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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs air area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, passengers on a fright from sfo described two minutes of terror. >> joe vasquez is there. what did they have to say? >> reporter: yeah ken, his name is vincent. he said a lot of the passengers thought they were going the fly as this plane turned plummeted and turned violently and started shaking. this flight left yesterday and was headed for hong kong. about eight hours into the flight as they got over japan, they experienced what has been described as violent turbulence. 12 passengers and attendant were injured. you can see from the photos that were tweeted out today, it left quite a mess.
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vincent is from indian, he does visits here in the bay area. he says the turbulence was like riding a bull for two whole minutes. >> it was throwing you up and downsideways. quite a few people in front of me were throwing up. it hit the ceiling of the aircraft. we had a couple of the baggage bins opening up and the bags flying out. >> reporter: mr. sunder made it safely home. he is back in india now. he believes when it is all said and done, there may be more than a dozen jayed as he saw quite a few people. mostly with minor injuries. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> another scare in the air. a united airlines plane dropped without warning on the way to montana. four people were hurt including
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a flight attendant recovering from the icu. >> one person flew up and her het knocked out an upper panel on the ceiling and there was a woman behind us. she was calling she had lost her baby. >> the baby was found a couple of rows away. was okay. united is still investigating. according to the faa, 32 people on average are injured nationwide every year because of turbulence. a remind tore keep your seat belt fastened. you are looking at live pictures in the capital city of kiev. stand off has left 25 people dead. hundreds more wounded. this marks the bloodiest day since the former soviet republic won its independence more than 22 years a. one opposition leader is urging the
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20,000 protesters to defend the camp on independence square. reporter katie staller was in kiev earlier tonight. >> reporter: neither side will admit that they are using stun grenades an tear gas and rubber bullets. in terms of what the volunteer medics are being used, they say they tweeted three people today with gunshot wounds that they believe were caused by live ammunition. >> police are using modified grenades to injure more protesters. protesters say the government is ignoring their demands. basically, this is a tug of war over the ukraine's future. they want them to join a customs union with the european union, but the government has cozied up to moscow. there have been occasional
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up risings in ukraine, for years but nothing like this. tonight, opponents are speaking their mind before the vote. the proposed domain awareness center would be a 24/7 surveillance system designed to help police monitor the city through video cameras. >> the reality is that i will never have enough police officers as we are trying to get to 900. i only have 600 a day. we will never find the level. so was need other tool to monitor some of the activities happening. >> i am in favor of solving crime but also in favor of privacy and civil rights and such. so i want a compromise that meets both ends. >> opponents say if the center is approved they are ready to sue to stop the construction. >> veteran san jose firefighter accused of selling drugs and having sex with a minor made his first court offense today.
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53-year-old mario cuestaa did not show much emotion. no charges are filed yet for allegedly having sex with a 17- year-old boy. what problems could be lurking in the new bay bridge? that is what transportation officials want to know. last week, cal trans gave everyone a good look at the span. it leaks when it rains but this was two months after the agency knew that water was getting in. the transportation commission says it doesn't want any more surprises and the clock is ticking. once the state funding runs out, the toll paying drivers will be on the hook for repairs. also tonight, people in richmond are demanding heads roll because of what kpix5's christin ayers is about to show us. christin? >> reporter: you are about to take a look at housing projects that are crawling with insects.
