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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 1, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the reservoirs are drying up, the drought bad and likely to get worse, the part of the bay area that will hurt the most from new water cuts. good evening, i am brian. >> and i am adrian and the drought is bad and tonight still no relief in sight, the california reservoirs won't be funneling a drop to them, they could take the biggest east and
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don is there. that's right, that is the livermore valley, used to be use rural country side and now it is home to 200,000 people and that is one of the reasons they are facing one of the driest years they have seen. water continues to flow here, the drought hasn't sunk in here yet but they are about to feel some of the drought pain, 80% of their water normally cuts from the state and that has been cut to zero. >> it is drastic, it is a severe hardship to the communities we serve. >> she is in zone 7 and they contract with them to bring water here and say they have been saving water and recharging aquifers and that, dried up as it is it may still be the tri valley's safety net. >> from last year we tried to conserve what water we could,
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that water is currently being transferred to the extent possible into the lake and will be available locally if they do have to start pumping through the delta. >> what happened there is being repeated in districts across california. >> we have 17 that are in danger of running out of drinking water in the next 60 to 100 days. >> but even though some have allocations due them, the delta may cut that too if it gets too salty to drink. >> the impact will be largely on landscapes, we have enough water to serve all the public health and safety needs of the community. >> tri valley residents will be asked to cut their water usage 20% and maybe more unless the sierras see snow and rain soon,
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don napp kpix. >> they estimate they will not do that and could cost 5 billion dollars this year alone. >> we know being a police officer is tough but we got a look at what it is really look. we have this survey. >> i think it is devastating. >> reporter: the survey is a peak into the minds of oakland police officer. >> the working conditions for a oakland police officer have to be the most difficult for a officer in california. >> a high crime rate a disproportionate low number of officers and low moral, 65% say they don't feel valued, 55% say they don't feel valued by the citizens, one officer called the department a laughingstock. >> when you hear the moral is
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low for an oakland police officer does it surprise you at all? >> no. >> the city has been on an aggressive campaign to recruit new officers but as new cops come in others are leaving for departments with lower crime and higher pay and there is the question of leadership. >> there is no direction, no leadership. >> the department does not have a leader and the hiring process is on hold indefinitely. >> i think they work hard to be a team and keep down the crime. >> all while struggling to keep up moral. >> officers were highly critical of the mayor and city council, 86% believe the city government does not value them. police in petalooma are warning police to be on alert for two prowlers, it comes after two men posing an police officers went to a woman's home
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thursday through an unlocked door, they showed her identification, she thought it was fake and called 911. san jose police officers say they had no officers in the area and they were last seen driving that car. >> the super bowl as you may have heard is tomorrow but today fans at at&t park did not care, they are already gearing up for baseball season, thousands poured in and around the ballpark for the giant annual fan fest, mark kelly reports fans say there is no better way to kickoff a new season. >> at&t park taken over, baseball fans lined up for hours to see their heroes and not shy. >> posey. >> you like him. >> yeah, he is my man. >> what do you like about him?
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>> look at him, he is beautiful. >> how long would you wait in line to see him? >> two hours, honestly i would wait two hours. >> and many did just that and others posed at the plate and others like norman wanted to test his favorite seat in the dug house there. >> i actually got to stand with bruce bochy it is great yeah. >> for the players all that love is reciprocal. >> fun to interact with the fans and the getting back into baseball. >> when it comes into getting back into baseball the hernandez family certainly steals the show, violent now right now they take home the award for creativity. >> i just want to see him.
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>> right now there is no gut wrenching hanging on the edge of your seat just a lot of that. >> i think they picked up key mark. >> they will do great. i can't wait. >> they take on the diamondbacks in arizona then. >> and now on to the super bowl, tens of thousands of fans are ready to party, the security that will make them safe. >> but since not everyone can party at the game they will party at home, how much pizza, wings and that will be devoured. >> and how much rain will fall? not there, but here, and the answer is coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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schell won the oscar for his role as a german defence attorney in the 1961 film "judgment at nuremberg." academy award winning max millian shell has died, he won the academy award for that film. he was one of the best known european actors and no other reason for the death was given, he was 83.
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>> we are less than 24 hours away from super bowl 48 and this may all be the most security of any. they fly above the super bowl and if you wonder into that no- fly zone they will escort you to the ground where authorities will greet you. and fans and them are making the most of the last few hours remaining before the game. >> marley hall takes a look at the preps in super bowl times square. >> the governorrers of new york and new jersey met in times square for the ceremonial handing off of the trophy for that, her fans will do that sunday. and right now they are getting in their final slides there. these young fans are ready for some football. >> i like peyton manning, that is what i like about the broncos. >> i am pretty confident that
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the broncos are going to win. >> why do you think they are going to win? >> because they are like one of the best teams ever. >> this group came to root for the seahawks. >> we came to win, there is no reason to be nervous. >> all these fans will go across there to pack the stadium. [ cheers ] >> 80,000 fans will pack the stadium, the first ever world weather venue for that but some love it. >> oh i love it, i am from alaska so i love it. >> and police officers will be there too, and they are encouraging them to use mass
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transit and they will be there also, marley hall, new york. >> they will also eat there, here is what they will eat, 1.25 billion wings and 14,500 tons of chips and pizza also. they said they will sell that much pizza. >> they had a eruption in indonesia, what happened there that never happened before. >> take a look. what happened and what kind of wedge do you need to get out of this predictment? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ship, costa concordia. p is now sitting a diver was killed today
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while working on the wrecked cruise ship costa concordia, it is sitting upright off the coast of italy as crews prepare for hall it away from scrap. crews say the diver died while underwater somewhere around the wreckage, there is no details about exactly what happened though. this how the ship looked back in 2012 after it slammed into a reef off tuscany and overturned. 32 people died including two americans. a volcano erupted there and killed many. it is the first time there, they evacuated there, and the number of victims could rise as they number keeps being counted. >> they had this happen on the
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golf course in florida. >> this gives whole new meaning to that. >> just a strange happening there. >> they had that golf ball on top of a gator there in florida. >> we have had a lot of golf balls run up to gators but never one on top of the head i know of. >> he was here and saw the ball on top of the gators head. >> i was here and enjoying the day and saw that ball on top of his head. >> how it got there is puzzling, he thought it was a joke but they don't know. >> i don't know. >> i bet you somebody put it there, that is what i think.
