awhile i have seen you without a hat. morni >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you. we have another big nfl story coming up later. th could the st. louis rams be hav moving back to los angeles 20 years after they left? >> from one big game to the olympic games in sochi, russia. officials are dealing with the only sporting event with bigger security concerns than the super bowl. mark phillips is there. good morning.d morning. >> good morning, anthony. officials here will be dealing with security and also with the other issue that's been dogging these games, gay rights groups complaining about russia's
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anti-gay law as they see it. there's stories where the gay rights groups are attacking the they see games where they hope it hurts with the sponsorship. as threats go police in sochi are more concerned about the se grim weather than the terrorists. the games held among the palm g the pa trees may become better known for rain and mud than snow.ain and a last minute clean up is under nup is u way and a lot going on. the main olympic site built on a former swamp by the seaside wille be protected by a security force by about 40,000 strong part of a so-called ring of steel that so-calle surrounds the entire sochi area. the first members of the u.s. sochi team have begun to arrive, speed skater davis showed little fear. >> i have no problems with problems wi russia. russia is a great place. >> >> reporter: gay rights have been brought to the forefront.
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in an open letter, activists urged sponsors to speak out on the controversial law barring 're borr gay propaganda. it's an issue the organizers hope will go away but it won't. >> we'll welcome everybody me regardless of sexual orientation, gender and gender, and religion. everybody will be safe here. be >> reporter: welcome, but they hope quiet. muc it's a clash of cultures and it to promises to be just as duri interesting as the competition. >> mark phillips in sochi, >> russia, thank you. now to the latest in the traffic jam scandal. christie attended a star studdedstar-studd birthday party for howard stern.terns he is in a high simmer this
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morning, thanks to an official close to the controversy. he claims to have evidence but ave has not provided it. we are following the story. >> reporter: governor chris christie denied he knew about ied he the lane closures at the george washington bridge that snarled for traffic before or while they were occurring. >> i don't know what to say except to tell them i had no knowledge of this of the planning, the execution or anything about it. no i first found out about it afterning, ex it was over. even then what i was told is it th was a traffic study. >> >> reporter: the lawyer for the man who helped carry out the closings disputes that saying a person within the christie to administration says it came from closed a his office tieing mr. christie havi to having knowledge of the lane closures. david wildstein is the former hority e port executive who set the allegedl closings in motion after he
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received an e-mail from bridgette kelly, who wrote an e-mail saying time for some traffic problems in fort lee.ime the lane closures were a pay back against the fort lee mayor for not endorsing the election campaign. wildstein replied, got it. the letter went on to say he "got contests the accuracy of variouso say m statements the governor made about him and he can prove the inaccuracy of some.n made in a statement released friday the christie administration said his lawyer confirms what the d m governor said all along, he had at no prior knowledge of the lane closures before they happened.e whatever mr. wildstein's motivations or clotsing them to urday," begin with. the white house says it will it consider the state department's recommendation for the controversial keystone pipeline project. the pipeline would extend from would western canada to nebraska and nebraska connect with existing pipelines en c
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to texas refineries. the report stopped short of an n endorsement. it said the project does not pose a threat to the environment not as opponents claimed. the final decision on the nal decis project is not expected until summer at the earliest. thousands of credit and debit card numbers may have been in stolen. hotel "the new york times" reports white lodging services which manages 100 hotels from marriott hilton and starwood was the target of a data breach.f it's the latest on hacks. joining us to discuss this is business analyst, jill. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the breach. we have seen e-mail accounts good stores, now hotels. is every business susceptible to >> attack? >> yes. we have to be individual thing understand that threat exists. read the credit card statements don't just pay the bills.
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get your credit report once every 12 months. once you are looking for odd activity. don't just throw that credit a card out and give it to somebody o without watching the process. some is out of our control. your some is being aware. >> we are about to have a it's changing of the guard, which is another reason we want to talk to you. is there going to be a significant change with the switch?nt >> i don't think so. ben bernanke who left yesterday, handing over the reigns to janet yellen they are intellectual gns to jan partners. they were working she was the vice chair under bernanke since 2010. she helped crack the policies inraft the place. to some extent it's like ome bernanke version 2.0 and she's going to be very very focused on employment in the united states and what policies the fed is going to actually keep in to place to foster employment and also has to really be careful be about inflation. some of the policies could se
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create inflation down the line. >> a lot of opinion pieces f written about this the words were delayed consequences. what is she inheriting? what was his legacy? what >> it is really split. we don't know what the legacy isle going to be until the next few won' years unravel. the number one thing people accused him of is taking emergency measures buying se emerg bonds, expanding the balance sheet to $4 trillion.balanc we understand it's because of an emergency. but down the line, people are concerned inflation pops up. a lot of the market is dislocate dislocated. janet yellen's issue is how do i's unwind the policies without disrupting the world markets and wit how do i unwind them and not t plunge the united states back the into a recession. >> meanwhile, we saw this week a strong fourth quarter gdp. the market has been uneasy. what's going on do you think?markets
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>> i like to say the stock market is not the economy, it's a vote on what investors believe on w companies are going to earn in rs the future. to we know the first half of the e year, very slow growth. it happened because of two factors. interest rates, sorry, taxes went up and government spending as was curtailed. a weak first the second half was strong.g it looked half coming into this sto year. stocks were up 30% last year people, come on. 4% or 5% drop in january, no freaking out, please. drop this is not a panic mode. this corrections are 10%. we are long overdue. what i can tell you is it will drop, i just don't know when. an that means keep the diversified portfolio, don't sell out just op, i because you are scared. k be clear of when you need your money. >> we haven't had a correction since 2011. we are all going to relax. >> take a chill pill. ji
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now to immigration and a proposal that twiggered a fight tri inside the part. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, anthony. the debate was largely held behind closed doors at a gop w it's s retreat. it's spilling out as republicans grapple over how to move forwardenate s that could alienate voters.tive the president hasn't ruled out the action on the issue.ine in a town hall friday the president expressed optimism there could be an immigration reform reform breakthrough this year but not without what he sees as essential to a deal. >> we should make sure that at the end of the day, people are are able to become citizens. we don't want a situation in which we have two categories of people in this country.ies >> reporter: there was a gop call to action. house speaker john boehner is quoted saying it's important to act on immigration reform.
