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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. she was the darling of a country struggleing under the weight of the depression and grew to become an icon of american film and distinguished diplomat. today the world mourns the death of shirley temple black.
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>> shirley temple black lived here in the bay area and died at her home. >> we're live outside the gate mrs. woodside. >> reporter: she died peacefully surrounded by her friends and family at her woodside home behind us. shirley temple black will be remembered as the bright eyed and dimple smiled girl who charmed the hearts of americans. a national institution and an american sweetheart, as a young girl shirley temple black danced her way into our homes and hearts with a head full of ping curls and that dimpleed smile. she was born near los angeles in 1928 and was discovered by a talent scout at a dance studio when she was only 3 years old. her breakthrough came in the 1934 film "bright eyes" with what would become her trademark song. in the early years she was credited with lifting america out of the great depression. she starred in some 40 films
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ending her acting career at 21 after failing to attract roles in her teenage years. she found a new calling, government service. she was ambassador to ghana and czechoslovakia and appointed the first female chief of protocol of the united states. >> i think i've been most fortunate by having the opportunities presented to me because of little shirley. she's opened a lot of doors for me. >> despite a sparkling hollywood career and extensive political resume, she said her family was her greatest accomplishment. shirley temple got married at 17 to john agar. they had one daughter. after their divorce she wed businessman charles black for 55 years until his death in 2005. they had two children together. her family issued a statement saying, we salute her for a life of remarkable achievements as an actor, diplomat and as our beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and adored wife of 55 years.
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shirley temple ranks 18th on the american film institute's list of greatest female american screen legends of all time. back to you. . >> thank you. we got new details about a plane crash in algeria. there are 102 dead and one survivor. the plane went down east of aljeers near the city of constantine. the plane was carrying military members. women and children are among the victims. witnesses say the plane clipped a mountainside just before it crashed and broke apart. authorities say weather in the area was bad at the time, visibility was poor and there were strong winds. engineers are still trying to figure out why water is leak frct new eastern span of the bay bridge. caltrans took the media on a tour of the area affected yesterday. the leaks could potentially cause corrosion and weaken the bridge. caltrans says it knew about the problem in december but heavy rain was needed to figure out how significant the leaks are. >> we have not figured that out
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yet. it's one of those things that as we experience more wind, more rain, we'll learn things about this bridge. >> caltrans is promising repairs but it's not clear how much they'll cost. the western span of the bay bridge is getting a lot of attention and a new name. >> mark kelly is live on treasure island where 500 people including music legend quincy jones are getting ready to celebrate and party. >> reporter: credit is just wrapping up speaking. it has been a beautiful ceremony here. it started with a children's choir, then willie brown talked a lot about his family and the importance of family getting to where he is today. lot was celebrities and dignitaries, mayor ed lee is here, also the founder of men's warehouse, george zimmer is in the crowd. keep in mind, to get this bridge named in while brown's honor, the naacp was very influential.
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alice huffman, president of the naacp in california, she was in the audience today. she is also recognized. it's also acknowledged that this renaming is happening at a time when we're in the 506th anniversary of the civil rights movement. brown was a politician for much of his career and renaming the bridge in his name surely got political and supporters this morning acknowledged that. >> it was indeed baptism by fire. it was pure old school san francisco politics. it was classic while l. brown jr. >> reporter: now the funny thing is willie brown admits when he first heard of the idea of naming the bridge in his name, he did not want to do it. he was concerned he wouldn't get enough votes in the leag late tour and in the end he would be embarrassed. it did not turn out that way
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and the bridge will now be the willie brown bay bridge. back to you. . checking other bay area news, the santa clara county coroner announced the death of a san jose state student was the result of suicide. the body of brendan together ands was found in his dorm room sunday. he had been a freshman studying at san jose state. a $10,000 reward is being offered to catch the killer of a 77-year-old woman in a wheelchair. susan fong was found bound and gagged inside her east oakland home friday. police suspect she was the victim of a home invasion robbery. her nephew was also tied up but he was not injured. google will be the new boss at moffett field. the government picked the tech company's subsidiary plan terry ventures to manage the airfield and renovate the historic hangar 1. it was built in 1932 to
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house giant airships but has been stripped of its frame because its former skin contained toxins. . the united states is adding to its medal total at the winter olympics in sochi. we have highlights from yesterday and a warning, some results from today's competition. . >> julia mancuso won her fourth olympic medal in alpine skiing monday. no other american woman has more than two. julia mancuso did well in the downhill half of the super combined but was bested in the slalom and took the bronze. in the men's moguls canada won the gold and silver. it was a family affair as michelle mulder of the netherlands took the gold in the fire00 meter speed skating. it appeared as though his
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teammate beat him to win gold, but the timing clocks were adjusted and mowlder won the event by 100th of a second. the dutch swept the 500 meters. in results from today's action american devin logan won the silver in the women's ski slopestyle competition. back to you. . here's a look at the current medal count. norway has four gold and ten medals overall. canada has nine. so far the united states has two golds and six total medals. in the land of constant traffic congestion, an epiphany. . >> riding a bike is extremely consistent. it's almost exactly always the same amount of time. ?iewl meet the l.a. crowd dumping four wheels for two avid out their secret for staying alive. >> the aftermath of the wet weekend still being felt.
