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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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what the mystery was. so we told him. >> what's going on. >> do you know? >> i don't know. >> after month and a half investigation, not only does the state know, it's now saying what's being done in the bay under the management of the treasure island development authority known as tita is being done without permission, possibly even illegally. we basically determined that there is no permit that allows marine construction or marine rehab at that site. >> the bacon service and development committee has sent a letter to tita, a san francisco city agency outlining its option for applying for a permit for the gaggle construction or move the barge? somewhere else. >> there are plenty of places around the bay at which the kind of work that google is raring for its barge can
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actually be performed legally. >> such as acommercial boat yard or shipyard. what's more, if tita doesn't correct the situation within 125 days, bcdc could begin a formal enforcement, including fines up to $30,000. but larry goldspan doesn't expect that to happen. >> what we expect is the barge will most likely be moved to another area that is permitted. therefore, the construction will then resume in the future at that place, and tita will then request a permit for future work at that site. >> the treasure island development director told me it has every intention to resolve this in a timely manner, meaning no fines, and get the proper permit for this project or any in the future. now, a letter was also sent to lawyers for gaggle outlining the company's option for this. when i contacted google today, they simply said it has just received the letter and it is reviewing it. >> no surprise they are keeping it pretty tight lipped.
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what about the possible illegal aspect of this, though? >> that has to do with intent. because if the state finds the development authority intentionally set up this fool project without a permit, it -- gaggle project without a permit, it could go to the attorney general. if and when bag l docks that barge, which is what it intends to d that would require even more permit, ultimately marketing for guilty glass. >> i have an eye you will be keeping an eye on that. thank you. the golden state warriors plans to banal arena tonight waterfront by 2017 and has hit a serious snag. kpix 5 reporter phil matier. >> reporter: it was just, what, about a year ago that mayor ed lee and virtually the entire board of supervisors welcomed the idea of the warriors arena landing on this pier here on the san francisco waterfront. but the time in politics has
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certainly changed. take a look. >> this is a vote over vote >> with that, points of that marched into city hall. >> we are here to turn in our signatures. >> and dropped 21,000 signatures in a move to qualify a june ballot measure that if passed would make sure that vetivers final say in the matter. >> this is a measure to give the people a voice >> the measure was prompted by concerns that city hall is just too willing to allow the waterfront ewe see behind me to be turned into another row of high-rises like this. and, while the measure would cover all future waterfront developments, its first target would clearly be the warriors' arena. and the condo complex and hotel that the team also wants to build in the area, all of which exceed the current 40-foot height limit. >> too big. traffic for the neighborhood would be bad. >> for the most part, the warriors seem to be taking it in stride. with team president telling
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kpix 5. >> the rules are going to change, we will fully embrace the process as the rules change. >> and, the rule us aren't the only thing that may be changing. the price tag for building the arena is rising as p well. for example, it's now estimated that dos of just getting the two aging piers in shape for the building has doubled to $180 million which begs the question, will this arena become too expensive to build. >> we are completely comfortable with the project as it stands today. we err going to get done. >> the question is, when will they get it done? the warriors now they is changed they have already had to make to try to win approval have meant that at least another year will be added onto the calendar, meaning that they won't reach their client of opening by 2017, and this latest move could mean yet another delay. >> this is an important step people of san francisco care.
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>> we will create a product san francisco is really proud of, but that requires taking the time. >> reporter: ken, they collected 21,000 signatures in three weeks. they needed 9,000. so not only do they have more than twice the number they need, it appears that there is a lot of momentum out there for letting the voters have their say. >> yeah theme really the question, phil. obviously, the warrior spokesman said finances are not a problem. >> money is no issue apparently. seems like, though, when this thing got proposed it was like a done deal. mayor, board of supervisors. a lot of people were behind. all of a sudden, it's changed. what's going on? >> two things. one, they had the vote on washington. the condo project down way which sort offal vannized this idea, what are we doing on the p waterfront. are people happy with it. second thing, ken, the economy bounced back. remember, when it was first proposed, everything was about jobs, jobs, jobs. now it is about affordability and what do you really want to have in a city of tomorrow. >> yeah.