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we will address it in a step by step common sense fashion. a he unveiled his principles for immigration, tighter border fash security and legal stats. the principles do not include th citizenship. according to a recent gallup poll, 3% of americans see immigration reform as a top priority. for some republicans, it's c important when it comes to part broadening the reach of the party. mitt romney lost the hispanic vote by more than 40 points st t after taking a hard line on the th issue by suggesting that a immigrants self-deport. how house republicans move forward may depend on gop. o jeff sessions called the currentd immigration reform legislation aform bad idea in a recovering economy. >> it would lower wages, it increase unemployment. this is not what we can afford to do now. >> it's still too early to tell
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if immigration reform will move forward in the house. some suggested it's better to keep the issue at arm's length. they believe they have a winning strategy with a focus on the nt's health care law. >> jeff in washington, thank wa you. there's plenty of politics to talk about tomorrow on "face the nation." "fa it includes house majority eric cantor and president obama's chief white house staff.s she says she won't ever return to italy. now, amanda knox may have no ow choice. an atallitalian cord ruled her guilty. legal analyst is here with what's next in the knox case. good morning. >> good morning. >> did this guilty pa reinstatement, i should say, of a guilty verdict surprise you? >> i think it surprised most of did us in the united states. it did not surprise people in in
5:16 am
italy. t one of the things about public opinion, in this particular case is we have had a collective in the united states of feeling about amanda knox.ed state a feeling as much as there is much intellectual ability to say the l evidence was really faulty evidence there isn't really much evidence. in italy, there's a great itly defense of the family of the victim and defense of the italian judicial system. >> they don't have double iously m jeopardy. this is tried multiple times.le jeopa >> three times. as double jeopardy is not a concept >> three within the italian judicial system. what that means is that you cannot be tried twice for the itali same crime.em. however, one of the things, c again, that we forget in the same discussion about all of this is amanda knox was convicted beforeda knox she was acquitted. this is really in essence a reinstatement of that first conviction. >> was there new evidence in
5:17 am
this trial? >> it's the same evidence. same i didn't examine all the th evidence in detail like in the etail first place. there's a tiny speck of blood on a tin the knife of amanda knox, not the victim and it's found in another apartment. the evidence is not new. >> she's been vocal saying i won't go back. what about extradition? we have a treaty with italy. will she be forced to go back? >> that's the ultimate political the question. she must be mindful. stay where she is. sh she should stay in the state of washington. she should never go out of the washingt country. right now, the case is going up on appeal. we expect that final appellate court that sent it down for retrial to begin with they are logically going to convict her. logi we would be shocked to say cked t anything if they acquit her. they do not have to send her o not back. send it's a political question.
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i have heard too many experts eard too say of course we are not going cour to send her back, it's not that simple at all.traditio we have extradition tweetreaties with all kinds of countries. going while looking for edward edward& snowden, we are not going to say make a this time, we are not sending someone back. >> right. right. we'll see what happens. it's interesting. thanks. >> thank you. a weekend winter storm is bringing a mess from kansas to mess michigan today.nsas to plows were out in full force trying to clear the road that is left man left many cars struck. folks in chicago can expect can eight inches of snow. detroit will see a few inches before the snow turns to sleet.ns to millions are celebrating the year of the horse in new york. the top of the umpire state building was in red and gold lights to signify prosperity. we have the report on how china up celebrates the occasion. >> reporter: it's a crush of
5:19 am
humanity during the lunar new year holiday. chinese take $3.5 billion trips,e combining multiple modes of transport jest to get home. the images are startling. only more so if you are one of th the travelers. this woman and her husband are this leaving beijing to see their in the parents in central what do you think about going going home today? >> we are so excited. >> spring is coming. everybody needs to be together. >> reporter: we tagged along to brave the crowds at one of beijing's four strain stations. they call this the largest annual migration on earth. here, it certainly feels that tion way. o it makes waiting areas feel more like holding pens. how difficult is it to get a train ticket during this holiday during
5:20 am
period? >> within five minutes, pe everything is sold out.ything >> reporter: 6.5 million people >> travel daily by train during the spring festival. migrant workers pack into train for cars while platforms and curb sites are barely visible. she is happy just to get on a train.n. >> today is no ticket. >> reporter: no tickets for seat so you have to stand? >> yeah.kets >> reporter: and by the bathroom. this used to take them more than 20 hours. >> and as china expanded the high speed rail network, the trip was cut has to just over seven. still, that's not fast enough train, for her mom. c >> we have two hours but she probably has already been at thely alrea station waiting for for >> reporter: she's excited for come you to come? >> yes.d. >> reporter: we saw that when we
5:21 am
reached the station. her parents were home preparing dumplings that are a new year's staple. once they were all reunited they on were speaking chinese. really there was no translation needed. for "cbs this morning" saturday china. the sun herald of headline mississippi says a train carryin carrying oil and toxic chemicals der derailed in south mississippi i friday friday.from s oil from some of the tank cars leaked forcing the evacuation ofaked f a dozen families living nearby famil and closing the highway. lived the spill has been contained. "the new york times" says the drought in california is so is severe it's forcing conservation. water from reservoirs will not be distributed to local agencies that serve 25 million residents
5:22 am
and covers 750,000 acres of farmland. most have other sources from mo which they can draw. two men have been arrested dr in con an ex with thursday's smash and grab robbery at the cart cartier jewelry store. "the los angeles times" says a former security guard at the lakers practice facility was practic arrested for stealing what he thought were three of the team'sght we championship rings as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in gift cards. the rings were lookalikes in case the originals were lost or stolen. prince george is off on his first foreign holiday with his mother. they are visiting a caribbean island. his father is staying in foreign england. it is about 22 minutes after the hour. it's n here is a look at the weather for your weekend. the for your weekend.