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where a bmw owner discovered this mess this morning. . >> low clouds, some dense fog give wake to a little sunshine outside. i think there is more fog on the return. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oyed by the . the dow is soaring this noon. it's up over 200 points. traders are blueied by the remarks this morning from new fed chair janet yellen in her first public comment since taking over. she said she expects it to continue the policies that were set by ben bernanke. she said she believes the economy is strong enough now to with stand a pullback in the stimulus but only in what she called measured steps. president obama says he will punish any american company that
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violates sanctions against iran. he made those comments today as he held meet tegz white house with french president francois hollande. the two leaders held talks in the oval office, then at a news conference in obama issued his warning in the presence of french president francois hollande. >> businesses may be exploring are there some possibilities to get in sooner rather than later if and when there is a actual agreement to be had, but i can tell you that they do so at their own peril because we'll come down on them like a ton of bricks. >> france and the u.s. signed an interim nuclear agreement with teheran last november. u.s. officials voiced concern about french companies seeking business in iran aggressively. it could be the last city you would expect to be building a biking community. but los angeles is seeing a small explosion in commuters leaving the keys at home and
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pedaling to work. they learned a secret. there's safety in numbers. >> kelly bachman takes the lane less traveled. she is among the 1% of commuters who bike to work in los angeles. once a week she makes the two-mile trek with other cyclists looking to avoid the transfer. >> driving is so frustrating and unpredictable. >> the infamous traffic jams have created bike drain. >> riding a bike is extremely consist little. it's almost exactly always the same amount of time regardless of traffic or weather. >> the program teaches cyclists how to commute through l.a.'s busy streets. the ride and the training are free. experienced cyclists called conductors lead each route and riders break away once they reach their destination. l.a. has worked to make cycling safer doubling it stretch of bike lanes over the last five
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year to 345 miles. while the bike train's program has had some close calls, its riders remain accident free. that is givenna new appreciation of los angeles? >> it used to be cumbersome and overwhelming and very disjointed. now i can see how all these different neighbors and communities sort of flow and blend together. >> bike trains hopes to add eight additional routes this year. so more commuters can get on board. back to you. . >> l.a. has a ways to go to catch up with san francisco's biking community. other cities on their way are seattle and portland. developing news in the southeast, the president has signed an emergency declaration as another strong winter storm bears down on the region. it focuses on 45 counties in georgia where hundreds of commuters were stranded on snowy slick roads two weeks ago. this storm is bringing more snow and the potential for ice an inch thick. check out this mess left
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when a huge tree fell this morning on lombard street in san francisco. joe vasquez came across the scene. three cars were damaged. the fire department is not sure if the accident was weather related. they think it was an older tree that was too top heavy. it was time. i guess. . we had some left over moisture in our skies this morning all from the storm system that moved through, brought with it some dense valley fog. we're likely to see that return again tonight. out the door we go, looking pretty good over the bay. we have some partly cloudy skies. temperatures still a little cool in spots. 53 degrees in san francisco, 55 in san jose, 59 degrees in concord. i think throughout the afternoon, we'll see a mixed bag, mix of sun and clouds. it should stay dry. tonight clouding up again. i think we'll see some of that patchy dense fog developing outside. some of the visibilitys overnight tonight especially
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after midnight into early tomorrow morning, less than a quarter mile visibility. then a few clouds for the north tomorrow, slight chance of some sprinkles, maybe northern sonoma county. for today hazy, jet stream has pulled to the north. a lot of heavier rainfall making its way into the pacific northwest. we'll stay dry for now. around the state 60s in the central valley, partly cloudy skies. watch out if you are traveling that way late tonight and again early tomorrow morning. expecting very dense fog in the central valley. plenty of snow on some of the mountains in lake tahoe. a lot of passing clouds today. looks like toward tomorrow the clouds will thicken up and here we go, chance of a few light sprinkles well to our north. the rest of the bay area sunshine and a couple clouds. it should be a decent day. 63 degrees, sunshine in san jose, 61 fremont.