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the city is growing in leaps and bound as we speak. all right. phil, matier, thank you. >> it will be a few more the years before we know what will become of the eight acre site at san francisco's field where many had proposed a cultural center. today, the presi dictiono shot down all three remaining pro-- presidio shot down all three proposals. board members dade grow to offer the team a different site in the park. >> a lot of hours, a lot of money and a lot of emotion has been spent in the lieu the castillas cultural arts museum as some of the case for the other proposals. to find out that there are now other sites to look at, that is new information for us in presidio. >> the reps say the museum will be build regardless and they will weigh all options where that will be. either way, other proposals included a sustainable institute and a pitch by the golden gate national park
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conserve van sierra. san francisco attorney's office is taking on a social media app that he says is being used by predators to target children. meet is accuse of violating california law -- accused of violating california law. it unlawfully publishes personal information like profiles, photos and locations. he says that information lettest sexual predators target children as young as 13. herrera is filing a lawsuit. he says dozens of children across the country have already been victimized. a mother and her boyfriend are expected to be charged with murder tomorrow for the death of her 3-year-old girl. a memorial grows outside the apartment where the girl's body was found saturday. investigators say there are signs of blunt force trauma and a sexual assault. sarah kruger and ryan warner had been on the run. they were arrested at the b.a.r.t station yesterday. >> i would never think a mom would do that, especially your
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neighbor that looks really calm, that looks like she loves her date. >> police tell us they had been called to the apartment 14 times since 2012 for vandal im, theft and drug use. neighbors say the troubles began when the boyfriend moved in. nearly a year after two santa cruz police officers were shot and killed, a fund that was created for their families still has not distributed a dame. more than a half million dollars was collected after sergeant baker and detective butler were killed. their families didn't receive any of the money because city officials didn't know how to distribute the funds. a credit union stepped in and the families now have until the 21st to respond to a money arrangement. a look outside at sfo. dry and a bit chilly across much of the walnut creek tonight after some much kneaded rain yesterday. now, speaking of chilly, adnation and a little bit of snow fell in mount diablo on sunday. it fell all the way down to
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2,000 feet. some snow, no rain, but paul says the weather pattern is change. paul. >> reporter: we've been talking for weeks about this. we need the ridge to move. once it does, that wall in the atmosphere will be don't see that h, it is not sitting gist over top of us in northern california. it is now down to the south and west. by ant 6 or 700 mails. that manes storms will have the chance to make it here. did you get wet yesterday? maybe going out and getting those things from the store before the game started? well, half an inch of rainfall. that put a 2.4 dent in the draught. we have a long way to go, by that was a nice start. there are two chance of rain coming up over the next 7 days. we will talk about that and a look at the weather, coming up. california draught emergency is raising concerns about where we err going to get all our drinking water. some say we have the ultimate
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source, the pacific ocean. randy page reports on an old idea that may bring our reservoirs new life. >> president john f. kennedy once said ferries we could ever competitively at a cheap rate get fresh water from saltwater, it would be in the long range interest of humanity which would dwarf any other scientific accomplishments. at ucla, professor of chemistry says those scientific accomplishments have arrived. >> it is a lot cheaper than bottled water. and, i should say, that water is very tasty. >> as for environmental cost, the professor says there is no evidence that discharge is harmful to ma lean life. in fact, he say there is is evidence that can actually be beneficial. >> the australians will show you that marine life is more thriving in the air if yager -- area of discharge. >> many other organizations
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aren't convinced. >> our stance on it is that it is a potential source for the future. we have a lot of p work that well need to do in developing it to where it is not as exiveness and better for the environment. >> the plan is under construction in carls bad and is slated to go on line in 201656 years of regulatory hurdles. professor predict this is is the wave of the future and while environmentalists agree with with john kennedy's dream for the future t debate continues about when or if that future will ever be realized. in santa monica, randy page kpix 5. >> as the draught worsens, we are adding resources on line. four-story to to see how bad it got in our last major draught and find only advice for conservation. speaking of the draught, unearthing a disturbing site. about a thousand tires dumped into the source of bay area drinking attar.
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wait until you hear who put them there. and, the screams from help coming from this bay area storm drain. a bizarre rescue inside a concave. and, how you could find the bay area home of your dreams with help from above.