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well eel take a look at the angles. later, with beer lists getting longer how about a beer to help you choose the perfect brew. you are watching "cbs this morning" saturday. resolved. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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leets's see what's happening in washington. yesterday they would unveil a
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then they could teach it to americans. >> i don't believe that --
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you see this as a dry run but you hope if it goes okay they'll say, okay, cold weather is okay. >> when we made the presentation, this is the greatest game in the world and now it will be played on the greatest stage in the world. this is the first super bowl that's being hosted by two teams. so the first 47 games were played in warm weather, controlled environment. let's play the game in the element. let's take it back to the roots of the nfl. >> oklahoma.ay. before we say that, is there anything wrong with a domed stadium? >> there's nothing wrong with the domed stadium. we looked at it. the wrong thing is the cost. we wanted the roof. we wanted to have the cold weather advantage. learn how to play in cold
5:28 am
weather and a lot of roofs they open with a little sliver. to open the roof to full which we wanted to to to the very end is around $400 million. >> can i ask you? i'm new to new york city. my son pointed it out. there's helicopters in the sky but they're security. how much is security and do you guys get briefed on what exactly our government is doing to protect? >> the preparations norah, have been going on for about 2 1/2 years, a tlnld is a lot of coordination between new jersey state police, nypd secret service, homeland security. >> have you interfaced with john miller yet? >> maybe we need him to tell us what's going on. >> but al kelly, host of our committee, he's been doing a great job. there's a security operation out at the stadium that i saw a couple of days ago. it is unbelievable. obviously first and foremost is the safety of the fans. sofa... desk... you know what?
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welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. a top story this half hour an nfl mist. an owner of the l.a. rams may be thifrging of moving his team back to l.a. >> or maybe not. >> the rams how sweet it is. >> the idea that we don't have a football team boggles the mind. >> reporter: now the tables may be turning. on friday stan kroenke, the billionaire owner of the st. louis rams confirmed that he just bought a 60-acre parking
5:31 am
lot in los angeles. >> i'm dying for a finally team to come back and i'm hoping it's the rams. >> reporter: his team confirms the purchase but isn't revealing much more saying in a stable we have yet to decide what we're going to do with the property but we will look at all options. nfl commissioner roger goodell seemed to dampen the hype. >> instead of overreacting we should make sure we do what's necessary to support the team locally, which the fans have done in st. louis and make sure we can do whang we can to make sure that team is successful in the st. louis market. >> reporter: but lately it hasn't been. for the past sick years the rams have ranked near the bottom of nfl teams in attendance figures and the team is asking for $7 million in upgrades to the current stadium which the city isn't willing to play. >> he's threatening st. louis. >> reporter: writer dennis has
5:32 am
been following proposals to bring football back to l.a. for the past four years. >> it seems to me the owner of the rams is making a play to get concessions in st. louis because he wants to upgrade the stadium there and he wants the taxpayers to pay for it. >> so use l.a. as leverage? >> yeah. i mean l.a. is the perpetual city of leverage for nfl teams. that's one of the reasons it's valuable as a place without a team for the league. >> reporter: if friday's reaction by st. louis's mayor is any -- it might be working. bill whitaker, cbs news los angeles. >> it's crazy last. doesn't have a football team. i don't want st. louis to lose their football team. >> it's been a long time. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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up next scientists find a clear link between testosterone supplements and heart attacks in men and five heart tips for women. dr. jon lapook and medical kromt dr. holly phillips. this is "cbs this morning saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by hershey's spreads. ads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything - you can imagine. explore the endless possibilities of the delicious chocolate taste that only hershey's can deliver. with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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time now for "morning rounds," and joining us are cbs news medical correspondent dr. jon lapook and dr. holly phillips. there's a clear link between testosterone supplements and heart attacks. >> they're taken by millions of
5:37 am
men but this study to date raises large questions. insurance claims from more than 55,000 men looked at the writ of heart attacks within 90 days of starting testosterone. in men starting 56 and older the risk more than doubled. in men younger than 65 with a history of heart disease the risk almost tripled. testosterone treatment is only for those with low "t." documented low testosterone levels. but many men without low "t" are being treated for a variety of symptoms. a study this month found 43% of the men receiving the hor hone had a normal level. cardiologist dr. steve nissen of the cleveland clinic. >> we don't know much about this therapy. what's going on is a giant experiment with american men's health at stake because we don't have the long-term data on the safety of these products. >> reporter: annual prescriptions of test toft trone
5:38 am
happen because of results like this. >> they appear on television with seductive ads that make men think they're a fountain of youth. >> we've heard about these risk before. what's new about the study? >> anthony the arc here is so important. we heard in 2010 small studies show there might be a cardiovascular risk. this is now the biggest study to date and it shows that not only is there an increased risk in men over 65 but there's a new group. under 65-year-old men who have had a previous history of heart disease. now, this is not the gold standard test. it doesn't show cause and effect. but thinking about how this use has exploded over the last few years is really a reason to be concerned. >> but why? why do researchers think it's happening? >> one thinks it might increase
5:39 am
clotting of the blood vessels of the heart and they could cause a heart attack. also new this week the road toe to obesity starts by age 5. more kids are likely to be obese by eighth grade. that's startling. >> it is. it's basically showing us that the dye is cast so incredibly early in our lifetime for obesity risk. they look at 7,000 risks and found that for the kids who are overweight in kint more than a third of them would go on to be obese by the abt grade and you had a 100% chance of being obese in the eighth grade or beyond so there really isn't such a thing as baby fat. it all matters. >> how do you know when your child is ee bees or overweight? >> really it starts about age 2. we can calculate a body mass in. if you're over the 95th percentile, you're obese.
