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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 12, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your real time captioner is linda macdonald. police have just released a photo of a person of interest in the statewide amber alert. he may be involved in the carjacking and kidnapping of a
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13-year-old outside an oakland safeway. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. here's another look at the photo just released by oakland police. this is 54-year-old roy mccamey. police say he has a criminal record that includes theft. he lives near the safeway where the kidnapping happened. police think mccamey is the person caught on surveillance at the safeway yesterday. so far they are just calling him a person of interest. the shoplifter stole steak and lobster. police say he jumped into a moving car in a safeway parking lot with a man and 13-year-old girl inside. officers are looking for a red sedan with the license plate 6js m648. they now stay they do not believe the victims knew the suspect. plate 6jfm648. black manned in 40s, 5'7", 165 pounds wear headphones, jacket and cap. there's confusion about what kind of car was involved but
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investigators say look out for that license plate. here's what oakland police had to say about the investigation just moments ago. >> i can share with you the person of interest has a criminal history. his history is related to theft. so we want to talk to him. we want to ask some investigative follow-up questions and again, this is a person of interest at this time. >> the victim vehicle was traveling through the parking lot. the suspect approached that victim vehicle, opened the door and got inside. once the suspect was inside, conversations took place where the witnesses were able to hear and observe those conversations and conversations were that the occupants of the car especially the driver of our victim vehicle did not know the suspect. >> police don't know who may have been kidnapped. no one has been reported
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missing. fresh off a white house state dinner french president francois hollande is in san francisco to meet with top tech leaders. anne makovec was there for his official welcome at city hall. she joins us live. anne. >> reporter: yeah, very cultural around here, very french inside city hall. they are even serving champagne. you can see the limos lined up as francois hollande speaks in city hall and there is the french flag hanging above city hall. president hollande arrived here after a three-day visit to washington, d.c. he got here this morning and spoke in front of a crowded hall. this is the first official trip of a french president in 30 years. part of his mission is to whew tech companies, to invest more in france and to woo the companies. before this was a three-day visit to washington, d.c. including state dinner hosted by the obamas. planning for that event got
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hairy because he was suddenly appearing solo after splitting with his girlfriend a few months back. that meant alterations in the seating arrangements. for hollande's plan for the rest of the day here in san francisco, he is going to have lunch with silicon valley ceos. then meeting with some french businesspeople working here in tech, at 4:00 a discussion on the environment and economics, and at 6:00, he will be meeting with the bay area's french community at hilton union square. the last state visit by a french president was in 1996 when jacques chirac met with president clinton. so it's been an exciting event thus far and only the beginningof his day. anne makovec, kpix 5. a pile-up in the east bay in antioch. the suspect in a stolen car hit
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three cars at the intersection of lone tree and davison drive. it created a chain reaction according to witnesses. >> a stolen vehicle appeared being chased by antioch police, trying to make a left turn on davidson from lone tree and got rear-ended by an oncoming vehicle. >> that driver ran from the crash scene and was later arrested. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. other headlines, a pedestrian was hit and killed walking in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. police say a driver hit the person near the intersection of van ness and pacific avenues at about 1:00 this morning. the driver tried walking away from the scene but was caught by police. he has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter. light rail service downtown san jose shut down this morning as police investigated a deadly stabbing there. police say a fight broke out inside johnny v's bar near santa clara and first streets just after 1:00 this morning. a man in his 20s was killed. witnesses point to a possible
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suspect and police have him in custody. two workers are in the hospital after an acid leak at the tesoro refinery in martinez. they were taking a sample when they were exposed to the acid at 2 :30 a.m. the leak is contained and the refinery is back to normal operations this morning. the workers are expected to be okay. only on kpix 5, a u.p.s. driver speaks out about the terrifying moment he drove into a wild gang shootout in oakland. the man who wants his identity concealed says he rounded the corner at the worst possible moment. the shootout started at a liquor store on 30th and linden and continued down the block. the driver says the only thing he could do was run out of the truck and take cover. >> i thought i heard firecrackers and it wasn't firecrackers. >> by the time police arrived, someone ransacked the delivery truck stealing several items. the driver doesn't think he was specifically targeted. a candlelight vigil is planned this evening for a uc-
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berkeley football player who died last week. 21-year-old junior ted agu collapsed during a supervised training run. the vigil starts at 6:00 at golden plaza next to memorial stadium. it will be led by his fraternity brothers and cal student athletes. today san francisco celebrates the winter of love. that was 10 years ago when thousands of gay couples lined up at city hall to get married. then mayor gavin newsom issued the country's first same-sex marriage licenses. more than 4,000 couples came from 46 different states and waited up to 12 hours to get married. newsom says there were death threats not just against him but also against the couples. >> it was never discussed and we never brought it up. but there was a reason, remember, we didn't have the lines at the last 10 days or so that month in february because we had so many threats about people's safety in the lines. >> the marriages were annulled by a supreme court ruling but that set the stage for the national fight on marriage equality.