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tonight, people came to richmond city council to call for the head of the housing authority. here is what we found. >> the roaches come out. >> reporter: francis clay welcomes us into his home in richmond's hacienda housing project and pulls out the fridge. a few days after pest control sprayed, the floor is crawling with cockroaches. there are more dead insects and then there are the rodents. >> there are mice. >> reporter: it is so bad that clay has to store food in a grocery cart in his living room to keep the roaches and the rodents from getting them. another tenant who did not want to show us her face showed us pictures of her body riddled with what she says are bedbug bites. >> how bad is it? >> very bad. to put a point for me, like i said, i have had to go to the doctor twice where i have had
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bedbug bites. >> reporter: people told me there are tenants who have been stuck in the elevators for hours. we checked again today. still broken. >> did i not talk to you about the attitude. >> reporter: tonight, people living here packed a council meeting with more horror stories. >> everything else that is flowing up through your unit. >> reporter: they blame this man. tim jones runs the richmond housing authority and tonight he admitted he is failing. >> please accept our personal ajog. for the services. >> reporter: tenants want jones' job, but he claims the housing authority is now on the right track. >> christin, it seems like a no brainer and they are admitting they have the problems. why can't they come up with a plan to fix this? >> reporter: tonight, the director of the housing authority saying he has a plan and he wants to reallocate some grant money. he didn't give us a time line
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and when i traded to talk to him one on one, he said he is refusing to talk to the media. >> so in the meantime, these people have to live with filth, it will continue until something is changed. people are looking for this guy. they are calling him the valentine's day bandit. he is accused of robbing a chase bank as well. as you can see, he showed a gun. call the fbi if you know who he is. a man suspected in the shooting outside a san leandro mall has been arrested in texas. police say two men got into a fight in the parking lot. one of them, 25-year-old man from oakland started shooting. detectives tracked him so san antonio, texas where police arrested him and another woman. tonight the feds shut down a central california slaughter house that supplies beef to the
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national school lunch program. the central valley meat company in hanford didn't meet cleanliness standards. this is the same facility where this video was taken two years ago. the footage shows workers torturing cows with electric prods. it also shows cows being led to slaughter. the facility was shut down so the usda can investigate. also tonight, petaluma's slaughterhouses recalling 6,000 pounds of meet. the recall now includes meat possibly sold at wal-mart, food for less, an other chains. we have all the info on our website, just click on the consumer tab. they might look cute to some, but they are rodents and they are taking over a popular
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park in berkeley. caesar chavez park it is on top of a landfill. ground squirrels and gopherrers like to dig in it. >> the squirrels and the gophers should penetrate that clay cap, when it rains, water from the former landfill could leak out into the bay. >> squirrels everywhere. berkeley has tried to control the squirrels for the past five years with no luck. much to the chagrin of some people, the city has hired a contractor to trap, remove, and possibly kill them. well, think your house looks better than this dump? well tonight, we are going to show you why you may be sitting on a fortune and not know it. >> before you buy another bottle of olive oil, you need to hear what we found out tonight. >> ened there is finally a cure for a disease a lot of people don't know they have. tonight. the thousand dollars pill. ,,
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has cleared the way for a th billionaire to move forwardh plans to split california 6 ways. most of the bay area.. >> a tech billionaire is moving forward with plan to split california six ways. most of california would become the state of silicon valley. supporters can collect the $800,000 signatures for the ballot. even if it makes it on the ballot, lawmakers should have to sign off. tonight, a new sign of how crazy the bay area housing market is getting. andria borba shows us firsthand. >> reporter: well ken, this fixer upper here has a white
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picket fence and sold for $600,000 above asking price. it has many people wondering how much land they are sitting on is worth. for 1.6 million, you too can have a train in your yard. welcome to 202 emerson street in palo alto. $1.6million. that will get you bars on the front window, missing bricks, 1100 square feet and cracks in the foundation. but most importantly, it is three blocks off university boulevard. >> location, location, location. >> reporter: the last time this place sold was 40 years ago for 25,000. this time, no loan necessary. >> these two homes sold for cash. >> reporter: the house next door, same size with no parking is 1.2 million. parking is pricey, no matter the condition. >> that garage, worth 400,000. >> that is correct. the value of this home was $400,000 more because this house had a garage.