5:40 am
these things matter as young as age 2. >> we all know what the risk factors are and what happens in adults. are they the same for kids who are overweight? >> they're just the same only even more severe because kids are going to have these symptoms for longer. they're going to be more impactful in their lifetime and now we can predict they might have a shortened lifespan. >> all right. february is american heart month so this morning we're bringing you ouren to five tips for a healthy women. what are the health tips? >> blood pressure blood sugar and cholesterol. the thing about these things they're silent. high blood pressure, silent, high blood sugar, you don't know, high cholesterol, you don't know. you have to know the number, ask the number. and a third ofpeople in the united states have high blood pressure and doan know it. >> holy mentioned silent and i think of genetics as a silent
5:41 am
risk factor. are there others that women should be aware of? right. genetics is probably the most important but i like to think of heart disease, as sort of the paper, rocks scissors game. there's genetics diet and exercise. genetics might be the most powerful but you can overcome it with diet and exercise. diet loosely using that term because that also includes not smoking but really it's about focusing on a plant-based diet avoiding sodium and exercise regularly. it doesn't have to be hours and hours at the jim. 30 minutes once a day will do it or staying active. get up walk around take the stairs if you can. all of those things can lower your risk. >> what are the possible warning signs for women with heart trouble? >> well, for women there's a little bit of a misconception because they can have unusual signs but still the most common sim thom is chest pressure or discomfort in their neck or back, a little bit of shortness of breath.
5:42 am
fatigue, vomiting nausea a little bit of sweating. these should not be things that should be blown off and it's not just women who can have these atypical symptoms. basically if you're feeling rot ten, something's up call your doctor. >> finally most of us know exercise can help people including seniors. carter evans visited one gym where strength training is taking usual form. >> reporter: this isn't your granddaughter's aerobic class. call it a new twist on an old art form. cheng-fu. >> we turned the fitness equation on its head. >> mike moreno is ceo of nifty after fifty. a chain that develops a class with a fitness goal. >> it makes the senior feel powerful with something that normally represents frailty. >> sometimes when they see you they think, oh poor thing. >> berta is 77.
5:43 am
the exercise itself is also a weapon helping to prevent falls which every year send more than 2 million seniors to the emergency room. according to the centers for disease control. only 35% of americans over 65 are considered physically fit. the aches and pains take their toll. >> five years ago i had a broken pelvis and then a year ago i had a knee replacement. now i can do a mile on the treadmill. i couldn't a year ago but i can now. >> i love this. turning a symbol of what we might think of as weakness to strength. >> i love how she holds the cane. >> exactly. >> this strikes home with me. my 95-year-old dad fell. fortunately he's oklahoma but it knocked him for a loop. >> dr. jon lapook, dr. holly phillips. thanks so much for being here. up next. a new level of beer
5:44 am
sophistication, how you can become a certified expert in suds. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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it makes me feel beautiful. [ female announcer ] nature's bounty® hair, skin & nails. because beauty starts on the inside. in delicious gummies too. of beer during tomorrow's super bowl, but while you can count on getting expert help to seek a wine to suit your budget what about a beer? >> these days you could face a
5:48 am
choice of dozens of beers with various styles. you need someone who knows what's inside those bottles or tap. dean reynolds takes a look. >> reporter: while a wine expert is known as a sommelier, a beer expert is considering a drunk but a man named ray daniels is hoping to change that. >> americans used to treat beer like a can of soup. you buy it, put it in the cabinet, leave it there for months and years on end, take it, open it warm it up, it 'going to be as good as it was. >> reporter: as an author of four beaks on beer dan felt it necessary to set standards. the various people in this room are at the forefront of his experts. they're taking a test to become beer experts identified as sis
5:49 am
roans. there's an initial test online followed up by a second in-person exam that involves multiple choices and tastings. lorna is among the hopefuls. >> i'm really hopes i pass today. it's a serious examination. they're not messing around. >> reporter: daniel created the program six years ago and they must teach them about beer styles flavors, and longevity. how did this start? >> bad beer. you know, i've been a beer enthusiast my entire adult life and i was always amazed at how many places had -- would have 25 beers on tap, didn't know anything about them. >> reporter: daniels believes beer ignorance is widespread and on this occasion he didn't have to look far to find it. >> you can smell the first one.
5:50 am
get the sense of that. >> smell ss like beer. >> the second one. >> oh, yeah there's a big difference. >> big difference, right? >> it seems sort of flatter to me. >> something wrong with it. exactly. a buttery flavor is called die as tall and that's a very common off flavor in beer. >> so a trained server would pick this up and say, all right, we've got to get rid of this. >> yeah, exactly. we've got a problem here. >> jerry's bar in chicago has 48 craft beers on tap and the staff is required to seek at least the certified beer server status. daniels' basic qualification. nick bondy is the bar manager. >> we need to have people that can say, okay, what do you normally like to drink and if somebody says i like to drink stella, then we can guide them in the right direction toward a beer that has similar qualities. >> reporter: so the next time
5:51 am
you walk into a pub and the bartender says what will you have you could ask, what would you recommend? for "cbs this morning," dean reynolds, chicago. >> i like a bar that has 48 beers on tap. >> everyone in here was drooling truth be told. >> yeah. >> it's interesting. you always hear that the test for a someier was difficult. but only a third of those who took the beer test passed. >> that's a tough test too. >> coming up late night wars still flaring. jay leno is leaving "the tonight show" for the second time. >> can jimmy fallon succeed where conan o'brien failed or will letterman soar even more. for some of you, your local news is next. for the rest of you stick around. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." did you gamble on the super bowl? you know, you want to be careful when you gamble on the super bowl. last year i made a super bowl bet with jimmy fallon.
5:52 am
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5:55 am
cholesterol and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ ♪ bad luck turned into good luck. on air they told cbs their ticketing were stolen.
5:56 am
the commission mer was watching the broadcast and immediately called to get connected with the fans. >> right now she's on the phone with the nfl. >> are you serious? ? >> the call was bittersweet for one of the women. he father was a trainer for the seahawk in the 1990s. both her parents were killed by a drunk driver years later. now she's going to watch the team at the super bowl to honor her father's memory. >> what great story. >> coming up a year ago, a team beat his brother's team in super bowl 47. we'll ask ravens head coach john harbaugh what it took and what it will take the seahawks and broncos to win tomorrow. this is "cbs this morning saturday."
