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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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in for bob schieffer. i want to continue our syndication with house majority leader eric cantor. you mentioned the affordable care act. let's merge that with the debt ceiling. there are some who said there should be an effort to tie to the increase in the debt ceiling a removal of the reinsurance corridors in the obama that's a fee placed on insurance companies to help them through at thif the risk pool is inadeqy arranged for them. they shield themselves from the economic effect. is that something house republicans will do or will you have a clean debt ceiling increase to move this off the table. >> let's thank you about the affordable care act in juxtaposition with the debt ceilingment first of all the affordable care act most of the public have now seen what we've talked about. this law is a disaster. in my opinion obamacare is on
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borrowed time. policies are being canceled, price are going up. access to hospitals and doctors are being limited. >> not for everybody. >> for many folks, especially those in the individual market. and as we begin to see the further growth in terms of implementation of this law, you will see i believe more and more people negatively effected. and there's going to be a real problem, a real need for an alternative. >> where is that going to come from and when are you going to draft it. >> that's what we talked about today, this weekend. i mean this week at our retreat. i believe firmly we will have a vote on an alternative for healthcare system that works. >> when. >> i believe that we'll visit this year. and do you know what the reason is, major, obamacare i believe is on borrowed time. >> so mow mor so no more repealr alternative votes. >> certainly obamacare again is on borrowed time it's not working and we want a healthcare system that works for all americans. in fact, we had a proposal and the president continues to say
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that we didn't have solutions. we put a solution forward in 2009 when obamacare was passed. of the provisions in that proposal will be in our proposal going forward. >> you're leading up that effort. when will we see it. >> let me talk about what's in it. we are going to deal with those preexisting conditions. we don't want them to go without cover. we deal with it in a way and provide high risk mooms so we can limit the increase in cost for everybody else and do it in more cost effective manner. foarks ought tfolks ought to hap bring down prices. then we ought to have patient centered care not care dictated by washington that's why we want to promote health savings account. >> who will lead it up and when wail we see it. >> there's a lot of discussion and we've got, have is a consensus about republican solutions for healthcare system that works for everybody. which includes those without a
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job which includes those who are sick. and i believe that our committee chairman, the ways and means chairman dave camp the energy in commerce chairman dread up town as well as john klein are all working on different elements of this that i believe will turn in a to an alternative for obama. >> time line. >> well look, it is obviously very important for us to get this done because a lot of people are hurting because of obama. >> what about debt ceiling, is that clean or will you attach things such as an initials bailout as it's called by some in your conservative movement. >> here's what i'm thinking now. i think that the last month has seen washington actually make some progress in getting along and getting things done. you know that paul line, patty murray budget deal manifested into the budget vote the spending bill that was passed a couple weeks ago. i think it reflects the reality. we've got two very different views of how to go forward if i wasally but yet small tells
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forward toward reducing spending. i'm hopeful that that -- >> added spending in the short term. >> in the ten year budget when it reduced deficit, what it did was replaced some of the discretionary cuts, the kinds of across the board cuts that don't make. >> what does that tell us about the debt ceiling. >> what i'm saying is i think that that attitude, we should be able to work together yet again to try and do something to move the needle towards fiscal reform, to move the needle towards reduction in spending while we continue to incur more debt. >> the question is, will that be a clean debt ceiling or not. >> what i believe is we can work something out and i'm hopeful the are president and senate will work with us in the house to actually do what has typically been done with debt ceilings which is making some progresses towards addressing the spending problem in washington. making some progress towards trying to grow the economy around a debt ceiling.
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that's the way it's been done for the last three decades. and this president has just consistently said he doesn't want to even engage it's like ignoring the problem. i'm hopeful those days are gone and we can actually work together. >> there's no deal in other words. >> i'm confident there will be no default. >> before i get on to super bowl question. a weekly standard about this issue. it's with immigration and grown care. bringing immigration to the floor ensures a firing squad instead of one shooting together in obamacare another horror of big liberalists . >> i don't think there's any action that obamacare is going to play prominently this year. obviously it is to the republicans' benefit at the end of the year at election time. so yes we will be discussing people's healthcare because people are hurting. we're going to discuss a lot of issues, major. we'll be discussing immigration, dealing with some big issues of the squeeze the middle class is.