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today, 17 states including california have legalized same- sex marriage. there's a city hall reception tonight for all the couples who were married ten years ago. day 6 of the winter olympics in sochi, russia and a lot of events on tap for today. we have a spoiler alert. look away if you don't want to see today's results. for the first time, a race was won in a tie. women from slovenia and switzerland are now co-gold medalists in alpine skiing. u.s. snowboarding veteran shaun white didn't do well yesterday. he finished fourth in his quest to win his third gold medal in the halfpipe. a devastating ice storm is making its way across the south. hundreds of thousands are without power and most schools and businesses are closed. but forecasters say the worst is yet to come. from texas to the carolinas, storm advisories are in effect until tomorrow night. >> the next 48 hours are going to be very tough here in the carolinas from the coast all the way to the mountains. as you know, this is the second major storm that we have had in
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two weeks that have covered the entire carolinas which is very rare for this part of the nation. but we are going to deal with it. >> the ice storm is expected to knock out power for days. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. plenty of clouds streaming across our skies today but could it bring us some rain and what about valentine's day? will it be a forecast to warm your heart or will it be ice cold? we'll talk about that coming up. >> animal lovers, crank up the pressure on yoplait. i'm kiet do. we have that story coming up. >> and a new workout craze is turning flash mobs into "fitmobs" from workouts to sweat soirees. these unique workouts are drawing attention. we have the latest coming up. ,, ,,,,
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after a 4-day surge. right w it' a mixed bag on wall street today. a live look at the big board right now. the dow has been fluctuating after a four-day surge and you can see right now the dow is down about 43 points. california attorney general kamala harris is running for re- election. harris officially took out papers to run just an hour ago at san francisco city hall. she is the first woman, first black and first south asian to hold the office in the history of california. a one-time member of a big- time band is now stepping forward in a campaign against yoplait. as kpix 5's kiet do reports, the concerns are not about the yogurt but, rather, the containers. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: david sikes the former bass guitarist for rock band boston remembers the first time he watched videos of animals with their heads caught in yogurt cups. >> i just wanted to cry
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actually. i mean, i can only imagine the panic that poor animal is going through. >> reporter: david then signed a petition on asking yoplait to redesign the container and remove the inside flange which catches on to the animal's skull and cheek bones. but then david, who now lives in benicia, was stunned when he heard one of boston's most popular songs in a tv commercial by -- you guessed it. >> ♪ more than a feeling >> i was shocked, wow! i just can't believe that this is even happening. i thought, this is so ironic. i mean, we have always been so supportive of animal rights. >> reporter: rebecca of wildlife emergency services started the petition which now has well over 30,000 signatures of people pledging to boycott yoplait. in fact, that's her cutting the yoplait container off that skunk. she is thrilled a former rock and roller is speaking out. >> we get celebrities involved, and they speak out about this, it just gains more attention and more momentum, more pressure for this to be
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successful. >> reporter: i asked yoplait if they would reconsider given this new celebrity attention. their response, animals will eat out of all kinds of containers and that's why they put on theirs, protect wildlife: crush cup before disposal. >> reporter: david left the band in 1997 and had no say in the use of the song. >> i would hope companies would do the right thing maybe even decide that money isn't everything in the end. >> reporter: so after all these years, it looks like yoplait is budging a little bit with the message on the cup and also a video that they released to customers just a couple of months ago. right now, on, that petition is up to 33,000 signatures. they are trying to get to 100,000. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. some new guidelines about how children brush their teeth. parents should start brushing
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children's teeth as soon as they get a tooth. use a smear on children under 3 and pea sized amount on older kids. 3.8 million car safety seats for children by graco are being recalled because kid may get caught by buckles that don't unlatched. it's models between 2009 and 2013. regulators say the recall should also include nearly 2 million rear facing car seats designed for infants. after a soaking we got, i guess we're looking at another one in the forecast, too, right? >> there are some showers in the forecast and it's guessing close to valentine's day. you guys know i'm a big romantic. [ laughter ] >> so i'm getting ready to go here, folks. we are getting ready for valentine's day. i think it's going to be okay. we'll have an official valentine's day forecast in a moment. out the door we go. clouds parting a little bit. starting out with low clouds and dense fog this morning. just some high clouds streaming over san francisco right now. the temperatures are running up into the 50s and the low 60s into livermore right now. 50 even in san francisco.