5:57 am
playing in the super bowl matters how much? >> it matters a lot. you understand what they're going through, the game day, the preparation for the ek woo. the game's different. it's an unusual sunday. you go out, warm up, ten minutes later you're on the field playing. now you have the whole pregame show. it's a lot longer. it's a different feeling. >> who has the different running game. >> if i was the quarterback i'd want marchand lynch as my running back. sale is going to try to run the feeble. if they can keep it where russell is only throwing 25, 30 times, that's the kind of game we want. >> can we talk about jonathan martin and ricky incognito?
5:58 am
do you think it's possible for football players to bully other football players? when you heard about this what did you think? >> i didn't know what to think. it got to a point now where, you know, it's embarrassing for the miami dolphins and i'm a former dolphin. i will say this. you know, i talked to mr. ross a few times and he's going to be committed to making it right and doing the right things in the future as far as you know, how you act in the locker room and the things that you're supposed to do as a professional athlete. >> isn't it a culture trash talking? >> there is. there are things they do. i've been around it too. there's a point where, you know they have the top. i wasn't there personally. i wasn't in the locker room. >> did you ever have a quarterback come a you and say, hey, moreno, throw it at me? >> yeah. >> what did you do? >> i said, i will. don't worry.
5:59 am
6:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning" morning saturday. i'm anthony mason that and i'm vinita nair. coming up this half hour it's just about here. super bowl 48. the denver broncos against the seattle seahawks. we'll meet a guy who knows about winning the big game. john harbaugh head coach of last year's super bowl winner the baltimore ravens. and most of the greats of jazz played at minton's. now this jazz jewel is restored and it's shining again. we begin this half hour with you guesset is. super bowl 48 and the tightened
6:01 am
security as we approach tomorrow's big game. last-minute prep is being made at metlife across the river from hudson. pregame festivities are also under strict watch here in new york. terrell brown is in times square on so-called super bowl boulevard. good morning, tr really. >> reporter: good morning to you. behind me the big toboggan run they've been dying to go down for the last hour it's this kind of fun that fans have been having all week long and even at this early hour there's a high security presence here. as we move through the day and tomorrow, that presence will move toward the stadium and getting fans there. about 80,000 fans expected to use mass transit, buses and trains to get out o metlife stadium and once they arrive they'll go through airport-like security to get through the stadium. the stadium will be on lockdown. there's a no-fly zone and every car, bus, and truck that gets
6:02 am
through the prems will be stopped and screened. all of this is part of a security effort. it's for the fans to enjoy the game, the comfort of enjoying the game, not focusing on anything else. speaking of comfort when it comes to to weather, looking like 40s around kickoff time. of course, weather being the headlines around the last few week, the super bowl not being in the single digits and teens is a very very good thing. we'll take it anthony. back to you. >> feels almost tropical. terrell brown. thanks, terrell. coming up later we'll get the inside scoop from john har bow, the coach of last year's winner, the baltimore ravens. the 2014 winter olympics in sochi, russia. mark phillips is there. mark, good morning. >> good morning, vinita good morning, anthony. hopefully with any luck within the next few days we'll start talking about the actual olympic competitions, the skiing and
6:03 am
skating and, of course the hockey. but they have had trouble keeping control of the narrative. they're in their final preparations here. the venues are all ready. they say the security -- there's a little cleanup going on. they say the security is all in place and unprecedentedly large security force. they're admitting to about 40,000 people altogether in establishing the ring of steel as they call it. they're providing security without being obtrusive but other issues dominating as well. the whole gay rights argument about russia's anti-gay law and there was a protest about they should talk to the sponsors about easing up. the russians are saying everyone is welcome and they'll be afforded a warm russian welcome. perhaps a little too warm. but in any events everyone's
6:04 am
finally waiting for the games to begin when we can finally talk about the sports. >> imagine that. mark phillips in sochi, russia. thanks, mark. a flight made an emergency landing in new jersey after fumes in the cabin sickened passengers and filled the cockpit. it landed at newark liberty airmen last night. several of the 220 passengers were taken to hospitals. the flight originated in washington. the authorities reportedly checket out the plane but did not find anything unusual. >> there's another possibility of a major control data breach. this time thousands of hotel guests may have had their credit card data stolen. white lodging services a company that manages, marriotts, hiltons, and starwood is among those attacked by the hackers. they're telling millions to
6:05 am
reset their passwords. the hackers could use the information to get into bank and credit card accounts. john blackstone has more from san francisco. >> reporter: yahoo! provides e-mail for 273 million users around the world. 81 million of them in the united states. the theft of names, passwords and contact lists provides much more than a target for spam. yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer recently acknowledging the importance of e-mail security. >> your inbox carries the keys to your life. >> hackers stole yahoo!'s i.d.s and passwords from another database. they said we're resetting accounts. >> the personal e-mail accounts are very very juicy targets for attackers. >> hackers may sim will i be reselling the information to other criminals and they sell it to other criminals for who knows what purpose. >> it sounds just like what the legitimate internet companies do. >> as it turns out, information
6:06 am
is the new oil. it's very very valuable. >> as breaches of websites multiply, cyber criminals can steal more online information to build profiles. >> criminals can combine multiple breaches and they can use that to take over another account. >> that origins are often traced overseas. frequently to eastern europe. russia has provided a safe harbor for many of the schemes. for "cbs this morning saturday," john blackstone new jersey. glonchovern chris christie is on the defensive this morning. it resulted in days of massive traffic jams. wildstein claims there's evidence the governor knew about the closings as they happened contradicting christie's public statements that he found out after the fact. the governor's office denies the
6:07 am
claim. superstorm sandy's assault in the northeast affected millions of people including photographer randy tailorylor who lost thousands of images. he tried dipping each damaged photo in rubbing alcohol and the results were amazing. the photos were dramatically altered by the mode yet the art survived and randy taylor is joining us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all i'm sorry. you lost more photos than most professional photographers will ever take. what happened in that storage facility? >> it was really horrible. when i found out i descended into this dark gooey mess. everything had flooded and it all settled down and it was just a mess. >> you had to wait literally how long to get back in there? they wouldn't have let you in for a while. >> no. it was a couple of weeks. >> what are you doing?