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a commodity, parking is a parking here in palo alto. >> reporter: money may not grow in trees in the silicon valley. like any good cash crop, you need dirt. that is it. it is a common theme. cash poor, but land rich. >> you know, some of these people have lived here 25, 30, 40 years, and they are finding themselves sitting in a place that they like to live, they love to live in, and they are thinking wow, you know, if i sell now, i could retire comfortably somewhere else. >> reporter: thinkover it as a gold mine. i spoke to one homeowner who bought this neighborhood back in 1976 for $32,000. just last year, the house across the street from her sold for $3 million, ken,. >> so just so we got it all clear, they put it up for a million dollars thinking we will get somebody to pay a a million and it went 600 over? >> reporter: it went 600 over. they were getting 30 calls a day on this property here
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including calls from shanghai and tokyo and hong kong. all wanting this property right here. >> unbelievable. andria borba in palo alto. thank you. tonight, a northern california lawmaker is demanding the federal government post stricter standarding on olive oil. that is because 70% of all olive oil labeled extra virgin at the store is not. a retailer in berkeley who sells high end olive oil says beware. most of it is junk. it may not come from the country on the label and may not even come from olive. >> it could be just the cheaper seed oil. they are getting a lower grade oil that has lost all the health benefits. >> the false labeling hurts the domestic industry. tonight, doctors are calling it a revolution.
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a new treatment for a common blood borne infection. the problem? who could afford it? here is the pill that is drawing praise. >> we have a cure. >> and protest. >> the price is staggering. >> this is the start of a new future. >> reporter: sivaldi is a new breakthrough drug for hepatitis c. the price is $84,000 for a 12-week treatment. that is a thousand dollars a pill. >> the thought of dropping one on the floor and not being able to find it is very scary. >> but experts call the once a day pill a game changer. it cures 90% of patients affected with the most common strain of the liver destroying virus. >> i have had two liver transpants and i still have the virus and this offers me the possibility to actually be free of this illness. >> reporter: it cuts treatment time in half and in some cases
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eliminates the needs to inject interfereon. >> we are able to cure many more people with very simple and short therapy. >> though it is made by a u.s. company, pill for pill, americans will likely pay the highest price. the $1,000 pill will cost less in europe. in indian, while not finalized, for certain patients, a single pill could cost just $12. patient advocates in the bay area are upset. >> who can afford the pay this and will the insurance company allow it? >> reporter: many ensurer require customers to shoulder these drugs. they may have to try cheaper treatments first. >> that is what is very frustrating to patients. they have insurance, they have a network. they have a disease. it is clear what the best treatment for them is.
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they may not get it because of the costs. >> reporter: the drug maker believes the pricing is fair. it may prevent liver cancer as well as the need for expensive transplants and that saves money in the long run. the company also offers financial assistance for patients in need. >> very glad my insurance picked it up. >> reporter: for tom espenoza, this pill may be his last chance. his doctor had to jump through hoops just to get it. >> it is appalling in many ways. but the cost of many medications is appalling. >> reporter: and with the free market economy, that won't change any time soon. no matter how loud the protest. >> now the cost varies from country to country. in india, the price there has not been finalized yet. gilliad says it is looking to lower to cost to make it more accessible there. all right, a day doesn't go by that we don't talk about some weather changes out there on the east or the west.
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we are get it again. >> we are seeing a change, a warm up up over 70. we are starting the weather cast with some wishful thinking and a long range forecast. this is the first time in the long time that we in the bay air will be the only spot in the country forecast in the long range to be wetter than average. look at that big splotch of orange back east. denver, minneapolis, chicago, not us. the six to ten day out look. we are forecast to be wetter than normal. why am i talking about that now? because the next ten days are looking really dry. rainfall to our north this morning. higher elevation snowfall. and we are looking at that rain slowly making progress in our direction this evening but this is going to be a miss unless you are up near lake county. we will not see a drop of rainfall from that. the rain stays to the north. antioch, 62 degrees tomorrow. you start off cloudy. maybe a little drizzle. afternoon sunshine and a lot of sunshine on thursday with a
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high of 66. missing out of the rainfall because that ridge of high pressure which is to our south is just close enough, just strong enough to muscle that front and not allow tout cross through the bay area. we will see that front wash out before it gets here so make it a little bit of drizzle in the coastline. that is it. it is close, but it is not giving us the rainfall. then the ridge gets stronger and we go from partly sunny and low 60s to full sunshine over the weekend with highs in the low to mid 70s . it will be very warm and very dry. that is why i started things off for you in the long term forecast. we see a change next week. the next several days, hello sunshine. a little bit of drizzle. then we are done. it will be sunny by the afternoon and sunny for the next several days. highs pushing 70 degrees even near the bay. concord, 63. sunnyvale, 62. walnut creek, 64. antioch, low 60s . san francisco, 61, san rafael, 64.