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water. as the water level in phoen new tonight, the draught is exposing something that was dumped in a source for the bay area's drinking water. the water level in phoenix lake is dropping, more than a thousand old tires are being exposedded there popping up. kpix 45's don ford found -- 5's don ford found out it was environmentalist who put them there on purpose. >> a phoenix lake in marin county is beautiful. it has charm. as workers recently discovered it has over a thousand old tires sitting on the bottom, too. the water district says not to
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worry. >> don't be alarm if you see tires. they don't cause any damage. >> they were placed here over the three decades ago by the marin conservation core on purpose. the water district is transferring the water with this giant pump to another lake and suddenly after more than 30 years the old tires started showing up. now, they gotta go. >> the tires are becoming exposed. we don't want them to trap another kind of p water and become a habitat for photos see -- mosquitos. >> the district says now days the fish have lots of natural
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habitats so the tires are no longer needed anyway. after being unseen now for over three decades, these tires are going to hit the road again. they are on their way to a recycler where they will be chopped up and used azeris bed. don ford, kpix 5. >> for the first time in year mast run county tapped into its phoenix lake reservoir due to the water shortage and severe draught. firefighters rescued a woman from a storm drain in the north bay during yesterday's downpour. it happened beneath second street and downtown satisfy rafael. kpix 5 reporter brian webb spoke to a car wash worker who heard the woman scream for help. brian. >> reporter: yesterday morning you could hear cries for help around here, but it was hard to tell where they were coming from until the workers from the car wash got to right about here and looked down. >> it started out a slow sunday at the second streetcar wash until cries for help rang out from below pedro's feet. >> i heard the lady saying help
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me, please. help me out of here. help me. help. >> through the cracks of the cover he could see her, a middle-aged woman at the bottom of a storm drain with water rushing up to her knee. pedro couldn't lift the 250 lid himself so he called 911. this is video of the actual rescue, firefighters lowering a ladder 14 feet and the woman reaching the top to safety. >> our concern was that she was going to get swept into another part of the drain and then we'd lose sight of her. >> the fire chief tells me it is surprising the amount of homeless people that live in the storm drain for a place to sleep out of the cold until the rains come. >> until we had rain, people were staying down there in different sections off and own. >> the city's homeless expertest don't know how many people might call these concrete caves home, but say it happens. the woman rescued was found with extra clothing, personal items and her dog. >> so i think they were getting
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out of the cold and getting some type of shelter. >> firefighters took the woman to the hospital, the dog to a shelter. as for pedro, he went back to work. a coup to have cars to clean, one life safed. >> always glad to helicopter 7, you know. >> reporter: the -- glad to help, you know. >> reporter: the fire department else in the woman and the dog will be okay. the city workers say they are thinking of removing the cover and making it less attractive place to go. brian webb, kpix 5. it is such a nice change. >> reporter: air is cleaner today. >> dogs and cats sleeping out -- well, you know what i mean. >> reporter: it was nice
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yesterday, wasn't it? it was nice what happened the seahawks victory. that was the much needed rainfall. some of you got .3 of inch. we are clearing out tonight. it will be a cold night we will get to the lows later in the hour. here is a peacod. oakland, the warmer spot i could find. we first time since the start of the year that no where in the bay area hit 60 degrees. oakland and i p thata t you are the warmest spots 58. san rafael, 57. the pattern has changed. ridge, strong. not in the same spot. material overhappy hundred hundred miles south and west. >> showers in the forecast for
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you thursday. ridge moves just to our south which actually is better. the jet stream can pick up tropical moisture and shove it over the rim into northern california. there is the potential coming up on sunday and monday for a steady soaking rainfall. even more than what we got yesterday. that is coming up by this weekend. partly sunny skies. very similar to today. you will get blue sky. vallejo 56. 57degrees tomorrow. upper 50s again on was. thursday, couple showers. not too much. quarter of an inch if you're lucky. saturday, we build up the clouds. it is sunday. circling one day on there where it looks like yes it will rain suddenly. now we are in the pattern we should be. not going to rain everyday. every two or three days we'll get a rain chance. >> h great. >> reporter: that's what we got. >> awesome. coming up, a bay area fire department given a failing grade. why it's on the hot seat and the ultimatum to shape up. and, how a drone could help