6:08 am
>> this is me trying to pry the filing cabinets open. eight filing cabinets 8,000 cabinets. this is what i had to do. >> we're watching you basically destroy your own art. >> yes, yes. >> that's painful. how many were you able to rescue? >> out of 30,000, about a hundred. >> how did you know that that would stop what was going on? >> you know this was complete desperation. it was kind of like triage. everything was being destroyed, disintegrating and it was the mold that was deteriorating. i thought alcohol destroys mold let's try this. >> does it halt the process or stop in phases. >> it immediately halts it. this is very dramatic. i don't recommend it to anything. everything is disintegrating.
6:09 am
i dipped it in alcohol and it stopped the mold and helped it to dry faster. >> these are pictures you took as a photo journalist but you were also your family's archivist, weren't you in. >> that was the hard part. give me your pictures i can take care of them better than you. parents, great grand parents. >> you lost your family history. >> down the drain, yep. >> obviously you've gotten a lot of attention because there's something so beautiful about the way they eroded. do you have some sense of i wish they were original or can you look at them now and appreciate them as a different art? >> if i had my choice i'd want all the originals back, absolutely. however, some of the images, they're remarkable. there's this one picture of an angel's face. ice kind of miraculous. what it's done i would have never been able to figure out.
6:10 am
>> there was one particular image as well that had some significance to you because it involved a possible award, didn't it? >> yeah. that's the picture of the shoot-out in paris. basically a gunman had seized the embassy and there was a shoot-out between the police and iraqi guards afterward. but what was amazing about this this was the entire roll of film and one single frame survive and just the center of the frame, the peek action of the moment of the french policemen shooting the guard. >> you were actually considered for a pulitzer prize for the picture. >> my name was put in the hat, it's true, but i did not win. >> hindsight is a difficult thing but i'm curious. did you not have any backups or were they within the storage facilities themselves? >> all my archives were in the facility. it was eight filing cabinets. i had. scanned it. it was just there. >> randy taylor thanks for sharing with us.
6:11 am
i'm so sorry it happened but wu some of the images that survive ready so striking. thank you very much. >> it's about 8:10 now. here's a look at the weather for your weekend. np this weather segment sponsored by bayer aspirin. take charge of rain shower heart health with iaproheart. >> up next now after decades of decay, a great harlem jazz club is back. we'll take you there. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
6:12 am
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6:15 am
i like that sound. so what does a jazz loving corporate executive do with his time and money? >> richard parsons used his to restore a famous harlem jazz club to restore it to its former splendor. cbs correspondent james brown got a personal tour. >> that is the soul remaining original piece. >> onnal piece. >> we've done everything on the inside but we kept that mural because it's iconic. >> reporter: when richard parsons talks about his restoration of minton's the legendary jazz club in harlem
6:16 am
he talks more like a mufg aficionado. >> you would have to start with him. he was actually in the house band. and this was back in the '40s and he attracted numbers of others who basically kind of came here and mounted what was bee bop. that would be charlie parker the bird dizzy gillespie. >> indeed one can hear yesteryear in the jazz dive opened by saxophonist minton. >> benny goodman all the greats from the '40s and '50s. if you played in new york, you played in minton's. >> reporter: the club closed down and was seized by the city in the late '70s because of
6:17 am
overdue back taxes. since then many have tried and failed to revive minton's. what was successful before that you believe you can capitalize on to make this successful? >> you need two things to make a business work. you need capital and you need management and fortunately by my own good fortune and luck i had the capital and i found the management. >> reporter: prance no one is better suited to bring minton's back than dick parsons known as mr. fix-it. you have a reputation as a cool customer, unflappable, one who can certainly be improvisational when making deals. almost sounds like you're describing jazz. >> i think that's why i like the music so much. it fits with my sense of self
6:18 am
and maybe even with who i actually am very the new minton's opened in october and is designed to be a supper club where patrons enjoy good live jazz and good food at the same time. the music is provided by older musicians sponsored by a nonprofit. the food is handled by his long-time fren and business partner executive chef alexander smalls. >> it's a spirited relationship. we have a lot in common. we're zbik aficionados of jazz we like to eat, and we're storytellers. we make good company. >> reporter: and for richard parsons, the company at minton's somewhat's all about. >> the concept here is to meld the music with the food with the ambience with the, you know
6:19 am
surroundings so that each is an accompany.iment to the others and people come in and have a relaxing exhilarating time. >> and the words you want rolling off their lips when they leave here? >> fabulous. >> reporter: fabulous. for "cbs this morning saturday," james brown, new york. >> i hope that's successful. it's great idea. >> it really looks beautiful. and har lechl is up and comecoming. up next we'll hear what the baltimore raichbs kwpz john harbaugh has to say. he's in the green room. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works
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6:23 am
the super bowl belongs to baltimore. >> it was a great game. baltimore ravens' head coach john harbaugh last february after beating his brother jim with a career win/loss record of 62-34, john harbaugh is who we want to talk about football and the challenges facing the seahawks and broncos. great having you here. >> great to be here. >> what's it like playing in the football? >> it's great. it's exciting. it's a football game in the end. >> you were playing against your younger brother do. you still talk about the super bowl in the house? >> it's off limits. we don't talk too much about the game. we would get into an argument. >> how did your parents cope with that. >> i think they were 100 elated and 100% completely disappointed at the same time. in the end my mom and dad spent
6:24 am
time with jim and his family. you can only be as happy as your unhappiest child. >> let's talk about this year's game. way off the bat. who do you think is more under pressure with this year's super bowl? >> i don't know. i haven't thought about it that way. you're excited to play the game. i don't think there is a lot of pressure in this game. you've already accomplished the fact that you're there. you've already won in a sense. >> a lot of people are saying this is a big game for peyton manning. certainly he's the more experienced quarterback, correct? >> right. >> how much of an advantage is that? >> it's a big advantage. all this stuff about peyton having to prove himself, i don't think that means anything. i think it's going be him against defense, russell wilson against defense. it's football. it's kind of segmented that way. >> what's your sense about the coaches. since you're a coach, john fox and pete carroll.