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the opportunity gap and i'm hopeful this president can come forward and finally sit down and work with us to effect some results. >> before i let you go, super bowl sunday, russell wilson and you attended the same high in virginia, college other high school. what's your pick. >> all seahawks all the time. no question, i think, outside of seattle. richmond virginia has the largest fan base for seahawks than any one town in the country. not only russell wilson but michael robertson is from richmond. we're looking for a good game and a big win. >> final score. >> don't even go there with me. >> majority leader eric cantor, thank you so much. we'll be back in just one minute. what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us.
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♪ we'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry that supports almost 10 million american jobs. life takes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmobil. because using energy responsibly has never been more important. energy lives here. ♪ analysis "wall street journal" columnist and editorial board member kimberly plus washington columnist michael who was a speech writer for president george bush. david worked for reagan and clinton and is now at harvard
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university. bob is and strategist and a significant one at that. [laughter] i want to go around the timable. kimberly, start with you. give you your 30-40 second take on your christie deessment dees. >defaults. >> there may be evidence that he knew but again the central question has not been answered. i do think what is significant hair is you're beginning to get a sense of the political risks here on a bigger scale. for christy it's the idea this could go on for months and months and that's what it's beginning to look like. for the other side too the democratic side the risk there's beginning to be a sense of a bit of a pile on and that this might be more politically driven than it is stance driven. >> michael what does it say to you about what came out of the christy camp thichris christiece governor for a good long time. >> you have to admit these are
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uunsubstantiated. he used his press conference to attack his opponent in this case as a high school loser. and now his staff is seeing memos attacking when he's 16 years old as unstable. you can't undo a bad engine about public engine by confirming it with your tactics. i think they have to be very careful the way they conduct themselves in this very difficult site. >> bob, what does it tell you based on your experience in politics when you see fights like this playing out in a must be stage. >> i said to david earlier we've heard all of this before where you attack people because they're seeking immunity, they've got a self interest. it tends to end badly. i think chris christie may end up as time goes on worried less about going to the whitehouse
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and more about going to the big house. that's actually a real threat for him. this is a stupid scandal. he was going to win this election. he or his staff did not have to engage in hard ball tactics. they opened a can of corrupt worms, you know, the stuff that went in hoboken or it's alleged to have gone on and they put it all in e-mails. now he's collapsing in republican polls for 2016, favorable and unfavorable is up side down. i've never seen a supposed front runner for a nomination implode so fast. >> you're not a disinterested party. >> no, you're right. >> democrats would like to see chris christie fall and tumble. but i want to get back to what you said about the criminality. you believe there's significant criminal down side risk for the governor. >> i think there is risk. he's going to get call in by the u.s. attorney at some point and ask when he knew. peace either going to stick to the story in a press conference or he's going to give a different story. what he says under oath better be true. >> david you work in whitehouses
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under significant stress legal and political what's your take. >> we have to gish between legal versus political trouble. i don't think he's in legal trouble right now. there's been no allegation and indeed no evidence to suggest he broke any law that he knew beforehand the he ordered that and he's behind it in effect which i think would put him in legal jeopardy and i think raise all the questions that bob says. his political problems are growing rapid legal as kimberly points out this could go on for a couple months. every week goes by when he's in the news request this sort of awful stuff, you know. it just hurts him politically. and now very importantly, we do voluntary someone who is very close to him has turned on him. and said basically you've been lying not about whether you did it or not but you've been lying about when you knew. if he's found to have lied on that, he's in deep political trouble. i think his road to the white house is blocked. the biggest newspaper in the state left wing but endorsed him this time out as you said and you pointed out earlier has said
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he has to resign. that's his political problem not his legal problem. >> around the t)b)e the republican governors association governor chris tw christy chrigt or else step do you know to the up. >> in this keeps going somebody come out a little bit more. this is a corrosive story i think there will be pressure within the governor's association to suspend his chairmanship. >> if this were a accurate under similar stress and the democrat governor's association position was up for grabs, what would you recommend. >> i don't think it matters what i would recommend because i think the guy would stay as long as he possibly could. you know, the truth of the matter is if there's nothing to hide here, they ought to release all the e-mails. get this over w he can be governor of new jersey, he can run for president and be head of the rga. >> there's more clearly in this investigation in the new jersey legislature continues and things