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emergency calls aren't fast enough. according a santa clara county supervisor says response times to emergency calls are not fast enough according to a new report. san jose fire is failing to meet its obligation to respond to ems calls in mine minutes 90 pert of the time. that goal is met only about 80% of the time. the county is threatening to withhold funding for the fire department. >> the city's response time has drop like a rock over the last several months. it is now down to approximately 80%. >> we want to get better response times. though, we also have to recognize that they are short staffed and we have less firefighters than we had 10 years ago because of skyrocketing retirement cost have caused us to cut staffing in order to balance the budget. >> the city has 30 days to come up with a plan to improve those
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response times. the board of supervisors takes up the issue tomorrow night. future of marketing your home for sell is about to take off. an east bay real estate agent has come up with a way to show up homes in a way that hasn't been done before, at least up here. john ramos tells us what's keeping it on the ground for now. >> this house in the east bay down of alamo will soon woman market for nearly $1.5 million. but to really show case the home and its view of mount diablo, the realtors are setting their sights a little higher. >> you get the scale. you get the feeling of the actual home. you can see hey, this thing is on an acre. this is what it looks like. >> realtor randy churchhill hired a company to produce areal video of the house using a small commercial drown he plans to post the footage on line as a way of marketing to home entires. >> social media, twit. you name it, they will see the
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video before they contact their own realtor. >> it is the wave of the future in real estate marketing. but the man operating the drone doesn't want you to see his face because he knows the faa has prohibited the commercial use of drones. eventually they will be regulated. but the faa better hurry because no one seems to be waiting. >> it is something that is going to continue to grow. there is more and more companies coming out that are using it. if it's any sort of film production, it is limitless because it really bridges the gap between something you can have ground and a full sized helicopter. >> would you have hired a regular helicopter to do this in. >> no. but this will be something we do now on every home that we're markettening. >> church hill says for the $500 we'll spend on the drone video, he may get 10,000 hits on line, making it very cost-effective. and drone operators say the faa needs to face reality. >> and you're not going to stop people or competitors. again, it is a technology
6:26 pm
everybody is going to have. >> in alamo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the realer to believes by 2016 at least half of all high end homes will be marketed online using some form of remote areal video. coming up, a bay area university. why the school says the victim suffered in silence so long. the best thing to buy at the dollar store, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area officials learning lessons from the big gam now at 6:30, hoping to avoid a transit nightmare like this at last night's super bowl. bay area officials learning lessons from the big game before it ever even comes to santa clara. new york had its turn. pretty soon it will be the bay area's chance to host the big game. kpix 5 report reporter ryan takeo joins us with what local leaders are learning from their east coast counterparts. ryan. >> reporter: hi, ken. super50 super bowl 50 will be
6:30 pm
the second super bowl to heavily rely on mass transit. yesterday was the first. that didn't go so well. >> right after the big game yesterday, the new york city area's mass transit became a huge headache. >> it was totally ridiculous. the crowd was the insane. >> even fans from the seahawks weren't in a great mood. >> it is insane. look at it. look howback up it is. it's mess, still. >> about 16,000 more than expected trying to take mass transit. that's one thing bay area local leaders are trying to avoid. >> we want to be talking to the nfl about where people are staying, what hoe tells they are using. >> cal train spokesperson said that will helicopter epithem to know how many trains will come from a different direction. but they are facing uttering elizabeth new york didn't have to worry about. >> it is a difficult planning conundrum for transportation to try to look out two years what kind of service we're going to
6:31 pm
need at a stadium venue we have never served for regular game. >> there are already some plans in place. the center will host the super bowl experience. other sites could include ferry building. >> what kind of event should we be thinking about in san francisco that wouldn't recreate what they did in new york but build on good idea. >> the bay area hosting committee scouted out this weekend's game and surrounding events. they are not the only ones with planning. in two years the attention of the world will be right here. >> it will be one of those all hands on deck days. >> weeks. >> weeks, yeah. >> reporter: normally for big events, they take over masconi south, north and west and close down howard street. would we expect anything less from the super bowl. live in san francisco, aim ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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>> super bowl will be here before unit. super bowl 50 whether air right here on kpix 5. an independent investigation into an alleged hate crime against a san jose student reveal something unexpecked. the report found that the student who was bull lid for weeks chose to stay silent. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us what campus authorities did as soon as they found out. >> with the 400, 500 page fact finder report in hand, the university president said san jose now needs to focus on healing. a special tailing force on racism is coming together to help bridge the divide led by former judge cordell. >> it is about recommendations to help insure that san jose state is a safe campus. >> the independent report details some of the alleged hate crimes that occurred in a five campus person dorm suite last fall. an african american student was given the name three-fifths by