6:25 am
could could either be the stadium for one coach or the other. >> you'll find that the crowd's not loud either way. the crowd is split. it's not that loud of a game as when you play in your home state. both teams get on the line. they make calls on the line. communication shouldn't be an issue. it should be a great game. >> there's a lot of concerned about the weather. it's turning out to be actually very balmy for this part of the world. >> right. it's almost tropical with what we've been going on here. >> a lot has been made about the matchup and a lot of talk has been made about richard sherman. i heard people saying what if there's something like car massachusetts. what do you think about the two teams and how they've been affected by the media. could it affect it? >> it could.
6:26 am
richard sherman is great player. he's not going to be scared away by the situation of the statement and stuff like that. when it's all said and done it's 100 yards long, 50 yards wide and it's going to be a football game. great players go against each other. he'll have a game plan and they'll have a game plan the other way and they'll play off. >> you're going to get the award which is for your work with the military. you're actually going be headed the afghanistan and turkey monday? >> yes. turkey first and then afghanistan. >> what are you going to do? >> get with troops. spend time shake hands, be with them. i can't wait. >> a very different experience. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. coming up a new round in the late-night tv war. is the new host jimmy fallon the next conan o'brien? you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
6:27 am
your two sons of course great football players they've been in the last five of the eight super bowls. 's a pretty good record. what's the super bowl like each year? >> for parents, it's wonderful. for players, i played for a long time. we never even made the playoffs, so we didn't get close to the super bowl. that's the ultimate for the super bowl. that's what you want to do. as a parent to do it five times, we kind of look at each other and pinch ourselves. i'm not trying to be greedy here and it's more fun to win these games when you get in but i wish all parents -- i really wish any parent who has a son playing could experience this also. >> when you watch them on the field, this is a hard question for a father to ask -- answer. who's better eli or payton? >> i don't go there.
6:28 am
>> you know fwail rates her children in front of us all the time. >> it's hard to pick. i could never pick. >> quarterbacking -- i think too many times we individualize in football. john's had a tough year. broncoss had a good year. his team's having great year. >> when you watch the game do you watch it from inside do you watch it at home? to you watch it -- >> we go to some games. we come up here and see some giant games. we go to denver. but we like to stay home and watch it on tv. >> what are you going to be when it comes to the super bowl? >> i'm going to be inside. we'll be outside, see what that's like. i keep telling peyton, i keep telling my kids, enjoy the journey.
6:29 am
6:30 am
it's always nice to keep working, sure it is. am i extremely grateful? do i understand the circumstance? yes, of course. >> this is what i don't understand you. 're still number one. >> think because you have talents people only wait so long before you get other opportunities. you don't want to loose out on opportunities. that makes sense to me. and i thought jimmy has been extremely gracious and polite. >> you said all the same things exactly the same when you spoke about conan. >> did i? yeah, maybe i did. we'll see what happens. >> that was jay leno on his upcoming departure of the tonight show. welcome back to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm anthony mason.
6:31 am
jay leno steps down for the second time. >> jimmy fallon will return to new york. will it work or flop like it did with conan o'brien. let's speak with steve and linda. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> linda, aisle just start with you. a lot of o people say abc has kimmel. he's a younger guy. is it all about -- >> absolutely. leno beats everybody else in that coveted demographic but this is like a 1960s mentality where they think women don't buy things, they think people over 49 don't buy things. i also think that that's what they're thinking and that's all they care about and that's why they're moving and that's -- not that it's not a good idea to switch up but i think that's the
6:32 am
absolutely only reason. >> they tried this five years ago with conan. it was a complete disaster. they undid it. is this time going to be different, do you think? >> even five years the economics of television and late night television has changed. "the tonight show" was probably making more than $100 million in profits back when they made the first change from leno to conan oh'brien o'brien. now it may be $25 million. there are a lot more competitors on cable. people are playing back their dvrs. jay had to take a pay cut pause the situation has changed so much economically. they're moving the show to new york they're getting a big tax break, nbc. jimmy fallon will get paid las. a smaller staff. they laid off people. nbc is looking a the future. they're looking to make the show more profitable and they believe
6:33 am
they circulate a guy that can do it for the next 10 15 years? >> what about the p.r. we heard jay talking with steve cost. it got mixed reviews. do people believe he's ready to go and he's sincere in his hand-off? >> i don't think people buy it. it's almost like he was coached by olivia pope. he's saying all the right corporate speak things. he's very much a gentleman. he's very much a gentleman and he's not taken this as a street fighter. he says over and over this is the only job i ever wanted. no one wants to leave. >> no one wants to leave. i'm sure he wanted to be caret out of there. but it is happening and he can ran rationalize.
6:34 am
if he wants to be on television again, he can. there are a lot more places to go today. >> does somebody get an advantage out of this because obviously there's a period of time jimmy fallon has to settle in. >> he's been on late night and "saturday night live" for years. he doesn't come from the same type of standup sense built that jay came from or david letter men came from. i think he'll scare other viewers. >> i agrey but a lot of them are more comfortable with him. >> we'll see what happens. thanks so much for being with us. now for a final look at the weather for your weekend.