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clarify. so i think he'll wait and see. >> it might be premature. >> why, why would he. again what new has actually come out. an allegation but there's been no significant shift in the basis of information we have here. >> kimberly what was your take away from house majority leader eric cantor. i pressed him twice on what the house republican principles on immigration actually exped he wasn't even comfortable saying what they said on camera. what do you think house republicans actually are as oppose to do what they represented rhetorically. >> i was actually out of the republican retreat for a bit this week. here's the good news. the republicans, there's a growing number of republicans who do seem to understand that they are going to have to address this issue sometime. by the way that's a big shift from even a year ago. i think there's there's a huge number of excuses why not to do it now. and there's always going to be those political excuses. this year's not going to be
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good, next year's not good going into a presidential election is not good. this is coming up in the context which is partly an excuse but i also think is one of the korchesz oconsequences of this administration's leadership. this is coming up as the debate is now raging about the president's overstepping of his authority his decision not to enforce some laws. for instance not to deport younger people not enforce part of the immigration laws or the drug laws when it comes to marijuana. so that is giving republicans an excuse too to say if we were to pass immigration we wouldn't be able to trust you to actually implement the pieces of it we care about. >> mike of course this issue is filtered through the matrix of republican presidential aspirations, demographically it seems to be an imperative. at least some republicans have crumb to that conclusion. if you believe that's the case, tell me if you don't, hour do you think these republicans principles fit into that longer party conversation. >> well it's hard to look at the evidence and not come to that
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conclusion. it's hard to win national elections with 27% of the hispanic vote which is what mitt romney got. it's pathetic. forking forward i think serious republicans know this. they question the timing before the midterm. i think there are serious questions here. as far as the 2016 election, that's probably the place you're goinon this issue because it's a national political problem. you know, these primaries are going to be a test of how rational the republican process is when it comes to immigration. on one side you have a primal screen, on the other side you have a political strategy and it's going to be a test as it moves forward. >> david, this is an issue in which it's not only whether you are going to pass but whether you're seen as dragged kicking and screaming to pass the law or if you're in favor of it heart and soul. this is something the republicans need to be very aggressive. we need to solve this problem and let the whitehouse, let the
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democrats be the ones picking fights and slowing it down. the republicans will get nothing out of this politically in 2016. if they are dragged down to the finish line. >> they may actually end up in a worse position because one of the principles that they proposed which is that people can stay here legally but there's no path to citizen shine but create apartheid in america where millions or tens of millions of people would work, pay taxes, would have no right to citizens. that won't solve the republican problem with hi hispanics, it wl make it a permanent feature -- >> a cycle -- >> -- legal status -- >> apartheid is an incendiary word. these are not second class citizens. >> there's a legal distinction there, would you not agree. >> well, we have for generations in this country to our shame the incredible spectacle of millions of americans living primarily in
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the south who are unable to vote because of the color of their skin. are we going to create the system in whichs gins of people living in this country primarily his manics are unable to vote but they can work and pay taxes. i think that would be bad. >> everyone with a green card in this country right now a second class citizen. >> no because people with a green card in this country can apply for citizenship. >> ronald reagan and george -- >> the plan is not, the plan is not a guaranteed path to citizenship for all of those 11 or 12 million people. >> use every existing pathway -- >> --20 or 30 -- >> you just saw what happened at the house republicans. >> you mean i was there. [laughter] >> let's talk about debt ceiling. do you think that this is a surrender maneuver with complicated language. >> i don't know if i would use those words. i think here is what is going to happen. it's why mr. cantor didn't
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really want to come out but they're going to use this to highlight some issues that they care about obviously. one will probably be this question about a bailout for obamacare and they're going to send it to the senate and the senate's probably going to send it back to them stripped of anything else and that's a bit gawlingalling. they want the president to go with the past which in the most we have actually had the big debates and passed something with the debt ceiling but in the end they got a better hand talking about obamacare and everything else so they're not going -- >> you lost the leverage when you o announced the out come -- >> there's no default. >> they want some cover which sometimes they get. but this is seeking a dignified form of saw rnder. >> i think the republican game plan this year that the table is really well set for a very good 2014. they can keep a house they got real shot in wing the senate. what they want to do is have