6:33 pm
his write roommates. how they hung racial a flag and racial slurs. and how they placed a u-shaped bike lock around his neck. reports of the incident caused protest on campus last fall. but the victim who was a freshman was reluctant to report what happened and refused to speak to the fact finder. the staff first became pay ware of it through a casual posting on a non-university website. even after the incident went public, the victim was still reluctant to make ate formal issue. housing staff reported what happened to their supervisors and the police in a timely manner. >> the issues we're going to look at is environmental. to see if there is anything that the can be done to encourage individuals who are the subject of this kind of abuse or alleged abuse in this case that could enable them to come forward. >> students hoping for solutions were disappointed. >> i would have wanted to hear
6:34 pm
concrete steps being taken, you know, to improof the campus climate. >> the task force includes faculty staff and students on campus. they begin a series of meetings this week with university-wide recommendation coming by the end of the semester. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the racism task force will start meeting this week. the recommendation will be by tend of the semester. san jose fire crews are mopping up tonight after a carport fire in east san jose. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon on the 200 block. four cars in the carport have burned. power line also came down and caught fire. no word on what sparked it. wall street at its lowest level since last june. the dow plunging more than 300 points todayed aing to january's steep decline. cbs reporter alexis cristofis explains whey. >> bad weather slowed sales at
6:35 pm
the u.s. auto makers and trade factory shipment so that manufacturing barely expanded last month. china saw a similar slow down and that added to broader concerns about the global economy and about investments in some of the faster growing foreign markets. >> it seems that now the risk factor has gown tremendously. >> investors are debating whether the losses are part of a market correction which is usually defined as a so% drop and whether, in fact, that would be good for the market. >> continuing concerns about emerging markets and their problems with currency and lackluster corporate earnings. you have to remember the stock market had a massi gain in 2013. blue chips, the s&p, nasdaq all up between 25 and 30%. investors are locking in those profits. the dow is heading towards a direction. right now it is down ant 7% since the begin of the year. >> it definitely is a healthy thing. we can't have the markets always moving up in one direction. there has to be a two steepiest forward, one step back approach
6:36 pm
to our market. >> wall street is also keeping an eye on the change in leadership in washington. janet yellen was sworn in and investors are hoping for a smooth transition. alexis cristofis, cbs news at the new york stock exchange. still ahead, what is really worth your cash. coming up in tonight's consumer watch, what you should and shouldn't buy at the dollar store. e we meet the last man standing in this historic bay area village. his ties to an important piece of history. ,,,,,,
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novel. on the consumerwatch, julie watts lan to get cars the car of the future sounds something like out of a science fiction novel. julie watts tells us about a plan to guitars to talk to each other. >> yeah. it is a little scary. called vehicle to vehicle technology or v to v. it is the next yes, ma'am ration of auto safety. technology is -- generation of auto safety. it is expected to help avoid most crashes by having cars share data about speed, traffic
6:39 pm
flow and low the case of nearby cars. ford is already testing the technology. in fact, here you can see a car making a last minute move to avoid rear ending another car. >> v to version has the potential to help driver avoid 77 to 80% of vehicle crashes involving unimpaired driver. >> the department of transportation says the technology is still about so years away. first, it was target then michaels. it is beginning to seem like there is a new credit card breach every week a. recent ap poll said that has 37% of shoppers making an effort to pay with cash. but there are some drawbacks to a cash only existence. a university study by the wall street journal found the average american spends more than five and a half hours a year traveling bang forth tubages and atms to get that cash. not to mention, cash won't help build your credit history. you best bet, use credit instead of debit because it has better protection and check
6:40 pm
your statement often for fraud. if you're looking to save cash you may want to consider those dollar stores that sell everything for about a buck. money talks news has come up with 15 good dollar store buys. for instance, greating cards and wrapping papers are great buys for a bunch after all, it is what's inside that counts, right? consider personal items like reading glass and at home test. they could run you more than 10 times as much at a grocery store. also, storage containers and picture frames could be good buys. but the you want to make sure to check them for quality. whatnot to buy at the dollar store, things like off brand laundry detergent, vitamins and tooth paste. they have been known to have questionable ingredients. if you have a consumer problem, give us a call. 888-5-helps you. >> save where you can. >> wine, you probably don't want to buy that at the dollar store. >> why not? they might have good stuff. >> never know. >> be surprised. >> julie, thank you.