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>> somebody else has a theory, they tossed it and it bounced on his head. well look at the newest video of the baby cub there, he was born then and the only survivor of the three cubs born. >> all right, we are looking at the doppler, not because anything is happening tonight but it is possible that we get echos maybe in 15 hours or so along the shoreline, for tonight high and dry and mostly clear, numbers 50s day wide, cochrane at 56, livermore at 57, in the city, 54 and in santa rosa, a 54. a few high clouds, if you are heading out not bad clear skies at 8:00, readings low 50s in the bay area, under clear to somewhat hazy skies and clouds will increase tonight though all because of a storm system
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pretty much at the moment abeam of mendocino and will parallel the coast and head south so it looks like the inland areas will pick up more than the coast and it is touch and go and not much and there could be thunderstorms associated with this but it will be offshore, again it comes like this, if it comes like this, wow, we get this but unfortunately it is going to come like this and we will not get much, and the futurecast shows this and these cells will dry up before the get to the shoreline and this futurecast you are looking at is a model of what will be happening if it pans out won't be rain in the east bay, just cloudy skies so we still look for a chance of rain on sunday, because the models don't know
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exactly what it is going to do, the week looks dry and cool and a more robust system coming in next saturday and sunday, so again look for showers, it won't amount to much and next weekend maybe we will get a little wetter, out the door tomorrow morning cloudy skies and rain will come tomorrow morning and won't even be rain, showers will favor the coastline and tomorrow a chance and if you are heading out of the bay area tomorrow clouds and showers northwest and new york is looking cool, 48, nobody worried about the weather, no worries chicago is 28 and denver near freezing, near freezing at santa rosa, and those temperatures there and tomorrow 54 in pleasanton and everybody pretty much in the 50s and gully washer, no.
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everybody pretty cloudy then and saturday and sunday a few clouds and maybe rain, we will see. that is weather. >> all right, a big welcome -- >> yeah -- >> -- in for verne. >> joe montana weighs in on that and did he make the cut? that is next in sports. ,, people across america are experiencing the amazing shine of finish quantum, voting it product of the year,
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well an exciting day -- >> yeah- >> -- announced and a first. >> a first and this was a
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really good one because he lobbied for it, there were a few bay area candidates waiting for their names to be called into the football hall of fame while former 49ers owner and ray brown didn't make it ray guy made history, he becomes the first punter to make it and he won three super bowls in his career, joining him in the class are those players. the seahawks and the denver broncos went through their final walk throughs today as they get ready to play in tomorrow's super bowl, it is all going down at met life stadium, current predictions have it around 43 degrees at kickoff, tons of big game experience on denver's side, john elway has appeared in
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three super bowls as a player and in his first as a owner, peyton manning will be playing in his third, the seahawks don't have any players who have experience but that doesn't seem to matter to joe montana, who is looking north for his pick. >> i think marshon will have a big day and you got to make him shift and they need to do that, and and i mean he will put it there but if you make him move and he puts it there instead of there you got to chance to pick it off. >> yeah, he knows something about throwing. they play and he gets a pick 6 and then they drove down and the game goes into overtime and
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he kicks the field goal so at least in the video game they win and by the way no super bowl has ever gone into overtime. there cal looks to snap their losing streak but it won't be easy as they take on the number 1 team there. the cardinal actually trailed by one at the half. another solid performance by randall, up and under plus the foul, he had 21 points, stanford pulled away at the end, everything going right for powell at the end in this one, the big man shooting the three ball, he had a game high 20 points and stanford wins 76-70. and david stern retired as the commissioner of the nba, and
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will be replaced by silver, he has been the deputy commissioner since 2006. round in dubai, and tiger still can't get his stroke straight, he is tied for that. and rory mcilroy now in second place two strokes back of the leader steven gallagher, he shot 9 under, a beautiful eagle put there and an eagle and 7 birdies on the back 9 he had a two stroke lead heading into the final round. in soccer now he stole the show for team usa in a friendly against south korea, he scores two goals, including this one from the box as the u.s. wins the world cup tune up 2-0. but now you have probably seen the richard sherman video
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over and over but have you seen the muppets take on it -- >> -- talk -- >> -- about you -- >> -- real quick -- >> -now you know miss muppet doesn't look a lot like erin andrews but maybe -- >> no -- >> -- look like -- >> -- oh, i am not going there -- >> -yeah -- >> -- edge off -- >> -- but i am sure he was caught up. >> you are a lot more gracious than i am, i have seen a lot more broncos fans.
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any rain? >> no, i don't know. >> okay. >> that is up next and we will be back in 30 minutes. see you then. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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>> axelrod: tonight, christie fires back. an angry response from the new jersey governor to charges he knew more about the bridge traffic scandal than he originally said. we'll have the latest from elaine quijano and john dickerson. just under 24 hours to kicked off. terrell brown is tracking the plan to keep millions of people safe tomorrow. will amanda knox really be sent back to an italian prison? jeff pegues takes a look at the odds. >> i'm going to fight this until the very end. >> reporter: and star spangled soprano-- renee flemin rehearsing her legendary voice to tackle the super bowl rendition of the "national anthem." >> waking up in the middle of the


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