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nothing that gets in the way of getting to there. so they don't want any big disruptions in which they have a real set back for the party. i think that's the reason they're accepting these tactical. >> i think that's exactly right. i think the default that would be blamed on the republicans would not only make sure they couldn't get the senate, it would jeopardize their control of the house. listening to cantor and i thought you asked the questions wonderfully over and over and found different ways. listening to cantor it sounded to me like robert e. lee was asking grant if he could write a more complicated surrender document. >> let me ask you briefly -- >> let's a long way -- >> i thought of that just sitting here actually. >> let me ask you briefly david and bob, about this contention prfrom the proceed he can use executive power, use it to transform the country if congress won't move along with him. but the first two examples sort of glorified passbook savings october and a minimum wage for
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future federal contractors seems extremely small and almost seems to prove the point that his executive authority is actually very limited. >> i think you're absolutely right. there's a quota tributed to churchill. he says make little plans they have no magic to stir men's blood. that's exactly what's going on the here. this is small boar stuff. he didn't move his numbers. and i think he's got to find some way to mobilize the country. he's right about trying to create jobs. he's right about trying to deal with the unemployment and this subnormal situation we have. e all to make that a crusade that's got a lot to it. >> you have about a minute and-a-half left. >> look, ronald reagan had 381 executive orders, george bush had 291. they dealt with very big things in some cases like did he regulating oil production, crude oil production and petroleum refining. i think the president's going to find some very big areas to
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exercise authority. there are a lot of republican crocodile tears on this. the presidents can do a lot with executive orders. john f. kennedy deseg rated all federal housing which was a lot of housing with a a stroke of a pen and harry truman deseg rated -- >> it's about agency regulations. there's a lot. >> we have one minute left, it's super bowl sunday so we're going to go around the table. who is going to win and what's the score. >> i'm not going to do a score. i'm from seattle, i'm from the pacific northwest so i've got to be a seattle fan. >> lopsided victory or close. >> close. >> michael. >> with men who are past their prime i have an alluding interest. i'll go with denver in this case like many in my situation. >> if you're a middle aged man -- >> look, i think denver going to win. i think manning is an amazing presence. i think seattle's got a great defense and i'm hoping the patriots get there next year. >> i'm a patriots guy so i want
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them to win. >> are you going to put a score on the table. >> 37-34. >> i thought by a touch down. >> because i want to be able to agree with bob -- >> listen closely. denver 24, seattle 21. we will be back. please stay with us.
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washington tradition. well at least in the television era. top administration officials blanket the sunday shows to explain what the president meant in his state of the union address. and take questions on what wasn't in the speech. 40 years ago, the nixon white house offered up one of its biggest guns. nixon's point man didn't field many questions on policy. our face theyppj nation flash b. >> vib vice president ford and president nixon said one year of watergate was enough that we ought to quit talking and thinking about it. >> i think the president was speaking signifyively not -- figuratively not literally. >> vice president gerald ford
5:25 pm
appeared on face the nation to discuss the economy and energy policies. but he ended up getting grilled about the president's role in the watergate cover up. >> if the judiciary committee votes impeachment and this process is going to head towards the senate do you feel the president should step down and name him acting president during this period. >> i don't think so. i don't believe that a president should remove himself from office until he's convicted which would be the trial in the senate. >> 25 questions into the interview, the conversation finally turned to a different issue. >> do you have any trouble getting the -- >> no, my wife and children do, just like everybody else. but the secret service seems to have found an adequate supply for me and i guess the president. >> the oil embargo that triggered america's gasoline shortage ended soon thereafter as did nixon's presidency.
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richard nixon resigned six months after the vice president's appearance. the next time gerald ford appeared on face the nation he did so as the country's 38th president and that's our face
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. and something we haven't seen much of in months water falling from the sky. with the streets and san francisco and having people take cover under an umbrella. >> you know it's serious when we get a half an inch ever rain in the bay area and that's our headline. but that's the kind of year it's been and those are the amounts we've picked up. to about half an inch. beginning at sun rice in the north bay. the kpix high-def doppler showing most of out of the bearea. but near month