6:41 pm
coming up, he's the last man standing in this historic bay area village. his remarkable ties to the place dating back sentries. monday evening in kpix high def doppler is day. wasn't dry yesterday. won't be dry for the entire week. wait until you we see how much rain we're going to get and when it's going to fall, coming up. the next time you predict a superup super bowl, use a measuring stick. >> care to measure this guy's excitement. that is gist an appetizer. the entree is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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county... and hollywood loves to use the quaint vil for movie sets. china camp is a popular with the locals in marin county and hollywood loves to cruise the quantity village for movie sets. but it is also home to a decent dent of one of the original residents. kpix 5's linda yee taco bell employee with his ties -- employee with his ties in history. >> he walks to his pier and has been doing this more an 80
6:45 pm
years. he is the last resident of this historic fishing village. only now, there is little to catch. >> there is nothing out there hardly anymore. last time we went out we caught three dozen shrimp. with the amount of driving we did normally that would have caught several hundred pounds. >> frank grew up here in china camp. the grandson of one of the first residents from the 1800s. more than hundred chinese immigrants lived here fishing for shrimp. by 1880, china camp was p one of the more successful and larger fishing villages in california. three million pounds of slip were caught, died, and exported to china every year. but the chinese exclusion p act of 1882 changed all of that when notchy beasley boarers were banned from immigrating to america. by 1911, fishing operations shut down, but the demand for shrimp only grew. >> who is that? >> mom and dad.
6:46 pm
>> frank's parents met here, married, raised a pam lain in the 1930s resumed shrimp fishing after restrictions were eased. frank helped out until he turned 17 and i joined the navy. >> dad wasn't well and so i came back and i'm still here. >> he helped his mom fish, cook and sell shrimp. aunt, uncles and cousins joined in the family business. >> this is the life. met a lot of people. the cooks would come over here. >>ed to frank and his cousin run the lunch counter which is part of the state park system. shrimp sand wishes from the specialtism except last time he fished outside he did not catch much. >> you serve shrimp sandwich there is your restaurant. >> yeah, but unfortunately they are from oregon. >> frank lives in the old shacks through a special arrangement with the state park. he never married but stays busy watching over the village, making small repairs. >> got a boat. like a bomb, she wants lots of
6:47 pm
care. always keep you busy. [laughter] >> after he's gone, no one with his link to china camp's past will take over. >> kind of sad when you think about it? >> no. i don't think about it. >> but nothing can take away his immortalities to an important part of california history. at china camp, linda yee kpix 5. >> california and bay area history. china camp was one of dozens of state parks threatened with closure just two years ago during the scandal involving hidden funds. it is open everyday now for picnics, kayaking and hike. >> wonderful story. paul, g we have been waiting -- gosh, we have been waiting it seems like for rhode island we thought how much of a difference can one day of rain make. bit did. huge difference. >> reporter: yes. the birds were singing songs of the joint they don't get the 7 day forecast. they have been wondering where is the rainfall.
6:48 pm
take a look at this video. thank you to don don knapp, one of our kpix 5 reporters. all winter long, salmon. all it took was one good rainfall and we go from no salmon to anywhere from half dozen to 9 salmon viewed in that one little spot right. there thank you. do thank you mother nature. we will slowly scratch and claw our way back. beautiful shot here from oakland looking back towards the city. will be a chilly night. a live look at sfo. livermore, you are now down to 40s. 50, pretty popular temperature for you in concord, san francisco, santa rosa. kids will need a jacket tomorrow morning. fairfield, 30. santa rosa 30. many spots will drop down in the upper 30s. near the water, 40. san francisco 43 degrees. let's talk about why things
6:49 pm
have changed. we got rainfall yesterday. that big wall in the atmosphere has moved. the ridge is still here. it has died down to our south and west by about 700 miles. which means storms can now go up and over that ridge and make it into the bay area. case in point. i didn't do. another case in point, has to be more than one, that is coming up on thursday. the next front will get here on thursday going the top of that ridge of high pressure. best news is the ridge will move exactly where we want it to this weekend. just to our south. due south of us. that means the jet stream will dip off to our west, tap into the tropical moisture. then, right over northern california is a high likelihood of a significant rainfall from mount shata all the way down to monterrey bay. tropical moisture moving in this weekend. we don't want it all at once. we want it in pieces. but a few more of those pieces are coming this week. next rain chance is coming up on thursday.