6:35 am
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one thing you can always count on in new york is variety. that's why chef leah cohen has such an eclectic tastes. she's traveled to asia traveling street food everywhere. >> she's the chef owner of pig and cow in manhattan. we're delighted to have chef leah cohen. what have you got for us? >> it's a beef short rib with potato puree and kale and a pork youle with brussel sprouts and our muss el dish is with
6:39 am
pineapple curry. >> and i'm told we're drinking tequila this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> what's in the drink? >> tequila, chilies and sugar and a little mango juice. >> that's really delicious. you can taste the curry in there. >> yeah. >> leah, what got you into cooking? >> my grandma was great cook and taught economics and she got me cooking at a really young age. it's something i fell into like i was good at it. i wasn't good in school and i was very passionate about working in a kitchen and my parents were happy i found something i could succeed in. >> and something you love. >> yeah. >> i was reading an article you were in. you said i do asian hipster food. what is that? >> it's a terrell that you
6:40 am
know the general public kind of coined. it's younger. kind of hip. >> your food is filipino and thai which is something i never heard of. >> i'm half filipino and spent time in thailand. when i was thinking of the concept i wanted to only do thai food. my mom said you cannot do filipino food if you're going to open up a restaurant. i thought, okay i have to pay some homage to my heritage and i got the idea to do thai and filipino but we do some other stuff. vietnamese. it's a mix of southeast asia. >> you alluded to having spent a year in southeast asia. >> yeah. >> what was this for? absorbing everything? >> i basically packed my bags and decided to knock on people's doors at their restaurant and
6:41 am
let me ask them if i could work for free and i spent a year doing that just to try to learn the flavors. i think you have to -- in order to do a cuisine, you have to be very hands on and you have to learn about the culture and the country and the people. so i just really wanted to immerse myself. >> what -- how did top chef change you? we've had several "top chef" guests on the show. a lot of them said they're more bold. >> before "top chef" i wouldn't be here doing a morning show. i was so scared to be in front of a camera. it kind of just challenges you and makes you have to think outside of the box and pushes you to do things that you don't think that you could do. >> i'm going to hand this oh over to you to quickly sign. quickly tell us if you could share this meal with anyone who would it be sth. >> jimmy fallon and justin timberlake because they're hilarious. >> and they'd sing for you.
6:42 am
>> yeah. what happens when you mix the voice of susan die december ski and the guitar of alman brother's. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday.". >> announcer: "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints.° osteo bi-flex... also in joint & muscle and joint & bone.
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i've got a question for you, anthony. what you do call a grammy singing band with a singer who can belt the blues of janis joplin and a rock -- >> these easy. the tedeschi trucks band. they're going to play for you in a minute. first an introduction. i talked with them in the former east village cradle of punk rock see degee bys. >> you put your band together in the middle of a recession, didn't you? >> we're not businesspeople. >> got a calling out. she was calling out to you. >> after years of success as
6:46 am
solo art iflts derek trucks and his wife susan tedeschi wanted to be more than soulmates. they wanted to be band mates. >> we talked about it. if we're ever going to do something like this now's the time. we're both young enough to have the energy to do it but maybe old enough to know how to make it happen. >> the telldeschi trucks band worked around a slide guitar and a voice. >> even on our solo careers, a hard of hard core fans are why are you doing this? it's not the allman brothers or her band or my band. i feel like you giev tot shed your skin ever once in a while and hit it. >> a guitar prodigy derek trucks was born a rambling man. he was soon performing with bob dylan and eric clapton.
6:47 am
in 1999 at age 20 he was made a permanent member of the allmans bus just this last year he announced this would be the last year with the allmans. >> i think even in the last few days greg said this is it. >> greg was ready too. >> we'll see. with that band -- >> you never know. >> i would never bet on it one way or another. it's full of surprises. i thought it was done ten times in the 15 years i was there and it would come roaring back. >> the tedeschi trucks band are on tour again behind their new album "a made up mind." when the couple who have been married 12 years now hit the road their relatives help out with the two kids. >> the hardest change for me as a mom is now the two of us are gone and so our kids are feeling that a little bit differently. >> my mom and dad live four
6:48 am
doors down from us and when we hit the road she moves into our house, my brother and his wife and baby are -- >> 12 houses up. >> it's a little village. the trucks are taking over bringing property values down. >> so here they are, the tedeschi trucks band. >> from the album "made up mind." this is "do i look worried." ♪ back in the day when i lie
6:49 am
he always find now here you are full around out every night ♪ ♪ i don't have to take it anymore and i'm tired of always keep it slow ♪ ♪ all i say do i look worried to you oh do i look worried ♪ ♪ stand in the face such a disgrace you were wrong ♪ ♪ i tried it again stay till the end but how long ♪ ♪ we've been here so many times and i know you've spent me so many lies ♪ ♪ all i say do i look worried to you ♪ ♪ oh do i look worried ♪ ♪ 'cause i ain't worried oh you'd better be worried ♪
6:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ fool me once or twice you know they say shame on you ♪ ♪ now that i know with the man he isn't after you ♪
6:51 am
♪ i find my way to an open door because nothing is the same as before ♪ ♪ all i say do i look worried to you ♪ ♪ oh do i look worried oh do i look worried to you oh you'd better be worried ♪ ♪
6:52 am
♪ do i look worried to you ♪ ♪ worried, worried, worried ♪ >> don't go away. we'll be back with more from the tedeschi trucks band. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by lifestyle lift. looking years younger has never been easier.
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6:56 am
♪ oh, what have we done to this kingdom we proclaim to be the chosen one ♪ ♪ everything is choosing in each and every domain everything is frozen burning just the same ♪ ♪ oh, it's so heavy oh it's so heavy ♪ ♪ oh it's so heavy i've got to let it a little let a little go ♪ ♪ oh, i thought we were past all the lies
6:57 am
they will come for us with darker mirrors and paint our skin with colored eyes ♪ ♪ oh i thought we were past the time when injustice was the leader and liberty the last ♪ ♪ oh, it's so heavy oh it's so heavy ♪ ♪ oh, it's so heavy i've got to let a little let a little go ♪ ♪
6:58 am
♪ oh we are marching we are fighters without a cause 'cause it's easier to be in a crowd then cry alone crying out load ♪ ♪ you've got to feel the pain ♪ >> announcer: for more about "cbs this morning" visit us on
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the state is making a cut never done before. l helps 2 young women... drastic measures being taken during the drought. now the state is making a cut that's ever been done before. the nfl helps two young women who had their super bowl dreams stolen in san francisco. and the giants ready to start spring training. but before they take the field, they will be greeting fans this morning. it is 7:00, saturday morning, the 1st of february. thanks for joining us. i'm ann makovick. >> i'm mark kelly. >> it is cool across the bay area this morning, temperatures a little bit more seasonal as we start off february. a live look from our roof cam at the bay bridge. you can see it's only 29 degrees right now in santa rosa, very chilly, 34 in livermore, 44 in san francisco. here i


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