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some 50s toward the coast with some patchy fog. 64 degrees in pleasanton, 62 pleasant hill, 63 in fairfield. inside the bay some hazy sunshine, 61 alameda, 62 ?oam awrks 62 in santa rosa. sunset is 5:45. sunrise 7:03. slight chance of a few light sprinkles well to the north here, otherwise passing clouds. into the weekend could get a little more interesting. a few more clouds. i think late saturday night into sunday, there is a chance of a few showers all around the bay area. doesn't look like a big storm system. i think next week we've a series of storms headed our way. i think we're in a good pattern. >> thank you. it it says on the package cheese food. >> soon it will say something
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more nutritious. how kraft says it will change its popular cheese singles. ,, ,,,,
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the military is downgraded the death toll to 77. it was over 100 at one time. there is one survivor. it was loaded with military members and their families. the plane clip add mountainside in bad weather. big changes coming to a popular cheese. >> kraft foods is making its cheese singles more nutrition friendly. they'll remove the artificial preservatives from the full fat american and white american singles. the company says it i account force most of its cheese sales. >> moms today wanted to be healthier. we're demanding this and they're listening. >> open the hatch. >> kraft's decision comes as more americans pay closer attention to what they eat and try to stick with foods that they feel are a little more natural. dumb starbucks is done. the mystery coffee shop near l.a. opened over the weekend spoofing the popular chain. l.a. county health inspector forced it to close for not having a permit.
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a comedian revealed he was behind it. he says he's opening another one next week in brooklyn. we have a suggestion for agd some special flavor to your recipes. here's today's fresh grocer. >> today we'll talk about cilantro. it does look a lot like parsely. take a smell and you will know the difference. it has a very strong and distinct scent. when you see it in the store, make sure it has this nice even and uniform bright green all the way around. avoid wilting or yellow spots. the best way to store it is in a cup of water and cover the top with a plastic bag. that wait leaves will stay nice and dry but it will continue to get moisture. when you do it that way you can keep it for about a week. as you pick the leaves off, make sure you only wash them right before you use them norkts buff store them. that's when they get moldy. i love to use it on different fishes or anything with a
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salad. . she's the fist lady of hip-hop. now talk shows too,. queen latifah has a look at what's in store for your number two this season. >> we have morgan freeman coming up which is exciting. it's cool to talk to morgan freeman. what hasn't he done? who is he not to ?us he's so cool. plus he's a science geek which i get to have fun with that with him. we have julie chen and cheryl under ad from "the talk" on. that is going to be a fun interview. you want to see some good tv, want you to watch that show. you have to watch that show. >> got to watch that show. her next season is being described as spontaneous, fun and full of surprises. you can catch it right here each weekday at 2:00 p.m. bringing some bling to aviation. >> the results of an artist's obsession with bejeweling coming up.
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it's a big list, and it's all free. so don't wait. without insurance, even a small medical issue can cost you big. call 800-787-9159, or go to, and get covered. steal from people's homes. t . coming up at 5:00, thieves taking advantage of the recent storms to steal from people's homes. what they told one east bay woman to get inside her door. it's the perfect aviation accessory of those who like to ride in style. >> it's a helicopter like you have never seen before. take a look. a southern california artist went wild and bejeweled this
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chopper as part of a fine art fair in palm springs. he got the fuselage at a junkyard and overdosed on decorating it. he added a crystal chandelier and even an ipad loaded with the flight simulator. it does not actually fly. a k ==== == ,,
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[ birds chirping ] >> katie: ridge, we both know, or we should, that this -- this has to stop. >> ridge: "this," meaning what? >> katie: you and me. [ sighs ] i'm sorry. i'm probably making a huge fool out of myself. i-i have feelings. >> ridge: i have feelings. i told you how i feel. >> katie: it can't happen. [ birds chirping ] >> brooke: wyatt faked the robbery? and you've forgiven him? >> hope: not that i wasn't very, very upset. >> brooke: well, that must have been quite a road trip. >> hope: well, you know, wyatt and i, we've...become very close. >> brooke: oh, honey. >> hope: it was really beautiful, mom. it was. emerald bay was stunning. the drive up the coast, it was


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