6:50 pm
partly sunny days between now and then. the potential for a soaker for p sunday. highs tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. tomorrow we will be about degrees below normal. freemont 56 degrees. partly sunny in danville. antioch 57 degrees. mid 50s in san francisco tomorrow. berkeley 67 degrees. petaluma, your high tomorrow 56. partly sunny on wednesday. showers moving in on thursday. friday will be a chilly day with highs in the low 50s. saturday, mostly cloudy. the chance of a good soaker coming up on sunday mind. bring on, they say. bring on sports, two minutes.
6:51 pm
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record 111.5 million viewers witnessed the blow despite the super bowl being unhatchable at tend, a record 111.5 million viewers witness the blow out. a pro sports championship since jimmy carter >> the witness: was in the oval office. six people were arrested. there was some property damage. they beat denver by 35. despite that, some of the players still felt like they got a little chip on their shoulders. >> it's unbelievable to me how people spend so much money on
6:54 pm
tv that they can't figure it out. know why they can't figure it out? because you can't measure what's inside you. you can't measure what's inside you. we are passionate. >> this was time for the third biggest beat down in superbowl history. 49ers 45 point win over the broncos in 1990 was the worst. bears 36 over the patriots. it was bad for denver. just don't call it embarrassing. >> uh-uh. >> embarrassing at all. there was a lot of professional football players in the locker room that put a lot of hard work and effort into being here and playing in that game. the word embarrassing is an insulting word, to tell you the truth. >> i tell you what's embarrassing. a houston bay area furniture company owner is out of money
6:55 pm
because the seahawks won. he ended up paying back $7 million. the at&t pueblo beach pro am tees thumb week. for the first time in five years bill murray won't be there. after a three year hiatus they are returning. a swinging skirt tournament in trail. hall of tamer and san jose state legend will be in the field. she was the rookie 30 years ago. she applauds the effort of the lpga to go global. half of the tour's top 10 golfers last year were from south korea. >> probably the down side is recognition. knowing who's who. you know, when you have 10 kims, it's hard to know which kim is which. so i think that's -- and believe me, i know everyone of. this they all got different personalities that i mean to all speak english. they all really support the lpga and they want it to
6:56 pm
succeed. so they are doing their best to make it happen. >> i love julie. that whole interview. following the at&t pro am saturday and sunday, her interview on the big 5. if you were trying to figure out if bruno mars is single or not, here is what you missed this weekend. a free bowl of suit with that coat. then flipped a coin before anybody said heads or tails. mollie schuler aid 363 buffalo wingings and the 22nd wing bowl she smashed the ole record by 26. joe thornton in a shoot out to send everybody home happy. put the puck on a string. completely fooled the chicago goly crawford. weber state down. they have the ball. >> it is good. oh, my goodness. he knocks it. do .7 to go.
6:57 pm
oh, my god. oh my god. >> the biggest play in sacramento state history. way to go hornets. incredible upset. justin cobb did a shot from the corner to bury top ranked and undefeated arizona. their first win other a number one ranked team since 1994. cal smashed a three-game losing streak. they improved to 15-7. a quality win like that will get them in the ncaa tournament. >> right. >> great stuff. >> who is bruno mars? >> oh, my goodness. >> relax. >> i love bruno. >> he was spectacular. >> red hot chili peppers. >> it was hot out there. >> they were a little underdressed. >> see you at 11:00. and you could save hundreds." click today.
6:58 pm
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good, good, thank you very much, folks. thank you very much. thank you very much. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. we got a crazy family returning for the second day from mesa, arizona, it's the gardner family. and from ft. lauderdale, florida, it's the roland family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion. let's go. give me greg. give me jessica. we're playing the "feud." ["family feud" theme playing


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