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we will see a few showers up toward ukiah with a high of 57 degrees. sunny and milder thursday. sunny and warm over the weekend. sunshine continues until next tuesday. changes coming but not until after this seven-day forecast. a beautiful shot of the moon tonight. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are getting a little too co with their n >> students at one northern california college are getting a little too cozy with their neighborhoods. >> rob mccalliste re shows us how they want them to back off from the bears. >> reporter: the picture posted on a social media site was seen by just able everyone on the sierra nevada campus. a student left the window open and a black bear came in the dorm to get food. >> they are putting their own safety at risk. >> reporter: so the school started the campaign. a fed bear is a dead bear. >> we want them to know if you leave your trash out and feed a bear, you will get that bear killed. >> reporter: the department of fish and wildlife kills the
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bears as they become accustomed to domestic food. >> people are still feeding bears and taking pictures of them. i see all these bear shots behind people's properties. >> reporter: the college is making it very dill for the bear to end up on campus. they have trash bins that are difficult for animal to get in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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guy 2: i told you you could build your own skillet. guy 1: i'm glad i got it while it's still around. with 30 ingredients to choose from, you can't go wrong. guy 2: yeah, i've never had a combo like this. guy 1: like i always say, you've got to try something new. guy 2: try something new? you've had the same haircut since seventh grade. waitress: hey, welcome to denny's.
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millin dollar deal with the giants tonight, vern glen j us on the eve of the team's >> first baseman brandon belt agreed to a deal with the giants and vern glenn joins us on the eve of the first squad workout. >> reporter: all right dennis. reporting day for the entire giants roster. mostly healthy and ready to go after the national league west. but they have to get it done with a healthy lead off man. and that is number 16. center fielder angel pagan. he missed three months last year after injuring his hamstring. a game he ended inside the park home run. regardless, he doesn't regret anything. >> if i had to do it again, i will do it again.
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>> pagan says the injury happened before he crossed the plate that day. >> i felt something in my leg, you know. i got to the dugout. i told marco. i said i think i popped something in my leg. he taped me up. he taped my leg up. he gave me a bat and said go ahead, you are going to win the game. >> reporter: pagan is entering the second year of a four-year deal. and he certainly hopes these injuries are behind him. that will do it from scotsdale. back to you. >> can't wait. baseball is here. the warriors post all-star playoff push begins tomorrow in sacramento. golden state is in seventh place in the western conference standings. just a game up on memphis for the final playoff spot. should they make a deal, some of the best moves are the ones you don't make according to jermane o'neal.
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>> this was good enough to win at the beginning of the season. same thing. >> and it is time for the top five. it begins with the olympics. now, they call this snow jumps. just remember, you can't breathe with a foot of snow covering your face. number four, they had to cancel the indiana iowa game tonight because an eight-foot medal beam fell from the assembly fall ceiling. luckily it happened before the game. if you are going to the olympics. make sure your camera is pointed in the right direction. sorry son, didn't get it. number two, circles through with a reverse. number one, a brawl in cuba. ken, what does this remind you of? >> johnny roseboro and dodgers giants. >> that is right. i mean, that would have been much worse if the guy had made
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contact. juan and john as ken astutely points out in the most famous brawl involving a baseball bat. but nobody was hurt as you saw. freddy alvarez ducked a shot. >> i think in the case of the dodgers, roseboro was hurt. >> that one was much worse than the one you saw in cuba. 20 minute delay. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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olympic gold medalist kaitl farrington ((halfpipe)) our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-3
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