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throughoutle afternoon numerous clouds passing through and sprinkles in the north bay. tonight patchy fog, dense fog springles to the north and better rain as we head in toward the weekend. high pressure sending the energy to the north with rain in the pacific northwest and northern california. seeing a couple of clouds over the top of this ridge here so a little bit hazy into the afternoon with some partly cloudy skies. around the state the further north you go the better chance you have some rain. ukiah 58 degrees with showers. rain eureka 55. 65 sacramento. 55 lake tahoe. computer models picking up on the system right now. skies breaking up a little bit but more clouds on the way this afternoon. and you will notice a few scattered light showers nothing too much up in the north bay. maybe about .10" of rain at the most. it looks like overnight tonight maybe a little drizzle at the coastline. otherwise, it looks like a cloudy start to the day again tomorrow and maybe some dense fog so you're going to want to watch out for that.
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temperatures these numbers working out like this still mild. 66 degrees in morgan hill. 65 in santa clara. 64 degrees in palo alto. 50s at the coast. 60s in the east bay, 60 san francisco. 64 oakland. 61 petaluma. your sunset time for tonight is 5:45. sunrise tomorrow at 7:03. as we look out over the next couple of days, still a slight chance of a couple sprinkles mainly to the north a better chance of rain overnight saturday night and into early sunday morning. then chance of more rain into tuesday. my favorite day of the year, yup, valentine's day! it is coming up pretty quickly here on friday. partly cloudy skies, a little bit cool. but it should be dry. >> you're a big valentine's day guy. >> huge valentine's day guy. yup. i'm getting -- i'm making my list. got to get a lot of things. >> did you get your life something? >> chocolate and jewelry. >> wait a minute. >> all right. lawrence, thanks. the bay area is ground zero
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for a new fitness craze and it's not just the unique workout. the unique pricing options that will have you saving money with every workout. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pay. a new idea i steph, making something simple, six ingredients, two pan dish because of the pasta
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but all the magic happens in one pan. >> we heated up cherry tomatoes with olive oil and garlic and then linguini. >> it's important that all that mixes together was already hat before we added the linguini which is only al dente because it continues to cook in the pan but absorbing the flavors of the stock that's created there. >> i'm going to add some olives. these have pits so be careful. >> it's always good to slow down when you eat. >> parsley, a little more. i love a lot of parsley in this dish. i'm going to rip some basil in there. serve this -- >> i always add fresh herbs piping hot so the flavors really release all over the place. >> mozzarella marinated with olive oil and herbs on top. there we go. >> those are going to melt, too. it's going to be great. >> delicious, easy to make. thank you, bella. >> thanks, dad. >> i love pasta like this. >> you love pasta. >> i do. >> who doesn't? >> olive fan?
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>> no. >> past is great. a new idea changing the way you think about exercise. as kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran reports, the concept is turning flash mobs into "fitmobs." >> we have a big problem in this country. >> reporter: it can be a long and expensive road from a couch slouch to fit and fab. >> over two-thirds of americans are obese or inactive and a solution which is join a gym doesn't work. >> reporter: raj kapoor is the cofounder of "fitmob" that gives classes in neighborhoods throughout san francisco all taught by certified trainers. but you don't find them in traditional gyms. the way it works is you can reserve a class on the app and the more you go, the less you pay. if you go once a week, it's $15. if you go twice a week, it's $10 a class. and if you go three times a
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week, it's $5 a class. >> one, up! >> reporter: so you can feel the burn just not in your wallet. more importantly for the social and mobile age, "fitmob's" app makes it easy. >> you go, you click, you reserve, your credit card is in the system. you don't need to bring cash. >> reporter: san francisco is ground zero for "fitmob's" mission to give inspired athletes a fun, cheap convenient way to work out where you would want to go back. >> everyone knows how to do a situp. they are not doing it because they need instruction. what they need is the motivation from other people to get out there. >> push it up! >> reporter: the app's only two weeks old. the classes we saw packed. >> super easy. >> great workout in the morning. >> not easy but it's great. >> reporter: the easy part picking and paying for a workout. the hard part? well, see for yourself. >> this is harder than i have worked since high school basketball practice and we do a lot of same drills, too. up, down. i mean, i'm not volunteering, either. somebody has to make me.
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>> reporter: "fitmob's" ceo is known for his tech success. kapoor was an owner of snap fish which was sold for $300 million and he was an investor in lyft. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> it does help to exercise with someone, right? >> the hard part is just getting there. >> it's not just the concept, it's the unique names. workouts, too. some of the classes twerk-out, drop it like squat and sweat soiree. >> some we can't say on tv. best in show, this year's competition went wire to wire. the california dog who came out on top. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"best in year's westminster kennel club dog show in new york. "sky" is from san bernardino county. her say hi to sky. the wire fox terrier was named best in show at the westminster kennel club dog show in new york. the dog is from san bernardino county. the handler is all done. that was the last show. she is retiring. >> see you at 5:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,
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>> ridge: i want this for us. >> brooke: [ gasps ] >> ridge: for r.j.


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